Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary

This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Winter always means the possibility of injuries, especially if one has a tendency to go from one area to another quite quickly. Chances are higher when that area is covered in snow. And even higher when that snow likely covers ice. A certain hunter may, or may not have, been attempting to slide her way from one side of the bowl to the other, or she was plotting more battle strategies for another snowball fight. More than likely, however, she was making an escape of some sort which led to the inevitable spill, slamming the poor young woman into the ground. The details of the incident, however, remains a secret and Deitra is now cooped up in the Infirmary with various bandages on her arms, legs, and around her head. Nothing broken, but kept in one place in fear of the young woman potentially making things /worse/ — if there is such a way to do so! "Can I go now?" There's a swift response of 'no' from one of the near by healers and a loud groan that follows that shortly. "But I'm /so/ bored. And it stinks. Yer all stinky with stinky stink of stinky healer stink."

Shena is lucky. Despite the dangers which winter brings, she's not here because she's injured. No, she's bringing a delivery. A large heavy package of wooden splints, tongue depressors, and other woodcraft sundries that the infirmary requires. She's bundled up against the cold. She's all too eager to foist the package off on the nearest healer and escape the place which smells terribly of redwort, but pauses when she spots the bandaged-up girl. "Deitra?"

Aniki isn't there to be treated either. He's there being noble and magnanimous. Or so claims. This all of course means that he's going around proclaiming his beauty and giving people fruits. Some of the female folk seem to find him lovely though and there's a bit of swoonage going on in one corner. But the poor girls lose his interest fast, because there's someone more interesting way on the other side. "Kitten!" This being Deitra. The weaver strides towards the girl's cot, his steps looking almost like a dance as he moves. Once he's reached the bed, Aniki snaps out his wooden fan, pointing it at her head before moving it around in a circle to encompass her whole figure. "Poor kitten. It is sad to see you in here. Never fear. I will cheer you up with the presence of my BEAUTIFUL self!"

The sound of her name draws Deitra's attention away from the evil healer captors and towards the source. Grey eyes widen and then she's staring openly at the other woman. "Shena? What're you doin' here? Weren't you kidnapped?" She knows the story, but that filter between mouth and brain is far more damaged by the fact that she's gotten a dose of fellis to keep her from going and making herself worse. "Yer back!" A bright grin is given to Shena before it falls away completely at the call from a certain weaver. Dread soon creeps into her features and she is staring at him as her approached. "Crazy weaver girly man." This comes as a sort of greeting, nose wrinkling as he uses his fan to gesture at her. "I ain't needin' yer presence. Or yer face. I hate yer face. Crazy girly man."

"I apprentice. Close enough to being kidnapped. The important thing is, I'm back." Shena answers Deitra with a beaming grin. "What've you been up to? Aside from picking up a few scrapes." She blinks in surprise and confusion at the sudden outlandishly dramatic entrance of the weaver, at a loss for a moment. "… And I see you picked up a boyfriend too. Hi."

"Crazy girly man? Tsk tsk, such language shouldn't come from a woman's mouth. Crazy? Yes, I drive people crazy with my beauty. Girly? I offered last time, but you ran away, I can prove it this time." How does Aniki decide to prove he's manly? He quickly snaps his fan shut, tucking it into his coat pocket before beginning to shed it, and there's no doubt that his shirt and pants are going to come next if he isn't stopped. "Boyfriend?" Fingers pause for a moment in their endeavor as Aniki turns to the carpenter and gives the girl a once over. "I see you are her friend, so you know her inner desires too. Boyfriend. I always knew she had a hidden desire for me."

Deitra waves her hand, the movement is very loose and almost sort of watery. "Same thing. Apprentice, bein' kidnapped. Same thing." That grin resettles into place and then there's a sigh, "a lot. You been gone /awhile/. My sis, Chy, and I are hunters'n stuff now. We're also animal experts. 'm goin' ta buy a runner and get a cabin in the forest full of pelts. But, right now 'm learnin' ta ride runners." Fragmented thought process guides her reply to her friend. "I can fight and punch faces in. I got a lotta scars. But, I can't show you without takin' my clothes off." Grey eyes flicker back towards Aniki and her nose wrinkles, "he ain't my boyfriend. He's crazy." Her tongue sticks out at Aniki now and she shakes her head firmly. "I ain't wantin' ta see yer floppy small dangly bits." She groans, leaning back into the bed and tilting her head away. "I'd rather kiss a trundlebug than desire you."

"I have to admit there are a lot of parallels. Been gone eight turns without much choice in the matter. S'pose it is like a kidnapping." Shena responds to Deitra, while keeping one wary eye on Aniki. "Hunters now, huh? I could see that. I guess I'll have to take you up on the scar-showing offer sometime a creepy wannabe boyfriend isn't lurking around." She eyes the guy with confusion and suspicion. "Where did you come from?"

"Ah, I see, you want to take off your clothes as well. I'm not really opposed to the idea but I had no thoughts of bedding you really. Though if you want to sleep with me, I never reject those that would like to appreciate my wonderful body." This is the interpretation Aniki makes of Deitra's words, ignoring the slights to his manliness by completely ignoring them in a rather annoying manner. "Ah I see, your pride makes it hard for you to show your true desires. Do not worry, you don't have to ask, I will be your boyfriend. And I shall proclaim it from the highest peaks. I AM DEITRA'S BOYFRIEND!" He's proclaimed it to the entire infirmary at least. "Me? I come from the stars to ease the hearts of lonely women everywhere." Aniki grins haughtily with this explanation. "Or…I am my Miki's brother and we both came from our seacrafter father and our mother." He isn't crazy enough to /actually/ claim coming from the stars.

"You better be Journeyman or 'm goin' ta go beat someone up." Deitra peers at her friend, searching warily for a knot and then relaxing when said knot is found. "Mhm. Mother was /angry/, y'know. She hates that we ain't girls that wear dresses and frilly /things/. She's still mad and I still prank her." There's a high possibility that said mother was what led to the rushed escape and then to the injuries that leave her in the infirmary, unable to escape the eccentric weaver. Grey eyes return to the weaver and she wrinkles her nose at him a little more, making one rather ugly snarly face. "I ain't getting' naked or beddin' you at any point ever. Not even if I were drunk. Ever." A hand lifts to cover her face at his proclamation to the infirmary, groaning loudly. "If I weren't on this bed, I'd be punchin' yer face in."

"Just walked the tables two months ago." Shena answers, pointing to her knot with a proud little smile. "Had to do it before they'd let me come back here… anyways, who cares what people think girls should act like? Lots of ideas about it out there. I say forget them, do what you wanna do." Aniki gets a very, very dubious look. "You want me to get something heavy and wooden for you to hit him with?" She offers. Then one of the last remarks of Deitra's catches her attention. "Hey, drinking! That's what we should do to celebrate our reunion. Lots of drinking. It's good for when you're banged up."

"It's alright, you may make all the horrid faces you want now, you have a beautiful boyfriend that will make up for it completely. But I do have to say, hiding your desires is quite lady-like of you. Quite an improvement." When Shena offers to get something to hit him with, the weaver turns towards her, grinning once more. "Ah, you too are hiding your love for me behind violence. Tch, that will not do. See, I am your friend's boyfriend now. While other men may cheat on their women, I will only date one person at a time."

"Good. I'd've had ta beat someone up and steal you back." Deitra again states, her tone taking a grumble-like nature before clearing up as a grin takes hold. "Proud of you. Congrats on yer promotion." There's a shrug to the talk of those who care of how a girl behaves. "Tend ta ignore her. And most others. I ain't goin' ta do what they want." The offer of something big and wooden to beat the weaver with is met with a firm nod. "Make sure it's got some sting ta it." The sound she makes next to give an example is the same that people use to explain the cracking of a whip. "Oh! Drinkin'! Yes. Yer goin' ta have ta help sneak me out or somethin'. I need a disguise." As for Aniki, he again makes himsef noticed by speaking and there's only another groan that follows. "Yer girlfriend wants ta see less of yer face right now." Might as well indulge him if it will make him leave, right?

Shena eyes Aniki with increasing worry and distrust. "I'll get you something heavy. With lots of nails in it." At this point, she's sufficiently disturbed that she isn't even talking to the boy when she's looking right at him. Then she gets an idea. She goes from looking deeply disturbed to looking sweet as can be in a flash, stepping towards Aniki with a beaming smile. "Hey, I want to make sure your girlfriend is feeling good. And for that, she needs to get out of here. So why don't you be a good loving boyfriend and distract the healers while I sneak her out?"

Aniki sighs, "Ah, I guess I can help ease your suffering. After all I must tell my Miki about this new development." Because everything is reported to 'my Miki'. Everything. Of course, Aniki isn't a complete idiot so when there's an attempt to sneak Deitra out of the infirmary the weaver simply narrows his eyes. "No, no that isn't a good idea. Look, she's drugged. And besides, I would be a very bad boyfriend if I let my sick girlfriend wander around everywhere…..anyways. I must go tell my Miki! Goodbye kitten and friend of kitten." And with a flourishing wave the young man disappears. Like a whirlwind, baby.

Shena's sudden sweet look has Deitra looking quite intrigued and rendering her silent in order to see what the other has come up with. While the hunter certainly can't pull off an innocent look that well, she is certainly attempting. But the weaver does not take the bait, but he does indeed, leave. "Shells. I didn't think he'd /ever/ leave. I /am/ drugged, but it ain't too much. A few drinks ain't goin' ta kill me." There's a glance towards the healers and a furrow of her brows. "D'you see somethin' I can hide in? And you can wheel it our or somethin'. A laundry basket might work."

Shena looks very relieved when the weaver makes his exit, exhalung sharply. "Wow. What in Farnath's name is that guy on? He is a lunatic. A complete lunatic." She says with a disbelieving shake of her head. The proposed escape plan has her grinning. "I like your style! Let's see… oh! Here we go. Let's do it." She finds a basket which isn't full of medical waste, and hurriedly gets it over to Deitra's side before any of the healers take notice. "Let's do this quick."

"I ain't sure. I gave up tryin' ta find out. He's always like that, maybe he's just broken or somethin'." Deitra gives a shrug and quickly dismisses thoughts of Aniki as he is now departed and there's an escape plan. From the cot, she moves, quickly making a makeshift figure in the cot with the pillows and climbing into said basket. Covering in the form of sheets are found and she quickly buries herself in. "Gogogogogo."

Shena certainly has no desire to stick around the smelly infirmary. She just gives a nod, probably unseen by the sheet-covered figure, before wheeling the basket out of the infirmary, whistling in what she hopes is a nonchalant tone.

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