Fort Weyr - Crafter's Cavern

The Crafter's Cavern is quite stunning to behold. A high vaulted ceiling arches overhead, ornately sculpted sconces along the walls, once having held glows, are now fitted with the electric lights, casting a gentle glow over the area. On the walls around the caverns edge hang beautiful old tapestries, which depict various aspects of craft life.

All around the cavern the tapestries extend, representative of every craft. The door next to each leads to the quarters of the WeyrCrafter, while the large area in the center is divided into smaller work spaces, numerous desks and chairs, terminals and sandtables clutter the space.

It's midmorning, a time after breakfast but still way before noon, when the Weyr is at its most productive. Or, at least, it's most enthusiastic. Scrubbed pink, straw-free and smelling faintly of lavender is Carlyn, meandering down hallways she's traversed but rarely. It's a slow process, as she pokes her head in and out of doorways, until she finds the right one. Weavers. Finally. In she goes with only a moment's hesitation, looking around with searching eyes for someone who will never blend in.

With nothing to do, a certain hunter is often watching the surroundings for something interesting. And what is more interesting than one of her bestest friends? Nothing. So, when Carlyn begins heading somewhere, the hunter follows along at a distance, careful and silent as she stalks her prey. And she's good at it, being that she's a hunter. And once Lyn makes her way into the doorway, the hunter is peeking in behind her. "What're you sneakin' 'round for, Lyn?" No hellos from Deitra.

Only seconds after Carlyn peeks into the Weaver's area, Aniki swoops down on her in a flourish of….billowy baby blue cloth. The outfit he's wearing today may seem rather strange, or maybe it's just the first time the girls have seen him without a fur coat on. The weaver wears a pair of well fitting black pants, emphasizing the slimness of his legs, but rather than a normal shirt, his looks more like an extremely thin trenchcoat. The coat-like shirt is buttoned only part way, leaving the skin near his waist as well as some of his chest expose as the shirt comes down in a sort of v-neck. The sleeves are far from normal as well, hugging his arms closely at the top before widening out into long trains that hide his hands and fall to just past his waist. "Oh my kittens, you've made me wait far too long. Come come, this way!" Already, he begins ushering them in, pushy as always.

Carlyn nearly jumps out of her skin. "Deitra! I should be asking /you/ the same thing." But when Aniki swoops in, Deitra at least gets her answer, even if Carlyn doesn't get hers. She's ushered inside rather easily, looking only slightly concerned that there is a hunter in the doorway behind her. Ahem. "Sorry," she apologizes. "Been… working." Or cowardly. "You look very…" her eyebrows furrow as she searches for the proper word, "blue."

"I'm not here ta see you." Deitra notes towards Aniki, but allows herself to be ushered in as he does so. Arms fold across her chest and grey eyes settle upon the weaver. "'m just here ta see Lyn, if she's wantin' yer help, then fine. But, yer not touchin' me." She even /smiles/ at him before looking towards Carlyn. "I was followin' you. Ain't goin' ta hide it, but, I was bored and saw you pass by." Another smile for her friend and she shrugs slightly before moving to find some place to sit.

While Aniki is distracted doing… whatever it is Aniki does, Carlyn turns her attention back to Deitra. "You were following me?" Stalker! Erm… Carlyn's eyes narrow a bit, and she looks prone to annoyance for a moment. "Why didn't you say hi?" she wonders. "I would have told you that I was coming here to see Aniki." She siddles over to a table and leans her hip against it casually.

"Because this was more interestin'." Deitra states simply, chuckling at her friend. "Sorry, I was bored. I didn't have much ta do t'day." A sigh and the hunter leans back in her seat, head dropping back. "'m curious ta see how he… Makes you over, or whatever he wants ta do." Grey eyes close and she waits for the weaver to finish whatever task he's doing. "I can go if yer wantin'."

Aniki had been quiet for quite some time, occupied by giving Carlyn a thorough examination. From head to toe to clothes to smell, the weaver had taken note of everything. Once he's finished however, Aniki does finally reply to what the girls had been saying earlier. "Yes Carlyn, I know by blue you mean beautiful. That shy side of you is rather cute." Aniki flashes the girl one of his rather self-assured smiles before turning it on Deitra. "Of course. I'm not so crass as to do such a thing. But really, you should be true to yourself. You've missed me. That's half the reason you're hear." Instead of waiting for comebacks however, Aniki turns then, leading them into a workroom that seems suprisingly neat for a weaver. Though it also seems to be Aniki's personal workroom, so it being messy would have made the young man rather scandalized. In the far corner are three chairs which he points the girls to and in the far corner is a rather large rack filled with clothes as well as a wooden screen, for changing. Closer to the door and pushed against the wall are two full length mirrors and a desk filled with an array of strange little jars. "Alright, enough dallying, sit sit."

Adalinus has been getting his pocketknife all sharpened and oiled and prettied up by someone in the smithcraft. Once it's back to it's original luster he wanders back into the craft complex and spots a huntress. And Carlyn! He heads towards the girls and the man tending to them. "Deitra! Carlyn! How are you ladies!? Weaver-man! I'm Adalinus. It is good to meet you." He spots them just as they're heading into Aniki's workroom, and follows them right inside. "What's all this, then?"

Carlyn drops into her chair with at thump, just in time for Adalinus to arrive. "You!" she exclaims, a mixture of surprise and accusation. This just gets better and better. Carlyn goes a pale shade of pink, and turns to watch Aniki, both out of curiosity, and the hope of a distraction. "You can stay," says Carlyn swiftly, shooting a wide-eyed look to her friend. She needs female support now! Even if it's… Deitra. She's still a female. "Sit," and she pats the chair next to her. "But don't you dare start crackin' jokes if he puts me in dresses," she hisses.

Aniki simply earns idle nods from Deitra, perhaps she is completely used to him now and the fact that he likely will not assault her with girly clothing unless she asks. Instead, she tilts her head upright and peeks at the weaver, watching and then peeking at Carlyn in question. However, her gaze does not linger long as Adalinus is making himself heard and a hand lifts to greet him. "Hey Ada. You can comes sit." There's a gesture towards a free seat before peering at Carlyn once more. "Okay. I ain't goin' ta make fun of you bein' in a dress. If yer wantin' it, then I ain't goin' ta say anything." The gesture to join her friend has her moving over to settle beside her with the offering of a smile. "'m just goin' ta watch and keep quiet. Ada can be the judge if yer lookin' prettier from the dresses."

Aniki turns at the sound of a male voice, raising an eyebrow and giving Adalinus his standard evaluation. "I believe that Carlyn isn't the only one in need of the clothes I design. And you may call my beautiful self Aniki." The weaver flashes Adalinus a quick smile before making his ways over to the clothes rack and pulling out a few selections. There is a quick glance over his shoulder however at Carlyn's thump and a frown of disapproval. "Once you put on the dresses refrain from plopping down like that, yes? For now though, put this on, and move around as much as you want." This being a one piece jumper that he now holds out towards her. The cloth is of a heavy work material but dyed a deep evening blue. A zipper runs from around the waist area on the front, creating a v-neck as it reaches the top. The sleeves are short, but a bit puffy and loose, the ends are folded up and sewn in place as well as shade or two lighter than the rest of the outfit. The only other notable feature of the jumper are the two pockets on the front, placed approximately where Carlyn's hips should lie and each embroidered with a tiny black runner.

"Yes, it is I! Adalinus!" He flexes a bit for Carlyn. "I am here, to say hello to you." Ada gets close enough to smell Carlyn. "You smell of a gentle meadow… rolling with lavender and grasses." There's a nod to Deitra and he nods about the open seat. In a second, perhaps! Right now it looks like he's guarding the only exit. "Ah… A dress would look lovely on you, Lyn. I promise I will judge each piece of clothing with fairness and truth!" There's a very mustachioed grin given to Aniki. "Hello, sir! I have heard much about your from your sister!"

"Good grief," says Lyn beneath her breath, one hand lifting to rub at her forehead, in contemplation of a headache. But she can't run. Adalinus is guarding the door, and Aniki is thrusting clothes at her. She manages to avoid the flexing, though maybe not as much as she'd like (are her cheeks getting darker? Perhaps). "Oh, thank you," and she stands, accepting the jumper as graciously as she can. "Oh, don't say that," she says to Deitra, looking briefly horrified as Adalinus agrees to be her judge. "Ugh. Just…" sigh. "Nevermind." She gives up the fight and, instead, follows Aniki's instructions and ducks behind the screen to change.

Deitra eyes Aniki before looking towards Ada in question of his attire, brows lift and she merely shrugs before making herself more comfortable in her seat. Grey eyes drift after the weaver, watching him pick out an outfit for Lyn. Her mouth opens, then closes and she shrugs in consideration. She beams a grin at Ada but says nothing more, instead peeking at Carlyn. "He's a good judge of women's prettiness or whatever. Don't worry so much, yer not goin' ta look bad." The hunter beams widely at her friend and then leans back into her seat.

At the mention of his sister Aniki's full attention goes to the male hunter. "You have met my Miki? My Miki is so kind, telling the Weyr of my beauty. I shall tell her about our fateful encounter tonight!" Once the clothes are taken from his hands however, the weaver moves back to the clothes rack, selecting several more pieces and gently laying them on the newly occupied chair. But just because Carlyn is behind the screen doesn't mean he can't talk to her, so talk Aniki does. "I've made a couple more like that with a difference in design here or there. One of them has all buttons instead of a zipper. The other has buttons from the stomach up and is belted at the waist. The button one is a deep red with matching buttons and the belted one is grey with white buttons and a white belt. And all the pockets have different colored runners. If this fits you won't have to try those on since they're the same size. We'll see." At Deitra's comment Aniki turns to her, placing one hand idly on his hips. "Of course she won't look bad. She was quite pretty to begin with, it was her clothes that weren't, and my clothes can only /enhance/ a person's natural beauty."

Adalinus heads over to take a seat as Lyn heads into the changing booth. Maybe because he can see over the top of the door or something? So if she wants to run, now would be the best time! Ada would be very surprised if Aniki had anything in his wardrobe that would fit him, really. "I have met your Miki! Yes, she is quite kind!" He then turns his attention to Deitra. "Are you getting clothes too, Dei? Perhaps you should get a pretty Gather dress, so you have something to wear at the next Gather."

"White?" repeats Carlyn, uncertainly. "I'm sure the red would look good, but the white might get… dirty." It's clear by her tone that she's worried about offending the weaver, but really. White in a barn? Maybe she'll wear that one on her days off… There's the sound of rustling clothing from behind the screen, then silence. A moment later, Carlyn steps out from behind the partition wearing her new jumper. Self-conscious, her shoulders roll forward and she doesn't move very far. It fits her well enough, with perhaps minor tweaking where it may hang a bit loose, but overall the fit is good. Her nerves utterly break at the image of Deitra in a gather dress, however. She bursts into laughter, far beyond what the comment probably called for. She sucks in a few quick breaths, shoots the hunter in question an apologetic look, and then turns to Aniki. "Well?"

Aniki grins at Adalinus, "That she is! My Miki is the only one more wonderful than I!" But then he hears Carlyn's comments and a slight frown of disapproval tugs at the weaver's lips. "Anything that gets on the buttons will be easily washable, and the belt can be washed too. You can wear it without the belt if you'd like, but the clothes were made for work. Specifically for work. Which is why you don't see any of the details I would have /liked/ to put on there." Details being frills and ribbons and other pretty things such as that." Once she steps out however, a broad smile crosses his face and Aniki begins to look more than a little smug, stepping over to fuss at the clothes a bit. "Beautiful! I'll have to take in a little bit here and there, but otherwise, it's wonderful! So stand straight. My clothes must be worn with CONFIDENCE!" And to display confidence, the weaver throws his shoulders back, straightening up to his full 5'10 and grinning at the stablehand.

"I don't think she looks bad, was just sayin' that she can't look bad." Deitra insists firmly, rolling her eyes. "Why're you tryin' ta make it seem like 'm thinkin' my friend looks bad?" But, the hunter is grinning despite her words towards the weaver before staring at Adalinus. "No. I ain't ever goin' ta wear a dress. Don't hold yer breath." Grey eyes return towards Carlyn, peeking at the outfit as her friend exits and nods idle approval though she pauses as her friend begins to laugh. Brows lift higher and she stares at her. "Did I miss somethin'?"

Shortly after Adalinus clears the doorway Idralia enters, pulling up short at the sight of the fashion show occuring in the cavern. It takes her a moment, but Idra manages to close her gaping mouth the regard the goings on with a wry toss of her head. "I see your work continues to be beyond reproach, Aniki," she comments as she continues into the room, nodding briefly to the unfamiliar hunter and giving Deitra a warm smile before looking back toward Carlyn. "That cut quite flatters your build," she says to the stablehand with a grin. "Next thing you know he'll have another one for you to wear on rest days, all decked out properly." The way she says properly suggests her ideas on the subject differ from Aniki's significantly.

"You look -wonderful-!" Adalinus exclaims when Carlyn steps out of the changing booth, holding his arms out like he's presenting a prize on a game show. Which probably doesn't do much to make her feel less self-conscious, but hey! "These are for work?" Ada taps his chin a bit in thought. "You can move easily enough in it to work? And be comfortable? Work clothes must be comfortable! Weaver, next item!" He looks then at Deitra. "How will you ever attend a Gather then. Ladies are expected to wear dresses! I have my formal attire all tucked away for just an occasion."

"Oh, well. If it's washable…" murmurs Carlyn, if just to say something. She chews her lower lip apprehensively, though does try to stand a bit straighter at Aniki's call for confidence. It doesn't help her any when comments on her appearance are made from the peanut-gallery. She flushes scarlet, and avoids eye contact with both Deitra and Adalinus. This was supposed to be private! Sigh. "It is comfortable," she remarks, just before Idralia makes her entrance. "Oh. Hey," she offers, shuffling a little. "I am hoping there are a few nicer items… for rest days," she admits, peeking towards Aniki hopefully. A deep breath is taken, held, and then expelled in a rush. "Alright. Should I try that next?" and she points towards the clothes on her vacated chair. "Or were those… the other work garments?" Deitra will have to fight her own battle on gather-appropriate outfits, though Carlyn looks as though she might have something to say on it.

Deitra looks up at Idralia as she enters the workroom and offers a smile in her direction, "hello Idra." She inclines her head and then looks towards Adalinus as he gives his compliments to the stablehand and nods her agreement. "He's tellin' the truth." A wide grin and she then casts a look to the man before shrugging. "Then I'll pretend ta be a man. As easy as that." Another grin, toothy and smug before she looks to Carlyn, perhaps curious to see the next few outfits.

Aniki's features mold into mock offense at Deitra's words and he holds a slender hand to his chest. "Me? Why that's not at all what I meant to do! I was simply stating my own opinion. Perhaps I should make you a Gather dress as an apology." What an appropriate offer. Blue eyes wander and Aniki looks up however as a familiar face enters his workroom and pauses for a moment, considering Idralia and giving a slight nod of acknowledgement to her words while raising his eyebrows. After the way they had last parted her words were certainly the last thing the weaver was expecting. "My name is Aniki, not weaver. And don't hasten so much, clothes are meant to be enjoyed peacefully. Though you are correct, we must move on to the next piece!" As he moves to the chairs however, Aniki throws a comment to Carlyn over his shoulder, "If you do not wear the jumpers for work I'll be rather offended." By now however, the weaver has reached the chair and the next piece he picks up /is/ in fact, a dress. Silk-like fabric is colored a soft lavender, the top section styled rather like a tank top, with one inch bands used to hold the dress on her shoulders and moving down into a scoop neck. The bodice is smooth with little decoration and narrows until the waist is reached. From there the dress flows down an uneven ending. The left side ending just above the knee and curving down to just past mid-calf on the right, the entire length bordered by a ruffle. When turned around, an intricate design of lavender lace can be seen, creating the back half of the bodice and blending seemlessly into the silky cloth used for the front of the bodice and lower half of the dress,

"I don't know, Deitra, I think you could cause quite a stir in the right dress," Idralia offers helpfully, glancing between the two young women with amusement. The techie takes a perch on the edge of an empty desk, watching the weaver as he lifts the dress. Despite herself Idralia ooohs at it, eyes widening in appreciation for the beauty of it. "I must say, Aniki, that is a particularly fine piece of work. Or should I say art? I'd be loathe to wear something like that for fear of damaging it," she admits. Maybe the weaver really does have something to recommend him after all - if she can just survive his mannerisms.

Adalinus wasn't -trying- to make Carlyn feel uncomfortable. But if she wanted privacy she should have kicked them out! Now it's becoming a show! Ada pumps his fist. "Then you should take it!" He says about the jumper she's wearing. Ada stands up to offer a hand in greeting to Idra. "Hello! I am Adalinus! Who might you be?" His attention is drawn back to Dietra then. "No offense Dietra, but you would make an odd looking man. Men… look like this!" Oh yes, the shirt comes off in one fluid motion and is abandoned on the floor. Followed up quickly by muscles and flexing. He claps his hands together at the next piece of clothing Aniki picks up for Lyn. "A dress! Lovely lavender, elegant and exquisite… just wonderful! Lyn… you must try this on right away!" He looks to Deitra then and sniffles. "How could you refuse to wear something so beautiful?"

"I will wear them to work," assures Carlyn, her voice much more confident this time. As Aniki lifts the dress, her eyes bug a little, but she says nothing. "Pretend to be a man?" she questions, peering at Deitra. "You might get the wrong sort of attention then, Dei. I think you'd look rather handsome as a man." She flashes her friend a quick smile before stepping up and accepting the dress from Aniki. She runs her fingers along the fabric in appreciation, but also mild concern. Idralia's comment about damaging it doesn't help her confidence, and she begins to handle the garment as though it might fall apart in her hands. She doesn't have long to fear for the dress, though. As soon as Adalinus stands, she's watching him warily and when he makes moves to his shirt, she's ready. In a flash, she dashes behind the screen to change (or maybe just to hide). "It is beautiful," she agrees, voice louder to carry beyond the wooden shield.

Deitra waves a hand at Aniki, "do what you want. I ain't goin' ta wear it." She states simply enough before looking at Idralia with her brows lifting. "I ain't interested in causin' a stir, or lookin' pretty or dressin' like a girl. Ain't my thing. Never will be." Lips press into a thin line and arms fold across her chest, grey eyes seeking another point of interest and that happens to be Adalinus as he again whips off his shirt. "I ain't goin' ta be a buffy man, there are small men." Grey eyes roll upwards and she stares at the ceiling, staring there before looking towards Carlyn. "Probably, but, I can deal with that. Easy enough ta get rid of women's attention." There's a soft nnf and she tilts her gaze elsewhere.

Aniki looks over at Idralia, giving her a quick nod. "Thank you. And it is meant to be worn. All clothes are meant to be worn." The techcrafter may be fawning over the dress, but the weaver isn't one to change his first impressions and feelings so easily. But other things are being said that catch his attention. "Dress as a MAN? My dear woman, that is not at ALL proper. You have a fine figure and one that is not at ALL flattered by such things." He's with Adalinus on this one. Of course then the hunter is taking off his shirt which urges the weaver to do the same. Fingers quickly unbutton his shirt, leaving it hanging open but not taking it off completely. "Yes, men are like this. And if you need further proof of what male's look like…" There's a significant glance toward the belt holding his pants up, but Aniki makes no move for it instead nodding at Carlyn's assurance that she'll wear them. A smile plays at this lips as he soaks in everyone's comments and moves back to lean against the wall. "Really though, you don't have to be so delicate. Clothes are meant to flatter and be used. It is cloth, if it tears I will fix it. It makes a crafter feel bad if they're treated like babies." Deitra earns a headshake. "What if it's a boyish dress? Or perhaps a woman's formal suit? It doesn't have to look at all girly."

Did someone call for a woman who likes girly and stylish clothing? No? Well, Shena's here anyways. She sneaks in to make what she hopes is a relatively inconspicuous entrance, apparently just stopping by on her way back from her own workshop. Then she spots Aniki, Adalinus, and Deitra, and just freezes, blinking with confusion. "… What?"

"Idralia," the techie replies, appearing to not notice the extended hand as she watched the activity around the clothes. She does hear his disclaimer against Deitra's ability to pretend to be a man and glances over in time to witness the removal of the shirt and his ridiculous (to her) posing. "You know, I've met some women who could give you serious competition on that musculature. But then, I've also met a number of men who can carry a skirt and blouse better than some women." The discussion of clothing for Deitra draws her back and she asks Aniki, "What, exactly, are women's formal suits? But what I meant about the dress is that it looks so very delicate. I believe you if you say the cloth is stronger than it appears, but it does look like a good tug could do some serious damage," she clarifies. "I'd feel bad about damaging something that you obviously put work into. It's not like it is a stock outfit that's just been adjusted a little for the wearer, after all."

Adalinus flexes even if Lyn is in the changing booth! She can probably -feel- it. Right? "Don't you worry, Deitra. I won't let any men or women have their way with you unless you want them to! But you should be more open to your feminine sensitive side." Ada fist pumps when Aniki undoes his shirt. However when he goes to unbuckle his pants there's a gasp from the hunter. "Now now, Aniki! There are ladies present! That would be highly inappropriate in your office room here!" He picks up his shirt and puts it back on. "I prefer to stick to more traditional clothing. A dress would not look very flattering on me." He straightens himself out a bit. "I must bid you all a fond farewell however. I have some errands I need to complete." As he turns towards the exit he nearly bumps into Shena. "Excuse me, miss. I am terribly sorry!"

If she knew what sort of things were going on out there, in the main room, Carlyn would probably stay behind the scene all day. Flexing, and stripping, and vague threats about dropping pants… Yeah. She'd just stay behind the screen. Thankfully, getting out of her jumper and into the dress takes a bit of time and strategy. Eventually, however, she does manage to get into the thing. It does not result in her appearance, though. "Um…" and she peeks her head around the corner, perhaps checking to see who is still there. As she spots Adalinus' retreating back, a sigh of relief is audibly exhaled. "Alright, here I come," and she slips out from around the screen. She's barefoot, leaving the boots behind as they would simply look ridiculous with her delicate dress. It fits her almost perfectly, though she fusses with the shoulder straps, as if attempting to make them cover more skin. "Oh," and her eyes find Shena, a new addition. But she's a girl, so there's no real worry there. "You OK, Deitra?" she asks, concerned.

And then Aniki jumps upon her comment about dressing as a man, causing Deitra to heave a heavy sigh. "Right, right. Flattered figure and whatnot." Her arms remain folded across her chest and lips press into a thin line. And then the weaver is opening his shirt as well causing the woman to lift a hand to partially cover her eyes. Not from embarrassment, oh no, but simply because she can't believe it. "A woman's formal suit, go for it. Just put yer shirt on." A hand is waved at the pair before a familiar voice bring her attention towards Shena and there's a thin smile that is cast in her direction. "Hey Shen." Ada's promise to protect her is waved off by the same hand, "okay Ada." Either she is just indulgent or simply not in the mood to give much reaction. "Have fun, Ada." A smile before attention finally resettles her attention upon Carlyn for her question on her well being. "Oh, I'm fine. Not really in the mood ta make a big deal of things right now, y'know. Bein' as it is yer time ta get pretty and whatnot. I like that one." A smile is beamed at her friend. "Are /you/ okay?"

Aniki focuses on Shena as she enters, and throwing a broad smile to the girl. "Well, it seems that I'm rather popular with the women folk today. Not that that I can blame you lot, my beauty is rather hard to resist. Please come in, take a seat, enjoy the show." Serious as always he is when he says that and wearing that egotistical smile. The weaver turns his head towards Idralia as she speaks and nods, "Thank you for the compliments. A women's suit is basically either a formal black suit or dress pants paired with a formal jacket and paired with a formal blouse." Adalinus' denouncement of pants removing is met with a snort, "One must be proud of their body! Especially one with a body as wonderful as mine." The hunter's hasty departure earns a wave but at the sound of Carlyn's voice, Aniki turns towards her, giving her a full on view of his half covered chest and smiling with satisfaction. "BEAUTIFUL! Simply exquisite. Come now, you shouldn't fuss such, turn around for us!" As if words weren't enough, the weaver advances on her, clearly attempting to herd her farther out into the open space in the middle of the room. "A woman's formal suit it is!" Aniki makes the trade and finally buttons his shirt up, though the skin previously exposed near the top and bottom still remains.

Shena smiles at Deitra with great uncertainty as she takes a couple more steps into the workshop, giving the musclebound fellow a wide berth as he exits. "Hey. What're you doing here? Didn't you just tell me the other day that fancy clothes are for suckers?" She may not have used those exact words, but that's how Shena remembers it. Aniki is eyed in a highly, highly suspicious manner. "Oh, shards. This is /your/ workshop, isn't it? Figures." She looks vaguely horrified, and glances at Carlyn. "… It is nice on you." She admits, reluctant to praise the weaver's work.

With another wry shake of her head Idralia rises. "I have chores to do, too," she says, moving toward the door, but she pauses as Carlyn emerges. "That really does look lovely, Lyn," she says, smiling warmly to the stablehand. "I look forward to seeing you wear it again." Aniki's explanation of the formal wear elicits a nod. "That sounds interesting. I'd like to see it when you get Deitra's done, if she doesn't mind." But she doesn't wait to see Deitra's reaction, waving to everyone and hurrying out of the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine," says Carlyn, looking better and better now that Adalinus has left and Aniki is… mostly clothed. She is herded only half unwillingly into the room, and then does a quick turn as instructed. "Thanks, Idralia," she says, glad for the compliment. She doesn't get a chance to say good-bye, though. "Thank you," to Shena. She drops her hands and clasps them first in the front, and then behind her. One foot lifts to scratch the back of her other calf.

The shirt is on and the deal is struck, the hunter doesn't really seem to notice. Or, likely, she'll freak out later. "Keepin' Lyn company." She supplies to Shena before chuckling and shaking her head, "was sayin' that girly clothes ain't my thing. Apparently, 'm getting' 'womanly' clothes'r somethin'." A shrug and she slowly pushes to her feet after a moment, shrugging towards Idralia. "If yer wantin'." But, this is said after the woman's departure so whether or not she hears her is another story. "Okay. If yer fine, I think all this… Stuff is makin' me complacent. 'm goin' ta get hammered." And with that, Deitra waves a farewell and heads to the bar!

Aniki grins at Shena, "My workshop it is indeed. Though really, you don't have to be so wary, kitten." Every female he knows is apparentl called kitten. There's a wave and a friendly enough smile sent towards the parting techcrafter. But of course, his eyes are mostly for the stablehand and he crosses arms, looking her up and down once more. "I like it. Like I said, wear it with confidence and that's all you need to pull everything off…This one probably doesn't need adjustments, but leave it with me just in case, I'll deliver the jumpers and the dress at the same time." Hammered? "Have a pleasant day!" This called in Deitra's wake before Aniki busies himself with cleaning up the area.

Shena looks at the departing Deitra with a hint of envy. Now she'll be the one stuck with the crazy weaver. Why didn't she just buy all her clothes before getting here? "I'll be along shortly. I'm sure I'll need a few drinks after this." She says with a little wave to the fleeing hunter. She then sullenly looks back to Aniki. "My name is not 'kitten'." She protests, grumbling.

If Lyn looks disappointed that Deitra is leaving, well, the Hunter probably misses it. The stablehand turns her attention back to Aniki, glancing down at her dress once more. "Does that mean we are finished?" she wonders, moving back towards the screen. "And thank you, Aniki. Though… I don't know how I will repay you." Shena gets a sympathetic glance but, really, Carlyn is kinda used to the nicknames at this point.

"Mmm, yes of course, kitten. It's Shena, I know. My mind is as intelligent as I am beautiful, I would not forget your name." There's a hint of amusement in his voice as Aniki speaks, hands working busily at hanging up clothes and replacing them on the rack. A pause when Carlyn asks her question and the weaver nods. "Yes, we are indeed. And there's no need to repay me, simply wearing those clothes is enough payment. And refrain from wearing your old work clothes too. That's all I ask for."

Shena looks uncertain whether to be pleased or not that Aniki remembers her name. On the whole she seems somewhat unsettled. "Shena. Right. Let's stick to that. Wouldn't want you confusing me with your other 'kittens'." She remarks dryly. Carlyn is eyed again for a moment with a mix of admiration and confusion. "How's she gonna work if she never wears work clothes?"

"Deal," says Carlyn, grinning. She slips behind the wooden screen to change back into her old clothes, taking much less time than previously. "I do have work clothes," she insists. "Aniki made me some as well. Three separate outfits, in fact." And she does seem pleased about it, even if she can't have them yet. "Thank you again, Aniki!" She casts a glance back at /her/ clothes, waiting to be tweaked, and then dashes out the door, slipping past Shena with a grin and a small wave. "Bye!"

Aniki simply shakes his head, his attitude clearly stating that he's indulging the woodcrafter. "As I said, I do not confuse people. My head isn't simply for show. And as Carlyn is saying, I have made her work outfits." Which are now fully put up so it is the dress he goes to clean up next. "Of course Lyn, have a nice day!" With a smile on his face, the weaver waves after the departing girl.

Shena watches Carlyn depart, then looks back to Aniki with obvious confusion. "… So why don't you call /her/ kitten? She's cute enough." She says with a confused shrug of her shoulders. She's silent for a moment, then sighs as if already regretting what she's going to say. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but… I need you to make me some pretty clothes."

Aniki grins, "I do call her kitten. Her as well as Deitra. My Miki doesn't allow me to call her kitten though." For very good reasons obviously. Hanging the dress back up on the rack, the weaver has his back turned to her as she makes her request but soon he's whirling around with quite a pleased look on his face. "Of course! You shall be my next project then." And then his blue eyes begin to evaluate her body, staring with intent and taking measurements through the visual.

Shena looks equally disturbed by that visual inspection and the mention of wanting to call his sister kitten. She self-consciously crosses her arms in front of herself. "What do you usually charge?" She asks in an attempt to keep things businesslike.

Aniki's inspection doesn't take long, perhaps a few seconds at the most before he turns to his desk and quickly jots down some approximate numbers as well as notes on her general features. "You need not pay anything. As long as the clothes are well used I'm perfectly happy to design them."

Shena can't help but look mildly suspicious, but she isn't about to turn down free clothes. And she did seem relatively impressed with the end results of Carlyn's project. "Okay… that's… nice of you. What do you need from me?"

Aniki grins and shakes his head, "I've already taken most everything I need. I wasn't attempting to make you uncomfortable. That stare was simply to take your measurements and evaluate what colors would go best with you. If there are any particular types of clothes you would like however, please let me know. Work clothes? Every day clothes? Dresses? Style?"

"You can take measurements just by looking at people?" Shena asks, sounding both impressed and dubious. "I have work clothes that are serviceable enough already. What I need is something that will make me stand out. Something daring and eyecatching. That enough detail for you?"

Aniki catches the skepticism and can't help but chuckle. "Yes Shena, I certainly can. It isn't as if I got to Journeyman without having proper skills." He tilts his head slightly while listening and nods. "For everyday or for at a Gather? I can do it."

"Everyday mostly. But I could use a new Gather outfit. I fear my old ones would not be sufficiently warm for a Gather at fort." Shena says with a little bit of a sigh. "Still not adjusted to the weather here."

Aniki nods, "Quite understandable. I'll send for you when the clothes are ready and we'll do your fitting is fine." And then the weaver also begins commenting on the weather and continuing their chitchat for as long as she'll stay.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.