'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.


A few of the eggs begin to rock, shedding their sandy coating.

X'an rushes onto the sands, slowing to a walk as he gets where folks can see him, hankie in hand and blowing his nose. "Augh. Glad I'm not sneezing any more." Judicious eyeing is cast to the eggs, just as the humming begins.

Elara dashes out onto the sands, tugging off her jacket as she comes, dumping it unceremoniously on the sands as she hustles to her queen's side. "It's time?" she queries. Wiyaneth shifts a bit back from the eggs and rumbles an affirmative. Elara begins bouncing on the balls of her feet. She waves eagerly to X'an, and smiles warmly as X'y enters and stands by Raeyth, the bronze rumbling in excitement.

A'rtomus trots in behind X'an, almost running into the Weyrleader when he slows to a walk. "Did you take the medicine Elara gave you?" he asks eyes on the man. Worry wherry. Elara is given a wide smile that is also directed to X'y and his bronze. "No more waiting."

X'an hops sidelong from A'rtomus, chuckling at the man as he /almost/ barrels into him. "Close, but no herb-pipe, man." he chuckles, nodding in the aftermath. "I took them, I sweated it out, I've been medicated up to my eyeballs. All I'm likely to do is sneeze at the hatchlings, which is better than infecting everyone with the dreaded lurgy." Skirting rocking eggs, he comes to Elara's side, smiling at his weyrwoman. "Vacation in short order! I can't emphasize how much it's a good thing…" he winks.

Elara beams at X'an and A'rtomus, offering them both shaking hands, "Hi!" she whispers. "I hope this goes well. I really hope it does, I do. How are you feeling, X'an? Good? Drink plenty of water here."

A'rtomus takes Elara's offered hand, kissing those shaking knuckles then holding on with a grin. "It will go well, love. You'll see," he assures her then turns his eyes to X'an. "Good. At least you didn't pretend you did. You would think medication were some horror worse than between." A chuckle follows.

X'an rolls his eyes to Elara's inquiry. "I'm /fine/ honest. I promise." He assures Elara, hand resting in hers, offering a squeeze and a look across the vibrating weyrwoman to A'rtomus. "With you looking after me, how can I /not/ be on the up and up?" he inquires, then looks to the candidates with a nod of his head.

Cerize marches after, shuffling her way to the front of the line as quickly as she can with a few complaints. As soon as her feet hit the sands, she winces at the contrast between hot and cold. She's the first to bow to Wiyaneth, giving an excited wave to Elara in the process.

Rheffayl shuffles in somewhere amidst the white cloaked rabble, pausing to bob in the direction of the dragons and assembled riders before finding a patch of sand to stand on. Gawk.

With a sudden and determined burst of activity, the Painted Desert Sands egg vibrates like a thing possessed, wibbling and wobbling like a teeter-totter. After giving it a really good wallop for twenty seconds or so, the fruits of its labour seem to have been nothing more than falling on its side. Wait, there'll be more! It just needs a breather…

Phoebe arrives on the sands in a tizzy, a scrap of white cloth in her hand and face reddened with embarrassment as she abruptly stuffs it into her cleavage. "Oh shells, oh shells…" she can be heard babbling, mildly distraught with her own forgetfulness, but automatically going through the movements of bobbing at dam, sire, riders, and a few folks she probably doesn't have to. A moment after the last bob is completed, she sneezes explosively and then stands terribly still —staring at the eggs.

Ryu trails in, hopping as she adjusts her sandles a final time. She stops before the proud parents and performs a deep curtsey before the queen, then the bronze gets a bow and a salute before she joins the rest of the candidates gathered around the eggs.

Sianne moves out on to the sands and makes quick work of bowing to the parents and moving out to stand before the eggs. Eyes search about for a good body to stand with.

Zerander is wide-eyed as he follows the group out onto the sands, assuming a position that offers a good view, while also offering the chance to hide behind someone if necessary. A deep breath, shoulders are squared, and he sketches out one of his more theatrical bows.

Diz walks stiffly out onto the sands, expression arranged in neutral lines. Trust a Bitran to have a well-practiced poker face. Only the hands fisted at her sides and her stiff posture give her away as being nervous. She sketches a bow to the sire and dam before following behind Phoebe to take her place in the ring around the eggs. "Come on, Phoebe, before someone trips over you. Remember to breathe."

Elara bounces on the balls of her feet more as the candidates file in, stroking Wiyaneth's hide. The ivory queen rumbles softly.

Keladry rushes in behind the group, still securing her waist belt managing to get dirt upon her formerly pure white robe with her garden covered hands. Once she gets sorted she looks up to the dam and sire and bows with a nervous smile on her lips before stepping towards the group looking for an area to slot into and she steps in beside Renae.

Iniroc steps out with the others. The big man is silent as he bows to the sire and dam of the clutch and silent still as he walks to join the others. He steps around Diz to stand beside Phoebe, urging her with a wave of his hand into the line of candidates.

Renae is following in the mist of a line- or what should be one, but Renae isn't paying attention to that. Instead she seems to verbally be rehearsing her way across the sands. "Bow to the gold, and bronze, follow the other across the sands, semi-circle.." The lass grins a little scared-like and finds herself next to Keladry… So she's not in alphabetical order anymore, but who cares? "Heh… Hi." Is mumbled, before she concentrates on the first shaking egg.

Right, time for round two! On its side, the Painted Desert Sands egg rolls around on its apex, actually bouncing up and down now in its occupant's frenetic effort to break free. Across the horizon line and zig-zagging through the cracked and rusty earth, splits form and from within one singular, audible 'MRRRRRRRRRRRRR' can be heard. Well, it's frustrating you know! Then it quiets again, for one more breather.

Ryu shuffles her feet while she looks around. Somehow, having an audience makes her feel a lot more nervous than usual. She spots Sianne and lopes over. "Hey, um… can I…" She holds out her hand to Sianne hopefully

Phoebe barely responds to Diz but doesn't resist being moved by the other candidate's presence as she takes a place beside her, still staring wide-eyed. "They look bigger," is all she can say as she attempts to wipe her dripping nose with the back of her hand as she's fearful they'll kick her off for bringing her nose rag onto the sands. Nervous? That doesn't even begin to describe her…

Cerize bows her way down the rest of the line, looking like a bobbing duck in the water, moving along as she does so. She looks reserved, not attatched to anyone, rather pulling off to the farther side and looking pretty unsure of herself - well, that's a first for her. Being in the galleries and being on the sands are two totally different things, yeeap. She stares at random eggs, hands behind her back, looking anxious.

Rheffayl looks around her fellow candidates, and shifts closer to Diz's unoccupied side. "Going to get good and drunk with me later?" A wobbling egg makes her hop a bit in surprise before looking back at the Bitran.

A'rtomus watches the candidates file in, making eye contact with each one then offering a slow quiet nod and smile.

The creature inside the Caught in Repose egg gives an experimental nudge from within, making the ovoid rock in its bed of sand. It /is/ nice and warm in here. Maybe it will wait a bit longer, catch a few more winks. It's still early.

With the candidates having filed in and done their obesiances, the weyrlingmaster staff brings up the rear of the group, making sure that all willing candidates file into the hatching sands area. Once that is done, the assistant weyrlingmasters get into place. V'san is, of course, looking well prepared and ready for any emergency. In stark contrast, Ree looks as though she dipped into the sauce a bit early today as she sips from a flask. Now who let her bring that along? Surely the rather addled S'lah forgot to remove it from her being.

Sianne holds out a hand to RYu "Sure, being together is better then being alone out here." As the eggs move about, Si edges closer to Ryu "What color first ya think."

Ryu thinks. "Um, brown?" She points to the first egg that wobbled. "I think that egg's going to be first." She shuffles closer to Sianne. "I think it's a brown."

Zerander is staring down at his toes for some reason, but the round of reactions as the eggs shift bring his eyes up to rest squarely on them. Hands come up absently to tighten the belt on his robe, as he begins to edge out from behind the group he's nearest. Phoebe is eyed with some trepidation, but he risks the sneezes to edge up near Diz. "Didn't mean to drop you in it. I'll help you with the tackling if needs be."

Right. That's it. Having gathered its strength up for a final heave, the Painted Desert Sands egg rolls and rollocks with a cracking, splitting sound, and with a triumphant squeal, the egg shatters to pieces, disgorging the previously confined hatchling in a puddle of limbs, on his back, with half of his eggshell stuck to his belly, and his wings flopping outward. Huzzah! Way to make an entrance!

Wily Manabohzo Blue Hatchling
The sweetest and perhaps most evocative of shades find form in this creation of beauty. Imagine the richest blue of summer skies over the desert and a speckling of post-dusk cyan stars twisting and swirling together and then coalescing gently into an exquisite living creature. Shimmering with such richness as to make a jeweler's eyes shine with avarice, this living gem catches every flicker of the light over his glimmering body, from his lean face, across the ranges of his wiry build, to the tip of his long, slinky tail, the stars dapple his back and haunches, hide fading to a pale powder hue across his belly, touched with just the fading traces of lavender and orchid of sunset. His wings are wide and long, spangled with the same pale little stars over a darker evening heaven, they glimmer in the faintest light, matching talons and neck-spars of sun-blasted obsidian.

Diz, who can't seem to decide what to do with her hands, finally settles for folding her arms across her midriff. "They aren't bigger. I promise," she says, a muscle in her jaw tic'ing as she struggles to maintain her patience with Phoebe's anxiety while keeping control of her own. Without looking over at Rheffayl, she adds in the affirmative, "Yes. Not long now, a clutch this size… thank you, Zerander. And a drink afte—oh, there's the first."

The Caught in Repose egg gives a violent heave that tilts its sharp side high into the warm air. It senses the time is near. And it must be ready for its entrance! Several sharp thumps later, radial cracks appear, marring the shell's face. Ah, much better. Just another minute. Entrances take time.

Cerize looks dark over in her corner, staring intently at the first hatchling to break free from it's shell and wringing her hands that it's a blue. Not a good sign - she's always been taught that bronzes being first are the blessing of a hatching. Cracking her knuckles, she pushes her wariness aside and makes sure she's even with the line of candidates, so she doesn't miss a moment - or a chance.

V'san leans in toward Asiree as the first hatchling strikes out from its shell. Eyes focused on the emerging blue, a smile beginning to curve across his mouth, he nevertheless finds some sternness in his voice for his fellow weyrlingmaster-assistant - but the words are too low to quite make out.

Zerander makes a good job of staring at the little blue like a slack-jawed idiot for several moments, before abruptly hitching up his chin and edging forward a step. "They're all covered in… I suppose they would be, but I never thought of it."

Phoebe literally /jumps/ back away from the first egg as its contents are disgorged onto the sands, and nearly trips over Iniroc's big feet in the process, thankfully completely missing Zerander's questioning of Diz —all for the better. "OH YEE!" Followed by a sneeze, the surprise upon her face is .. not much of a surprise as she stares at the hatchling, suddenly less fearful and in fact curious instead. "I thought they were supposed to be cute.. like kittens, or puppies, or…" Babble, babble.

Renae has her eyes on painted desert egg as is shakes, watching with raised brows at the eggs sound. "Well dang, I had no idea that could be so audible *inside* the egg… But then again, young things never cease to amaze." She finds someone to tel lthat to and turns a weak smile to Keladry, shifting her feet a bit and looking down at the sand. "I guess I would be jumpy, too, in all this heat…" And at the huge squeal, Renae's eyes shoot up, pushing her glasses back up her nose to stare at the blue. "Well I'll be…"

Asiree wafts back alcohol-drenched breath at her counterpart, smiling at him and batting her eyes lightly at him. "Look at that /marvellous/ little blue," she says, completely ignoring whatever it was that the bronzerider said. "Simply gorgeous." And none of that is bias at all.

Rheffayl peers at the goo soaked hatchling, brows lifted in what could only be described as.. doubt. "Now I hadn't thought they'd be so.. wobbly. Don't know why exactly.. " She shrugs a bit, lazily propping a hand on her hip as she watches the blue.

[Dragon/FOW] Corulth projects « … Why is there a drunk candidate? »

Iniroc steps in closer to Phoebe once she's recovered her balance, casting the much smaller woman in his shadow. It's his way of trying to offer his support to the flighty female. He alternates looking from the freshly hatched blue to the remaining eggs.

Keladry gives Renae's hand a squeeze as the blue hatches, her breath catching in her throat. "I did not imagine them so big fresh out…" she watches the blue mesmerized for a moment, "And so very beautiful fresh out…" She continues. She is of course doing the candidate shuffle on the sands, stepping one foot to the other.

[Dragon] Nemmenth rumbles softly whether in amusement or concern is unclear. «That is not a candidate. /That/ is a rider.»

[Dragon/Fort] Zelinath projects « Asiree is not a candidate, if that is who you speak of. »

Elara squeaks in her excitement and clings to X'an and A'rtomus, still fidgeting.

[Dragon] Corulth projects « … Ahh… »

[Dragon/FOW] Jaketh warbles in amusement

Wily Manabohzo Blue Hatchling squarks at the indignity of this. Lying on his back on the sands, staring at the robed white thingamies, the world is a topsy turvy place indeed, ain't it bucko? It is indeed. Wiggling all four legs he flails like a landed fish, curls wingtips under himself, then with a monumental heave in one so young, flips himself accidentally onto all fours at once. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That… was unexpected. Staring at his feet as if they've got something to do with it, he wiggles all his toes experimentally, then lifts his gaze to the line o' white. First come, first serve and he has a mind to find the right one. HAH! That'll teach all the lazibones in their beds of eggs… he gets the cream of the crop! Onward with a tail wiggle, a proud lift of his head, and a prompt faceplant when he's all limb confused. AUGH. Go on. Laugh. You know you want to.

[Dragon/Fort] Sukith is so ashamed.

[Dragon/FOW] Corulth projects « But why drunk? »

Sianne chuckles "Blue, good sized too. Look at the coloring Ryu." a quick hand squeeze "A good start I think." Her eyes dart around quickly, from hatchling to eggs and back again.

V'san's nose wrinkles and his eyes narrow against Asiree's breath. "Yeah. Kinda dark in spots," he replies, eyeing the dark-haired bluerider for a long moment before returning his attention to the hatchling, just in time to find the young fellow upended like an overturned turtle. "You breathed on that one," he quietly accuses.

Diz clears her throat and shifts her weight from one foot to the other, attempting to project an aura of calm. "Some people think any infant is cute, even when they're not," she puts in. "At least these will improve with age. Somewhat." The dize performed by the blue finally brings a faint, twisted smile to her lips. "We can hope, at least."

Caught in Repose grows very /very/ still. An odd move considering that it seemed just about ready to…*CRRRRRAAAPOP* Out from the spider web of cracks at the ovoid's tip shoots an egg-wet muzzle and the glimmer of a red tinged eye. It's show time folks! And a shove, and a shake, and a bump-bump-bump! Out of the darkness and into the light, Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling emerges. Here I am! This is me! The young one halts, eyeing the gathered as she stands in an almost majestic pose. My public. I should mingle. Careful first steps become a graceful passage as she moves towards the candidates.

Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling
A vast verdant field blankets this green's hide, wrapping her from nose to tailtip in the rich colors of the plains in spring. Sprigs of yellow green bud upon a blunt convex muzzle and thick, arched browridges but darken quickly into a deep forest green that spreads lusciously over a wedge-shaped forehead and long, delicate, upright headknobs. Waves of clover and alfalfa vie for space along the graceful length of her neck only to expand their growth over the muscular width of her powerful chest, finally joining the tumultuous carpet of young barley shoots that eddy and ripple over torso, haunches and tail. From the foothills of her broad shoulders, sage green wingsails sprout from russet tinged ailerons and spread like twin trees over her spineridges, a hunter green dorsal stripe of perfect mountain peaks so dark in color, they almost cross into the blue range. Upon the highest pinnacle, the first neckridge where head meets neck, a single kiss of yellow gold glimmers like the setting sun, a gift from a loving sky, while talons of earthy coal keep her rooted to the land.

Ryu giggles. "Look at the blue, silly just like I thought it would be. You know, from how it seemed during the touching. Well, I was sure wrong on that guess." Referring to what color she'd picked. She shakes her head. "Glad I didn't bet money on it." Her neck arches as she looks round at the other candidates. "Who do you think is going to impress him? He's a pretty one, isn't he." She kinda edges in a little behind Sianne. "My feet are hot."

Phoebe directs a snot-nosed smile up at Iniroc, her eyes all puppy-doggy and lips quibbling in a way that precedes drooling —that is until her attention is drawn back to the moment. "He's all sticky and … ew," is all she has to say regarding the hatchling, especially as the next one pops out of the shell. Ah, Phoebe, the eternally stupid.

Cerize watches Elara, gauging her emotions on the woman as she stands in the line, rocking back and forth on her heels as best as one can on sand. Sweat starts dripping from her forehead as a result of the heat - and the damn robe that she's wearing. Last time /she'll/ ever use this kind of fabric. She's quietly intent on each hatchling as it emerges, shaking her head at the green. Not good, not good. No bronzes or even browns yet.

[Dragon/FOW] Tobiath projects « Drunk? Who is drunk? »

[Dragon/FOW] Corulth sends a picture of Asiree

Tall Dark Conifer Egg sways slightly to some invisible wind blowing throughout the hatching cavern. Back and forth, back and forth in an almost hypnotic state.

[Dragon/FOW] Jaketh projects « My rider says she might have been sneaking some drink and the hatching caught her by surprise. Too late to turn back now. If she impresses, her new lifemate might be a little confused. »

Asiree completely ignores the thinly veiled criticisms and disapproving looks sent from her counterpart. Instead the bluerider watches the cute little blue with watery, reddish eyes. "I remember when my Sukith found me," siiiiiiiigh. Nostalgia, a cue to take another hit of the flask. Draping an arm around V'san's neck and cozing up to him she grins stupidly at the scene in front of her.

Zerander is beginning to lift first one foot, then the other, slowly moving as the heat begins to make itself felt through his soles. "I wouldn't so much go with cute, but he's gutsy, anyway. Hard to be too pretty when you're covered in yuck, isn't it?" One hand comes up to indicate the little green, as she takes her first steps. "That one's got the hang of walking better, she's worked out you need to get all four feet on the ground first."

[Dragon/FOW] Izelth sighs. «She is already impressed. She's Sukith's bond. Ain't no larnin' some folks is there?»

Rheffayl shakes her head a bit. Suspicions.. founded. "Oh! Look at the green!" Easily distracted isn't she? She even points a bit, adding a finger shake. A tid bit excitable.

[Dragon/Fort] Sukith perishes from SHAAAAME!

Renae is given only time to gawk at the abilities of the blue before her eyes are ripped away to the green. "Takin no time at all, are they?" She adds as she reassuringly sqweezes Keladry's hand back, "I didn't think they would be so large, either… But they had to reach their parent's size somehow." The blue is eyed for a moment longer as he wiggles his toes, earning him a grin from the lass before she nods. "Who ever figured that a jokster would be athletic, too?"

Keladry watches the blue hatchling as it sorts itself out, "Well they really seem just as silly as runners when they are born though..all limbs and no balance..quite amazing.." she murmurs to Renae. She gives the girl's hand a squeeze before she notes the green hatching, "There goes another one. Look at that green!"

Sianne sighs softly, a hand rubbing her forehead and neck "Green…Pretty…pert and lively." Shoulder straighten as she fight off some odd thought or another "I like that green, she's got spunk."

V'san is draped, and somewhat startled to find himself so - he flicks a wide-eyed look at Asiree, then clears his throat deeply, then turns his attention back to the hatchlings - green and blue now, a grin for the newly arrived. His broad shoulders shift back, his back straightens. He is as unleanable, as uncozy as a thing can be - and yet Asiree drapes. Can't win. "She has great markings," he attempts as casual conversation. "Like an old-stock runner, or a brown cow." Here's hoping the green doesn't hear this evaluation.

X'an chuckles softly to himself, offering Elara's hand a squeeze, he winks at her, returning his attention to the hatchlings. "No matter how much you tell them, it's always a surprise, no?" murmured softly.

Wiyaneth turns her broad muzzle to snort at V'san. Cow?

[Dragon/FOW] Jaketh snorts in amusement. «Now I get it! Its one of the Weyrlingmasters. My rider said she would be drunk to if she had to teach that lot.»

[Dragon/FOW] Corulth projects « Nice blue though »

"A cow?!" comes the loud, indignant sqwuak from Asiree. "How can you even think to compare a /dragon/ to a /cow/?" Way to make a scene and draw attention to the mismatched pair of assistant weyrlingmasters. Despite whatever protests V'san may be making with his posture and refusal to give in to draping and cuddling, Ree continues to lean against the bronzerider. Sometimes it's a necessary thing, when one's had too much drink.

A'rtomus gives Elara's hand a squeeze, his smile growing into a large, almost foolish grin. "And look at 'em. They're ready to find their mates. A lively bunch. A good sign."

Ryu nods at Sianne. "She is, isn't she. I'm hoping for a green, are you?" she asks, but her attention goes back to the blue and she giggles again. "That's the egg I was laughing at during the touching. I wonder if he's going to be as goofy as he was in the egg?"

V'san is impervious to Asiree's explosion - he just sort of grins sidelong at her and raises his broad shoulders in a rolling shrug that probably ripples right through the body of the sodden bluerider - but Wiyaneth's snort has the bronzer lifting a hand to ward off a golden muzzle and backpedaling quickly: "I mean, in a pretty way. Markings. Not like, shape. Or anything bad. Ma'am."

Phoebe, ignoring the fact that there're young, wobbly hatchlings looking for lifemates behind her, turns toward the galleries and shades her eyes with a hand as she sniffles and wipes at her face with the other. "I wonder of mother came, she'd be so proud of me… well, for the first time, I guess." This is said with no asperity at all, as if she doesn't even consider herself the failure her mother sees her as.

Wiyaneth rumbles and turns away from V'san back to her eggs, rumbling softly in dry amusement.

Diz draws a breath in through her teeth, the sound of it a low hiss. The look she gives the green isn't admiring but rather briefly wary. That is until she thinks to remark, "There you are, Rock. The lady you've been waiting your life for!" Fortunate, perhaps, that she is on the other side of Phoebe away from the man. And just in case that isn't enough, she shuffles off to the side a bit more towards Rheffayl and Zerander, under the pretense of cooling her feet.

Tall Dark Conifer Egg shivers and then begins to splinter from end to end, cracks appearing lengthwise along the smooth dark green shell.

Cerize is both physically and emotionally withdrawn from the candidates that she's spent the last few months with, now swaying from side to side with stocky patience as she stares around still, eyes flicking from the blue to the green to judge their direction. She gives a sniff, shoulders hunched, attempting to not look threatening or to even be as a loud and annoying as the rest of the candidates. She's a leaf on the windddd.

Rheffayl looks around, jaunty hatchlings drifting farther from the first tier of consciousness. "So how long does this take? On average I mean. I've never seen one of these things before." She comments before flicking an amused smirk at Diz. "Now now, you know you don't want to see Roc proddy. Don't even joke." chuckle.

Oh, V'san shouldn't have grinned at Ree. It only encourages the bluerider, who /beams/ back at V'san before she takes another gulp from her flask. Finding herself dislodged by the solid bronzerider's shrug, Asiree isn't one to be dissuaded. Instead she just wraps an arm about the assistant's waist for support. Shameless beast, is she not?

Ryu snickers at Diz's comment. "Yeah, just what 'Roc needs, a female to rule his life," she giggles. "You know what they say, behind every good man, there's a good woman - pushing him." She giggles again, then her attention goes back to the hatchlings, following them as they hunt.

Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling eyes the stands as she moves along, muzzle up, neck arched and tail pointed alertly. Am I not the most statuesque thing you've ever seen? What no applause? Tough crowd but no matter, there's /someone/ here who'll appreciate this one's stage presence. The shouts get her attention and the two riders are stared at then posed to. Cows. Runners. Who cares? A compliment is a compliment. But you two are taken, and I need to find a co-star. Step. Step. Sniff at a blond boy. A nice male you are but…no, not the right height and that /hair/! No, not right at all. She moves on.

Wily Manabohzo Blue Hatchling stares balefully at his green sibling. Hey! No stealing the show, HE got here first! What's the big idea?! Pfffah! Hatching when HE has the sands. With a squeal and a very vocal display of churring, churling, chittering and wheeking (yes, wheeking) he props himself up onto all his pins again, whuffs at them, then with a flick of his wings, galavants at top speed toward the nearest gaggle of candidates. HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO audience! Rearing up infront of the group he's infront of, he spreads his wings wide, red-tinged eyes looking to each face in turn, then totally losing balance. THUMP, straight into a mass of people. Oh dear. Oh dear oh deary dear. But he's galavanting off in a run without a second thought to what he may have done… he has a mission after all!

Iniroc's eyes glaze over for a period, he's hypnotized by the heatwaves from the sands or the noisy throng of the galleries. Maybe, too, it's those bobbing and weaving hatchlings who're really the mindtrip. Diz's little comment snaps him back to reality right quick, Roc breaks his gaze to offer both she /and/ Rheff /and/ Ryu (thank you, Peanut Gallery) the best of his withering gazes. "Yeah, y'all are just /so/ funny." He turns his attention towards a more favorable personality, Phoebe, and takes his mind off the all too real possibility of a green mate by commenting to her: "I'm sure she's there, somewhere. Probably can't see her in all the fuss."

Tall Dark Conifer Egg finally splits, the shards falling away in a sudden frenzy of activity.

V'san exhales a soft sigh of relief as Wiyaneth turns away from him, and makes a startled grunt as Asiree's arm snakes about his waist. He instinctively, reactively, lifts an arm to make room for her - and then has nothing to do with it but hold her up with the brace of his elbow around her back. "Hey, she's lookin' at us," he observes, but then the green's -not- looking at them, so never mind. "You're a disgrace," he informs his fellow assistant, though there's an eternally patient, almost fond resignation in the disgust.

Hese Aenohe Green Hatchling…
…explodes from the shards of her egg, sending droplets of goop and bits of shell flying. Wings spread she fans them eagerly as she dashes forward, stumbling recklessly over herself and quite possibly others in search of food and her lifemate. A shrill shriek splits the air of the cavern, shattering the very air before she rounds on a terrified boy from Ruatha. A low coo in the back of the green's throat as her eyes lock on those of Lammas. He gasps, "Yes, Mazamath, let's find some raw meat!" L'mas leads her off the sands.

Diz appears to have forgotten her solemn vow to look after Phoebe while on the sands. She overlooks the other woman's inattention, though her spine does stiffen still more at the mention of parents. Gritting her teeth, she refuses to look towards the galleries. "Better Rock than us," she says in low tones to Rheffayl. "Oh shells, he's fast, look out!" The latest hatchling's arrival is overlooked as she slides off to the side to avoid the blue's charge.

Phoebe sighs softly and turns back around to smile her most winning smile up at Iniroc, her eyes slightly reddened by the stress of her cold, which has her sneezing again and wiping at it —with her hand of course. She turns just in time to see the blue dragonet barreling towards the candidates, but just blinks oddly at him —not even considering he might /hurt/ someone with those freshly-hatched talons.

Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling confidently lengthens her stride from passage to extended trot, eyeing her blue clutchmate with a snort. There's space here for two, dear. No need to be such a… ooops! Perhaps the green picked up speed a little too soon for just born muscles. The green trips awkwardly just before a crowd of white clad girls. Flop. Roll. back up on her feet in a heartbeat. Her first prat fall!!! What, none of you liked that? *sigh* Well, thanks for coming ladies but your not quite right for the part I have in mind. She shakes some sand off her hide and moves along down the row. Casting can be such a pain, she'll be at this forever at this rate.

Keladry takes a deep shaky breath as the two dragons start to make their way about the sands, nerves, definatly nervous. She looks to Renae for a moment before looking back to the dragonets. She stands a bit taller as the blue rushes the group, trying to resist the urge to step back as they are rushed by the mad blue. "They want a rider not a meal, they want a rider not just a meal.." She murmurs to herself.

S'lah grunts something about lazy youngsters on his way past Asiree and V'san. Suddenly fleet despite his age, he's catching up to L'mas and his new Mazamath just in time to herd them away, shooting a dull glower at his assistants as he goes. By the time he returns, however, he seems to have forgotten what he was upset about.

Cerize is, unfortunately, right smack in the middle of the blue's antics, which causes her to fall and quickly attempt to shuffle out of the way. In the process of the blue running, one of his back claws lands right *smack* onto her hand, ripping a pretty nice gash into her hand and causing her to yelp in pain. With this new appearance of pain, Ceri stumbles to her feet and grabs the bottom of her robe, mopping the blood that's now trying to drip onto the sands, staining herself red and looking quite… shocked. What just happened?

With a triumphant cry the Hese Aenohe Green Hatchling… has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Sianne shifts her feet "Another green." stepping back "That was close, thought she was gonna get us." is said to Ryu. Feet get shaken to rid them of the sand "Did someone impress?"

Asiree blinked and missed the green taking a gander at herself and V'san. Oh well. There were more interesting, cute candidates to oogle at the moment. "Isn't he cute?" she asks V'san, a hint of teasing in her tone as she points to a lad on the sands in his twenties. "Want some?" she says to the bronzerider, holding up the flask in offering, as if that were an appropriate response to the term 'you're a disgrace'.

Healer Uli, standing near the exit just incase, rushes forward when Cerize is injured, pulling a roll of gauze out of her satchel. She stops by the candidate, one eye on the hatchlings and another on the wound, "Let's get you off the Sands," she says quietly to the glasscrafter lass.

Rheffayl chuckles at Diz, "Agreed. I have enough trouble behaving on my own, let alone with some dragon grabbing control of the baser functions." She could add a topical example of her misbehavior.. but let's just not and say we did, hmm?

Cerize gives a whimper and nods, still shocked, following the healer off the sands.

Renae peers over at the green who takes the time to sniff up one of the boys, arching her brow at such- wierdness. "If they determine by smell, then some of the more sweaty candidates might have problems.." She grins at such and watches the green move on, before her eyes grow huge and her glasses slide down her nose at the movement. "He's charging!" She meeps at the blue, jumping over to Keladry, extremely close to her, nearly knocking herself off balance. "Crazy, crazy…" She grumbles before looking at Keladry and pushing up the glasses that keep coming down from the sweat on her nose. "Right. They won't eat us…" She hope. Lunatic dragonets at Fort.

Zerander edges out from behind Diz entirely now, curiosity overwhelming caution. Just in time to jump backwards, away from the blue. That achieved, he returns to eyeing off the young one' sister. "What's wrong with impressing a female? Look at that one, strutting all over the place. She…. oops. Well, she's still more stable than the other ones, isn't she?" He's all eyes for the dramatically inclined hatchling, and it takes several moments for Cerize's fate to register. When it does, his head whips around to follow her progress off the sands. "Hey, she…"

Ryu nods. "I think so," she answers, but she's busy watching Cerize. "Can't she stay here? They're making her leave…" Concern edges her voice. She tugs at Sianne's sleeve to get her attention. "Cerize got hurt, and they're making her leave," she repeats.

Diz's eyes are caught by the startling gleam of wet crimson out in this canvas of white and sand. Recovering from her dash to the side, she returns to the others and murmurs, "Cerize is out. Hand injury." The delivery of this statement of fact is made with the same lack of strong expression. Even that hint of a smile is long gone. "Let's try to avoid further bloodshed?" she adds, finally thinking to take her place at Phoebe's side again. Her hands hang by her side, flexing and bunching to express the state of her nerves.

V'san is almost stony in his solemnity: "I can't tell from here." Not quite a denial of the cuteness of the candidate in question, but for whatever reason the Igenite bronzer casts an odd look past Asiree's dark-haired head at the Weyrleader over there, then frowns. "I'm on duty," he informs his fellow weyrlingmaster-assistant, in a rote, rhetorical tone - but continues to help her keep her feet.

Wily Manabohzo Blue Hatchling slides forward with a whooping noise, galavanting the length of the line, heedless of the accident he just incurred on some poor innocent bystander. He shuffles his feet underneath him, hind claws blood-splattered, then stares at male and female candidates alike. Where are you, WHERE are… AHA! With a whiffle, he slows his pace down considerably, head tilted on one side, as if suffering from a spasm in his neck and points his nose triumphantly at the midriff of a girl after his own heart… Just all you others shoo…Someone else will take care of the sick.

Phoebe's expression is a mess of confusion as she tries to keep up with what's going on, her gaze flicking from the blue hatchling to Cerize, to the healer who has just entered the sands, and then back to Iniroc as if he'll somehow explain everything in a way she can understand. "What happened? Where's Cerize going? She can't impress if she leaves!" Wail! Blinking, she slides her gaze over to Diz, clearly lost.

Vibrating slightly, Beneath Thunder's Eye egg shivers on the spot, cascading sand off its top. A twitch, another twitch, then one forceful BANG from within, and it stills.

Asiree is on duty too, see? Though, in her fairness she wasn't exactly expecting to be on duty right /now/. Silly dragons, hatching so early. It's all THEIR fault that Asiree is sauced on the sands at the moment. "He's quite a lovely man," she defends, grinning at the bronzerider.

Iniroc does the traditional candidate-waddle as the heat of the sands really starts to seep into his sandals. With so much going on, it's just fine with Roc that certain coversations are dropped in all the hubbub. He's on the opposite side of Phoebe as Diz, he peers over the girl's head to give the former guard a rather quizzical look. Squeezing a hand on Phoebe's shoulder, he tries to offer an explanation of his own. "Maybe they'll just bandage her up real quick and send her back out? Sure wouldn't want sand in /that/ thing. Listen girls," this is said with a sweeping, chivalrous gaze that encompasses any female in seeming earshot, "Just get behind me if one starts running thisaway." Faranth knows he's a formidable human wall.

Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling slows her pace a tad, each candidate sized up with a whirling, red tinged eye. Too short. Too tall. Too girly! Where /is/ my partner? There just has to be one for me, there must… *gasp* That voice! Her head whips forward, towards the sound. Right pitch, right sound. Yes! Bunching her hindquarters she leaps into the air, the picture of graceful flight, her wings tight to her back. Down she comes smack in front of a boy. One special boy. Black hair. Right height. Good build. Do you like me? Do you /really/ like me? Eyes stare into that face, then deeper as she warbles hopefully.

But peacefulness among the tribe of weyrling trainers is not to last long - there's a hatchling out there whose choice is plainly made. "A'right, you beat S'lah to 'em and I'll take a nip," V'san mutters for Asiree's ears alone - and launches the woman off with a meaningful shove in the general direction of the new pair. -Now- he's grinning. Mischief fits strangely on his earnest face.

Keladry looks in shock as a fellow candidate is injured with a look of surprise in her eyes, nearly clenching Renae's hand. "It's alright, it was just an accident, youngin's don't know head from tail…" Sure, she sounds so convincing. She watches as Cerize is taken from the sands, "What if her mate is out here …." she murmurs in confusion before looking back to the eggs, face marked with confusion.

Rheffayl shakes her head, "And how young is that girl that got hurt? Hope she'll still be able to use her fingers.. That wasn't a very helpful thing to say was it? Ah well. Atleast the blue is picked someone so he'll stop damamging people."

BANG! Another sharp motion rocks Beneath Thunder's Eye egg, this time with a savage hiss from within, and the 'hub' of the egg flaking bits of shell down. Visible cracks, like lightning forks, sunder the shell out from the point of inside activity. The occupant is determined now.

Phoebe's attention remains upon Cerize as she departs, then she tilts her head and gazes up at Iniroc, curiously solemn for a long, quiet moment. Her gaze eventually slides back to the eggs as she sighs softly, hopefully, stupidly —and sneezes, no doubt spraying her neighbors unintentionally. "Sowwy…" she can be heard to say.

Ryu is still watching Cerize, and yelps as she's bumped from behind, and loses her balance, ending up on her rump. As she starts to untangle herself, all of a sudden her lap is full of dragon head, producing another yelp of surprise, then a stunned look. "Vehoth… Vehoth?" One hand reaches out to touch the head as if she thinks it might be an illusion. "Vehoth! Oh, my." And she scrambles to her feet. "Yes. Something to eat!"

Diz's lip press into a thin, bloodless line. "Stuff it, Rock, some of us are capable of looking after ourselves," she says curtly before her attention is drawn away by the cries of the hatchlings. Those yells were different from the other vocalizations filling the cavern, and she can't help but look. "Who is she—ugh, Phoebe!" So, while others get to see who the green and blue are impressing to, Diz gets to try to wipe her snot-spattered arm off on her robe.

Silent Winter's Night Egg shivers quietly in its place in the clutch, rocking just slightly as if it doesn't want to draw too much attention to itself.

Sianne eyes her favorite egg starts to move "Ryu that egg I like so much just moved." All attention she can part with goes to the egg while she then realizes her partner has impressed "Congrats Ryu, he's wonderful."

Propelled forward by V'san, Ree lurches about, stumbles about and then flails into the sand. Wow, did she just do a perfect impression of a hatchling, or what? Sputtering out sand, Asiree rights herself and then stumbles towards the new blue pair. "C'mere you two," she says, cooing to them as she ambles unsteadily towards them. "Come this way. Lots of food to you two. What a pretty blue. Pretty, pretty little blue…" And the rider is easy on drunk eyes, too.

Renae turns to look at Keladry a little guilty and nods her head, "Your right, I've seen animals born before, and they arn't very good that the whole walking thing at first, either…" Keep with that thought… She watches as Cerize is taken from the sands with a deepening frown, before finally turning to see where the hatchlings have run off to… "I'm not sure, maybe it isn't? You can never tell, really." Take note of the green and blue stopping next to someone… Yes, this must be a good sign. "I think we're saved from attacking blues, now.." Whew.

Zerander blinks, taking a step back in surprise as the green comes to a halt right in front of him. Another moment's slack-jawed gaping — it's becoming a worrying habit — and then he's on his knees, reaching up to touch the hatchling's face, completely unaware of the effect the sand will be having on bare skin. "You want me to choose what, Omisimth? Can we use Z'ander, I think that one's…." A pause, and a laugh. "Of course, food first. Let's find some."

X'an chews on his lip. "Three down." commented to his cohorts in crime. Or punishment. take your pick.

Rheffayl lifts her brows, swinging a glance down to the line only to fingd that green stopped right near her.. and took Zerander. "Ryu and Zerander.. Well best of luck with the whole.. rider thing." Keep thinking happy booze addled thoughts and eventually they'll come true. Atleast, one can only hope.

With Asiree unwound from his shoulder and waist, V'san's free to lurch out after the newly-Impressed green and her black-haired weyrling. "Z'ander," he murmurs, having come up at the fellow's side just as his words spill forth. "And Omisimth?" A moment on the tongue, that one takes, and then the broad bronzerider's grinning widely. "Follow me, and we'll take you to food."

Jagged arcs of splitting shell destroy the stormy images on Beneath Thunder's Eye egg now, BANG, BANG, BANG of a darkling nose through the hole made. This final activity has the shell practically exploding like pieces of shrapnel, leaving a dark bronze hatchling baying on the sands, stocky limbs a'flutter. He wastes no time though…

Radairc ap'Morrigu Bronze Hatchling…
…looks around purposefully. He was determined inside the egg, he's just as forceful now, as he surveys the sands. With a loud, snarling bray, he paces forward in a shroud of forge-blackened limbs, wings mantling, to present himself with a determined butt of his nose, to a local lad from Fort Hold. Raidan, now finding himself stood alone as his fellow candidates flee, stares down at the darkling dragonet at his feet and in a croaky voice, announces "I'll weather the storm, Rabenth, yes!" - tears in his eyes and trembling, R'dan straightens proudly. "His name is Rabenth!"

Silent Winter's Night Egg begins to crack, fissures opening between the lines of color on its surface. Darkness is shattered by the stark white relief of the edges of the cracks.

Ryu turns to Sianne and throws her arms around the girl for a fierce hug. "You next, okay," she orders her friend, then returns her attention to the blue nudging at her lets. "Okay, buddy, we're going, we're going." And off the pair go.

S'lah heads out as V'san and Asiree head past him with their charges. The old Weyrlingmaster is again surprisingly fleet of foot in getting to R'dan's side, whereat he informs the fellow, "C'mon." Daring say no more lest too much of a soft smile twist his aged lips, he just turns about and leads the new pair off the sands.

Phoebeinnocent, blinks at Diz as if she doesn't understand what the girl's problem is. "What?" she even asks as she gives her the most innocent of wide-eyed expressions, and then wipes her nose on the neckline of her robe, which is pretty disgusting, but she hasn't many options you know. "Oh my, oh my! Did Ryu just impress? Oh!" Commence babbling.

Sianne watches Ryu leave, nodding mutely as she turns back to the eggs and hatchlings while inching closer to the other candidates.

Asiree returns to the so called 'weyrlingmaster area' to regroup with S'lah and V'san, after having stumbled around to help Ryu and Vehoth off, admist coos of 'so pretty' directed to the little dragon. Once the pair is gone, Ree stands there and waits, taking another little sip from her flask. Mmmm. Alcohol.

Iniroc is forgiving, if disgusted. He's got plenty of extra robe to use for wiping—someone or other had warned the candidates it could get messy out here. Not that snot was on the list. "Trust me, Diz, I didn't mean you." Feet alternate in lifting off the sand, his waddle becomes hopping. Finally, some candidates he actually knows Impress. "Congrats, guys!" he calls out amidst all the others. This most recent Impression, to some boy or other from someplace he can't remember, sparks his interest and he comments. "That was a nice pair, too. Congrats, man!"

Renae looks over to where the two dragonets have impressed, throwing a "Congradulations!" Across the sands before she turns again to see a bronze hatch, tilting to Keladry. "Is this going quick, or slow to you…?" She shifts her feet as she asks, trying to keep track of what egg cracked or wobbled.

V'san returns as well, rounding up with Asiree and, once he's back from his latest trek

V'san returns as well, rounding up with Asiree and, once he's back from his latest trek, S'lah. He just smirks a bit at his fellow assistant - perhaps she's forgotten his part of that deal.

Diz finishes scraping slime from her arm, leaving her robe soiled now with sweat and snot, and turns a grim look back towards the eggs. Phoebe can fend for herself, that look says. "Who… Zerander? Ryu? That egg…? Bah!" Another breath is taken in to calm herself, drawn through her nose this time. "She did. The blue, it seems. And Zerander on green? Poor fellow. The other games are terribly still… do you suppose the gas affected them too, all of the way out here?" She's a cheerful lass, she is.

Desert Saguaro Egg rocks violently, as if the being inside just went on a sudden frenzy to be released. Back and forth, back and forth, let me out!

Silent Winter's Night Egg finally falls to pieces, leaving the shell behind as the hatchling is revealed.

Sungmanitu Tanka Gold Hatchling
Draped in shimmering veils of gold, this hatchling has more layers than are readily apparent. A deep, burnished hue covers the majority of her form, unrefined ore beneath a canopy of pines. Dark umber traces across her narrow and pointed muzzle, eyeridges well defined and expressive. Her headknobs are thinner than most, lifted and attentive. Her color deepens and flows along the contours of her muscles as it streams down her strong neck, racing along her spine to the very fork of her tail. Shifts in color are evident along her flanks, lightening in tiny specks, as if white hairs have been blown to stick to her hide. Her talons are the inverse of her dam's, a dark ebony black with lightning strikes of gold veins arcing through them. Her wings are broad and perfectly formed, folding gently against her back or arching up in preparation for flight. Her sails are a shade lighter than the rest, as if the living fabric grasped the sunlight and is holding it there throughout the darkness of the rest of her. Eyes are large and well set in her face, spinning with a slow, deliberate patience. This young Fortian queen is streamlined and slender, the lines of her body speaking of grace and poise.

Rheffayl hops from foot to foot, inciting a wiggle. "I don't know.." she says over to Diz, "Then again I don't know much about eggs other than how to cook them. Obviously not dragon eggs.. where would you find a pan large enough even?" She snickers a bit.
Just a quick spasm seems to take the Murky Bayou Waters egg. A ripple of movement across the placid surface. Then it's still once more, leaning slightly off-kilter.

Phoebe didn't meant to do it, honestly! Eyes flying wide as the glitter of gold strikes the sand, she's abruptly staring and dreamily at that —though she can be heard saying, "Oh, so pretty… so pretty, so pretty." It's not the most intelligent stream of words to come from her mouth, but one shouldn't expect much else. "…but so much trouble, oh yes, very much trouble."

Sianne stops still "Gold, dark isn't she." Creeping closer to the others "Wonder …" looking at the remaining girls "I wonder…"

Asiree sidles on over to V'san, with about as much grace as a dying wherry in her movements. Draping her arm about the bronzerider's waist again, she gestures with her opened flask to the gold hatchling and slurs to her partner in crime, "Well would you look at that?" A nip is taken from the flask and she offers it to V'san. "Celebrate?"

V'san sighs - or maybe it's an exhalation of slight agitation at Asiree's resumed personal-space invasion. Again with the straight spine and thrown-back shoulders, again with the stern face. "They'll be glad t'ave her," he solemnly proclaims, and lifts his opposite hand to gesture a negative to the flask. "You go ahead."

Keladry looks around the sands as the first few impress, "Four down.." she murmurs as the bronze seems to find someone at last. She watches the path the impressed have taken for a moment before looking back to the sands to see the gold hatch out. "She is rather lovely looking.." well she has said that about just about everyone of them so far. "Already a bit bigger than the rest fresh from the shell.."

Renae peers as the bronze walks off with a lad and then over at the other egg- which hatches gold. It earns a blink and she rolls her shoulders, looking over at Keladry. Shoving her glasses up her face, the candidate shifts her feet before finally noting, "She's well made… I think all golds are like that, though, neh?" Raising a brow at the comment, she turns to the gold again. "I think your right, but its typical in most animals for the female to be bigger then the rest, if I remember correctly, so no real shocker there."

Iniroc points a finger straight at the newly hatched gold; as if the dragonet needs any extra help getting attention. "Now /there's/ the star of the show," he notes. And notes Phoebe's, among other suddenly doe-eyed girls', single-minded focus. "Trouble's an understatement," Roc murmurs in agreement.

Sungmanitu Tanka Gold Hatchling shakes her head and blinks, gazing around the sands in a moment of confusion. It quickly passes though, and she straightens her posture with a soft croon. Her eyes spin rapidly with the red of hunger, and her gaze sweeps towards the candidates. Oh yes, she already knows what she has to do. Comprehends the mission laid out before her. A taloned leg lifts and then settles as she moves forward, a little wobbly but with a promise of grace as she grows. Her tail swishes back and forth, slowly from side to side and she hugs the sands with her belly, prowling forward, cloaked in her darkness.

Desert Saguaro Egg begins to crack as it continues to rock and jerk about. Fissures and fractures show themselves and begin to split.

Rheffayl glances at the gold just long enough to recognize that it's there before looking back to Diz, "So what are we thinking so far? I think that gold is going to stumble this way and pick off you or Phoebe, but I've never been a betting sort, so don't ask me to back that up with marks."

Asiree giggles at V'san and leans more against the bronzerider. "Just let me know if you want some," she says, winking at the man before she takes another nip and then recaps the flask. Another giggle comes from the bluerider and then she leans harder against V'san. "Such a lovely bunch," she coos. Someone's gone into the realm of just plain silliness, now.

Diz, without quite realizing that she's doing so, crowds closer to Rheffayl. "Wiyaneth will hear you if you aren't careful," she warns the other woman. A small smile is managed but it's an absent sort of smile. Another egg has broken and a damp gold emerged, which means she— like the others— can't help but look. Her expression twists suddenly, as if she's tasted something sour. "Elara has her wish, it would seem. Half of it, at least… I'm thinking we should be prepared to dodge, should she turn clumsy."

Phoebe drags, quite literally, her gaze away from the latest hatchling and looks up at Iniroc with much the same look she initially cast upon the dragonet. She sniffles, not in sadness, but from the cold that's plaguing her and gives her sappiest smile up at the man. "I wish I could have one, you know… it'd be great, we'd fly all over and…" Babble, babble. She conveniently ignores the fact that dragons = work and a lot of it. What? Pay attention to flopping hatchlings? Nahhhh…

X'an sneezes explosively, disconnecting from hand contact with Elara. "Oooooooooooooooooooogh."

Tap, tap. Little bits of brownish shell flakes free of the Murky Bayou Waters egg, discarded like slough, the flakes sit beside it, silent and still once more. It shudders again, more flakes fall to the sands, then quiet stillness once more decends.

Sianne steps back, giving more space between her and the clutch "Didn't realize a gold could be that dark, almost bronze."

A'rtomus tightens his grip on Elara's hand and bites his lip hard. No warbling in triumph on the sands. "A gold, love. A new junior to train," he murmurs to her. "And she's something too."

Sungmanitu Tanka Gold Hatchling hesitates as she nears the line of girls - discounting all the boys with a soft snort. Yeah, right. Like they could handle the woman that is -her-. She then moves forward again, still a little wobbly, but in that cute sort of 'aww' way, as well as the way which tells everyone watching that she'll be something to reckon with when she gets older. Tail swishes, swish, against the sands, leaving a trail behind her. Her eyes pick up in speed as she draws ever nearer and pauses. She stands completely still, aware that all eyes are on her, and looks at the girl candidates. One by one her eyes focus on each of them, studying, looking for something…something intangible, perhaps? Perhaps a memory, a feeling, an emotion?

Desert Saguaro Egg bursts open in a shower of shards and dust, revealing the hatchling within.

Elara breathes a low sigh of relief, "Oh good." Then she bites her lip and looks very nervous.

Stian Reidar Blue Hatchling…
…emerges from his egg with speed, shaking the shards from his body as he moves forward in constant motion. Tail twitches, wings rustle, feet shift the sands, something, moving, always moving, constant motion as he finds his rider in the blink of an eye. Mutabir blinks, startled, and takes a moment to gather his thoughts. "His name is Boazeth!" he cries, elated. Now M'bir, the pair is lead off the sands.

Renae isn't stupid by the look of that gold's creeping, belly low- she's seen it one too many times in her own feline to know better. That is, if dragonets follow felidae tactics. "Keladry… She's… Brace yourself." Is all she can get out before she flicks her gaze to the others, to make sure they are all okay. "Isa… She does that when stalking tunnelsnakes, I swear." Fear, well, not really, but nervous enough at such a stance in the hatchling.

V'san gives Asiree a slant-mouthed look, eyes skeptical. "Maybe you should pocket that for a while. She could be difficult, you know. Wasn't one on the sands for -my- hatching, but they tell stories - " He's had his eyes off of the queen too long, and even as S'lah tromps past him to head out for M'bir's collection and removal from the sands, the Igenite bronzer searches again for the hatchling queen - and finds her, gazing warily at the candidates most likely to be in her path.

Iniroc puts out a hand to rub Phoebe's back briefly. "I don't know about them female dragons," he opines, keeping his eyes on the gold's track. "All that proddy business, y'know. Can't imagine it's exactly /fun/." Who knew, he's a prudish one. More eggs twitch, another hatches a blue that seems to make his mind up quickly. "Congrats," Roc offers weakly. His eyes just caught the movement of another egg closer by. That one's about to pop.

X'an flicks his eyes up to the stands, looking at faces indistinct in the galleries, then flicks his eyes around the remaining candidates.

Sianne stops with a laugh "Not coming for me." though as the gold looks at each of the girls Si can't help but shiver even though the heat from the sands is baking her feet.

Asiree giggles at V'san. "There was one at /my/ hatching," she replies, then giggles again. "Think there will be a bloody rampage?" Giggle. "A show?" Because bloody rampages are something to look forward to and giggle about… right.

Keladry nods to Renae, "She is coming this way…" She agrees, her hazel eyes not leaving the gold as she approaches. "Who do you think she is gonna choose?" She can not help but ask as the gold makes it way over. She finally gives Renae a bit of a smile,"It will be alright..really…" She takes another deep breath before looking at the faces at the other nearby candidates. "Who..?"

Phoebe's voice drifts a little more softly as she googly-eyes up at Iniroc for a while, stating, "I'd be happy with a green, or even a blue…" She sounds so wistful, especially as the eggs on the sands continue to dwindle, though never once does the thought that she may not impress and have to walk away, come to her mind. What candidate ever /really/ thinks that?

Diz draws another of those exaggerated breaths and releases it slowly. Her gaze casts from the hatchling to the shards of the egg she emerged from, and then back again. The blue's quick appearance and depature go unseen. "She's not behaving as the others did." It's a silly observation, idle chatter not typicaly being something she favors, but it's either spend her breath or hold it. Better to talk than faint.

With one final shudder, the surface of the Murky Bayou Waters egg seems to simply flake away like scales being sloughed off. First one squat leg, then another bursts free of the surface, then a nose, and finally the hatchling itself, slithering free of its former home.

Pasyan Bankoulou Bronze Hatchling
Squat and low slung, tones of darkened bronze as seen beneath water cover this fellow from his blunted oblong head to his long paddle-like tail. Pebbling his upper hide, lighter patches of sunlight and oxidized copper break the monotony of the deep, dark hue, stippling between his slanted, ebon ridges with an illusion of armor-plated scales. His neck and haunches are thick, supporting his wings — broad and transluscent, they are the shadow of faded light seen through a thick canopy of deep greens, the veins within them pronounced like creepers on ancient tree branches. All four of his legs are squat and widespaced at his brawny sides, the forelimbs a little shorter than most. A blur of the same pebbled look lends their outer edges the same armor plating, his talons are short, black, sharp and hooked. His most notable feature though, is the ring of rust around both deep-set eyes, lending the facets an eerie frame.

V'san eyes Asiree sidelong. After a moment he turns his focus back to the oh-so-dangerous queenling - but his body moves, adjusting his proximity to the bluerider with an effort at sidestepping out of her grasp.

Sungmanitu Tanka Gold Hatchling seems to have found what she's looking for, and strides forward with a determination in her gait that speaks of quick action after a decision has been made. After all, why wait around when you've found your soulmate? Your perfect match? And so she moves forward, stopping in front of the girl she has chosen to be her lifemate, and gazes down at her, seeking her eyes. Oh yes, you will be a challenge. A glorious challenge. She croons softly.

Rheffayl shrugs, "Think what you like. One injury isn't bad when you consider how many frightened candidates and confused hatchlings are running about." She continues to babble, not noticing the gold impression in the slightest.

Sianne watches around her "I think the gold found her match..Wonder who?"

No, no, no! Asiree's leaning post can't move! The bluerider scuffles and leans against V'san some more, fighting to keep a hold of the man. It's not just so that she can cuddle, really. "Look at that, a bronze," she says with a giggle and a nudge for her fellow assitant weyrlingmaster.

Diz startles as if she'd been struck, eyes gone wide and blue-black as she continues to stare at the approaching gold. Then her legs go out from beneath her, knees hinging in a sudden collapse that leaves her numb on the sands. So much for poise, and control. "Ilanith…? We…oh, you knew." She slides up onto her hip and then to a knee, reaching out to touch the infant's muzzle. "Our food is over here, we'll find it. I think…" At a loss, for once in her life, she looks up and around helplessly. Drowning.

Pasyan Bankoulou Bronze Hatchling takes his sweet time to get his feet under him, turning his thick neck around to sniff at the confines of the shell he so recently inhabited. Nudging the largest fragments with his nose, he turns back to the crowd. His actions are not serene, nor are they clumy or showy. He waddles, tail swishing left and right in a determined, straight path toward the remaining males. As the gold knew she was female destined, so he knows he's male destined. Yes indeed. You? No. You? No. On and on.

V'san tries to sneak in another step away from Asiree, but doing so will have her falling against him at any moment - so instead he grunts, "No. That's a gold - " and flings the sloshy bluerider away with broad, gentle - but meaningful - hands. "- and y'gonna go get 'er and bring 'er in, got it?"

Renae nearly sighs in relief as the gold locates itself somewhere else. Always a good sign with stalking creatures. Her eyes flick towards the bronze now and she looks a bit more relaxed, atleast she doesn't have to worry over this one. 'Congradulations, Diz!" Renae says, giving a thumbs up to the woman as she does so before turning back once again to watch the bronze. "Hrm, who do you think..?" She whispers, following the bronze's trail on the sands.

Sianne grins "Congrats Diz." smiling again Si turns back to the last hatchling and eggs.

Watchful Prairie Egg trembles in its sandy hollow, sending a ripple through the sand around it.

Iniroc, so far, has been playing it cool this whole hatching. Maybe it's that element of sand-shock—the blur of chaos leaves little time for actually, y'know, letting stuff sink in. The final crack of that once-wobbling egg nearby solicits Roc's attention. The dragonet which unfolds onto the sands definitely catches his eye. Ah, but the gold steals the limelight by choosing, and Roc can barely manage the words. "Uh, wow. Diz. Uh, yeah man." It's the kind of shocked look that lies somewhere between wariness and awe. "Congrats."

"No, that's a bronze!" Asiree says with a giggle and a wild gesture in the direction of one. And there /is/ a bronze. Really. She's not just hallucinating. "Get her?" she says, looking confused. Releasing V'san, the bluerider reels towards Diz and the gold hatchling. "Pretties," she coos, "Come this way for nummy yummies!" This statement is followed by a giggle. Now who hired her again?

Keladry can not help but laugh as the impression is made, "Oh that is gonna but a pebble in X'an's shoe.." She grins and looks over to the sister of the weyrleader, "Congrats Diz.." She continues to laugh as the gold pair is left away , perhaps an odd reaction to the impression, but it is Kel. She shakes her head a bit and is brought back to things at Renae's question.."the bronze?" hmms, she looks over to the boys left, "Hard to tell really, perhaps that big one, Roc? That would be a hoot as well.."

Rheffayl looks over at Diz to continue chatting with her.. and sees her with teh gold, "Oh! Well.. see there.. told you so. Not -quite- as dumb as I look." She says with a chuckle.

Phoebe finds herself staring at Diz's backside, surprise written across her features as the girl, so near to her, suddenly impresses —well now, if that wasn't a surprise. "Diz?" The girl's wrapped up though, so she shouldn't expect a reply —she looks questioningly up at Iniroc, giving him a surprisingly intelligent and gauging expression, as if wondering if he'll 'leave' her too.

Diz somehow makes it to her feet, without memory of having risen, and sets her hand against the gold to help guide her from the sands. "Thank you," she says with (rare) genuine gratitude for Asiree. "This way, here… no need to hunt…"

Watchful Prairie Egg begins to fracture, colors shifting slightly as the brittle surface shows its weaknesses.

Cavernous Darkness Egg trembles as if it were caught in a sudden breeze before it goes still again, waiting, thinking, pausing, what was that? Should I go look? No, best stay safe for now.

Freed of Asiree for however brief a time, V'san trods a bit closer - not too close, lest Wiyaneth take note and feel negative about his approach - to the Weyrwoman and the bronzeriders that flank her. "Y'ad good luck," he informs with a cheery wave, unaware of any potential opinions to the contrary. Only with this glad tiding provided does he trouble to cast about for signs of the imaginary bronze - who turns out not to be imaginary after all. "Oh," he mumbles to himself. "She was right."

Pasyan Bankoulou Bronze Hatchling stops in his tracks for the sole purpose of yawning expansively. Wow, that's a lot of very sharp teeth that is, oh yes. Spreading his hatching-weak wings out, he stretches them wide and imposingly, glaring at the candidates that remain as he mantles for their viewing pleasure. Then with a sluggish folding of them, as if he doesn't have the energy to spare, he stares from left to right along the row.

Asiree finishes escorting the new gold pair to the appropriate area, giggling the whole way, before she heads back towards her posting, still giggling. Hey, where'd V'san go? Looking this way and that, the bluerider then whispers loudly, "V'san!" He must have ran away. Smart boy.

Renae nods to Keladry thoughtfully, peering over at Iniroc, "You might be right, or maybe the lads over there?" A finger goes up and she points to the short blonde to the right. "Could be? I have the slightest clue." Her eyes flick to the bronze again, tapping her foot a little not only because of the heat, but maybe her impatience, aswell. "He's a hansom lad, but a bit slow about it…"

Iniroc heard that, Keladry. The attention towards Diz and her new gold wans in the face of another strong presence on the sands, his gaze moves back to the laconic bronze but he still manages to shoot a comment towards the gardener turned candiate. "Hey man, anything's better than a green. Lemme tell ya." And though he's relieved to not find himself paired with a green as of yet, the look slowly growing on his face as he watches the newest dragonet is a mixture of appreciation… and downright, pants-peeing, shaking in your sandals kind of fear.

A'rtomus grins widely at V'san as he approaches and raises his free hand in a fist. "Yes. Very good luck. We've needed some." Elara's hand is squeezed again as his eyes return to the hatching and those remaining upon the sands.

Watchful Prairie Egg finally cracks, leaving the hatchling within to find his way in the world.

Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Hatchling
The rich prairie soil, the darkness of life giving land after a pattering of rain has been molded to form this stocky brown hatchling. His color is a loamy brown, slight swirls and eddies to the pattern of his hide like swirls of mud against gray stone. Flickers of lighter shades streak his form here and there, especially along his belly, as if the mud has been scraped off down to the bedrock of his being. His head is broader than most, but his eyes are well set and gives the impression of great wisdom in their placement. Headknobs are curved just a tad, while his neck is thick and powerful, even at his young age. His wings are large and such a shade of brown that they are nearly black, and only by getting up close can you prove that false. The sails shimmer with a perpetual dampness, as though they've captured the life-giving rain. His hindquarters are very powerful, dappled with more shades of minute slate. His talons are ebony with traces of white granite, sharp but not threatening.

Rheffayl peers around and steps over closer to Phoebe, "Hey.. you know what cures a stopped up nose? Whiskey. You ever had whiskey, Pheebs?" She would think that's a cold cure..

Pasyan Bankoulou Bronze Hatchling swings his head around slowly. Inch by steady inch until he sees it. Sees what he's looking for. Then with a sharding SCARY-ass roar, he mantles again, rearing up onto his haunches, then charges with lightning speed toward /one/ in the crowd. That one, right -there-. But for that sudden charging forward he skids to a stop before impact, nudging his nose very lightly forward. You. Yes you.

Phoebe blinks. "Whiskey?" she asks of Rheffayl, finding the attention span to turn away from Iniroc for a moment, her attention focusing upon the girl. "Were not allowed to drink Rheffayl and you know it… no drinking, no sex and no fighting." She's clearly not considered that she's about to be a non-candidate in a very short time here.

Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Hatchling emerges from his egg rather slowly and patiently, gathering himself up onto all fours and swinging his head back and forth, blinking with great lack of speed. Moving away from the shards of his egg he pads forward, his large bulk leaving deep depressions in the sand.

Cavernous Darkness Egg can't help itself, it trembles again and small cracks begin to form, criss crossing along the surface.

Sianne inches towards Pheebs and Rheffayl "I could use a drink about now, it's so loud in here and hot to boot."

Keladry is distracted from the bronze hatchling by the brown that hatches and she grins, "Oh isn't he a handsome fella?" Yes she is seeing the same muddy dirty looking dragon as the others, but most know her 'familiarity' with the earth. "Looked like he pulled himself out of one the gardens.." And so does she, dirty hands and face, fresh from gardening herself.

Rheffayl swings her eyes around the Hatching sands. "Well unless that brown snatches you up you aren't a candidate in about 10 minutes. And well.. I think getting good and drunk while I supervise.. since I'm sure I drink more frequently than you.. is a plan. Unless you'd rather nap since you're sick.

Asiree has the right idea, no? Bring along some alcohol to the 'party', and keep yourself entertained. No doubt there will be plenty of after-hatching drinking going on as well, and the Ree will be quite happy with that. Finally locating V'san, Ree scuffles on over to him.

Renae smirks just a bit as Rheffayl tries to convince Phoebe into drinking, hazel eyes glancing over at the two before she's taken back to another egg. Ah yes, brown. "Well, there's a good looking lad." She remarks, pushing up strayed glasses and peers at the color, flicking only a moment back at the bronze. Stalling, eh? Looking over at Keladry and then back at the brown, the lass nods at this, "Your right! Good thing he isn't sprouting plants, already." Dry humour, yes. Best for hot sands.

Iniroc sees the bronze hatchling begin to charge, instinctively he braces himself for the grapple—one arm spared to cover Phoebe who stands so close to him. But it's just a feint, the dragonet has impeccable timing (or maybe just beginner's luck) to stop just there and nudge just so. Now, quick, someone record this moment: it may be the first and last time Roc sheds a tear in public. Without regard for anyone else but he and the bronze, the big man chokes back a (wee) sob and bends to one knee. "Oh, man, like, wow. Yeah, Tannoth, man, I mean, Tannoth." He's burbling, but can you blame the happy bloke? "We're totally gonna get you some food." As soon as Roc remembers how to use his feet.

V'san ran away indeed - but he swings back Asiree's way as she turns toward him, shaking his head with a laugh: "You were right. Another bronze." And he turns to point, to eye the hatchling in question - even as the hatchling's rearing. As the rear turns into a charge, the broad assistant weyrlingmaster bolts, setting into a dead run across the sands - and he, too, must skid to a stop when it becomes plain that the bronze will do no harm. "Tannoth, and Tannoth's rider? Follow me," he manages, to save face.
Phoebe smiles at Rheffayl as if she's stupid, the other girl that is, and says in a matter-of-fact way, "A brown wouldn't want me, I'm a girl." Wonders never cease with her, seeing as she very well /could/ impress a brown, but she doesn't think that way, clearly. Iniroc's impression is missed, but when she does notice that he's 'fallen' for the bronze, so to speak, she turns his direction and lets out an unintelligible wail, tears springing to her eyes. A moment later she can be heard saying, "It's not fair, it's not fair!" She had /such/ plans for him, and now look what he's gone and done! How dare he! (As if he could help it!)

Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Hatchling moves forward with a lack of grace, more of a lumbering shuffle though his steps are deftly placed to avoid any egg shards. He wouldn't want to break them more than they already are. His large eyes peer out at the candidates, and blink. He sniffs, muzzle lifted upwards as if seeking something on the wind. Very quiet, this one. Not a croon or a creel. Just silence.

Asiree just watches V'san bolt across the sands. Silly man worries too much. He should just learn to sit back and nip from a flask and take it easier, really. Of course, if everyone did /that/ like Ree, then the world would fall into anarchy and chaos. But at least everyone would be drunk and happy. Waiting unsteadily, Ree sways about and waits for her leaning post to return.

Keladry looks over and notices Iniroc has impressed, "Oh yes, I do not envy the weyrlings having those two impressed…have you seen the fights they had as candidates?" Oy vey! "Congrats Roc!" She calls out to the young man. As he is led away her eyes turn back to the brown lumbering about the sands. She catches Renae's words and laughs, "Aye, who knows come spring, really not the weather for new plants." She says with a wink.

Sianne watches the brown closely "Not a bad lookin' fellow though I don't think he'll want me. Bet a bottle or whiskey on it."

Cavernous Darkness Egg seems to heave a sigh before it quietly breaks open like a nut being cracked.

Tasnaheca Green Hatchling…
…shakes off the shards of her egg and pauses, muzzle in the air as her eyes dart around with quick flashes of color. What's this? Where am I? She takes a few quick steps forward and then pauses again, entire body quivering with the excitement of it all. Oooh! Food! Her head swings around and she races for one of the candidates with a high pitched, chittering creel. A young girl from Keogh Hold blinks, and Jeness lifts her trembling hands to soothe the green. "Yes, Nacaeoth, let's go store some food for the winter…"

Iniroc manages, with another nudge from his ever so helpful new lifemate, to get back up on his feet. Still sniffling and teary-eyed, he blindly waves back to his fellow… former? candidates with a stupid grin. He can't help but keep a happy spirit, now. Tannoth and he make an awkward, slow gait behind the assistant.

Phoebe's knees buckle as Iniroc moves off the sands, her expression screwing up as she lets out another wail and grabs at the sand with her sun-darkened fingers. "It's not fair! It's not fair… now I'll never get a man." Yes, she's being dramatic, and childish, but who, that knows Phoebe, is really surprised by this?

Again, V'san and S'lah cross paths - the former with a new bronzerider and his lifemate in tow, the latter headed out to gather up Nacaeoth and her Jeness to make the same trip moments later. V'san is the first back out onto the sands, and again he takes up a post near Asiree - just barely out of leaning distance. "How many…?"

Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Hatchling finds the one he's looking for by following his nose. The scent of the earth is on her, and he wuffles over her hair softly. You, I choose you.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Eoehnovahe Esevone Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rheffayl chuckles and peers around a bit more.. "That brown still wandering? I don't think I donated as much attention to this as a prudent person should. But then again I'm not particularly prudent." She shrugs and looks towards the riders. They'll surely tell her when it's time to leave.

Renae waits for the brown to do his picking, raising her brows a smidge as it looks as if it has decided. Rheffayl is given another look and the lass grins again, shaking her head. "A little long for the heat in here, really…" Adjust the glasses, yes, and she's looking over the shattered shells for a moment before back to the brown, and then over to Keladry…

With a triumphant cry the Tasnaheca Green Hatchling… has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Keladry blinks as the brown steps in front of her, she looks to either side of her for a moment before she looks back to him. "You ok the.." she starts before her words stop in her throat and her mouth drops open in surprise. "Of course I will walk with you.." There are actually tears in the young woman's eyes falling down in dirty tears down her cheeks. "Let us get sorted Yonsrith.." She murmurs, her hand sliding around his neck as she looks over to the Weyrlingmasters,"He is Yonsrith…food?"

Asiree sways a bit unsteadily on her feet and giggles at V'san. "I don't know." This is a funny fact indeed. "Count them. There are no more." At least, no more on the sands. "Loooooook," she coos, waving wildly at the newly impressed pair. "Yoohooo! This way! Over here!" The bluerider nearly falls over with her attempts at getting their attention. What ever happened to going out and helping them in?

Elara shuffles forward to the former candidates and smiles gently, "I'd like to thank you for standing with Fort for this clutch. You all are -more- than welcome to remain here, if you wish, and stand again next time. Or, if you prefer, dragons are available tonight to return you to your homes. The choice is yours. Thank you again for Standing, there is a feast in the Main Hall," she glances up at the galleries to include everyone there in the invitation, "Which you are welcome to partake in."

X'an looks at the shards that are all the remain of the eggs, then looks to Elara.

A'rtomus watches Elara, his chest thrust out. Proud as a father himself after this hatching. A good brood.

Phoebe is still on the sand, being all dramatic-like —she's not paying attention to Elara like she ought to be! Someone nudges her and then finally just pulls her off the sands and to her feet. "Get up Feebs, there's food and I'm NOT waiting for you to quit yer bawling, got it?" Sniffling, sneezing, and otherwise depressed about the 'loss' of Roc, Phoebe reluctantly is led off the sands.

Rheffayl waited.. and was answered. Super how that works. "Well I'm off to the tavern as soon as I get out of this sack. Anyone with me?"

X'an licks his lips faintly. "I'll meet you in the living caverns Elara. Duty calls." looking to the remaining candidates he inclines his head, breathing something of a stuttered breath, he heads to where the weyrlingmaster's staff have been herding impressee's.

"Oh," V'san replies to Asiree, a bit blankly. "Ah. Well. We'd better go then," and he reaches out a hand to try to snare her elbow and steer her - but not toward festivities and more drinks, unfortunately. Toward duty.

Elara follows after X'an, waving up towards the galleries to someone.

Asiree is dragged off by V'san. No getting drunk with former candidates. Sniff.


Elara walks in with a smile, mopping sweat from her brow. "Congratulations, all of you! And welcome to Fort as Weyrling riders. Craftsecond Alisar is going to be here shortly, to sing you a song he's written for the occasion."

Svandis's eyes are looking rather glazed, as if her mind hasn't caught up with the events of the past twenty minutes yet. She's already claimed a couch— it was a necessity, Ilanith was too exhausted to dawdle— and now sits in a heap of sand-speckled skin and blood-spattered cloth beside it, as the gold sleeps.

Alisar smiles, looking to Elara for a moment with a quiet smile on his face. "Good evening. I know you're all tired but I did compose something special for tonight I was hoping to share."

Ryu wiggles and leans back on her blue. -Her- blue. Wow. Shivers down the spine just -thinking- about that. Paste a foolish grin on the face. "A song? Cool. Hey, can I sing one too?" she asks with a grin.

K'dry is led into the barracks with her mudbug of a lifemate, Yonsrith. Yes they do look a perfect match for each other. Kel…K'dry does look a bit stunned still as she is brought here. Her first stop is whereever the food is, and chunks of meat are fed to the hungry tired creature.

T'ai is at this moment, despite not being AWLM, helping show some of the new bonds how to oil thier lifemates, as well as making sure others are feeding their hungry mate.

Z'ran hasn't progressed enough to find a couch. He's sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of his green, staring at her as she nibbles slowly at a piece of meat the size of his forearm. Greed, perhaps, rather than hunger. He keeps the offering in front of Omisimth, but rotates his body to look over at Alisar, one hand running absently through hair that's already slicked back a little with blood and sweat.

At the very end of the procession into the weyrling barracks, to check up on all the new babies and newly made riders, is Asiree and V'san, the former clutching the latter's arm as they enter, with a large grin on her face. "Lookit them all!" she says loudly, goggling each one with bloodshot, glazed, drunken eyes. What a sight.

"Shhh," replies V'san - though the happy occasion has him chortling through the hushing more than being stern. He lifts a broad paw to gesture at Alisar, whose presence might hopefully quiet the bluerider at his side - then turns the hand over and plops it down on Asiree's arm, gently comforting, or perhaps just keeping her stuck in place where he can keep her settled.

T'ai smiles and stays quiet, he wants to hear the song too, so he stays quiet, leaning back with a faint sigh and a happy smile.

Alisar smiles, answering Ryu's question. "I have nothing against songs… certainly if no one objects."

I'roc is still reeling from the shock of it all. That dumb look on his face still remains, but he manages enough fine motor skills to attempt feeding his hungry lifemate. It's a challenge to find a couch, what with Tannoth repeatedly trying to stick his muzzle straight into the bucket Roc carries. "Hey man," his voice is tender nonetheless, "Just give me a durn second and we'll be settled." Rightly so, they find a spot and pop a squat. Slack-jawed and still bleary-eyed, he begins to help Tannoth to food bit by bit as he tries to pay the attention Alisar deserves.

X'an hussles in, blowing his nose noisily. "Augh." wibble-wobble goes the hankie to his nostrils, looking over the group.

Shhh? Svandis has yet to make a sound, in her shell-shocked state. She pays the craftsecond the honor of a long, level look but the sense that she isn't really -seeing- him is strong— she's looking through him, and seeing… who knows what. Whatever dream is causing Ilanith's tail to twitch, perhaps. The girl stirs herself to dab at the gold's muzzle, picking away a fleck of blood, and then goes still to listen.

Alisar begins the gentle rise and fall of a rippling melody, played slowly and with much feeling. The intricate fingerings weave a soft tapestry of dreamlike sound. It reminds those who listen, briefly, of a softly burbling stream. These first bars are clearly written as a ballad, and the chords are so richly woven that it could almost be called a lullaby. He fills his trained voice with gentleness, yet resting just underneath is hope, and beneath that, there is strength.

Asiree may have a 'chaperone' of sorts with her, keeping her under control, but the bluerider doesn't look at all upset about it. She's got an attractive male paying some bit of attention to her, even if it is patronising, and that's not about to put a damper on her mood. "Congratulations!" she says, throwing her free hand, with the flask clutched in it, into the air. "Congratulations! Congratulations!"

The sun rose today, as it always has done
And the stars, they burn steadily on
Called awake, yet again, as night's sweet dreams run
My eyes stray, to the robe, that loving hands spun.
Will today be the day? Is it finally here?
Will I find, on the sand, is my destiny clear?
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Will I be, when the day is gone…

A'rtomus steps in, quiet as a mouse or whatever is the pernese euivalent of one. Settling against one wall he folds his arms over his chest and listens to Alisar's melody, smiling serenely.

Elara settles back to listen.

The tune becomes more busy as the tempo increases. Still held in richness as Alisar's fingers fingers dance easily over the strings of his guitar, the melody becomes more urgent, almost fleeting.

Time runs away, chores complete one by one.
New best friends, standing tall, as we wait through it all
What was that? Do you hear?… The unmistakable call.
Will I be, when the shadows fall…
I am caught unaware, in a strangely shared dream.
Yes, today is the day! How unreal it does seem!
That new voice, in my head, can it really be you?
Called awake, yet again, will this dream still be true?

Alisar increases the tempo yet again, beginning a new melodic line. Listeners are invited to be caught up in the joyful energy. The melody attempts to invoke, in those present, simple, heartfelt, and welcome surprise. The baseline of the melody remains steadfast, still as soft as a lullaby.

And at some point, the Ree slinks off… probably to go refill her flask, or get drunk in the tavern with former candidates. Who really knows…

I am found, can it be…
It's not real, is this me?
Will I be… what I am
Now that "I" becomes "We"

The Harper repeats the main melody again, once through, without accompaniment, gently slowing the song and dropping his baritone voice just a little, as he begins the lyrics again. The song softly weaves its way on, heartfelt, into the now quiet space.

Drift to sleep, day is done, I am yours… we are one.
Caught at last…

Alisar returns to the original tempo and melody, singing the last verse in the same vain as the first. His fingers renew the ballad with promise, hope, gentleness, and strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done.
Called awake, by your voice, as night's sweet dreams run
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Caught at last….
In a dragon's dream.

Alisar keeps the last note on the strings until it fades out on its own.

T'ai smiles a bit but he doesn't clap, just a soft, deep sigh and the firelizard on his shoulder gives s soft echo to the ending of the song. "Beautiful."

Alisar puts his guitar away slowly, "Sleep well."

I'roc's hands are way too full of meat, and bloody besides, to clap. If the food-chain stalls, there'll be another mouth opening in song and nowhere near as pretty as the Harper's. "Good song," he does, however, manage. Not that he's any great appreciator of music, but any dolt could tell that particular tune was professionally crafted. Tannoth, in betwixt mouthfuls eagerly gulped down, thrums his own approval. Which causes the dragonet to get a piece of meat stuck and Roc suffers no small amount of panic as he tries to help the coughing bronze. "Man, you /gotta/ chew, Tannoth." Thumping his back with force, Roc helps the dragonet to bring it back up—who then promptly takes it back down with one surreptitious chew.

Svandis doesn't clap either but by the time the song has ended, her gaze has become sharper, more alert. The last of the lyrics are heard, truly heard, as she pushes away the alien urge to sleep crowding her mind. She gives Ilanith a stroke, the touch stilling the twitching of the gold's tail, and struggles to stand. "Clothes. I need something clean, and—" The sound of a familiar voice brings her head sharply around, allowing her to stare at Iniroc. "That's not a green."

Ryu sighs with pleasure. "That was beautiful, wasn't it." She clambers to her feet. "I have one I'd have liked to sing, but my gitar's in the barracks. Hey, which platform is Vehoth's? And can we get something to eat? Watching to him eat make me hungry."

T'ai nods a bit and he pats V'san on the shoulder, "Congrats to all of you, I'm going to leave you with your Assistant Weyrlingmaster and get out of the way since I'm not part of the training staff." he says before heading out after Alisar.

Elara smiles at Ryu, "Pick whatever couch you'd like. And yes, food for you all should be coming, but be careful you don't eat just because your dragon is hungry. Or don't starve yourself just because your dragon is full."

"No, I got the green." Z'ran's response is absent-minded, and indeed his attention is firmly elsewhere. He and Omisimth are inspecting couches, and after making a selection, set about making themselves comfortable. The green is already drowsy, and her new weyrling is nodding in sympathy.

Ilanith shifts in her sleep, snorting softly.

While the harper's song ended, V'san found a place to stow Asiree - perhaps in a corner, where the sodden assistant can doze a bit to come back to borderline-sobriety for whatever the next day brings. "A little less oil," he suggests to M'bir, whose weary-slumped lifemate even tries to scratch in his sleep, and trods along with pails and chamois cloths for other weyrlings to take to finish up this first task before, well, the rest of their lives.

Tannoth is /finally/ sated. "Yeah, no crap," I'roc now has the opportunity to make a comeback at Diz. "Yours don't look too green, neither. Wonder how well that's gonna sit with a few of the uppers." He winks to take any sting from his words. Yes, he delights as much as she might in provoking ire… but in light of recent events, Roc can afford to be a bit more charitable. With a slightly damp cloth, he frees his lifemate of any remaining goobery, sand-caked bits before he seeks the oiling tools.

X'an seems to be in a mild state of shock, looking from face to face in the barracks. Elara's skitted off. Not so him. Look, he's lurking there, hand holding his jaw, eyes staring around the crew in the barracks.

Once Yonsrith is well fed, K'dry looks around to find a couch and one near the entrance is found. Once chosen the large brown curls up into the hallow to fall fast asleep, it is not long before K'dry is curled up along side him still in her dusty robe caught by his own tired mind.

Svandis is off her game tonight and has no ready response to the new bronzer's needling. One grimy hand is flapped at the man before she turns back to her own partner, deeply asleep in the hollow of the couch. "It won't sit too well," she finally thinks to say, the realization hitting as hard as impression had. Her legs shake again, on the verge of folding under her, but she controls it this time. "Clothes," she repeats. "I need clean clothes. Food. I… X'an?"

Ryu pauses in her oiling and rubs at the oil on her hands. "D'you think this stuff'll give us soft skin?" she wonders, "Or just oily hands?" The rag is discarded for a clean one, and the dragon-hide begins to take on a nice, buffed appearance. "We're gonna all get nice muscles in our arms from this." She looks up, then looks at X'an. "Yeah, our stuff is still in the barracks, too."

"Is Ilanith asleep?" But V'san need only look at the queen to see so, and to grin at the weyrling who goes with her. X'an's presence garners all of the questions, leaving the assistant weyrlingmaster largely without obligation to reply - but nevertheless he notes, "I'll get someone to bring your things - bring 'em myself if I have to." A -look- at the Weyrleader. No rest for the sickly. "And there's food at th'celebration, I'd wager - if you're up to it."

X'an peers over his hand at the calling of his name, looking from I'roc to K'dry, Ryu to Z'ran, back to Ryu and across to Svandis. "Yes." a blunt, singular word. "Congratulations everyone." similarly something of an impassive tone, he looks to the weyrlingmasters, rubbing a hankie underneath his nose. "Is everything under control, weyrlingmasters?"

"Obviously," grunts S'lah, whose efforts to help Jeness get Nacaeoth's hide just a little less eggy by means of several towels is making quite the sodden, sticky mess of the greenpair's oil-pail. "Shouldn't you be rubbing elbows with the dignified?"

I'roc has thought little of his own clothing; snot and blood spattered as it may be. But now that the others mention it, Roc takes stock of his appearance and grimaces. Not that he's a pretty boy, mind you. X'an's roving eye is caught and Roc nods, hands busy slathering oil on Tannoth's sleeping body. "Thanks, Weyrleader." He bends back to the task, the sight of a tenured bronzerider reminding him of a now very real future for himself. Best not to jump ahead. The oiling progresses in thick, messy globs that'll take hours to soak in even on a new hide. Too much is better than not enough, right?

Svandis seems to notice V'san for the first time, gaze sliding to subject the man to a brief study. "Yes. Sir." The title is added in afterthought, the stiffness of her manners indicating she's simply not accustomed to handing out such respect to strangers. "That would be greatly appreciated, sir, thank you. A meal would be excellent, if Ilanith is safe here, but I will need something more appropriate," she finishes, gesturing to the sorry state of her robe. "I… is Bitra here?" This for X'an, or S'lah, or V'san or -anyone- in the know. Her expression is as tight as the weyrleader's.

V'san is most certainly not in the know regarding the presence of Bitran muckity mucks at Fort's hatching celebration - in fact, there's a blank expression on his wide, readable face as his jaw pops open that suggests what's about to come out would be a dumb question indeed. He closes his mouth on it, saving grace for a little while longer, and shrugs, leaving the issue for X'an to handle. S'lah, after a grunty grumble, mutters off about finding some able bodies to lift and tote candidate-turned-weyrling belongings from the other barracks and heads for the bowl. "Your dragons will be safe," V'san thinks to say, then. "I'll be here to watch them until you return. And they have each other." A pause. Afterthought: "And Asiree."

X'an sniffs faintly, drawing himself up straight with a singular look for S'lah. Nodding as if satisfied, he looks to the weyrlings, to V'san, their shepherd of the moment, and just.. well.. nods at Svandis. "They've left." - relief or nay? Who's to say. "Provided your dragons are settled, you can reclaim your property from the candidate barracks and join the feast. I really should, as S'lah says, be rubbing elbows with the dignified." - Funny how he sounds as if he's not looking forward to that in the least!

X'an seems to have said his piece there, and with a salute to the weyrlingstaff, makes his way out with another enormous sneeze.


Jule nods solemnly "Let's hope.." She sighs just a little and shakesher head, casting a look around before lowering her voice lest people think what she says next is silly "Sorrin and I have been practcing jumping out of the way of charging hatchlings. Hopefully, we won't get rolled right over."

Elara smiles faintly and nods, sitting down with her tea. "Yes, that is a good skill. Perhaps we should have run those drills."

X'an makes his way into the caverns looking more than a tad perturbed. Nodding to this person or that, he heads to the feast tables, sneezes into a hankie and pours himself a half-glass of wine.

S'rus growls at a man who hands him a letter for delivery, "This ones got no address. Just a name. How am I supposed to know where this goes with just 'For Sammi' writen on it? No.. I don't know him..okay.. I don't know HER. Please write the name of the Hold on this!"

Jule reaches down to scratch the tiny green muzzle peeking out of the warm cozy sling "Oh, you've not met Kajani yet. She just hatched a few days ago." Le grins a little, before peering towards Elara thoughtfully her pleasant expression fading as she narrows her gaze to S'rus and rolls her eyes. Would it kill him to add please to his vocabualry… Shaking off her irritation with the rider's continued rudeness, Le looks back to Elara "Um…what was.. Oh, I Was hopin to speak with you about something, another little purchase I'ld like to make. Though, it can wait til things settled down round here a bit." The chubby apprentice grins a little.

Elara smiles patiently at Jule and nods, "Certainly. I can come to High Reaches and we can discuss it?" She looks over at X'an and smiles a little weakly. "Well…" She coughs.

It's late, she's exhausted and a growling bear has taken up residence in her belly. Svandis enters with a purpose and that purpose is food. Of course, the woman isn't so ill-bred that she's not able to disguise this purpose. Her pace is quick and arrow-straight for the serving table but she isn't above pausing to receive this or that congratulations, though her smile is strained.

X'an tips back the wine goblet in his hands, draining half of it in one go. Only then does he pay attention to the gathering around him, slanting looks at S'rus, to Elara with a nod, and along from face to face. Crowds. Crowds make him horribly contagious right now…

S'rus gathers the last of the outgoing mail and hefts the bag to his shoulder. Always a lot of outgoing mail from a Weyr after a hatching. Without a goodbye, he steps out..

Jule nods to Elara with a grin. "I'll send Lupis to fill ya in before ya come." she winks and looks over her shoulder to the Reachian rider. The man gestureing it's time to go, causing Le to sigh "Well, I'm glad I got to come see your queen's eggs hatch Lady Elara, but I gotta get back now. You'ld think I a first turn apprentice again or something.." Le smirks and scoops Lupis up in her arm, rising to her feet. She dips a curtsey to the Weyrwoman, and X'an when he comes closer. "Good to see you both again." The chubby apprentice turned candidate waves to those nearby before shuffling over towards the High Reaches rider and out into the bowl.

Elara smiles warmly at Jule and nods, "I'm glad you could come too. Take care. Say hi to Sorrin for me." She glances to Svandis then, "Congratulations," and to X'an. "Ready for that vacation?"

[Dragon/FOW] Izelth watches the sleeping — or not so sleeping minds, of the latest hatchlings in silence, a great, inferno-hot watchfire from on high.

Svandis, fresh plate in one hand and goblet of boring old fruit juice in the other, swings back towards the weyrleaders. "Thank you." If her response to Elara is somewhat stiff, well… understandable, surely. "I trust the Weyr won't be plunged into mourning for a sevenday?" A convenient surface is found to set the plate on, so she can begin to eat. So hungry. Her stomach, it -echoes-.

X'an nods faintly to Elara's inquiry, downing the rest of his wine whilst peering over the top of his goblet at nothing in particular. "Absolutely and utterly so. You get to go off first though… I hope you and A'rtomus' have someplace picked out." - he looks to Jule's departure, then trails his eyes firmly onto Svandis. "Congratulations, little sister."

Elara blinks in slight confusion, "Cerize didn't die," she corrects with a smile, "She was just injured and is going to be fine, thankfully." She glances at X'an, "I think you can go first. Wiyaneth is very tired and needs a few days to sleep before she'll be ready for travel. I knew she wasn't sleeping enough on the Sands."

"Thank you, brother mine. Fruit cup?" A strange response, until it becomes apparant that Svandis has lifted that very thing from her plate and offered it to the bronzerider. "You're looking decidedly ill and need your fruit." There is no better method of avoiding focusing on one's own current exhaustion than by pinpointing someone else's. "Ah… the glassworker? That's good to hear. It frightened the others to see the blood."

X'an shakes his head faintly. "No, thankyou. I'm fine." Waving his hand to the offer of the fruitcup, he takes a step back from Svandis, as if to protect her from the blast radius. Which is a good thing, considering his recurring sneezing. "OOogh." blowing his nose /again/, he nods faintly to Elara. "I doubt I'm going just yet then. I'm rather having to wait on H'las' scheduling… we had planned on going for a holiday in the sun."

Elara smiles and nods to X'an, "Okay, that sounds fine. Just let me know so we're not both gone at once." She smiles at Svandis then, "She's beautiful," she says softly, fondly, no doubt remembering her own impression day.

Svandis is content to keep the fruitcup for herself. She dips her spoon into and has a bite, letting the conversation wash around her as she feeds the dragon-borne ache in her belly. It isn't until Elara addresses her again that she comes out of the feeding frenzy, regarding the weyrwoman with a rather odd pinched look. "She… is." It's difficult for Diz to speak of the little one, it would seem. "Ilanith. Thank you." More briskly, she continues on, "It will be good to get you lot out of the Weyr before you have a nervous breakdown."

X'an nods to Elara. "Of course. Wouldn't dream of going off without coordinating, y'know me." murmured, he's surruptitiously filled his goblet with another half of wine whilst noone's looking, slight of hand-y in the extreme. Slipping away from noble folk, weyrfolk, weyrlings and all, he slips to the fireside and /hopefully/ noone will notice the graceless collapse into his chair.

Elara smiles and rises, "I'm off to tend Wiyaneth," she says softly, slipping out.

Z'ran is smothering a yawn as he makes his way into the living cavern, rumpled clothes clean, but showing signs of his recent and rather slap-dash attempt to get the meat, sweat and oil out of his hair and off his face. Slightly damp, but more or less clean, he weaves his way through the crowd single-mindedly towards hearth, and a platter of snacks located thereby. He does collect himself enough to put it all on a plate, before he starts scoffing.

It is a rather wistful look that Svandis gives the wine, even as she's lifting her glass of fruit juice for a swallow. Oh, yes. Sitting might be an excellent idea, provided she can rouse herself from the chair once she's done eating. Still… she finds a seat not far from Z'ran but within earshot of X'an, and sinks into it with a sigh. "After this, I think I'll sleep for a week," she remarks quietly.

X'an sags back, a slow decent into the hood of his tall-backed chair that ends with a thonk and a long, long breath out. Everything about his usually stiff posture collapses inwards like a souffle losing the will to stay upright. "Week? Fortnight. Who are you two now, anyway?

"Mmmff." That's the sound of Z'ran trying to swallow his mouthful in order to reply, and the next sound is the one he makes when he's half choking. One coughing fit later, he's taking a deep breath and waiting for the colour to leave his face — and already eyeing off the next piece of cheese. "Don't reckon they're going to let us sleep, are they? She's already got plans for tomorrow, and she doesn't even know what daytime looks like yet." A pause, as X'an's question is digested. "Who'm…? Oh, Z'ran, sir."

Svandis watches Z'ran closely to make sure he doesn't go a deeper shade of purple but otherwise makes no move to help the man through his choking fit. "A fortnight would be lovely, but yes… they'll be up soon if they're anything like the firelizards. What's her name? I didn't hear out on the sands and then Ilanith…" That odd pause follows again, her expression going through a variety of changes before she finally answers X'an. "She says I'm to be Svandis now."

X'an listens, waiting patiently with his hands crossed over his lap, around the wine goblet. "Z'ran and Svandis." he nods faintly. "Ilanith." - pausing, he settles, mulling over the new names, the whole impact of it. "Shards… this is an impact and a half."

"She's Omisimth." It's a sappy sigh from Z'ran by way of reply, and any other time he'd be embarassed to even witness it. "She's out cold at the moment, but she's still there." One hand comes up to tap a spot on the back of his head. "I can feel her sleeping, hard not to feel sleepy too. Does that get better, sir?" Munch, munch, then a hasty swallow as he turns to look at Svandis. "What's she want to change your name for? That's nothing like Diz."

"Omisimth," Svandis tastes the name before tipping her head in what looks to be approval. "I can feel mine dreaming too." She echoes the other weyrling's movements, reaching up to touch her own temple before responding to the matter of her name. "My given name is Svandis. Diz is…" She glances at X'an, hesitating. "Diz is short for Dizzy. It's what he would call me, when I was a girl. I didn't want to be the weyrleader's sister or the Lord's daughter here though, so I became Diz instead." A neat, pretty answer that manages truth and evasion in one. Well done!

"No, not really Z'ran." It's probably not the best of replies from X'an, considering. But he qualifies. "What happens is you get more and more used to it…. the feeling what someone else feels. Albeit that someone is a dragon, but you still feel it. Basically your own strength of will helps you to learn to differentiate between what's her and what's you. I still feel what Izelth feels…" which brings a frown to his face. "…when he's in fierce pain. We can shield ourselves from them somewhat, but never wholely. The power really lies in them, not us."

T'ai comes walking into the cavern muttering something about a sharding green laying eggs somewhere and one might notice he's carrying one of his boots in his hand and a basket of sand from the hatching grounds most likely.

"I did wonder whether Diz…" A pause, and Z'ran abruptly changes direction, setting a course for a sentence that ends more promisingly. "Anyway, guess she doesn't mind if folks know who you are, aside from being hers." Another mouthful, although the munching is slowing to a more sociable speed. "I really hope we learn to sort out who's thinking what a little bit, hard to tell at the moment who's hungry, or who itches. Or who's sleepy."

Svandis's gaze drifts to T'ai and the items he's carrying. Her brows lift at his muttering but she doesn't seem willing to throw questions at the rider, settling instead for a crisp, "Sir." Then it's back to the conversation. And the food. Musn't forget that. "It will come in time or we'll all go insane," she puts in, ever the cheerful one. "But I think learning to shield ourselves, and them, will be a priority, yes. She is… overwhelming, now. I want to sleep and eat and sleep while eating…"

T'ai chuckles a bit and he looks up at the greetings, nodding a bit as he sets down the basket on the table beside X'an and then he carefully transfers three firelizard eggs into the basket, though he has to deal with getting his hand clawed upo a bit by the hissing green he pulls out first, "Shard it, if you keep that up Melodia, I'll have Freiheith talk to you!" he says in a stern tone and the green imediately settles down, "You get used tyo it Svandis, really you do, but the first few sevendays are the hardest as far as adjusting goes."

"They never wait for convenient times, do they?" X'an comments toward T'ai, looking better than he did the last time he was seen, with a towel and a bowl of menthol, but still a bit under the weather. Absently, he blows his nose, unplugging a nostril. His eyes close wearily. "It comes. It's hard work. Why do you think we made you do so much hard work all through candidacy, through things you didn't always enjoy doing? It's all to a purpose… character building is what they call it, but … yeah. You'll cope. There'll still be times when you don't cope quite so well, but… that's the thing. I wouldn't trade my Izelth for anything."

Z'ran smothers a yawn with one hand, employing the other to pick up a bundle of meat slices. "I think I'm going to surrender, sir, now I've had something to eat. I have this horrible feeling we're going to have an early morning, and I'm not so good with those." A philosophical pause prompts a small smile. "Guess that extra hour of chores every morning for the headwoman might have been practice for something after all." Rising to his feet with uncharacteristic slowness, he manages a tired smile. "Night, all." And, still nibbling as he departs, he's gone.

Svandis spears the last of the fruit in her cup. "I," she announces, "Have plenty of character already." As for the rest, she has less to say on that— being inexperienced, and tired, and of an uncertain opinion as of now means that she will hold her tongue. Be grateful, and enjoy the silence while it lasts. The last of her meal is eaten and, upon leaning back in her chair, the wave of sleepiness begins to overcome her. "With your leave, sirs, I think I'll turn in as well."

T'ai nods his head a bit as he grins at X'an, "I remember how hard it seemed in the beginning and IU was used to hard work, being a sailor and all, but nothing totally prepares you for the emotional stress of having a baby dragon to care for."

"Yes, you have plenty of character already Svandis, but you'd be a fool to think you're not going to go through changes to accomodate a dragon in your mind." X'an favours the new gold weyrling with a firm kind of look, despite the tiredness, squinting one eye a bit against the fatigue. "I'm not Zantos any more, remember? T'ai could tell you, I'm nothing like the man that impressed on hatching day." - nodding at her then though. "Sleep well, and sleep deep. You're in for a singular experience." - a last smile, and he turns on the bronzerider. "Wanting to get rid of eggs?"

"Consider yourself fortunate, brother, I believe I may finally understand that you are indeed no longer Zantos," Svandis says as she rises. A smile is managed in spite of her exhaustion, faint and crooked though it is. "Good night," she bids them both before making a quick exit. With a baby dragon, two young firelizards and a runner on the way, she has had quite enough of infants. Best to leave now before more talk of eggs.

T'ai nods his head a bit, "Most likely, I've no room for them." he says with a faint shake of his head, "No one is Ever the same after impressing." he says with a faint grin.,

[DTU/Project] Temocheth senses that Izelth rumbles some, flames a'flickering. «Runs in th'family, so mine says.»

X'an eyes the basket, the squarking green, and the little trio of eggs with a faintly dubious expression. Staring for a few beats, he has to drag his gaze off them with a firming of his lips. "No, no, no. What are you thinking man? You've got /seven/ for the love of cheese…" - eyes close again, shoulders press firmer into the back of the high-backed chair and he sighs out a breath. "My sister, riding gold… Ryu riding blue… Thank Faranth for Keladry, Iniroc and Z'ran. I think I'd go spare otherwise."

T'ai chuckles a bit, "At least it'll be somewhere close to three turns or more beore you have to run out of the Weyr when her Ilanith goes proddy."

X'an shakes his head. "I won't have to." he chuckles at this. "Izelth's gone almost monogamous since Wiyaneth. Yes, he chases the occasional green, but not other golds. Funny, huh?"

T'ai chuckles a bit and he nods, "That's good at least, Freiheith hasn't caught a gold in so long I think he's been feeling down about it." he says as he looks towards the bowl with a shake of his head.

X'an hehs. "Males are odd creatures arn't they? Whyever would he feel like that, I wonder?" As if he didn't know.

T'ai shrugs a bit,"Just the way he says he feels." he says before standing up, "I'd best get some sleep, early morning sending stuff out tomorrow."

X'an nods to the man, sagging further into the seat. "Clear skies, T'ai."

List of Impressions:
I'roc - Bronze Tannoth
K'dry - Brown Yonsrith
Ryu - Blue Vehoth
Svandis - Gold Ilanith
Z'ran - Green Omisimth
Jeness - Green Nacaeoth (NPC)
M'bir - Blue Boazeth (NPC)
R'dan - Bronze Rabenth (NPC)
L'mas - Green Mazamath (NPC)