Mountain Pass /^\^\ Fort Weyr - Rocky Foothills

The sounds of a forest grow quieter as the tree line starts to thin and lower, while the plants grow in sparse clumps of shrubbery. Audible now is the silence of the mountain terrain or the rush of wind sliding over the landscape. With the low lying valley of forest below, where a tavern, shops, and a camp have been built, there is a noticeable but gradual incline to the earth; felt here by those who walk the beaten path.

Rugged flowers dot the hills between the rocks and boulders which have fallen loose of the towering precipitous mountain sides. A mixture of tough vegetation roots itself in the stony ground, from long browning grasses to plants that sprawl over the surface of rock staying low to avoid the full force of the harsh winds which often blow.

There is a pathway cutting though the vegetation, obviously having been traversed greatly to make a thin trail of dirt where nothing grows. The path itself meanders itself through the rocky foothills toward the promises of the mountains. Stretching out ahead, are those looming castles of rock with their sharp pinnacles poised like regal crowns, hiding many wonders out of sight.

As tends to be the case, while the group went off hunting, Ada was left to set up camp for them. It was too far to hike all the way back to the weyr, so tents it was! Plus the sun was already going down, and a hike back in the dark is no fun. Ada has dug out spots in the snow a bit for the tents, the snow wall covering them partially on the wind side and allowing a little extra insulation. Inside the furs have been laid out. He's got a nice fire going with a big pot of stew on it. There is plenty of firewood chopped to get them through the night if they want to keep the fire going. Some furs have been laid out on rocks and a log near the fire, so there is spots to sit that weren't wet or covered in snow. Ada is busy tending to the stew.

Deitra is the first to return, but there should be no question /why/ either. The woman is soaked, looking quite discontent with the wet clothing she wears. Luckily, her top half is better off than the bottom with her coat being as sturdy as it is. "/Ada/." Deitra greets, grinning widely at the man before attempting to scurry away to the tent where her things reside before he thinks to scoop her up. "We were scoutin' and there was a hole in the ground, filled with so much snow. Then, next thing we know 'm headin' in the ground. Poof."

Adalinus blinks a bit at Deitra as she heads up to the ridge looking… soaked. He's stands upright as she scurries into the tent. "Dietra!" There's some rustling from outside, then some banging as Ada gets to work making a makeshift drying rack near the fire. But not so close as to light the clothes up in flames, of course. A beefy arm goes into her tent, to take up her wet clothes. Hopefully he doesn't hit anything. "Do you have a change? It's a relief you weren't trapped down a tunnelsnake hole or something! You aren't hurt, then? No frostbite?"

"I got a change. It's winter, more prone ta get wet and cold." Deitra muses softly, handing off the wet clothing as the arm comes into the tent.. A few moments pass and then the huntress makes her way out, in dry clothing. "Nah. Ain't a tunnelsnake one. Not sure what it was. Tunnelsnakes prefer Weyrs in the winter cause'a the cold. No frostbite, wasn't in long and made a quick walk back. Sittin' by the fire'd be nice." She beams a wide grin at the man and settles down on a log closet to the fire. "Nothin' happened back here? No interestin' stories?"

"Mm. Always good to be prepared!" Adalinus takes her clothes and lays them out to dry on his rack for her. They'll be nice and toasty later if she wants to sleep in them! "Hm. I suppose we should keep an eye out for dislodged critters." Ada spoons out a generous portion of stew into a bowl and hands it off to Deitra with a spoon. "Nothing to report! I heard something in the bushes a little while back, but when I took a torch to look for it it scurried away. What news of the hunt? Any better luck?" He gets a bowl of stew for himself and settles in next to Deitra on the log.

"Mhm. Otherwise I'd've had ta be naked and wrapped up in my furs until my clothes were all dry 'gain." Deitra laughs softly and takes the bowl of stew, staring at it for a moment before giving in and taking the spoon. "Probably. Don't know one that'd live in a hole like that. Not off the toppa my head." She idly pokes at the stew before scooping some of it onto the spoon, wrinkling her nose with concentration before she simply leans in and puts it into her mouth from that angle. "Mmf. Ah well. Nn. Not much. Had ta come back before any big decision was made. But, there's tracks of some bigger game higher up from some of the others that went 'head. We'll move up higher t'morrow. Some of the others got a camp up there so the rest of us'll join up in the mornin'. The others should be headin' back soon 'nough."

Adalinus nods to her. "I wouldn't stand for that! I would give you the shirt of my back, instead. It's important for you to stay warm." He watches her reaction to the stew. "It's all we've got until we manage some bigger game. It will at least keep you warm." There's a nod about making camp further up the mountain, though he sounds a bit disappointed they haven't come back with more game. "We'll head up tomorrow morning then. We'll need to catch something soon, or the group is going to talk about moving on from this area. Did your sister head up with the other group, or is she coming back here? It'll be a shame if all this stew goes to waste."

Deitra laughs, "you probably would, hm?" There's an idle nod to that before she's scooping up more stew. "I know. Just hate stew… And spoons. And forks." Stew is not something you eat with your fingers. There's a shrug before nodding her agreement. "Mhm. Might have ta head out further from the Weyr, maybe more towards the Holds. Or past 'em. Probably a three day travel. Or a sevenday." There's a nod, "she went with the others. More'll be back ta stay in the tents here, it ain't goin' ta be a waste cause they'll be cold'n hungry." A wide smile is beamed at the man. "Y'know they like yer cookin'."

"I certainly would!" Adalinus states with more certainty this time around. "You can have it right now, if you want!" His hands are thankfully too occupied for his usual throwing off of clothes, though he looks like he might be looking for a spot to put down his bowl. "I know. I apologize. had to make due with the left overs from last catch, and the best way to make do is stew." It was easy enough to throw the bones in and let the meat cook off them and then add vegetables. "Mm." He laughs a bit at Deitra. "I think they just like having a warm meal when they're cold and hungry. But I don't think it will go to waste. A sevenday's travel? We're not stocked for that. Hopefully they find something big on the way. Or a couple of us will have to head to the hold or back to the weyr."

"Don't take yer shirt off." Deitra states, eying him carefully before shifting position on the log for more support. The bowl is brought to her lips and she sips at it quietly rather than attempting to use the spoon. "Mm. Make due with what we got. Ain't a problem, I'll not be whiny about it. For now." A teasing grin and then grey eyes flicker over to stare at the fire. "Nah. They love yer cookin'. Mm. Yeah. Have ta stop and get resupplied, but, would be worth it when we bring in a big haul for the Weyr. Ain't like they're at the point of desperation yet and havin' ta get somethin' from other Weyrs." Pause, "I think. Ain't like I make that stuff my business."

Adalinus gives Deitra an innocent look, then goes back to eating his stew. He'll get her…eventually. His own stew is eaten daintily. As in, with the spoon. Manners and all. "Mm. When we make a big kill there will be plenty of meat to go around. We can roast it all over the fire, and there'll be cooked skin and enough for jerky. And everyone will get big slabs and eat until they feel like they'll burst!" He gives a big belly laugh. "No. The weyr seems happy to have us for the most part. They are well supplied for the winter, and when we catch up with the large game we'll make sure to restock them with fresh meat and good fur. Maybe we should scout a bit to figure out the quickest way up the mountain before it gets too dark?"

Deitra eyes Adalinus once more for that innocent look before letting out a soft snort of laughter. Lashes lower and she lingers in silence while she continues to eat her stew, without the spoon. "Mm. Yep. Been wantin' a big kill for awhile now. Maybe the tanners'll want ta buy some of the hides and we can split up the profit. 'm still tryin' ta save for a runner." The stew is finished off and the huntress stretches out a bit. "Mm. Yeah. Sounds like the plan. If you want ta, we can catch up with 'em and get the others ta come with is. Just have ta have the stew able to be eaten right 'way so they're keepin' warm."

Adalinus grins a bit to Deitra, that mustache curling up on the sides of his mouth. Even Ada is tipping his bowl though once he's reached the end of his portion of stew. "Ah. Feels good to have something warm in my belly. I feel like I could walk all night and never get cold! Or I could wrestle a bovine to the ground with my bare hands!" Ada pumps his fists. There's a nod about the big game then. "I am not much interested in the profits. I will take my share and give it to you." He looks at the camp he's set up. "We'll let them head back here. The stew should be find on its own as long as it doesn't get dark. If they make it back in time we can head up the mountain a ways. I just want to get my bearings before tomorrow." He stands up then.

Deitra laughs loudly, shaking her head in amusement before pushing up from the log. "Thanks, Ada. I really 'ppreciate that." A wider grin, softer this time, is given to the mand and then she stretches out. "Ah. I see what yer sayin'. We can find the quickest way while the others are headin' back. And if we see 'em, just tell 'em how ta get here." The young woman nods her agreement and moves to set the bowl down and out of the way. "Let's get to it."

Adalinus flexes a bit once he's on his feet. It's more of a stretch, really. He pats Deitra on the back a bit. "Mm. Easier to find a way if we're not laden down with supplies." He reaches into a tent to grab a glow lantern. Just in case. "I'm sure they'll be back soon. While we scout they can get to eating. We'll know the way whether we leave tonight or tomorrow." He checks for his knife and his other belt supplies. He'll let Deitra lead the way into the woods though. She was at least a little more familiar with them than he was. He'll just follow behind her, looking big and dangerous.

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