'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.Logfile from PernWorld. - Log by Elara ~10.12.2003

Fort Weyr - North Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the weyrleader's complex and junior queens ledges. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs. At ground level on the western wall is the opening to the weyrling barracks, occasional glimpses can be caught of newly paired mates. On the eastern wall of the bowl is the entrance into the living cavern, the heart of the weyr.
People: Elara Alakent Zokia
Dragons: Wiyaneth
Obvious exits:
Weyrling Barracks -WB- Weyrleader's Complex -WC- Junior Queen's Quarters -JQ- Center Bowl -CB- Hatching Cavern -HC- Living Cavern -LC-

The autum sky was nothing but stars and moonlight as Elara bustled at a near run out from the Weyrleader's Complex, squeaking and yelping in a most curious manner, babbling away so quickly that individual words are indecernable. Wiyaneth lumbers very slowly along behind her rider, rumbling in a soothing way and taking high steps so as to keep her very swolen belly off from the ground.

A blue dragon appears from between and circles down lazily to the ground. It dips low to deposit his riders, Alakent is the first to slide down and hit ground. "Thanks!" He calls up to the rider on the dragon, "It was nice seeing a hatching for once." He grins widely and waits for Zokia to come down as well.

Zokia gets help down from the dragon that she and Alakent were riding, and nods. "Yes, it was very nice." She agrees, and then blinks as she sees Elara and Wiyaneth. "What's up with them?" She asks, and then decides to follow, curiosity getting the better of her.

Wiyaneth lifts her head and arches her neck slightly to rumble a welcome home greeting to the Blue and his rider, before heading purposfully to the hatching grounds. Elara turns with fevered excitement towards the two. "It worked!" she squeals, "she's clutching!" She bounds after her lifemate.

Hamemelis> Galleries(#10420RJ$)
Hamemelis> The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of stone benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. The benches aren't known for their comfort, although a few choice spots appear to have cushions settled on them. The galleries curve slightly at the ends, to afford everyone attending a decent view of the sands below.

+sands to see what is on the Sands.
+sands <name> to see objects on the Sands.

Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

People: Elara

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

Hamemelis> Zokia walks into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Hamemelis> Zokia has arrived.

Hamemelis> Alakent walks into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Hamemelis> Alakent has arrived.

Hamemelis> Alakent bounds up after Zokia and grins widely, "First a hatching, and now a clutching? We must be really lucky today" He admits, sitting down in a seat gleefully.

Hamemelis> Brynn steps into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Hamemelis> Brynn has arrived.

Elara bustles through the sands, kicking up the golden grains as she shuffles, holding her skirts up. "Ow hot are you alright Wiyaneth is this spot alright now how about over there look at the people who have shown up!" Wiyaneth moves purposfully, as if she's known all along right where her spot was going to be, and shifts her weight. Anonmyth moves in, hovering protectively around his mate.

Hamemelis> Zokia sits down next to Alakent. "Yes, what a lucky day." She agrees. "I hope it goes well…and theres no problems."

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head as he leans forward, "And we get good seats this time. No peering over people's heads." He tells her proudly. "He watches the gold wander onto the sand, "I wonder how many eggs. How many do you think there will be?"

Hamemelis> Zokia bobs her head. "Oh yes, definantly better seats, and not as crowded." She agrees. "Good luck Elara! Wiyaneth!" She calls down to the pair again, though not sure the woman would hear, oh well.

Wiyaneth settles to the Sands and rumbles softly as if to herself, the pitches rising and falling like summer's wind. She curls her powerful tail around her haunches and crouches, wuffling with satisfaction as she lays her very first egg. Elara looks like she's about to pass out, darting forward to check it. Her lifemate rumbles softly, warning her away. She knows what she's doing.

Peeling Paint Egg
A small, oblong egg sits neglected on the sands. Misshapen and elongated, it appears to have stretched as it was clutched. The shell of this egg lacks the luster of its clutchmates, instead coated with a dull dusty substance. Ash, bone, and hints of ivory are arranged in broad brush strokes lengthwise along the shell. Accents of ocher and jet emphasize this lengthwise banding, resulting in a random pattern of rough quadrilaterals. A light speckling around the shell completes the chalky painting.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Hamemelis> Alakent grins, "Good luck!" He calls down as the first egg is layed, "Isn't that interesting…" He comments quietly to himself. "Difinitely not crowded, I thought I was going to be crushed there were so many people there."

Hamemelis> Zokia blinks at the first egg. "Hmm, that ones rather…dull in coloring." She ays. "Don't think it could be a dud do you?" She whispers to Alakent, so not to worry Elara incase she can hear.

Wiyaneth lifts her head sharply, her fine hearing picking up on Zokia's comment. Her eyes swirl with dark shades and she snorts loudly, shifting her forelimbs to pile sand about her first egg. It's perfect, thank you very much. Elara jumps up and down on the sand, face flushed. She turns and beams, waving at the Galleries.

Hamemelis> Alakent frowns, "I think she heard you." He tells Zokia, pointing to the gold. "I think it's…interesting." He decides with a cheerful smile. It wouldn't do to have a gold dragon mad a you.

Wiyaneth rises to her feet and lumbers around the first egg in a small circle, before lowering herself again with a satisfied rumble, laying her second egg.

Echoing Laughter Egg
Twisted as a corkscrew - as if it were laid on a curve - this eggs pale richness reflects the shadowed and dappled sunlight of a thick and fragrant forest. Soft cushions pad the flexible shell, and the patterns which dance and swirl about it are like the visible wind through leaves like a childs sigh. Shade and coolness seem to extend from this tree, inviting and comforting from the hot sands.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Hamemelis> Zokia blinks at Wiyaneth. "Of course, I'm sure it'll be just fine and not a dud." She quickly says, trying to be smaller, cough. "Sorry Wiyaneth, didn't mean to upset you." She adds, and ohs at the second egg. "Another nice one." She says.

Hamemelis> Jutin has arrived.

Wiyaneth looks up at the Galleries, her eyes picking out Zokia amongst the people coming in to watch. She snorts with satisfaction and noses her second egg tenderly, placing it close against the first one. Elara squeals and then claps her hands over her mouth as the noise echoes.

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head, "Of course it won't be a dud, I'll bet anything that the dragon inside could be a bronze." He tells Zokia, grinning widely at the plain egg on the sands. "Oh, that's a interesting egg."

Hamemelis> Zokia smiles lightly, shifting in her seat in the galleries, and hmms to Alakent. "True, I bet it'll be a bronze, and a very handsome one at that." She agrees, though she doesn't add that'd be a rather /small/ bronze cause of the size of the egg, but she keeps that to herself, she already upset Wiyaneth once.

Wiyaneth rumbles with obvious pleasure as she shifts her weight and settles to the sand, just watching those two eggs. Elara blinks. "That's…that's not it, is it?" she asks quietly, as Wiyaneth appears to be taking a nap.

Hamemelis> Alakent is just trying to be nice, after all, "Or a nice brown," He then eyes the gold as she stops, "Two? That's not it, is it?" He asks no one in particular, mimicking the weyrwoman's words. A eyebrow arches slowly as his mouth hangs open. "No, certainly not…"

Hamemelis> Zokia blinks as Wiyaneth goes and lays down after laying only two eggs. "I don't know, have queens ever layed only two eggs before?" She asks Alakent, quite unsure.

Hamemelis> Alakent shrugs his shoulders as he eyes the gold, "I haven't seen a clutch with just two eggs, she looked quite heavy earlier…maybe she's just tired."

Wiyaneth is quite obviously enjoying herself. Almost smug, she swishes her tail a bit through the golden grains, and then pushes herself upright, circling before crouching and laying her next egg. Ta-da! She warbles with delight, getting into the excitement.

Sacrafice for Freedom Egg
Violet ambrosia poured down from the skies above grace this slender and elegant egg from tip to swell. Slender and quick feathers brush its smooth surface, fluttering upwards towards the clouds and flexibility. Droplets of crimson blood speak of the price that must be paid for safe passage, though fear not. It has been given freely by this shell to protect those it loves.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Hamemelis> Zokia ohs, and laughs. "Hey! She fooled us!" She giggles, and blinks at the third egg. "Interesting that one." She says, and then grins. "She really had us going there."

Hamemelis> Alakent chuckles as another egg is laid, "Yeah, I seriously thought that was it. I'm glad there's more than two…that would have been strange." He muses as he leans in to get a better look. "Now /that/ is an interesting egg."

Wiyaneth rumbles, her eyes swirling with almost fevered shades of excitement. She nudges the eggs into a triangle, scooping sand up and around them gently, treating each one with the same gentle tenderness. Elara claps her hands in delight. "Oh Wiyaneth! They're perfect!"

Hamemelis> Zokia claps lighly, she's not mimicking Elara, really she's not. "Very nice Wiyaneth! Can't wait to see the rest." She grins, and nods to Alakent.

Hamemelis> Alakent leans forward, waiting patiently for the next egg to hatch, "I wonder if the next one will be as interesting as the others…"He mutters to hismelf before nodding in agreement. "It's a nice egg."

Wiyaneth seems to be getting into the groove of things, as she rises to her feet and lays two eggs then in quick sucession.

Rose Cherry Egg
Rose Cherry Egg is a peaceful looking egg that you could almost get lost in. The egg seems almost pillow-like because of the fluffy white base color, soft and comfortable looking. On top of that rests watered down colors instead of the crisp and clean ones to keep with the soft look of the white. First come the greens, from a dark Southern forest green to a more yellowish green of the Northern plains. Brushed on top of that come the reds that give this egg it's name. Dusty rose bleeds into the greens so that everything has really soft lines and enjoyable to the eye. Then comes the bright jets of color so that everything doesn't look so dull. Bursts of cherry red are splattered in evenly spaced splotches to give this egg just a hint of excitement.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.>

Hamemelis> Wouldn't be good if Jutin missed an event such as this…black cape and hood stalks into the gallery to see what the commotion is all about. Eggs? Oooh…good poem material…Jutin sits with a flop in the middle of the gallery, pulling out a pencil and some paper…looking up to see a new egg being laid…pretty…

Weeping Twirls Egg
The primary color of the Weeping Twirls Egg is a dusty blue, almost the color of snow just before sunrise. Twisting across this egg are vine like ribbons that don't seem to have a point where they begin or end. The dark green lashes make interesting patterns on the egg, at times you can even start to see shapes in this twisting vines. Light feathery green splotches cling to the darker green ropes in a way that make them look like they are branches off of a tree that have fallen upon this egg and stayed there. Towards the bottom of the Weeping Twirls Egg are ripples of blue, acting as if branches are dipping their fingers into a cool crisp lake and sending their ripples across the Egg. Don't stare at the Weeping Twirls Egg too long because you'll start seeing the branches move as if they are caught in a gentle breeze.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.>

Hamemelis> Zokia ohs. "Oh my, that was quick, she laid two of them almost at once." She remarks, leaning forward to get a better look at the newest two. "Now, those are pretty."

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head in agreement, "Now they're coming quicker. Oh, they are pretty, aren't they? I like the second one, with all the vines…" He leans forward slightly to get a better look.

Wiyaneth looks /quite/ pleased with herself. She rests for a few moments, allowing Elara to bustle from one egg to the other - not touching but just looking. "Oooh, my love, how perfect!"

Hamemelis> Voices nearby? Well, time to explore, Jutin stands up again and quickly finds his way behind…whats her name again…Zokia? Yeah, thats the one, before plopping down again, "Whats happening?" He says, though he already knows the awnser.

Hamemelis> Zokia looks at Jutin. "Wiyaneth's clutching." She says, and looks back to the sands, nodding to Alakent. "I like the first one, of the two that were just laid, very pretty."

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head, "Yeah, a clutching. Zokia and I just came back from a hatching, too." Alakent tells Jutin, his eyes not leaving the hatching grounds. "The first one was pretty, but I like the second."

Wiyaneth circles the mound of eggs and then swishes her tail out of the way before laying another egg with a soft croon.

Hamemelis> Giving a short 'ooooooh', Jutin smiles, lieing quickly, "Never seen eggs being laid before…how long you think its gonna be, and how many eggs?" Jutin reaches into his pockets to see if he has any spare marks, only finding half a mark…"Though, I think the next one is gonna be a bright green colored egg…anyone want to take the bet?"

Ancient Giant of the Forest Egg
Dark treads of umber engulf this abnormally long egg, stretching endlessly from apex to base. Seeking rays of the slowly rising sun illuminate the ancient streaks of darkness that line this ovoid, fertile golden-browns gracefully lounging near the bottom of the egg. Brief spasms of spring green, pine, hunter, and forest greens appear momentarily in some areas, though it's hard to pinpoint exactly where they are.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by O'ran.>

Hamemelis> Zokia shakes her head. "No thanks, I don't bet, I'd probably just loose." She replies, and looks back to the sands, just in time to see the newest egg to hit the sands. "Well, whoever did bet you just lost." She giggles, and hmms as she looks over the darkish egg.

Hamemelis> Alakent shakes his head and wiggles his finger, "No thank you, I only bet when there's a hatching." He tells the other man before catching the newest egg. "Oh, and you would have been a half a mark richer if I had. Oh well." He shrugs and grins to himself. "How many eggs now? I think seven."

Hamemelis> Frowning darkly, Jutin says "But noone took my bet, and I was right for once…think of the odds…" Jutin gives a small humpf, no bubbly for him tonight, thats for sure…"Oh well…how many you think more will come?"

Wiyaneth looks deep into the shell of that egg for a few long moments, her eyes reflecting its colors before she shifts her weight and settles, leaving another egg in a small sandy hollow.

Autumnal Heart of Fire Egg
Sun-shot crimsons and scarlets envelope most of the otherwise cinnamon-hued shell, tumbling and exploding around each curve of this rather broad ovoid in rich brocades of color. Streaks of sienna and mahogany are accentuated with glowing flecks of sun-sprayed golds, lending this particular egg a look akin to mottled flame and fire. Tiny, nearly invisible specks of pale, summer-aged green peek shyly out from amidst these bold hues, as though reminiscient of summer days gone.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by O'ran.>

Hamemelis> Zokia laughs lightly, and ohs at the next egg. "Very nice looking one, reminds me of leaves in the fall."

Hamemelis> Alakent nod his head, "It's a very nice egg, very pretty." He agrees as he looks at the newest egg. "It almost makes me chilly just thinking about the fall change…" He mumbles thoughtfully. "Maybe one or two more eggs?" He says as he turns to Jutin."

Hamemelis> Zokia shrugs. "Maybe, I wouldn't bet on it, not with the way this clutch has been going." She laughs lightly.

Wiyaneth looks up to the Galleries with an almost challenging look, and layes two more eggs, one right beside the other and snuggled up closer.

Fall Colors Egg
A kaleidoscope of color swirls riotously around this egg's shell. Vivid splatters of emerald, carrot, crimson, and saffron make a wild and random pattern that stands in stark contrast to the buff sand surrounding the base of the egg. Here and there a hint of sepia can also be seen, but that only serves to make the colors marking the shell appear that much brighter. A closer inspection reveals delicate detail among the colors, a soft veining that organizes the splatters into rough patterns that resemble a hand, only with pointed tips.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Hamemelis> Shrugging softly, Jutin just ponders, "Well…its all new to me…so I'm not worried…just sitting back and enjoying the experience…though I've heard that Elara can feel everything her lifemate is going through? Must be painful…

Enchanted Forest Egg
Damp moss curls up from around the base of this egg, carrying with it the fresh scent of the sea and a cool haven amongst the heat of the sands. This egg is enormous, dwarfing most of its neighbors, filled with rich hues and a rough looking shell. However, the shades of chocolate brown and tender emerald green give off a gentle giant feel. Tipped up so it sits at an angle, the very top point of this egg is finally graced by jade etchings filtered against a backdrop of pale blue.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head, "Yeah, it's just a guess, not a bet." he tells Zokia as two more eggs are laid. "Oh, that's a nice egg, almost like the last one. I think this one is prettier, though." He says thoughtfully before nodding to Jutin. "Well, one clutch is just like the last. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. the only difference is the eggs themselves." Shrugs, "Never thought of that…" He then looks to the weyrwoman for any hints.

Hamemelis> Zokia blinks at Jutin, and eyes Elara closer. "Well, she doesn't look like she's in pain, seems like she'd be /in/ pain if Wiyaneth was in labor and she could feel it…" She remarks, and hmms at the two newest ones. "Oh, very nice."

Elara is dashing around the Sands looking quite pink in the face and utterly excited. No pain marrs her expression, only excitement. Wiyaneth swings her huge head around and rumbles sternly to her lifemate as the bustling, bumbling rider nearly runs smack into the Gold's huge tail. How could she miss seeing that? Elara giggles shrilly.

Hamemelis> "Carefull Elara!" Zokia calls down, and looks to the others. "Think Wiyaneth likes to play games." She snickers. "Seems like she keeps playing with us."

Hamemelis> "Just kinda seemed odd to me…maybe there are parts that the rider dosn't feel? Who knows?" Jutin smiles softly, and makes a few scribbles on his paper…notes, notes, and more notes!

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head, "Watch it, you don't want to knock yourself out!" He calls to the goldrider, shaking his head. "She doesn't look like she's in pain, so I think we can dismiss that. Maybe she can block it out? Or maybe the gold isn't sending it to her? I wouldn't know." He shrugs his shoulders and awaits to see if there's more eggs.

Wiyaneth settles to the sands again, gathering her strength by pausing. Her gaze swings over her quite respectable mound of eggs. She doesn't look to be in any discomfort at all, either. If she is, she is merely accepting it as a fact of life. Why complain about something you have to go through? Especially something as wonderful as a first clutching? Elara flops against her lifemate's shoulder, patting her shoulder and beaming, taking deep breaths. She waves to the Galleries again, and then has to scramble out of the way while Wiyaneth moves to lay another egg.

From the Peak to the Sky Egg
Rising out of the velvet grains that cradle it, this egg is a sudden flash of white lifting gazes away from the mundane and predictable hues of sand. Slender and long, this egg's shape bespeaks of reaching for the sky from atop mountain peaks. Curving around one point of the egg are vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow; a fall's hue painted by a delicate hand. The opposite end is nothing but golden greens, here and there a spot of peridot. The delicate creamy white curving around the middle of the egg is spaced here and there with faded circles of brown. There at the bottom of the egg, partially obscured by the sand…is that a heart with initials inside of it? Must be a trick of the heat.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Elara.>

Hamemelis> Zokia hmms. "Is that it?" She asks as Wiyaneth lays down again. "How many eggs are there? I lost count." She ohs as the gold, and rider, scrable as Wiyaneth goes to lay another. "Now, that's a bright egg." She comments.

Hamemelis> Alakent tilts his head to the side as he regards the newest entrance to the sands, "It is quite colorful…" He squints his eyes to get a better look but gives up. "I wish we were closer…oh well. I don't know, I think 11? I lost count a while ago."

Hamemelis> Jutin stands up, briefly bowing as he does…"I'm needed elsewhere…more things to be seen so to say…I will hopefully catch people later…and if not, I'm sure I will be caught myself." Jutin gives a small smile as he hums and starts walking as to leave the galleries.

Wiyaneth rumbles with satisfaction, nosing sand to cover part of the white on the bottom of that egg. Then she gives a soft wuffle of surprise, quickly laying another one. She seems startled. There's more?

Living Contradiction Egg
Small yet growing. Compact yet outreaching. Any number of oxymorons may be used in order to explain this Egg. While it is no smaller than most of its fellows, the diminutive shape upon the Shell — a small tree, apparently trimmed several times in the past — shows signs of new growth and small apparitions of spike-like young leaves which only seem to add to the wonder and beauty which make up the curving green shapes along its summit. At the bottom of the Egg, almost fully covered with warm sand, is a bland patch of rich darkness, much like the fertile soil of an exotic land.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sala.>

Hamemelis> Zokia ohs. "Theres another one." She says. "That one seemed to almost suprise Wiyaneth, think she thought she was done?"

Wiyaneth swings her head around to nose at her belly, rumbling deeply in her chest in a softly concerned tone. Elara immedietly dashes to her side. "What is it? What?"

Hamemelis> Alakent nods his head, "Maybe there's not too many more then." He decides as he takes in the newest egg. "That one's strange, isn't it?" He leans forward again to get a better look. "Maybe…What's wrong?" He asks as he eyes the gold's sudden behavior.

Hamemelis> Jutin pauses…and just lookes…maybe something fun and special is gonna happen! Yey! Sitting down again, he looks with all his attention towards the gold, ready for whatever will come next.

Hamemelis> Zokia blinks and looks at Wiyaneth with concern. "Is she ok Elara?" She asks the weyrwoman, concern ringing in her voice.

Elara runs her hands over Wiyaneth's belly, pushing gently. "There? No? There? How about here? No?" She seems to be calm, consitering that her lifemate's tail is shifting. Then she beams, "One more!" she announces. Wiyaneth rumbles, satisfied, and lays down on her side, wings tucked close as she closes her eyes. Muscles contract as she seems to be pushing a last and final egg towards it's freedom.

Grasping at the Clouds Egg
The Shell of this Egg is in perpetual darkness, as if a shadow has settled upon it and no amount of illumination may chase it from its chosen resting ground. But, within that same darkness a pale whisper of a form makes itself known. One thick trunk-like form dominates the lower portion of the image, but nearing the midway mark, it divides into the three distinct claws of a pale Dragons talon. At the end of each claw rests a mass of some dark substance which seems to allow only a small amount of light to filter through. That scarce light is enough to illuminate the multiple rubies of Dragons Blood which had long ago seeped from the multiple scratched and nicks upon the outreaching hand. As a whole, it would appear that the sky itself is being attack by some great Dragon who is paying the ultimate price to allow Rukbat to shine its light upon the world bellow.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sala.>

Hamemelis> Zokia watches with concern, and then nods at Elara's shout, and looks relieved at the final egg emerges, and she counts the mound. "She had 12 eggs!" She declares. "A nice round number." She giggles lightly, and hmms at the dark last egg.

Hamemelis> Alakent grins widely as the last egg is laid, "Now that's a good egg to end with." He says proudly as he looks over the clutch again, taking them in another time. "12 eggs, it's a good number."

Hamemelis> And so it was set, 12 eggs, each to get a line in his epic…Jutin smiled again, standing before slowly leaveing, fadeing from view under the confines of his black cape.

Wiyaneth curls herself around her clutch of twelve perfect eggs with gently swirling eyes. Elara stands by her lifemate's muzzle, stroking it gently and not noticing the heat as her eyes travel from egg to egg, drinking in their hues and shapes, imagining what they may contain. She beams, wiping a few tears from her eyes as she whispers softly to her Gold.

Hamemelis> Zokia smiles lightly, and sits back a bit, before she looks to the others up here. "Anyone want to go to the caverns and have something to drink to celebrate?"

Hamemelis> Alakent stretches slightly in his seat as he stands up, his eyes still flitting over the eggs slowly. "I should check up on the stables…thanks anyway. I've been gone for too long.' He wiggles his fingers and heads out of the sands.

Hamemelis> Alakent steps over to the main entrance.
Hamemelis> Alakent has left.

Wiyaneth closes her eyes finally, though she does not sleep deeply. Elara pushes herself onto Wiyaneth's foreleg and curls up there, just grinning at the eggs. There we go. Eggs. Finally. Now to prepare for the Hatching. Elara gulps.

Hamemelis> Zokia hmms and nods at Alakent. "That's not a bad idea as well." She agrees, and stands up, giving a stretch, hard to sit in place for so long, even if it was in two different place. She leans over the rail. "Either of you need anything?" She asks the pair on the sands.

Elara shakes her head up at Zokia, "No, I'm good right now. Thanks though! Thanks a lot! I'm glad you got to see it."

Hamemelis> Zokia grins, and nods. "I'm glkad I got to too, it was very interesting!" She calls, and straightens, and looks around at the emptying gallery, before giving another stretch, and heading for the stairs to check on her on runners.,

Elara continues watching over the eggs, alowing her lifemate to sleep.