Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

With classes done for the day, craft work wrapped up, and night having come at last. The living cavern is packed with people, likely due to the weather. Snow not being an all too inviting landscape for an outdoor meal. It might just even be too cold for a certain weaver apprentice, who'd taken to eating out in the snowy flower garden whenever possible, now seeking refuge from the crowds and the chill here in what can only be described as a tavern. Sure, he wasn't the only one that had gotten this idea into his head. Many others drift inside, but rather than be carried along by the current towards the darts and pool rooms, Kairhys finds himself a relatively empty table and strips off his coat and scarf, after setting down a tome like book onto the table. Coat and scarf are hung on the back of his chair before he drops heavily into his seat with a groan. Must of been a long day.

For once Miki isn't coming in from the outside or wrapped up in layers upon layers. In fact, she's in a rather light outfit, torn khaki shorts and an overly large shirt that has surely seen better todays. And today may be the worst day of them all. Splatters of pink, yellow, green, and almost every other color imaginable are dried onto the green rider's clothes and skin, though her face and hair has been mostly avoided. It is to the bar that Miki makes her way first, ordering one of those light on the alcohol and heavy on the fruitiness drinks before turning to survey the room. Once her drink has been mixed up, the assistant takes the glass in hand, making her way over to the weaver's table and slipping into a seat with a grin. "Looks like you need a nap or something."

Simurgh's lanky wingsecond is propped at a table a short ways from Kairhys and he's probably the only one in the bar without an alcoholic drink in front of him. No, he's the lucky one with the stack of paperwork. His eyes are the same blue-green as his tunic when he looks up as Miki enters, then over at Kairhys as the weyrsecond's assistant approaches the man he vaguely maybe recognizes. The form before him is quickly signed and set aside before P'rius stands and moves towards the pair, leaving the glinting balls that are likely his firelizards curled up on the table behind him as he does, "Miki, been a while." He smiles politely to Kairhys and extends his hand warily to the tired-looking man, "Well met, I'm P'rius, blue Zhieth's."

Brown eyes shift to Miki as she comes over and slips into a chair at Kairhys' table, letting out a soft sound that might of been a grunt if any effort had been put into it. Long slender fingers slide over the book before him and he drags it closer, if only to lean on the thing some as he hunches over it. "How about a massage?" he faux-whispers across the table at her, grin already firmly in place and he even tosses in there a wiggling of brows. Apparently he was just kidding, because only a few seconds later the weaver is groaning again and flopping over his leather covered book thing. Arms straight out and face down. "Then again, a nap sounds good to. Who knew that sitting and listening to lectures about fabric strength would be so ridiculously exhausting. The sixteen turn old doesn't even bother looking up as P'rius arrives, only flips a hand to the side in a make-shift sort of wave. "Hey. Kairhys, slave to the weavercraft. Nice to meet you."

Miki smiles at P'rius as he approaches while using one hand to pull out an empty chair. "Seriously, been ages. Then again, when we're both holed up doing paperwork and such…." Her features arrange into a tiny grimace that only grows when she looks over at the stack the blue rider had been working on. Kairhys' comments are what brings her out of her little scowl-fest and Miki can't help but giggle a bit at the question. "I'm good with my hannds, massages are costly." She shoots him a quick wink before shaking her head at the topic of the lesson. "Fabric strength? That sounds entirely boring. I'm suprised you didn't fall asleep in the middle of class. Snowy weather always makes me sleepy."

P'rius flops into that chair with just a tad too much relish, "Weaver, eh? I remember my apprentice days." A shudder ripples down his spine, "Never again. Of course, mine involved emptying bedpans, too, not just boring classes." He glances at Miki a moment, then chuckles darkly, "Now now, maybe he wants a massage from a healer. Admittedly I usually work on ladies, but I could make an exception for the right price." He wiggles his fingers playfully at Kairhys to accentuate the point, then chuckles, "Or I could have Zhieth roll you in the snow."

There is a chuckle from Kairhys, now bending one arm at the elbow and dropping his head onto the palm of his hand. Still wiped from the looks of it, but apparently unwilling to let it or anything else really ruin him having a good time. "I bet you are." he replies slyly, giving the poor greenrider a once and even twice over as his tongue passes over his lips. "But so worth it, I bet." There is a long, purposefully drawn out pause about then, though considering the laugh and sparkle in his eyes that follows, again, not seriously meant. Either the statement or the look he'd given the poor woman. The boy then sighs heavily and nods, some seriousness working its way into his expression, but not completely killing off that ever present mischievousness. "It was. It's stuff I need to know, but that doesn't make it any less boring. But shards, to hear him talking about it, it was the most exciting thing in the world. The lecture itself was even named accordingly." he explains, suddenly sitting upright to spread a hand out in the air above his head. Sliding it through in an arc, as if touching an imaginary banner. "Fabric Tension and You." A heartbeat and he shakes his head, "I'm not even kidding." You know, for once. It's about then that he gets a nice good look at P'rius, and eyebrows drift upwards. He takes his time doing it as well, and then there is an exasperated sigh and a flop against the back of his chair. "Ugh. All the good looking ones have boobs on the brain. Not that I blame them, boobs are great but still…" he complains aloud, without any self-censorship at all. A smirk is given for the finger wiggling. "Careful what you offer, I might just consider it." Heh.

Deitra's entrance is quiet, at first, until a fist is thrown up and a loud 'whoop' follows before she's doing a beeline to the bar. A drink is ordered, though she does not take a seat. An elbow comes to rest on the bar while she leans back against it to scan Shenanigan's to see who, exactly, is gathered there. Her gaze falls upon Miki, Kairhys, and the unknown P'rius. The drink arrives and she pays her due before making her way over to the table, not waiting for much of an invitation before pulling out a seat and settling herself down. "Miki. Kairhys." She greets the pair with a grin, inclining her head slightly before her gaze settles on P'rius, "sir." Another incline of her head before her drink is lifted to her lips while grey eyes flicker between weaver and bluerider, amusement lingering in her gaze. The mug is lowered and settled on the table, "how're you all?"

Miki giggles and grins over at P'rius, "I think it's more the type of massage that's the issue than from who. Better watch out." A teasing warning of her own before she's snickering at the whole eyeing and tongue-licking show from Kairhys. "Course I'm worth it. Go ask around." As if anybody would know. Fingers curl around her glass and she begins raising it to her lips, only to stop halfway and have her mouth hang open. "Fabric Tension and YOU? Should've let Aniki do the lecture. Would've been far more interesting I bet." Her little fit of disbelief soon passes though and Miki /is/ finally able to take a proper sip before Deitra's sudden whooping and then blue eyes are turning in her direction as the rider smiles. "Someone's excited. The snowy night been putting you in the mood for a drink or something Dei?"

P'rius chuckles easily, turning to flag down a server for some sundry nibblable goods and a proddy green for himself before turning his attention back to Kairhys, "Sorry, I'm completely and totally weyrmated. My son's… five now give or take." He takes the bright green cocktail from the server as she returns with it and a few baskets of wherry strips and tuber fries and the like, "Fabric tension's important for healers, too. Who was teaching the class today?" He takes a sip before rolling his eyes at Miki, "As if Aniki would let you gallivant around." He glances up at Deitra as she enters, then grins slightly, "H'lo. I decided to come out of my cave, but don't let the fancy knot fool you, I'm no sir. Just P'rius is fine. And you are?"

"See, that figures too." Kairhys sighs melodramatically for the bluerider's announcement, but doesn't seem to feel the need to press it any further for at the arrival of Deitra, the weaver beams a grin the woman's direction. "Why if it isn't the lovely Deitra." As for something to drink, it's just some klah for the boy, with instructions to keep it coming. There's no impatience on his part for the beverage, flipping the server a tip already when it arrive quickly nonetheless. At mention of Aniki, Kai stiffens and looks around. "He's not here is he?" he whispers quickly to Miki, only half serious, as his playful paranoia that the greenrider's sibling was waiting for him around every corner had become something of a joke between the two. "Journeyman Freije." he answers belatedly as to the identity of the mystery lecturer. "He's not even thirty yet and he gets excited over the tension strength of fabrics. Poor sod." This is muttered under his breath before he takes a very careful sip of the steaming contents of his mug. Wincing some, as he was likely slightly scalded anyway. "I'm hanging in there. How are you?" he asks the huntress, not having forgotten her inquiry.

Deitra beams a wide grin at Miki, "nah. 'm always in the mood ta drink. There's more snow fallin', meanin' a bigger fort can be built for the next fight." The woman crosses her legs and leans back in her seat. "Would you tell Aniki thanks for me? Whatever he made me was nice, fit well, wasn't all girly'n stuff. Ada took me on a date, so, 'm supposin' /that's/ good." The mug is lifted and she takes a drink as her grey eyes come to settle on P'rius. "Yer cave, huh? Caves are great for loads'a things. Well met, P'rius, 'm Deitra." Kairhys earns himself a grin as well, "and the ever handsome, flatterin' Kairhys." She chuckles to herself and settles the mug on the table. "Nah. If Aniki were here, you'd know. He ain't the type ta sit quiet when he can be known." A hand waves to dismiss that idea before leaning back further in her seat, lifting two of the chair legs from the ground and rocking idly. "Hangin' in, hm? Sounds like there's a struggle. Why's that?"

Miki shrugs, "Hey, I can pretend to be one of those well experienced, conquest driven women, can't I? Or well….at least when Ani's not around I can…speaking of which…" the rider points a finger over Kairhys' shoulder at the question, her face turning rather blank. "Just walked in. Right behind you, Kai." Which Aniki isn't, but the green rider really can't help herself this time. "Oh? I'd heard he'd finished but didn't you'd gotten dressed up all fancy-like and went on a date. And he says you aren't lady-likeeee. But course, I'll let him know." Miki giggles, clearly delighted and quite a bit curious about this date of Deitra's. "So is there going to be a second date? Or a third or fourth?" Rather than continue prodding though, Miki does finally sit back in her chair, draining her glass and flagging down a passing waiter for a refill.

Enter N'drei. She stops and looks around then heads toward P'rius and his group, grinning as she approaches. "Heya," she says and looks to the group. A fussy little green flit squawks and trundles behind her but looks altogether put out when the Dragonhealer stops, stomping a little foot, seemingly, then she scampers off, apparently this is not the venue she wanted.

P'rius just shakes his head at Miki, continuing to sip regularly at his drink as he does, "Naw, Miki, I know better. Can't fool me for an instant." He glances automatically over Kairhys' shoulders when Miki points, then shrugs slightly, "Maybe you're just to picky, Kairhys. There are plenty of men and women in the Weyr if you're really looking for a tumble." He inclines his head easily to Deitra, "Well met, Deitra. I usually stay in the cave to do my paperwork," the stack on the next table is lightly indicated, "But there's no fireplace in there." Wyn's familiar voice brings his head around, though, and he grins, "Speak of the beauty and she will arrive. Shai tattle on me again?" He shifts his chair to the side slightly so she can sit next to him… or on his lap or whatever, "Have you met Kairhys and Deitra," the two relatively new arrivals are indicated.

Kairhys flashes a wider grin Deitra's way, "Flattery will get you everywhere." he says, winking at her before braving another sip of what turns out to be still piping hot klah. Wrinkling his nose, the sixteen turn old sets the mug back down and narrows brown eyes at it as if he had just discovered some unhanded plot it had been planning this whole time. He scoots forward though, the legs of his chair creaking against the stone floor of the cavern, forcing himself to sit upright. The thick and leather bound book looking item in front of him is idly fingered as Deitra talks to Miki about brothers, clothing, and dates. Apparently having nothing to add, that is until Miki informs him that Aniki was in fact right there behind him. The weaver almost falls for it too, going stiff and his eyes widening. He just about half turns, when he realizes that the greenrider was messing with him, and he clucks his tongue on the roof of his mouth. "You don't play fair." he pouts, picking up his mug and blowing softly on the surface a few times. Though that sparkle remains there in his gaze, showing no hard feelings for the practical joke at his expense. P'rius though gets a smirk, a very smirky smirk in fact. "Sadly it's true. I am, horribly picky." he tells the bluerider over the rim of his mug, gaze hooded as the man's weyrmate arrives. There is a smile for the woman though when the boy lowers his mug to the table. Welcoming and friendly. "Nice to meet you."

"I ain't, never goin' ta be, either." Deitra notes towards Miki before she laughs and allows her chair to drop back down onto all four legs. There's a brief glance behind her in attempts to spot Aniki. She says not a word on her findings, instead, turning back towards the greenirder. "Thanks. Ain't right not ta pass on my thanks if 'm enjoyin' what he made for me." Her elbows come to rest on the table and she peers at the greenrider before laughing, "ain't sure. Depends on if Ada asks 'gain or not. He was all Holdery when he asked durin' the date. Not sure if we're t'gether or not, but, I agreed ta it. Suppose I should ask for clarification." N'drei's arrival is met with a smile and she inclines her head towards the woman in greeting, attention flickering towards P'rius. "Ah. Maybe you should see 'bout havin' one made if yer spendin' all yer time in there." And then he's introducing them to the newest arrival at the table, again inclining her head towards the woman. "Well met, P'rius' weyrmate." The weaver's grin is returned and she laughs, "for you. Ain't the type ta flatter anyone, 'm afraid."

Miki looks up as N'drei heads towards their table, smiling and bringing a hand up to wave. "Hey there!" The flits antics earn another grin before the assistant sighs a bit overdramatically. "You could pretend you /don't/ know me well P'rius….but ah well, guess I'll stay the good girl. It's probably more fun anyways. Course, good is relative…." When the waiter returns with her refill, Miki takes it from the tray, turning to Kairhys with a grin. "Sorry, you're just too cute. Couldn't resist." It wasn't much of an excuse, though Miki certainly doesn't seem like she's trying to make a proper one at the moment. After a few moments, blue eyes wander back to Deitra and the rider tilts her head slightly, thoughtful for a few moments before nodding her head. "Yeah, probably best to ask. Though I think you two would be pretty cute together. And I don't mean cute in any sort of offensive way."

N'drei blushes some at P'rius then she shakes her head and slips down to sit in his lap, "Oh, no I haven't, hello," she says to the two then sticks out her hand to each in turn. She glances to the flit and grins, "She's proddy.." she says with a roll of her eyes. "I hope she gets over it soon, it makes her downright cranky."

P'rius chuckles and wraps an arm around Wyn as she settles, "Well, if you believe everything Miki says, Kairhys, it's kind of your own fault." He takes another sip of his drink, the offers it to Wyn, "Well, maybe Shai will distract her from it soon enough. Cranky greens are never fun. Kairhys, Deitra, this is N'drei, green Shisuth's and my weyrmate." Oh god, he's got that horrible smitten smile on just for her before glancing at the other two again and shrugging, "Well, they might make a cute couple, but didn't Deitra say she went on a date with this… Adalinus?"

Kairhys smiles and takes N'drei's hand in his own, giving it a shake before letting it go. "Hello." Though a sort of playful narrowed look is given to the bluerider upon which the woman is perched. He doesn't say anything, rather sticking his tongue out at Miki instead, "So mean to me." All done in good humor obviously, though the weaver is soon pushing back his chair and rising. "I only had a minute. Need to head back to the hold before my sister has my hide for being late. If you'll all excuse me." He inclines his head to each of them in turn. Deitra, Miki, N'drei and finally P'rius before collecting his things and heading out, a hooded look over one shoulder before he disappears out the door. Klah barely touched.

"I will, when I see him next. Will get it all sorted out." Deitra nods once and gives Miki a curious look, a single brow lifting in question. "Cute how? Like cute 'cause 'm smaller'n him? Or, cute cause we get 'long?" A shrug, clearly showing no offense to the word, before she lifts her mug again and finishes off her drink. Her hand lifts to shake the offered one from N'drei and she smiles pleasantly. "Hello." The huntress shifts and leans back in her seat once more, inclining her head for the introductions P'rius gives once more. "Well met, N'drei." Then, Kairhys is standing up, and she waves a farewell before her arms fold across her chest. "I wonder if he gets a ride or if he's walkin' ta the Hold."

Miki grins, "I /was/ talking about Dei and Adalinus. Course her and Kai might not be too bad together either. But I think he's got his eye on the men-folk more than us women." She chuckles softly as the weaver sticks his tongue out but soon raises a hand to wave after him. "Don't get your pretty self mugged on the way home!" She watches until he's gone, turning to the huntress afterwards and grinning. "Cause you two get along. It's more how you two act around each other. Though I have to say, seeing you get squished in his bear hugs is pret-ty entertaining." When the issue of transportation comes up, Miki looks a bit puzzled herself. "I'm sure he has a ride….or I hope. If not I'll see if he wants me to drop him off next time."

N'drei grins at P'rius, "I sure hope Shai gets it together soon then," she answers then waves as Kairhys takes off, "Nice to have met you!" she chirps at him. She looks between the others and follows the conversation as it moves, "Matchmaking are we?" she asks then looks to P'rius, grinning, yeah, all doe-eyed too. "Our first meeting was funny."

P'rius smirks at Deitra, "It's not a long ride down to the Hold by runner. Probably has one on loan or something." He sips at his drink and inches his hand down to give Wyn a pinch, "Don't think I've met this Adalinus, though. A lot of new faces, lately." He grins up at Wyn, "They stop flirting with you when I match them up with other people. Win-win, definitely. And do you mean our first meeting or our first kiss?"

"Nah. Kairhys and I likely wouldn't do well t'gether. Hardly know him, for one. And he's more inta men." Deitra laughs and tilts her head back, considering the rest of the area thoughtfully before attention returns to Miki. "Ah." There's a soft snort, "he's goin' ta be huggin' me always, sayin' I ain't gettin' 'nough love'r somethin'." A smile is beamed at Miki before she's shrugging. "Hopin' he does. Or that he has really good socks, and boots." Her legs shift and the chair drops to the ground again with a thud as she eyes P'rius. "I know. Been at Fort my whole life. And 'm out constantly huntin'. Just sayin' if he ain't got a ride, meanin' a runner, he's goin' ta get cold from the snow." Shoulders roll and she closes her eyes, "Ada's new ta the Weyr, but been around long 'nough. If yer in yer cave a lot, though, ain't like yer seein' much of anyone, huh? Ada's tall, blond… Muscular. A softy, though."

Miki snickers before shooting a wink at Dei, "Awww, I know deep down you love all that affection. And really, you can never get enough love…." She trails off though, grumbling something about love, being over bearing, and scarves. After a few moments, Miki shakes her head, attempting to physically remove the thoughts about a certain brother from her head. "Hope he doesn't get sick….."

N'drei gives P'rius a confused look, after all win-win sounds like Wyn-Wyn then she grins and shakes her head, "Don't go on like that," she says of his matchmaking plottage. "Well.. I guess our first kiss..we met before that? Why don't I recall it? Strange.." she says, and her voice trails off. She grins over at Deitra and her description of Adalinus.

P'rius hmms softly, "Well… now that I think on it you might be right. I might have met Milo first. I definitely got the better sibling, though." He glances at Deitra, then shrugs slightly, "He's a weaver. I'm sure he's got the right clothes if he has to walk. Or a dragon contact." His right brow inches up and up and up as she describes Adalinus, "Yup, she's smitten." He glances at Miki, then rolls his eyes slightly, "Did Milo threaten him with a fork, too?"

"I ain't lovin' the affection. He's all /mooshy/." Deitra grumbles towards Miki, grey eyes opening to peer at the greenrider with her nose wrinkling just so before she heaves a sigh. "'m sure he'll be fine." A hand is freed from her arm to wave off the subject of the weaver before peering between N'drei and P'rius. "Are you two needin' a room?" And the declaration of her being 'smitten' earns the bluerider a frown before she's laughing. "Ain't smitten or anythin'. Ain't that type of person." And with that, she pushes to her feet. "'m getting' another drink! Want anythin'?"

"If M'lo threatened him with a fork, Aniki would think it was sort of play to enhance his beauty and show dodging skills or some crap like that. No, I don't want M'lo or anyone else waving anything at that boy. It isn't safe for anyone's mental health." Deitra's reaction earns a small roll of her eyes and Miki shrugs. "Mk, whatever you say. Though I do agree that you're not smitten. Actually, I think it'd be kind of scary to see you smitten…." For a moment, the green rider wrinkles her brows, perhaps attempting to imagine the huntress acting like that. "Anyhow. I've got to get going. Sohnyu and I have a date with some stars. See you guys later." There's a brief nod in everyone's direction before Miki pushes away from the table and heads out.

N'drei nods to P'rius, "You met M'lo first, then I snuck up on you and kissed you," she teases him. She grins over at Deitra, "Naw, we have a weyr.." and she nods her head, suuuure she isn't smitten, that's the look the woman gets. She lifts a hand to Miki and smiles, "Nice to see you, enjoy the stars!" she calls out.

P'rius bobs his head in an easy farewell to Miki, "Don't let that monster green bring down the starstones, Miki." Then he takes another sip of his drink and shakes his head, "A room? Naw. We're perfectly controlled. But we had our first kiss right over…" He worms an arm free to point to a table near the bar, "there. The the next day Milo threatened me with a fork in the Living Caverns." He shifts to lean back more in the chair, "Tell me more about this Adalinus, though. All his squishy muscles. Not smitten at all, are you. Nope."

Adalinus is here! Well, he's making his way into Shenanigans at least. He apparently just misses Miki on her way out. His first stop of course is at the bar, where he orders up a shot of whiskey and a mug of ale to wash it down with. Surely at least one other hunter must be around at the bar. They usually were, and so after his shot is downed and his mug is picked up, he turns to get a look at the crowd. And there's Deitra, standing up at a table. "Deitra!" Big man heads over to her. "Who might your friends be?"

Deitra lifts her brows at the weyrmates, giving them a look before she's turning to consider the spot pointed out by the bluerider, nose wrinkling before she's turning to face the bar, clearly intending to head in that direction even as he questions her on Adalinus. Speak of the man and he arrives! "Here. You can ask him yerself." The huntress beams a smile at P'rius before looking towards Ada. "P'rius and his weyrmate, N'drei. Sit. 'm gettin' another drink. Maybe a pitcher, too. I'll grab a mug for you." And she's off! Leaving the man to fend for himself.

N'drei grins at P'rius and nods her head, "Yep, and he meant it too, he's fond of the fork-threat," she says with a serious nod. She nearly laughs when her mate asks about Adalinus' squishy muscles but she leans forward toward Deitra, "Yes, do tell," she says with a waggle of brows. She likes boys, alright? She's mated not dead! Ooooh, speak of the squishy blonde! "Nice to meet you, Adalinus I think it was? We've heard so much about you," and she casts an accusatory glance at the fleeing Deitra.

P'rius chuckles darkly as Deitra runs off to make Adalinus face them alone, "P'rius, blue Zhieth's. You must be Adalinus." He shifts slightly towards the man, as much as he can with Wyn in his lap to look the blonde over, "Deitra tells us you have big squishy muscles?"

"Hello! P'rius, N'drei. Good to meet you both. I am Adalinus, yes." Ada takes a seat. "I've got a mug, Deitra, thank you. A pitcher is a good idea." He watches the huntress head to the bar before turning back to the riders. There's a laugh. "Heard about me? Only bad things I'll bet, if you've been talking to Deitra." Adalinus is apparently… squishy? "I have big muscles, yes!" Suddenly Ada stands back up, and his shirt goes flying off and onto the floor. Which is followed by flexing. "But not squishy!"

Her eyes widen and N'drei glances to Pral then back to Mister Muscles, "Well no not bad things," she notes then she kisses Pral on the cheek and smiles. "As much as I am loathe to leave..I have to go get Darius," and she glances to the shirt and back to her mate. "You stay.. this should be good." She waves then looks for Deitra to wave at her too, "See ya'll, nice to meet you, Adalinus!" And she's off!

Deitra returns after a moment with her own mug and a pitcher, settling them down on the table before looking towards Ada again. Put yer shirt back on. Shells. She takes her previous seat and eyes the man, kicking out a chair for him to sit in. N'drei earns a wave of farewell as she departs before the huntress makes herself comfortable again. "Hey Ada?" Her head tilts slightly, "am I yer girlfriend?"

P'rius returns Wyn's kiss, "Tell the boy daddy's bringing home some good gossip." Once Wyn's gone, he turns to look Adalinus over. Like her, he's weyrmated not dead. "No, not squishy in the slightest. Deitra, you lied to me." He waves a vague hand towards the shirt, "Naw, leave it off. If you two aren't dating you're bound to attract someone by the end of the night."

Adalinus gives a wave to N'drei before putting his shirt back on and sitting back down in the seat Deitra kicks out for him. He takes a swig of his beer before he coughs a bit into his mug. "Ahem! I'm sorry? Uh… one date… I mean, that hardly seems like enough to assume something like that. Were you… planning on dating someone else, then?" He chuckles to P'rius. "Perhaps later I will have a chance to take it off again. I'd like to keep my own attraction.. limited for the time being."

"Ain't said his muscles were squishy. 'm sayin' he's squishy. Emotional." Deitra explains, waving a hand as if that would fill in what she means. "Nah. Ada's holdbred. He ain't wantin' that sort of attention." When Ada's coughing the beer into his mug, she's beaming a grin at him as if that was the reaction she was waiting for. "Well, you asked in a dramatic way'n all, so, needed some clarification." Her mug is lifted and she takes a sip. "Nah. Ain't plannin' on datin' anyone else."

P'rius chuckles, "Oh, a holdbred man. No wonder he put the shirt back on. Don't worry, stick around long enough and you'll learn to love the way the Weyrladies oggle." He sips at his bright green drink, his gaze flicking back and forth between the pair as they chatter, "No, Deitra, the trick is to tell him you might date someone else if he doesn't stake his claim. That makes boys all possessive and such. And, really, what's wrong with being emotional?"

Adalinus scoffs a bit at Deitra. "She just says that because she doesn't like hugs." He wipes the beer out of his mustache then. "Mm. You asked me to be direct! So I was as clear as I could be. It wasn't dramatic. Anyways, if you are wanting to be my girlfriend… then perhaps you ought to show the same diction! Would you like to be my girlfriend, Deitra?" There's a blink at P'rius. "Perhaps someday. Weyrlife seems to… take some getting used to, I suppose. Dating tends to be more formal in the holds. Those of us who are lucky to partake in such activities."

"Ain't needin' a possessive boy or man. It ain't like I can't fight for myself." The huntress takes another drink and sets the mug down. "Ain't nothin' wrong with it, he's just soft." Deitra laughs, nodding her agreement. "And I don't like hugs." She leans back in her seat and peers at the man beside her. "You were direct, but, it sounded more like one'a those proposals. Ain't needin' ta be more direct 'bout nothin'." Which, isn't an answer to his question, either. She simply grins at Ada before tilting her head back to stare at the ceiling. "Yer makin' it sound like the Hold is fulla virgins."

P'rius snorts softly, thoroughly enjoying the interplay at this point, "Not that kind of possessive, Deitra. The kind that makes him go 'oh, yes, I want to date you. Let's go make out.'" He chuckles into another sip of Proddy Green, "He's right, though, a good holdbred girl doesn't do the horizontal flight until her parents approve the boy. It's so… stuffy. I may be a crafter, but I was still weyrbred. It's probably just as well I was too busy as an apprentice or I'd've been turned out on my ear."

Adalinus blinks at Deitra. "Possessive and fighting for you I would think are two different things. Not that I wouldn't defend your honor! Or that I wouldn't tell another patron to get lost if he was trying to hit on you with me here." He takes a long draw from his mug. "Proposals? Like a handfasting proposal?" He chuckles. "Well, the hold generally has virgins and married people." Or at least that's how Ada views it. He nods to P'rius. "It's not very good to sleep around at the hold. It becomes difficult to marry, then, especially for women."

Deitra laughs loudly at that, "if 'm wantin' him ta kiss me, I'd tell him ta kiss me. Don't need ta twist his feelin's by sayin' somethin' that ain't true. Maybe if he wasn't my friend." The mug is lifted and she takes a drink before wrinkling her nose. "Holds sound borin'. Ain't bein' able ta mess 'round 'less yer married." A shake of her head before grey eyes flicker over towards Adalinus. "Ain't no one goin' ta hit on me, yer not goin' ta have ta worry about that. Now, hittin' me is somethin' you should worry more 'bout." A grin is flashed his way before again hiding it behind the mug before settling it down. "Sounded like it. But, if yer sayin' it ain't, 'm not goin' ta worry."

P'rius rolls his eyes and takes his own sip again, "Holds /are/ boring. Though there were days after I was posted here I kind of missed it because at least folks're predictable there, you know? Go to work, cook food, spin a migsy. All nice and ordered. Weyrs are more chaotic. After that many turns it took some re-adjusting." He glances between the pair again, "Riders don't really have a choice in the matter, Adalinus."

Adalinus suddenly hugs Deitra. "I'm so glad you care about my feelings!" Hug. Hug hug. Then he lets her go. "I suppose we had other things to do at the hold. Sex was mostly used for procreation. It seems to be for… fun here." He lifts his mug then. "I thought you could handle yourself in a fight. Or would you want me to pound them with my mighty fists of fury!?" Because he would enjoy doing that. "I wasn't asking you to get handfasted, no." There's a nod to P'rius. "There are certain things I miss about the hold. The weyr still feels a bit alien to me I suppose." Then he tilts his head. "Choice in getting married? I wouldn't think so. They're not allowed!" He finishes off his mug and pours himself a new one.

"Predictable is borin'." Deitra sighs, making a face at the thought, "if every day was the same, I'd go crazy." Or, she'd just drink a lot more than she does now. A soft grunt comes from the woman as Ada scoops her into a hug, ever indulgent and not fighting against him. "Yeah, yeah. 'm so nice." Laughter follows and then she straightens herself in her seat. "Nah. 'm just sayin', they'd more likely be tryin' ta hit me than hit /on/ me. Yer free ta do what you want, though." The huntress eyes him carefully before she's reaching for her mug again and draining it completely before settling it back down on the table. "Ain't ever interested in gettin' married. Ever."

P'rius chuckles softly and shakes his head, "Live it for a decade and you'll be surprised how quickly you adapt and get used to it. Routine has its place." He tips his glass to Adalinus, then takes a long drink, "Wyn and I had a ceremony. Her father gave her away and everything. What is marriage, really? I mean, we're not from any bloodlines, so it's not like it needs to be approved. We're as loyal to eachother as our dragons allow." He takes a deep breath, and lets it out in a happy sigh, "You say that now, but you might be surprised once you meet the right guy."

If Deitra drank more than she does now she might drink herself to death. Adalinus pats her back a bit then lets his arm drape over the back of her chair in a friendly manner. "Well either way, I could hurt some men for you, if you wanted!" Adalinus looks at her about the marriage comment. "Why not?" Ada grins to P'rius then. "That sounds romantic. A whole ceremony! I didn't think riders did that sort of thing. Technically I'm of the Nerat holder line, but since my father isn't lord holder there's not much worry over who I marry. I could even marry Deitra if she wanted." He laughs.

Deitra waves a hand, "I'd sabotage it." Dismissive to the idea of following a routine, she grins wider. She lingers in refills her mug, not saying anything on the ceremony between P'rius and N'drei. It's when he addresses her again does she fix her gaze upon him, "nah. Ain't in me ta do that marriage thing. A relationship? Sure. Ain't like there's a reason ta get married while in a Weyr." The pat to her back has her focusing on Ada before she's leaning back in her seat as his arm drapes over the back. "Mm. I'll let you know if 'm needin' some guy hurt." The mug is grabbed and she takes a drink, her head tilting slightly before she's peering at Adalinus once more. "You'd haveta beg for Turns ta get me ta agree ta marriage. And build me a cabin, then fill it with the finest pelts, /and/ get me two runners."

P'rius tips his glass up, draining the last of the bright green liquor, before he sets it down, "Everyone needs something different. Wyn and I are both from rider stock, but trained in a craft. At the time she was a rider and I wasn't it was a way to make sure our craftmasters knew our intentions as well as our families and the rest of the Weyr. But for two riders? Or two people who are both completely weyrbred with no other ties, it's really just a ceremony, not like there's any big legal hullaballoo." He smiiiirks when she lists her demands, "You know the nice thing about a dragon? With proper training you get the /best/ pelts."

Adalinus laughs. "Yes ma'am." He flexes a bit. "Beg for turns, build a cabin, fill with pelts. Two runners… I at least get some children out of this deal, right? Strapping young boys? Maybe strapping young ladies as well?" That was a long list of demands for one girl. Maybe Chy's list was shorter? "Hm. I suppose a dragon might be nice. But eventually I need to return back to the hold. A dragon might make that a bit difficult." He laughs a bit. "Dragons can hunt for furs?"

"'m just sayin' there ain't a need for it all if yer both in agreement of what yer wantin' in a relationship." Deitra shrugs idly before she's nodding her agreement. "Forgot who I was talkin' ta that said they hunt with their dragon. I figure it'd be easier ta do, at least. Ain't got it all worked out in my head, yet." She takes another drink from her mug and considers Adalinus. "Maybe two Turns." There's a pause to consider the thought of children, "sure. You can have children." Another drink before the mug is settled down, remaining quiet for the talk of venturing back to the Hold.

"Well, of course there's not." Pral pauses a beat, "Unless there is. But that's between the people involved." He flags down a server, but just water this time, "The trick to hunting with a dragon is mostly control. Some dragons couldn't do it at all without ruining the pelt, but Zhieth's so analytical he loves watching me skin things and a lot of riders can convince their dragons to be gentle and not ruin the pelt. It's one of the safest ways to get feline pelts, really."

Adalinus nods a bit to Deitra. P'rius, Ada and Deitra are sitting at a table, chatting. "I suppose that's true. I suppose a lot of it is political at the hold." Ada seems to consider this whole hunting with a dragon thing. "It certainly would be safer. And maybe easier once the dragon got the hang of it." He looks to Deitra. "Maybe you'll get searched." There's a grin as she agrees to children, though. Getting back to his hold…well, that would be quite complicated.

"Hnn." Deitra grumbles softly, lost in her thoughts for a moment, planning and scheming if the look in her eye is any indication towards this. Her mug is snagged from the table and held to her lips as she thinks before Ada draws her attention again. "Maybe. But, the rest ain't easy. Not somethin' ta plan on, either." She laughs and leans over to give him a nudge. "Do you need ta leave for the Hold again?"

"Hardly seems fair, courting a girl then telling her you have to run back home. Might as well stay here long enough to see how it goes, at least, doncha think?" He waggles one brow at Adalinus, then snags his water as it's brought, "And by now my weyrmate has our son bathed and to bed, so I get to go home and have a little fun." He winks just for effect, "Don't you two love birds do anything I wouldn't do." He wiggles his fingers in farewell, then snaps up his paperwork and disappears into the night.

One out, one in. Bundled in jacket, scarf, hat and gloves is Carlyn, who hasn't shed any of it until she's walking through the lounge. Hat off, then scarf. By the time she finds Deitra and Adalinus, she's mostly down to normal clothes, with the pile of warmth carried in her arms. "Hi!" is her cheerful greeting. She doesn't ask before dropping all of her stuff into a chair, and then sitting herself in P'rius' recently vacated seat.

Adalinus swigs on his mug of beer. He seems to be considering ordering food or something. "Hm?" He looks quizzically at Deitra. "I'm not planning on going back to the hold anytime soon, no." There's a chuckle to P'rius. "I wouldn't dream of such a thing!" He waves. Just about then, Lyn enters! "Hello, Carlyn! How are you?" Ada stands up then, suddenly. No shirt loss, so Lyn is safe.. for now. "I think I'm going to get another shot. You in?" Either way, he's coming back with three shots. Apparently he's forgotten Lyn doesn't drink. Or does she!? Or he's chosen not to remember.

Deitra eyes P'rius' as he departs, then peering at Adalinus. "Is he tellin' me ta kiss you?" The smile she gives next is teasing before attention flickers over towards the arriving Carlyn and a hand lifts. "Hi Lyn. What've you been up ta?" She doesn't quite look at the other hunter, only peeking out of the corner of her eyes before fulling turning his head and facing him. "You better not. I ain't goin' ta put up with you disappearin'." A finger waggles at him before she's nodding her agreement for a shot. And when he returns, she's reaching over and downing it quickly. "I'll have Lyn's!"

"Go for it," says Carlyn, sliding her shot over to Deitra with a push of her finger. "And not much, really. Just settling the runners for the night. A couple of them are getting kinda restless, thanks to the weather. Not as many people travel this time of Turn, and there's only so many of us able to exercise 'em." Sigh. Adalinus is smiled at, definitely relieved there's no stripping going on. "What are /you/ doing?" she counters, eyeing the pair suspiciously. "Did I miss something?"

Adalinus blinks at Deitra. "Um. Perhaps!" Ada isn't sure what P'rius was telling them, really. He sits back down once the shots are delivered. "It's not my intention to go anywhere. Barring any sort of unforeseen circumstances. Hey! Maybe Lyn wanted hers!" Though she's offering it up to Deitra, so probably not. He takes his own shot and chases it with a swig of beer. "Maybe we can help exercise them while we're at the weyr. I have a little bit of experience with runners." He gives Lyn a quizzical look. "Miss something?"

Deitra grins at Carlyn, "thanks!" The shot is taken and downed just as quickly as the first. "Ah. Didn't know the weather got 'em feelin' like that." The hunter clicks her tongue before she's refilling her mug with the pitcher near by. "Did you miss somethin'?" She counters back towards her friend, her brows lifting in question before attention resettles on Ada, shrugging slightly. "That'd be fun, helpin' with the runners."

Carlyn spares a glance between the two hunters, clearly suspicious. But, when no leads turn up, she simply shrugs and lets it drop. "If you can ride," she tells Adalinus, "We wouldn't mind. And it's partly the weather," she explains, "partly just the fact that no one's using 'em on the trails when it gets so cold. But they handle the snow just fine. Just can't run 'em. Gotta take it at a slower pace." She shifts a little before, with a huff, pushes herself to her feet. "I'm getting a drink - a non-alcoholic drink," she adds quickly. "Be right back!"

Deitra hums, "well, we got some free time ta help out. Ada's got some experience with ridin', 'm sure." She'll just talk for the man, no problem. A drink is taken from the refilled mug and she nods once towards Lyn. "Okay. We'll be here. Ain't likely ta leave any time soon." At least, the huntress has no plans to do so.

Adalinus is daydreaming for a minute. "Hm? I can ride. If you have runners that would support me. If not I can lead them around through the snow. It is a bit cold for riding, but riding is much faster than walking. I suppose it's easier to go by dragon, though." Ada is sure Deitra has already had way too much to drink. Which means he'll be a gentleman and not take advantage of her. "How long have you been here?" He asks the huntress.

Carlyn is back in her seat before Ada's finished daydreaming. "They will hold you," she assures him. "They might look spindly, but runners are very strong. And if you're worried, we do have a few draft-crosses that are big and bulky." She sips her juice, happily not-flushed or drunk. "Well sure, dragons are the fastest way to travel, but they're pretty busy, too. Plus, I prefer runners." Shrug.

Deitra is not /drunk/, at least! She peers at Adalinus, "not /that/ long, shells. I ain't drunk. If I was /drunk/, you'd know." There's a soft laugh and she peeks at Lyn. "Riders are normally busy, yeah. But, really doesn't got much ta do with gettin' the runners some exercise. Just let us know when and we can help?" The hunter beside her earns a questioning look before she's finishing off the rest of her drink but not going for a refill.

Adalinus nods to Carlyn. "Well then, consider us there! At least me. I will help the runners get exercise. It's important, after all!" He flexes a bit. "I've only been on a dragon a few times myself." In the hold it wasn't as likely to travel around by dragons. Ada feigns innocence at Deitra. "I was just asking! Anyways, I think I ought to be heading off before I start drinking more. Lyn! It was terrific to see you! We will come by for runner work soon. Perhaps tomorrow." If she's sitting Lyn is safe. If not, she'll get a hug from the big man before he heads out.

"Great! If I'm not around, just let 'em know you wanna go for a ride. They should set you up." Lyn sips a bit more juice, but she's looking more and more exhausted by the minute. "Oh. Me too I guess. Ugh. Morning comes so darn quickly!" Especially when your job requires you be up with the sun. "Well, if you're not doing anything tomorrow, I'll be going for a ride. If the snow slows down, I mean," she tells Deitra. Lyn's up when Ada is, so she ends up getting hugged (but thankfully, it's a fully-clothed hug). "Sorry to run, Dei, but I'm about to drop," she apologizes as she gathers her things. "But, we should hang out sometime. Not work-related. I wanna ask you something." But that's all she says about it for now.

Deitra waves a hand at Adalinus, "sure, sure. I'll let you save me later." With that, she waves a farewell to the man before stretching out a little bit at the table. "'m not. T'morrow, then." She beams a grin at Lyn, before shaking her head. "Nah. Don't be sorry! I should probably head out ta bed." The huntress is pushing up as well before nodding once more. "Yeah. We can talk sometime, not work related." The talk of a question earns a curious look but she says nothing before she is making to head to bed.

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