Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr
This weyr is opulent, it almost looks like some of the ground weyrs. It is quite large, easily fitting two large dargons. The slight lip on the wallow allows for large blankets to be draped over it without sliding downward. The floor stone is smooth, having been wore down over the turns by many dragon and human feet. Towards the back of the dragon area there is a wall with a double door wide opening leading into the living area. On either side of the living area there are two smaller rooms. Towards the back there is an entrance to the washroom on the left and an open area for the kitchenette on the right.
The living area is quite large to match the dragon's area. There is plush carpeting covering most of the weyr, except for the dragon, kitchen and washroom areas which are tiled. The furniture left behind is in quite good condition. There is a sofa and a klah table in the center of the room, and couple of bookcases. Towards the back where the kitchenette is there is a rectangular dining table with four chairs. The spare room to the left has only a desk in it and a book shelf.
The kitchenette is well cared for. There are ample cabinets and counter space about made with good stone, though they are worn a bit by age. There is a stove and oven, ice box and a deep sink. The bedroom is of a slightly more modest size. The bed looks to be roughly a queen size, and there is a dresser with a mirror over it off to the right hand side of the entrance. Some of the area is consumed by a walk-in closet in the back right corner. The washroom is quite large and clearly designed for two people. There is a large basin tub with a small stand up shower next to it. The toilet has been partitioned off to the left corner, leaving space for a large vanity across most of the back wall of the washroom. It has a light colored stone countertop with two sinks carved out and a very large mirror on the wall behind. There is plenty of cabinet space underneath.

It'd be hard to tell what time of the morning it is in Fort, with a heavy mist obscuring most of the Weyr and the snow from previous days still clinging to the ground. Winter has arrived but despite it all, the weyrfolk are out and about on their daily tasks. All but one, whose tasks for now allow him to remain blissfully, holed up within his weyr for a few more hours of quiet, though hardly any peace. While Velokraeth is on the ledge outdoors, oblivious to cold, snow or mist to observe all the same, Th'ero is seated at his desk, staring blankly at the many sheets and rolls of paper in front of him. Judging by the frown on his features and the way his mouth is drawn downwards, the young bronzerider turned Weyrleader has little to look forwards to and even looks a touch overwhelmed. Dressed in his formal clothes, Th'ero looks no different, really. Hair is still long, wavy an a complete mess and he's still kept the facial hair, though that he at least grooms neatly. It's the knot pinned to his shoulder that says it all. He's snapped from his brooding thoughts though when Velokraeth passes on a tidbit of information that a guest has arrived. So when said guest does enter, he's already rising from his desk, a slight (if not uncertain) smile on his features as he prepares to greet them.

Varmiroth glides down through the mists like a pale, ice wraith, touching down nimbly on the bronze's ledge with a happy, delighted croon of greeting. Bending forward, he lets Kimmila dismount before he's off, nosing the snow around and making his ever-present circle patterns across the bronze's ledge. Kimmila tugs her gloves off and steps into the weyr, looking around with a keen eye, and a faint smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "It's changed," she remarks thoughtfully, walking forward towards his desk. When she's on the opposite side of it - the outside, if you will - she crouches down and vanishes from view. There's a soft swish sound of a blade being drawn from a sheath, and then a thunk as the blade's point is stuck into the wood. And a laugh. "And some things haven't," comes Kimm's voice, drifting up from the opposite side of the desk.

Velokraeth's low rumble and croon of greeting to Varmiroth as the blue settles to his ledge serves as a second warning for his rider within. The pale bronze doesn't shift from where he's curled up in a favored spot on the ledge, instead canting his head a little to the side in amusement as he watches the blue, happy enough to welcome the familiar visitor for companionship and conversation. As Kimmila enters, Th'ero is already on his feet, though still on the other side of the desk. The smile he gives the bluerider is warmer, a little more relaxed when she comments. "Is it?" he replies back, knowing full well it's different. But whatever smile or relaxed nature he has begins to fade when she disappears on him, the bronzerider frowning a little. "What are…" He never gets to finish his sentence though, interrupted by the sound of a drawn blade and the sound of it striking into the wood of his desk. It's enough to startle him as it takes him unawares. Th'ero has stepped back at this point, confusion mixing in with alarm and annoyance to finish it all off. "Shard it all, Kimmila! What was that for?" he curses at her, stepping forwards now to come around the other side, though ready to leap away incase the bluerider has more surprises in store. "What hasn't changed?"

Kimmila laughs, the sound actually full of /humor/ instead of bitterness or darkness. It's a genuine, light hearted laugh. "Relax, Th'ero, I'm not carving my name or anything." When he comes around to the other side of the desk, he'll see that the point of her blade has popped off a small panel of wood, the seams nearly invisible and impossible to find unless you know where to look. The hole it leaves behind is a little hiding place. About four inches wide, an inch high, and three inches deep, it's just enough of a space for hiding something small, with a tiny metal mechanism that must be pressed with the point of something very small, in order to release. Kimmila plucks something from the hole, tossing it in her palm with another laugh. "See?" she says, pressing the wood panel back onto the desk with a soft 'click'. "This was X'an's desk. I'm surprised it's still here…" She straightens, looking thoughtfully at the object she holds in her palm. It's quite unremarkable. Just a simple, smooth stone.

"I'd love to be able to relax, right now." Th'ero grumbles in a sarcastic tone, though he does give a noticeable exhale of breath as most of the tension leaves him from the sudden surprise. Especially now that surprise is being replaced by keen interest. The sliding panel and the hole left in its wake are given a very long, studious look as the Weyrleader comes closer, almost standing directly next to the bluerider. He does indeed see, no doubt noting in his mind where it is and how it works. "X'an?" Th'ero simply questions, curious gaze shifting from hidden panels to Kimmila herself. "I didn't know. It was just…available." He admits, somewhat awkwardly to the bluerider. "Did you know him?" When she straightens and looks at the object in the palm of her hand, Th'ero's gaze follows and the simple, smooth stone is given a simple, little frown. "Does it hold some meaning? Or is it what I think it is and nothing more?" the bronzerider muses with a dry chuckle, before gesturing to the rest of the weyr and perhaps more pointedly towards the area boasting a few slightly worn, but comfortable looking chairs. "Might as well make yourself comfortable. To what do I owe your visit? Aside from showing me the secrets of my second-hand desk." Th'ero is being polite enough, though his tone still carries some sarcasm with his words. Seems he's in a prickly mood this morning.

Kimmila closes her fingers around the stone, quiet for a moment before she nods. "Relaxing it is, then," she says, walking over to the seating area and doing just that. "X'an," she says with a nod. "He was the Weyrleader here for a long time, with my mother, and he's the father of my half brother. I spent a lot of time in this weyr, and we had this game. Hide the stone." She shrugs, giving the rock in her hand a small little smile. "Stupid game, but it was a lot of fun. And when he retired and left, I looked everywhere for this damn rock. Wasn't until I moved away that I even thought of looking there. But of course, how could you walk into the Weyrleader's weyr and just stab their desk?" There's a wry grin, since that's of course what she just did. She laughs, grinning mischievously at him. "I could show you all /sorts/ of secrets of this weyr. Things the Weyrleader should probably know. But no, I'm here to ask you what the hell happened, and why you /abandoned/ me and left me with only /Zi'on/ for a drinking buddy." There's good natured ribbing in the eyeroll as she mentions her wingmate's name.

Th'ero follows along behind Kimmila as she moves to take a seat, his gaze never quite wavering from the bluerider, especially when she begins to explain the stone. His brows rise a little, having not expected the response he gets. And while she takes a seat, he lingers by one across from her, instead coming to stand beside it, one hand resting on the chairs back in an idle and distracted manner. No doubt this would be where he'd offer her food or drink, but his mind his distracted. "I didn't know he was your father. Or that Fort was your home." Th'ero replies, no sarcasm now in his honesty as he realizes he never asked Kimmila of her past. Now her knows though, and while more questions are probably surfacing to his mind, he resists the temptation. Instead, he simply smirks, "You couldn't before. Glad I could be of some help." Th'ero's snarky remark is short lived though, when Kimmila hints at more secrets. That definitely has the young bronzerider's attention. But that withers just as fast when she begins to demand answers and he promptly evades, but not before she may catch the faint wince in his expression from her choice of words. "Ah. So we get to the real reason now." He points out, glancing away from the bluerider and towards the kitchenette. "Can I at least offer you something to drink or eat, before we tear into each other?" he offers politely enough, though it's obviously a tactic of his to stall for time.

Kimmila shakes her head a little bit, absently turning the stone over in her rough palm. "X'an isn't my blood father. A'rtomus is. He's your neighbor. He and my mother live down in the bottom weyr. I'll have to visit before I leave. I'm sure Wiyaneth has already told Mom that I'm here." There's a little eye roll, but it's fond when she speaks of the older gold. "Wiyaneth can be a bitch, but she's had it rough. Mom is strange, but she's a good one to have on your side. She's been here forever, so if you need help, she's the one to ask for it. She's real good at politics and…being nice and all that stuff." Stuff Kimm is, admittedly, no so great at. "But yes, Fort is my home. I lived here until I moved to Eastern. And then I impressed at Western." She ignores his sarcasm, letting it roll off her, because she's pretty sure he was happy to discover that secret part of his desk. It could come in handy sometime, who knows? "Whatever you have, as long as it isn't tea," Kimmila answers, leaning back and propping up her booted feet on the edge of the klah table.

Even as Kimmila talks, Th'ero is ticking off names and details in his mind, storing them for later and all the while he keeps his expression neutral. Even so, his surprise shows through a little when the bluerider brings up certain details - notably that of Wiyaneth and her mother. "Thanks. I'll remember that." He eventual replies after a noticeable pause, sincere again and some of the awkwardness that had built up disperses. And Th'ero is probably happy about the little hidden compartment discovery, but won't be showing it for now, concerned and focused instead on other matters - which at the moment is serving his guest. "No tea, so you're safe there. Just klah, water and alcohol." He admits with a crooked smile, turning to step away towards the kitchenette. It doesn't take him long to assemble everything, returning with a tray laden with a small pot of klah, a pitcher of water and some uncorked wine. Glasses and mugs are included as well and the tray is set on the table, pointedly away from where Kimmila's boots are propped. Th'ero then gestures with a hand for her to help herself and he's moving back to settle heavily into his own chair, leaning back into it, elbows resting on the arm rests as his arms cross to fold over his lap. His head tilts downwards a little, gaze cast downward as well as he frowns in thought. "I didn't abandon anyone. Not purposely." Th'ero begins, grimacing a little at the term while backtracking to Kimmila's earlier remarks. His gaze rises to the bluerider at this point and though he tries not to, he ends up smirking. "And what happened? That should be obvious. Like I said in my letter… poor timing. Hasn't been the first time Velokraeth chased here in Fort. But by the time I realized /who/ he was chasing…" And he only gives a helpless shrug then as he lets the sentence drop unfinished.

Kimmila removes her boots from the table and leans forward to take the bottle of wine, uncorking it and pouring herself some before she offers to pour some for him with a gesture of the bottle. She also pours herself a glass of water, and she'll alternate between the water and the wine. Taking a sip of each, she sets the glasses down and lounges back in her chair, boots returning to the table as she looks across at her former wingmate. "How's your girlfriend handling it?" His smirk is matched with one of her own, and she gives her head a small shake. "Yeah, these things can happen. It's just…unfortunate, is all." She sighs, reaching forward to take another sip of her wine.

Slowly, Th'ero leans forwards to snag the other wine glass as Kimmila offers to pour, taking her up on the offer despite the early hour. Once his glass is filled, he takes it hand and promptly settles back into his original position, pausing only to take a sip of the wine before setting the glass down to rest on the edge of the arm rest, fingers still wrapped around it so it doesn't tip. "Jeyinshi?" Th'ero's frown and slightly pained look speak volumes and he looks away from the bluerider. "How do you think?" he replies bluntly as his gaze slides back to Kimmila, eyes narrowing a little as he gives her a long look. There's a snort then and a shake of his head. "Unfortunate doesn't quite begin to scrape the surface." Th'ero mutters to her, gaze settling now on his wine though his thoughts are elsewhere. Eventually, the bronzerider begins to fidget a little, obviously awkward and uncomfortable and probably wanting to voice many things but not knowing what to say or where to start.

Kimmila meets his gaze, her brows arched, and she nods. "I can imagine," she says quietly, looking into her wine glass and taking a slow sip. "Well," she says slowly, swirling the wine and watching it cling to the sides of the glass, "I visit here pretty regularly. Usually once a sevenday. I could bring her with me, if that'd help. Give her rides and what-not," she offers, glancing up to try and meet his gaze again. "What?" she asks, setting her wine down to pick up the water. "What's bothering you? I mean…other than the obvious," she says, motioning a hand towards his knot.

Th'ero is still stubbornly staring at his wine glass and the wine within it, though he hears all Kimmila has to say and the offer isn't entirely lost on him. But what should be an offer grasped with happiness is instead met by a deep frown and a lack of any smile. "It'd be perfect." He admits, before shaking his head and scowling. "Save for the detail that she's not talking to me. Or replying, rather, so I have no idea if she wants to visit, or move or have anything to do with me." There's a frustrated sound from the bronzerider then as he takes another, longer, sip of his wine. When the glass is returned to its spot, Th'ero finally glances to Kimmila and for a moment he smiles vaguely, but it soon vanishes as his mouth is drawn back to a thin line. "That's just it. It's all because of the obvious." He admits, meeting the bluerider's gaze and for the first time she may see the stress lurking there, among uncertainty and worry. "This is all new… I don't know the area and I don't know the people here. Leaves me feeling… out of place. Western was my home." And Fort isn't. That he doesn't seem to have the courage to say outloud, though he offers Kimmila another vague smile. Apologetic perhaps or embarrassed? Eventually, he simply sighs, his free hand coming up to rub at one of his temples. "It's one sharding huge mess I've managed to get myself into."

Kimmila tilts her head slightly, a little confused at his reaction to her offer, until he elaborates. She blinks, brows lifting in surprise, and she coughs a little bit on her water. "Oh," she says, before she frowns. "Well that blows. I'm…I'm sorry, Th'ero," she says, and as she speaks her voice softens to something very genuine and soft. Not her usual tone of voice, that's for sure. She meets his gaze and frowns at the emotions she sees there, and gives her head a little shake. "Of course you're going to feel out of place," she says gently. "You don't know anything about this weyr. Didn't even know your desk had a secret hiding spot, I mean, c'mon," she says, trying to lighten the mood, though it's brief. "Look," she says more seriously, leaning forward so her elbows rest on her knees, and she can look across the table at him. "You're a Western rider. You're Archipelago. Granted, not for very long, but we're bad ass and we can handle anything. It's not like you're stuck in a mine or something," she says with a wry grin. "Sure, it's a mess, but it's also an opportunity. I think you can be a great Weyrleader, Th'ero. You just need some guidance. And I have that in abundance," she says, sweeping a hand around. "That is," she adds, her enthusiasm dimming into a more thoughtful tone, "if you'd like the help." And she glances up at him, offering whatever she can do. Which…is actually quite a bit, given her connections to this weyr.

Th'ero was not expecting Kimmila to reply in the manner she does and for a moment, the Weyrleader can only blink at her before he recovers and smirks again. "You didn't know." He murmurs in reply, taking another sip of his wine and promptly draining the last of it. The empty glass is returned to the table and when he straightens, he doesn't quite lean back so heavily into his seat. The attempt to lighten the mood works (and so does the wine) and Th'ero relaxes a fraction and there's a light half-smile curving up the one side of his mouth. "Isn't that the point of a "secret" hiding spot?" he says, some of his teasing nature surfacing long enough to chip away at the tension and his brooding mood. When Kimmila takes on a more serious tone, Th'ero's attention focuses on her rather then looking away. In the end, she treated to yet another surprised look that edges on bewilderment. This was definitely not expected at all, but once what she's said, hinted at and even offered sinks in, he looks genuinely relieved, amused and even a little touched. "Thanks, Kimmila." He says, with an actual smile to match. "And I'd like that. The help, I mean. I need it as much as I hate to admit it." With that little detail revealed, the Weyrleader chuckles. "You said you visit every sevenday or so?"

Kimmila snorts, rolling her eyes. "I'm as stubborn and thick-headed as they come, Th'ero, and even /I/ would be trembling in your position, and begging for help. It's not a sin to admit you need help, as long as you admit it to the right people, and don't look like a fool to the people you need to lead." She grins at him, and nods. "There's many more secrets to come, too, my friend. I've got stuff stashed all /over/ this weyr." There's a brightness, an excitement to her gaze that's been lacking ever since Th'ero met her, frankly, as her own brooding and dark mood ebbs away somewhat. "The first thing I'm going to do is get you a meeting with my mother. Tomorrow morning. You need to find some tea to take to her. Apple, if you can find it. Some sort of floral blend if you can't. Just take the loose tea." Kimm stands, starting to pace with a restless excitement. "Just be up front with her, and polite. The second thing you need to do is go meet the Steward, the Headwoman, the head Cook, the head laundress, the head drudge, the stablehand… Everyone always thinks to meet the Wingleaders and other Goldriders and what-not, but you can't do shit without the understanding and loyalty of your lower caverns workers. I was an assistant Headwoman for turns, so believe me when I say they'll work their /ass/ off for a leader they think listens and respects them, even though they don't have some big, shiny dragon. Go rent a runner and ride around, check out the land. Talk to the farmcrafters, all those folks. Get out of stupid, stuffy meetings and meet people. That's the best advice I can give you right now." She continues to pace, lost in thought for a moment.

"Guess that makes two of us on the stubborn and thick-headedness." Th'ero quickly muses before he sobers himself back to being serious. The grin is met with another smile as he regards the bluerider with another curious look. "So you keep hinting at me!" he points out, "But are you going to at least /hint/ at some of them? Or just keep me frustrated?" Seems like as the hour ticks on, his mood improves and he's back to looking more like his relaxed self, though some of the stress still lurks but can now be managed and hidden. Th'ero has noticed some change in Kimmila, though he keeps that little observation to himself, instead letting his gaze follow her as she paces restlessly. Brows rise a little in surprise though, "Tomorrow morning?" he tries to protest, but the bluerider is speaking quickly and the Weyrleader wisely bites his tongue less he miss the first bit of advice he's got since coming into his new position. Th'ero nods his head, ticking off a mental list and then chuckling dryly at some of her suggestions. In the end, he's nodding his head slowly and thoughtfully. "You're right and I believe you. What you've said makes sense, about meeting people." As she begins to pace again, Th'ero shakes his head, no longer following Kimmila's movement, though he does give her a bemused side-glance. "I'll have to fit in the Wingleaders and Weyrsecond at some point, though."

Kimmila stops pacing long enough to hold the back of her chair, leaning over it to grab her wine glass and take a sip before it's put down once more. "I think keeping you frustrated is more fun," she fires back with a wink. "At least until I can show them to you. Because just telling you..where's the fun in that? Yes, tomorrow morning. She'd be insulted otherwise." She draws herself up and adopts a slightly aloof, but also slightly matronly gaze - like a grandmother looking down a a child that just spilled his milk. "It's only proper," she says in a different voice, before she breaks down into a brief giggling interlude, hopping over the arm of the chair to sprawl in it, taking the wine again. "Meet the Wingleaders and Weyrsecond tomorrow afternoon. No one can /really/ argue with you for meeting the caverns folks first. They'd look like total dickwads if they said, 'Why didn't you meet with us /first/?' It's an ego check, and shows everyone that you're not going to be intimidated." She shrugs and grins at him, pouring herself some more wine. "Have I frightened you yet?" she teases wryly. "Or do you feel better?"

"Fantastic. Just what I need!" Th'ero fires back, tone thick with sarcasm though this time it's all in jest as he plays along with the little joke. "You do know I'm going to tear this place apart now, when time allows?" he teases, though it's half-hearted. The pessimistic side of him surges long enough for a reminder that he isn't simply a wingrider anymore and that "time" may very well be precious. Kimmila's little act at impersonating Elara earns a near laugh from the Weyrleader, though he quickly muffles it as a cough. "Right then. To be /proper/…" and he purposely stresses the word, side-glancing to Kimmila when she reclaims her seat. "…I'll go tomorrow morning." Th'ero promises, though he's distracted when the bluerider pours herself more wine. He'll follow suit, once she's done, refilling his own glass and then setting the now empty bottle aside. This time he does allow himself to laugh at her comments. "Good point. So cavern folk next, then the Wingleaders and Weyrsecond for the afternoon." There's a snort and Th'ero straightens his shoulders a little, though it's another of his teasing gestures. "Frightened me? Hardly." He then chuckles, shaking his head and letting his shoulders fall to a more relaxed position. "Already was. But I am feeling better. Enough to function at least."

Kimmila winks at him, "It's all part of the fun. Besides, it'll give us both something to look forward to," she returns. "I'd expect nothing less, Wingmate," she says with a lofty little hand wave. She grins across the table at him, expression bright and cheeks a little flushed from the wine. "Excellent. Good, good. You'll do just fine, Th'ero. You're a good leader. I can see that in you. I don't show just anyone my secrets," she says, her expression and voice going a little distracted, making that last sentence a bit fumbling as Varmiroth croons on the ledge. "Wiyaneth is calling," Kimmila says, her expression resigned but also rather excited. "She named me, you know," she adds, draining her wine and standing up and reaching out a hand towards Th'ero. "Just holler if you need something. Varmiroth isn't the /best/ at getting messages over a distance, but I'm sure Velokraeth could get through to him if he's focused enough."

Wingmate. That title seems to bring a warm smile from Th'ero when Kimmila uses it and while she was probably teasing him, he doesn't correct her or rise to the bait, simply letting it slide. The flush on his own cheeks could be blamed for the wine or perhaps its from the praise from the bluerider. He clears his throat a little, taking a sip of wine and then replies, his smile crooked once more. "Thanks. I don't feel it, but… it's good to know." Th'ero admits, before giving her a long look when she shares that last comment. "Neither do I." he adds, despite the awkward fumbling. As Kimmila rises to stand, so does the Weyrleader, extending his hand out to meet and clasp hers firmly once he sets his wine glass down and out of the way. The gesture is genuine, though brief and soon he's releasing her hand. "Did she now? Well, I won't keep you then." Th'ero muses, trying not to look to disappointed that she's leaving so soon. There's another chuckle and the bronzerider dips his head a little, grinning for the first time. "I'll remember, don't worry. Just be sure to have Varmiroth speak to Velokraeth when you two are in next as well." He replies, hesitating for a heartbeat or two before adding, "And thanks again, for stopping in and for the help. It means a lot."

Kimmila wasn't teasing with that title, as her eyes focus intently on his face. Once an Archipelago rider, always an Archipelago rider. As their hands clasp, her opposite hand reaches up to thump and squeeze his bicep in the usual grasp from one rider to another. Brief, before she also lets go and smiles at him. "To secrets, then," she chuckles, giving him a crooked grin. Picking up the stone, she drops it into her pocket, giving it a little pat. "I will," she promises. "You can't be rid of me that easily," she teases, heading for the exit. Then she stops, looking over her shoulder and smiling more warmly at him. "You're welcome, Th'ero. Any time. I've got your back." With that, she's stepping out onto the snowy ledge and expertly hopping down the stairs towards her mother's ledge, leaving Varmiroth to warble warmly to Velokareth before he pushes off and glides down to the former senior's ledge to chat happily with the pale, ivory golden queen.

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