Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-telling. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footwear and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

Late evening has wrapped itself around Fort, cold seeping through the tiniest cracks and forcing the resident's into their beds at earlier hours, if only to seek warmth. And then there is the crowed that doesn't fear the cold as much, the few patrons that have ventured from the Weyr and made their way to the Gemstone. It seems that anyone who's awake and active has showed up here for the Tavern is filled to the brim with weyrfolk. Some are sprawled around on the couches and pillows. Music echoes through the air, it's source a lone harper up on the small stage. The area in front of the fireplace, usually used for storytelling, has been cleared this evening and made into a makeshift dance floor. And this is where Miki, as well as several other folks are gathered, all moving with the beat with smiles on their faces, though some aren't as adept as it as others. A couple of them even look as if they're having spasms and the tiny woman can't really help but giggle before holding one hand carrying her drink up in the air and letting out a small whoop.

The door opens, as it has more than a few times in the past couple of hours, leaving a familiar weaver apprentice standing there in the way of the in and outs. The sixteen turn old stands there, staring at the inside of the busy tavern that probably looks more like an ancient's night club at the moment then an establishment meant to serve alcohol to the Pernese. A second later he's indeed headed in, but not for any other reason then a small group pushing their way past him, and his escape blocked by a couple of rather rowdy drunks getting tossed out the doors by a man three times Kairhys' size. To say this is culture shock for the holder would be an understatement. He's sans drawing tome, and firelizard at least, so that certainly spares the poor lad trying to get his brain together enough to watch out for them. Wide brown eyes dart here and there, and lock onto one gyrating female that looked like she was in some sort of semi-liquid state allowing her to move like that. At some point, his mouth drops open, and he starts edging towards the door. Yup, seems like he'd reached his limit.

The bar is where Deitra's at, and has likely glued herself there as she does in every place where drinks are offered. And she's likely already had a bit to drink, however, this does not encourage her to join the rest over in the pillowed area or where everyone is dancing. Occasional glances are flicked over in that direction, but she does not bring attention to herself. At least, not until Kairhys is entering; brows lift in consideration of the holder before a hand lifts. "Kairhys!" Beam. And then, she hops from her seat, certainly bent on not letting him escape. Poor man, she's likely drawn more attention to him by calling out his name as well.

Miki doesn't notice when the door swings open, or even when there are people getting thrown out. She's too far gone in dancing. Though dancing would be a loose way to put it. Her moves mostly consist of jumping up and down in place while humming along with the music rather loudly. When the song ends there's a mass exodus from the dance floor, apparently the harper's time to take a break has come. With tired groans they slump into empty spaces around the rooms, sweaty faces having rather goofy smiles plastered on them. One of the riders accompanies Miki as she makes her exit as well, stopping her just as the pass the entrance and pointing in the weaver's direction. Unfortunately, said rider isn't able to get much more out as Miki begins pushing her way towards the familiar face. Miki practically trills as Deitra joins him and she skids to a stop before the pair, one hand on her hip and the other raising her drink up for them to see. "Look, a drink! You guys should get one too! And danceeee. Oh you must dance." The rider may be just a pit tipsy, though it isn't anything obvious.

Hark! A name is called and Kairhys caught in place. He is absolutely and irrefutably caught. He might just keep on trying to sneak out anyway, even as he holds up a hand stiffly in a frozen wave and he grins toothily, because there he was shifting very slowly towards the door. Maybe hoping that his dazzling smile (no, not really, he looks rather freaked out) and friendly demeanor would deflect attention off the fact he was creeping exitwards. Course, it's about then that he notices half the people in the place looking his way with Deitra's perfectly timed calling of his name over music that had just then ceased. Cue his impression of a redfruit, and shifting of eyes from one corner to the other as brows slide up up his forehead in a creeping motion and then drifting in towards each other meeting in the middle. Panic mode initiated. Panic mode engage.

Miki's arrival is met with a grin, perhaps she had not noticed the greenrider over there from the bar. "'m drinkin' at the bar. Ain't goin' ta dance." Unless she gets drunk enough and someone literally drags her out there. But even then, she'd be more likely to sway than actually dance. The huntress beams another grin, this one to the redfruit colored weaver as he slowly moves to inch his away out of the tavern. Should he not stop her, or make a bolt for the door, Deitra is moving to guide him towards the bar. "Come drink. It'll make you feel better."

Miki giggles, "Oh you're cuuute Kai! Red's a very good color on you!" With quick steps, she moves around behind him, making shooing motions as if she can somehow herd him in the direction she would like him to go. "I owe you a drink. And food. The food here's not so bad, you know?" The rider stops her efforts long enough to peak around the tall boy and shoots a grin at Deitra. "Well that's good. Though you should so try dancing. I can't imagine that you'd be any worse than most of the people that were out there."

Luckily for Kai, the moment where it felt like all the eyes in the place were on him passes in the next and he finds he can breath again. This stops him from shifting from red to purple at least. The murmur of dozens of different conversations with the occasional cackling laughter rising above makes for a much more socially acceptable back drop because without the gyrating bodies in various states of undress, Kairhys seems much more able to communicate now. Course this leaves him completely open to attack before this, and Miki has come around the back so to speak. The holder nearly jumps right out of his skin as a voice chirps cheerfully from somewhere behind him and it takes a second or three before he's able to half turn to see past the length of his own frame enough to see the tiny greenrider back there. "What is this place?" he hisses in a whisper, eyes still wide as if he'd just accidentally stumbled upon some secret forbidden underground. Several very reluctant steps forward has him attaching himself to poor Deitra, who he holds onto like a life raft. Oh no, he is absolutely not letting go of the poor huntress.

"Order him a big plate and I'll keep the drinks comin'." Deitra offers towards Miki, grinning widely. "Nah. Ain't goin' ta do it. Ada got me dancin', but only 'cause he was there." A soft snort of laughter follows before she's peering at Kairhys as he appears to calm down somewhat. "It's a tavern. Though, it ain't /always/ like this. Usually more men. Dependin' on the day." And when the weaver latches onto her, the huntress can't help the laughter that follows as she begins to stride back towards the bar and thus towing the weaver along with her as long as he refuses to let go.

Miki can't help but roll her eyes and snicker at the weaver, planting her hands on his back and moving along with them. "This darling, is called the Gemstone. And today you've stumbled on the best times! They don't clear everything up to make the dance floor too often! Special treat." Once they've arrived at the bar, Miki flags down the bar tender, ordering a couple of plates of food and some drink refills. When the rider turns back to the weaver and huntress however, it seems that she's switched into her nanny mode, her voice having a tone that she'd normally use to explain things to the littles. "This is where people come to relaaax. No one's going to jump you." Maybe. "Though there are rooms upstairs for when other people jump other people." The words her tipsy state produces may not be useful in calming the weaver down any, but it doesn't seem like Miki's got much of filter at the moment.

There was no way that Kai was letting go of Deitra. Uh uh. Long slender fingers are wrapped securely where they attached, and so when the huntress makes her way back to the bar the weaver can not help but follow. Tugged along as he is, he keeps a single eye at least on Miki so he is probably only half aware of where it is exactly he'd being dragged off to. "This isn't like any tavern I've seen before." says the all mighty sage of taverns apparently. Regardless, Kairhys might of relaxed some but he was by no means ready to throw himself into joyfully eating and drinking with wild abandon. Perhaps on a normal day, the boy might of been more disappointed at the lack of men, but at the moment he was glued to Deitra and giving Miki a look best suited to small game in the sights of a wild feline. He just might of relaxed when Miki says that no one was going to jump him in that voice used to sooth frightened children, but then she goes on and the weaver's grip becomes downright steely as eyes widen to the side of dinner plates. "Wh-what?" Meanwhile the bartender is serving up drinks, shots of something or another. For Kai it appears he needs some liquid courage, and one single hand detaches from Dei, lashes out, snags a shot and it's in his mouth the empty glass on the counter faster than anything. "UGH." he grunts and makes a face, still all wrapped up nicely in his coat and scarf and whatever other layers he might be sporting under there.

Deitra laughs at the talk of jumping and the rooms upstairs before she's attaching herself to the bar with her own little attachment still there. Hi Kairhys! So rather than sitting, she simply leans again the bar and orders a few more drinks as well, various ones including the more fruity ones. "Yeah. This tavern's a bit different, but fun. Shenanigan's ain't got nothin' on it." The huntress turns and grins at him, "ain't no one goin' ta jump you 'less you ask 'em ta jump you." A brief look of surprise crosses her face as he detaches one hand long enough to down that shot before she's grinning and offering him another.

"Well that /is/ generally what the rooms are used for. But don't worry, we won't let the nasties get to you." And perhaps the foods of plate arriving were merely for show because hardly takes a bite, instead opting for another drink. She isn't near as quick finishing it off as Kai, but it isn't as if she lingers over it either. "Ah, where's the sharding harper. This break is too long." An unreasonable exclamation considering it really hasn't been that long since the music stopped, but Miki hops from foot to foot impatiently anyways. And then she pauses for a moment, watching as Deitra supplies the weaver with another drink before sidling over and plopping onto a stool with a grin. "Yup, another drink Kai, you need another." And another. And another.

Kairhys is still making faces for a little bit after that shot, then giving the empty glass the most dubious of looks. Luckily for the huntress, the weaver was so sharding tall, otherwise it might look strange with the boy pressed up against her back and death gripping her shoulders like he is. Hello, Deitra! Both the women were getting the eye now though as the shock from the shoot of random booze had passed, as if he just couldn't believe that they came to this den of debauchery of their own free will. Perhaps overall an unexpected reaction from the boy who was fairly well known for flirting shamelessly regardless of gender and company. When Deitra turns around, Kai has the decency to let the woman go and back up a step, luckily some subconscious survival instinct kicking in considering how many times this Adalinus guy has been mentioned in respect to her. He appears at a loss for words, and can only make a soft suffering sound as he reaches for the drink that Miki has suggested and downs it much like the first. Again, with the face, but not as long lasting as the first time. "Ugh. Which is it? They won't drag me off to the mini sex den or you won't let them, because your answer really will decide which way the evening is going to go." he says, still wincing as a result of the foul taste in his mouth.

Deitra downs the shot she grabbed for the weaver before reaching for another and downing it just as quickly. "Go bug 'im ta play somethin'." She insists to the greenrider firmly. "Somethin' really /really/ loud." Once freed of her attachment, the huntress takes a seat on a stool, patting the one beside her for him to take as well. "They won't. If they tried, 'mma punch 'em in the balls." Entirely straight faced, she points at the chair again with an expression that says: don't mess with me. Though it quickly fades as she's reaching for another drink, not a shot, this time as well as dragging another shot over for the weaver. "Do 'nother. Then drink," there's a pause as she places a fruity drink in front of Kairhys, "this one!"

"I'm sure that they're head over heels for your sex appeal, but we won't let them. If they try I'll set Sohnyu on them. She's a scary-monster." Another drink down from Kai means Miki's motioning for another refill to be handed to the weaver. She herself stays away from the hard stuff, sticking to fruitiness. "AH!"The exclamation accompanies a point in the direction of the stage as the harper reappears, seating himself quite quickly and striking up another tune. This of course means more dancing for Miki and the rider begins doing a small jumpish-swaying thing where she stands. "Ohhh, I like this song." She probably doesn't know the song but that's beside the point really. "YES! Drink that one. It's really tasty. And after that, try this one over here. It's pretty colors." Even as Deitra's holding up one drink, Miki's pushing a pale orangish-pink one at him.

Kairhys blinks at Miki, though whether it is the alcohol or the woman's statement about his sex appeal that has his cheeks coloring is unknown. He drops into the sat that Deitra indicates, ignoring further booze for now as he busies himself with unraveling his scarf and undoing the front of his tweed jacket. It was probably safe to say that the drinks combined with the warmth of his attire as well as the body heat of so many people crammed into the place was well enough to warrant removing of some layers. "Nobody ever told you what happens when you mix drinks huh?" he comments wryly, looking much more relaxed now that the stuff he had ingested already was starting to work its magic. Course being situated between two people he knows probably helps. He wriggles out of his coat and folds it up neat, tying it up into a neat little package along with his scarf and stuffing them beneath his seat. Beneath is his long sleeved gray shirt, the sleeves a darker charcoal color then the paler heather of the body. The sleeves are shoved up over his elbows. He arches a brow at the fruity drink and shakes his head as he slides it back Deitra's way. "I'll stick with shots." he tells her, nearly jumping out of his skin when Miki exclaims her excitement for the return of the harper. Apparently the same goes for the orange colored beverage the greenrider shoves his way, passed in favor of a shot.

The exclamation from Miki has Deitra jumping out of her seat before she's staring at the greenrider and looking around for an attacker. No one is found and she slowly comes to relax again before settling down on the stool again. "Shit. Don't /do/ that 'less someone's got their hand where it ain't s'possed ta be." While Miki dances, the huntress doesn't seem so inclined to follow along instead, distracting herself with peering at Kairhys as he begins to shed his layers of clothing. "Nah. They did." But, the reason why she's forcing so many drinks on the weaver goes unspoken for the grin on her lips is the only answer. The rejection of the fruity drink earns a shrug and she considers it before passing it down the bar, someone there is likely to want it! She's reaching for another shot as well before ordering a few more from the barkeep with a simple gesture.

"Ah, he's one of /those/ guys. Too afraid to touch drinks that might make people question his manly-side. How sad!" She gives a mock sigh of disappointment, but of course, his rejection of the drinks means that /she/ gets it. Lucky woman! Bringing the glass to her lips, she drains the contents in a matter of seconds before bringing it down with a clink on the bar. "Let's dance guys….pleaseeeee?" Oh wait! Distraction. Dei's flinging a drink down the bar and Miki's chasing after it, nearly slamming into one of the riders as she makes a grab for it. "Oh hay thereeee. You'll dance with me right?" So what if the guy's a complete stranger? Miki turns her blue puppy eyes on him since Deitra and Kairhys are being spoil sports. With no immediate protest from the man, the green rider beams, taking him by the wrist and beginning to drag him off to the dance floor, drink in hand.

Deitra jumping up like that, startles Kairhys as well. He sits up painfully straight and alert, brown eyes wide and flicking back between the tow women as he half turns to make for the exit. That'll teach him for letting his guard down and actually trying to relax as he was instructed. "Shells! Don't /DO/ that." he says to them both, shaking off whatever adrenaline might of pumped into his system in that moment before he grabs another shot and down it goes. As for Miki's comment about his manliness and lack of fruity drinks? Brows shoot upwards in unison, and then the weaver simply chuckles. "Is there something wrong with no liking sweet drinks?" he asks her, clearly amused and relaxing again. Though he does have to stare at the greenrider for her downing of the concoction that he had refused, surprised etched into every feature. He claps a few times afterwards, clearly impressed. Of course before he can make any wise ass comment, she pleading with him and Dei to go dance. He can't even form an answer before the woman is dragging some poor fellow towards the dance floor. The boy sighs, swinging around so he can hook his elbows onto the lip of the bar counter and just watches. "Dei have I ever mentioned how much I love greenriders?" he comments to the grey eyed woman sitting off to his left, followed by a wistful sigh.

"Nah. I don't like the fruity ones, either." Deitra insists towards the greenrider before shaking her head in rejection to her request to dance. "You can—" Whatever else that was going to follow ends as she takes off after the drink that heads down the bar. Mouth remains open for a minute before finally closing again, staring at the other woman for a long moment once more. Her head shakes and she looks towards the shots on the bar, taking another one and downing it quickly. A grin is sent in Kai's direction but she doesn't say anything in regards to the fruity drink subject, instead, taking another shot but not downing it quiet yet. "Nope. I'll tell 'er later." There's a snicker of laughter and the grey eyed woman leans over towards the weaver. "I dare you ta kiss 'er when she gets back."

All scolding is completely lost on the rider once she's scampering off, though she does manage to catch a bit of commentary about drinks. "Nothing wrong! More for me!" She's more than a /little/ tipsy now, but not exactly drunk. It doesn't take long before she's weaved through the crowd and brought her victim right to the edge of the mass of people now dancing about. Perhaps it's because she's small, or maybe the alcohol has loosened up her muscles, but either way, Miki certainly isn't a bad dancer. There's a fair amount of hip swaying mixed with jumping and alcohol drinking on her part, though the man seems less endowed with flexibility. After a few minutes Miki doesn't seem to be able to stand it anymore, grabbing his arms and attempting to move them about in a more fluid manner. And when that doesn't work she downs the rest of the drink and pushes him away to go dance with other people. "It's like you're a sharding wherry or something! You need dance lessons." And there the poor guy stands, all alone now. Sad fate.

Kairhys grins over at Deitra as she also passes on the fruity drinks, likely really feeling the two shots he'd already had. Or was it three? The weaver might just pause there to think about it, brows knitting some before his lips twitch into a frown. Looks like he can't remember. The boy ends up shaking his head and half turning to pick up another shot, about when Deitra decides she'll let Miki in on his love for greenriders. There's a pause and a bit of a lopsided grin before brown eyes hood with the lowering of lids. "Already tried asking her out once. She thought I was teasing her." he informs the huntress, "Then she laughed at me, so I think I'll pass if you don't mind." He tips the drink back and swallows, unable to help the grimace that follows. Good thing for him that Dei decided to wait a bit before delivering her next statement, because the weaver would have undoubtedly choked. He still sputters some and then laughs right out loud, "What are we? Ten?" he asks, still chuckling as he sets the empty shot glass back onto the counter. It's the sound of a put out Miki that draws his attention back to the dance floor, brows shooting up in unison.

Deitra peers out at Miki as she's dancing on the dance floor, brows drawing into a frown and then shaking her head when the man is eventually abandoned. "Poor guy." But there's not a hint of pity in her tone, amusement is the prevailing tone, there. She then looks back towards Kairhys and snorts softly, "'cause yer not askin' her seriously. Be a man. Take what you want!" Or, it's simply the alcohol talking at this point. Another shot is taken. "Yer bein' a wimp. Givin' up b'fore you give it a serious shot." Speaking of shots, she's snagging another. "Sure. If it'll make it easier on you. Pretend yer ten and when she gets back, kiss 'er. Or, go out'n do it now! Be a man!"

Miki is far more modest than most of the other women writhing around on the dance floor, but it doesn't mean she's stiff either. Using her small stature the green rider slips into the smaller spaces, moving through the crowd with twirls and twists, dancing with whoever's move seems to catch her attention at the moment. And then, all of a sudden the woman comes to a complete stop at the edge of the dance floor, looking down for quite a few minutes with a rather heart-breaking look on her face. Amidst the dim lighting and masses of people it's at first difficult to make out what she's staring at, but every once in a while, an opening presents itself and the source of her sadness becomes obvious: her glass is empty.

Kairhys might of just snorted in response to Deitra's sarcastic comment about the guy that Miki left all alone there, but there's nothing less than a lopsided grin on his face following. He mutters something under his breath that's hard to make out before he's swinging round and putting his back to the dance floor, and the greenrider's further dance floor antics. Unfortunately this means that the weaver misses the forlorn mourning of her drink's disappearance as well. "I asked her out to dinner, Dei." the boy says, hunching some as he settles in, leaning over the bar itself. "Not sure how serious you have to be to do that other than to ask them, have them accept and then have them show up." he says over another shot, though this one he just toys with, long fingers poised over it and pressed up against the smooth surface. It does not however, yet leave the counter top. His other arm is laid out across the bar elbow to palm, fingers curling in against it. He twitches some at the woman's insistence for snoggery, brows knitting as he peers over at her, ignoring the amber liquid in his glass. "You /DO/ realize that I would have to pick her up off the floor to do that right?"

Deitra peeks over again at Miki, frowning visibly when the other woman suddenly stops dancing and then her gaze flickers to the empty glass. "You should bring 'er another." She muses over towards Kairhys, before turning and leaning on the bar as well. She drops her head down and peers at him all the while, "I remember. Still, you shoulda said you were serious'n stuff." Another grin is forming and a hand lifts to wave off the statement. "So? It ain't like yer takin' 'er ta bed or nothin'. If yer so against it, then don't worry 'bout it." More laughter and grey eyes close, denoting that the huntress is taking a break for the moment.

Eventually, Miki /does/ snap out of her little melodrama, and then she's quite literally sprinting towards the bar, narrowly avoiding quite a few patrons and skidding to a stop once she reaches the pair still situated there. With a surprisingly gentle clink, she places the glass down and slides it towards the bar tender. "Last one, promise!" Though as soon as she utters the words, the green rider looks woefully regretful and turns puppy eyes to the bartender. "I lied…another one after that. I swear. Really!" Holds on hand up, curling all save her index finger and tilting her head to the side. Miki certainly is putting on a show. Her fruity drinks of goodness are at stake! But soon her patience wanes and Miki looks to the only entertainment currently at the bar, Deitra and Kairhys. "Whatcha guys babbling about now? There's dancing to be done. They don't do this every night. Gotta take advantage of it, yeah?"

There is a glance over his shoulder when Deitra frowns and looks the way that Miki was last, but he's missed her melodrama, looking back the huntress' way with questioning look but he doesn't ask as really the other woman looked just fine. No one was bothering her or anything. He lifts his drink to his lips, a frown fleetingly gracing his features before he downs the shot, with much less of a reaction this time than the others. Perhaps the booze had relaxed all his facial muscles as well, or killed all his taste buds. Again, there is Deitra with her from left field commentary and the weaver can only stare as his empty glass is set back down. He very carefully swallows before he dares do anything else. "You don't just go walking up to people and picking them up like littles. Especially when they're half in the bag. Doesn't even /matter/ if there's a kiss on the other end. I'd probably get a flailing limb to the boys before…" And he's saved from what was probably going to be a very embarrassing euphemism by the return of Miki. He quickly shuts up about smooching, tapping the bar with his finger to indicate his requirement for another, and catching it as it's slide his direction. He can't help but snerk at the woman's attempt to charm drinks out of the bartender, once more stroking fingers over the smooth surface of his glass. "Deitra here, thinks I should of marched right over there and kissed you." he points out with so much as a single pause to consider what was coming out of his mouth. "I was just explaining the difficulty of that considering I'm twice as tall as you are." Said all rather matter of fact, down that shot goes and he holds up a hand to the server, indicating he was done. "And with that, I think….I'm done. Way done." Rosy cheeks aside, Kai was talking perfectly fine, though as he slides off the barstool, he does so very slowly, narrowing his gaze at the ground. "I could of sworn that floor was closer when I got up here." Feet do eventually touch down and he's pulling himself up to his full height, all six foot one of him. "Faranth I'm tall." Ohhh yeah, he's done all right.

Miki's return has Deitra opening her eyes and staring at the greenrider before laughing loudly. She pushes up and straightens out, "shells. Yer more drunk'n I am." Her hand waves again, dismissing the talk of dancing though continuing to wave for a moment before she remembers to stop. "Nah. 'm sayin' you can if they're interested." Snicker. The huntress wiggles on her stool a bit, slowly inching her way off. "He shoulda done it." She again insists, though grey eyes are focused on the greenrider before she finally pops off of her stool. "Nah. Height ain't an issue outside'a bed, 'm tellin' you." The woman suddenly grows silent as if she's forgotten where she is, what she was doing, and who she was with before there's a single blink. "'m out!" And with that, she's shuffling her way upstairs, apparently having already gotten herself a room.

"Oohhh, kisses. Hm, I haven't got kisses in a while. Oh wait! Yes I did! I was painting with the littles the other day, they gave me kisses." Apparently Miki's definition of kiss consists of getting pecks from children under five turns. She stops talking however once the drink is slid towards her and the rider takes a small sip until she spies Kairhys standing up. "You're not /that/ tall." She steps towards him, tilting her head up and bringing one hand to the top of her head and attempting to stretch it up and reach the top of the weaver's….which doesn't work….at all. Instead of working out as she'd planned, the effort to reach forward and up has Miki losing her balance. Arms windmill wildly for a few seconds as the green rider attempts to keep her upright and unfortunately her attempts are fruitless. Miki falls headfirst into the healer as do the contents of her glass, leaving the poor weaver splattered with the remnants of her orange-pink drink. "Ohhhh, ummm…..Dei did it!" Miki totally tries to shove all the blame off on the huntress who, when she looks, is leaving. "Hey! Where ya going?" There's whining at the woman's departing back but whether it's because Miki will miss her company or miss her scapegoat is unclear.

It was the blind leading the blind at this point, as Deitra forgets where she is, and Miki loses her sense of balance. All at the same time as Kairhys seems to realize that his height made the ground really far away. The babbling about kissing takes a minute to sink into the weaver's head, the many shots he had downed just now catching up with him it seems now that he was standing up. What Deitra says there off to the side and slightly behind of where he tries to stand upright, gets a blink and a mouth open, not so quick to reply with his muddled head no doubt. He lifts up a hand to point at the huntress, not daring to try and move just then from the looks of it. "But how do I know if she's interested?" he inquires after the huntress, and whatever else that might of followed is lost as the greenrider promptly covers the boy in her beverage. "Aww, man. What the fu…" he groans a sigh, arms held straight out and frowning down at the front of his shirt. Now saturated with fruity girly drink. He opens his mouth several times as he swings his body this way and that, over exaggerated no doubt by the fact he'd been drinking like a fish in a very short amount of time. "Deitra!" he takes the bait, blaming the grey eyed woman for Miki's mistake. "Ugh." And without a second taken to think about it, he's peeling the garment up and over his head. There were a couple other shirtless guys in there tonight at least, so Kai wouldn't have to feel too embarrassed. Even if what's under his shirt is way better than what was under theirs. All muscles and smooth bronzed skin, not over built by a long shot, but everything was certainly lean and very well defined. Broad shouldered, washboard abed, and strong armed. Who knew /THAT/ was under there all this time? "Shit, this is my favorite shirt too."

Miki nods several times while pointing in the direction Deitra disappeared. "Yup, Deitra. All her fault all…….oh." The rider promptly snaps her mouth shut as Kai begins stripping his shirt off. In fact, she even goes so far as to lean against the bar while eying him. There was no hiding the blatant ogling her blue eyes were involved in at the moment. And then, without warning, Miki is standing stock straight and raising her voice. "He's HOT!" A declaration, to whom is uncertain, perhaps for the whole tavern to hear. "I'll get it cleaned or something. Or get the stains out myself….or something…yeah." Abs! How's a drunk greenie supposed to concentrate when that's in front of her? "Bartender! Another drink! Make it something pretty colors. This time we're pouring it on his PANTS!" Cause that means that there'd be further stripping and the alcohol in Miki is telling her this would be very very amusing.

Kairhys is far to busy fussing over the girly drink all over his favorite shirt to even pay Miki any attention, that is until she's raising her voice up loud enough for the entire tavern to hear just what her opinion might be on his state of physical fitness and apparent attractiveness. The weaver startles and flushes darker, perhaps just then feeling just as exposed as he honestly was at that moment as once again one of the women is responsible for countless eyes focusing in on him. Someone shouts fire, you look. Someone shouts he's hot and of course a tavern full of females is going to look that way. It was only logical. Brows eyes are once again shifting corner to corner, and having the greenrider ogling him one minute and then ordering another drink in the hopes that he'll lose his pants as well, Kai flounders momentarily eyes widening just a second before slapping a hand to the counter. This in itself extends the period of time that people are looking his way, but he wasn't paying any attention to them, the bartender stared down from arming the intoxicated tiny little woman with more sticky drinks. His head whips then towards Miki, a single brow arched upwards, leaning in way into her personal space. He lingers there, indecisive perhaps, before he scoops up the side of her face and lays one on her. A nice deep long snog, proving for a fact that his mouth was good for more than just running itself. It lasts a goodly while before he pulls back just as abruptly and in one fluid motion collects his coat bundle and pauses. Brows knit. "Good night." he says, taking a sharp breath through his nostrils and then staggering out the front door, fumbling with his neatly bundled outerwear.

Miki gets a full-on pout going when Kairhys stares down the bartender, not at all happy that her fun's being denied. "Heyyyyy, I'm like…the more authoritative or something. You should listen to /me/." Which of course gets her nowhere with the man and so it's back to the weaver she looks giving him a rather ineffective drunken glare. Once he's invading her personal bubble all the glare disappears and she just kind of stares at him as if it were some sort of contest or something. And being kissed is the last thing she expects from a contest so when he starts the snogfest the rider is taken by complete surprise and freezes for a few moments before quite readily responding. As it draws on however, Miki does get a bit weak in the knees, probably due to a combination of the whole kissing and alcohol thing, and uses the bar behind her support. And then suddenly Kairhys is pulling away and disappearing before the green rider has time to say anything. Instead, she turns to the bartender with a grin on her face and slips onto a stool. "I just made out with the hottest guy in the Gemstone! Aren't you jealous? I bet you're jealous. Reallllllyyyyy jealous." He isn't really. Apparently making out with people hyped up on booze isn't the bartender's thing, but he'll probably be listening to Miki babbling about it for a good while until someone decides to either come get her or she escorts herself back to her weyr.

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