Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The chill of winter has iced over the lake shore. One section of the north shore shallows is kept broken up for weyrfolk and young dragons to use, though the freezing waters are not well tolerated by humans for any length of time. It requires constant maintenance to keep this section unfrozen and sometimes is more like wading through slush than water. The deepest part of the lake remains unfrozen, a vibrant pool of icy blue surrounded by frozen white.

Adalinus has never been ice skating before. In fact, he doesn't even much know what it's about. Needless to say he was a little surprised when someone showed him where they keep the extra pairs of skates in the weyr stores. Thankfully there was a pair that fit him. Plans were already in place for Deitra to meet him out at the lake in the midafternoon, but she'll have to acquire her own skates since he didn't know what size she would need. Right now Ada is sitting on a big rock, working to lace up his skates. He's already started up a fire a little ways away for when they're done and there's a kettle on it with water for klah or tea.

Plans have been made and Deitra follows along with those plans, doing her daily routine before heading down to the frozen lake. Skates are being carried as she makes her way over towards Ada as he laces up his own. "Hey Ada." A cheerful one in comparisson to the previous day where she was hungover. Her boots are kicked off and the skates are settled on, one and then the other. "Yer all prepared, hm? That's what I like 'bout you." A teasing grin is given towards the man.

"Deitra! Hello!" Adalinus gets up once she arrives to hobble around in the snow a bit. "These things are wobbly! I wore an extra layer or two just because I knew I would be falling down a lot." He seems alright for the time being, but getting onto the lake would be a whole different story. "Heh. That is why the hunters let me tag along in general, I think. It never hurts to be prepared! I figure with all this time out in the cold we'll want to warm up a bit once we're all done." Normally Ada would offer Dei a hand up, but he's afraid all he'd do would be to make them both topple over.

"They are, better ta be prepared ta fall than ta be cocky and say you ain't gonna, then get hurt when you do." The hunter laughs and finishes lacing up her skates, settling herself on the ground and balancing properly. "Mm. Maybe, ain't a bad thing, neither. And, I like it. You better not stop doin' it." She winks playfully at him and slowly makes her way out towards the lake. "Mhm. Yer right, goin' ta want ta warm up quickly. Then we can go to the baths. I'll wash yer back if you wash mine and all that."

Adalinus chuckles a bit and nods. "Mm. I'm just hoping I don't take you down with me!" He blinks. "Don't worry, I won't stop being prepared! Not so long as I can help it, at least. There's always some element of unknown, I suppose." He shuffles out towards the lake as well. "The baths? Together!" He clears his throat a bit. "I uh… well. Perhaps, sure." Ada doesn't have too much time to be embarrassed though. It was time to make the transition from ground to ice. Which means slowly getting himself out onto the lake, without one foot leaving from underneath him. After a good long while's worth of shuffling, he finally makes it out. But then he seems a little lost, sliding his feet back and forth but not really moving anywhere.

"Nah. Well, maybe you will." Deitra laughs loudly, smiling wider and looking entirely amused while she's at it. "Good. Cause I ain't the type ta prepare for everything. I didn't put on extra." Once she's on the ice, she lingers there to watch over the other hunter. "Together. Ain't a big deal." When he agrees, she nods triumphantly especially since there's no protest from the man. "You've gotta push, Ada, shufflin' like that ain't goin' ta get you anywhere." And with that, she demonstrates, pushing forward and sliding along the ice.

Adalinus finally gets to moving his feet in a way that gets him moving. Watching Deitra helps a bit. He is being quite cautious though. He doesn't want to fall on his face in the first few minutes. "Heh. I will if you're holding onto to me while I go down." Ada might be trying to embrace the weyr culture. Or he's just curious and maybe excited to see Deitra naked. It could be either, or both. Part of him may also be worried that if he doesn't keep up with her that she'll get bored and find someone else to help fill her hours. His arms are held out at his sides. In case he takes a tumble. "How is Chy? I haven't seen her in a while."

Deitra skates back over towards Adalinus, stopping beside him and then offering a hand out to support him. "We'll start slow, 'kay? If we're not doin' so well with you b'side me, 'm goin' ta get in front of you'n you can not worry 'bout fallin'." A grin is beamed at him and she waits patiently for him to either take her hand or reject her. "Chy's doin' Chy things. Ain't sure what she's up ta, exactly. Y'know her… Bein' herself."

Deitra gives his hand a squeeze, keeping at his pace rather than taking off and dragging him along with her. Grey eyes consider his movements, head tilting just so. "Put a little more inta yer stride, Ada. If you fall, get up'n try again. Ain't nothin' more ta it." The woman hums softly and then nods her agreement, "yeah, 'm sure she's fine. Doin' what she does. 'm feelin' much better. I owe you a kiss, don't I?" Teasing, she peers at him before shaking her head. "Nope. Not really, 'm thinkin' they're settlin' down ta wait winter out."

Adalinus grins a bit. "So you say. I have a lot further to fall than you do." He starts going a little big faster. "What do I do if I want to slow down?" He's still a bit wobbly, and every time there's an uneven spot in the ice he has to keep himself from falling. Ada looks down and grins a bit to her. "You do still owe me a kiss, yes." There's a wistful sigh about the hunters settling in for the winter. "Ah well. It's probably for the best, before something happens and someone ends up with frostbite or what not. Maybe if one of us had a dragon we could continue a little more."

"True!" Deitra laughs loudly, more of the thought of the man falling more than anything at the moment. Her hand tightens around his, "if yer wantin' ta slow, you can glide ta a stop, or do a circle, or dig a heel inta the ice. I like the spinnin' better." She looks up at him and smiles, "after we're done." She promises before peeking back downwards, making sure to keep at the same pace as the man. "Mhm. Higher chance of that the later in winter it is. Maybe you should Impress."

Adalinus nods to her about stopping. "Good to know. If I ever manage to get going that fast." He gives a bit belly laugh, mostly at himself. He smiles back at her, it's mostly mustache. "Yes, ma'am!" He focuses back on his skating, then. "Mm. Soon enough the worst of the weather will be over, though. Heh… maybe you should impress. Anyways, I don't think it's as simple as just showing up at a hatching and asking for a dragon. I've never been searched before, and I'm nearly the age where I'll be too old. You have a better chance than I do." He moves a foot too far out of its usual pattern and he drops Deitra's hand as his legs splay a bit. In an effort to -not- do a split though has him wobbling over backwards, and he lands solidly on his big muscley rump. "Oof! I think I got whiplash!"

"You'll get ta that point, eventually." Deitra muses, peeking back up at him and grinning wider. "Yeah, soon 'nough. Nah. It ain't that simple, 'm just teasin' some. You gotta get Searched, then somethin', then the Hatchin'. Ain't ever really paid much attention ta what Candidates do other'n chores'n stuff. Figure there's more ta it, y'know?" A sound of surprise follows as he releases her hand to wobble about as he does, leaving the hunter to shift to avoid the fall. More laughter and she moves in to offer her hands to assist the other hunter up. "Nah. 'm sure yer fine. Yer neck ain't hurtin' any, right?"

Adalinus grins. "Maybe if we make a habit of coming out here to skate. I suppose it would be sort of interesting to be searched, though. This will be the first time I'm at a weyr for all the clutching and egg festivities. I am a little excited to see what it's all like." He gets himself up with Dietra's help, holding onto her shoulder while he brushes himself off a bit. "Just my pride, mostly!" There's a bit more of a wobble and he holds onto Dei to steady himself. "Sorry! I told you I would be dangerous!"

"We could, if yer wantin'. Good exercise for the legs." Deitra muses loudly before nodding to the talk of clutchings and festivities that is involved. "Ain't nothin' new ta me, but, I'll come with you, if yer wantin'. Ain't excitin' like it was when I was little. All the eggs look different, I guess, but ain't much more ta it. You wanna see Zuhth pop the eggs out?" Not literally pop, but, the expression holds. A wide grin is given to the other hunter and she resists the urge to shrug as he uses her for support. "Yer pride'll be fine. Yer not dangerous, either. Yer learnin', dangerous is /tryin'/ ta cut me with the blade."

Adalinus nods. "It is good exercise. Different muscles than usual walking or running." Or squatting with big weights on your back, like Ada does. "I've seen hatchings before, but never been around for all the previous events leading up to it. I suppose it would be interesting to watch a clutching. Yes! Let us go!" Pop, lay. It was all the same, really. He laughs. "Well, I'm -trying- not to!" Finally he's back in a position where he can start to skate again. Whew. He takes her hand again, and off they go! "You've never been searched before either?"

"Yep, different muscles for different things." The huntress muses. "Okay, we'll go. If I fall asleep, though, don't get angry." Deitra chuckles to herself, "it'll be warm, at least. We'll haveta shed some layers." More laughter as he claims to be trying not to injure her, and a thankful smile plays on her lips before returning to that grin once he takes her hand. Another tight squeeze and she shakes her head. "Nah. Normally saw the eggs, then kept busy. Didn't make time ta get looked at by any dragon. 'Specially if the clutch was durin' the prime huntin' seasons."

"It's important to keep them all strong!" Adalinus flexes the arm of the hand she's not holding. Not that there's much of a show with all the clothing he's got on. "Heh. Fair enough. Out of all the times for search to start though, this is one of the best I suppose. Since we'll be at the weyr with nothing to do." He rubs his behind a bit. "Hm. If we're planning to enjoy the fire we might want to head over there. It's died down quite a bit." He motions to the fire he built earlier. "Though it is going to be a challenge to get off this ice and back onto the ground without flipping myself over."

"Mhm. Else yer goin' ta get beat." The flexing arm is missed as she's focusing on watching where they're going and steering them carefully. "/If/ a dragon likes us. If not, ain't somethin' we need ta worry 'bout any." A chuckle and the huntress steers them so that they face the fire and they can begin their backtrack. "Yer right. Best ta finish off for now. Hope yer not goin' ta be that sore t'morrow, though the bath should help with that." Deitra remains with him to guide him back to the fire, certainly not abandoning him, either! "You can use yer knees ta stop herself once we reach land, then stand'n walk back."

Adalinus grins a bit. "Beat? By who?" Ada considers for a bit. "There's nothing we can do to make ourselves more appealing to dragons, then? Not that I need to be searched, specifically." He holds onto Deitra, letting her lead the way back. "Ah, I should be alright, I think. The bath will help indeed." He blinks at her. "Use my knees? I think I'd prefer to remain upright, if at all possible." Though that might be easier said than done. He eventually makes it back onto land, but it takes him a while. After which he hobbles over to change back into his boots. "Toss another log on the fire, will you?" Since she's probably off the ice much faster than he is.

"Whoever." Deitra shakes her head at his question, "not that I know of. You've just gotta have what it takes. Ain't sure what /that/ is, either." She continues her hold on him, careful not to go too fast and to keep pace with him so they don't topple over. "Then yer goin' ta have ta figure it out, how ta make yer body work with you so yer not fallin'." And when they're close enough to where she feels she can safely let him go, she releases his hand and makes her way back towards the fire where their boots sit. The skates are unlaced and quickly replaced by her own shoes before she's moving to settle another log into the fire as requested. "Want me ta bring yer boots over?"

Surely there was someway to get a dragon to notice you! But Adalinus can't think of any, either. And there's no telling if he had what it took or not. "It's all part of the learning experience." Hobbling off the ice, then back over to the rock to put his boots on. "No, I'll manage, thanks. There's already klah in the other pot, if you want to let it brew a little before we get some. Or did you just want to head straight for the baths?" Either really was fine with Ada. He wipes down the blades of his skates a bit before tying the laces up together.

"Mhm. You'll figure it out." Deitra chuckles and then considers his question with a tilt of her head. "We can take the klah ta the baths, ain't like it'll freeze by the time we get there." Whether or not he agrees, she's making the arrangements by draping the skates over her shoulders and then gathering the goods. "You okay with that? Nothin' like drinkin' a hot drink in a hot pool."

"Sounds good to me." Adalinus kicks some snow over the fire to put it out. No need to get it going again if they were leaving. The next person can use the wood Ada collected. "Once we're in the baths it might be too warm for klah, though." He helps her collect everything, then trudges off in the direction of the caverns, so they can hit the baths.

Deitra shakes her head, "'m sure it'll be fine. 'less yer wantin' ta get somethin' chilled ta drink. Maybe some booze." The huntress muses idly as they make their way towards the caverns, and then to the baths once they've decided on their beverage of choice.

Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern

A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

And here they are at the baths. Adalinus isn't going to make a push for any of the klah. In fact he'll be pushing for dumping it out unless Deitra wants a mug full. And then he'll get rid of the rest on the way. Once they're in the baths though he looks a little unsure of what to do next, finally settling in on getting them some towels, and finding an empty pool where they're secluded from the rest of the other bathers. "It is nice to be in from out of the cold!" His coat is hung up and then he starts undressing with his back turned to her, putting his clothes into a neat pile. Once he's done he wraps a towel around his waist before heading over to get into the pool. Wherever Deitra is… that's where his eyes weren't.

Deitra does want a mug full! She'll let him be rid of the rest on the way while she's sipping at hers idly. The mug is only abandoned for the time that it takes her to be rid of her clothing, and to drape her towel across her shoulders before heading over to the pool with Adalinus. However, while he's wrapped by his towel, she's most certainly not. The towel is left at the edge of the pool so that she may slip in. "Mmm." This comes in response to the heat and she sinks in but leaves enough room for her to sip at her klah, grey eyes settling on her fellow hunter with her brows lifting. "Yer really holdbred." As if he didn't constantly claim this!

Adalinus at least lets his towel go while he slides into the pool? He also sits… sort of near her. Not right next to, but not on the opposite side of her, either. If he sat over there he'd have to look at her. As for now though he's leaning back against the side of the pool and shutting his eyes to help him 'relax'. "Hrm? I am holdbred! I'm… trying to embrace some of the weyr culture! It's more difficult for me though, I suppose, to become integrated." Then he peeks over at her. "Sorry. I know it's not convenient for you."

Deitra tilts her head to consider him before shrugging and finishing off the rest of her klah, setting the mug own before grey eyes again settle on the man somewhat near her. "Mhm. I know." The huntress laughs and shakes her head despite his eyes being closed. "Nah, don't worry 'bout it, Ada. 'm just teasin' you a lotta the time, 'm just wonderin' how you'd handle bein' married if yer not able ta be in the same bath as a girl." There's no attempts to throw her nudity in front of him, simply relaxing, closing her eyes and enjoying the heat of the pool.

Adalinus raises a brow at the huntress. "It's not that I can't handle it. Or that I don't like it, or any of that. It's just that during my upbringing it's frowned upon for a man to see a woman naked, outside of like a marital bedchamber of course. Obviously few holders actually live by those rules. I've also broken them myself on occasion. But I try not to make a habit of it." He relaxes as well. "Women are to be respected. Not ogled at. Not that you aren't worthy of ogling of course, Deitra. Though something tells me you're aware of this."

Deitra remains silent during his explanation, considering his words carefully before she's nodding along. "I see, sounds strict. And you haven't strayed or nothin'." The woman tilts her head to the other side, attempting to crack her neck before slowly stretching out. "Well, I can respect you for doin' what you feel is right." Another shift of positioning, to better eye the man near by before grinning playfully. "Aren't aware of what?"

Adalinus looks over at her. "I suppose it does sound strict, now. And I wouldn't say I haven't strayed from it, either. Some women like muscles! Also, hugs." Then he closes his eyes again. "…Nevermind." She was teasing him again. Or at least that's what Ada thinks. He picks up some sweetsand in his mitts and works it into a lather. "I suppose I'm a bit boring compared to the men you're used to. Being holdbred and all."

"Some women do." Deitra agrees, her tone rather distant and distracted for the moment as her gaze briefly drifts elsewhere to consider how many others are in the bathing cavern. Her count finishes and she peers back at the man. "Aren't aware of what?" She presses, scooting closer as if that would bring her some answers. "Nah. Yer interestin', Ada. I ain't makin' comparisons ta anyone. 'm judgin' you for who you are." Another scoot closer towards him, "why're you always tryin' ta compare yerself ta other guys?"

Adalinus looks back at her. "I didn't say anything about you not being aware. I said you were probably aware that you look nice enough to be ogled at." He manages to get it all out without becoming too much more flushed than he already is from the heat of the baths. The sweetsand is mostly washed away from his hands now, and he shuts his eyes again when she scoots closer. "Hrm? I compare myself to other guys? Who am I supposed to compare myself to, then?" He chuckles a bit. "It's only because I'm never quite sure what it is you're looking for in a man, Deitra. Not that I can become someone else, but there might be smaller things I can do."

"Oh." Deitra considers this change of statement and the actual statement from Adalinus before she laughs. "Nah. I ain't nothin' ta consider. 'm sure a lotta the others get more looks'n I do. Hanild and Carlyn bein' some examples." The fact that he closes his eyes when she gets closer earns an amused smile before she's leaning in and scooting closer. If he doesn't scramble away, she's leaning in to press a kiss to his lips, not lingering for long and resettling at the proper distance away. "Ain't lookin' for anythin' in a man, Ada. Yer better off bein' yerself. I ain't got preferences, ain't got someone in mind, just bein' you is fine."

Adalinus considers her for a moment. "There are a lot of pretty girls here at the weyr, it's true. I guess maybe I look for a gal that can keep up with me!" He's about to go into a flex when the water around him moves as Deitra does. Then there are lips pressed against his. He does his best to kiss back in the brief period they're close to each other. For a brief moment there's a pouting look given from Ada as Deitra moves back to her proper distance. "Ah… that's… good." He says, decidedly distracted. Then he snaps back to reality. "I will try to keep an open mind, at the least."

Deitra laughs, "I ain't got muscles as big as yers, but, 'm certain I can keep up." Grey eyes settle on him, lips curling into a smug little grin for that pouting look before she's shifting to fetch some soap for herself. "Good. You'll have ta ask again later." Teasing, she peeks over at him as she settles back into the water and begins to form a lather with the soap. "Keep an open mind? Why? Yer fine as you are."

Adalinus laughs. "Well, it wouldn't be quite fitting for a woman to have muscles the same size as a man. Besides, you need to be more flexible and agile for hunting." Ada was big, but he was a bit slow moving. He scoops up some sand then, and starts to give himself a wash. "Heh. If I had been close-minded, I wouldn't be here right now. If I'm going to be in the weyr, it stands that I should probably pick up few weyr-related habits. Did you still want me to wash your back?"

"You've got a point there." Deitra laughs at the thought, beginning to wash now that there's a lather. "Mm. Also a good point." Her leg is lifted and washing resumes before she's sinking partially under the water. "You'd be 'fraid of all the naked women, and the sex." A laugh slips out before the huntress dips under the water, popping back out a moment later. "Nah. S'okay. Should probably finish up soon and get dressed. I'll get out b'fore you so yer not needin' ta worry."

Adalinus laughs a bit. "I'm not afraid of women! Nor of sex! Just because I have respect for them doesn't mean I fear them. I think maybe you misunderstand me." He gets to washing himself. "Hm? Get out before me? How does that help? I don't really mind if you see me naked, I suppose. But it would be rude for me to fash myself to you or something. But the towels are close by." Washing is finished up quickly, so they can head back to the caverns.

"'m just teasin' you, Ada." Deitra insists again, chuckling to herself and slowly climbing out of the pool. "Well, there ain't a chance for you ta see anythin', I guess." Her logic isn't the most sound when it comes to this sort of thing. The drying is finished before she's wrapping her hair up in the towel, striding over towards her clothes and dressing quickly.

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