'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Log by Diz - 10/12/05

Wiyaneth and Nemmenth's Ledge(#5427RAJ)

The second ledge reached along the long and narrow flight of stairs is Wiyaneth's and Nemmenth's. Hundreds of turns of Senior Queens have rested their heads along this rocky outcrop, and Wiyaneth lays where Holth once did. The second couch of the weyr is Nemmenth's, across from Wiyaneth's. This vast cavern looks out across the bowl towards the lake and the rockslide, and the setting sun often bathes this ledge in amber and rose hues. Annexed to this large cavern is both the Council Room and the Records Room, the latter reached by a flight of descending circular stairs.
A curved couch has been set up out here, forming a small quiet reading nook with a view of both dragon couches and the weyr. A bookcase behind it holds the records she uses most often, so Elara doesn't have to work her way down the narrow stairs. Several pillows have tumbled their way out from her sleeping chamber, and fluff up the ground around and under her desk. Beside the hearth is an old wood china cabinet filled with a few pieces of precious china decorated with spinning blue dragons. This is also where Elara keeps her tea and herbs. There is also a copper tea kettle belonging to A'rtomus.
A curtain separates the weyr from Elara and A'rtomus's sleeping room, and beyond that is their bath. The portion of the chizeled stone which sits directly beneath Tooth Crag has been curtained off, and forms a little lounge.
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People: Diz
Firelizards: Adonis
Dragons: Nemmenth
Other Stuffs:

Obvious exits:
Weyrwoman's Chambers -WC- Council Chambers -CC- Out -O-

Ryu has arrived.

Rheffayl has arrived.

It's late afternoon and a grey, misty day. The weyrwoman and weyrleader are on the sands, tending to Wiyaneth and the candidates have been left to complete their usual daily business. Today's a little different though. With a pack of the younger candidates out in the bowl, pretending to pick up trash while keeping an eye out for authority figures, a group of older candidates have descended on the weyrwoman's weyr. Diz has organized this well— everyone's been given something to carry, whether it's a potted fern, a sack of silk flowers, a basket of fruit or a bucket of sand. The ragged little group stream cautiously into the weyr and cluster near the stairs, looking around.

It's odd, being in here without the weyrwoman present.

Diz doesn't let people linger for long though. There's work to be done! "Right!" she barks. "We don't have much time. Whatever you do, don't break anything. You four get those bead curtains hung. Ryu, if you would put the ferns wherever you see room and attach the flowers to them. Rheffayl, help me hang this banner?" She has a length of painted canvas in her own arms and begins to shake it out.

"Okay. Dalys, over to the bed, I think," Ryu points with her nose, directing the girl carrying the other end of the crate of plants. They carefully ease the burden down and wander around the room, looking for likely spots. "What about here?" Sure. Do you think it's okay if we move this over a bit?"

Rheffayl bounces over happily, taking up one side of the banner and shifting as high as she can manage, "What are we tying this off to? Since I don't fancy trying to drive a nail into solid rock." She falls into a fit of chuckles, clearing her throat finally, to add, "You know I feel like some sort of spy or something."

"Oh, that reminds me." Ryu turns around, flowers in hand. "Look what I brought." The other hand digs in her pockets and pulls out a small bottle. "Have a look," she giggles and passes the bottle to Rheffayl. "It's brown watercolor paint," she giggles.

"There should be rings. A lot of weyrs hang tapestries on the rock to keep it warm, they're drilled in." Diz finishes shaking out her side of the banner— it reads, in big red block letters "Welcome to the Islands!"— and steps off to the side, head craned back so she can scan the wall for the rings she mentioned. "A chair, and some rope, and we should be alright… try not to move too much, Ryu, I don't know how pleased she's going to be by all of this."

Bottle of Paint-

Spread paint evenly over skin to achieve appearance of tanned skin. Repeat for darker tan.

Ryu picks up a couple of handsful of fowers and tucks them into the crook of her arm, and picks up string and tape and begins making the rounds of the potted plants. Each plant grows a profusion of blooms, as does the floor, leaving a trail to follow home. "Did we think to bring sand?" she asks. "Gotta have some sand."

Rheffayl takes the bottle with her free hand, turning it slowly to read the label. She breaks into another round of chuckles. "Now that's something else! Though I don't think I'd paint m'self personally. Might not come off and then you'd be all splotchy while it was fading." She shakes her head and gently places the bottle down on a table, retrieving a chair and dragging it over closer to the wall.

Diz glances over, pausing in her study of the wall, and smiles faintly at the sight of the paint bottle. "It'll hold her until after the hatching, one supposes. Be careful, Rheffayl." She turns to watch the other woman work with chair and banner, seeming to want to make sure the other end is secure— and the other candidate safe— before affixing her own end. Until then, she'll also watch everyone else. Criticizing, of course. "Be more careful with those beads! If they break they'll go -everywhere-… shells, why did we bring the clumsiest girls? Hmm, sand? Oh. It's coming with the next group. Just in buckets, I didn't think Elara would fancy having to sweep up after."

Keladry has arrived.

Ryu leaves another girl in charge of flower detail and begins opening a duffle-bag. "It's the thought that counts," she giggles to Rheffayl. And that's not all. Look!" She waves a bright-red and very skimpy bikini in the air at her pals, then brings out a matching pair for the weyrleader. "I figured they'd probably have theirs in storage." she explains. "Got them from the trader caravan." She digs in the bag some more. "And sun tan oil." This again is waved in the air.

Ryu dropped Matched Set of Bathing Suits.

Rheffayl shakes her head, "Goodness and sand gets /everywhere/. Not a fun bit to clean up at all." Blink. But maybe we could get a big tub and build a sandcastle inside it? So it wouldn't make a mess?" Ryu gets a wide eyed stare at teh brandishing of teh bikini. "I really don't thin kElara is teh bikini type.. but then again.. might be /real/ funny to see X'an in a man-thong." Snort. She chuckles to herself, trying not to look at Diz after her last helpful addition to the conversation. Snicker.

In comes Keladry with a wheelbarrow full of sand, good for garden drainage you know. "Geoff will only let me have two barrow fulls..where do you want it?" She asks, a huge grin on her lips as she moves into the center of the weyr. At the speculations over the bathers she wrinkles her nose, "I am not sure I want to be anywhere near when they find their weyr like this." She can not help but laugh a bit though.

"If anyone mentions my brother in a small bathing suit again, I am marching right out of here and turning all of you in as trespassers," Diz threatens. She sounds as if she means it, too. There's a very grim look to be found on her face, though she does soften somewhat after returning to the task at hand. "A tub with a sand castle would be fine, but let's finish these basics first, mm?" A chair is dragged to the wall opposite of where Rheffayl is standing, and she climbs up onto it with her end of the banner. "In the buckets, Keladry, please. Do leave enough in the 'barrow though for a sand castle. Rheffayl's volunteered to make one."

"Sandcastle? Ooh, that's a -great- idea," Ryu grins. "But wouldn't in a tub look funny?" She finally notices her trail of flowers and goes down to her hands and knees, picking them up. "Maybe we could just build it on a towel? Or a blanket?" She backs out from under a chair, straight into the feet of one of the boys trying to hang a banner. An "Oof" from one, and a yelp from the other, and the banner and boy land on the flower-gatherer in a tangle of arms, legs, flowers, and banner.

Rheffayl rolls her eyes but grins over at Diz, hopping down off her chair once her end of the banner is sufficiently lashed. "Well I don't know how.. castle like it'll end up.." a little flag in a dome of sand counts right? "But I'll surely give it a try. How about a baking pan.. flat and with enough edge to keep the sand in?" She says amiably, dusting off her hands and propping them on her hips as she investigates the sand. "Hmm.. be right back." She strolls off into the Weyrwoman's bathroom, snatching a smaller bucket on the way, only to return with a pail of water, sloshing kept to a minimum. Because that's exactly what they need, to break thier asses on hard stone floor.

Iniroc has arrived.

Diz is barely able to keep her grip on the banner, saving it from being pulled down into the tangle only through the use of a good hard tug at the last moment. Is she concerned with the people laying on the floor in a heap now? Of course not. She's frowning, shaking the banner out to inspect it for tears before even looking at those down below. "I said be careful! Why couldn't I find -graceful- assistants?" she laments, turning back towards the wall. She hastily ties off the other end of the banner to prevent further mishaps, wobbling only a little on the chair she's perched on.

"We could lay it on a garden tarp? Then we can just pull up the edges and dump it back in the barrows and not much mess." Keladry offers as she starts to move the sand into the buckets. She looks around the weyr with a grin, "This is gonna look great, I hope they don't kick us out of the weyr for it though. Though they seem like they could have a sense of humour under those knots somewhere." She finishes her bucket duty and pulls out a back from her chest pocket, "And some fresh chamonile for tea.. She loves her tea."

Muffled words drift from under the dogpile as Ryu sorts herself out. "Hey, I can just leave right now, if you want," she shoots back. "Go find someone else to criticize." She retrieves her collection of flowers and hands them over to the nearest person, saving one to tuck behind her ear. "Just call me Hil," she grins as she does so, whatever that means. "If we're gonna put sand down, it's not like the castle's gonna make that much difference," she points out.

A spare pair of palms in pots come walking in. Or rather, they're so tall as to disguise the carrier. The familiar voice booms out from behind the leaves as Iniroc walks into the fray, "Don't make me seperate you two, y'hear?" The threat is good-natured though his face is faux-serious as he sets the trees down. "Where you want these?" He's just the muscle. Someone else has to have the aesthetic.

Rheffayl shakes her head, "But that's the point.. we're not dumping the sand all over teh floor. It'd be a terrible mess and cruel to boot. Of course.. we'd be the ones cleaning it back up, but the inconvience to Elara would just be rude." She bobs her head at Keladry, "A tarp sounds like a stellar idea. Where do you think we should put it down at?" Because tripping over it would be just as bad as simply up-ending the wheel barrow.

"They'll only kick us out if we destroy something." This said by Diz, with a rather sharp look at Ryu. She has her dander up and only the distraction of sand saves the unfortunate candidate from a continued tongue-lashing. "Tarp, bin, barrow, it doesn't matter. Just decide which you want to use and get busy. I don't know how long we have," she continues, sliding down from the chair and returning it to the reading area. "If she finds us here, it ruins the effect… ah! Is that the last of the plants? Excellent. Far corners, by the dragon couches, Rock." If she starts clapping her hands at people and saying 'Chop chop!', someone really needs to dunk her in the paint bucket.

"Hey, 'Roc, those are great!" Ryu crows. "Where did you find them?" She returns to her duffle-bag and begins digging again. A muttered curse follows some yanking, and a striped umbrella is produced. "Don't they use these things to shade you when the sun gets too hot at the beach?" she asks, opening and closing it again with a snap.

Keladry nods to group and quickly turns tail and heads back out of the weyr, a few minutes later she comes back with a 3 yard square tarp and a second load of sand. She lays the tarp near the couch "Here look good?" She asks the 'crew' before she starts to get the wheelbarrow into place. She looks over the palm trees and other plants starting to fill the weyr, "Well this makes me want to head down south as well..never been more south then Boll."
Long distance to Iniroc: Diz has a question! Which of the eggs was your favorite? :)

Rheffayl is mostly unaffected by Diz's directorial role, contentedly wandering from spot to spot until Keladry brings the tarp. "Looks good to me!" Ever the hands on sort she proceeds to shake a fair amount of sand out of one wheel barrow and on to said tarp, her pail of water tossed over it with a clipped, "Huah!" Now it's time to just.. stand there and eye her soggy sand puddle-thing. "C'mon inspiration." She says with a chuckle, dropping to her knees and pushing around handfulls of sand into somewhat recognizable shapes.

Iniroc does as told. Good spirits beget good behavior, and though Diz sure as hell delights in being bossy he'll indulge. For now. Only the slight twitch of eyebrows suggests otherwise. Palms appropriately placed, Roc smacks his hands together for a decisive rub. "Ah, they were decorating someone's weyr, we've got 'em on temporary loan," he replies. Eyeing the umbrella uneasily, he frowns, "My ma always said it's unlucky to open one indoors. I don't know if this counts, but…"

Keladry tips out some more dry sand surrounding the sand puddle, got to have something loose and gritty to get stuck in all the cracks and crevices. She smooths it out so a loose layer is covering the entire tarp.

Diz, left with nothing else to do -but- "supervise", is starting to get fidgety over how long this is taking. She begins to pace the length of the weyr, adjusting this and that no matter if it's already been perfectly arranged by the others. "I don't think Fort could get any unluckier," she comments on one circuit by Ryu and Iniroc. "Short of the casino opening, at least… Rheffayl, Keladry, how long is that going to take? She could be back at any moment and then we're caught."

Adonis lifts her head from where she's resting on the couch and rumbles towards the entrance in a 'Hi there!' tone.

Iniroc pages: Yeah. It fits the most closely to what I'd described as being a good dragon for him; witty, but laidback. Nothing riles his temper, unlike Roc. Kind of a stoner dragon, almost. ;)

"Good grief, Diz, we've got a dozen fire-lizards to warn us if the others aren't managing to keep her busy. Calm down," Ryu says. "Here." She tosses a blanket to the other girl. "Beside the sand, do you think? With the umbrella?" She looks at Iniroc. "I think that's only rain umbrellas. And anyways, since we made this into a beach, I think it's okay to have a beach umbella here, do you think?" she grins at him reassuringly.

Rheffayl waves someone, anyone over, "Let's top this.. uh.. castle with soem flowers and leaves.. so it looks more like a sandy lump in a jungle instead of just.. a sandy lump." She chuckles lightly and forces a large amount of sand into one pile, leveling off the top and poking her fingers into it randomly. You know.. for windows. "So I'm not an architect.." she says with a shrug as she surveys her results, absently dragging a finger around teh base to form a shallow 'moat'.

Keladry finishes spreading out the sand before dropping to her knees to help with the castle building. Gladly getting her hands wet and sandy as she helps Rheff mold it into a castly shape. She looks over to Diz "We are done.." She looks over the joint project as she rises and dusts her wet sand hands off on her pants. She shakes each foot off before stepping off the 'beach' attempting not to track sand everywhere.

That logic seems to soothe Roc's misgivings some. "True… we're bringing the /outside/ in." He shuffles over to the sand project and leans over, peering at Rheff's attempts. "Better than I could do, that's for sure." Roc's just here for show. Bringing in the palms is about all the work he's put forth, so far. To make up for it, he tries to shove a little sand near the bottom of the castle to house some flowers or some such. The end result is actually a mushy lump that interferes with the foundation of the already formed castle mold. "Whup—whuppp," Roc mutters and hurries to rescue it before the entire thing topples.

For once, Diz is actually willing to show a streak of gratitude. Ryu's handing over the blanket was a wise choice, as it gives the woman something to concentrate on other than their impending capture. "It looks wonderful. Truly, the idea was inspired. But do let's get the wheelbarrows out of here now… I think everything else is done," she says, snapping the blanket out and spreading it over Elara's desk chair. And a good thing too, because occupying herself with blanket-arranging means she doesn't get a look at Iniroc's sabotage. "There. Are we finished? I think we're finished. Good."

Rheffayl dropped Sandcastle.

"Oh, hey, try this." Ryu tears a petal from one of the flowers, then carefully peels a splinter from one of 'Roc's trees and pokes it through the petal, twirling it before handing it over. "See? A perfect flag for the top of the castle. Yup, I think we are," she tells Diz. Just pick up our left overs, then maybe all of us should look and see if we missed anything?"

Adonis snorts, as her feint didn't work with the candidates.


Situated on a 3x3 tarp, a loosely packed, slightly crumbly sand mesa has been randomly stabbed by chubby fingers to form small windows. Puddles of wetter sand splotch the rest of the tarp where small troughs similar to roads are visible, winding wildly about the remainder of the 'lanscape'. Some color has been added in the form of flowers and palm fronds stuck into the sand, a sad looking little jungle and castle-lump arrangement to be sure.

Surprise! Your weyr has been decorated!-

If the mountain can't go to the islands, it seems the islands can and have been brought to the mountain. Everywhere one looks, there's a riot of tropical color. Potted ferns line the walls, cover shelves and find beds around Wiyaneth's couch. In these ferns, large violently brilliant silk flowers have been secured, decorated with tiny drops of glass to simulate dew and little insects fashioned of copper wire.
Bead curtains have been hung in the doorways, all golds and reds and oranges. The buckets filled with sand that are tucked here and there are also red, and sprinkled with seashells and starfish. One has a small children's shovel sticking up at a jaunty angle. A huge basket of fruit has been arranged on the desk, beside an immense glass filled with some unnatural blue-tinted drink made with more fruit and too much ice. The glass has been decorated with a small paper umbrella, and twists of bamboo.
Last, but certainly not least, is the large banner that has been hung from wall to wall. In bold red paint, it reads:


You walk over to the ledge outside, entering the room…

You leave the complex for the bowl.

Fort Weyr - North Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the weyrleader's complex and junior queens ledges. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag. At ground level on the western wall is the opening to the weyrling barracks, occasional glimpses can be caught of newly paired mates. On the eastern wall of the bowl is the entrance into the living cavern, the heart of the weyr.

People: Diz Elara X'an Asiree
Dragons: Sukith Freiheith Bysoth

Obvious exits:
Weyrling Barracks -WB- Weyrleader's Complex -WC- Junior Queen's Courtyard -JQ- Center Bowl -CB- Hatching Cavern -HC- Living Cavern -LC-

Elara smiles.

Ryu wanders into the north bowl, from the weyrleader's complex.
Ryu has arrived.

Rheffayl steps into the north bowl, from the weyrleader's complex.
Rheffayl has arrived.

Iniroc wanders into the north bowl, from the weyrleader's complex.
Iniroc has arrived.

The bundle of indignant, spastic Asiree sends glares at X'an. Weyrleader or not, he's just plain MEAN. And she thought she'd be better off without that tyrant Niva lording over her. Hmph. She and Sukith ought to have just gone to Ista or some tropical place… or maybe Robin's Nest. "Clear," she says, moodily and grumpily. She'll just run away tomorrow.

Keladry meanders into the north bowl, from the weyrleader's complex.
Keladry has arrived.

Elara smiles, "Pardon, Wiyaneth calls," she says, and bustles off.

It's a rather suspiciously large group of candidates that exit from the weyrleaders' complex. It would probably not be so suspicious had they made the effort to exit in ones and twos, but no. There's a clump of them, all arriving in the bowl en masse. Most telling, several are pushing wheelbarrows or carrying empty buckets.

Keladry is indeed one pushing a wheelbarrow and is of course a bit dirty here and there, but a finer sandier kind of dirt than usual. She tries to keep her presence and that of the wheelbarrow hid by walking behind a clump of candidates. No wheelbarrow here, move along.

They're just all dim like that it seems. None of them with the foresight to stagger their exit. Rheffayl chuckles lightly, swinging a bucket at her side. X'an is spotted with an unknown bluerider but does that cue up logic? Absolutely not. "Hi X'an!" She calls cheerfully, even veering towards him and teh other rider. Oh yeah. Rheff's a strategic one..

One would expect Diz to have the instinct to avoid notice but no, she's strolling along with the rest— too eager to hurry the group out of the complex to put much thought into what might be waiting for them outside. Thus, it should come as no surprise that she is not pleased at seeing the weyrleader and various other witnessess -right there-. The candidate says something very rude and hurries on south without looking at anyone, behaving as if she hasn't seen them.