Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's another beautiful snowy morning at Fort! Adalinus is up early, out to do his exercises, then back into the caverns to get a bath. Then it was time for food! And after all that excitement he's a big hungry man. He's got pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, tubers, a cup of fruit and klah to wash it all down. He's at a table by himself for the time being, working on consuming all those nutrients. He's still got the towel wrapped around his neck from the baths, but thankfully is fully dressed.

The morning would likely be considered more beautiful in Deitra's mind if there wasn't a raging headache causing the tiniest of noises to sound like explosions. She probably shouldn't even be in the living caverns where people tend to gather, but, it is where the food is and the klah. A plate is before the young woman, and two mugs of hot klah and she's still dressed in her warm winter things with her hood pulled over her head, covering her eyes for the most part and blocking out the light. She is not a happy camper, not at all.

Slumping in from the direction of the lower caverns is a tall fellow who's height maybe lends him age where his features do not. As tall as he is, the boy with the apprentice weaver's knot couldn't be much outside the range of later into his fifteenth turn, or early into his sixteenth. How he and Adalinus hadn't bumped into one another in the bathing cavern that early is a mystery, but it wasn't exactly a small place and as recently bathed as the older guy was, Kairhys hair was still dripping down the back of his neck. It's possible they had just missed one another, seeing as Adalinus had his disproportional meal all set out and was enjoying it already. Dragging his feet, the boy manages to get into line for the serving table, passing over real food for some klah and wincing at every single scrape of flatware to plate. He finds a chair though, at the same table as Deitra, being overly cautious in the way he pulls the seating out and then eases himself into it. He hunches over his beverage, eyes shielded from the light with hand cupped over them, face pinched as if in pain.

Adalinus is a man on a mission! Plus he's holdbred, so he tends to find a nice secluded pool to do his washing quickly, if he can. If not he'll choose one with all men, generally. Which Kairhys would qualify as. As some people get up, Ada spots Dietra, hiding beneath her hood. He picks up his plate and moves over to sit right next to her. "Dietra! Good morning! I couldn't find you this morning for our workout. I thought maybe you were out in the woods." There's a mustachioed grin given to Kairhys, and then a hearty "Hello!" At least Ada was big enough where one can his in his shadow? "I think I'd like a firelizard. How does one go about acquiring one of those at the weyr?"

Deitra picks occasionally at her food, again avoiding utensils as she normally does so there's no scraping from the woman. There's a shift and she peers upward at Kairhys, peering at him carefully. "How're you?" Comes out softly in a greeting for the weaver who shares her pain. And then Adalinus is calling out to her, bringing a wince of pain and her hands lifting to cover her ears, hissing at the other hunter to quiet down. The hissing continues as he greets the weaver, wincing even more. "Dunno. Don't have one." Her hood is pulled further down and the woman moves to rest her head upon the table.

Kairhys, also holdbred, was one of those rare of the breed that while he tried to keep his bathing private didn't lose his mind when he couldn't have his way. Then there is Adalinus with his plucky go-lucky happy to be alive in the morning attitude combined with the annoying fact he was obviously lacking the hangover that the weaver himself was suffering. Maybe this sets something off in the usually jovial young man, that causes him to wince at the cheerful greeting and hunch even more over the steaming cup of klah he had yet to lift to his lips. With the shadow cast though, Kai can at least brave a glance over his shoulder at the guy, brown eyes slitting almost suspiciously. Though it might just be the brightness of the rest of the room. "You wait for one to lay a clutch that someone is willing to share?" he says, very very quietly as if the sound of his own voice was at risk for increased pain for his head. "There are wild ones too. That's where I got mine. Lucky I guess. Course Ista is warmer than Fort in winter." The weaver doesn't bother the once over he gives most people on meeting them for the first time, likely flirting the least of his priorities this time. With a soft groan he goes back to shielding his eyes and hating the innocent top of the table. With the occasional wince. He then turns his attention on Deitra, just a peek though before he hisses across the table. "I could be better." he informs her after her inquiry as to the state of his well being. "Trundlebugs seem to be crawling extra loud today."

Adalinus consumes his food efficiently, without making a mess or being gross about it. Then he wipes his mouth with a napkin and sips at his klah. There's a chuckle to Deitra. "Rough night?" Ada reaches over to pat Dei and rub her back a little. Ada doesn't generally lose his mind, either. But it was as good excuse as any to get out of the bathing caverns as fast as was possible. Ada drinks pretty regular, sure, but it took a lot of booze to get him drunk and he wasn't the type to over indulge anyways. Which means he's usually on clean up duty for the hunters if he's still around at the end of the night. He rubs his chin in thought at Kairhys' response. "Hm. Perhaps I will inquire around if someone's firelizard has laid some eggs. I am Adalinus, by the way." Since Dietra is too hung over to introduce him.

"Suppose so, yeah. Coulda been in bed with someone." Deitra points out softly towards the weaver, tilting her head to beam a grin at him before again ducking her head. Sad I bailed early. Though she does not laugh, there's a hint of it in her hushed tone. Ada's question earns a very slight grunt, affirmative in nature before she's leaning over into his touch as he rubs her back. "Did 'lot more'n I should've, it was fun." Another grin, though it falters far more quickly than the first before the hunter is tilting her head to rest on the table and hide from the light. "Ask the cooks for that hangover stuff, will you? Or was it the healers…?"

Kairhys isn't paying attention to much more than on the table in front of him, his eye having closed at some point after speaking to Deitra, as well as his head hanging just a bit more downwards. A groan escapes him every once in while when someone scrapes a chair as they get up or clanks their flatware against their plate at the conclusion of their meal. Even a few chipper conversations have the weaver sinking in at himself. He can't see Deitra's grin but he can probably hear it, flinching some. "Let it go Dei, please." he pleads softly, his hang over and pounding head probably not allowing him to think straight nevermind come up with a witty counter comment. He still isn't lifting his head, and there is obviously no one there to rub /his/ back. And so the weaver suffers in silence for the most part. There is a twitch though at the name the other hunter gives, recognition perhaps, but Kai doesn't return the introduction as politely as he would have any other day. "Kairhys."

Adalinus blinks a bit at Deitra's response to his rhetorical question. "I see. So you two slept together, then?" Ada can't really pick up on…whatever it is she's talking about. He peers down at her then when she asks for 'that hangover stuff'. "I will not. You over indulged, so you get to suffer the hang over. Maybe next time you'll moderate yourself a little more." Dei probably isn't in the mood to hear Ada's lectures, but he's giving them anyways. Ada would gladly rub Kai's back as well, but he's out of reach! There's a nod as Kai introduces himself. "Good to meet you. I hope Dei didn't cause you too much trouble last night. I was out with some of the other hunters and we didn't get in until late. And I wanted some sleep."

Deitra sighs softly, "'kay." This is directed towards Kairhys for his pleading, so rather than say anything more on it, she does linger in silence for the young man. "It ain't always that bad, y'know. Shoulda not tried ta shove so many drinks down yer throat." Adalinus earns himself a soft laugh, "nah. I ain't slept with /him/. Was sayin' his night coulda been better. In bed." Oops. She didn't drop it for good. Grey eyes settle on her fellow hunter and his rejection of fetching something for her earns a whine, loud — at first — before quieting entirely for the sound of it induces pain. "Yer /so/ mean, Ada."

There might of been a thankful look past Kai's hand and bowed head, but the weaver was certainly not about to lift it and face the light of day just to make faces at Deitra. "Thank you." he says instead, some tension quite visible along the line of his shoulders relaxing. He simply bobs his head very slowly once for the other part of her statement about drinking, "I'm a big boy I know how to say no. My fault more than anyone else's." This said he startles as Adalinus jumps to the entirely wrong conclusion there, his head almost coming up on that one. Course, then Deitra laughs and fills the other hunter in on the truth of things, managing to pull a very meager chuckle out of the boy. "That territory was marked way before I got anywhere near the trail. The lady is yours bud, no worries." Assurances aside that tension is back funnily enough, but at least this time Kairhys has mind enough to brave some klah before it got cold. Whether or not the weaver would want some mustashed nineteen turn old guy he'd just met rubbing his back was another matter entirely. "Other than shoving drinks at me and trying to get me to sleep with a friend of ours. She was fine."

Adalinus looks between the two. "How much did you two drink? Or how much did you make him drink, maybe I ought to ask instead." Ada tilts his head at Deitra. "In… bed?" Was Deitra a pimp now, as well? When Kai explains things he blinks and nods. "Ah… I see. Hm. Which friend might this be?" There might be a little fluffing of Ada when Kai says that Deitra was 'his'. Kai probably didn't want Ada rubbing his back, either. However he does seem more amenable to the huntress' whining. There's a bit of a sigh then, and he stands up suddenly. "Two hangover remedies, coming up!" He'll check with the cooks first, then head down to the healers if he has to.

Deitra is either ignoring the talk of who she belongs to, or, she's trying to gauge a reaction from her fellow hunter. "Naaah. Kissin' ain't the same as bein' in bed. Entirely different, 'm just sayin' Miki woulda been happy 'bout it. She needs ta have more fun 'cause her crazy brother's so restrainin'." That pimping theory goes right out the window. Her head tilts and she grins at Ada. "He's a big boy, he can say no." Taking the words right out of the weaver's mouth, she snickers softly. "I had more'n I normally do." Her grey eyes close and remain that way for a moment, but when there's the sound of movement they open again and a wide smile spreads on her lips. "I love you Ada."

Kairhys groans a bit harder as he comes to realize that Deitra was going on again about his missed opportunities, a bit slow mayhaps thanks to his pounding skull. His head completely hangs then, slender fingers working the back of his own neck and the fine hairs there. "Dei!" he chastises softly, unable to lift his voice much higher than a whisper really. "Miki deserves better than a series of one night stands. Just, not in a place to offer more than that right now." he sighs, apparently emotionally unavailable from the way he puts it. "I like her. I do. I wouldn't mind spending more time with her either, which is why I asked her to dinner. Whatever would of happened should of happened slowly over time. I'm not the type to just jump into bed with someone because I happen to fancy them. There's more than just bodies involved…shit…I don't know what I'm saying. Ignore me." He sulks over his klah then, not saying another word to either hunter. Maybe he was really hoping they'd ignore him.

Adalinus is not amused! And Deitra says Ada is mean. He looks a little put-out at the mention of kissing. "Maybe I should kiss Miki, instead! She seems like a nice girl. For some reason I don't think she would appreciate that, though. He brother is a tad… odd." Which means a lot, coming from Adalinus. He peers a bit at Deitra. "Yes, well. I've learned that women can be very persuasive when they want to be." He looks curiously at Kai. "If you like Miki, you should at least tell her about it. Then she'll know, and then maybe you two can get to know each other better. Weyrfolk seems to put a lot on… bodies. But there's more to romance!" Ada's cheeks seem to go pink as he walks away, mumbling about women and their wily ways. He comes back a while later with two remedies. What is it, like a bloody mary or something?

Deitra doesn't respond, at first, to Kairhy's whispering of her name and instead lingering in silence to hear what he has to say before she's lifting her head and peering at the weaver. "'m not sayin' you have to." Simply put, and nothing more as she's looking over at Ada for his declaration of kissing the greenrider. A single brow lifts, "you wantin' me to kiss you?" A grin plays at her lips for his statement on women before she's ducking her head down and shying away from the light once more. "Ain't talkin' 'bout romance." She grumbles softly, not directed towards anyone in particular.

Kairhys says nothing more about people and kissing, fingertips working the back of his neck back and forth some as if there were some muscle kink he was trying work out on his own. There isn't even a twitch when Adalinus talks about kissing Miki, or when Deitra speaks about the differences she sees between sex and romance. Instead, the weaver keeps quiet, taken to sips of his klah. The sound occasional sound of pain comes from his direction, filling the void of silence with just this until hunter returns with whatever that is there he's calling a hangover remedy. Kai doesn't lift his head again, simply gesturing towards the table with a simple hand movement as to the location he could drop the thing off. "Thank you." he does murmur at the guy, fingers working a bit lower then.

Adalinus hands out remedies as soon as he's back, settling a… bottle? on the table in front of each of them. Hopefully whoever has given it to him hasn't tricked him or anything, and there's not just a laxative inside. There's a blink at Deitra, as she mentions her kissing him. His chest puffs out a bit. "Of course I do!" He says matter-of-factly. There, she wanted him to be assertive, right? "It doesn't sound like he's just interested in sex, Dei. Perhaps there's something nice you can do for Miki? Fort has a nice dancing hall, if you like that sort of thing. You could take her there. Or maybe out to… what's that thing called, where you slide around on the ice?" Maybe eventually someone will tell Ada just to be quiet.

Deitra sits up once the bottle is settled in front of her, lifting it and downing it as quick as possible before also downing her klah though that does not save her from the twitch of disgust her face begins to show. Her nose remains scrunched up for a moment before coming to relax and grey eyes flicker over to settle on Adalinus. "I'll kiss you in a minute." The hunter heaves a sigh and ducks her head back down. "Ain't /talkin'/ 'bout /sex/. 'm sayin' he needs ta be assertive, too. Show he means it 'cause she'll keep laughin' it off.'m just teasin' bout /sex/ cause one'a you's is goin' ta turn a shade of red eventually." There's a soft snort, a mixture of annoyance and laughter before she fills in the blank. "Sleddin'?"

"My mother always says that the best thing for a hangover was lots of water but…" Kairhys mutters as whatever Adalinus brought back for them is probably eyed before the weaver attempts his, drinking slowly but steadily until all of the remedy is gone. There are some indications that Kai was fighting to keep it down even while he was ingesting it, but even more so now that he sets the bottle onto the table again as gently as possible. "Faranth that is nasty." he coughs, curling the back of his hand against his mouth and leaning back some, wincing at the light. He doesn't complain further, an apologetic sort of look sent the hunter's way before he attempts to get the taste out of his mouth with copious amounts of klah instead. Not that he drinks that all too quickly either. "Listen." he says after a couple of moments, brown eyes braving the evilness of the brightly lit cavern in order to look between the two. "I really appreciate the advice, I do." This is followed with a sigh and a thump against the back of his chair as he leans into it heavily all at once, gaze averting. "I just got out of a turn and half relationship. I don't think I'm entirely over him despite the fact that he was a complete and utter jerk at the end. I just…wanted dinner with a girl I happened to get along with to see where it went. Not ready for all that romance and flowers stuff yet."

Adalinus chuckles a bit. "I can wait until later, Deitra. Until after the hang over. What's in that remedy, anyways?" As in, is it going to come out later the way it went in? "Being assertive can be helpful. If you're shy though, we can help you! Or, I can. Deitra seems to be making things worse." Ada strokes his mustache in thought. "Hm. Well, when you feel ready and all. There's no rush for these sorts of things after all." He shakes his head at Deitra. "No, but he could do that, as well! The other thing. When you stand and slide around on your feet." Change of subject time. "So what is it you do around the weyr, Kairhys?"

Deitra, wisely, keeps her mouth shut as she listens to Kairhy's reasons for rejecting their ideas — or, mainly Adalinus' ideas as she's just talking — before nodding her head in an idle agreement. Food is taken and stuffed into her mouth to prolong her silence for a moment longer. "Later, then. Don't know. You'd have ta ask the healers. Ain't makin' it my business ta know, figure I'd never be able ta swallow it again if I knew." So really, she doesn't know what she just ingested. "Skatin? That's fun ta do." More food is shoveled in her mouth, again preventing any further commentary.

A weak smile is offered to the hunters, but as far as talking about his non-existent love life it appeared that Kairhys was done talking about it. Instead he moves on to the change of subject that Adalinus produces, bless his heart, and the boy all but leaps on this chance to move on to something other than kissing and sex. He points to his knot, "Apprentice Weaver. I split my time between the weyr here and home over at the hold. Sick relative to look after." Though when Deitra starts talking about having no idea what was in the bottle he just drank, the weaver stares at her a moment and then groans, a hand drifting to lightly collide with his face. Anything faster than this, and the poor boy might of hurt himself. "Please tell me you've taken it before, and what can I expect to happen to me." Really, he should of asked this before drinking the stuff. Live and learn.

Adalinus has thankfully moved on in the conversation. Ada can at least be counted on for being sensitive to people's feelings. If not always their bones (during hugging). He peers at Deitra. "But you're the one drinking it. It could be full of poison!" He nods and pats Dei's leg. "Skating, yes, that. We should do that. I've never been." Then his attention is turned to Kai. "Ooh, a weaver! Most excellent. I am sorry to hear about your relative, though. Can the healers do nothing for them?" Ada waves over one of the staffers to bring them more klah. Everyone looks like they still need it. Well, other than himself. Ada looks as chipper as ever.

"You'll be fine." Deitra insists, though pausing a moment to consider. "Well, I'll be fine. You might get sick, maybe gassy, or get the runs. But if not, you'll be fine." Another grin is given to the weaver. She picks at the plate of food, clearing it without much pause before she's snorting at Ada. "Nah. It ain't poison, 'm fine." The pat on her leg has her free hand dropping to cover his. "We should do it, then. At some point, hm? It'll be fun ta see you slip 'bout." The hunter probably can use another bit of klah, though she is certainly starting to perk up.

Kairhys of course now staring at Deitra, even if he has yet to notice that his head was not pounding as badly as it had before he taken the noxious tonic, and really Adalinus talk of potential toxins surely isn't helping any. Talk of ice skating goes right over the weavers had, perhaps worrying himself about the side affects that the huntress there lists off as if they weren't just as bad as a muddled head throbbing with pain. Maybe his mouth even drops open a bit for the way she dismissively lists them off, followed with an even softer groan. As for her male counterpart's inquiry into family, the boy just sadly shakes his head, "No. She's been sick on and off again since she was an infant. It gets worse every time she comes down with whatever it is, even if the time it lasts varies. They..they don't have a clue." he murmurs, and this seems to set the somber mood for the apprentice. The lover's talk of skating completely left to them as Kai resigns himself to finishing up his drink and leaving himself out of that part of the conversation.

Adalinus blinks at Dietra. Then he looks at Kai. "You don't worry! We'll… rush you to to the healers if you start to feel funny. Just… relax and have some klah!" Deitra is clearly bad for Kai. Not only did she get him sick, but now she might get him sicker. Well, technically it was Ada's fault, he didn't have to bring two of the bottles. He nods to Dei. "Sure! It sounds like fun." Ada nods about Kai's sick family member. "What hold are you from? I'm from Nerat myself. It's a lot warmer there than it is here. Though I like Fort. The people here are all very friendly."

"You'll be /fine/." Deitra insists as she hears that soft groan coming from the weaver, grinning a little wider. "Yer head hurts less, right? And the sounds ain't killin' you?" The questions are poked at him as she leans in to peer at him just a little more before she's sobering for the talk of his sister. The woman draws back and busies herself with her food, lingering in silence. Deitra's just bad for the health, apparently! A nod of confirmation is given to Ada for the topic of skating, but saying no more as she lets the two holders talk. She's more focused on finishing the food on her plate.

Tipping his now empty mug at Adalinus when the guy mentions relaxing and drinking some klah, Kairhys offers him a thankful and even grateful smile before he excuses himself quietly and slips out momentarily as to snag himself a refill. He does return, moving a bit better than he had been getting there originally, no gurgles yet that signaled an emergency trip to the infirmary or even the latrine. He has a single breakfast roll, something with a crunchy sweet topping baked into it, which he breaks in half and begins to nibble on. It's about then that the hunter inquires after his origins, "Not far. Fort hold." He really meant not far. "I spent some time at weaverhall for a while, then a few months in Ista. Long enough to get a tan I guess, before Cielyn got sick again. She managed to skip getting ill last winter, it's how I managed to stay on at the hall for so long. Both our parents need their rest, and she's not even ten yet, someone has to look after her overnight. They work hard, and so it's the least I can do." As for Deitra well, the apprentice makes a face and shush her, playfully of course. The remedy must be working its magic, because Kai's starting to get that twinkle back in his eye.

Adalinus is likely to be the first to need to hit the latrine, considering the size of his breakfast. In case anyone wants to know! "Ah, that's not far at all! It's a bit further to Nerat. We are beholden to Ista. I've been there many times. I actually lived there for a short while before I moved to Benden Hold. Perhaps a warmer climate would be good for your sick relative? of course with her being that young it would be hard for her parents to be separated from her." Ada gets to his feet then. "Well! I think it might be time to go and check on the supplies. I'll see you later Dei. Kairhys! It was good to meet you. Perhaps you can Miki will want to go do this skating thing with us?"

Deitra is shushed! Though only because amusement drifts forth as the weaver is now in better spirits, winking playfully at Kairhys. Her plate is finally cleared and the last of her klah is downed before she's pushing to her feet. "I'll come with you, Ada." To Kairhys, she grins again, "try'n talk her inta joinin' us. It'll be fun." Her plate and mug are gathered and the huntress is making her way over to abandon the dirty dishes in the designated bin .

Kairhys gives both hunters a smile as an invitation is extended, "We'll see." he says, watching as Adalinus heads out, followed soon enough by Deitra in tow. Once the two are out of sight, the weaver sighs heavily and gives up on trying to eat. The sweet bread passed on to a passing little who hardly seems to mind the nibbled breakfast treat. This done, he makes it to his feet, in no rush it seems to find a change of clothes and be off to his lessons for the day.

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