It is a rather lovely wintery day at the moment, and while some young dragons are off sleeping someplace warm Niumdreoth had other ideas it seems. The young brown is slowly making his way closer and closer towards the bowl, a few bouncing steps seen now and then as he pounces upon another little mound of fresh snow that has been falling more of the day. Abigail is slowly following along, wrapped up in a nice thick jacket, scarf around her neck and ears and her hair pulled back just slightly. "Don't go knocking anything over Niumdreoth." This most likely heard by others as she calls out after the rather playful and curious brown.

Borodin is dressed for the cold, in a jacket and scarf, and he's got his hands shoved in his pockets as he trudges across the bowl. He glances up at the sound of the voice, and sees the brown approaching. Ah, he goes, and frowns for a moment before sighing and continuing his trudge.

Niumdreoth continues along, his head lowered and he is snuffling about through the snow, pushshovesnuffle. « Look at all this snow!! » Abigail chuckle softly. "Yes there is a bunch of it hum?" She questions softly while continuing along. It feels like forever since she has spoken too Borodin, well since the hatching, not that she hasn't tried to hunt him down. Though with a quick growing bouncy baby dragon it is a bit hard to truly escape. The movement ahead catches Niumdreoth attention; his wings flap a few times, tail swaying against the snow before he warbles out. « Hello! » For the greeting Borodin most likely hears it as well. "Niumdreoth" She heard it as well after all and got a feeling he was off broadcasting to the other, whom happens to be her brother? "Borodin" She smiles genuinely happen to see him. « His your clutchmate, right? » This isn't said to Borodin at least.

The voices in his head say hello. The… voices… in his head… say… hello. Borodin stops, pretty well completely. He even forgets to breathe for a moment, because figuring out if he's crazy kind of takes precedence. …how does one figure out if they're crazy? The world still seems there. It seems perfectly normal, except for the voices in his head. But then, if he was crazy, things would seem normal, right? That's kind of the point of being crazy. … Aha! That's it. He's aware that the voices in his head are crazy, therefore he must not be crazy. Which just leaves him with the voices in his head to deal with. "Uhm," he says, to explain that he has reached this profound conclusion.

Abigail bites down on her lip as she catches the look from her brother, well yes that explains her though. Niumdreoth did 'speak' to her brother it seems. "Niumdreoth is sorry; he gets a bit excitable meeting new people." She looks to the brown that is busily creeping closer to Borodin. Nium tilts his head and snuffles out playful like at the boy. « He sort of smells like you I suppose. » "Thank ye for that wonderful way of connecting that he is my brother." Abbey grumbles out softly before she looks back to Borodin, a warm smile is seen. "How are ye doing? I've been trying to look for ye but seems just wasn't the right times."

Borodin looks down at the dragon. The dragon. The… "Oh." That would explain the voice, singular, in his head. It wasn't actually voices, was it? They're not supposed to be singular, generally speaking - well, not the hallucination sort, anyhow, the sort of… a dragon… kind of is. It all makes sense, except for one tiny, teeny, little, insignificant problem. "But… he's your dragon," says Borodin, looking back to Abbey. Dragons don't talk to other people… do they? Well, obviously they do, this one just did, but they don't do that!

Abigail smiles and nods to Borodin. "Well yes he is. Sometimes they will speak with others. I think it is because he is a bit young still. He still gets easily excitable. Though A'di dragon always talks to other people, so some do it no matter what." Niumdreoth settles down upon his haunches, his tail wiggles and sways about before curling to his side. « He seems nice. Well I guess he would be, being your brother an all. » Abbey smirks at the comment. "He likes you. Says yer nice." Well of course he is, its Borodin after all! "How have ye been? Keep warm I hope??" Oh yes she is worried about him as always. Nium warbles out softly. « Keep warm! » This comment is sent to Borodin as well.

"Ah," says Borodin. He looks down at the brown dragon again, then glances up to Abbey. Nice, huh? He quirks up one side of his mouth, and nods. "That's me, I guess." He gives the head a little shake. "Yeah. I've been all right. Been spending time with Zapallie." He glances away from her and the dragon both, out across the bowl… only to have his eyes dart back to the brown dragon as the voice (singular) speaks in his head again. "I will," he tells, not his sister, but her dragon. "I… that's why we're staying for the winter."

Abigail gives Niumdreoth a elbowing to try and get his attention. "Enough" She says with a soft murmur before taking in a slight breath. "Silly thing isn't he?" This questioned with a soft amused tone before she looks back to Borodin and she smiles, warmly. "I'm so glad that ye and Zapallie are getting along well. How is she doing, and her cow She bought a cow right?" Well she is rather sure that was brought up at some point. « Cow What is a cow?? » Oh dear, new word for the young dragon. Abbey ahs softly, pondering how to explain it. "Well it is like a big sheep Sort of at least." Niumdreoth warbles out happily. « MUTTON!! » Luckily Borodin doesn't get to 'hear' any of this.

"He doesn't seem so silly to me," says Borodin. After all, all the dragon's been saying to him is the same things Abbey's been saying! He frowns for a moment, then nods. "Yes. Larabelle is doing well. That's, uhm, Zapallie's cow." He shifts his hands in his pockets, glancing to Abbey and back again. "She's growing. Uhm. She's big enough to travel with. Especially when spring comes."

« Muttonmuttonmuttonmutton!! » Niumdreoth is on a roll now. « Can we go find some mutton that I can chase after? » Abigail is quiet and just peering at the young dragon for a few moments. "Maybe later, ye know I have to ask first. Ye lot an't ready for that Miki said." She looks back to Borodin. "Sure, ye an't hearing the rest of what he is talking about." She is not about to go into detail. "Well good. I'd like to see her sometime but I figure it would not be good to give Niumdreoth any ideas." Last thing she needs is for him to go chasing after a cow. "So Ye all are leaving come spring then?"

"Well. I guess." Borodin shoves his hands deeper in his pockets, looking away from sister and dragon again. He nods, still not looking back. "Yeah. We'll be going. Maybe across to High Reaches… or maybe south. It'd be nice to see Boll and the beaches without mom and dad towing me along for once."

Abigail nods, she ponders this a few moments and takes in a slight breath. "I haven't seen them How mad are they?" She questions softly while looking down to the ground a moment at the thought. Niumdreoth leans over and bumps his head into her side nuzzling a moment. A soft oof escapes her and she lets her hand settle against the brown's head too give him a soft scratching. "I'm glad ye guys are going to do things like that. I want ye guys to have fun." She smiles a moment. "Maybe Nium and I can check in on ye two sometime. When he can fly an all." Niumdreoth warbles out happily at the thought, his wings flap a few times at his sides. « Flying! And then betweening! An hunting from the air for mutton! » Abbey grumbles softly. "Stop with the damn mutton for one night."

Borodin sighs. "They were pretty mad at first. I think… dad's mostly over it, though. Mom… well, she went back to the Hold, at least." He shrugs, and goes silent for a moment. "I suppose you can, yeah. Once he's flying… you'll be able to go anywhere. Whenever you want." He glances to Abbey at the mention of mutton, then back to Niumdreoth with a contemplative expression. "…have you tried goat?" he asks to dragon.

Niumdreoth croons out and looks to Borodin, his head tilting to the side. « Goat what is goat?? » As Borodin brought this idea up the question is also voiced to him as well. Abigail takes in a soft breath and smirks while peering at her brother. "Nice idea." This said with a soft murmur. "I was rather expecting that. They didn't give you much trouble did they?"

Borodin is helpful, yes he is. "Goat is sort of like sheep," he explains to the dragon. "The meat has a darker flavor, and it's a bit stronger. It goes well with bay… well, I suppose you don't much cook your dinner, do you? But goat is good. The bones have good marrow, too. Very rich." Okay, so the voice in his head is still weird, but food is a comfortable conversational ground for Borodin. Unlike, say, parents. He's silent for a moment at Abbey's question, then shrugs. "They left, anyways."

« It sounds yummy! I hope to try goat then. » Niumdreoth offers with a happy warble to the brother and sister pair. "Kimmila did a hunting bit with them, let them chase after sheep. Ever since then he has an attraction to them. I don't think he fully understands they are for eating even though he has eaten them before." At some point she hopes that instinct will kick in it seems. "He did rather like chasing them at least.." Abbey nods slightly while taking in a soft breath. "I'll have to talk to 'em at some point." Though she won't be rushing into it! "I'm glad yer going to be around for a while more at least." They really haven't spent this long of a time away from one another, and it is sort of strange, at least too her.

Borodin nods to Abbey's explanation about sheep!, and smiles. "I'm sure he'll figure it out." He glances up to Abbey as she mentions the parents, and nods. "I suppose." He shrugs a little, then looks down to the dragon again. "Yeah. We thought… well, going out in winter didn't seem like a great place to start."

Abigail smiles and nods. "Ya I'm sure he'll figure it out, they all do at some point." This said with a soft tone at the idea. Niumdreoth seems content to just settle there listening to them while eating snow it seems. "Well I'm rather glad you all are waiting to go. I'd been very worried if ye two left during this weather." She pauses. "Well not that it is like this everywhere I suppose."
Borodin nods. "I suppose they must. Everyone's got to figure some things out, sooner or later." He stares off for a moment, then shakes his head and looks back to Abbey. "Yeah. Well. I… don't want hypothermia."

Niumdreoth goes about chomping and munching on more snow. « What is hypothermia? » This is questioned to both while he peers up, and is soon quivering as the snow is working on getting him all cold. "It happens when someone gets too cold. Very dangerous." Abigail says while peering at the brown. "Maybe ye should stop eating the /cold/ snow?" Nium tibbits out at her and warbles before his head settles against a forepaw, though if you notice he DID stop eating the snow!
"I doubt the snow's going to cause a problem," says Borodin. "It's more if you're out in the snow for a very long time. Like… overnight." He glances back to Abbey again. "But… yeah."

Abigail smirks as she hears Borodin. "Yes that is right, though I can't imagen him eating snow and getting a cold stomach it a good idea either." An she is the one that gets to hear him whine about such things! Niumdreoth warbles out and wiggles his toes about in the snow. « Snow taste good. Just frozen water. » There is a pause whie the dragon peers at the two and goes about pushing the snow up into a pile and then wacks it with with his tail too send the snow flying towards the siblings. Abbey erks as she is hit with snow.

"It's not so bad. I've a recipe for mint snow cream I've been wanting to try, same thing. So long as he doesn't eat it too fast." Borodin shrugs, and then glances aside before… smack! Snow in the face. He blinks. "Ah. Uhm…" He stares at the dragon, then reaches down and makes a snowball. "Catch," he says, and tosses it over Niumdreoth's head.

Abigail ponders that and chuckles while smiling to Borodin. "I don't see that as a problem. I just wouldn't suggest eating a lot of it ye know?" She questions with an amused tone. This said before she is looking at Niumdreoth whom looks rather happy at what he did. The brown dragon is happy up until the snowball is smacked against his head. A faint croon escapes him and hs pushes snow up and sends it flying towards them once more. « Got you!! » Nium warbles out along with sending the thoughts to them both. Abbey laughs out while she holds her hands up which helps keep some snow from hitting her across the face.

Apparently Borodin is a worse shot than he thought. He meant to go over, not… at. Ah, well. Fortunately, he's not the one whose skills will be keeping them fed on this journey. Just turning small game into tasty food. He snorts at Niumdreoth's success, and steps back, making another snowball. That's right, he's fighting snow-waves with snow-balls. This will totally work.

Niumdreoth lets out warbles and croons of amusement as he wiggles about in the snow trying to get more ammo built up, each snowball hitting him from Borodin in the process. The young brown soon bounces backwards, his wings opening in a mock flare, his rump and tail lifting in a playbow sort of pose. "Don't ye dare try and tackl him!" Abigail says rather quickly, she knows that thought, and that stance. Nium pouts a few moments before slapping his tail into the ground and flicks his tail forward to send another wave of snow towards them. The dragon is so winning this game! Abigail laughs out as she is hit with more snow, so much for her attemping to back away and hide, there is no hiding from waves of flinging snow!

Tackle him? Borodin's eyes widen. Oh, he didn't mean to… uhhm. Ah, but at least Niumdreoth is stopped. Borodin smiles, and is once more splattered by the snow. He gives his head a shake, and braves his way through the snow to pat the brown dragon's nose. Sothere.

Niumdreoth at least doesn't go about tackling anyone, for that would be bad, right? Of course! He lets out warbly laughs as he watches them shake off the snow. « I'll have to try this on my clutchmates. Much fun! » Abigail grins while she works on brushing off the snow. "I bet they will just love it." She sputters out softly, yes she totally got snow in her mouth.

Borodin smiles, brushing some snow off himself. "Well. That's not quite what I meant to do today…" he says. He's smiling, though. Can't be all bad!

Abigail chuckles and nods she glances to Borodin and grins before moving to help get some snow off of him in the process. "His good for a game or two. We should try hide-an-seek sometime." She would suggest doing such a thing with a dragon now wouldn't she? Niumdreoth croons out softly while he shifts closer to them, even nuzzling up against Borodin to some degree. « Hide-an-seek… What sort of game is this? » Abbey pauses and blinks at her dragon before chuckling. "Well someone or a few hide and someone else has to find them." A glance is sent to Borodin. "He was asking me what the game was."

Borodin pats at the dragon's neck lightly, seeming over much of his awkwardness around the beast… at least for the moment. "But doesn't he always know where you are? Doesn't that sort of miss, well, the point of it?" he asks.

Abigail smiles and nods to borodin. "Well it would mess it up for me, but not for someone else." She points out. At least they are bother getting along! Niumdreoth croons out, his eyes closing while he leans into the pats. "He wouldn't know where ye would be after all. Would be rather nice gave in that regards." Niumdreoth plops down onto his haunches next to Borodin, his head pressing against him in the process.

"Oh," says Borodin, and he continues to pat the dragon. It's just like one of those canines, only… much bigger. Still, he knows how to deal with them, and he pats and scritches the great brown beast some… only to oof at the lean and brace himself before continuing to pet. "I suppose that makes sense."

Abigail shakes her head slightly and takes in a soft breath. "He makes me think of a great big canine sometimes." This is said with a loving tone though. "Maybe we can play it sometimes. I'll tell Niumdreoth to get the other young dragons involved." Imagen that, a mass hide-an-seek game all around the weyr. Niumdreoth rumbles out seeming to like the idea. « I'll tell them about it. Then we can do so!! » Abbey grins. "his gona tell the others."

Not just one dragon searching, oh no. All the dragons searching! "For me?" Borodin squeaks, his eyes going wide and his hand stopping petting for a moment.

Abigail blinks and laughs. "No no, not for ye. Will all take turns. The first one found is then the one searching an so forth." Niumdreoth seems to rather like the idea, even though he is slinking down to settle upon the ground next to Borodin. An soon enough the young brown dragon is falling asleep, someone got tired. Abbey smirks and ehs softly. "I suppose he was tired."

"Oh," says Borodin, and nods. He watches the brown dragon settle down, then looks back to Abbey and nods. "Suppose so," he says. He's quiet for a moment. "So… do you like it here?"

Abigail watches Niumdreoth as he falls into a deeper slumber, a soft breath escaping her and her eyes close for a few moments. "I like it here. Everyone is nice an all. Still sometimes I do miss home." She chews on her lip a moment before her eyes open and she peers back at him. "What about ye?"

"I don't," says Borodin. "Miss home, that is. I'm glad you like it here, though." He smiles, and glances around at the bowl. "I don't know. It's… interesting, but… I don't think I belong here. I mean…" He frowns a little. "Well. I suppose that's why I'm leaving, right? We'll find someplace better. Or some places."

Abigail is quiet for a moment. "I don't miss certain thing of home, just… Places more or less." This said softly. She tilts her head and glances back to Borodin. "True… I suppose it'll depend on some thing with me once Nium is fully grown an all." She plans on sticking around for a long while at least. "Where ever ye two go yer let me know at least.. I hope?"

Borodin glances to the dragon again, then nods. "Well. You must belong here. That's why the dragon picked you." He smiles a little, though it's short-lived. "I can send letters, but… I can't say how fast they'd arrive. Or… well, I suppose firelizards can send messages, right? Zapallie has hers." He shrugs a little. "I don't think we'll be… settling down, really."

Abigail glances to Borodin and then back to Nium. "I've asked him that before… Ye know if I was the right one that he picked an all." She bites down on her lip and soon glances off. "He tells me of course I am." A nod is seen and she glances towards him curiously. "Sure Firelizards can. I have two, so does see. Maybe we can get ye one took? What ye mean settling down?"

Borodin smiles. "Of course you were. Look how many friends you've got here." He reaches over and pats her arm lightly, then drops his hand again. "So, there you are," he says of the firelizards, then shrugs at the mention of his own. "Zapallie's said, when her green has some." Which, apparently, is good enough for him. "I mean… well. Zapallie's all about seeing new places, new things. She wouldn't want to just settle somewhere and play holder."

Abigail glances towards Borodin a moment. "You think so?" She questions osftly at the idea, pondering it seems. "Perhaps." A slight smile is seen and she nods. "Nothing wrong with seeing new places. Who knows maybe ye two will find a place ye like and call it home or something." Well it is an idea!

Borodin shrugs. "Maybe," he says. He doesn't seem to think so, but after a moment, he smiles anyhow. "Either way, it should be nice. Wandering, seeing the sights of Pern…"

Abigail rubs her hads together a few times, her fingers have managed to get cold. "I'll make sure one of my firelizards will hunt ye two down somehow. They are rather smart when they want to be." She pauses. "Well Huritt is, Tadhg is sorta strange."

Borodin smiles, and nods. "You'll find a way," he says, and gives a little shake of his head before glancing to her hands. "Do you need to head back?" he asks with a tilt of his head.

Abigail nods before pointing at Niumdreoth. "Have to wait for him to wake up before I head back." This said while she takes a seat on the ground next to the sleeping dragon. "He shouldn't be asleep that long at least." She glances towards him. "Ye have to rush off of anything?"

Borodin ohs. "I suppose so." He looks down at the dragon, then shakes his head. "No… no, I don't really have anywhere to go. Not until spring, anyhow." He smiles slightly.

Abigail points to the spot next to her. "Well, want to sit down with me until Niumdreoth wakes up?" Well it is an idea, not like they have much to do at the moment after all.

Borodin glances at the spot, then nods. He steps over and sits himself down. Whump. Okay, now what? He puts his hands in his lap, looking over at Abbey.

Abigail doesn't need a reason to spend time with her favorite brother now does she? Well he is her only one but anyway. "Ye been working at the kitchens around here then?"

Borodin is Abigail's only brother. Oh ye of faint praise. "Well, a little," he says. "I haven't… as much, lately, but some." So, y'know, only a few late nights a sevenday.

Abigail is very thankful to have him as her brother too! It is Borodin after all. "Well, it is osmething right?" She smiles a bit while leaning against her sleeping dragon and looks off to watch the snowy gray sky. "This is sorta strange an all. Now I'm not going to really be a guard anymore. Sorta hope to be placed in the Search and Rescue Wing." That would be right up her alley too say the least. So it seems the two go on talking until a certain brown dragon wakes up, and when that happens Abbey and Niumdreoth will head on back towards the barracks.

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