Fort Weyr - Ground Entrance

The dominant feature of the southern end of the bowl is the blue lake that fills the entire southern tip and the rockslide that tumbles down into its far side. It has been many, many, turns since the slide took place, but it still stands uncleared to this day. Occasionally, smaller pebbles tumble down to splash into the waters of the lake below, but the mass seems mostly stable. Sturdy fences mark the feeding pens that the dragons may choose their meals from, located against the west face. The beasthold here is minor, small cramped buildings, used mostly to maintain the herds which feed the dragons. The major beasthold is located out in the forests, just outside the Weyr. There's a sign which warns "that beasts in this location are fair game to the dragons" and that any domestic pleasure stock should be kept in the major beasthold location.

The other feature that does not go unnoticed in this bowl is the large cavernous archway. There seems to be cobble stone laid down near the archway, which causes a clatter when the wagons and trading caravans arrive. Indeed, it seems that there's a tunnel out of the bowl here, wide enough for two trader caverns to fit through and possibly a small blue dragon. To the opposite end, the great bowl stretches away far, leading to some very interesting locations.

Snow, snow, and more snow. Luckily there's been a break in the weather that has been plaguing the Fort skies for a majority of the day, and enough Time enough has passed since the last batch of flurries for paths to be shoveled out, but late enough that there is few out and about. A few hours past dinner, Kairhys is found trudging along the bowl from the direction of the living caverns. Nose and ear tips are just starting to pink up, suggesting he just came from some place warm. He'd bundled up pretty well though, as if he intended to be out and about for longer than a quick jaunt across the bowl. A tiny blue head pokes out from beneath the collar of his tweed coat, whirling green eyes taking in the silent scenery. Spotting a place to sit, the weaver makes a b-line for it, dropping down with a shiver and jamming his hands in his pockets.

Mharen crunches up the path from the direction of the guard barracks, a knitted hat pulled low over her plaited hair. Wrapped snugly in a coat and scarf, she's cutting a straight line through the snow toward the caverns, slowing her progress only to tip a bland look at Kairhys and his little friend as they take a seat. Rolling her eyes faintly, the tall woman exhales heavily before altering her trajectory so that she can pass the shivering weaver. "Trying to catch a cold to get out of your early wake-up call, I take it?" And that's Mharen's version of 'hi, how are you?'

The cold weather has more than just Kairhys bundling up. Shena is in several layers of warm clothing to shield her from the snow, grumbling a little as she returns towards the caverns after delivering yet another package to some far-flung corner of the bowl. She passes by near Kairhys and Mharen, giving each a curious look.

Kairhys isn't wearing a hat, no. Perhaps worried it would mess with his hair or something. He scrunches down though, hunching his shoulders and making some feeble attempt to keep himself warmer. Or smaller. Or both. The firelizard snuggled up against his neck tucks his head in and disappears, causing the weaver to twitch some and grimace. "That hurts Muse. Ow. Ow…..OW!" he winces, hands coming out of his pockets and half way to where his jacket seems to have a life of it's own. "Hello,…to…Mharen." His voice is strained, at one point forced past clench teeth before he all but collapses in relief. Where ever the creature had settled, he had settled, and that seemed to be enough for Kai. He eyes his own torso dubiously before lifting his head and grinning at the guard. "Gunna stay and keep me warm?" he teases, giving the woman a wink.)

Hazel eyes narrow a disdainful look down at the lad and an irritated puff escapes Mharen's lips. "Not even in your daydreams, weaver-boy, " is her dismissive answer, arms folding across her chest. Nice try. There's a half-glance for Shena as the girl approaches, followed by a brisk, "But maybe she will if you ask nicely enough. She's around my sister's age, far more appropriate for you."

Shena is just about to walk on by when she picks up on the snippet of conversation between the unfamiliar duo where she is being discussed. She pauses in her tracks, first eying Mharen, then Kairhys with a somewhat dubious and mildly suspicious expression. "Maybe I'll do what now?"

Kairhys laughs and brushes off the rejection, likely taking it no more seriously then the proposal in the first place. Though the boy's eyes do slide on over to Shena, brows lifting some before his expression shifts from appraising to not so much displeased. "Hmm not bad. Not too fat, not too thin, takes care in her appearance." he mentions to Mharen, and then a coy little smirk draws up one side of his lips. "But there is something to be said about a mature woman in full blossom that calls to me." A pause and he leans back on his hands upon the bench he'd chosen as his perch, fur-lined gloves keeping long slender digits protected from the chilly stone. "And how would you know what I've been day dreaming about." He eyes her something wicked and full out grins. "Have you been peeking at my diary?" There is not a single shred of seriousness there, even as his attention shifts off of Mharen to Shena. "Mharen here was trying to divert my playful banter off of her onto you. Apparently she believe you are age appropriate." Amused. So, very amused.

Mharen stares, not unlike an incredulous fish. "It must be your lack of maturity that causes you to seek it out. Grow up, little weaver Kairhys." A hand lifts to impatiently flick a gesture between Kairhys and Shena. "Make friends with him, would you?" asks her casual alto. "He follows me like an unnecessary trundlebug."

Shena's jaw drops. For a moment she's simply stammering before she can come up with a coherent reply. Then she narrows her eyes and stomps towards Kairhys, snow crunching under her shoes. "I'm sorry, not /too/ fat? And are you saying I'm not mature? Who do you think you are, just saying those kinds of things about women passing by that you don't even know?" She plants her hands on her hips, fuming and glaring. She glances at Mharen, incredulous. "I sure hope you're not the one who taught him his 'manners'."

Kairhys simply grins at Mharen, "I'm sixteen, how mature exactly were you expecting?" he asks of her, and then laughs again when she tells him to grow up. "There's plenty of time to grow up, I'm in no rush." The flicked gesture between himself and Shena is followed, head tilted some off to one side before returning to the guard once more. "Whoa wait. What? I follow…you?" That's when he bursts out laughing, the mirth plain to hear. "If only the thought had occurred to me." That said, back to Shena he goes and he blinks a few times. "Yes, not to fat, not too thin. Just right. What is so terrible about that?" he wonders, brows lifting. "I have no idea if you're mature or not. For one you're wearing far to many clothes, and for two I don't even know you." An honest reply, from the look on his face. Completely without malice or amusement. "I wouldn't even of noticed if Mharen here wasn't trying to deflect my attention off of her onto someone I suppose she felt was closer it my age. I do wonder what was the point of her coming over to begin with." A blink and brown eyes and chin lift back towards the guards woman. A brow arches.

Mharen barks out a laugh, too, but it's not very mirthful and given for very different reasons. "It's stupid to sit out in the cold when there are warm hearths up that way, " she answers defensively. "Weyrfolk welfare and safety is supposed to be my business." And she resumes her crunching stalk to the main cavern, gait brisk. Shena will have to get a proper introduction another time.

Shena doesn't seem to be done with her little temper tantrum. Apparently not much is required to set her off. "'Too' fat suggests that you thin I am, to some degree, fat. You're supposed to say a girl /is not fat at all/. How hard is that to remember?" She crosses her arms over her chest, still glaring, apparently not even noticing the guard's wise escape. "And it's like a million degrees below zero out here. How should I be dressed?"

The weaver blinks once at Mharen, mouth opening to reply, but the woman is briskly gating off before he can possibly form one. He just ends up sighing some, before once more he looks to Shena. There is a resigned sort of droop to his shoulders as she goes on, and on, and on. "Why would I lie?" he asks, eyebrows shooting upwards. "I'm not saying you are fat even remotely, but if you were, and you asked me if I thought you were…I would tell the truth." Something in the mid-section of his coat wriggles causing him to grimace again, but he collects his thoughts quickly. "I don't understand women and their double standard honestly. You want us guys to be honest, and then you get all bent out of shape when we give you what you ask for." He shakes his head then, righting it upon his shoulders. "Seems kinda pointless to get upset over something so silly." He appears to be done and then the snaps his fingers as best he can in those gloves of his. "Oh! And telling us what you want us to say or expecting us to tell you exactly what you want to hear….also really silly." As for what Shena was wearing? Kairhys looks her up and down again, this time apparently taking much more time and effort doing so before he looks at a loss. "You seem appropriately dressed to me. Why do you ask?"

"Being honest is one thing. Volunteering unsolicited remarks about the weight of a complete stranger is something else altogether. Did nobody ever teach you that?" Shena sighs heavily, glancing in the direction of the living caverns. "This place has gone downhill since I left… but fine, fine, I'll let it slide. But be careful with that kind of thing in the future, okay? Some girls are sensitive." Not her, of course. "And you were the one who brought up how I was dressed. Said I was wearing too many clothes, if I heard you right."

Kairhys blinks some, "I can assure you nothing was meant by it. I apologize if you thought that was the case but if you're sensitive about your weight, taking it out on an admirer who complimented you not only on being of an ideal weight for height, but also noticed the care you take in getting ready everyday…seems more an issue of your own low self-esteem. Finding bad where there was no ill intent." Shena's further words have the weaver trying very hard not to laugh. He really is trying. "A single meeting with someone even as lovely and funny as you are my dear, isn't going to change who I am. I'm sorry." As for the comment of her clothing. "I can't see what you are wearing under your coat, scarf, hat…ecetera…meaning I can't tell how maturely you may or may not be dressed beneath or even how you do your hair. Hence, saying you are wearing to much clothing." That explained, brows lift. "Anything else you'd like to accuse me of before you even tell me your name?" Although the smile on his face hadn't wavered, something in his tone had been rather matter of fact until just a moment ago. The tone now was much more warm and welcoming.

Shena looks, for a moment, uncertain. She seems to think she may have overreacted, although the boy's obviously stifled laughter keeps her on edge. "… Fine. Let's just pretend that didn't happen, shall we? I may not have taken it the right way." She extends a hand covered by a warm glove. "I'm Shena. And I'm afraid you're not going to get many opportunities to see what I'm wearing under this in this weather. I forgot how sharding /freezing/ Fort is in winter."

There is no malice, or any hidden agenda, at least so the surface says. Kairhys appears relaxed and calm, giving Shena his undivided attention as she thinks things over. No smirk in sight, just and endlessly patient smile, as if merely waiting for her to figure out her mistake and forgiving her even as she does. He just had that kind of face, perhaps. "Sounds like a plan to me." he says, taking her hand in his equally gloved one and giving it a shake. He releases it after the polite and appropriate amount of time has passed. Not too early and not lingering too long. "Nice to meet you Shena. I'm Kairhys." The weaver flashes her a toothy grin before it converts back to easy and friendly. "Aww, it's not that bad. After all winter just started, still have several more intense months ahead." So reassuring this one is. "Where are you from anyway?"

Shena has a careful evaluating expression on her face as she considers Kairhys. She doesn't appear sure what to make of the boy just yet. She withdraws her hand after the shake, tucking it back into a coat pocket. "Here." She answers. "But I've been away a long time. Spent eight years at the Woodcraft hall, apprenticing. Barely had the chance to visit, and that was always in the summer. You're a local, I take it?"

Brows lift as Kairhys learns that Shena is in fact from Fort Weyr, nodding as she explains the how and why of her faulty memory of Fortian winters. He does grin wider though when she asks him the same. "Fort Hold. Never really spent a whole lot of time over here at the weyr until recently. I take my weaver lessons during the day here, and head home afterwards." He does not elaborate further.

A presence approaches from the central bowl, swift and unnoticeable. Of course, she would be far less noticeable if she wasn't bundled up in a ridiculous amount of layers. Apparently Aniki and Sohnyuoth had accosted her before Miki was able to sneak out of their weyr. Tiny hands stuffed into her pockets, the rider makes little noise as she approaches, listening and watching Shena and Kairhys as they converse. And then BAM! Their peaceful conversation is interrupted as gloved hands suddenly leap out of their pockets, two large snowballs held firmly in each. Swinging first one, and then the other arm back, the snow missiles are thrown at the pair, aimed directly for their bodies. And if they're not fast enough, the poor boy and girl will be showered with snow. But hey, they're lucky she didn't throw the snowballs at their heads. Really lucky.

"Weavers. Ah." Shena says with a little bit of a smirk, in a tone which suggests she finds this quite amusing. "That does explain it. Sure seem to be a lot of your craft around…" Shena, sadly, is not an exceptionally quick person. Woodcrafters are methodical and precise, not speedy. "What the?" Wham! She gets hit dead center with the snowball, which has her staggering around in the snow. "Shardit! Who…?"

Kairhys is once again laughing, but not at the expense of Shena this time, rather at himself. "Why do I feel like my fellow crafters and I have just been compared to an infestation of vermin." Even if this was the case, one might get the impression that the weaver would not be insulted. He is however, more aware of what was going on around him then he let on, leaning far enough back to allow the snowball tossed in his direction to whizz by without striking its target. "Hello, Miki!" he calls, not even glancing the woman's direction as he brushes some snow off his leather pants and tugs on his glove at the wrist. Though he does glance the greenrider's way as soon as this is done, a half smirk of sorts on his face. "Come and meet Shena. She's very interesting." Yep, like the snowball never happened.

Miki dissolves into giggles from her place a few feet away, bending over and clutching her stomach as she looks over at Shena. "Sorry! It was too hard to resist. But you…" There's a bit of a pout thrown at Kairhys and the rider shakes her head. "Quick reflexes, you're no fun at all. I'll get you next time though!" All this is called out before Miki finally waddles her way over, brushing the bits of snow stuck to her glove off before offering a hand up to Shena. "I'm Miki, green Sohnyuoth's. Nice to meet ya!"

Shena stares at Miki with disbelief. "Did they slip something in the water here while I was gone? Or have people just picked today to act crazy towards strangers?" In any case, she reacts a little more diplomatically this time, managing a smile and a hand offered for Miki. "I'm Shena, Journeyman Woodcrafter. That was a good throw."

Kairhys merely grins Miki's direction, devilishly so, teeth and all. "I grew up around here, remember?" he quips to the greenrider, winking as waddles their way, leaning back again on his gloved hands upon the stone bench he is seated. "I assure you, I am quite fun." A deep chuckle for this, letting whatever insinuated situations his comment may imply rest and lets the ladies get acquainted. He's distracted by the squiggling of his jacket about his middle though, letting out a huff before he shoves a hand up and under, and pulls out a half grown blue firelizard. "That's enough. Off with you." The creature chirps annoyingly at the weaver before he cups him in both hand and releases with a gentle upwards motion of his arms. He flutters off a distance and then winks out of sight, taking the between route.

Miki grins, "Nah, there's nothing in the water, just my way of being friendly. See? Now we've got something fun to talk about instead of just where we come from or what we do, right?" At the compliment to her throwing, the green rider smiles before slipping down onto the bench. "The littles and I get into lots of snowball fights. After a few turns you've got no choice but to be a decent thrower, cause the older ones throw pretty hard." There's even a wince for a few of those memories. "You did, didn't you? Well, let's see how you fair when spring comes around." Because once snow melts it turns to water and then means mudfights! She tilts her head forward a bit then, giving him a sidelong glance and winking back. "Hmmm, really? Guess I'll have to get acquainted with the fun side then."

"Nothing says 'classy entertainment' like mud wrestling." Shena quips with a little amused smile. "I suppose I do have to get acquainted with the 'fun side' of things here after all. I left when I was ten, and I've been doing entirely too much work since I got back. What's there to do, other than pelting unsuspecting passerby with snowballs?"

There is a blink and then a laugh for Shena, Kairhys opening his mouth perhaps to add his own comment to hers, but Miki has started talking to him again and so he ges distracted. He grins at first, shifting over just enough to make up for the sheer bulk of winter warmth that the greenrider represents, but not so far as to suggest he isn't at least comfortable having the woman invade his personal space. "You mean you haven't already?" he playfully gasps, hand to chest. Not at all affronted in anyway, the weaver returns to leaning, brown eyes wandering back towards Shena. "There's plenty if your…creative." More suggestiveness there, completely intentional even as he softly nudged at Miki's overly protective warmth bubble, reaching over a moment later to liberate her from one of her many scarves and wrapping it around his own neck despite his lack of shivering. Even inserts a fingers and gives a firm yank against the rest of that against her neck, blowing lightly into the space between it and shoulder. "That helping any?" he asks softly.

Miki snickers, "You should've seen the fit Sohnyu threw when I got into a mudfight. Just her luck she chooses a lifemate that likes running around in all kinds of weather when she's compulsive about being neat and clean." Of course, Kairhys is playing mock offended then and the green rider giggles again while giving a small shake of her head. "Well, I guess if you count me imagining you in dresses and skirts fun…." She teases a bit. There's a glance towards the nudge, but soon her features relax into blatant relief as she is relieved of one of her scarves. At the yank, Miki tilts her head to the side, allowing him to blow at it easier and letting out a small sigh of her own. Blue eyes slide over and a grateful smile touches at her lips before she nods. "You have no idea how much."

Shena continues to watch the two with a mix of confusion and amusement. "Right. Well, I'll have to look forward to the thaw, then. That can only wind up being entertaining." She eyes them for a moment, then takes a step back. "Well, clearly you two are… uhm… you'd probably like privacy. And I have an urge to get someplace very warm. It was nice meeting you both. Take care." And with that, she resumes her walk to the caverns.

Kairhys does get a look of concern for Miki, even if it's fleeting, blowing a few more times before Shena takes her leave. He's again unable to reply before the woman disappears and he withdraws his hand from the many layers of Miki. "That's the second time tonight that's happened." he comments idly before shrugging off whatever reservations he might have about all that and instead giving the greenrider his undivided attention. Well, now that there was really nothing left to do the dividing. "Why is it that people naturally assume that there is something going on between two people when they are friendly?" he asks her, "It wasn't like I was shoving my tongue down your throat or my hand up your skirt." At mention of skirts though the weaver laughs, hard. "They wouldn't look half has nice on me as they would on you, or even your brother for that matter. Delicate bone structures, the two of you."

Miki simply stares at the girl's sudden disappearance and leans back, propping herself up with the arms. "Hrm, either you smell…" The rider sniffs the air with that comment, "…which you don't. Or they're a bit socially awkward. That I'm willing to believe." There's an attempt to cross her legs, which turns into simply ankle crossing and leg swinging, because she /is/ so short that her legs can't touch the ground. "It's cause they aren't used to Weyr-life I guess? I mean, she hasn't been back since she was 10 or something right? She'll get used to it eventually, or so I hope. Otherwise she's going to think everyone's involved with everyone here." It isn't the skirts also earn laughter from the woman, but for a different reason. She glances around, before leaning over a bit and lowering her voice, as if telling some sort of secret. "I think half the reason he's messed up is because we used to dress him up as a girl when he was little!"

Really, the boy can't help but laugh as Miki leans over and sniffs at him, nor is he unable to stop himself from leaning just a fraction away and give her the lightest of pushes. Playfully of course. Kairhys sighs lightly soon there after, his own feet planted on the ground, even if he scuffs the sole of his boot every now and then, or shifts some where he sits. An issue perhaps with actually sitting still. "That guard Mharen practically accused me of stalking her, and then implied I was up to no good sitting out here and enjoying the scenery. I do believe she even went so far as say I was stupid for doing so." Despite all this, the weaver doesn't in the slightest seem upset about any of that. Just highly amused. "You missed the conversation Shena and I had after Mharen abruptly left. Perhaps there is something in the water after all. Making all the women crazy." He must be teasing, for Kai winks and gives the greenrider another nudge before looking out over the very wintery landscape. The conspiring information he gets about Aniki has the boy stiffing a laugh. "I used to let Cielyn put make up on me, and she's the reason both my ears are pierced."

Miki pulls back with exaggeration at the push, windmilling her arms and leaning so far to the side as to put her elbow down on the bench as if she needed that to keep her on. "She was right, you're up to no good at all. Look at this, trying to push innocent green riders off benches." She teases, obviously, but Miki doesn't seem any less amused by the whole situation than he. "Nah, I was crazy to begin with. Only crazy women decide to work as nannies. Or the sane ones try, then the littles drive them bonkers." A tiny snickers escapes the rider then, no doubt a few more memories of less fortunate nannies surfacing. "Makeup? Really? I should've tried that with him. Put ear piercings are pretty cool. Not that I'll ever get mine done. Needles." Shiver.

For a second, just one precious second, Kairhys looked as if he had just pushed the woman hard enough to send her off balance and he almost reaches out to steady her. Almost. Though his worry is soon replaced with a fraction of dubiousness and then a full on smirk. The guy was as easy to read as a little's slate. "I'm sorry. The temptation was far to great. I admit it, I have an addiction to shoving innocent greenriders off stone benches on snowy wintery days." Again, a hand to his chest, clutching at the tweed of his jacket. "I've struggled, I really have." His chin drops, and he gives a very long over exaggerated sigh. Then there is a pause before he chuckles and flops back onto his hands. A grin follows this, as well as a wiggle of his brows. Just, being silly with a friend, and enjoying her company in such a setting as this. He does laugh and nod, "Makeup yes. Lipstick, eye liner, the whole deal." A pause and he lifts a hand to touch one of the small hoops strung through the lobe of one ear. "It wasn't that bad. Not like you have to watch it."

"HA! Gotcha." However tiny that split second was, Miki caught it, and she seems positively delighted. A bit of giggling ensues before the green rider straightens up and pulls at her multitude of layers again. The clothes probably take up twice the amount of space the 4'10 woman normally would. "I knew it! We'll have to give you rehabilitation. You know who has no problem at all with /not/ shoving women? Aniki." There's a second where she sticks her tongue out at him and then leans back a bit, considering his face. "Hmmm, I can see this. Maybe you should try it again. I think you'll look much prettier with it all now than when you were little. The earrings add just the touch." Further talk of ear piercing actually has Miki scooting away a few centimeters. "No…no needles for me. Ever."

Kairhys sticks his tongue out right back at Miki, but his brown orbs danced with just how hilarious he thought all of what had transpired had been. He can't seem to keep that toothy smile off his face for too long either, especially in the greenrider's presence. Though the smiles fades some at mention of Aniki and shoving women around in the same sentence, taking on the slightest bit of disapproval seen around his eyes. Til he realizes that she meant that the Journeyman weaver did NOT in fact shove women around. He relaxes then. "How is your brother?" There is a shudder, and as if in reflex he even moves just a smidgen closer to Miki. As if she was his defense against all things Aniki. A sure fire way to tame the beast, as it were. Brows knit though as his smile broadens for the suggestion of make up, "I think my pretty days are long since past, but thank you. I think." Chuckling, hand dropping away from his ear and back to the bench, watching with some surprise as the woman scoots away at mention of needles. "I'm getting that vibe, yeah." Still, fractionally amused.

As the evening hour wears on, a lone figure can be seen wandering in from the direction of the lake. Despite being dressed in protective winter clothing, the figures shoulders are hunched and gloved hands are tucked into pockets, even though the weather itself may not truly be that cold as he slowly makes his way into the bowl, riding boots crunching in the snow with each step. Th'ero's mind seems far away, his gaze focused downwards as the young and freshly knotted Weyrleader appears to be aimlessly wandering. Or is it aimless? His pace begins to slow though, however, when he overhears the murmur of conversation not far from him. The bronzerider slowly turns his head, brown eyes scanning the area before settling on both Kairhys and Miki, with the Crafter being completely unfamiliar while the greenrider is not. That hint of familiarity is probably all that keeps Th'ero from fleeing for the safety of a quieter area, still on edge with all that has happened. His approach is still hesitant though, but the smile he manages is warm enough. "Evening." He says, simple, a little blunt and a pinch of awkwardness.

Miki laughs, "He's as ridiculous as ever. Should've seen him the other day, came flouncing into the weyr declaring that he was Deitra's boyfriend. Took me about two minutes to set him straight on /that/ idea." There's a grin as he moves closer and she puffs up a bit, not that one can really tell because of the layers. Let the fearful come to her, she is Miki the Protector! At least when it concerns Aniki. "You're welcome!" She snickers a bit, that over active imagination of hers no doubt imagining the weaver boy with full blown makeup on now. "Good, now make that vibe into a conclusion and don't bring any needles near me. Unless they're blunted sewing needles, those are alright." She does seem to be relaxing again however as the conversation moves on. There's a pause however when she hears the greeting of a somewhat familiar voice and Miki turns her head. Once the face is registered, a smile appears on her face and she raises a hand in greeting. "Weyrleader…Th'ero…evening! Enjoying the snow?" She's unsure of how to address him, but the woman greets the bronze rider nonetheless.

The weaver's eyes widen just so, "Aniki said what?" he asks for clarification, maybe thinking his ears were playing tricks on him. But how could they with the sheer silence of the snow covered scenery? Miki's soft voice carried even further, or so it might seen considering the time and lack of much foot traffic. Kairhys' cheeks, nose tip and chin were a nice bright red, denoting that he had been outside for quite some time indeed, perhaps Miki not so much. That or her many many many layers were protecting her. Around his neck were not one but two scarves. One tucked in, the other loosely flung about his neck. "I would of though Deitra would of set him straight, but then again I suppose that just would of encouraged him." he murmurs, keeping his voice down, as if he expected his fellow weaver to just appear because he was the topic of conversation or something. He does eye Miki and then nudge her again, "Cut that out." he grins, probably guessing what she was picturing there, soon waving a gloved hand about the needles and not even trying to mention them again. Or he's just distracted by the arrival of a man he'd never seen before, head tilted some off to the side and seemingly muddy looking brown eyes helping themselves to an up and down appraisal of him. That is until Miki calls him weyrleader. He's looking at her again, and then back to the bronzerider. "Good Evening." he says, both tone and smile meant to be cheerful and calming, as if he detected that note of awkwardness.

There's a faint and brief wince from Th'ero when Miki uses his title, but the smile doesn't falter too much at least. "No need for the formalities. Name is just fine." He says, making the choice for the greenrider. Now that he's closer, he gives her a longer, thoughtful look as recognition hits and a name does come to mind. "Miki, right?" That same long look is then turned on Kairhys, only to blink when he catches the up and down appraisal. A bit unexpected, but it doesn't seem to faze him too much. Nodding his head a little towards the Crafter, he then tilts it a little to the side. "And you are?" he says, though his tone is amused to take of the edge. The Weyrleader may be feeling overwhelmed, but his shoulders seem to relax a little and with a slow exhale of breath, he chuckles lightly. "Not interrupting, I hope?" he asks. Seems the greeting from both of them have put him a little at ease for the time being. That, and it's only two and not a crowd.

Miki nods, "Mhm. Aniki said he was Deitra's boyfriend. By what I hear she tried for a while. Didn't work so ended up playing along to get him to leave or something. But he's free from those delusions now." There's a glance in Kairhys' direction, the green rider perhaps noticing that dread of her brother's name. "Don't worry. Sohnyu says he's sleeping somewhere buried in a pile of furs." At the nudge, there's one last giggle and an over dramatic sigh. "Fiiine. Really though, I was making you look great. Really." Her truthfulness on that statement sounding quite questionable. Soon, bright blue eyes wander to their new Weyrleader and she offers up a rather warm smile. "Th'ero, then. And yup, Miki. I'm in your Wing, for now at least, so don't forget it, yeah?" Any notions of being interrupted are waved off easily. "Not at all. I just came out to watch the stars and attacked a few people with snowballs. Now we're just chatting."

There wasn't anything particularly intrusive about the way Kairhys looked Th'ero up and down, nor was there a long calculating stare. Just head to toe check and back again before that friendly smile was turned onto the man. He of course says nothing while the new Fortian weyrleader speaks with Miki, perfectly satisfied with sitting there beside the woman and listening in as they apparently become reacquainted. A sort of slay look given to her when she mentions making him look great, lips turned upwards in a lopsided looking smirk for it, and there is even a very obvious release of tension from his shoulders when he finds out that Aniki was unlikely to show up anytime soon. When the bronzerider turns to him in turn as to inquire to his name, the weaver's smile deepens to something more genuine rather than smug. "Kairhys, apprentice weaver. Nice to meet you." he says, and then nods in agreement with Miki's assessment of the goings on and the likelihood that Th'ero had just interrupted something. "Pretty much, yeah."

"How could I forget?" Th'ero chuckles dryly again, shaking his head. His first few tasks once the shock wore off enough was for him to learn who was who among Fortian ranks. As if to prove it, he adds with a vague smirk once he picks up on the 'for now' part of her remark. "You're assistant to the Weyrsecond, M'lo, though I've yet to cross paths with him." He admits, though it won't be long before either it will happen on its own or Th'ero will have to hunt him down. But for now, simpler conversations and greetings take precedent and the Weyrleader's attention turns back to Kairhys. "Well met, Kairhys." He murmurs in polite reply before he relaxes a fraction more. "Ah, good that I'm not interrupting then." It takes a moment, but something previously said returns to the Weyrleader and he glances between both greenrider and apprentice. "Snowballs?" Th'ero asks, curious and puzzled. Not so much as to what it is, but the /why/. Concept seems to go right over his head.

Miki simply grins at the weaver's reaction, slouching down a fraction more, though once again, her movement is hardly visible under those layers. "Ohh, you got it! Very smart. I'm the one that goes around making schedules and doing overflows of paperwork and stuff." It's Miki's turn to pause when snowballs are questioned and she sorts of looks at him, raising an eyebrow, almost as if she was quite scandalized. "Wait…I mean. You've played in the snow before right? And like, had a snowball fight?" If he wasn't the Weyrleader and they'd met more than a few times she'd probably throw a snowball at him right there. As it is, Miki hops up from the bench, waddling over to an unshoveled patch of snow and crouches down. Taking a handful of the white fluffiness she begins packing it into a ball before displaying it in cupped hands. "Snowballs. For throwing at unsuspecting people."

Again, as Th'ero talks with Miki about things related to being a rider, a ranking rider no less, Kairhys politely stays out of things that do not concern him. Though that doesn't mean that he isn't curious about what they are talking about, brown eyes shifting from one face to the other and back again. Really to whomever may be speaking at the time. When attention turns back to him, the weaver meets the bronzerider's gaze a moment before his smile deepens. He may even very well have seen the further relaxment there, though it would be hard to tell without the teenager pointing it out specifically. "You're not interrupting." he assures the man, talk of snowballs triggers a soft round of laughter. He'll leave the answering of that bit to the greenrider seated beside him, though when Miki addressing the what rather than the why, Kai chuckles all the more. "Because it's fun." he tells the young weryleader, "You look way to young yet to have forgotten what fun is." A pause and he slides his gaze towards Miki, maybe detecting the slouching now. It lingers a moment before once more his gaze lifts to the standing rider. "But if you need a little reminder what fun is, I'll certainly offer my services." He's not even trying to be subtle here, grin in place complete with teeth and a definite approval for the poor man's physical stats.

Th'ero only dips his head down a little in a gesture that could come off as slightly joking to Miki's response, but the Weyrleader says nothing more on the subject. Instead, it would seem the evening's discussion would be… snowballs. Miki's questioning look is returned, followed with a bit of a frown. "No. I haven't. I come from a region where snow doesn't exist and I've never been this far north until now." He tries to explain and not sound like a complete idiot. As the greenrider moves away to create her example, it leaves Th'ero time to glance over to Kairhys and the poor bronzerider is beginning to look a little apprehensive. "But it's cold." He tells the apprentice, still stubbornly refusing to accept the concept. The next comment earns a smirk, "I know what fun is." He almost mutters in reply, before Kairhys' next comment takes him completely aback. Awkwardness returns and the bronzerider clears his throat, shifting his weight a little and bringing his hands out of his pocket so he can loosely cross his arms over his chest. "Ahh, thanks…?" Is all poor Th'ero's tired mind can work up for a response, failing miserably. He's about to add more, but then he's distracted from the apprentice by Miki's return with a snowball. Here the Weyrleader visibly shies away a fraction, as if the greenrider holds a loaded weapon. "I get /what/ they are. I just don't see the fun of having it thrown about." He tries to explain again.

Miki has to bring a gloved hand to her face, however snow covered it may be, to stifle the laughter as she listens to Kairhys' comments and the poor Weyrleader's reaction only serves to double her laughter. As it is, she has to actually turn her face away, the cover over her hand no longer working. "Ahhh, that explains it. No snow from where you are. Is there mud? Maybe you've gotten into a mudfight, that's fun too." Says the woman who likes to run around playing in the rain. "Hmm, you don't get it?" A flicker of hesitation appears in her eyes, and the assistant looks as if she might /actually/ throw the snowball at him, only to relent and hold it up to him once more. "Well, try it at least? You can throw it at me. I'll dodge it no problem." Or she'll try to, as long as the clothes let her do a bit more than just waddle. "I threw one at Kairhys earlier, but he was too quick for me."

Brows lift in unison when Kairhys hears that snow is a completely new concept to the newly knotted weyrleader, exchanging a glance with Miki for this but really what more could he say. "Having just spent a couple months in Ista and now back home again, I think it's just going to be a matter of getting used to the climate change. Then again, I've always been rather adaptable." He pauses to ponder this epiphany of sorts, totally spying that considering look that Miki has for collecting a snowball to prove her point. He can't help but stifle a laugh behind one gloved hand and pointedly looks elsewhere while he schools his expression. He flicks a look off towards Th'ero again, wisely skipping the whole 'it's cold' revelation and focusing more on what the bronzerider says next to him. Lips curl upwards in an unmistakable smirk there, what he wanted to say written all over his youthful features even as he gives the older man a definite once over again. Weyrleader or no weyrleader, this does not seem to deter the weaver one bit. The defensive posture undoubtedly noted, Kai licks his lips. "No, thank /you/." He'll just let that sit a minute before he laughs softly at something Miki has said, releasing the poor man from his implications. "Not in everything, Miki darling. I promise." Yes, he was indeed shamelessly flirting with them both without discrimination. He was busy now toothily grinning ear to ear at the greenrider, as if they shared some private joke or maybe even had know each other for a long time. Either way, the boy was completely and utterly at ease, and actually seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

There's a bit of a narrow side-glance given to Miki, her attempt at masking her laughter not lost at all on the Weyrleader. Fantastic, not even a sevenday in and already it begins. Despite those reservations though, the bronzerider can't help a small, bemused smile from curving at the corners of his mouth. Might as well, right? "Maybe. Maybe not?" Th'ero replies cryptically, not about to give any more tidbits that could be used for further jokes. And the chance Miki had to be the first to pelt the Weyrleader with a snowball passes, but her renewed offer has him considering it, before he holds up a gloved hand to wave it off. "No, I think I'm good." He says, gaze lingering on the snowball for one final look before his decision is final. "Maybe another time." He promises instead, though if he'll ever hold true to it is another matter entirely. Kairhys has his attention again and Th'ero is giving him another long, curious look - especially at the mention of Ista. "So it is possible to adapt then?" he remarks dryly, some of his usual teasing mannerisms finally showing through. But it's short lived as he's back to shifting awkwardly under the apprentice's looks and obvious flirting. Th'ero is not at all in the right mental state to be handling this on top of it all. So Kairhys little comeback is met with… silence from the bronzerider as he simply stares at the apprentice, dumbfounded and trying to put on a mask of calm, neutral and collected and failing. "Not sure for what, but alright." In the end, play dumb? That seems to be Th'ero's tactic for the night and the cue for his slow retreat. The Weyrleader does take a step or so back from both Miki and Kairhys at this point, looking a touch apologetic. "Sorry to cut this short, but it seems I'm…needed." He admits, gaze moving towards the inner weyr and with a touch of reluctance. Perhaps he is all work and no play? "Enjoy the rest of your night. Nice meeting you both." And then with a nod and a brief half-smile, the Weyrleader is off at a brisk pace, disappearing as he makes for the center bowl.

Miki certainly wasn't expecting for Kairhys to say what he did and unfortunately it completely unravels what little self control she'd managed to hold in control. Even with the jackets it's easy to see the woman's tiny frame shaking with laughter and amused giggles spill into the air, disturbing most of the quiet that had been there earlier. "Not in everything you say? Don't know if I believe that." After a bit, she does calm down enough to register the no thanks for snowball throwing and shrugs, slipping it into her pocket instead, most likely for future victims to suffer from. "Alright, maybe another time then. Have a good night then, and it was nice meeting you too!" Miki raises a hand to wave after the Weyrleader's disappearing form, though once he's gone there' afresh burst of giggles. "Oh he's funny! I like him."

Kairhys probably couldn't of asked for a better response from Th'ero even if it had been scripted, only having been able to manage the briefest of nods for question of adaptability, before he just ends up burying his face onto one hand and loses it. Th'ero is hurrying off shortly there after, and it actually takes some time for the weaver to collect himself enough to even reply to Miki once the bronzerider is out of sight. "Oh sweet Faranth." he wheezes, completely unable to say another word to the weyrleader before he's wiping at his eyes. "It's been too long since I laughed this hard." After admitting this, he actually appears to put some effort into calming himself down before attempting to join back into the conversation with Miki, but he loses it again when the greenrider starts giggling anew. He's actually holding his sides, tears rolling down his face as the pair fill the evening air with their laughter. "Stop stop, it hurts…" he cries, trying to get control of himself by taking measured breath and letting them out slowly. This might take some time.

"Hey! Your…" Miki's probably attempting to say that it's the weaver's own fault but now she's into one of those gigglefits too, and quite literally. She does manage to waddle over, clutching her side the entire time, and give him a bit of a punch on the shoulder. The rider has to literally cover her mouth in one of the multiple scarves for quite some time in an attempt to stop the laughter. Even then she doesn't manage to become fully serious and instead of sitting down on the bench once more, she instead plops down into the snow, bending over so that her face is buried in outstretched legs. Through it all, she somehow manages to to catch sight of the tears of laughter Kairhys has and digs out a pack of tissues, holding it up in the air and waving it about in his general direction, not that she's looking really. "Such a tease…the poor guy.

Yeah there was no helping the bought of what might feel like endless laughter, and Kairhys' amusement was easily being fed by Miki's giggles. It was just going on and on and on. He even seems to think getting punched in the shoulder is hilarious. Because despite holding a hand over the offended appendage and chuckling madly through an 'ow', he just can't seem to stop. When the greenrider digs out her tissues, this seems to bring him down some and thankfully so because it starting to look like even laughing was painful with the creases to his youthful face, almost like a grimace. He's taking easier breaths at least as he dabs at his eyes and cheeks before the moisture there has a chance to freeze. "The new guy is always the easiest target I just didn't think it would be /THAT/ easy. I almost feel bad." Almost being the operative word here. For the way that the weaver still occasionally chuckles and sighs in an amused whoosh, well, it's pretty clear he isn't sorry. At least right now. Handing the package of tissues back to Miki the boy rises to his feet and removes the scarf that he had removed earlier, draping it back around the woman's neck as he seems to have gotten his mirth under control. "I really should head home before it gets too late. Thanks for hanging out with me Miki, it was a blast as always." He strokes a slender fingered hand over her head as he moves past, "Dinner, tomorrow night. Don't forget." he reminds, grinning ear to ear before he wanders off in the direction of the hold, with whistle and a chuckle.

Miki grins, "One day it's going to come back and bite you." Though maybe Kairhys would like that, who knows. When the scarf gets returned, Miki finally lifts her head, wrapping it back around her neck and smiling up at the boy, a trace of the giggles still with her. "No problem. And stay safe." The parting head stroke earns a rather feline like smile, from one of those tiny felines that just got a bowl filled with milk. "Dinner. Tomorrow. Got it." With that he's wandering off, but she doesn't. Now that company's gone she stays to do what she actually came out for, stargazing.

It's Kairhys' soft laughter that really marks his departure as Miki calls after him. "I do hope so!" he calls back. Looks like the weaver would indeed like that.

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