Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.

From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

Deitra: "Abruptly, you faint."
Carlyn: “You are not paying attention and walk into a wall."

Adalinus doesn't usually hang out in the lower caverns. It's more of a pass-through area really. The hunters were generally found at the Gemstone Tavern, or at Shenanigans, so he was normally there partaking in as much debauchery as Ada partakes in. Which besides some drinking is very little. In fact he's just passing through on his way from the bathing caverns, having taken a quick dip after his morning workout routine. Now he's strolling back towards the resident's caverns in a wifebeater and a pair of pants with a towel draped around his neck. He looks to be in a good mood, smiling and humming to himself.

Normally, Deitra is quick to be out and about rather than lingering behind and lagging about her day. Especially when there's always stuff for her to be doing, or drinking to be done. But today, she is making her way out of the resident's cavern, slow and sluggish before she's leaning against the doorway, briefly. Adalinus is spotted and the woman quickly straightens up, beaming a wide grin at the man. "Ada. What're you up ta? Yer goin' ta freeze if you go out dressed like that." Teasing finished, she pushes away from the door and makes to meet him halfway.

There wasn't really too much for them to be doing on their downtime at the weyr. Drinking, of course. It was a bit early for that though. Adalinus laughs at Deitra when she appears, Then he goes into flex-mode. "I was getting in my morning work out! Then a quick trim and a bath. I won't be going out like this, no. But the caverns are quite warm! Especially if you're just getting out of a hot bath." He blinks at her then. "Are you just getting up? Awful late, isn't it? Or was it a long night at the bar?" He laughs a bit.

It's never too early to drink in Deitra's book! The flex mode earns a laugh from the woman, shaking her head at him. "Mornin' workout. Next time, come out with me." The huntress stretches a bit, her gaze drifting past him briefly, her gaze distant. "Oh. Nah. Not a long night or nothin'." Grey eyes refocus and settle upon the man, a distant little smile on her lips. "'m always havin' a late night at the bar."

Adalinus gives Deitra a quizzical look. "Alright. What do you do for your morning routine? I need to do a lot of heavy lifting if I want to make sure I can keep up my physique. I could benchpress you, instead!" Ada does some squats as if to simulate what he would be doing with her, or something. "Ah. Well, true enough. You hunters burn the Thread from both ends, it would seem. Work hard, party hard! I suppose." He looks over at the hearth then. "Tea?"

Deitra laughs loudly, "I was goin' ta suggest that! More laughter, I'll do some weights while yer liftin' me." There's another snort of laughter and the woman lifts a hand to rub at her face, "mm. Yeah. Work hard, party hard, live hard. Best way ta do things, doin' the best you can at everything." Her hand trails down along the side of her face, breathing in deep. "Tea'd be nice." With that, she starts to shuffle over towards the hearth.

Adalinus and Deitra are down in the lower caverns. It's mid-morning by most standards, and Ada is coming from a work out and then the baths. Dei is coming from… bed. Adalinus laughs as him and the huntress are thinking along the same lines. He scoops her up princess-style suddenly and then does his squats with her in his arms. "One, two! I could get used to this! Six! Seven!" He gives another roaring laugh before setting her back down. He follows her over to the hearth then, getting two cups with bags for tea and pouring the hot water into both.

It's just bad timing, really. Carlyn happens to be wandering through the halls just as Adalinus decides to do his squats with Deitra as his weight. She startles, first confused and then slightly embarrassed. "Erm… get a room?" she half teases, following them to the hearth. "Oh, if you're having tea, I'll take a cup!" she decides, happily inviting herself to the party.

There's a loud squeak of surprise as Ada is scooping her up to do his squats before laughter continues again. No protest, at least, and then she is set upon her feet properly. Deitra shakes her head in amusement, "yer crazy, Ada." Lyn's statement has the huntress turning quickly to greet her friend, a wide grin upon her lips and a smile before, suddenly, she's dropping to the ground.

"Lyn! Hello!" Carlyn should at least be glad that since he is occupied teasing Deitra Adalinus can't head over to bearhug her to death, or remove any of his clothing. "Me!?" He scoffs at Deitra then. "You were thinking the same thing I was!" He laughs a bit. Just as he's getting a third cup for tea he sees Deitra dropping in an unusual fashion. He abandons the water jug, which probably sloshes out all over the place, and rushes over to try and catch the huntress before she hits the floor. "Deitra!"

Adalinus? Occupied and unable to strip? Thank Faranth! Maybe that's why Carlyn's not afraid to stick around. But before she can say much of anything, Deitra is falling down in a decidedly un-intended manner. "Deitra!" Adalinus is already diving for her, so Carlyn just backs out of his way and reaches for the waterjug, to save it from an untimely death. "Dei!"

Luckily, Adalinus moves fast enough to catch Deitra before she hits the floor . There is at least a minute before grey eyes open again, staring upwards in a bit of a daze before she's frowning. "Sorry…" She's trying to push away from the man and get to her feet again, should he not hold her back.

That's right, Ada was actually too occupied to drop everything and give Lyn a hug. Really she ought to be upset, knowing the big man's affinity for her and for hugs. It is a good thing she doesn't also make a dive for Dei. Adalinus is quite a heavy man, so if they were to bump into each other Lyn might be hurt in the process. He looks relieved when he's able to catch Dei though. Also when she's waking right back up. But that doesn't remove the look of worry from his face. And no, he's not letting go of her. "Deitra! What happened!? You fainted! Are you alright? Maybe you should see a healer! Do you feel faint?" He will let her get to her feet, but he'll prop her up against himself and move her towards a nearby seat.

The tension melts from Carlyn the moment Deitra's speaking again. "Deitra!" which is a much more relieved sounding exclamation than the previous two. "Shells, you scared me!" She steadies the jug of water before hurrying over and kneeling beside her friend. "I agree. Maybe you should see a healer? When was the last time you ate? Do you feel flush, a fever maybe?" She almost reaches out to check for herself, but stops before her hand actually touches the Huntress.

Mid-morning is prime time for a certain nocturnal hunter to be heading to his bed. Thorlan is emerging from the bowels of the weyr, face smudged with dust and worse from a night of treachorous tunnelsnake stalking. Despite the obvious fact that he's been up far longer than most people in the weyr, his mellow, rangy stride matches well with the laid-back expression creasing over bold-featured face. Grey eyes sweep towards the little knot of individuals that are somewhat in his way, and he starts to skirt around, lifting a hand in greeting to his fellow hunters and the unfamiliar sight of the stablehand.

Deitra is far too out of it to really fight against Ada helping her to a seat, sitting down before answering. "Not sure. Don't like the infirmary." Her nose wrinkles and she slouches down in her seat. "'m sorry for scarin' you, Lyn, Ada." A hand lifts to rub her face and she mumbles, "nnf. Don't know when I last ate, uh…." A hand waves idly and she leans her head back slightly. "'m okay. 'm okay." She promises, while grey eyes briefly settle on Thorlan. A brief wave is given before her arm is draped over her eyes.

Adalinus rubs his forehead a bit in response to Deitra's little fainting episode. He squats down a bit in front of her once she sits. "Maybe you should stay here at the weyr for a while. Get some real rest. If you won't see a healer about it." There's a wave to the other hunter, then he's standing back up again. "I'm going to go get her some food from the caverns. Maybe stop in and talk to a healer." He puts a hand on Lyn's shoulder. "Look after her, will you?" Then he disappears living cavern-wards.

Carlyn's mouth twitches into a frown. There is definitely a protest building, but before she can voice it, Adalinus is letting Deitra off the hook and running for the caverns! Hrm. "Sure," says the stablehand, waving him off with a scowl. Clearly, she disapproves. "Deitra," she says once the other hunter has gone for food. "Are you sure you're all right? Disliking healers is one thing, but it's not exactly normal to go into a dead faint with no warning!" Thorlan gets a brief, curious glance, but Carlyn's a bit preoccupied with worry for her friend to give the other hunter a true greeting.

When it becomes obvious that All Is Not Spiffy(tm) with the little knot of people, the isolationist ranges towards them with a hesitant expression of concern drawing his brow down and tracing lines through square forehead, causing eyes to squint and mouth to thin into a line. "Are you okay?" he prompts Deitra, an offhand glance to Adalinus as he trudges off to do whatever Adalinuses do. A stubbornness sets his jaw as he glances to Carlyn, as if the foreign face is more likely to be truthful than the slouching hunter-lass.

"I will, ain't goin' ta head out. Promise." With that, she waves off the other hunter, beaming a grin at him. "Thanks, Ada." There's even no protest to Lyn looking out for her. Lyn earns a grin as well, this one laced with an attempt at innocence. "'m sure. Shells, I just didn't eat t'day and I've been kind've up for awhile just been slow 'bout leavin' bed. Turned ta greet you and then Ada's holdin' me." A hand waves in dismissal, "just need ta eat. I'll be fine, promise." Another smile is beamed, this one directed towards Thorlan before the Deitra laughs. "'m fine. Don't you worry yer pretty head off."

Carlyn is not convinced, but she'll let it go. There's a grumpy expression on her face that betrays her, however. "Hm. Alright, if you say so." She drops into a seat beside Deitra, and spares Thorlan another glance now that Deitra is not in imminent danger. "Probably not," she tells him, shooting a narrow-eyed look at Deitra. "But I wouldn't recommend arguing with her." With a sigh, she pushes herself up once again. "I hate to leave you, but I have to get some food myself. Would you mind waiting?" she pleads of Thorlan, "Just until someone comes with some food for Deitra? It shouldn't take long…"

A wave of a blunt-fingered, heavily calloused hand motions Carlyn off. "I can stand 'round for a minute," he confirms, his Fortian burr deeply pitched. His eyes fall upon Deitra again, with narrowed intent. "Why don't I believe that?" he questions rhetorically, before dropping down into a hunter's crouch next to the girl. "What'd you do?" Ever-blunt, Thorlan, with a gaze that scans her face as if trying to piece together reasonings for himself. "Ain't pregnant, are you?"

"Don't go lookin' like that Lyn, shells." Deitra makes a face at her friend before sighing and dropping her head back. "'m incredibly stubborn, yer not goin' ta win." She adds in with Carlyn's statement on arguing with her. Her head remains tilted back until Lyn is pushing up from the seat again, lifting her head to peer at her. "'S'okay, eatin' is important." Which, she didn't do. "I ain't a kid, 'm not needin' a nanny." Grey eyes roll upward before settling on Thorlan, staring at the man with a blank expression. "Ain't gotta tell you. Yer not my mother." A snicker of laughter before growing into something fuller. "Fuck, no. Yer thinkin' someone wants ta get /this/," a gesture to herself, "pregnant?"

Hesitant, Carlyn stays where she is for a moment, but at Thorlan's assurances, she turns to head to the cavern. Unfortunately, the pregnant comment comes just a moment too soon. "What?" and Carlyn's head whips around so fast, she smacks right into the wall. Ker-thud! Thankfully, no injury. "Hey!" for Deitra's language. "Play nice," she tsks. But maybe before Thorlan has a chance to rescind his offer, Carlyn takes off down the hall, moving at a swift walk. "I'll check on you later, Dei!" she shouts back.

Thorlan offers Deitra a slow blink, as if she's particularly slow. "Y'/seen/ the type of women men go chasin' round, here?" he dubiously questions. "Maybe y'ain't got eyes in that head of yours to see, but you've got two tits and" he hashes into a particularly Pernese epithet for a woman's reproductive anatomy, " so yeah, s'possible." An eloquent shrug sums up his thoughts on the subject, and he squints after the stablehand as if trying to place as if he's seen *that* one before.

There's no hiding that laughter after Carlyn walks into the wall, and she doesn't even bother to try and restrain it. "I'll try." Another wave to her friend before attention resettles on Thorlan. Deitra considers him and then shakes her head, "nah. I don't generally pay much attention ta women men go after. Ain't like 'm interested any. Though, I figure most of 'em got bigger tits." There's a consideration of her chest, idle before shrugging and her head drops back. "They may want ta, but, I ain't havin' one in me." Her head tilts, grey eyes peering at him a little more. "Deitra. You are?"

Thorlan is vaguely affronted by some part of this - maybe at the last part. He's only been around for a couple of *turns*… ahem. It may be notable that he isn't exactly a familiar face anyhow, given his propencity for taking night-shifts and hunting the nocturnals rather than focusing on the bulk of the hunting which occurs in daylight. "Thorlan," he replies to the last. He doesn't seem too terribly concerned about her sexual endeavors, rather shrugging and commenting, "Do what you're gonna do, I reckon."

Deitra peers at him a moment longer and then nods once, "ain't goin' ta remember a name if I don't see you again right after. No offense or nothin'. Well, not right after. 'Bout a few days or so." An arm drapes over her eyes and she grunts softly in response to his last statement. "Always do. Ain't nothin' goin' ta change that." Her arm drops again and she shifts to sit up straighter in her seat, again considering the man. "If yer bored, you can leave."

"Yeah, I get it," Thor replies, eyeballing Deitra for a long moment. "I'm not a name person anyhow— know faces, not names." Another of his seeming trademark shrugs goes here. "So did y'/faint/?" He's nosy, okay? Really nosy. He shoots her a singular look for daring to impinge upon his honor like that, and stays staunchly seated.

"So, how d'you greet people if you've forgotten their name?" Deitra asks, returning the favor and eyeballing him right back. Another grin forms before she's looking elsewhere, namely some of the cups of tea that were already poured. She moves from the seat long enough to fetch one before returning and settling down once more, drawing her legs in before considering him again. "Yeah. Ain't nothin' more ta it. Why?"

"'Hey you'," the man replies, "'Whassup, man'," added before, "Hey lady." Thorlan's shrug is almost eloquent. One can almost hear his oops-sorry-my-give-a-damn's-broken. "Mmm, just wonderin'," he replies. "Ain't heard of nobody faintin' recently, just seems… out of th' ordinary, I guess."

Deitra laughs, "I was hopin' for somethin' more like: 'hey you, with the face' or somethin'." The huntress laughs more and takes a sip from the tea, humming softly. "Guess it ain't an ordinary thing. I ain't ordinary, either, so 'm supposin' that it fits." A snort and she smiles to herself, sipping at the tea a little more. "And you? Ordinary or nothin' like it?"

"It's normally, 'you with the nice ass' or 'hey, y'ugly fucker over there," Thorlan so-helpfully explains, before going all Spock with a raised eyebrow for Deitra. "I hunt tunnelsnakes at night. Dunno. What's that say? Ordinary or not?" Sarcasm rifts through his tone, though there's good humor to be found lurking about the edges of his grey eyes.

More laughter follows and Deitra grins a little wider. "Sounds much better'n before." Her cup is again lifted and a longer drink is taken before she's settling it down on the floor beside her chair. "Hm. Depends on if yer eatin' 'em or not." Her answer is serious, despite the humor that lingers there and the amusement that touches her smile.

"Some of 'em are good, but it can be stringy, an' sometimes a little spicy, if y'don't milk th' venom out right. Give y'a right case of the runs if y'don't know how to prepare it right," Thorlan discourses on the topic of tunnelsnake meat. "Anyhow, they're filthy blighters, an' I'm not much on 'em unless it's all I've got t'eat."

Deitra chuckles softly, "yeah. Heard there was a way ta make yer tongue go numb by leaving some of the venom in, but not all'a it. Not 'nough ta give you the runs, though." She stretches out her legs and reaches for her cup again, finishing off the rest of her tea and nodding. "I think they're an interestin' meal. But, ain't lookin' ta eat 'em all the time." Slowly, the hunter pushes from the chair and stretches out some. "'m thinkin' 'm goin' ta head ta the infirmary for a nap. Thanks for sittin' with me, Thorlan."

Thorlan gives a shrug, and shuffles to his feet. "Aye, Deitra. No problem. Take care of yourself— 'd hate t'have to hunt durin' the day." He goes so far as to wink at the girl, before shambling down towards the baths, one hand lifting to rifle through his hair in a singular tired gesture.

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