Fort Weyr - Center Bowl

The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Mid-morning wraps itself around Fort, the yellow rays of Rukbhat finally breaking free of cloud cover and shining down upon the snow covered Weyr. A crips wind blows through the air, cold but not biting, pleasant enough that it seems to be drawing people away from their work and towards a small group in the center of the bowl. At first glance it merely seems like an idle group of people, on closer inspection, it isn't a group of people at all, but a group of littles. Tiny children bundled and running around with small globes of white fluff in their. The children are lined up, two teams facing each other and each armed with their 'deadly' weapons. "Alright you guys….ready, set, ATTACK!" The war cry has a voice that seems surprisingly more mature than a little's, a voice that can only belong to Miki, who blends in quite completely. The rider may have wanted to shout tactics, but she can no longer speak, because snowballs are now flying every which way in the air. The littles apparently lack aim.

Xanshalla clumps through the snow in sturdy boots, a pair of cloth trousers visible beneath her bright skirt in deference to the temperature. With a long, fur-lined jacket and matching set of rainbow knit hat, mittens and scarf, the girl is clearly prepared for an extended time outdoors. The lack of pink flush to her cheeks however betrays that she's only recently emerged from the warmth of the caverns. With a purposeful stride it seems as if she's got a destination in mind, whistling a cheerful tune as she goes along. The tune is interrupted by bubbling laughter as she catches the advent of the snow-battle, eyes bright as she clearly enjoys the chaos. Her grin only grows when a mis-aimed projectile thwaps into her left hip, and she stoops down to gather up and pat down her own handful of snow. "Guess I'm on your side," she calls out towards the group to her right, before joining in with a whoop. Invitations? Who needs 'em!

Miki isn't the only one with an army of children at her beck and call. Mid-Afternoon usually sees Tamsyn with another batch of children, slightly - but not much - older than the ones the greenrider is currently pitting against each other. Syn herself is bundled with an extremely thick and fluffy scarf wrapped around her throat, otherwise bundled in a heavy cloak. Yeah, traditional clothing woman here. The gaggle of children behind her almost break loose, but the woman has them trained. Plus she can project. "Don't think this is gonna happen every nice day, guys." She takes a step back as an errant snowball comes flying her vague direction, by the entrance to the caverns. Miss! "Team 1, take the left. 2, to the right." At least the journeywoman doesn't seem totally put out her kids are too rambunctious to sit still. Syn herself? She's on the sidelines. "Go on! Go help your people." And with a loud whoop, the group of sixteen more children is loosed upon the bowl into the fray. Chaos.

Chrystyne walks out of the cavern, with a warm leather jacket that is part of her guard uniform. It's been a while since she's been around the cold much and she holds her arms to her chest. She looks around witha bit of a smile at watching the kids throwing snowballs. She steps out further to pick up snow in her hands.

Yawning, despite the middleness of morning, Kairhys wanders toward the living cavern carrying more than a few books under one arm. One gloved hand covers the gaping maw of his mouth until the evidence of boredom or late night doing only Faranth knows what has passed. There is certainly a lack of purpose in his steps, more or less dragging each shift of leg forward much more than necessary. When he comes within range of the littles, women and multitudes of tightly packed rounds of snow, the weaver apprentice slows even further, brown eye widening to a degree. "Oh great, and here I am half dead." he mutters, with no lack of good humor, rather finding his predicament ironic. Carrying books and sleepwalking never a good combination when trying to avoid flying anything. Even as he edges away from the ensuing chaos, he manages to duck several throws gone awry before one finally beans him in the back of his head. "Shells!" That's when he ducks behind something, anything, as snowageddon comes to Fort.

Melze has no children with her, nor does she have anything to throw at the moment. What she does have is a slightly worried look on her face, one hand stuffed into the pocket of her jacket, and a tendency to look down at her feet so that she doesn't slide or trip over anything. If she had only looked up then she would have noticed the first snowball that hits her and saved herself the trouble of opening her mouth to shout, "Who threw that?" A more accurate description of her comment would actually be 'who thrmumblemumblemumble' as a luck throw manages to catch her full in the face and leave her with a mouth full of snow.

"Whoa!" The sudden arrival of a team leader for the other side as well as the influx of weyrbrats has the ex-nanny stepping back a little. "Split up! 5 turns, stick with me. 6 turns follow the older ones, and 7 turns…..CHARGE!" Snowballs in hand, the oldest of Miki's group begins running towards Xanshalla's line and Tamsyn's group, while the youngest hold down the 'fort'. The fort being a small wall of snow behind which they are busily making further snow weapons. Miki pauses in her endeavors, just long enough to catch sight of Chrystyne enter as well as Kairhys and Melze getting pelted by snowballs. Making a shushing motion towards the littles, the rider takes a few snowballs and sneaks out from behind the cover. She makes a run for it, weaving between the children and getting hit by stray snowballs, but her path doesn't waver. And then she's attacking the new arrivals one by one, or /trying/ to at least.

Widened eyes and a "Ohhhh berries," greet the unexpected charge, Xanshalla stumbling backwards a couple steps. Eyes dart from side to side, taking in the scattered group of children nearest here. Taking a deep breath, she manages a passable bellow of "INCOMING!" Attention gained she bounces around, trying to make herself harder to hit as she waves her arms frantically towards the immediate 'threat.' "Give 'em everything ya got!" she encourages. "Bury 'em!" And, leading by example, she skids to one side, crouching low, and starts shoveling up snow and pelting badly formed balls as fast as she can. Her aim, it should be noted, is horrific. Friendly fire, here we come!

There's no controlling the scene now, and Tamsyn makes no attempt at it, instead leaning up against the wall of the bowl near the entrance and grinning. The cold does bring a pink flush to her cheeks, but her hands and throat are safely huddled in warm clothing. The oldest of the bunch break away from fighting Miki's charging lines to storm the 'fort'. Of course the 12 turns are probably going to trounce the littles, but it's at least not in a cruel way. Just douse them with a bit of loose snow, and a few lighter packed snowballs. And then they're joining forces with those behind the wall, adding their better aim into the fray. "HEY!" Tamsyn finally cries out as a lobby of snowballs is directed towards the volley of snow that comes in her direction from the field. "Keep it in the field, and keep the weyrfolk casualties at a minimum, huh?!" Yup. Harpers really can project, because it'd take a lot of shrill shrieking to drown out her voice. She's shaking her cloak free of snow then, turning to look at Melze. "You alright?" Return of the normal indoor voice.

It's not so much himself that Kairhys was protecting, it was those books he was carrying. Now turning to put his back to the chaos, the books are hugged to his chest as he side steps towards the living cavern. A few more balls strike him from behind, getting another to the back of his head which slides down to try to slither between his skin and clothing, causing the boy to shudder and squirm. "Shards that's COLD!!!" he proclaims, far too distracted with his current protective task to pay much attention to Miki as she starts to stalk the newly arrived. There is a blink though as he notices Melze getting a face full though and for a second there is concern for the poor woman, which shifts seconds later into a stiffed snerk. It wasn't funny, at all. No really. He's not trying to school his expression back to neutral. Cough.

Somewhere amidst the spluttering Melze manages to clear her face of snow, deftly (luckily?) avoid another projectile, and refind her footing so that she can look around and see exactly what's going on here — other than the obvious. Miki's advance is spotted, and she makes a vague swat at the snowball as she turns to find Tamsyn amongst the crowd. "Someone's going to be in a lot of trouble." She grins over at the harper, "But until I get my hands on Miki, who's winning?" There's no trace of anger, there's nothing but amusement in her expression and that only becomes more apparent as she calls over, "Hey Miki! Remember the beanbags!"

Miki pulls up short as her small army is attacked. "Hit the ground!" This serving both as a way to get hit in the face as well as allowing for the the 12 turns to get a better view of their targets. "Aww, drop the books of somewhere. It's no fun if you just stand there." She calls out to them from a safe distance, but then Melze is making her threats and Miki can't help but beam, skipping back a few steps. "We weren't bad at the beanbags! Or maybe your skills have gotten rusty?" Miki teases lightly, but while she's talking to the group, she also has her back turned to the fray, which results in a pelting of snowballs and a couple of yelps from the tiny woman and some arm flailing as she tries not to lost her balance. Unfortunately for her, snow doesn't exactly make for good footing so it's with a frantic, "Nononono!" That she falls to the ground, face first.

Chrystyne gives a bit of a laugh and shakes her head attempting to stay to the side of the action, after all it's good fun but she's on duty and just walks around amused at the others having so much fun.

Xanshalla lets out a triumphant hoot, though with snow flying every which way it's near impossible to tell if it's justified and if so, why. "Hey, no fair swapping!" she calls out with a laugh at the older kids bolster the ranks of the youngest. Turning white from the fact that her stationary position has made her a prime target, her cheeks now definitely rosy, she stands up — hunched though, not straight — and backpeddles a bit to try to get a better vantage to survey the battlefield. Hand lifts to her mouth as Miki goes toppling, hard to tell if she's concerned or hiding a grin. But she does call out, "Cease fire! Opponent down!" Which could open up her side for a right trouncing, but she's scooting forward anyway. "You okay there?"

"Winning?" Tamsyn repeats, taking a moment to survey the fray. It seems at least whoever threw the snow the first time isn't going to repeat it again. "I don't think there is any such thing." The harper journeywoman chuckles, glad to see that Melze took the snowball to the face in good humor. Kairhys is noticed with his books as Syn scans the field to make sure everyone still is playing nicely. "You need some help out there?" She calls out, not even bothering to cup her mouth to help amplify the sound. Singers. Pah. The cease fire? No such thing. Snowballs continue to fly, one or two pointedly aimed for Shalla.

Melze grins, "Exactly! And this time it's not a stealthy throw at the cute weyrlingmaster, so you've got no hope!" It seems for now it's an empty threat, however, as first Miki hits the ground and then Mel's attention is stolen by Tamsyn. "There's always a winner. Usually the one that gets soaked first but still stays standing." It seems she missed the ceasefire, or is ignoring it completely, because she starts to casually gather up a little mound of snow between her feet. A mound that yields a loosely packed snowball that starts to fall apart as it falls just short of the fallen Miki.

"Okay okay!" Kairyhs calls back to Miki, and he continues his shuffling to the side until he slips past Chrystyne and ducks past Melze and weaves of of Tamsyn's way before he finally makes it into the living cavern. He's gone, which has him missing greenrider toppling and Xanshalla's call for a cease fire. Though it's not for long. Having not only dropped his books off, but grabbed himself a hat in the process, he reemerges from the caverns as he pulls the hand knitted garment over his head, revealing yarn-pomed long knit ear flaps and tiny triangles on the top that couldn't be anything but an attempt at making feline-ears. It doesn't exactly go with the rest of his grown up assemble. Not tying the thing under his chin as was intended with the elongated ear flaps, rather letting them dangle in the front there, and ducks a few more snow balls that come his way as he exits the living cavern entrance.

Apparently the littles on Miki's side don't really care if their commander is down and Shalla's side does indeed get a pelting, the snowballs coming in faster than most. And it seems like the littles have something in common with Miki becuase the crouching girl may receive a rather cold surprise if she isn't fast enough. As soon as Xanshalla is done speaking, the rider is tossing a handful of snow at her and lifting her head with a giggle. This is of course just in time to see Melze's snowball and the woman grins wickedly. In a quick motion, she rolls to the side, coming up into a rouch and grabbing two snowballs from her /pockets/ which are thrown directly at the weyrlingmaster and the recently re-emerged weaver. "I'm not fawning over our new weyrlingmaster either, so same for me!" There's a grin towards Kairhys as well and a wink. "And as cute as you are, I've sworn revenge after you dodged the snowball the other day!"

There's a snowball coming Melze's way? That also means it's coming Tamsyn's way. Mrp! The harper journey woman just grins at Melze. "Well, have fun getting soaked then." Apparently the woman is not going to opt herself into the fight, and she's backing off in a bit of a hurry as she spots those snowballs flying. No, it's going to take a hostage situation to get Syn into the fray. Probably with Syn /as/ the hostage. Nothing says 'getting older' like passing the chance to get involved in a snowball fight.

A sound that can only best be described as a high-pitched "Gleeep!" comes out of Xanshalla's mouth as she finds herself pelted from various directions. Laughter becomes a splutter as one impacts high on her chest and sends a spray of snow into her face. "Whose side are you on?!" she demands, turning towards one from her own team with a mock-threatening glare. Leaving Miki to fend for herself — which let's face it, she's doing just fine on her own — Shalla does a betrayal of her own, sending a new volley of snowballs flying in what's /supposed/ to be the direction of her traitorous team. Kairhys, Melze, Tamsyn, Chrystyne … who knows which direction they're actually going to be flying.

Melze lifts a hand to smack down another snowball, showering herself in little pieces as she does,many of which also fly towards Tamsyn. "Oooh you'll regret that one, Mik!" Fancy knot or not she's still one for having fun. It's not a snowball she tries for this time, instead she walks towards her fellow greenrider. Walks. Slowly. No snow in hand, nothing really, just walking calmly and casually until she gets closer. Then it's a quick duck down towards the show, scoop up as much as she can, and run at Miki in an attempt at dumping it all on her head.

Brown eyes widen and Kairhys ducks completely on reflex as Miki chucks a snowball his direction, holding gloved hands out defensively against the tiny woman. He looks the way the ball of cold went and then back to her again. He at least has the mind to look sheepish, and a touch nervous. "Does this mean I'm doubly in trouble?" he asks, and would probably be sweating if it wasn't so darned chilly outside. There is a pause of three heeartbeats before he's ducking behind Melze as she scoops and runs with wild abandon towards her fellow greenrider, using the woman as a distraction long enough to get out of sight and perhaps get attention off him a moment. Course there was still Tamsyn and Xanshalla to worry about, and the weaver actually backs up a step to avoid one snowball in particular, "Faranth!" he curses, and uses Tamsyn as a shield for a second, smartly keeping his hands off her.

Miki wasn't expecting the sudden dash towards her so her reflexes kick in a little late. There's an attempt to stand and tack a few steps back which only results in the rider falling back on her backside with a yelp and getting snow dumped on her. Some of the snow falls into her mouth, resulting into muffled and giggles and laughter. "Oh it's war now!" Miki finally hops to her feet, retreating back a few steps and suddenly calling out to her army in a rather loud voice. "Take the harper! Take revenge for all those lessons! And take that girl too, the one with the rainbow clothes!" Which in turn restults in a small group making a run towards Tamsyn and Xanshalla, latching onto them should they not be fast enough to dodge. "Alright Melze, retreat or these two will get it!" Of course, the sudden hostage situation also means that there's a chorus of high-pitched voices pointing out a man hiding behind Tamsyn and Miki snickers. "Mhm, double in trouble is right Kairhys." Miki begins circling now, an eye kept on Melze at all times while she begins inching her way towards the weaver.

Tamsyn raises her forearms just quick enough to prevent herself from getting smacked in the face with snowballs. But now it means she's speckled in snow from several directions and it just prompts a semi-amused sigh from the journeywoman. "So much for staying out of… the fight." Her sentance trails off as Kairhys makes a break from the bolting Melze to her, and … hides. However, his hiding spot is soon mobbed by children, clasping onto her hands. "I thought we enjoyed our lessons!" She calls out in mock-dismay, not fighting the pulling hands of the children. Oh, cue the drama queen. "Oh, woe!" Melze is given a look of utter puppy dog dispair. "Help me?"

Melze laughs as Miki falls, revelling perhaps a little too much in the snow drenching. As Miki calls out her instructions, Melze almost makes a run for it. There's a definite and very obvious consideration of it, and it takes a oment for her to reply, "Do it, they mean nothing to me!" There's a glance over at the hostages, a semi-aplogetic look mixed in with the amusement she clearly feels. Suddenly she bends, scoops up another large handful of snow, and calls over towards the hostage takers. "Let them go or your superior gets it. Again. Don't think I won't! Send the one in the hat over to negotiate!"

"Hey, gerroff!" Xanshalla has indeed been latched on to, one youngling literally wrapping himself — or herself, it's rather hard to tell — around her lower leg and sitting on her foot. Undaunted she attempts to keep going, limping along in Igor-esque fashion as she drags child-encumbered foot a whopping six inches for every step. S/he is not without reinforcements however, and soon the young trader finds herself with both hands captured and one anchor-impressionist hanging off the back of her jacket. Brought to a stand-still, she has been. "I yield, I yield. I submit to captivity. I just hope us prisoners get treated well!" Grinning good-naturedly, she looks around, bright-eyed as she watches to see how the other hostage situation is going to unfold.

"Nothing?!" Tamsyn cries out at Melze's response. "Why, I-I-I'll…!" Faint is what she'll do. There's a theatrical swoon before she sinks to her knees, not giving her captors any time to flee before she wraps her miraculously freed arm around one of them, taking them down with her as she lays in the snow, 'fainted'. Apparently, the harper's care to not catch a cold has finally been forsaken. Now she's holding onto a squiggling kidlet. "Lemme go! Lemme gooooo, Syyyyyyn! You're supposed to be /my/ hostage!" There comes a faint, wicked chuckle that only the nearby can hear. But that's the only response out of the woman.

As Tamsyn movies, Kairhys is left without cover, and actually makes a rather unmanly squeaking sound. "Is there any way I can convince you to forgive me?" he asks helplessly of Miki, watching as she begins to make her way over towards him with intent quite evident in her body language. He probably means without being pelted into the ground by a barrage of snowballs, taking several steps backwards now that he was out in the open and without rescue in sight. Gloved hands once more come up, held palm out towards the advancing greenrider. He looks to the others, watching as one by one they are taken hostage? "Since when did this become a hostage situation?" With Xanshalla and Tamsyn off to be held captive, and Melze now asking for him of all people to be sent over to negotiate releases, the weaver opens his mouth a few times as once again his eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. "Wait…why me?" he asks her, taking a single second to tug his kitty-eared hat down to cover more of his forehead.

Triumph! The children's face light up as Tamsyn makes her plea, only to widen at the sudden threats from Melze. This is when Miki arranges her features into a look of mock fear. "Don't do it! Go on without me! I shall die an honorable death!" All the while, however, she's making herself towards Kairhys, as are a few of the littles not occupied with Xanshalla and Tamsyn. "Ok, trade," One squeaks, "But we're keeping rainbow!" Rainbow being Xanshalla. Apparently getting carried around on her legs is fun. Miki can't help but snickers as Tamsyn falls with one of them, but her target is elsewhere. "Nope, no forgiveness." Gloved hands sneakily reaches for snow and as one, the littles and Miki pounce on the weaver. And then, handfulls of snow are being flung every which way from their spot on the ground, Miki's going towards Kairhys while the littles are aimed at Melze.

Melze watches one yield, one 'faint' (and that one does make her laugh and almost lose her scoop of snow), and then Kairhys protests his involvement. "You're the only one that seems to have any sense left. And I like your hat." but negotiations are already under way without her, and then there's a resumption of hostilities and she's letting out a squeal as some snow manages to mae it's way down inside her jacket. COLD! "Fire at will!" And before anyone can ask who Will is her scoop is half thrown, half dispersed into the air. A fair amount of it blowing back in her own face.

Tamsyn's side is probably getting moist by now, and the little girl is still squirming. But a person paying attention can see Syn's lips moving. As quickly as Syn can get her wool-legginged legs free from her skirt, the woman is taking off with a handful of unpacked snow towards Miki's back. Oh yes. On the top of the head, or down the woman's jacket is exactly where that snow is going to go. "Payback!" The harper exclaims, reaching out for Miki, or just lobbing the snow at the woman if she sees Syn coming. And indeed, one half of Syn is darker than the other. Snow is wet. Lesson learned.

Xanshalla is gamely performing her new role as yeti, a look of concentration settling on her face as she lifts one arm, with attached little, swinging forward slightly before setting them on their feet again. Then her opposite leg is draaaaagged forward, a mound of snow piling up in front of her boot. And repeat for the next step. "If I can" pant, huff "just make" wheeze, giggle "it to" gasp, snort "the door!" Though what she's planning to do there is anyone's best guess, if anything at all, as it seems the new game is just seeing how far she can make it before the madly giggling hooligans decorating her limbs either fall off or bring her down instead. At least right up until there's a cloud of snow flying into the air again, a gleeful shriek erupting from several different throats and at least two of her 'captors' abandon her limbs in favour of going on the offensive again. Targets: Melze and Kairhys!

As Melze speaks, Kairhys reaches up again and adjusts his hat a bit, perhaps just a bit on the small side. He glances upwards despite not being able to see the thing, and then flashes the Weyrlingmaster a toothy grin. "I'll let my sister know you approve." he calls over, leaving talk of sense up in the air as he's apparently attached to, each leg getting a little. "Whoa!" he cries before he attempts to retain his balance which is easier typed than done, especially with him trying to avoid stepping on the kids also now on the ground all around him. "This isn't good." Arms flail uselessly, a squeak from the weaver as he indeed goes down and goes down hard. Perhaps being so tall is his disadvantage here, for the boy is wincing now. "Ugh. Well, they do say the bigger they are the harder they fall. We can definitely mark that one off as correct." he tells the kids, some of whom are giggling and really it is contagious. Butt hurt aside, Kai can't help but chuckle along with them. He does however spy Tamsyn though, advancing upon Miki and he purses his lips, brown eyes darting from one woman to the other. "Uh…." Perhaps too late, or too distracted. Xanshalla's valiant efforts are hard to miss after all, her band of merry bandits laughing even harder than his own. Of course, when they abandon the trader for himself and Melze, the weaver eeks and attempts to dislodge his attackers, managing to flip over and trying to crawl away on all fours. "No! No no no!"

Melze laughs as Tamsyn heads for Miki, gathering snow to add a few more projectiles into the fray. Should they happen to go off target and hit the marauding harper at the same time, oh well, but such things happen when you're trying your best to not laugh at the sight of a child bedecked trader trying to reach safety. Kaihrys' call earns him a grin, "You do that. And then ask her where she got it, I know someone that needs one for turnover." But then the littles are charging and she has to think of a plan. Rushed as it is it's not a very good one, but at least it's a plan of sorts. Her hands go up immediately. "I surrender! I surrender!" Then just to add a little spice to the mix one hand points towards Kairhys, "That one's still moving! Get him!"

As the cloud of snow makes it their way, Miki stops dropping back to wave her hands about in the air and dispel the flakes. "Yes, yes! Fire! Attack them all!" Unfortunately for her, the cloud also takes the rider's attention away from /everything/ and Syn's charge goes completely unnoticed, until there's snow down her jacket. "Wahhhh!" With a yelp Miki begins hopping around all over the place, wiggling and flapping her jacket as she attempts to get the snow out. "Cold cold cold! Ohhhh!" Her little hop dance lasts for quite a while, but soon she's turning on the harper, a sweet smile on her face. "Sneaky sneaky sneaky!" Quickly, Miki swoops down, grabbing a handful of snow and running after her. But of course, the rider isn't forgetting Kairhys over there. Miki might actually be backing up when Melze's cry of surrender goes up and attention brought to the weaver. "She's right. GET HIM!"

"Show no mercy!" Xanshalla calls out with a wicked-sounding cackle that's at complete odds with the relative sweetness of her sparkle-eyed, flush-cheeked, smiling expression. Unbalanced and wobbling, she attempts to turn around, an action hindered by that one little who just /refuses/ to let go of her leg. It must be better than a pony ride, wheeeee! She is at least free to bend however, and bend she does, scooping up a double-handful of snow and packing it down, though not too hard. While the littles mostly target the crawling harper, the trader narrows her eyes, takes aim, and lets fly. At Melze.

Tamsyn might as well be back in her teens as Miki finishes her hop-dance, for the harper squeals like a child (but in a much more controlled and easy on the ears fashion) and takes off across the bowl. Her skirts are hiked around her knees to reveal those sexy wool leggings. "Don't let her get me! She's the evil nanny, trying to control you all!" Remember ladies and gentlemen, Harpers are here for your amusement. And indeed, while some of the older kids are chasing down Tamsyn, some of the littler ones are turning on Miki herself. Tamsyn isn't lobbing any snowballs of her own, but there is one heck of a chase going on now, and every single participant is laughing if they have the breath to do it with. It's not like it's a mad dash, but some of these kids are fast!

Far too busy crawling away as quickly as possible, Kairhys has absolutely no way to defend himself against the gang of littles flinging themselves in his direction. "She made it!" This is to Melze, who was inquiring after the gray kitty-eared hat sitting on top of the weaver's head. He's easily muffled and quickly pinned there after, more than a handful of the giggling youngsters descending upon him, but he still makes a heroic effort in inching his way towards nothing in particular. There was no one to rescue him, and no place to hide. "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" he attempts, all other efforts turning out to be feeble indeed. "I'll remember this Miki!!!" He disappears under countless littles, all save for his gloved fingers and the soles of his boots sticking out one end and the other.

Melze laughs brightly. "Don't you mean Snow no mercy?" is yelled over towards Xanshalla, but then she has to go and spoil it all by throwing that snowball and Melze is laughing harder even as it smacks off her shoulder. She bends to form another snowball, launching it straight back at Shalla, then another that is thrown indiscriminately. "Think she'd make one for X'dis?" This, presumably, is meant for Kairhys, who also gets whatever snowball remains that filter through his blanket of children. Everyone and anyone is a target now as snowball after snowball flies into the air.

Aamanz has this AMAZING ability to appear in the wrong place at the right time…but it seems that his timing was a little off…he comes out of the snowy wastes of the bowl of Fort Weyr bundled up in a mishmash of variously colored, home-designed knitwear, in a clash of colors it'd blind a wher at night. His jaw, though, drops, and he complains aloud, "Awwww man! Why didn't someone TELL me we were going to have a snowball fight!" He'd've joined right in!

Shena hates snow. She hates snowballs. She hates having to be wrapped in seven layers just to trudge out to make deliveries. So she's in a sour mood as she returns towards the bowl, and sees Kairhys futilely attempting to flee from the onslaught. Now there's a perfect target to take out some frustrations. She grins wickedly, ducking to assemble a few tightly packed balls of snow and mud, waiting for the littles to clear and give her a clear shot. "Oh, Kairhys!" She calls out to get the poor fellow's attention.

"What the…..HEY! I'm not your nanny anymore!" Miki lets out a squeal of her own as the line makes it's way across the bowl, weaving between children and snowballs and snow forts. Finally, the rider breaks off of the line, letting the olders continue their pursuit of Tamsyn while the younger ones continue after her. For a while this continues, running circles (literally) around Melze, Xanshalla, and Kairhys. Eventually the ex-nanny either tires or decides to give up, either way, she flops onto the ground only to be tackled and squished under a pile of kids. "Ok! Ok I give up!" And her definition of give up is apparently to begin tickling the ones closest to her, resulting in quite a bit of squirming. "Revenge is sweet Kai! /Very/ sweet!" Because apparently dodging Miki's snowballs is considered evil. But wait, new meat! "Go get Aamanz! I'm already squished!" And while this doesn't get much response, a few of the 6 turns do break away and making a charge towards the newly arrived weyrbrat.

Xanshalla hops up and down gleefully, mittened hands clapping together and sending a small flurry of dislodged snow-crystals down her front. "Ha, good one!" Delighting in Melze's pun. "Faster, faster!" she next encourages Tamsyn. "They're almost on you!" Whether they are or not, she's happy to claim it anyway. Unfortunately for her, however, her participation in the game is about to come to an end, for when she squeaks and throws herself to the side to dodge the weyrlingmaster's retaliating shot, she bounces off of a rather large and unamused-looking (unless one happens to catch the wink he sends towards the group over her head where she can't see) young man who managed to approach during all the distraction. One paw-hand clamps down on the trader's shoulder as he rumbles, "You promised you'd help me, and instead I find you assaulting innocent weyrfolk. Bad Shalla! Time to dump you headfirst into a snow drift." Despite her squeal — which is all laughter, no alarm — the stranger scoops her up, tosses her over one shoulder, and with a wave of his free hand carts her off, completely ignoring her beating at his back and shoulders and calling him all sorts of creative names. Ahh, relatives.

Aamanz yelps at Miki, "Hey!" And then he yelps at the children, "WAIT!" I'm one of Yooooooooooooooou! Too late…his little sister is among those 6-Turns…and she's leading the charge with a blood curdling shriek that would startle Thread *between*, if it still existed. The motley figure of the now gangly looking Amz DUCKS…and is taken down by a pack of wild wooly child-sized feral whers…ow! Hey…is one of them BITING him?

Ah, gullible kids. They're wonderful! But now Tamsyn really is in a speed race with the older of the children, bordering on 13 and 14. "H-heey. When did you guys get so /fast/?" She pants as one of them actually makes a flying tackle, taking his teacher down in a (thankfully) remaining snowdrift. "Great Faranth, you got fast." She pants, lifting her head out of the snow drift, her honey hair now as damp as her clothing. And then there's more bodily additions as some of the others catching up decide to pile on teacher as well. "Oooft!" And this cry is amused, but a little more honest than the hostage situation earlier. "Someone! Harper down. Harper down! … And pinned!"

Melze is running out of energy to throw, snowballs falling ever shorter of their targets, and eventually she wanders over towards Miki and flops down next to her, dropping her current missile safely onto the snow. "You know, this would have been so much easier if we'd just pretended they were all Ruzara. Would be so much easier to aim then."

Kairhys is squirming himself, or rather trying to dislodge more than his fair share of little, who provide a very effective shield against the snow balls that come from Melze's direction. He can apparently hear just fine though. "We can talk details later, but I think she would!" He obviously has no idea of either the snow balls sent his way, or where they were coming from. Shena gathering up her frustrations and calling his name gets a flash of brown eyes from among the pile of children and the boy starts putting some serious effort into collecting children there. "Get her! She's dry!" Oh yes, evil they name is Kai. And with the prospect of torturing yet another bundled individual, off they go with snowballs aimed for Shena. Now free of kids for now, the weaver pushes himself to his feet and really he just drips. He sighs as he looks down at the front of his pants and jacket, mud, slush and bits of leaves and twigs sticking to his hat as well. A few kids notice he's up and hurriedly take aim, to which he holds hands up and takes a step back. "I'm good. You got me. Soaked right through promise!" It does not save him. He does little more than stand there and get assaulted until little arms are tired, to which he is covered, wet and his shoulders slump. Squealing ensues and kids begin to run as the snow coated Kairhys starts chasing boys and girls every where. "Who wants a….HUG?"

Shena barely has time to chuck a couple of muddy snowballs at Kairhys before he successful sics the unruly mob of children against her. She certainly didn't see that coming. Her eyes go wide as she stumbles away. "Wha… no! Get him! Him! He's… aggh!" And then they are upon her, pelting with snowballs from all angles. She stumbles into a snowbank. "Waaah!"

Miki can't help but snicker at Melze's comments, turning her head to face the weyrlingmaster with a grin. "That is /so/ true. Where is she anyways? Maybe we can get her out here and relive a bit of beanbag training." Another possible cover mission for the littles? Perhaps when they have more energy, the ones still near the two green riders are out of juice, sprawled on the ground and on Miki as they take deep breathes. The assistant lifts her head a bit as Tamsyn's cry goes up and she gives a few of the kids around them a poke. "Go save her!" It's really a toss between whether they're running /from/ Karihys or towards Tamsyn. Because the other children running have sent up a frenzy in those near the M's and they're shooting off every which way too. Miki doesn't make any moves to get up though, still out of breathe. "I feel like…I'm….fifty."

Aamanz manages to wriggle his way out of the pile of blood thirsty children by wriggling out of his over-sized jacket and scarf…he creeps out from under the pile, nursing a bitten hand, but he's grinning. Not scowling. "Sheesh…why are you picking on me? Miki used to be the nanny who ruined all our fun…why don't you go give her all a big hug?" Because you're all hot and sweaty and cold and full of mud and snow. She needs a biiiiig hug!

Melze shrugs slightly, though instead of looking at Miki she keeps her eyes on the snowball fight around them. "She went home I think. I hope! was too busy to really worry about her to be honest. So long as nobody brings her back I'll be happy, no amount of beanbags could make up for her being back." There are offers of hugs being handed about and that clearly worries her. "Maybe we need to start running again like we used to. Been having too easy a time of it since we got our wings and… Noooooo!" She scrambles quickly to her feet again after spotting Aamanz directing children at them. "Run Miki! They're coming!"

One or two of the children try to 'help' Tamsyn out more by sitting on her, squeezing an airless "Oooft!" Out of the harper before her arms flail slightly. "Alright. I give, guys. Please get off!" Tamsyn is not a sturdy sole, and not meant to be on the bottom of a dogpile, even if it's made of children. As Kairhys draws closer, Syn is able to get onto her knees, huffing and slightly redfaced. "I think I'm done." She huff-laughs, unable to get any further up than her knees. "You?" She chuckles over at Miki. "You didn't have five kids sit on you." Plus Syn /is/ older than Miki by a few turns as well. That old age, it creeps up on you.

It takes some effort indeed, but Kairhys manages to snag up at least two or three children and he does in fact give them big wet hugs, his slightly bronzed cheeks and the majority of his nose bright red. Heat seeking, he buries his face into as many warm neck crooks as possible before releasing the wriggling and still squealing captives. Now panting and out of breath himself, the weaver drops hands to his knees, bent over himself in a vein attempt to work some oxygen into his lungs. "I win. Ovine piled and white washed." he tells Tamsyn between gasps of air, a wince as he leans back and holds his side, releasing a groan in the process. "Though I don't think that's anything to brag about now that I think about it." As Aamanz sends those with remaining energy after Melze and Miki, the weaver is more than happy to steal their sitting spot there, dropping down with another wince. "My butt." he whines, dropping knees to his thighs and hunching over. "At least they'll sleep good tonight, eh?"

Miki nods at Melze's words, "I think so too. No exer—hey! I didn't ruin anyone's fun! I saved your hides from some of the stricter nannies a bunch of times! And I even sneaked you guys out today!" But apparently that doesn't matter and Miki's up on her feet, scrambling away while laughing the entire time. "But I'm tiny! The body weight ratioooo!" Words turn into a howl as the littles begin gaining on her and it's really all Miki can do to keep from being dragged down into a pile of kiddies. "Ok, Ok! I give up! I'll bring everyone bubblies so just stop chasing me!" Yes, the situation has indeed downgraded into blatant bribery from the green rider.

Melze is off and running, and as Miki resorts to bribery she pauses and laughs. "Bring me one in my office, I don't trust any of you." The bubbles of laughter show this to be a joke, or at least hopefully a joke. She turns her back to the north, eyes on the group, until she's sure she's out of range, but even then she still hurries back towards the north of the bowl, pausing to yell back, "Don't forget the hat!" Another few steps then, "I'll still pay you back for this Miks!" And with that, she's gone.

Shena makes easy prey now that she's stumbling. She goes down in the snow and is rapidly soaked and made muddy by squealing, laughing children who are stuffing her many layers with snow and pelting her with balls. Her own ammunition is dropped and smooshed under her as she tries to roll away from the onslaught. "Agggrh!" She grumbles incoherently. "Curse you, Kairhys!"

"That would be more of a perk if one of them were our children." Tamsyn protests to Kairhys as the weaver apprentice sits down. The harper groans, looking at him. "You shouldn't've sat. Now how are we going to stand up?" Miki's howl earns Syn's attention for just a moment before she resumes her sagging. "I feel like I have mud all over me." Because a snow bowl doesn't stay pristine forever. Though thankfully for the most part, she's just soggy. "I need a hot bath." She continues on wistfully. Some of the older kids still have plenty of energy, giving Shena a run for her marks to stay dry. "Do those boys never tire?"

"Share my pain." Kairhys groans as Shena curses him, though from the looks and sounds of it the sixteen turn old is wiped and no long in the running for any sort of revenge. But as Tamsyn speaks, the weaver blinks a few times and seems to realize that the woman certainly had a point, two of them in fact. "I don't mind helping out." he says, once he's caught enough breath to do so, his hat plucked off the top of his head and starting to detwig and leaf bit it. He sends an apologetic look her way though, for having sat. "Give me a couple minutes. Not sure my legs can hold me up right this second. I can barely feel them." A pause and Melze is departing and inquiring after the whole hat commission, "I won't!" As for Miki being assaulted in all directions? Well, well, well, he'll just leeeeeean back and smirk. No comment, just the smirk. Ah, revenge was even sweeter when you didn't have to lift a finger to exact it.

Lucky for Miki, bribery does indeed get people places and the littles slow down. "I'll even send you guys some other sweets, so how about we go attack someone else now?" There are a few snowballs in response, but after a bit the littles to recede, going to find more interesting targets that /won't/ be able to bribe them. Attackers gone, the green rider lets out a small groan, plopping down next to the others with a heavy sigh. "Their parents owe us. We've tired 'em out enough to let them have some peace tonight."

Tamsyn looks at Miki, groaning as the greenrider plops down with her and Kairhys. "Great. Now we're really not standing up anytime soon." She's not used to sprinting around the bowl like that. She's not an athlete after all, she's a singer and an actress. A undecipherable look is given to Miki before Syn breaks out in a grin. "I /had/ thought about staying dry today, and not risking a cold, you know."

Shena is well and truly defeated. She lays facedown in the muddy snow until the children have rendered her entirely filthy and soaked. Only then does she roll onto her back, looking over and glaring at Kairhys. "/You/." She hisses, ignoring the fact that she started that.

Kairhys sends a look Tamsyn and Miki's way, resigned perhaps to his fat of being freezing cold, wet, and lacking the strength and gumption to move at all. However, Shena's hiss from over there has the weaver arching a brow. He wasn't any better off after all. "You started it." he points out, not letting her just ignore this fact. There is a severe lack of sympathy, though with the way his grin was stretched up there with all the teeth between, well, likely he meant this in all good fun. A chuckle even follows.

Miki grins over at Tamsyn. "Aww, that's no fun at all. You probably sing about nature right? Be one with nature. It'll give you inspiration." This is obviously complete crap, but the rider is having fun with the exuse anyways. "Awww c'mon, don't be such a spoil sport." This said the the hissing journeyman before Miki leans back a bit, lifting her face up and closing her eyes for a few seconds. "I haven't had a snowball fight this fun in /ages/."

Shena may be responsible, but she's not going to acknowledge that. She slowly sits up and wipes some of the mud and snow from her clothes. She glares over at Kairhys. "You are /going/ to clean my clothes. I am /covered/ in mud. This is unacceptable!"

Tamsyn looks at Shena for a moment, chuckling at the younger woman. "I think that sounds like an acceptable idea. Except I think Miki should be cleaning mine." The greenrider is pegged with another amused look before Syn groans, finally starting to push herself to her feet, wobbling in the process of standing up. "Just because I sing about nature doesn't mean I want to absorb it in this fashion. I don't need a mud bath, Miki." And there's another slight sway, but Syn has her feet under her. "Plus I'm freezing." There's not a lot of extra meat on her bones to give insulation from the cold and wet.

Kairhys looks away from Shena for a moment, blinking some at Tamsyn, as if it had just struck him that the woman had mentioned something about staying dry and warm. "You and me both." Better late then never, but one could blame the severe lack of instant brain function on the cold he undoubtedly was. Course when the harper tells the brooding woman over yonder that cleaning her clothes was acceptable, the weaver can't help but just burst out laughing. Perhaps at their audacity, perhaps at the outrageousness of the demand. "Tell you what sweetheart," he tells Shena, grinning so wide at this point his face might very well split in two, "You strip down to nothing right here and now and I'll be more than happy to do that for you." He might be serious, or he might not considering the sparkling of those rather muddy looking brown eyes of his. Brows shoot up and he smirks, waiting. Maybe he was serious after all. He winks then at Miki.

Miki smiles, "Wellll, I guess I can get your clothes cleaned since I /did/ start it. But I heard mud baths are good for the skin. For you though…." There's a look towards Shena and the rider shakes her head. "You brought it all on yourself. Shouldn't have thrown the snowball at him if you didn't want to pla—" At this point Miki can only dissolved into a fit of giggles as she hears Kairhys' suggestion and it takes quite a bit of time before she's steeled herself enough to talk. "You gonna head inside?" This asked of the harper getting to her feet. "You're right, it /is/ pretty cold."

Shena manages just a tiny smile of approval when the Harper seconds her demand. "Good to see /someone/ here hasn't lost their senses." She resumes huffing in annoyance as she gets to her feet, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at Kairhys. "You know quite well it is entirely too cold for that. That's why I bundled up in all these now-soaked clothes. I will be delivering these muddy clothes to you after a warm bath, and then you /will/ clean them."

Tamsyn just gives the apprentice weaver another sort of blank look at his offer to Shena. But then Syn is rolling her shoulders, as if rolling it off. She's just going to ignore it. "I'm headed to warmer waters." Literally. Trust a harper to use cliches to describe where they're headed. "And hot food, after that." All in the order to warm up and return some feeling to her body before her evening duties.

People talking about a warm bath and a hot meal must sound good to the weaver because when people start getting to their feet, he does as well. With some effort that is. The blank look from Tamsyn is rewarded with a lopsided grin and a shrug of broad shoulders from Kairhys. Being soaked to the bone, and covered in his fair share of mud and debris, he simply holds the kitty-eared hat in one gloved hand as he once more slides his attention to Shena. Her glare is met with a smile completely unphased by her demands. "I don't think so. After I bathe and eat, I'll be heading home to look after my sister." he tells her calmly enough, his head tilting off to the side. "If by some chance, someone's muddy clothes did happen to find me, they would quickly be tossed in the nearest trash receptacle. Or maybe if you feel like apologizing for trying to take out your bad mood on an innocent bystander, I might be more inclined to redirecting them to the drudges." That said, he turns away and offers an arm to Miki. "Shall we then?"

Miki quirks her brow at the woodcrafter's demands and her lips twitch in slight irritation, but she doesn't even bother commenting on Shena's remakrs at this point. Should anything further be said however, it might try the rider's patience. For now though, Miki turns to Syn and nodding in agreement. And as Kairhys proves quite capable of handling the situation himself, Miki smiles, reaching up to take the offered hand and standing with a tiny groan of her own. "Shards, I'm going to be sore for days now. I think I'll be joining you guys in the bathing cavern. A hot soak sounds great right now."

Shena just glares at Kairhys. It does not appear an apology will be forthcoming in the near future despite her obvious culpability. "I am also coming to the bathing caverns." She insists in a voice full of annoyance. "Both to get clean and warm /and/ to make sure you clean my clothes. You are not getting out of this!"

When no apology comes, Kairhys doesn't seem to mind it, but when Shena continues with her annoyed tone and demands the weaver exchanges a look with Miki. He inclines his head towards Tamsyn as she departs ahead of them, before he glances over his shoulder and looks the woodcrafter up and down appraisingly before he chuckles. "I'm not going to clean your clothes. You got exactly what you deserved. You are more than welcome to join us for a soak though, the more naked lady flesh the better." Thick skinned the boy was, not so easily ruffled as all that. Once Miki is up, he pulls her arm to loop through his and steps off towards the living cavern. "Don't worry I'm not going to demand senselessly that you clean my clothes. I'll send them out like any sane person." He tells the greenrider, loud enough for Shena to hear. Quite on purpose.

It's a combination of irritation and general lack of energy that creates Miki's bad mood and makes her turn around as Shena gives her declaration. There's the tiniest of glares shot in the woodcrafter's direction before turning back. Kairhys was handling the situation, she didn't need to. There's a blatant snicker at the lady flesh comment and she gives him a small hip bump while stepping along beside him. "Like he said, feel free to join us. Not like anyone has the authority to stop you. And awww, Kaiii, isn't that sweet of you! Thanks. I'll be sure to deliver a bubbly for you as well!"

Shena is clearly not having a good day. Her mood, grumpy to begin with, is now completely shot. She grumbles obscenities as she muddily trudges towards the baths, whether she's going to be a third wheel or not.

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