Fort Hold - Crafter's Hallway
This narrow, carpeted hallway is where the offices and private rooms of the Hold's crafters are located. Wooden doors line the hall, each bearing a plaque identifying the occupant. A few plants have been placed at various intervals along the hallway to add more life to the area.

A sevenday, or perhaps two, have passed since Jeyinshi transferred to Fort Sea Hold. Rather than Search and Rescue it seems that the dolphineer has been more involved with administration of late. Shipments, transport, and other sea related businesses. This afternoon as well it seems as if she will not be going to the water. In an office with a closed door reading 'Dolphincraft Hall', Jeyinshi sits cross-legged atop a desk. It's one of those, not so rare times now, that she wears normal clothes rather than her wetsuit. A short sleeved black jacket as well as pair of skinny pants with a series of cuts up the sides. Papers are spread about on the desk around her and a book in her lap. Her hand moves, scribbling notes in the margins quickly, but every so often she looks up at a clock on the wall, agitatedly chewing her pencil and glaring at the ticking hands as if they were something offensive.

Unaware of the transfer, Th'ero is currently only in Fort Sea Hold for business as fate would have it. Attended to by one of the Hold's Stewards, the Weyrleader is in deep conversation with the older man, a frown creasing his brow as they discuss some important topic or another. Th'ero is dressed semi-casually in a neutral toned, half-sleeved tunic and is still in most of his black riding gear, though his jacket has been left elsewhere. Eventually, the Steward excuses himself and there's a brief exchange of polite last instructions and farewells before the two part ways. But Th'ero is distracted by his thoughts and rather then glance at the door and the labeled plaques, he simply knocks and opens the door he believes to be the correct one. And how wrong he is! As the door swings open, he's left standing there, blinking in such obvious surprise. "Jey?" he says, sounding as bewildered as he looks, though that's soon overcome by a delighted grin. "What are you doing here?"

Jeyinshi glances up in surprise, clearly not expecting visitors but still coming up with a pleasant smile to whomever it may be. Once she registers who it actually /is/ however, the smile quickly fades, eyes growing large and her lips setting into a firm scowl, because Jeyinshi ISN'T delighted. "You…." With quick movements, Jey snaps shut the book in her lap, hopping off the desk and literally hurling it at Th'ero's head, or right beside it rather. The only way it would hit him is if he moved into the line of trajectory. Whether the book's path was on purpose or not is questionable, but there is little time to think of such things for Jey. Soon enough she's turning back to the desk and picking up another book, larger this time, and pulling her arm back as if to throw again.

And just like that, any delight Th'ero had vanishes the moment Jeyinshi lets the first book fly at his head. In his distractedness, he had forgotten the severed contact between him and the dolphineer, the obvious upset and now he'll pay the price. The first book does miss its target (or lack thereof), as the Weyrleader ducks to the side with a curse. Instead, it lands with a double thud as it hits the hallway wall and then the carpeted stone floor. Mouth drawn into a thin line, Th'ero turns to face Jeyinshi again, even though she's already brandishing a second book threateningly at him. "Jey…" he begins, in a gentle tone, not smiling as he lifts both his hands up in a gesture that is mildly defensive. "Take it easy. Please. I'm sure I deserve that but can't we talk at least?" Th'ero gives a hopeful look to the obviously angry dolphineer, though he's tensed and ready to dodge a second attack.

"I….AM." With emphasis on the second word, the dolphineer lets the next book fly in Th'ero's general direction, letting it land where it may. When Jey turns back to retrieve another book however, there seem to be none left, so she reaches for the next best thing…stacks of paper. Unluckily, paper doesn't fly very far, forcing her to close some of the space between them and continue her assault from a shorter distance. "Talk, talk. Yes, let's /talk/ about how. you. ended. up. HERE." Each accented word is accompanied by a step forward, dark eyes glaring at him fixatedly.

Reflexes kick in again and Th'ero moves to dodge the second book, though too slow to miss it entirely. While it doesn't hit him in the head, it does clip his shoulder hard enough to earn a grunt from the Weyrleader. Then the paper begins to fly and his temper seems to wear thin. With so much stress already on him, Jeyinshi's anger only seems to flare his own frustration. "You're being unreasonable!" he snaps at her, easily stepping out of the worst of the fluttering paper. But then she's closing the distance between them and Th'ero holds his ground, pulling himself to full height as he stares right back into her dark eyes with a narrowed look of his own. "Fine." He growls, mouth drawn into a thin line as he scowls at her, moving to close the door with a bit more force then intended. If the book launched into the Hall hasn't caught some of the holder's attention, their brief exchange of heated words might and gossip is possibly already slowly spreading. With some form of privacy attained, Th'ero turns back on Jeyinshi, closing the last of the distance between them before he gestures roughly at one of the chairs. "Sit." He clips bluntly and in a tone that proves his riled temper and warns not to challenge. "And I'll explain."

There is perhaps a slight measure of satisfaction that creeps into the dolphineer's eyes as she hears the grunt. She watches intently as he moves to close the door, though takes no pains to either show approval or disapproval of the action. She glances briefly towards the chairs he points out, only too look back with a flash of defiance. Any remaining papers in her hands flutter to the ground and Jey quickly crosses her arms across her chest. "I'd rather not. This burns more calories." The snarky comment is made in a lowered tone, her own irritation made clear through her voice, as if her physical actions hadn't been enough. "But if you're feeling tired, please do sit. It's a lovely office." Sarcasm, nothing more nothing less.

Jeyinshi's defiance is met with a flash of anger and annoyance from Th'ero and the Weyrleader draws himself up, shoulders tensed and square, jaw clenched as he struggles to hold back his temper. That struggle becomes difficult with the dolphineer's snarky and sarcastic remarks and there's a tense moment as he only glares at Jeyinshi before silently pushing past her to stalk across the office. But the chairs are ignored and instead the movement seems only so he can put distance between them. So Th'ero comes to a stop on the other side of the desk, gaze settling on it's surface for a moment as he takes a calming breath that does little to help cool his temper. "Stop it with the sarcasm, Jeyinshi." He says as he glances up to her, still scowling. "And are you done? We can talk like adults?"

Jeyinshi lowers her eyes slightly, moving them to stare determinedly at the wall in front of her as he pushes past. With small steps of her own, the dolphineer moves towards the wall, turning to lean back against it and crossing her ankles. "I'd rather not. Sarcasm is the pinnacle of language. And I'm sorry, but being an adult was never really my strong point." After putting in those final words however, Jeyinshi does let the topic drop, instead focusing on a window several feet away from the Weyrleader and gazing out the window at the snow and wind outside. Verbally, she doesn't agree to the talk, but the way her head is tilted slightly in his direction, despite the lack of eye contact, indicates that she is indeed listening.

Th'ero only gives Jeyinshi another narrowed glare from where he stands tensely by the desk. There's not even a curve of his mouth into a hint of a smile at the dolphineer's sarcasm, usually so common. So the Weyrleader must be in quite the angry frame of mind still. The subtle hint for him to speak isn't lost, but Th'ero lets the silence, and the tension between them, grow until it literally hums in the small office room. "I was in Fort to visit, to see it in winter." His tone is low, his works brisk and to the point. There's no apology, no wishy-washy reasoning, no sarcasm, just cold facts and blunt, honest, truth. "I could tell Velokraeth was going to chase. Found out whom, but too late to stop. The rest is obvious." Suddenly though, his hold on his temper falters, old frustration and upset flares and he's the one now throwing a barbed sarcastic remark Jeyinshi's way. "Or would you like all the gritty details of the flight? Maybe the aftermath?" The moment it's past his lips, it's obvious Th'ero regrets it and curses, breaking his gaze on the dolphineer to close his eyes as he fights back his temper again.

The glare is completely lost on the dolphineer as she continues steadily avoiding eye contact, waiting as the silence hangs in the air. For a few moments she closes her eyes, opening them only when he begins to speak, her mouth twitching slightly as she frowns. Lips part, perhaps to say something. But as he continues, Jey's mouth snaps shut again and she stiffens considerably, uncrossing her legs and standing straght against the wall. She looks away once more, staring now at the mess of papers on her desk and the papers scattered on the floor near it. "No…." Her voice now both hard and cold. "No, I'd rather not hear about it. Thank you." She pushes off the wall, slowly making her way to the piles she'd been eyeing before and crouching down. Slender fingers begin cleaning, one hand methodically taking each paper and straightening it before transferring them to her other hand that holds the papers to her chest.

Th'ero knows when he's crossed a line and while the regret he feels is hidden, no apology crosses his lips. Instead he only opens his eyes again and watches as Jeyinshi replies coldly to him and goes about cleaning the papers she had thrown moments before. The Weyrleader lets the silence stretch again, jaw clenched, body tensed and unmoving, arms held stiffly at his sides as he silently curses himself. Slowly, his anger subsides enough and his temper with it, that his next words are spoken with a gentler tone, though only just. "Why didn't you answer my letters?" It's a tangent, a drift from the previous topic, but relevant all the same. At least, it's relevant to Th'ero as he waits for the response.

The silence before Th'ero speaks is mirrored by another right after. Minutes pass as Jeyinshi goes about her cleaning. Once the papers are cleaned up, she places them neatly on a corner of the desk before turning around and making her way to the book that /had/ been able to stay in the room. Crouching down once more, she takes it gently, straightening a few pages and brushing off the cover. "Because I was upset. Obviously. And I got busy." Rather than standing up once more, the dolphineer continues her work with the book, flipping through it now to check for damage as her voice travels back to the Weyrleader, her tone no softer than before though there seems to be a hint of something behind it, a spark of irritation at herself. "You let someone in after three turns of nothingness, and then suddenly this kind of thing happens? I had my own thoughts to deal with."

Unable to hold on to his anger, now that nothing is being said or done to feed it, Th'ero begins to regain control, relaxing enough that his arms come to cross over his chest. He's still by the desk though, stubbornly refusing to move or even help the dolphineer clean. Instead, his gaze only follows and where he was scowling once he's now only frowning. "Obviously." He echoes in turn, not meant to be sarcastic but simply a blunt agreement. Her last remark earns a wince at least from the Weyrleader, before his temper flares again and this time he's lost his patience with it. "Shard it all, Jeyinshi!" he curses, a flush creeping up his neck and to his cheeks, arms uncrossing so he can take some of his frustration out on the desk by knocking his fist into it's surface with enough force to threaten the paperwork Jeyinshi just so neatly placed. "I didn't plan this! Do you actually think for a moment I did all this on purpose?" he shouts next, fixing her with an angered look, though hurt lingers there, mixed in with a dozen other emotions before his expression closes and he shoves away from the desk. The chair that was so readily ignored before is now used as the Weyrleader settles heavily into it, leaning forwards to rest his elbows on his legs and to bring one hand up to scrub at his face.

Jeyinshi turns around just in time to see the fist hit the desk, her own face flushing as she watches the papers tremble. She doesn't respond immediately to his answers, instead watching as he settles into the chair. A sudden flush creeps up her neck and onto her cheeks before the dolphineer is moving. Rather than towards Th'ero however, swift steps take her towards the desk. The book in her hands is violently slammed atop the pile of papers with a thud and holding them in place. For several moments Jey stares down at the pile in front of her, hands clutching the cover of the book tightly. The tension in her shoulders is clearly visible and when she turns her head to finally look at home there is frustration in her eyes with a hint of pain behind them, almost imperceptible. "I KNOW! Of course I know you didn't do it on purpose." With each sentence her voice seems to be rising, "If I thought you'd done it on purpose would I be standing here? Here with a sharding /Fort/ Sea Hold knot on my shoulder instead of a sharding /Western/ one?"

Th'ero doesn't jump so much as he jerks his head up when Jeyinshi slams the book down. Both of them are making so much noise that half the crafter's in the hallway must be wondering what in Faranth's name is going on. But for now, there is no polite knock on the door or any interruptions. So the Weyrleader's temper goes unchecked, as he looks right back at the dolphineer. Then he's simply staring at her in disbelief as her words, even if said in a raised voice, sink in through the fog of his anger. Gaze flickers to her shoulder and then his eyes close as they confirm exactly what she claimed. "What have you done?" Th'ero murmurs in a quiet voice, the fight suddenly drained out of him as he sags into his seat, leaning back and his hand coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asks, lowering his hand and all at once, his anger is gone. Frustration still lurks, but it's manageable. Any hurt he may feel is well buried.

Jeyinshi looks back down at the book in front of her, opening to a random page and staring at the words blankly. The dolphineer does begin to speak finally, her voice softer than before but words firm nontheless. "I'm positioned here now. Permanently." Fingers trails across the page, finding the bottom corner and flipping to the next mass of letters that will not register with her either. "Before I decided? You might try and stop me…." And finally, a tinge of guilt along with a slight trickle of pain crosses her face, though Jey is quick to hide it behind a cascade of hair. "After? I meant to….didn't know how. Got busy setting up." The dolphineer gives a small head jerk to one side of the office, and with a bit of examination it does become clear that this is /her/ office. A couple of bookshelves line the wall as well as a few baubles and paintings that were in her hut at Western now set up here. "I'm don't know how to deal with things like this."

It takes a moment or two, but the words begin to sink in and along with Jeyinshi's expression and tone, Th'ero has no choice but to believe her. He takes a moment to absorb his surroundings, gaze lingering on those familiar baubles and paintings. With a sigh, the Weyrleader only sags further into his seat, hands coming up as he drags his fingers back through his hair. Anger is being replaced quickly by regret, followed by other emotions that he struggles to reign in. In the end, Th'ero only looks tired. "It explains why neither of my firelizards could find you." He murmurs, as his gaze becomes thoughtful as stares at the floor now while still processing all Jeyinshi has shared. "Your home now then, is here, in Fort Sea Hold." He replies back, mostly for confirmation to his addled thoughts. "And this is…yours too." Slowly, he lifts himself from the chair and without hesitating a beat; he's striding the few short strides it takes him to close to distance between him and the dolphineer. Not caring if her mood is still soured against him, Th'ero pushes his luck by bringing himself close, well within personal space unless she stops him. "I might have tried to stop you. But maybe I wouldn't either." He admits, staring down at her though nowhere near as intimidating as he was earlier. There's even a hint of a smile.

"Here….not halfway across Pern," she confirms with a slight nod, letting her head hang down for a few moments and finally closing the book once more. "This…?" For a second, Jey seems confused, but as she looks up the expression falls from her face, simply watching as he comes closer and making no move to edge away. Her lips twitch, one corner of her mouth twisting up slightly in the tiniest of smiles. "This is yours too." Turning her body, she faces him fully now, only leaning her hip lightly against the desk for support. "I know I threw a book at you earlier…." she begins something sounding like an apology, only to turn into something far from it, "but can I punch you? Just once. And I'll avoid the face." Whether he agrees or not, Jey is already curling her right hand into a fist and slowly pulling it back, though she makes no move to send it at him quite yet.

"How is this mine?" Th'ero asks, confused, not cluing in to the hint dropped by Jeyinshi, his mind automatically going right to his duty as a Weyrleader, thoughts turning to beholden lands, territories and all that dull, headache inducing fodder. It's the dolphineer's request that draws him back to reality with another startled look. Before he even can process it, he can see her already preparing to go through with it. So he only gives a small, almost sad smile to Jeyinshi and the slightest of nods. There's no need for a verbal agreement then, though Th'ero does brace for it. It's unlikely Jeyinshi can seriously hurt him, but he's not expecting it to tickle either.

Jeyinshi snorts, shaking her head and not even bothering to give a verbal response to his question. She does however allow a finger from the hand not curled into a fist to turn and point at herself. Her clarification done, dark eyes slide over to her fist and then back to Th'ero. "This is because of that flight comment…." With her explanation finished, the dolphineer lets her punch fly straight at his chest, the impact surprisingly light, especially considering the speed at which her hand had been approaching. For a few seconds after contact, she keeps her fist there and looking up at him directly nice, her eyes searching for his. "And this…is just because." In a quick movement, her hand uncurls, fingers instead digging into his tunic and pulling him down, should he move, while she tip-toes and tilts her head in an effort to press her lips against his.

Th'ero is surprised by how light the punch is, blinking a little as he glances down to the fist Jeyinshi now holds against him. He doesn't move, instead holding himself very still. His wince is more for the reason she's punching him in the first place, though as she begins to wind up for another punch, the Weyrleader begins to voice a protest. One that's quickly silenced by Jeyinshi's lips pressing against his and it's all Th'ero needs, pressing back into the kiss tentatively at first, then with confidence and an obvious hunger. One arm snakes it's away around to slide along her lower back, drawing Jeyinshi closer as he draws out the kiss before reluctantly pulling away.

Once it's clear that Th'ero will not be pushing her away, she pours a bit more force into the kiss, hands curling into his shirt before finally pulling back and leaning back into the arm around her waist. She shoots him a slightly breatheless smile. "Bet you don't get kisses like this from your flights, huh?" Jey grins as she speaks, her good humor mostly back save for a slight tension still keeping her body taught. "And just because your girlfriend's in charge of Fort's seafood supply now, don't think you'll be getting any favored treatment. Unless there's impressive bribery. Then maybe…." With her words, Jey shoots the Weyrleader a tiny wink, joking, mostly.

Th'ero won't be pushing Jeyinshi away anytime soon, to judge from the flush in his cheeks and the way his hold doesn't ease up, even when the dolphineer leans back. The sarcastic remark earns her a brief frown from him, though in the end he looks only relieved. "Jey." He says with a sigh that ends in a soft chuckle. "I've missed you." He murmurs next, not bothering to answer the question. The mention of seafood and bribes brings a faint grin to his features and the Weyrleader shakes his head, good humor slowly returning as the tension between them from the fight ebbs away. "Hmm. I'll keep that in mind." Th'ero muses, joking with her.

The frown only prompts Jey to lean in again, dropping her head against his chest for a few moments, closing her eyes and smiling, though the action is quite effectively hidden amongst his tunic. "Me too…almost barged into the Weyr….almost." She mumbles into his shirt, her words quite muffled. "You /should/ keep it in mind." Slowly, the dolphineer uncurls her fingers then, moving her hands up to encircle his neck and stretching up to whisper in his ear. "And by impressive, I mean impressive. Level one is showing me around your new weyr." When she leans back once more there's an amused smile on her face. "Course, there's plenty of time for that. Neither of is likely to move again soon."

Th'ero leans his head down to rest his chin gently on Jeyinshi's as she leans in against his chest. This allows him to slip his arms more firmly around her and for a moment, he's content to just hold the dolphineer to him. He chuckles; probably both felt and heard, as well as the words he murmurs, "That would have been quite the scene. You would have caused quite the stir in gossip." Not to mention provided some amusing winter entertainment. As Jeyinshi moves to encircle her arms around his neck, the Weyrleader gives her a bit of a confused look that vanishes the moment she whispers to him. That earns a laugh, and one of his hands come up to gently brush along the side of her face as glances down to her. "That can be arranged." He muses with a sly grin. "And shards, no. No more moving." There's a mock shudder from the Weyrleader and then he's gently releasing his almost possessive hold on Jeyinshi.

Jeyinshi grins, "Gossip never really was my thing. Though I think we'll be the talk of the Hold for a while now." Looking up, she gently leans her face into his hand, closing her eyes and twisting her head to drop a light kiss onto his wrist. "Remember, that's just level one now, alright?" The dolphineer shoots him a quick wink, but when he releases his hold, a slight hint of disappointment crosses her features and she brings her arms down once more and sliding her hands onto the desk beside them. "And if you do move I'm just going to follow you again. I'm tough, like an old canine. Can't shake me loose, that's what you should /really/ be shudering about."

"Oh, we probably will. It's a great way for me to introduce myself as the new Weyrleader." Th'ero's tone is sarcastic, but mostly directed at himself rather then Jeyinshi. There's a chuckle given to the light kiss. "I'll remember." he murmurs, watching as Jeyinshi turns back to the desk. While he may not be holding the dolphineer now, he seems content to linger close and savor what little time they may have left before their duties pull them apart. Th'ero does give a mock shudder at her remark. "And I'll remember that too. Though I promise you, there will be no more moving. I've had my fill. If I'm to go anywhere, it's back to Western." He admits with a smirk.

Jeyinshi hops up on the desk, but moving no farther away than where she currently is. Her legs dangle off the front and and she slides her hands back while leaning on them. "Having trouble going around introducing yourself? You always were one to avoid crowds….not that I blame you really." A small sigh escapes Jey's lips before she shoots him as reassuring a look as she can muster. "There isn't anyone to help introduce you around or anything? You've had to have made some friends at least, right?" Lips curls up in a rather relieved grin as Th'ero reaffirms the lack of further moving and she nods though doesn't comment further on the subject.

Th'ero glances away for a moment, a slight smirk on his features. "You know me too well. The first couple of days, I did keep close to my weyr. Mingled only briefly. But I also blame the snow. But I'm learning." He says, chuckling a little as his gaze settles back on Jeyinshi. Rather then move away from the desk, the Weyrleader comes to stand even closer to where the dolphineer sits, at least until the desk's edge stops him. As it is, he's come to rest just to the side of where her legs dangle. "Here though? The Steward was kind enough to give me a tour. But back at the Weyr… I've made a few friends. Kimmila visits from Western. I've got some good advice too." Realizing he's rambling, Th'ero suddenly falls silent and with a sheepish grin, turns the subject back to Jeyinshi. "Are you happy? Here, I mean?" There's a pause, as he glances to one of the windows. "Can Sungie follow you here?"

"It's been a turn or two. I'd hope I knew you well enough. But it's good that you're getting used to it. I'm sure the people are nice, just takes a bit and all." She grins silently for a few seconds then, dark eyes watching as he moves closer and in turn shifting her leg to the side so that it gently brushes up against him. "Aw, well that's nice of her. And it's good that you're getting advice and such. I'd imagine the amount of paperwork you've got is pretty bad. Enka always seemed to be drowning in it. And unless Fort's different…" Jey trails off, letting him fill in the blanks that shes left behind. "Hey, I'm the one that asked, right?" She gives him a bit of a nudge before turning her head to look out the window. "He's here. Dolphins are better at making new friends than we are. Aren't as many pods in this water, but he's met some other dolphins. We're not in Search and Rescue anymore, but we still go out pretty often, escorting shipments and things if needed."

The moment Jeyinshi's leg moves and brushes up against him, Th'ero moves one of his hands and gently rests it there, his touch light - for now. His gaze is lowered to where his hand rests on her leg for what seems like a good second or two before he's glancing upwards to meet the dolphineer's eyes. "The paperwork isn't too bad. Not yet, anyways. Fort is well setup and most of the work seems evenly distributed." Th'ero murmurs, almost distractedly. It's the nudge that seems to snatch him back to reality, blinking a little. "What'd I say?" The Weyrleader asks, looking confused for a moment until Jeyinshi brings up Sungie. "Isn't the water too cold for them?" he asks next, brows rising upwards in obvious surprise. "Why…?" But Th'ero doesn't finish the question, simply letting it hang there as he shakes his head. "So you're transport now? And… you're okay with this?"

As his hand moves to rest on her leg, Jeyinshi sits up, brining one hand forward and lightly resting it atop his while the other is moved up, still supporting her in her position. "That's good. Would've been less pleasant if someone had gone about dumping everything off on you…" Using her index finger, the dolphineer begins to lightly trace some sort of indiscernable pattern on the back of his hand, chuckling at the question as she looks down. "Nothing. Just meant that you could ramble on all you want, no need to apologize really." At the question of Sungie she shakes her head, grinning. "Nah, dolphin's have this layer of fat. Regulates their body temperature so this is fine. Why….because they don't need dolphineers here like they did at Western. There was one spot open, so I took it. And if I wasn't fine with it, I wouldn't have taken it. As long as Sungie can come with me, doesn't matter what I'm doing. And uh….you too of course." Jey winces a bit, the mushy-sounding statement making her cringe.

"That's actually kind of what I was expecting." Th'ero admits with a slight shrug of his shoulders. As Jeyinshi rests her hand over his, the Weyrleader's smile broadens a little as she brings to trace idle patterns. His gaze to is turned downwards, watching her movements. "Not as many swimmers then, I take it?" Th'ero muses, his gaze slowly traveling upwards again to meet Jeyinshi's eyes. He seems relieved by her reply, though her cringe earns a soft laugh. "I know what you meant." He teases gently, not minding the mushy-sounding statement at all. Th'ero then turns to glance towards the window again and his hand lifts up to entwine with the dolphineer's, squeezing gently. "I'm happy that you're here Jey. I really am. And I'll forgive you for throwing the books… though I probably deserved that." But then he gives a weary sigh and closes his eyes for a moment, looking tired and a touch rebellious. "I can't linger for much longer. They're probably waiting for me." He mutters, yet doesn't seem to move to leave.

"I'm glad that your expectations were defied." Her own gaze lingers on their hands, moving up only when his does and smiling gently. "Not as many swimmers. A shipwreck perhaps every few turns…." As his fingers intertwine with hers, she leans to the side slightly, letting her head drop to his chest, even if that means slupming in a rather unflattering fashion. The dolphineer gives his hand a tight squeeze, not looking up as she continues to speak. "Sorry about that really….it was in my hand. And I'm not exactly good at conveying emotion, if you hadn't noticed…." As the Weyrleader's next words reach her hears, Jey remains silent, though she does squeeze his hand once more, not letting the pressure ease this time as if to hold him there for a while longer. Should he pull away though, Jey wouldn't hold him back.

With only the two of them in the office, appearances hardly matter. So when Jeyinshi leans into him, Th'ero is there to lean back and support, savoring the last few moments before duty calls him away. "I know. You had your reasons. But I forgive you." He says, before a grin slowly works it's way onto his features. "Not that it hurt." Slipping in a quick teasing remark and it's almost like he's back to his usual self. When his hand is squeezed, the Weyrleader returns the gesture, lingering, uncertain and looking torn. Th'ero then leans forwards, head tilting a little to the side as he at least indulges in one last kiss should the dolphineer be willing and accepting. Slowly, he pulls away, from both kiss and entwined hand and with a tired sigh, scrubs at his face. "I should go. Before my resolve breaks." Yet again, he hesitates, gaze wandering before he finally manages to voice the words. "I'm sorry. For how everything turned out but I'm glad you're here. Just…" And now he smiles, though crooked, it's warm and perhaps even loving, if Th'ero is even capable of such expressions. "…keep in touch this time? And visit, too."

Jeyinshi can't help but chuckle softly at the teasing remark, giving him a light nudge. As he tilts his head, she brings her own up, accepting the kiss with a soft pressure of her own lips. When she pulls away, the reluctance is obvious and fingers keep hold of his longer than than strictly necessary before finally letting go. "Yeah….work and all." There's a rueful glance towards the paperwork on her desk, though Jey is soon gazing at the Weyrleader once more, "I'm sorry too. And I forgive you of course. It wasn't like you meant for it to happen….and I will. Maybe more often than you'd like." The dolphineer sends him an almost imperceptible wink before returning his smile with a warm one of her own.

Th'ero notices the paperwork as well, following Jeyinshi's glance and then giving a faint grimace. "Looks like you'll be busy." He says, somewhat sympathetic. Soon paperwork is ignored and he gives another smile to the dolphineer. "Thanks, Jey. That…means a lot." The wink is given a chuckle in return and with great reluctance, he begins to move away. Pausing by the door with his hand resting on the handle, the Weyrleader turns his head to glance over his shoulder. "Take care." Is all he says, though the look he gives her speaks differently and leave it to Th'ero on being unable to speak the words. Instead, he simply opens the door and slips out into the hall, before his resolve weakens further.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.