Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Moydeo blinks, and laughs, before she nods. "That's true." She sighs, and hands her stick off to one of the friends, tthat've been watching, and walks to where Pralius is. "I don't know why I agreed to play against him, was a bad idea."

Pralius chuckles, "Why does anyone do something they know is a bad idea? It's better than doing nothing at all. How's the beastcraft working out for you?"

Moydeo nods, and sits down. "Good point." She chuckles. "You never know till you try, right?" She asks, and then shrugs. "I still haven't heard back if I'm accepted yet, I hope I get in though." She admits.
Pralius nods, "It can be a pain to join a craft from afar, but you should be able to eventually, I'm sure."

A woman in a red dress has a few at the entrance of the lounge gaping and pausing in their tracks. They should gape. The woman moves in a sultry line from the entry, her eyes flickering from fellow, to woman, to fellow and back again. Each step is prone to a precision that moves her languidly through the crowd, each step taken in a pair of strappy red shoes shoes that lift her another inch. Her gown hugs her form in all the right places, accenting her bosom and hips, while making her legs appear longer than what they are. Her hair is pinned up in loose curls with a small assortment of flowers and feathers decorating the one portion of her messy array. Her lips are painted a deep red and there's even some color given over her eyes. Bangles strap around her wrists and long pearl necklaces float in bunches around her neck. She loops around one fellow in a taunting fashion upon her way to the bar, bumping her hip up against it as she whispers her order. The Weyrwoman's delight settles on the bartender. Risner is lucky he's not on duty.

Choth isn't as seductive as her rider in this regard. While the tables have turned from a few days ago, Choth having sucked up to the males and Kessa running away from everyone, Choth is now crouched down low and trying to avoid any attention. Though it seems rather impossible by the sheen that's making her appear brighter than she usually is. Her tail flips in agitation, her neck cranning toward the fenced up animals. She flips her wings and starts to slither low to the ground, pausing when she's near the beastholder's shack. She ducks her size behind it, looking rather comical as she's clearly obvious from the other side. No matter how tiny she wishes to be, the gold is a fair sized dragon.

Meahakumeleth is pretty large for a brown! Happiness! He hasn't felt brave enough to attempt a gold flight before, so he's pretty nervous as he lands in the feeding grounds. His gaze fastens on Choth, and he realizes…. wow. She's /big/. Maybe she'll be one of those who say size doesn't matter? He croons hopefully her way. Hey, you know what they say about short guys, they make up for it by their… tail. Ok, no one says that, but that's okay!

T'eo hasn't been to Fort Weyr itself in turns now. The last few times his days as a Weyrleader for Western. He stands in the entry, his riding helmet in his hands, surveying the scene before him. Well now, what have we here? With some quick information from Raenth T'eo picks up on the identity of the red dressed woman. He proceeds to the bar a few seats down, containing his amusment in a barely concealed half smirk. He raises a leg onto the stool as he waits to order, but apart from a generally cool and calm demeanor his breath has comes rather sharply through his nostrils.

K'oss never comes in here to drink, nope. However, he does come in to play a game of cards, or darts. Ever since that one pool game, he's never wanted to play it again. After all, he lost the game to /himself/. That takes skill. As he steps into the cavern, for once not getting lost on the way, he glances around, then notices… "Kessa?" he asks in disbelief.

Of course size doesn't matter. Unless you're small. Raphaith isn't though. Although not the size of some, he's definitely in the larger grouping of browns. He peers over the fencing of the feeding grounds though, almost suspiciously before neatly leaping over, wings stretching out in a wide sweep.

Tyr has a dart. It's nice, and sharp, and…THUNK. Rather close to the bullseye. There's a faint grin for that, letting it twitch lightly at his lips before his attention is drawn elsewhere. Which might not be a good thing, since he's in the process of trying to throw another. His jaw drops..just a little at the sight of the Weyrwoman..and his tossed dart lands in the nearby wall..if only briefly, before clattering to the floor.

Raenth coverges where all larger males converge when a gold is gleaming. The brilliant copper-bronze drifts casually in, regarding Choth from above long before he settles himself on one of the ledges overlooking the feild. As he settles his overlarge and shimmery sails, he offers a reassuring croon to the gold. But as he waits with apparent patience, much like his rider, his talon taps his agitation subtly and his eyes are for the beasts milling among the rails. A curious glimmer of maroon passes over his facets as both thirst and lusty are quietly simmering together in his bit copper pot.

Moydeo turns, and blinks at the Weyrwomans entrance, as it's hard /not/ too, when everybody in the bar, just about, stops dead in their tracks to stare. She thinks, and looks at Pralius quizzically. "Is that…Kessa?" She asks confused, not used to see the Weyrwoman like that.

Pralius gawps as well, probably for the first time in his life has he gawped at anyone thus. It takes a moment for his brain to catch up with the goings-on around him, then he takes another swallow of his wine, "I… think so…"

Kessa's teal gaze lifts from the drink once she gives her pink-tinged drink a swirl, bumping the back of her rump up against the bar now. She twirls the straw in the drink, her eyes half lowering in a very voluptuous manner, which soon enough turns upon T'eo as she takes notice of his presence only a few seats down from her. Her lips turn up in a faint smile for him, her body twisting toward him as she takes a few steps to glide up toward him, brushing her hand lightly over his knot, a brow raised to question the colors. There's some mischieviousness in her gaze as she tilts her head at him, "What do you drink?" There's some voices behind her that distracts her from T'eo, she just wants to tease his hair but she keeps her fingers to herself. Her eyes find themselves hovering a little on K'oss, her eyes darting down to the empty seat then back again to him.

K'oss looks confused! Is Kessa nonverbally asking him to sit down in the empty seat? Slowly, he approaches her, appearing much like a kitten walking towards a strange cat. Will she attack? Will she accept? Will she bite? A foot or two away, K'oss comes to a halt, watching her carefully.

It never takes Ma'kai long to find Kessa when he's actually looking for her, he just follows the talk of how good she's looking. Which today leads him to the sports bar. Ah, pretty Weyrwoman and alcohol. He walks into the bar and can't help but grin at the sight Kessa makes. It's lovely, and totally fantastic at the same time how she can command so much attention. He moves to the bar as well, looking to get a drink. "You're looking ravishing today Kessa."

Choth seems to respond to the encouragement, her neck shaking out as she stretches like a feline, front legs first with finger pads spreading and then the back with legs dragged behind her. Choth gives the beasthold a final sniff before she starts to slink away from it, pausing to lift her head up and consider the bronze on the ledge. The gold lifts her lip slightly to show teeth, looking casually at the browns wandering closer. It's a gaze that asks 'what are you looking at' … dragonic style.

Tyr keeps a dart in hand, lightly spinning it in his fingers as he wanders away from the dart boards. They just aren't all that interesting anymore. There's a wary look given to Kessa though, brows faintly furrowing together. The woman makes him a bit nervous when she's /not/ all….like this. But he does at least pass behind K'oss, giving a slight jab with the dart towards the other rider's back before moving along to get a drink.

T'eo looks a bit surprised as Kessa hones in on him so soon. "Weyrwoman." He acknowledges with a bit more of his smirk. He's rather in danger of it looking stupid, especially as she touches his knot. "Western's greetings to Fort and her Queens." Is said a bit too huskily. "I'm not sure of Fort's specialties." He answers. "Perhaps you might oblige me with a suggestion?" As she looks to K'oss T'eo does too, but not before he catches his eyes appreciating the fit of Kessa's dress. He clears his throat and gives a small jerk of his head as if trying to clear a pesky gnat near his ear before looking beyond to K'oss with an appraising but tolerant gaze. He remembers this one. So there was a dragon waiting for him at Fort. He offers a curt nod and half smile.

Moydeo will just stay over here, by Pralius, and away from a flirty Weyrwoman, and the riders she's flirting with. It's safe to be by a healer…right? She order's a 'Mo's drink' from the bartender on duty, and just kind of watches for now. She does wave to the Weyrleader though.

Pralius watches through somewhat terrified eyes, torn between approaching and staying as far away as possible. Some inkling from his child-hood pops up and he thinks better of getting anywhere near the woman. He'd stay here with the future beastcrafter, that'd be safe… right?

Garanth seems to be a little late to the party, but arrive he does. He hops the fence with ease and growls lightly at the other dragons who've gathered, though he keeps his distance from Choth. He knows her well enough not to go to close to her. But he does skirt around the edge, turning his attention to the beasts in the field.

Kessa laughs suddenly at K'oss, the confusion she sees there. She steps toward him, approaching him in a friendly mannor that boarders on something more erotic. Still, she means to grab him by the hand and drag him toward the seat she had yes, invited him too. "You're cute K'oss. Always were," she'll toy with his hair too if he allows it, "Just try not to get sick this winter, ok?" Her eyes wobble toward Moydeo and Pralius, only knowing the one. She does happen at least, to send Moydeo a slight wave, her eyes staying in that area for some time, as if considering Moydeo in some other way - of course, she could just be staring at Pralius or the pool table. At the distance, it's hard to pin point, especially with the lighting. Then again, like a dried twig, her attention snaps, settling on Ma'kai as he approaches. His compliment makes her smile widen, her eyes though rolling back to T'eo, darting to Tyr with a little wink inbetween her response to T'eo, "There's several drinks that could suit." The ones with the naughty names, what else!

Meahakumeleth looks towards Raphaith as he arrives, suddenly uncertain. She's looking at MEEE and she's not looking happy! Bro, help! Nevertheless, he returns his gaze to the shininess. « She'd be the star of my collection. » he mumbles, audible to most dragons present. Yeah….sure, Mea.

Joseph has, in his explorations, stumbled upon the bar. He pauses for a moment in the entrance, looking around suspiciously. what's all this then? He seems to come to A Conclusion, but the sudden look of determination on his face, and thus walks in and makes his way directly for the bar. Giving the tender his order, he manages to overhear and see the weyrwoman and her doting group of potential suiters. Looking around for familiar faces, he sees Moy and Praelius, and makes his way over to them, when the tender returns with his drink. "What's going on?" He says, in undertone, to the two he recognizes.

Uluameth snorts, padding over to the other dragons. «Women are not to be collected Meahakumeleth. Women can be the downfall of a man, and should never be treated as lightly as one would a gather prize. It will never lead to something good.» The bronze takes a patient seat, flexing his forearm muscles and half furling his midnight wings, perfectly content to sit and wait.

K'oss stiffens when she starts playing with his hair, but then again, he doesn't run away immediately. "I'm going to try not to, I dislike being sick." he tells her nervously. So tense! It's like he expects her to eat him or something. ….or drag him off and do stuff to him.

Odisyn is at the bar, drinking a margarita and watching the people. He's been here the whole time! Honest he has! But he's looking so buff and tough, and reading a book of theoretical physics so quietly, that people probably haven't noticed him just yet. He keeps a wary eye on everyone else, only half reading.

Raphaith lifts his head slowly, giving it a slight and elegant tilt while watching Choth. A gentle, melodic croon comes out as the gold looks though, not at all bothered by the look being given. Meah's attention on him though gets the brown's attention, and he drops his head just a little to give his brother a gentle nudge with his head. Aw, trying is what matters, right?

Choth lifts her head, nostrils widening as her eyes take on the purple of lust with that one inhale of air. As she lowers her head she curls her neck regally, crouching her form together like a coil ready to spring. A lash of her tail is the lever to the switch which sets her bounding away from the males. She lopes over the fenceline and will gnash her teeth at any of the males that over crowd her as she flees. It looks like she's about to flee the scene entirely before she does a whip-like turn about, causing dirt to go flying as her talons dig into the earth. Muscles flex and with a given wing beat, she hurls herself at the herd of beasts, crushing one underneath of her as her momentum brings her upon her victim. In moments she's blooding her kill.

Meahakumeleth jerks forward when he sees Choth on the move, settling down again when it seems she's blooding her kill, not taking off flying. Ah…. right! He should do that too! So the brown lunges up into the air and lands on a wherry that's half the field away from her. No need to crowd her, after all. Uluameth is ignored. What does /he/ know?! He's just some stupid bronze!

Uluameth leaps the fence casually, then swings an elegant darkly bronze forearm and backhands a large bull bovine. He roars then, strutting like a prince he drags his kill to the edge of the feeding grounds and sits, snapping his jaws shut on the jugular vein and just sucking out the blood like a vampire, much like a cheetah with its jaws closed over the neck of an antelope. Uluameth hoods one wing over his kill, staring at Choth unnervingly while he drinks. «A toast to milady!» He declares gruffly as he tosses the empty carcass away and his eyes Search the pens for another.

Moydeo blinks at the look she, or Praliuss, or the pool table, gets from Kessa, and lifts a hand to wave back at her, with a smile, albeit a bit of a nervous one. She then looks to Joseph. "Not entirely sure, Kessa came in, and started to flirt with everyone."

Tyr just hovers over his drink once he gets it, eyes widening just a little at the look from Kessa. Er. Maybe he should go hide somewhere. Or just..drink. Because..hey. Alcohol is /great/.

"I see." Joseph says, clearly trying to look like this makes sense to him. "Is that.. is that a good thing? or a bad thing?" Better to, you know, ask, before you go around making opinionated statements that get you in trouble with people. Especially with girls. Girls are good; wouldn't want them mad at him.

Kessa turns from T'eo as he retrieves a drink, stepping away from the bar to dance herself around Ma'kai. She smiles a little at the men before she starts out of the lounge, a drink in her hand as she gracefully sways her womanly self out. Her eyes are starting to glaze over, so there's obviously a reason why she decides to remove herself from such a busy location.

Ma'kai sets himself down at the bar, to drink his drink and watch Kessa move. He can't help tht he likes to watch her. Especially when it's her show. She doesn't get it very often, so it's a joy to watch her. But when she moves out of the bar, he lays some coins down on the bar and takes his drink with him, following after her.

Moydeo looks to Joseph, and shrugs. "I don't know, I heard her queen is soon to ride to mate, maybe it's something to do with that? Never been in a weyr, when a dragons ready to mate, before." She admits, and watches the Weyrwoman leave, as she stirs jer own drink, and takes a drink from it.

Odisyn snaps his book shut, sipping at his margarita and sidles over to Moydeo. "its RISE to mate. And its amusing I promise you. Some greenriders even dress in drag because their dragon makes them go a little crazy." Odisyn grins like a fox. "Dah was here drinking for awhile, you notice that he left awhile ago. I think his bronze is out at the feeding pens hoping to challenge the others." Odisyn seems half awed, half annoyed. "I'll drink to the leadership when the flight is over! Choth doesn't rise as much as the other queens."

Joseph eyes the sudden mass exodus of dragonriders, nodding. "Ah, yeah, I've only heard stories." He gives the area a furtive look; it's much emptier without the weyrwoman and her unintentional entourage. He eyes Odisyn and his entrance like the boy is another species, and one he's never seen before. "I have no idea what you're talking about. any of it." At least he's honest.

Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Red heels, red dress, red lips and red hair accessories with white pearls around her neck and her wrists. The confidence in her walk continues as she approaches the scene, for a moment looking at Choth feasting. There is a time when both dragon and woman stare at one another, Choth lifting her head from her feasting to meet the gaze of her lifemate. "Choose well love, the Weyr depends on it-" the whisper made more audible if only because of her proddiness. Her gaze sweeps behind her, expecting to see every bronzer and some of the brownriders following in suit. There's a twinge of uncertainty in her gaze though for the few that are following. Strong competition. Pursing her lips, she decides to disappear into one of the guest weyrs. It's there for this reason after all and not every man is privy to her personal weyr after all.

Garanth launches himself at a beast he'd been stalking. He's really not that interested in Choth while she's on the ground. But riping into an animal and draining it of it's blood, smearing it all over, /that/ is interesting. So he keeps an eye on the gold, but doesn't really show any special interest in her.

Choth gives an irritated show of her teeth as a few dragons hunt too close to her kill. So what does she do? She sinks her teeth into her kill and drags it off toward a more private area of the grounds - if that is even possible. Abruptly, she starts shredding the animal to bits. When she seems satisfied with the blood pooling around the ground, she flops down to roll her neck in the mess. Once painted up with the blood and matter from the animal's remains, she jerks upwards. She certainly doesn't give the males much time to blood! Up up and away, with wings beating hard to gain some altitude before the males realize she's already off and running!
Fedora> "Oh." Joseph responds, showing off his clear mastership of the pernese language. He looks mildly affronted at the fact that he didn't know that. BUT HE CAN STILL SAVE FACE! or try to. "I knew that. That thing about the weyrleader bit. Best bronze catches the queen and is the weyrleader." He nodes, sagely. "Why's being the weyrleader's kid so bad?" hsi voice is curious- it sounds like it'd be tons of fun. "Wouldn't you get all sorts of.. things? You know, no chores and that lot?"

Raphaith is a bit slow, but nabs himself a wherry as well. With teeth sunk into it, he watches the others in the feeding ground rather carefully. Calm, quiet, and then just lets go when Choth takes off. A bugle rings out, wings spreading rather wide before he kicks off the ground. Up and away indeed, he surges upward after the gold.
K'oss doesn't seem to be able to resist following Kessa out to the feeding grounds. Maybe he's just making sure nothing bad happens to her? He's so chivalrous. And he's so intent with this that he didn't even notice that punk Tyr stabbing him. He'll notice later when he sees the BLOOD on his back.

Meahakumeleth had finished one wherry and was about to jump on another! But as he's in midpounce, he notices Choth taking off, so he swerves quickly to change his trajectory. He bugles as well, sounding anxious. But…. but he wasn't ready! Anyway, off he goes.

Uluameth doesn't toss his kill, he just leaps, suddenly and abruptly. But Uluameth has never been an athlete of a bronze, so he trails behind the other males, letting them duke it out for the leader of the pack. He focuses on getting altitude, following Choth at a distance and getting enough sky between him and the ground to pounce at the right moment. The winds caress his dark face as he hovers purposefully behind the other males, planning three steps in advance where he's going to be. Chess pieces clank in his mind, inching the black king closer and closer to victory with each tick of the turnclock.

Why /is/ Tyr following? Maybe he just wants another crack at stabbing K'oss. He sure does seem to be hurrying after the other brownrider. And hey, he's still got his dart!

Ma'kai isn't far behind Kessa, and he looks both more relaxed and more focused than his lifemate. His eyes very much stay on Kessa while she moves, but he's not bothered by the other men around him. His direction changes when she heads for one of the guest weyrs and though he doesn't follow her all the way in, he does hover outside.

Choth seems delighted with herself as she escapes the majority of the dragons, leaving the rest on the ground tormented with the indecision to blood another beast or to chase. She swoops over the bowl wall easily enough, gaining altitude in a lazy climb. There's no twists and turns yet, just a straight line that follows a gentle but steady incline. Higher and higher to the clouds she ascends, toward the afternoon sunshine that makes her glitter in gold.

Uluameth stalks Choth, twisting higher and higher in the sky. He doesn't make any overly menacing or decisive moves, a deep growl of lust rolls like thunder from his throat as he watches her path through the sky.

SHINY! Meahakumeleth totally digs the shiny. Bugling excitedly, the red-marked brown throws himself forward, his wings flapping as he tries to catch her /right/ /now/. He wants her! He totally wants her! She's just so awesome and pretty and gorgeous and and and SHINY!

Garanth is golad he was paying attention to that pale lady, and takes off moments after she's in the air. He follows after her over the bowl, keeping back for just a while. He's in the chase now and that's really all that matters. He growls when other men get close to him, but otherwise he makes sure to keep up. Waiting to make his move.
From afar, M'ori nods and THANK YOU's. I came on to support the flight, but I am nursing a headcold and its making concentrating difficult.

Raphaith gives another low bugle, wings of milk and honey flashing slightly as they stretch and flex. His wings give a tilt, angling down to cross Meah's path. Indeed, the brown seems to be having more fun than being very focused on the chase, but he surges on nonetheless, hurrying on with a few extra downsweeps of his wings.

Meahakumeleth sees his brother doing some fancy flying! Mea can totally do that too! « A game! A game! We're playing tag and Choth is it! » He swerves around his brother, and one can imagine him blowing a raspberry at Raphaith. « Aha! I bet I'll get there first! » wherever 'there' is. Zoom goes the brown with the red sunburst, off towards Choth!

Choth sweeps her pale golden self higher until she's blotting out the sun with her hide. She seems to hover there in the sun's rays for a time, looking back to ensure that there are still a few dragons that have followed her. Spotting Meahakumeleth closing in quickly, the speed of a brown greater than that of a bronze, she dips down and starts to fly just out of his reach beside him. She will snip at him if he tries to catch too soon, or if he weaves she will zag and if he zag's she'll weave. It's a dance that she beings with one of her suitors. How long could he last? Her body ripples as she abruptly puts more speed into her movements only to snap her wings out to catch the air like great sails, helping her to put on the breaks. It takes a bit more time to get started again, but now she's behind Raphaith and Meah snipping at their tails.

Uluameth chuckles at the gold's treatment of the browns. He croons an appreciation of her wit. «tsk tsk, someone should warn him about the perils of being hasty with a woman.» He muses, turning a broad circle so that he can watch Choth chastising the two browns.

Garanth isn't going to allow his own children to win this flight, so he picks up the pace. When she falls back like that, giving the browns the slip so to speak, he dips down, mening to come up from below her. But he levels out again not far from her now, rumbling loudly to let her know he's close by.

Raphaith makes a faintly surprised noise as Choth ends up behind him, looking back in that direction with a faintly curious chirring. Well that was a surprise. He shifts his wings quickly, rather hurriedly veering away from the gold and her teeth. Scary!

Meahakumeleth utters an incredibly undragonish squeak when Choth suddenly turns on him and starts snapping at him. He swerves away from her, totally wasting the opportunity he might've had otherwise. Awww! He shoulda tried catching her then! At this point, though, he's just trying to keep from getting nipped in the tail!

Tyr shakes his head just a little bit, and moves to lean a bit on the fence. Really, he looks a bit..distracted at this point, fingers running through his hair quickly. The other hand, dart and all, taps against the fence a little.

Choth veers around any attempts from the others behind the pair of browns that would try to catch, making an evident turn toward Uluameth as if about to seek him out. He also gets a turn where she matches his wing beats but keeps a good distance from him, her neck curling to get a good look at him! As if she had a choice in the matter! It would seem that she does and subsequently twists next toward Raenth, T'eo's bronze. Her rider had liked the man on first impressions and so Choth spends an extra moment with him, getting dangerously close at one point. The chase becomes more of a dance as she tries out flying wingtip to wingtip with each of the males, eventually coming to glide beside Garanth. He's given the last dance before she all but rams into Garanth, nudging him and advancing beyond him with a flick of her tail given to his muzzle. Finally the ever silent gold makes a 'chuff' that announces /her/ choice. If the others question it, well, she flies just ahead of Garanth anyhow, so he can grab her before they do. Albeit, it's unlikely since the others would respect a gold's given choice.

Uluameth gasps, breathlessly as Choth comes to rest beside him, he swipes to try and capture this queen, but she veers away and he comes up empty handed. In his mind, there's the image of a bronze colored hand flicking over the black king chess piece in startled surrender, and Uluameth circles down towards the ground to leave the queen to her choice.

Meahakumeleth is getting tired! And it's too much of an effort for him to turn alllll the way around and give chase again when it's clear she wants Garanth. So instead, he turns towards his brother. « I'm tired, carry me home! » yeah…. right. « Gold flights are TIRING! »

Raphaith gives a soft bugle towards his brother, winging back alongside the other brown with a questioning sound. « I could attempt it for you. But it may require being curled up like they do. Otherwise… » Hey, he could give it a whirl! « Though yours should carry mine home, if I do. It seems fair. »

Garanth is getting rather angry that Choth is considering these other men and is all but roaring when she flies evenly with them. When she nearly rams into him however, he trumpets at her and snaps when her tail whacks him. Sticking close to her untill he feels they're high enough, he moves in closer, grabing onto her as he wraps himself around her larger frame.

« If yours will keep from stabbing mine, it's a deal! Otherwise I might have to sit on him. » Meahakumeleth replies, flying closer to his brother. « Curled up like who do? » he asks curiously, since he hasn't been paying attention to what the others are doing. At any rate, the slightly smaller brown tries to jump piggyback on Raphaith. This…. totally will NOT work.