Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Nobody's drinking midafternoon, but Hanild is still in Shenanigan's sitting at the bar; her choice of seat is more because it gives her a better view of the pool game in progress than anything else. Her perch on the edge of a stool, legs crossed, is likely showing far more skin than she intended, but if anything that is merely encouraging the pool players. All of whom are young men with way too much invested in pool. She sips from a glass of water and occasionally munches on a bit of fried tuber as the game unfolds.

Winter again brings Deitra to settle inside, taking refuge in Shenanigan's seems to be a habit of the hunter now. But, rather than meandering up to the bar as she usually does, she is coming to stop at the pool table with a curious look before she's grinning widely at the guys. "Yer goin' ta lose." She gestures towards one to indicate which one, exactly, she means before continuing on to the bar and settling down beside Hanild. She's peering at the woman before turning to face the barkeep and ordering a drink. A soft thanks is murmured before she again turns back towards Hanild. "For a hold girl, yer sure showin' off a lotta skin. You sure yer not actin'?"

"What? Oh." Hanild drops her leg, letting her skirt obscure the revealed skin again as a few of the pool players give Deitra looks. From the guy who is supposedly going to lose: a dirty one. From the other three: grins. "I hadn't noticed; honestly, as opposed to me trying to force myself into fitting in better. Although I am. The baths are still not my favorite thing, and I probably shouldn't even /wear/ skirts in the winter for all that in this case, it's rather a warm one."

A chuckle is given as Hanild drops her leg and Deitra shifts to make herself more comfortable in her seat. Her drink is brought over and she nods her thanks to the barkeep before taking it in hand and turning to consider the guys who give her looks. Merely grinning in response, she doesn't grace them with any verbal response, simply turning grey eyes towards Hanild. "It either happens naturally or yer goin' ta have ta force yerself ta fit in. Nothin' worse than bein' in a place where yer not fittin' in." She lifts the glass to her lips, pausing. "Though, if yer not bein' yerself there is no point." Then, a drink is taken before she turns to consider the game. "Seen some wear skirts in winter, never understood how one is comfortable like that."

"On the other hand, I am at least not /not/ fitting in so noticeably that it would be unsalvageable," is Hanild's first response as she takes another slow, leisurely sip of her water, then speaks again. "And I can blend in. If not properly fit in. I'm comfortable — except not entirely with the public bathing thing, yet, but other than that —" A slow, rolled-shoulder shrug, as she has apparently forgotten what else she was going to say. The pool players begin to argue incoherently about something, but not to the extent of becoming violent. Yet.

"Good. Would be sad ta hear that you weren't fittin' in at all." The glass is again tilted so that she may sip at her drink once again. "Comfortable is good. And there's always a pool in the back that's free, y'know, away from peepin' eyes. Or you can find the time where many others ain't bathin'." Deitra muses softly, while grey eyes begin to drift through the men as they begin to argue. A smile plays at her lips and she takes another drink, "now their game is gettin' interestin'."

Hanild is unable to resist a quiet laugh, putting her water back downa t the bar. "Last time I tried to go bathe while no one else was, in a quiet pool by myself, I ended up surrounded by people in mere minutes! But I got over it, and that's water under the metaphorical bridge now. Or is it the figurative bridge?" She tilts her head to the side, clicking one fingernail against the other to get an imaginary item out of her perfectly manicured nails as she watches her hand for an extremely momentary contemplation of the question before moving on. "Not that it matters. Oh well. How did you know that one was going to lose?"

"Guess yer unlucky when it comes ta it. Never understood why bein' naked was such a big deal and why yer supposed ta keep people from seein' you in nothin'. Never made sense." Her tongue clicks while her attention shifts towards Hanild's nails with her brows lifting slightly. Deitra lets out a breath and murmurs, "he was holdin' his stick all wrong, got an air 'bout him that said he thought he was goin' ta win. That sorta attitude gets you nowhere if you ain't got somethin' ta back it up." Another drink and then she settles the glass upon the bar. "Figured he was a sore loser, too, decided ta poke him with it. Now he's goin' ta lose because he's so worried 'bout losin'."

"How wicked," Hanild replies, a grin firmly on her face now that is described no better than by the very selfsame word 'wicked.' "And delightfully well-planned. As much as I'm used to spending all my time around various different breeds of arrogant people I'm not always at my best when it comes to riling them up." She gives her fingernails another dirty look. The pool players' yells escalate, and Hanild is craning to hear: "Something about dissent over what the rules actually are. For crying out loud, why play when you don't know how?"

Deitra laughs at Hanild's statement of her so called wickedness. "It is easy when yer payin' attention ta how they're behavin'. People who know how ta play are more comfortable. 'm guessin' the game started as a bet, started by him, sayin' that he would beat them because they ain't showin' off how well they can play. Even if they're friends, men still do those sort've things. Well, not only that but you were sittin' here with yer skin showin' and being unaware, so it's only fair ta say they were bettin' whoever win got ta ask you for a night or somethin'." The hunter continues to explain idly before considering her own short, butchered nails in comparison to the other woman's before shrugging in dismissal. Attention returns to the men, peering at them before shrugging. "He's tryin' ta change the rules in his favor, but they're probably tellin' him it ain't workin' that way and never has. And he's probably arguin' that they don't know what they're talkin' 'bout. Just a guess."

Not that Hanild has any problems with wickedness. In fact, she endorses and inspires it regularly. "My primary experience with men is egging them on, which is, I suppose, what I was doing here anyway — watching them play and forcing their macho desire to impress and please up to the surface. Win the lady's favor. So maybe that /was/ the bet, I wouldn't be surprised — and it wouldn't be a first for me." Despite her relative modesty on these sorts of things, Hanild /is/ still amused. She knows she's attractive, anyway. It is all part and parcel of her queen bee package. And then she's forgotten about her nails when one of the men punches one of the others, and the expected loser is the only one /not/ in the fight. "Well then! Are we supposed to do something about that?" Hanild doesn't seem to be about to move.

"I can't do any of that, I don't inspire leerin' looks or attempts ta win my favor." Deitra does not seem bothered by this fact, clearly willing to let Hanild be the desire of men who will make fools of themselves to impress her. She reaches over for her drink again and finishes off, placing it down upon the bar and peering over at the men as the fight breaks out. A snort of laughter follows, "he's goin' ta have a sore fist in the mornin'. They're punchin' all wrong." Laughter continues and then the hunter shifts from her seat, cracking her knuckles as if she may actually join in. "Well, that one'll probably get knocked out before someone comes ta break up the fight and throws 'em out inta the snow."

"You going to go knock him out?" Hanild prompts, with a little more of a laugh as she sits up taller to get a better sightline of the fight. "You'll probably be a better brawler than these men." For all that she's the desire of fools, she sure isn't fond of them much. Pern's version of the militant feminist beauty queen? Perhaps. As one of them ends up with a bloody nose, Hanild adds, "Or not. They might figure it out for themselves before you even get a chance to stand up."

"I could… Tempting." The hunter remains near her seat as the fight continues. "Mm. Probably, bein' as they don't look like they know how ta throw a decent fight. Probably ain't even had that many fights before." When the bloody nose is made, Deitra shrugs her shoulders and resettles in her seat. "Probably best ta let them at it, ain't wantin' ta get kicked out right now." Pause. "Go for his nuts!" A soft cackle of laughter and she turns to face the bar after her little burst of encouragement there. It is mid-afternoon, snow is again falling outside and while Shenanigan's isn't that full, it is full of activity. Namely one fight between men at the pool tables and the two women observing at the bar along with the barkeep.

Which Hanild had possibly caused to happen, being the attractive and notably busty female presence who had been watching the game. As it is, they have /more/ of her attention now that they're fighting, since it wasn't like pool was the most riveting ever sport to be watching. "Give them lessons," she slyly suggests to Deitra, starting to drum her fingers on the bar. Excitedly. This is a good way to spend a bad-weather day!

With paperwork forbidden throughout the entire Weyr, Miki has been more free than usual. And today's snow has given her no choice but to spend the day inside…at Shennanigan's. Bringing her arms up to stretch and yawn. There's a pause at the entrance and bright blue eyes lazily scan the area, easily honing in on the fighting men and raising an eyebrow. Instead of doing something however, the tiny rider moves towards the bar, settling on a stool not far from the girls and ordering a drink. "Wonder when they'll start whacking each other with sticks…."

"I am. 'm tellin' them how ta win." Deitra grins in response to Hanild and then continues to yell out places for them to hit. Either all of them are going to go down, or there's simply going to be a huge mess, either way the hunter is laughing loudly with her amusement. Miki's entrance is unseen, at least until the movement near by draws her attention. A large grin is flashed at the greenrider along with a wave, "maybe soon." After flagging down the barkeep for another drink, there's calls from the young woman to start using the pool sticks as a weapon.

It's definitely become more of a huge mess than an organized fight, and eventually one of the brawlers hits the other one in the head with a pool stick. Hanild lets out a half-squeal, half laugh and starts clapping. "I'm sure this is wrong of me," she says, "to find it so terribly funny so long as no one is seriously hurt — and even then, perhaps, it might be mildly amusing — hi, Miki," she finally remembers to add, no longer caught up in the moment, as she sips her water again.

Miki's all nice and amused even as the man picks up the pool stick, it's when one of the others gets hit over the head that Miki winces. "Shards…stupid idiots…did they have too much to drink or they just lacking in the braincells department?" The green rider tips her head towards the group before grinning an official hello to the girls. By this time, it seems Miki's drink is ready and the barkeep slides it towards her, a nice fruity number, and she sips on it idly.

Deitra's laughter eventually settles into soft chuckles of amusement and eventually the brawl does lose her interest as her next drink is settled upon the bar. "It is rather funny that they are so invested in the 'real' rules that they are willing to fight over it." She shakes her head, dismissing them now as interest is lost entirely. "They're idiots. I told one of them he was going to lose and he got mad about the rules with the other guys." The hunter explains for the greenrider before grabbing her drink and turning to consider them. "They'll get bored or knock themselves out. Or get kicked out."

"And it certainly was keeping me entertained," Hanild confesses. "I mean, before it was a pool game, okay, whatever. When Deitra showed up was when it got more interesting — just a few words to cause /so much/ animosity! Men. I will never understand them." Her water is empty — she stirs the straw around in the ice forlornly, then sets the glass down on the bar. Hopefully this is a cue to get it refilled. Combined with a coquettish smile for the bartender through long eyelashes.

Miki snickers, "They really are idiots. Meh, I'm sure someone will take care of it. Worst comes to worst I'm sure R'en will kick them out." The rider hikes a thumb over her shoulder and turns her head, indicating a bronze rider lounging in one of the corners of the room. There's a casual wave as they meet eyes but soon Miki's turning back and taking another few sips of her drink before grinning. "Men are stupid like that. Pride pride pride, it's all they care about. Tch, I tend to avoid those types."

"I just told him that he was goin' ta lose. No lie behind that." And certainly he lost because he did start the fight! Deitra chuckles softly and takes another drink from the glass, sipping away and simply enjoying herself and the sounds of chaos from the men brawling. "Mhm. Huge idiots. At least it is amusing." Grey eyes track over towards the indicated bronzerider and she grins widely at the man, her free hand lifting to wave a greeting. "Mm. Indeed. Easy target, though. It was clear that he didn't know what he was doin'." Three women are sitting at the bar while there is a fight by the table, notably they are making commentary about the scene the men are causing. It is snowing outside and the time is mid-afternoon.

Who's losing, anyway? They're not even still playing pool. They are hitting each other with sticks, just as Miki had hoped for. "Someone should teach them /fencing/ rules," Hanild suggests, lightly, as she watches the stick battle. "That's the one sport I can actually participate in, and I'd be a much better stick-wielder than any of them." Even with her manicure. A second water arrives for her to sip at just as slowly as the first, and she goes back to crossing one leg over another and showing the brawling men ankle — hey, maybe they'll stop to look.

Miki snorts, "It's amusing alright. I'd try and stop it myself, but a woman my height throwing herself in there isn't exactly the best of ideas. That's why we have sane men around." One of the sane men being R'en, who lifts a hand and grins broadly back at the girls, eyes slipping over to the brawl every few moments just to be sure it doesn't get out of hand. "Heh, I bet the littles could do better than them." It doesn't take long for Miki to finish the rest of her drink and ask for a replacement. Though at this point, she isn't even bothering to watch anymore. "Tell me if there's blood or something, yeah?"

A brawl? No one told Carlyn, or she'd likely turn right back around and run away. In fact, as soon as she gets a glance at the fight (as she is about halfway through the room) she nearly /does/ turn on her heels and leave. But she spots a familiar face, and then another, and then a third, so she toughs it out and heads that-a-way. "Hey," she greets the trio, doing her best to ignore the pool-fencing-fighting-thing going on over there. "Break time for everyone?"

"I don't know a thing 'bout fencing." Deitra mulls softly into her drink before again taking a sip. "Yer not goin' ta get involved, though." The hunter tilts a look towards Hanild and clicks her tongue. "Yer doin' it again. If yer wantin' more blood, you might as well pull up yer skirt more." A snort of laughter before turning attention to Miki, "I'd go stop 'em, but then I figure I'd get involved and I'd rather not have a shiner right now." Lashes lower and she stares at the glass in her hand before attention flicks back over towards the men. "One's already got a bloody nose. Unless yer askin' 'bout broken limbs. They can't do that with frail sticks like the ones they got." Carlyn's arrival is noted when she approaches the bar, grinning widely. "'m off. Now just watchin' the idiots."

"Or I could take off my shoe, that always worked at home," Hanild muses, and then turns toward Carlyn with a little fingerwaggle in greeting. "I came in here for some /quiet/ and ended up with this, but now I'm not about to leave." One of the sticks breaks over another guy's leg. "Also, sitting like this is comfortable," she offers up as belated defense toward the position for other reasons. "I'm not going to just casually pull up my skirt! It's long for a reason. Having to do with how it's snowing."

Miki turns to Carlyn, grinning. "Less work for me now that there's a ban on reports. Got some free time and got to witness….this." A hand spreads, waving in the general direction of the brawl, though it curls into a small fish at the mention of a nosebleed. "Oh really?" She turns, just in time to see the stick breaking. "No, no…it'd be best if you didn't get involved. And you too…" Miki shifts her eyes towards Hanild, eyebrow raising at the mention of shoes. "Right, feet that send people into bloodshed…that's funny, but I'd rather not see. So no more goading from either of you." Both Deitra and Hanild are getting tiny frowns now, almost as if Miki had entered nanny mode. Blood isn't good, not in Miki's book. And not in R'en's either. The bronze rider finally stands and moves closer to the brawl, stopping a few feet away with one of those deceptively sweet smiles that says there'll be trouble coming soon.

The stablehand jumps at the crack of the stick, and against her better judgement, turns to see the damage. Carlyn winces, and wonders, "Shouldn't we go get someone? You know… to break it up? This can't be good for anyone…" at least not anyone involved. Hanild is frowned at. "Why would you lift your skirt?" she wonders. "And I would keep my shoes on. The floor's not very clean," says the one who spends her days in a barn. She hops up on a free chair, but waves the bartender away when he comes to take her order.

"This is a Weyr, takin' off yer shoe isn't goin' ta do anything." Deitra snorts softly and downs the rest of her drink before turning back to the bar and settling the glass down. "'m just sayin' if yer wantin' attention, that's the best way ta do it." The hunter leans back in her seat, arms folding across her chest as her bottom lip is taken into her mouth and chewed upon idly. "I ain't goin' ta goad 'em anymore. They've gotten' borin'." Interest is elsewhere now, like her friend that's joining them. "How're you doin', Lyn?"

Hanild shakes her head, as regards the shoes — "I would never actually /walk/ with my shoes off, but some people are so surprised by the sight of bare feet in any context they just get bewildered. There's probably broken glass shards on the floor as it is. And I wouldn't. Lift my skirt. It was just recommended." Her water has gotten more of her attention, now, than the brawl. Which is still going as a stick fight. No one is further bleeding.

"Good!" The promise of no further goading is all Miki needs to be back to her usual humor and the rider grins. R'en isn't so forgiving of the situation. The girls he could care less about, but the rider's eyebrow twitches with annoyance at the continued stick beating. "ENOUGH!" His deep voice rings out across the lounge, determined steps bringing him right into the middle of the fight. A few of the weaker men are taken out by swift kicks and a few of the sticks confiscated. "Pool sticks, is it? Sticks are used for herding ovines boys. Shall we try?" R'en doesn't take long to take up the lessoning, beating a few of their backsides and herding them out of the Lounge. "That's a real man girls. Take note." Miki's not so helpful commentary.

A jerk, a twitch, a little jump. Poor Carlyn. She's really not enjoying the carnage. "I'm good," answers Lyn, looking less than good at the moment. "Oh," is said to Hanild. She frowns a little, looks at her own feet, and offers, "I go barefoot. When it's warm enough, and not dangerous. Like, on the beach. Or through the halls if it's late and I need to pee." Shrug. Miki's scary in nanny-mode, so Carlyn just kinda… smiles and looks innocent. Innocent! As R'en interferes, and the situation is diffused, there is a sigh of relief from the stablehand, followed by a mildly-oogling look after the "real" man.

The hunter continues to play with her glass on the bar, distracted by that and idly listening to the conversation around her before attention is drawn to R'en as he finally begins to break up the fight. There's a soft snicker of amusement before she's tilting her head back in consideration of the rider before grinning widely at the man. Attention shifts to Miki and she nods her agreement. "Mhm. And now it should go back to being quiet. Not as clean, but quiet." Deitra looks to Carlyn and gives an apologetic look, "forgot that yer not really a fan of blood or anythin'. D'you want a drink? I'll pay."

"What makes a real man /real/, exactly? I mean, besides breathing and whatnot. What makes him a real /man/?" Hanild can't resist asking. Miki has her rapt attention as she awaits the answer, too; despite the greenrider not being /much/ older than her, Hanild is sure she's got some wisdom to impart. Her large body of knowledge about men mostly includes the fact that she hasn't met very many she could find anything good about. "And I don't think it was — any cleaner before the fight, honestly."

Miki grins, "You know when it's best to go barefoot? Right after it's rained and the grass is all cool and squishy. Sohnyu doesn't agree, but running around in the rain is the best feeling in the world." R'en gives a parting glance and smile to each lady, though the man doesn't spare much more than that. He's being a herder right now. And off the herd goes. "A real man….a real man doesn't do stupid crap like get all up in arms about the rules of a pool game. That's one thing. And he can't be a prideful jerk either. Sure, he's got to have some manly pride, but that isn't the number one he should be looking out for."

"I will take a fruit juice," answers Carlyn, turning back to Deitra when the offer is made. She smiles thankfully to her friend, but ignores the comment about blood. Best to ignore the previous fight, lest it make her stomach turn. "Oh, that does sound nice," she agrees with Miki. "But I would have to add that the rain can't be /cold/. A warm summer rain, and cool green grass, would be nice. But a harsh winter rain? Burr." And she shivers emphatically. As for a /real/ man? Carlyn listens, but isn't really that attentive. More broody. "Is it ever quiet in here?" she wonders of Deitra, harkening back to her earlier comment. "I mean… maybe in late morning, when all the drunks are asleep and all the residents are working…"

"The fact that he doesn't need ta overcompensate for his fears and is capable of endin' a fight without really involvin' his fists." Deitra adds in as well for what makes a man a real man before flagging down the barkeep again. Juice is ordered for Lyn and then some more alcohol for herself before she's turning to peer at the stablehand. "The cold is the best part." Comes the argument from the hunter, tone laced with amusement before there's a shrug of her shoulders. "Not really. There's always someone about. Bein' that not everyone gets ta work in the mornin'."

Hanild shrugs a little, though she's mostly agreeing: "Yeah, I'd rather not have cold rain on my bare feet — well, usually. If it's a billion degrees outside the temperature of the /rain/ being cold might be nice." Sip, sip. Nice water — she's still surprised that people at the weyr drink during the day! "And I don't work in the morning. I don't work until after lunch, usually."

Miki grins, "Cold or warm, doesn't matter to me. Rain is rain. Course, that's part of the reason Sohnyu and Aniki dress me in multitudes of layers. The only thing better than rain is wind." Deitra's additional comments on men earns a rather satisfied nod from the rider. "Exactly!" And then there's that forgotten drink of hers, which is quickly downed and the glass handed back to the barkeep, no refill for her though. "If you're looking for somewhere quiet I'd try the library. And I'd also suggest staying away from the Gemstone. It's about ten times more noisy than here."

"I meant that, if it were a cold /day/, the rain would be rather unpleasant. Being wet just makes it ten times as cold. The rain being cold does not bother me. But when it is nearly cold enough to snow?" Shiver. "No, thank you. I would rather be warm and dry, at that point." Hanild is given a disbelieving look. "You don't work before /lunch/?" she exclaims, borderline irritation. Before she can add anything else, or perhaps because she has nothing to add, Lyn takes her newly arrived juice and chugs. Three swallows and three-fourths of the glass later, and she's moved on. "I tend to stay away from most bars. This one just… is more like a place to hang out. It's attached to the Weyr." Which must mean something to the stablehand.

Deitra peers at Hanild curiously, "how long do you work for?" Her gaze drifts to her drink after a moment and then lifts it to her lips, taking one single drink before lowering it again. "I like the wind too, rain and wind are some of my favorite things." Grinning widely at Miki, she inclines her head. "We've got a lot in common." Her legs are stretched out and Lyn is considered again, grey eyes shifting between her and Hanild before again settling on the stablehand. "When it's cold 'nough ta snow, that's a different story cause you could literally freeze." Another drink from her glass and she leans back in her seat. "Bars ain't so bad. There's always interestin' people."

"Ages," Hanild relates a little bit sourly, "just not often in the morning, as half of what I'm doing is revising what /was/ done in the morning into permanent copy. Although with there being no reports done right now I'm not entirely certain what it is I'll be doing /ever/. My job might've just become obsolete if the Weyrwoman decides to keep that edict. Since most of the time I'm writing, and if I'm not doing that I'm typing. Which can go all afternoon and through the night, but not, very often, in the morning." Her second water gone, Hanild pulls herself to her feet and says, "Though I do have to go work now — or see if there is any work to be /done/. Nice seeing you all!"

Miki grins, "Aw, it's not that bad Carlyn. Though you two are right…running around barefoot in the snow isn't exactly the brightest of ideas. Even I'm not that strange." Deitra's comments earn a wide grin and a nod from the rider, "We do. You should come out and play in the rain with me sometime." The suggestion may sound ridiculous, but Miki's completely serious about it. "Yeah, bars can be fun some time. In fact, we should take you to the Gemstone sometime. Gotta do it at least once." Another idea the rider seems enraptured with, though her attention does turn to Hanild as she begins talking about her work. "Ahhh, I see. But having no reports isn't bad. You've got no idea the amount of stuff we go through…" Miki shakes her head a bit, but the girl's abrupt departure has her giving Haild a wave. "See ya!"

The scribe is just /stared/ at. Really. For a moment, Hanild might feel eyes boring into her from the stablehand. But it is only for a moment before Carlyn is turning and sending that look into her juice glass instead. When the scribe bids them adieu, there's a small sigh from Lyn. She offers Hanild a quick wave. "Snow has it's time and place." In winter. "And in moderation I don't mind it. But walking through it day after day… especially in a blizzard. I mean, runners gotta be fed and watered despite the weather," she explains. Shrug. "Ugh, count me out. I want no part in the bar." She waves her hand between the Hunter and Dragonrider. "You two go right ahead. Leave me with the 'beasties!"

Deitra laughs at Miki's comment, "sure. We'll just have ta hide your brother and get yer lifemate to be okay with it. It'll be fun." A wink is given to the greenrider before she's tilting her head back and downing the rest of her drink and settling the glass upon the counter. No refill is asked for this time and she simply goes back to relaxing in her seat and nodding a quick farewell to the departing Hanild before settling her gaze on Carlyn. "So. Spill, why ain't you likin' Hanild? What'd she do?" Her bottom lip is briefly drawn in her mouth and chewed on as she stares at the stablehand. "Nah. Yer goin' ta come with us. It'll be fun, we won't leave you ta yer own devices or anythin', so you don't have ta worry."

Miki clicks her tongue, "Uh-uh, no can do sweetie. You might even like it. There are some decent guys around the Weyr, the kind that don't want to get into your pants, and it's fun to go dance with them when there's music playing. Or you can just dance with us. And if you're gonna say you can't dance, I'll have Aniki teach you." Speaking of Aniki…"I'll either stick him in a closet or give him some clothes to design. And with him out of the way Sohnyu'll be fine. It's when they're together you have to be scared." At the mention of the recently departed scribe, Miki looks over curiously. "Ah, did something happen?"

"She didn't /do/ anything," argues Carlyn, not at all cheerfully. She breathes a heated breath out through her nose, lifts her glass and uses the excuse of drinking to say no more. A face is made, and she exclaims quite firmly, "I am /not/ going to a bar. I don't want to dance," the subject of knowing how-to is not even touched. Carlyn's irritation is rising, and she pushes her empty glass back towards the bar tender. "No, nothing happened, either. I don't want talk about it." She hops off her chair. "I gotta go. Stalls need mucking," is said through her teeth, and neither Miki nor Deitra are looked at directly as the excuse is made. "Bye." She makes a beeline for 'Caverns, shoulders hunched and tense as she winds her way quickly around people.

"Exactly. It'll be fun. You don't need guys ta have fun in a bar, anyway, so you can forget the guy part." Deitra insists firmly before laughing. "As long as we get ta have fun without someone freakin' out, 'm good." The hunter then pins a look on Carlyn, brows drawn into a frown as she listens to the stablehand protest. "Yer lyin'. Yer all tense and uneasy whenever she's around and you were pinnin' her with looks, I saw that." Lips purse briefly before she breathes out a soft huff, "not wantin' ta talk 'bout it means somethin' happened." The hunter insists once more and then the stablehand is making her way out with grey eyes following her. "Musta been bad if she's this worked up 'bout it."

Miki looks quite taken aback at the sudden burst of irritation from the stablehand. When Miki opens her mouth to speak again, her tone is more soothing, further channeling of the nanny inside. "Alright, alright, relax. It's not like we'll physically drag you over there. Just thought it'd be fun if you came along…" There's a small sigh then, but Miki doesn't touch on the subject of Hanild further, Deitra is already taking care of that. When Carlyn turns to leave, Miki simply nods, and sending a smile after the upset girl. Once she's gone, the tiny woman sits back in her chair. "Something happened. And keeping it bottled up like that isn't a good thing. It'll all explode one day and turn into a mess….maybe she'll be able to talk about it eventually though."

Deitra sighs softly, "ah well. She'll either explode or she'll talk 'bout it. Ain't goin' ta get myself worked up 'bout it. I mean, no use getting' upset 'bout something I can't do anythin' 'bout." The hunter shrugs and pushes from her stool, paying the barkeep for her drinks and then nodding at Miki. "When winter is over, we should head out inta the rain durin' the spring. I'll see you later." A hand is lifted in farewell and then once again towards R'en before she, too, departs.

Miki nods, "True, true. Ah well, guess we'll see when it happens." There's a smile at the mention of rain and further nodding. "Sounds good. See ya around!" The rider doesn't make a move to get up, allowing herself to relax a bit longer. Deitra's departure earns a wave and a smile from R'en before the man's heading over to take the recently vacated spot next to Miki and striking up some random chit-chat.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.