Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

The winter cold does not touch the tavern, making it a wonderful place to stay when not wanting to reside in the walls of the Weyr. Among those there is the hunter, Deitra, and she is settled at the bar as she normally is when there is not a thing for her to do. She is nursing a drink, silent with grey eyes watching those in the tavern with an idle look while idly listening to the stories being told by some of the men not too far away from her.

Adalinus stomps into the tavern and shakes some snow off himself before he hangs his coat on a peg by the door. "Brrr! It feels good to be inside!" He heads over to sit down next to Deitra. "Barkeep! A shot and a brew!" He leans down so his face is near the huntress's then. "Oi, Deitra. What's the big story about, then?" he asks about the men whose tales she's listening in on. Ada gives her a questioning look.

Grey eyes settle upon Adalinus as he enters the tavern, an idle smile playing on her lips before her attention turns to the men beside her while the other hunter makes himself comfortable. "He's sayin' he was huntin' a pack of felines on his own." This is offered softly to the man beside her, her voice dropping even lower. "Fulla lies, that one. Wouldn't trust a word he's sayin', not ta mention he's probably a cheat." A grin spreads on Deitra's lips and she gives the man a nudge. "What took you so long, anyway?"

Adalinus nods to the bartender as he delivers his drinks. The shot is quickly drank and then the beer is nursed. "Oh? Mm." Ada smiles and then chuckles a bit. "But what a story it makes! Full of danger…. and heroism! I'm sure there'll be romance involved if it goes on much longer, too." There's a startled grunt as Deitra nudges him, and his face goes into his mug a little further than anticipated. "The headwoman caught me and needed a favor. rearranging the stores a little. She gave me a few marks though since it turned out to be more work that she expected. How long were you waiting?"

Deitra rolls her eyes at that, "romance is a buncha nonsense, y'know. Ain't nothin' better'n a true huntin' story, bein' made up just makes it boring." Laughter spills out as his face goes further into the mug and she beams a wide grin in his direction. No apology, however, as amusement simply seems to grow. "Yer too soft, y'know, lettin' her just drop alla that on you. At least you got paid, I guess. Drinks are on you." That grin only grows wider and there's an idle shrug. "Long 'nough ta hear these stories of untruths."

Adalinus's jaw drops at Deitra. "Romance… is.. nonsense!? How can you say such a thing! Love… and heartbreak… it's what being alive is all about! Who will you take your hard earned prize home to, if not a family?" Ada wipes some of the beer out of his mustache, and it springs back into shape. He scoffs at her. "Soft! I'm simply making allies! We are living here, after all. It helps to have the headwoman looking favorably on you." He sighs a bit. "I can't say I'm fond of untrue stories, but… booze often breeds lies. So! Have you heard anything about when we are heading out again? My muscles are aching for some hiking!"

Deitra stares at Ada for his rant, entirely blank faced as she listens to him go on. "Sure. Right. Forgot that yer Holdbred. I ain't got a real mother, or father, y'know. Fostered and all that, the real ones didn't want ta care for Chy and me." The hunter grins widely at her companion after a moment before snorting softly. "Yer soft. But, you got a point there. Yer a traveler so it is best ta have a little extra on yer side in the way of favor." A hand waves, dismissive before she peers over at the men beside them. "Nah. I ain't heard much. They're sayin' they're seein' if they can find some game with the winter routes, but if not we're goin' ta have to change spots. They get smarter in the winter cause they remember where we got 'em last winter." It's towards the evening and some are taking shelter from the winter away from the Weyr and the tavern offers a different atmosphere from Shenanigan's.

Adalinus sets down his mug on the bartop as Deitra goes on about her family, or lack thereof. Suddenly he's pulling the huntress against himself in a bearhug, half crushing her, and sniffling. "Ohhh Deitra! What a horrible life you and Chy have lived. All the suffering! No parents to love you! No place to call home! Out on your own, against your will!" Thankfully he releases her after such a show. If only to pull his shirt off and flex. "And who could resist being allies with all this muscle!?" Then it's back to a normal tone. He picks up his mug and sips at his beer. "Ah. Fair enough, then. Easier than packing up camp, I suppose."

Carlyn walking into a tavern is remarkable, if only to those who know the girl. For those who don't, she does an impressive job of pretending to belong in such places, without the hesitation or apprehension that might accompany some on their first trip into such a place. Especially a place that has tales associated with rough and raucous behavior. Even if those tales are false. And so, the stablehand is in the tavern, her steps slow and careful if only because she is looking around intently. She doesn't have to search long - it's not as though he is hard to miss - before she is headed towards the huge blond hunter. It is only when she is close enough to see his companion that her steps falter and her expression changes. Nonetheless, she continues the journey. "Ahem."

It's a rare day when Miki is able to come out to the Gemstone, but today seems to be one of those days. Her severly bundled form has become a common sight of late, so when she walks in there are significantly less stares than usual. Eyes scan the room as she slowly waddles her way to the bar, resting on two rather familiar girls, though there is an eyebrow raise at the man. Mostly because he just gave Deitra a bear hug. "Do I /want/ to know what's going on?" Miki hops up onto a stool, clearly amused by the entire situation. "Got yourself a new boyfriend already Deitra? Aniki will be heart-broken." Sarcasm.

Luckily, Deitra has released her hold upon her own drink awhile ago for she is drawn into the bear hug of the much larger hunter. Either she's used to this reaction, or she's had enough to drink to make her docile and not try to shove the man away. "Yes, yes. Horrible." Indulgent, she replies before chuckling softly. "You really gotta stop doin' that every time I remind you. Or, I should just not remind you." She reaches for her mug and peers at the man as he pulls off his shirt, grey eyes rolling. "Yer goin' ta get attacked by some of these guys if they get jealous. Luckily they're inta their story and ain't noticed, yet." The mug is lifted to her lips but pauses halfway there as there's a notable 'ahem' behind them, her head turns and her gaze settles upon Carlyn. A knowing grin settles upon her lips, which she hides behind the mug as she takes a drink. "Hey Lyn." And quickly distracting herself with the next arrival. "I've got a horrible, horrible life, 'pparently. And, yer brother ain't my boyfriend. He just got the upper hand cause I was /drugged/. And he ain't my boyfriend, either. He's a softie."

Adalinus smiles a bit to Carlyn. "Why, hello there, miss! This seat here next to me is free, if you would like to have a seat?" Apparently Deitra knows her though, and Ada is probably looking scary with his shirt off and his… mustacho-face. He blinks in confusion at Miki. "Hello! And who might you be? And who is this Aniki fellow? I didn't know Deitra was seeing anyone! Deitra! How could you leave me out of the loop?" He lets out a booming belly laugh at Deitra then. "Jealous? There is no need for that! Besides, I can take care of a few rowdy patrons." Then his face suddenly grows intense, and muscles tighten. "Drugged!?! How dare he! Who is this, taking advantage of unsuspecting ladies..!?" He flexes again. "Are you calling this soft!?"

Carlyn's face goes beet red. One hand flys to her forehead, and she carefully shades her eyes from the sight of Adalinus in his current, shirtless, form. "Could you please… put your shirt back on?" she pleads. "I found this." Her other hand is thrust in his direction, which is quite difficult since she's not looking at him, and it probably wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if she accidently socked him in the stomach (not that it would hurt). "In the barn." She continues. "It's yours." Since she can't look at /him/, she'll look at Deitra. The expression on her friend's face, however, makes Carlyn suspicious. Her eyebrows furrow, her lips purse, and she peers at the hunter accusingly, though says nothing. "Miki!" Oh great. A witness!

Miki snickers, "Breathe, relax. I'm not stupid enough to believe what he says. And don't worry. I set him straight on the whole relationship record. For the past few days he's playing prince charming to one of the littles so you can relax for a while." Soon the green rider's attention shifts to Adalinus. It'd be impossible for her not to look at the guy. For a few seconds she simply stares, giving him a once over from head to toe after which she promptly bursts into a fit of giggles. "Oh! Oh he's hilarious!" It's a good minute or so before Miki finally breaks past those giggles and holds out her hand. "Miki, green Sohnyuoth's. Aniki's my brother and I can guarantee he /isn't/ Deitra's boyfriend. But there /is/ a girl he's been trying to get a hold of lately…." With these words Miki turns to Carlyn, a broad grin on her face, "You! We need to get your clothes fitting done. And uh, just look away from the naked men. Here, have a scarf." Unwrapping one of multiple scarves around her neck, the rider holds it towards Carlyn. "Shield your eyes with it."

"Yer not out of the loop. I was drugged cause I wasn't stayin' put in the infirmary when they were tryin' ta give me stitches and stuff. 'm better now. Stitches didn't have ta stay in that long, anyway." Deitra takes another sip of her drink, "he just declared himself my boyfriend and I used it ta get him ta leave." Lashes lower and the hunter chuckles to herself, "yer hard on the outside, sure, but on the inside yer squishy." There's a peek towards Carlyn as she speaks to Ada, grey eyes focusing there and flickering from fellow hunter to friend before she beams a smile that just reeks innocence before again hiding it behind the mug. She didn't do anything, really, that look just says it all. Miki's explanation has the hunter relaxing and nodding her head. "Thanks. I was worried he was goin' ta run around screamin' that throughout the Weyr for awhile."

"Ah, of course!" He picks up his shirt and slides it on in the same sort of fluid motion that it came off in. It's probably too late now though. Carlyn's seen it, it's not like she'll be able to un-see it. "Hm?" He looks down as a hand is thrust his way. He takes it gingerly in his giant mitts to uncurl the fingers and retrieve what's inside. "My knife!" He holds it up like he's discovered some amazing treasure. "This knife has been passed down in my family for generations! It is priceless!" Then he sniffles. It's Carlyn's turn for a bearhug! "You, miss, are so tender and caring to have brought it back to me. Safe and sound… I am forever in your debt." He lets her go though to shake Miki's hand. "Hello! I am Adalinus, of Neret Hold! It is a pleasure to meet such a fine rider as you!" There's a firm nod about Aniki, and then Ada looks to Deitra. "Ah yes." He smiles to the huntress. "We are all squishy on the inside. Even you!"

"Miki!" again, this time though, it's a shriek of relief and adoration, rather than shock and terror. Carlyn takes her scarf with a snap of her hand, eyes squished shut for the brief moment she has to put her guard down. However, her fingers barely touch the fabric before she's nabbed in a bear-hug. She squeaks, and turns another shade of red. "It was nothing. Really." And now her gaze goes to Deitra, even more narrow-eyed and suspicious at that look of innocence. "What did you do?" she hisses at the female hunter. Since he's now clothed, Lyn feels safe enough to drop her hands, and Miki gets her scarf back. "Wait… Aniki really claimed to be your boyfriend?" she asks, looking between Deitra and Miki.

"Believe me Dei, that would have been as much of a headache for me as it would have for you." But rather than touching on the subject further, Miki only stares as Carlyn gets pulled into a bearhug, and her reaction only serves to reduce the green rider into further laughter. "Mhm, yeah, nice to meet ya such a find hold-bred as yourself." She shoots a wink at the boy before taking the scarf back. But it doesn't go back around her neck, because now it's Miki's turn to shed clothing. The amount of jackets and scarves the Weyrsecond's assistant manages to rid herself of and drape across chairs is rather remarkable and once she's done, Miki's a bit less than half the size she was when she came in. "And feel free to talk about Aniki, but get yourself a drink too, yeah?" This said to Carlyn before Miki orders her own drink.

Deitra's gaze settles upon the knife, idly nodding along to the explanation and chuckling as he draws the stablehand into a hug. "You should take advantage of that. He's good at a lotta things." She notes to Carlyn cheerfully before peering at Ada carefully. "I ain't squishy inside. I don't like ta cuddle, 'm certain you do. You hug everyone." The rest of her drink is downed and the mug is set on the table and slid over and she gestures for a refill before peering at Lyn with grey eyes full of mischief. "Well, I put a few bugs in my foster mother's shoes, she didn't take kindly ta that. Had ta run before she'd whoop me, ended up slippin' on the ice and had a nasty spill. It was a mess." She beams a grin at her friend and carefully allows her gaze to drift over towards Miki. "I don't envy you. He has ta be a handful with everything." The mention of drinks has the hunter nodding along. "I'll order you some hot, non-alcoholic, cider Lyn."

"A drink! A drink for my lady friend! May I suggest something delicious? perhaps a redfruit martini?" If Carlyn doesn't take a stool, Adalinus might pick her up and put her on the one next to him. Or he might put her on his lap or something, which is even worse. Or even hug her again. There's a smile given to Miki. "How old is this Aniki brother of yours?" He laughs at Deitra. "You have always been a fair and good woman, Deitra. I've seen you with your sister. Even if you *sniff* don't enjoy a good hug from your friends." His own mug is drained and set down for a refill. "I bet you were cute as a little girl, Dei."

Carlyn falls, more than hops, onto the stool nearest her. She clings to it in a death-grip, her knuckles white, until it becomes apparent that she must release her hold to maintain her balance. And so, her arms are dropped onto the bar instead, so she can lean forward. Deitra is given a /look/, which clearly says 'I am not impressed and this discussion is not over!'. Grump. But she's recovering fast, now that Adalinus is clothed, and Lyn has been released. "A cider would be great," she decides, and maybe Deitra got a point in the 'not angry at' column for that. Maybe. "A martini? Oh, no thank you," she politely declines. "No alcohol for me." She scoots Miki-wards, cause Miki is safe.

Miki nods at Deitra before waving further talk of her brother off. That isn't why she came here. She came here for some drinks. And luckily, they're provided right then. Bringing the glass to her lips, the rider takes a long sip, letting out a tiny sigh of satisfaction as she puts it down again. Of course, then Aniki's being asked about again and Miki gives a mock pout. "He's twenty. But really, am I /so/ uninteresting that people only talk about him? How sad." Course, in comparison, she really /is/ boring compared to Aniki. And fortunately for Carlyn, Miki really /is/ safe, seems she's been making people feel that way lately. Maybe it was a nanny thing. "Course, non-alcoholic stuff isn't all bad. Besdies, you made it into the Tavern which is a bit more than what I'd originally hoped for!"

"Cider!" Deitra fills in for Ada's call, "no alocohol." Then she gestures towards Lyn before peering at Ada. "Yer forgettin' the times I talked her out ta poke some of the sleepin' animals. Ain't like they were big'r nothin', they just got spooked." Not that she'd send her sister out to get hurt or anything, perhaps even proving the man's point. Her nose wrinkles at his final statement, "cute, but I was a terror. Always takin' my dresses off and hidin' 'em somewhere." Grey eyes flicker over towards Carlyn as she settles onto a stool, beaming an even wider grin at the woman that is all innocence and sunshine. Her gaze settles on Miki and she shakes her head. "Nah. Yer plenty interestin', he's simply /crazy/."

Adalinus grins to Carlyn, his mustache seeming to take over his entire face. "Cider it is!" He extends a hand to Carlyn now, a little more relaxed now that she's not delivering precious goods to him. "I'm Adalinus. Though I suppose you already knew that." He laughs a bit to Miki. "Well, generally it is considered rude to ask a woman her age, even if she looks young. I'm afraid I'm still not very good at reading weyr knots. What is it you do around Fort?" He looks to Dietra then. "And if she'd ever gotten into trouble? You wouldn't be the first one out to lend a hand? Of course, you'd have to beat me to the scene, now! Ha ha! Some children are more rambunctious than others. You just lacked the proper outlet for all that energy." Then suddenly, that intense look washes over Ada's face again, and off comes the shirt. "Casting off your clothes symbolizes your desire for freedom! Freedom to roam the wild! Becoming one with nature, it's beauty… it's danger!"

"Oh great Faranth!" exclaims Carlyn as, once more, her hands must cover her eyes. "Please, /puh-lease/, put your shirt on!" and then, after a half-second pause. "And keep it on?" She's begging, really! The poor girl can't handle the strain! Her face goes scarlet, and she turns her head so that she is facing Miki; Deitra and Adalinus can look at her hair, in its tangled, straw-trapped glory. If she heard his name, it's probably been forgotten the instant his shirt vanished.

Miki snickers, "He's crazy alright. Not something you see often." The boy gets a soft chuckle before the rider leans back against the bar and takes another sip of her drink. "Weyrsecond's assistant. Basically means I'm a secretary and push paper." Of course, while she's busily occupied with her drink Adalinus is taking his shirt off again and the rider can't really help but snort. "You should meet Aniki. He'll show you the proper way of displaying your beauty for the Weyr. I'm sure everyone will appreciate it when you two run around unclothed." And just for Carlyn, Miki takes one of the scarves from the chair and holds it up in front of the two of them, as if it was a screen of sorts. "Where's R'en when you need him huh?"

"Well, sure, I ain't cruel. She likes ta do those things, anyhow." Deitra chuckles and shakes her head, "yer crazy, too, Ada. Crazy." A hand lifts to cover her forehead, head shaking in dismay before she's looking towards Carlyn. There's an apologetic smile towards her friend and then their drinks arrive, the cider settled near Lyn and Deitra's refill is placed before the hunter. It is taken instantly and sipped from. "Ah. Yer doin' the paperwork? Did the edict get retracted?" Miki earns a curious look at least until the scarf is brought up as a wall. Snickers follow and are muffled in her drink.

"Yes, miss! My hero!" On goes the shirt again. Then Adalinus goes back to waiting for Carlyn to shake his hand and introduce herself. He's really very persistent! He wants to make a good impression, or something. "That sounds like an important position!" He says to Miki. "Someone must push the papers, or they'll just keep building up and up." There's a laugh then. "Perhaps I shall meet your brother Aniki. We can compare posing and flexing styles!" He scoffs a bit at Deitra. "See? Just as soft as anyone. Without the cuddling. I am not crazy! I just come from a long line of a closely knit holder family…"

When it is safe- and dear Faranth Carlyn hopes it is safe - the stablehand will peek her head around Miki's protective scarf. Phew. She turns back around and, with only a little hesitancy, relinquishes her hand to him. "Carlyn," she offers. "Or Lyn, if you prefer. I answer to either." Her cider is spotted, and she takes a swallow as if the stuff were alcoholic (thankfully it is not) and she needed to get drunk fast. Deitra's sympathetic look was missed during the HIDE! Episode, but she'll smile at her friend now, however dry the expression might be. "Holder? Really?" there might be a shirt-removing comment about to be spit out, but she holds it back and just shrugs. "I am, as well. Spent most of my life in Fort Hold, and before that, my family cothold." As for the paper-pusher, Lyn flashes a smile and a question at Miki. "Have you met the new Weyrleader?"

"If it didn't get retracted and their shoving this work at me I'm gonna throw whoever's responsible in the nursery. See how they like that." Miki's tone is only half joking, Anyone who ruined her nice vacation like stint deserved to get attacked by the littles. "It's not really that important. But it gives me the free time to visit the nursery when I feel like it." And the ex-nanny feels like it a lot. Once the boy has his shirt back on, Miki of course lowers her scarf, this time keeping it in her lap in case of future strippage that might go on. There's something about the question regarding the Weyrleader that makes Miki bury her face in the scarf in an attempt to stifle laughter. When she finally resurfaces, her mouth is stretched into a wide smile and the rider can only shake her head. "I have. And I like him! He's nice. Though he doesn't know about snowball fights. That needs to be fixed."

"Fine. 'm soft. Yer family is weird, bein' all cuddly." She beams a grin at the man before again taking another drink from her mug and settling it down upon the bar. "But, then yer the way you are cause of 'em." Lashes lower and she stares at the mug, distracted for a moment before she's peering at Ada. "Hey. There's a forest that leads ta another Hold near by. We can head there t'morrow, if yer wantin'." Attention shifts to Carlyn, smiling in response to her her friend before shifting a little bit in her seat. "Lyn is a stablehand. She's teachin' me ta ride and how ta take care of runners." She supplies towards Ada before peering over at Miki. "Would be rather mean of 'em ta dump things that ain't yer job on you. 'S'kinda why I avoid the Headwoman so much, and avoidin' anythin' extra." As for the talk of the new Weyrleader, it draws her attention and she clicks her tongue. "I heard he's rather young, just graduated. If he don't know 'bout snowball fights, I figure we're gonna have ta reach him."

Adalinus has put his shirt back on, so it's safe. For now. "Lyn. Very pretty." His own mug is lifted while she talks. "Mm. I am second cousin to the Lord Holder himself! I come from a long line of strapping Nerat stock." Carlyn is probably better off keeping the shirt-losing comment to herself. Otherwise Ada might lose his shirt again. "Though I have been traveling over two turns now." There's a nod to Miki about her job. "Ah, the new weyrleader. The headwoman tells me he is a freshly graduated rider, yes. Clearly the senior queen desires new blood! There is only one way to learn about a snowball fight, and that is by experience!" There's a grin to Dei then and his mustache curls up a bit at either end. "Yes. Let's head out on a hike to the other hold." He stretches a bit. "I think I'm becoming complacent recently. Were you planning to scout a bit, or hunt? If we find a good spot? Shall I pack the tent and the furs?"

"Oh," is all Lyn says after the 'lord-holder-nerat-stock' stuff. She looks a little less excited about it, now. But she'll sip her cider and smile (warily) and nod along. Deitra gets a brief, concerned look, but Carlyn won't mention anything here. "Maybe young is good?" offers Lyn, optimistic. "Moldable? You know, not set in his ways?" Nevermind that he has no 'ways' to be set yet. There's a shift in her expression again, a little furrow to her eyebrows. "Were we gonna ride there?" she wonders.

Miki snickers and raises an eyebrow, "Fresh out of weyrlinghood yes, but young? He's got a few turns on all of you. And he's a little less than a turn younger than me. Besides, I think it'll be good. He seems like he'd listen to what people say." What she may be insinuating about certain other indiviuals is open to interpretation. "We'll see how things work out." After that, Miki is content to sit back, listening to the three as they converse on outings and runner riding.

"We can probably get 'im inta the middle of one easy 'nough. He'll learn fast." Or get pelted until he runs away. "Good. Yer complacent, we'll fix that." Deitra supplies for him, grinning again before shrugging. "Was thinkin' 'bout a hunt, if we find a good spot. Pack the tent and furs. 'm goin' ta ask Chy if she wants ta come." Deitra wrinkles her nose, thoughtful as she brings her mug to her lips and sips from it idly. This continues as her eyes trail over towards Carlyn, drawing the mug away and blinking once. "Yer wantin' ta come? Probably best ta walk if we're goin' ta be gone for a bit." She leans in closer to Ada, "probably pack two. Chy an' Lyn can share a tent, or lettin' Lyn have her own." Another shift of her position and the hunter crosses her legs. "Hn. Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' young. Bein' young means he's more interestin', at least. Can mold, like yer sayin'." There's a soft pfft, "yer young, Miki. Yer not an old borin' person."

Adalinus tilts his head at Lyn's reaction to his impressive lineage. Was she not a fan of Nerat!? "We have good strong work runners in Nerat. My family has several fine steeds." They'd have to be quite large to carry someone as big as Ada is, really. There's a nod to Miki. "The queen knows best, right? We should give the new weyrleader a hearty welcome!" He lifts his mug of frosty brew as a way of demonstration, before he downs what's left in it. There's a serious nod to Deitra. "Aye. Tent and furs." When she leans in he gives her another nod. Then he suddenly stands. "Ladies! It has been a pleasure. Please allow me to pay for your drinks." He lays some marks down onto the bartop. "But it is late, and if we are to venture outside the weyr I must get to work. And then turn in for an early start!" He bows before heading out.

"Hunting? Oh, no. No thank you!" says Carlyn, gracious but firm. "I thought you were just /traveling/." She shudders, but it's unclear whether it is meant towards the hunting, or the weather. "I am sure you did," says Carlyn of the runners. "But the finest I have seen so far are those bred at Fort. The racers were beautiful, what little I saw of them," she says with a soft, dreamy sigh. But Adalinus departing seems to wake up the stablehand, and she jerks upright. "Oh! Oh," but whatever the exclamation was for, it's kept to herself. "Miki, please tell Aniki I will try to visit him the day after tomorrow - it is my free day. Deitra…" peer. "I know you had something to do with /this/," tavern fiasco, "But I forgive you." She gives her hunter-friend a swift hug before bouncing off her stool. "Be safe on your trip, OK?" And then she's gone, threading her way through the crowd that has, somehow, gotten thicker as they have sat and conversed.

"Hey, I may be short but I'm still older than you guys. Indulge my 'I look like a grown woman' fantasy for a bit, yeah?" There's a grin at Deitra before she nods to the girl's previous comments. "Young is good. Don't know if we should be trying to mold him and all though. He'll find his own way. Maybe he'll find his way into a snowball fight too…" Miki would enjoy that. Suddenly both Adalinus and Caralyn are leaving though and the rider straightens up enough to say proper goodbyes. "Nice to meet you too. And I'll let Aniki know!" And then she's waving after their forms until the two have fully disappeared. But now that Carlyn's gone, Miki's full attention is on Deitra. "Did you plan all this?" Seems she's been wanting to know too.

"Good boy." Deitra praises, waving a hand in farewell. "Take care, Ada. See you in the mornin'." Lyn's rejection of the offer only earns a nod and a smile, "no worries, Lyn. Next time we're just travellin', I'll let you know." Her head inclines towards her friend before she's finishing off her drink and shifting to lean back on her stool, her feet hooking on the bottom to support herself. The peering earns a grin, "you caught me. Thanks for forgivin' me." She winks at her friend and returns the hug. "I will. Take care." There's a shrug in response to Miki's protest, "yer young cause yer not actin' like an old person all the time. I ain't forgot that you helped with the snowball fight." The final question from the greenrider earns a hearty, mirthful laugh. "Yes. I did. I planted the knife there for Lyn ta find and got her ta come to the tavern."

Miki grins, "There needs to be another snowball fight soon. All work and no play makes us…into….makes us into…well it makes people feel like shit!" Yes, Miki did just curse, which probably means she's getting into a bad mood, and the reason why soon becomes clear as the rider literally hops off her stool and begins scowling. Hands reach out, beginning to rewrap herself in layers. "Sorry, apparently some reports got mixed up and they want /me/ to go fix it." Unhappy indeed, though Miki does pull herself out of it long enough to giggle and wink at Deitra. "I like the way you think. Nice going." And she means it. But she also have to leave, so a quick wave is given and then Miki's waddling out the door to her lifemate waiting outside.

"Yep. That's /so/ true. We'll get somethin' in the bowl, you gotta find a way ta lure the Weyleader out." Deitra winks at the greenrider, even with the swearing and irritation that she shows. "Yer soft, too, lettin' them drop it all off on you. Guess that's yer job, though." Her head shakes, "don't envy you, Miki." Her elbows come to rest on the bars, humming thoughtfully and beaming another grin at Miki. "Thanks. I try. Enjoy yer paperwork." And again she is alone in the tavern, shifting over a few seats to get in on the stories being shared by the men towards the end of the bar.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.