Fort Weyr - Galleries

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded lanterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

With eggs on the sands at last, people seem to be constantly coming and going from the galleries all night long, all wanting their first look at the newly laid clutch. Even now in the first hour after the morning meal Kairhys appears to be no different, perched on one of the seats along with many others, though the excitement alight in so many eyes by the observers isn't shared so much by the weaver as reflected from that of his bundled companion. Seated beside the boy is a girl wrapped up in layers of clothing and blankets, her hollow cheeks and pasty complexion more than successfully informing all that glance her way just how ill she is. Though her gaze simply dances with delight as she attempts to stretch and peek at the eggs from her seat, pale green eyes stark in their contrast to the dark circles beneath them, giving them a sunken appearance. "I can't see Kai!" she complains, wrapping a boney hand around his, perhaps a hint at how rail thin the ten turn old was under all her protective coverings. The boy laughs and gives the girl's hand a squeeze. "I /told/ you that we should of waited a sevenday for all the newness to wear off. But noooooooooo you just /HAD/ to come the second you'd heard!" he teases, getting a somewhat hard look from her, which only serves to make him all the more amused. Though the careful observer might notice the very fine lines of concern and worry that he was so desperately trying to hide.

P'rius missed the clutching itself because Darius had a bit of a cough, you know, along with half the Weyr. Winter is the busiest season for Fort's blueriding healer and now he looks a little harried around the edges as he makes his way into the galleries, his five-turn-old cradled gently in his arms. Darius looks more tired than interested in the eggs as he lets out an unhappy little sneeze, "Dun wanna, daddy." Pral sighs as he climbs the last few steps, "You like the eggs, Dar. You always like looking at the eggs. And this is the warmest room in the Weyr, remember? It's good for your co-" Then he freezes, staring at the unfamiliar girl and the somewhat familiar boy until Darius' squirming makes him put the boy down, "Just go look, you'll remember." The lad scuttles off to do just that, letting the 'grown ups' do their own thing and Pral does slowly make his way over to the younger pair, "Hey… Kairhys, right? And who's your companion?" The wingsecond even /sounds/ tired, but he's trying.

Upon hearing his name, Kairhys looks up and for a second it looked like he was trying to put a name to the face, the girl at his side managing a half turn towards the source of the voice. Then recognition hits and the boy offers the bluerider a soft, yet welcoming smile. "That's me." he says and then gestures to his companion. "This is Cielyn, my sister. Ciel, this is P'rius." A quick glance to the healer's knot and then back to it's owner. "A bluerider here at the weyr." The girl tsks softly at her sibling and extends a hand, that if taken, proves to be cold and just as bony as it looks. "It's nice to meet you P'rius." Tucking the appendage back into the many blankets, Cielyn hunkers back down within them, shivering despite (as the rider had pointed out) this being the warmest room in the weyr. She looks then to the child, and a smile much like her brother's pulls up the corners of her mouth, though sadder for some reason. "Is that your son, sir?" she asks, gaze now resettling on the man.

P'rius plops himself tiredly into a seat behind the siblings, "It's nice to meet you, Cielyn. As he says, I'm P'rius, blue Zhieth's rider. Did you come just to see Zuhth's latest edition to our sands?" He examines her for a moment, then nods slightly, "That's my Darius. He's just got a cold right now." Darius sneezes as if on cue, but despite his earlier protestations his eyes never stray from the eggs now that he's here. "He's probably going to end up being a dragon healer like his momma at this rate." He looks back at Ciel with a small hint of concern. His eyes look to Kairhys, then back to her, "Have you… seen a healer? If you're shivering you might have a fever in which case you might be contagious."

Cielyn continues to smile gently, though as P'rius sits down behind the pair of them, she struggles with turning and needs Kairhys' help to put her back to the sands. Even this small task appears to take quite a lot out of the poor girl. "I'm okay, stop fussing." she tells the weaver, batting his hand away and getting a chuckle in return. Sighing and eying her brother, her smile soon returns and she nods as she returns to the conversation that she was having with the rider. "Yes. I love dragons, I've loved them ever since I could remember." Kairhys looks over at the boy taking a gander at the eggs but what his sister and the bluerider were doing was likely more interesting to the sixteen turn old. "Awww. Poor thing." A glance spared Darius' way before Cielyn pulls the blankets tighter around herself, the smile remaining on her face but losing some of its luster. "I've been sick for a long time, off and on again most of my life. What I have isn't contagious, though. Kai and a lot of other people spend time taking care of me, and all of them are very healthy." A frown now displays itself on the weaver's mouth, and a sort of protectiveness has certainly settled over the boy. "The healers don't know what it is, they call it a wasting disease." he snorts, jaw hardening.

P'rius winces slightly, "Those're pretty nasty. And not much you can do about them." He casts Kairhys a sympathetic look. He knows the diagnosis on such diseases. He looks past them in a quick parent's glance to make sure Darius is okay, then back, "How long have you been sick?" It's not that he really intends to leave Kairhys out of the conversation, he's just slipping into healer mode. His head jerks over when Darius sneezes again, but he forces himself to relax, "It's not his first… just his first since he's been old enough to be really active."

The girl nods when P'rius calls what she has nasty, and Kairhys finds the eggs to be a nice escape from the conversation for now. Whatever he might be thinking he keeps to himself, but it was pretty clear from his expression he hated this thing that was killing his sister. He hated it a lot. "Since I was four or so. It wasn't so bad at first. I just bruised real easy and sometimes got a rash. Though the last couple of turns it's getting harder to just gather the energy to get out of bed." she says, laughing but really lacking any humor. Perhaps it was just one of those, laugh or cry moments as she pauses to wipe some moisture from her eyes. Likely before her brother sees it, as she does so quickly and puts on a big grin. "Really?" she says, leaping at the chance to change the subject, and once more is looking Darius' way. "Kids are great." That same longing on her face when looking at the eggs is extended to Darius as well, and despite her age she seemed to be taking her illness into consideration. "Awwww. So cute." she giggles when the boy sneezes. Kairhys shakes his head, perhaps in response to whatever was going on past that smile he now plasters in place probably for his sister's benefit.

"C'mere, Darius." Pral's voice is a soft beckon to the child, who surely takes his time, dragging his feet on his way back even as he murmurs, "But I wa' lookin' at th' eggs, daddy." Pral smiles a soft smile as he pulls the lad into his lap, "I know, Dar, but I've got a couple of people I'd like you to meet. These are Kairhys and Ciel," he indicates each in turn, "Ciel wanted to meet you. She really likes dragons, too." He bounces his knee a couple of times until the little boy giggles, "That's good. I like dragons too. What's your favorite color of dragon?"

Cielyn watches with rapt interest in the foot dragging little boy, completely unaware that Kairhys was indeed fussing over her, tucking and tugging her blankets to make sure the girl was completely covered. "Hello Darius." she says, a twitch of a half movement easily signifying that she wanted nothing more than to touch or even hold the boy, but wisely she hooks her hands together in her lap instead. "Hey, little man." the weaver greets, but soon falls quiet again as he lets his sister and the child have the limelight. Pale green eyes have their sparkle back, completely all her attention being lavished on the bluerider's son. "Hmmm, let me think. My favorite color dragon." she considers, over done of course in that way that most grown ups talk to small children. Not talking down, but rather bringing herself to his level. "Ah! It has to be blue. They're so pretty don't you think?" she asks him, leaning in some and flashing a grin that must be a family trait, as it exactly echos the one that's normally stuck to her brother's face.

Darius wiggles his little fingers at Cielyn, "Hewwo. Yer nice, but daddy says I can' hug people because I'm sick." Pral nods slightly. That's right. He passes Kairhys a smile and just lets the kid do the talking. Darius is way cuter than he is, anyway. Darius leans forward, hanging on every word, then bobs his head up and down rapidly, "Me too! My daddy's dragon is a blue! Zhieth's really nice and he talks to me sometimes and everything." He leans even closer to whisper as if he's sharing the most awesome secret, "Did you know dragons have two stomachs?" He grins big and bounces once, "oh, you should meet Zhieth. He's so nice. He's almost as old as me. Daddy! Daddy! Can we introduce her to Zhieth?"

The holder girl all but melts at the finger wiggling, getting a bit of an eyeroll from her brother. Which he makes sure she catches by tsking as well. Cielyn ignores him, other than the elbow that is lightly nudged against his side, her grin deepening. "I would like very much to hug you too, but if your daddy says you can't than we probably shouldn't." she agrees, but the want is there and it's strong. She relents however, to his sire's wishes. A softer smile given to P'rius. Kairhys smiles back at the bluerider, but the same as he, he was letting the little girl do most of the talking. "Oh my gosh. Really? You're daddy's dragon is blue /AND/ he talks to you? You are sooooooo lucky. There isn't a single dragonrider in my family, and I live over at the hold. So I only really get to see them through the window from my room sometimes flying overhead." There was genuine envy in her voice, her pale eyes becoming glassy. She's wiping the evidence away as Darius leans in to whisper conspiringly, and she gasps softly. This gets Kairhys' attention, his slightly bored expression replaced with anxiety. "That many? That is, amazing." she whispers back, and when all seems well the weaver is relaxing again, letting out a very soft sigh. She scared him there for a moment. When the child starts bouncing, Cielyn giggles and both siblings can't help but grin at the kid. He was cute! Though Kai does stiffen some at mention of meeting a dragon and he starts to speak, probably to shoot the idea down when Cielyn gives him a look that leaves him groaning and sliding his palm down his own face. She was good with the puppy eyes. "Oh could I?" she asks then, looking between father and son.

P'rius glances at Kairhys, then nods slightly, "He'll even come right up to the door so you don't have to go outside. How's that?" He's really asking the girl's caretaker more than the girl. In the entry area there's a scuffling of claws and at least one surprised shout as Zhieth makes his way in uninvited. Pral turns to glare down the gallery stares, "Don't you /dare/ Zhieth, we'll be right down but stay off the sands before Zuhth takes you to task."

Kairhys exchanges an anxious glance with P'rius, one the boy is unlikely to be able to help considering the way he seems glued to his younger siblings side and is hypersensitive to every sound she makes. Cielyn appears more put out by all the fussing in regards to her condition, but there was also something tender in the way she was eying her brother. The weaver's brows knit some at the question, not seeming all that thrilled with even lingering in doorways, but all it takes is once glance at Cielyn's excited expression before he crumbles and gives in completely. "Yeah I guess that would be all right." he mutters reluctantly. The ten turn all flings her blankets off, throwing her arms around the boy's middle and squeezing enough to show just how pleased she is, Kai tsking again and wriggling out of the embrace in order to tug those covers back on. "All right, All right." he sighs. Both do jump at the shout, turning the same way P'rius has at the sound of scuffling and that seems enough encouragement to get the pair to their feet. "Oh I can't wait to see him!" she says, pulling her blankets close. Kairhys is right on her heels though, as if he feared the tiny girl would topple over at any moment. "Kai! I /CAN/ walk you know. Slowly. All this bulk is simply ridiculous." There's more soft banter between them as they make for the exit, mostly the boy berating her for taking unnecessary risks and she sighing as she complains about mother-hens.

P'rius rolls his eyes slightly, "Don't worry, Zhieth's perfectly safe. And I'm a healer. I won't let him hurt her." He sets Darius down and the lad immediately goes /running/ for the blue. Down the stairs, around some people and ducking under a serving tray on its way to the sands to wrap his arms around the blue's oil-black head before coughing a few times. Pral goes more slowly, staying alongside the siblings as he goes, "Now, give him a chance to sniff you, first. He's not very social, but if he likes you he'll let you know and then you can stroke his nose or eyeridges, okay?"

"It's not the dragon I'm worried about," Kairhys murmurs to P'rius once they are up and moving, letting a few feet fall between himself and the slow goings of his sibling, falling into step with the rider. "She's not wearing all those blankets for nothing. She gets cold really easily." The whole eye rolling is shrugged off in the wake of the weaver's explanation, helping the girl at her request down the stairs. He picks her up easily, carrying her down to the bottom where he sets her back on her feet. He doesn't seems to care much about the long looks in his direction, rather just the stares at the bundled girl. As they approach the doorway with the dragon waiting, Kai hangs back behind Cielyn, who hardly even notices as she listens intently to the instructions that are given. "Oh, that's perfectly fair. Thought to be honest, I'm just happy being this close." she beams, pulling her covers tighter against the chill of winter's breath. Green eyes are simply shinning with absolute wonder. "Oh isn't he beautiful? You're so lucky, Darius." Kairhys folds his arms over his chest and leans against the opening, his attention focused on his sister.

P'rius hangs back as well, just watching as Darius steps aside at a small nudge from Zhieth so that the oily blue can sniff at Cielyn with a chuff of confusion. Pral nods his head once… twice… "He says it's okay to touch him." An that blue nose is right there within easy reach. Pral runs his hand through his hair as he watches on for a moment before glancing sidelong at Kairhys, "She's got a lot of strength in her."

Cielyn watches Darius let go of the dragon, though her gaze is irrefutably drawn back to Zhieth shortly there after. She stands perfectly still and keeps her hands to herself as she's snuffled at. As the girl doesn't even sway on her feet, Kairhys appears more relaxed the more time that passes without incident. "I can? Really?" she asks of P'rius, nearly to the point of bursting with her excitement, working one ghostly pale hand out of her mobile blanket nest and touches the tips of her fingers against the oiled muzzle. "Oh! So smooth." That sidelong glance from the bluerider has the weaver gets his attention, the soft words that follow earning the man a nods. "Today's a good day. Seeing a dragon up close for the first time is doing her a world of good. Thank you for this, P'rius." he says, keeping tone and volume low out of respect for both the girl and the moment she was sharing with the dragon.

Zhieth lets out a soft croon as she finally strokes his nose, his first lids sliding shut on his whirling blue-green eyes. Darius is trying hard to be polite, but he's clinging tightly to Zhieth's neck. His dragon. His. Since he doesn't say anything, though, his father lets it go for now, just nodding slightly to Kairhys, "It's easy for the Weyrbred to forget how powerful that first encounter with a dragon can be." He looks up at Zhieth and his eyes glaze as they exchange some conversation, likely, "He says she's very sweet and he's sorry she's sick. He wants to know how you have the strength to help her so well."

Cielyn looks absolutely delighted at that first sweet croon, unable to contain a soft giggle as delicate fingers continue upwards between the dragon's eyes and then up and over one of his eye ridges. "Lovely, simply lovely you are." she coos at Zhieth. For now the girl was utterly enthralled with her first contact, and so little Darius is the least of her priorities. Kairhys on the other hand just silently watches the interaction, a completely unforced smile registering upon his face the happier his little sister becomes. He's drawn back from it though, when P'rius speaks again and brown eyes drift the bluerider's way. "Tell him thank you for me." the weaver says, likely not said to the dragon himself because that would mean moving around the sick girl and interrupting. His voice goes softer still at that question asked of him, and he chuckles some but mostly lacks humor much like his sister had back in the hatching cavern. "It's not a matter of strength, or even duty. If you love someone, you'll do anything for them."

The praise just elicits a deeper croon from the blue. He's such an attention-whore. Darius clings a little tighter to his neck, but one warning glance from his father stops him from doing anything more than petting the blue's hide possessively. Pral's eyes unfocus for a moment, then he nods, "He says you're welcome." As Kairhys talks, Pral nods a few times, his eyes still slightly unfocused as he balances the two conversations. Finally, he nods once more, "That's definitely true. It's rare to find someone your age who realizes it." He looks back at Zhieth with a frown, then sighs slightly, "Well, I know your sister's opinion on dragons, what's yours?"

The blanket encased girl appears to be more than willing to cater to the dragon's ego, stroking it just as carefully as she does his eyeridge, applying just the smallest hint of nail. "How's this Zhieth?" Cielyn asks after a quick peek over her shoulder as if checking now on the location of her brother. He gives her an encouraging grin and gestures for her to just enjoy herself. Once she's turned back towards the blue, the boy straightens and stretches some, before leaning with his back against the wall rather than his shoulder. There's a nod and smile for P'rius when his thanks is accepted, hands sliding into the front pockets of his pants. Despite being without his jacket at the moment, the weaver did not appear to the least bit uncomfortable about standing in the doorway. He laughs though when his age is brought up, his smile wide and toothy. "Ah, if only you weren't happily weyrmated." he muses to himself, shaking his head and letting out a heavy sigh. Cielyn starts and tosses a deathly glare over her shoulder this time in her brother's direction. "Kairhys! Behave yourself!" she hisses, and then turns back to the dragon, stroking her fingers over to the opposite eyeridge. "My brother has no shame. I apologize for him Zhieth, there really is no help for him." Again, in that cooing tone. And she's right too, because there is only a shrug from the weaver and no apologies, any show of sheepishness gone the second that he no longer had his sister's attention. That question that comes though, gives the boy pause. "Uh…I don't know. Never really thought about it." he tells the rider, rubbing now at the back of his neck and blinking a few times. "You really know how to put a guy on the spot."

Zhieth's croon deepens and he melts until his head is resting on the floor, chuffing little happy breaths over the girl. His wings hang happily limp at his sides. Goood scritches. Pral just enjoys a pleasant chuckle, "Sorry." Cielyn's reprimand just makes him laugh more, "How do you survive at the Hold? I know that's pretty much the standard." Even Zhieth gives a slightly exasperated chuff. "Just because I'm happily weyrmated doesn't mean Zhieth doesn't catch other greens from time to time." He tips his head to examine Kairhys again for a moment or two, "You've never really thought about riding a dragon? Really?"

Cielyn was probably the happiest girl on the planet right now, and the sounds that Zhieth was making was doing little to quell that happiness. The breath expelled over her, has her scrunching some and then another soft rounds of giggles erupts from her location. "You're just as adorable as Darius is. Your P'rius is so very lucky to have two such handsome boys." she tells the blue, freeing her other hand with some careful maneuvering so that she can apply them both to that grounded head. Of course she has to lean over some to do this, but for now there was no issues with her balance. The cold had brought a rosy glow to the tip of her nose and along her cheeks, this combined with the brightness of her eyes helped her look far healthier than she had prior to this fortuitous meeting. As for Kairhys, the holder laughs. "I don't have the time for the subtly of subterfuge they practice over there when it comes to sexuality. Weyrs are more my taste, no one here cares who you're into. Luckily for me, my family couldn't care less who I'm with as long as I'm happy." he says and shrugs at this, "Besides, they'd be ostracized if anyone knew other there, and I don't want that for them. I keep it to myself when I'm home with Cielyn." He has to hide it of course, who he really is and what he feels. Apparently a sacrifice he's willing to make for the sake of his loved ones, yet again. "Alas, I've no green to claim." he tosses right back at P'rius without skipping a beat, though that teasing edge to his expression and tone fades as the bluerider examines him more closely. His mouth opens, perhaps as to inquire as to the reason for such a searching look, but instead he's asked another question. "Well, no. Actually. Maybe when I was a kid, younger than Ciel is now but nothing profound that I can remember. I've been, busy." What with being in a craft and tending to a sister who was gravely ill. Seems he hadn't had time to have dreams of his own, perhaps. "Why do you ask?"

Zhieth shifts slightly, then lifts his head enough to step half-past Cielyn so that she can be near his warm neck, too. Darius sticks his tongue out, then turns to stroke the blue's shoulder, less than subtly snubbing the object of Zhieth's affections. Pral turns slightly to face Kairhys, "Yeah… holds are like that." His shoulders rise and fall in an easy shrug, "That's part of why it can be good to leave the nest. It's a shame you have to hide yourself, though." The 'why do you ask?' draws an easy smile, "I ask because Zhieth's been pestering me for the last ten minutes about handing you one of these," he digs a white knot out of his pocket, "But, I mean, if you don't really /want/ a chance to ride a dragon I'm sure I could talk him down…"

Cielyn rights herself when the head pulls away, pulling her blankets around her once more and staving off a shudder as a sudden gust of wind threatens to severe her shallow grasp on warmth. She leans then against Zhieth's neck some when he moves, stroking her whole hand down the length of his silky neck and part of his chest. The tongue stuck out at her, gets a warm smile. Seems the girl was tiring but unwilling to let anyone know this just yet. "I was posted at the hall for a couple turns, so I was out and about you might say." Kairhys tells P'rius with a widening of his own grin, leaving any suggestiveness this might add up to the bluerider's interpretation. However, all that shameless flirting is long forgotten when the man smiles and takes out that white knot. The weaver might be holdbred, but even he know what that was. "Are you serious?" he asks with a considerable addition to the volume of his voice, suddenly standing upright and staring at the rider and then his dragon, and then the rider again. Cielyn Couldn't help but hear that, and so she slowly turns, keeping one tiny hand on Zhieth's neck. "What's going o…" she begins, but soon her eyes widen as she sees the candidate's knot being offered, to her brother. "By Faranth's egg…Kairhys! You're being asked to stand?!" It's very nearly a squeal, and she leaves the dragon's side to go to her brother, wrapping her arms around one of his as he stands there absolutely dumbfounded. "No one in our family has ever been asked before! Remember when daddy would tease us that we've been holders for so many generations we could trace our line back to the ancients because we've always had our feet on the ground?" The weaver looks at his sister and his expression falls, but before he can even open his mouth to voice any concerns or protests he might have, the girl interrupts, "Oh don't you dare use me as an excuse! I'll never forgive you if you say no. I mean it Kai! You had better say yes." There was something about Cielyn that said she had most of the men in her life wrapped around her little finger, and it seemed that her brother was no exception. A few more times the boy tries to open his mouth, but is cut off past a few escaping starting sounds that might of been words had they been allowed to finish. But every time he tries the girl's brows jerk upwards, and her stare intensifies. She meant business. Finally there is a sigh from Kairhys, and the boy reaches out to take the candidate knot. "Absolutely," he says, giving his sister one last long look that clearly said he hoped she knew what she was doing before brown eyes meet P'rius' gaze full on without hesitation. "I accept."

P'rius just watches the interplay between the two siblings as they ch- argue about it. Or, really, Cielyn argues and Kairhys just looks dumbstruck. Once the decision is made, Pral just holds the knot out to Kairhys to take from his hands. Zhieth strides closer with Darius half-unwillingly following along for the ride and offers his nose again to Ciel or brother, he doesn't really care which. "There are a couple of rules, though. Being a crafter, I'm sure you can handle it. No sex. No booze. And you can't leave the Weyr without an escort. If you'd like to continue training in your craft, though, that's allowable and can be arranged."

Kairhys does indeed take the knot, as he had been reaching out for it anyway and maybe even frowns some for the way his sister was beaming up at him as if he just became the best thing since sliced bread. He had been renewed in her eyes, and those eyes sparkled with the light of a thousand suns, or something. Whatever he saw there, hero worship perhaps, the weaver balks and untangles himself, crinkling his nose at the little girl. "Oh stop it. I said I stand, that doesn't mean they hand me a dragon or anything geez." he tells her, and Cielyn's face falls, giving her sibling a good whap with the back of her hand to his stomach and a nice icy glare on top of it. "Jays, you are such a mood killer. A girl can dream, even if I think poor Zhieth here must have a cold or something to pick you out of all people." she huffs, drawing her covers more firmly around her. "Now just you wait till…" Whatever was to come next fades away as P'rius goes on to tell the rules, and yes the boy twitches at the part about no sex. Though whether he actually cares or not, is entirely debatable. He nods a few times and then side glances to his sister. "Dad is going to be pissed." he mutters, but the girl simply leans against him. "I'll handle daddy, you just concentrate on being a good candidate and think positive Impression thoughts." Kairhys can only sigh, "Yes, ma'am."

P'rius chuckles easily, "Trust me, they work ya so hard you won't even notice. You'll be too tired for it, anyway." He inclines his head easily to Cielyn, "Thank you for your assistance convincing him, m'lady. Don't worry, he's got as good a chance as everyone else out there. And one of Zhieth's searches has impressed every clutch since he was old enough to search, so maybe better than that, eh?" He reaches for Kairhys shoulder, "Sadly, though, we must take our leave so I can show him where he'll be bunking and where chores are posted."

"I don't know about that, I've got lots of ener-" Kairhys starts, twirling his candidate's knot on one finger as he grins over at P'rius, getting himself hit again by a very tired looking Cielyn. "Enough. He doesn't want to hear it and neither do I. Now go, I'll sit on that bench over there until mother is done with her deliveries. I'll let her know where you are and that Auntie Rhoyse will have to stay with me at night." she says briskly, not giving the sixteen turn old any say in the matter. He opens his mouth though, bless him, but gets shut down with a single look once more. Another sigh, and he nods. "Take good care of him P'rius. He's an idiot, but he's the only big brother I have." The girl brightens some at news of Zhieth's track record, pausing beside the beast to give him another pet, "Behave Kai, or else." she mutters as she moves past him, and then shuffles off to find her seat. Worried brown eyes follow the girl until she sinks onto a bench and folds her hands in her lap. A second later she glares his way and gestures for him to shoo, startling him and getting him to step off towards the awaiting bluerider. "Lead the way, before she kills me."

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.