Fort Weyr - Beven Dance Hall

This immense cavern is lit by a thousand glows, reflecting off the polished wooden dance floor which dominates the chamber. The lights are kept in hanging baskets, held by hooks on ornate wooden stands which have been set at even intervals along the smooth stone walls. The ceiling rises dramatically to form a shadowed dome nearly a dragonlength far above. Warm despite the distance underground, the air in here has a light woodsy scent, overlaid by the faint smell of oils. The ground underfoot has been painstakingly levelled, with wooden planks in alternating hues arranged in a striking cross-cross pattern, with a wide, gradual spiral at the center, the inlaid design whimsical and flowing. The far end of the cavern holds a stage, the back a grand wooden semicircle that presses right up against the wall and curves partway over the performance area.

Adalinus has decided to take Deitra out for a little culture! And he knows that Aniki has made her some nice new clothing, so he's using that as an excuse that she ought to go out and wear it at least once. So he tells her to meet him down the tunnel and through the double doors on her right for drinks. Ada is in his formal attire. His pants all freshly pressed with his button-up shirt and vest. Fancy dinner and dancing if he could drag her out. There's already a chilled bottle of wine on their table. So he wasn't /completely/ lying to her. At least he's easy to spot even in the dim glow-light.

And, being that she trusts Ada, Deitra has dressed up in her nice new clothing; there's the added bonus that she just happens to like the new outfit. Womanly, but not entirely so. So when she's making her way into the dance hall, her expression goes blank and her mind certainly draws a blank before it all begins to register and grey eyes settle upon Adalinus who is spotted in the dim light. "You goin' ta explain what's goin' on?" Then she approaches, slowly and carefully but not looking as if she may be using the man as hunting practice. No, he's been saved by the fact that there's wine on the table.

Adalinus gets up when he spots Deitra and pulls her chair out for her. Once she sits, and she will have to sit if she wants wine, he'll open up the bottle and pour them each a glass. The waiter comes over just then with some appetizers, spiderclaw cakes, as it would happen. "I thought maybe you'd like to show off your new outfit! Plus I thought you might like to try out something a little different tonight than the crowded bar with the usual noisy crowd." Ada takes his seat then, and munches on an appetizer while he sips his wine.

Deitra eyes him slightly before moving to take the seat, smiling at Ada before she's scooting in. Food! That keeps her sated, she reaches for a spiderclaw cake and takes a bite out of it. "That all?" She eyes him carefully, nose wrinkling slightly and then shrugging before popping the rest of the cake into her mouth and reaching for her glass of wine. "You sure this ain't a round'bout way of askin' me out?"

The waiter gives them some time to settle in before he comes around for their orders. Adalinus of course gets a manly steak. "All?" He laughs a bit. "I thought that would be enough for you to stand me up." He chews his own cake for a while, considering her question. Then he grins a bit to her, his mustache curling a bit. "Well… You can think of it as a date, sure. Though I'm not sure if we ought to be getting romantically involved and all. We still have to work together."

Deitra orders the steak as well from the waiter, then reaching for more of the spiderclaw cakes. "Mm. I coulda. But, there's food'n drinks, so yer given a fightin' chance." She beams a grin at the man before popping the cake into her mouth, watching him curiously. "If yer wantin' ta call it a date, call it a date." A hand waves idly, "don't see how it'll change workin' or nothin'. Ain't like it can change much." The glass is brought to her lips and she takes another drink, grey eyes focused on him entirely. "Unless yer thinkin' otherwise?"

Adalinus chuckles a bit. "Well, I am glad you didn't! And haven't. Also I said there would be drinks, and I am a man of my word." Also with all that clothing on there was very little probability of a shirt coming off. He raises a brow at her then. "Do you want it to be a date?" Nothing like turning the question around on her! "You don't think having a romantic relationship will change anything with us? It always changes things, since feelings tend to change. Not that it's always bad!" He takes another sip and seems to consider things for a while. "What would you have said if I had asked you out on a date, instead?"

"You did, yer a man of yer word." Deitra laughs and places her glass down, moving to refill the glass on her own. "Hm." That's her only response to him turning the question on her, pinning him with another look before resettling the wine into the cooled bucket. "Nah. It shouldn't change a thing. Well, other'n the fact that more comes ta bein' in a relationship. Sex and all that." She lifts the glass, considering. "Only thing changin' work would be the endin' of the relationship. Still couldn't change much as you could trail 'round one'a the other hunters and help 'em." There's silence to consider his final question. "Not sure. You'd've had ta ask."

Adalinus isn't working through his wine quite that fast. No, he's sipping at it really. As a refined man of culture ought to. She seemed a lot more relaxed about this whole thing becoming a date than Ada does. Dates always had meant certain protocol. At least in the hold. Though at the s-word he spits back into his wine glass a bit. "Sex!? Why is that part of anything?" He frowns a bit at the whole ending of the relationship deal. That bit didn't sound very good to him. Nor did he much fancy himself trailing another hunter around. He'd probably end up packing up his things and moving on. He laughs then. "Well, maybe I'll ask soon enough."

Deitra is going through the wine quickly, but, that's just how she drinks, normally. Maybe it is the wine that is keeping her so relaxed on the topic, or, she's simply amused by the whole potential of a date. Laughter rings out at his shock and the huntress grins widely, "because that is what you do in a relationship, ain't it? Unless yer not /wantin'/ to." A chuckle and she takes another drink from her wine before leaning back in her seat, arms folding across her chest. "Best you ask straight out, or 'm goin' ta say no."

The waiter comes out with soup for them. It's a three-course fancy sort of thing. "What! No, it's not that!" He protests. "I mean… it's quite early to make such… presumptions. Considering we can't even decide if this is a date or not. He laughs a bit then before starting in on his soup. "How do you intent to say no to a question that hasn't been asked?" He puffs out his chest then. "Would you, Deitra, like to go out with me, Adalinus?" In case there was any confusion about who they were.

Deitra doesn't say anything for his protests, smiling to herself and amusement growing as she lifts her glass sip idly. "True. When we decide, we can figure it out." Another bit of laughter and she looks to the soup brought over. Thoughtful, she doesn't touch it and instead turns attention to Adalinus once more. "Just sayin' if yer not forward 'bout it, I ain't goin' ta be sayin' yes." Another grin plays at her lips and then she lowers her glass at his question. "Sure, we can go out, Ada."

She's so mean to poor Adalinus, who is holdbred and used to upholding a certain moral code. He just couldn't get used to this weyr lifestyle! At least he hasn't gotten used to it, yet. "Yes. We can decide then." There's a peering look he gives her about him not being forward enough. Just because he was holdbred didn't mean he didn't have any balls! "Good! Then we can call this our first date!" He lifts his glass to her. "To the future!" Then he drinks.

And Deitra will likely continue to beat at his poor holdbred sensibilities with her weyrbred ones, and there will be much amusement from doing so. She just continues to grin at him, saying nothing more for the time being. There's a chuckle that follows and she shakes her head in amusement, "first date, then. Better be up front 'bout the next one. Feel free ta sneak 'bout and tryin' ta plan behind my back, though." There's laughter and she lifts her glass in return before drinking and finishing it off.

Even after they sleep together Adalinus will probably try to force himself to his holder moral code. Though it will be altered slightly. It was probably okay if he only slept with her, right? Ada laughs a bit at her. "Or else what? Do I have to ask you out anytime we want to go do something together from now on? Is that the weyr rules?" Deitra was going to finish off the bottle before Ada gets to his second glass. Hopefully that will make her easier to get out on the dance floor, even if it means Ada has to carry her around instead of dancing with her.

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