Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Snow flurries again touch down upon the ground outside as winter begins to take hold of the Weyr and the surrounding areas, and as such this means that more and more people seek shelter inside rather than lingering outside. Among those sitting inside is the hunter, settled at the bar with a drink that is slowly being nursed while the chats with the man sitting beside her. They are speaking softly, gossiping or sharing stories of a hunt before laughter erupts between the two and then finally the man departs leaving the young woman to her drink.

Zi'on generally hates the cold. That's why he's stuck around Ista so long instead of moving back up north to be around his mother. But business called! And the bronzer is a little short on marks right now. So he's trying to expand his customer base. Plus the cold lets him wear his big long leather coat with the fur inside. He heads inside with a box full of Saucy Wench and chats with the bartender a bit. After an exchange is made, the bronzer takes a seat at the bar next to Deitra. It's the only one available. He orders himself a whiskey sour to nurse while he gets warmed up. There's a nod to the woman sitting beside him.

Zi'on's arrival draws grey eyes to follow him in, while the glass is lifted to her lips and she sips at it quietly before brows are drawing into a slight frown as she takes in his form and appearance. Silence continues as she watches and then carefully turns her attention away for a moment as she takes another drink. The nod draws her attention and she returns it, casting a grin in the man's direction. "Heya. Yer not from 'round the Fort area. Yer lookin' too cold." Teasing, she winks in his direction. "Deitra."

Zi'on apparently looks frown-worthy! Woe! Woe is him! Maybe Deitra doesn't like riders. Though that would be a strange thing for someone living at the weyr. Maybe she doesn't like… men? Or beards! That must be it. Zi'on raises a brow as she addresses him. "Hey. Nope, I'm not from around here. Western's duties to you. I'm not used to the cold anymore. Or the snow. I thought a drink might help warm me up." He grins to her. "Zi'on. I'm not at Fort a lot. I didn't even realize they had a spot like this." The bronzer sips at his drink a bit. "So what do you do around here?"

Everyone is frown-worthy when being examined for the first time, but now that he's done being examined that frown is gone. "Ah. Western, heard they're rather warm." There's a thoughtful hum, and then a shrug before she takes a drink. "Prefer the cold ta the heat, so, can't say 'm makin' any plans ta head out there any time soon, either." Her free hand dismisses that topic and she grins, "dependin' on what yer drinking, I figure." At the introduction, she inclines her head once more. "Well met. You probably never looked hard 'nough, but, don't worry." Laughter dismisses this before Deitra answers his final question, giving him a bit of a skeptical look. "'m a hunter."

Zi'on nods. "Yeah. It's tropical. Warm even this time of the year." Zi'on grins to her then. "I like to not have to wear a lot of clothes when I'm outside. Also I like seeing girls not wearing a lot of clothes while they're outside. All this clothing makes me feel… clunky." He laughs. "Whiskey." Booze, basically. In case she can't tell by his flushed cheeks. "Probably not. Usually I'm here on weyr business or whatever. And I just do what I gotta do and head back. But since I was down here anyways…" The bronzer peers at Deitra's answer of what she does. "A hunter? Here? What's there to hunt around here?"

"Tropical doesn't sound fun at all. Shells, always being hot." A shake of her head, nose wrinkling in disgust of the weather before she's peering at the man beside her. "Yer a guy, yer supposed to like those things. And yer not supposed ta keep it all on when yer inside." Deitra sticks her tongue out teasingly before downing more of her drink then sliding it towards the barkeep. She turns herself then, legs crossing and arms folding across her chest as she focuses entirely upon the bronzerider. "Mm. I see. Riders are normally busy when they are out doin' business." Her head tilts towards the side, peering at him. "In here? Nothin'."

"Psh. It's not always hot! A cool tropical breeze. And at night it's cool. It's just during the heat of that say when it's hot." He grins a bit. "And you get used to it. Plus it's good for taking a swim. Are you saying you want me to take my clothes off?" He laughs. "I'm flattered, but we've only just met." He sips at his drink a bit before setting it down. "Yeah. We have stuff to do, I guess. Though this business trip was for a little side thing I have going to earn extra marks. They don't pay normal wingriders that well. At least I feel." He peers back at her, tilting his head the opposite way. "So you're just visiting Fort, then?"

"Pff. Heat is heat, don't matter if it's got a cool breeze if you can't escape it at all without goin' inside." Deitra insists firmly before rolling her eyes. "I guess, after awhile." His question has her rolling her eyes once more and turning her chair away from him. "Yer the second guy ta insist I want him ta take his clothes off. Yer fart too full of yerself." Her nose wrinkles a little and her arms are pulled in closer. "Marks are good. What're you savin' ta get?" Grey eyes flicker in his direction, though not turning her head entirely to face him. "No. I live here. Don't got ta explain it all ta you if yer not goin' ta get it."

"Well here you can't escape the cold without going inside. I don't see much difference. I spent a while living in Telgar." He laughs a bit. "I was just teasing. Besides, I'm a bronzer. We're expected to say certain things. You know. Exert our masculinity and all of that. Sorry." He shrugs a bit about the marks, swirling the ice around in his drink. "Rainy day I guess." He raises a brow to her. "Try me. Last time I checked there weren't too many wild animals running around in the weyr. Other than tunnelsnakes, and the firelizards mostly take care of those. Unless you hunt people." He peers at her. "Are you a headhunter?"

"I /like/ the cold, that's the difference. Or somethin'." The hunter wrinkles her nose and peers at him carefully once more. "Mm. Fine. I'll believe you. At least yer not goin' off 'bout how pretty and gracious you are." Her tongue clicks once and then she's waving to the barkeep in askance for another drink. "Yer forgiven." The talk of his marks is met with a single look before Deitra nods and agreement to it and speaks not of what to do with them. "Well, obviously, I don't hunt in the Weyr. Shells, there's plenty of land 'round the Weyr, and forests. Huntin' people would be stupid. Well, not really. Figure I could do that, hunt some renegades… But, animals are more interestin'"

Zi'on looks at her. "Well, whatever you like, I guess." Then he laughs. "Nope. I'm big and ugly and stupid." As if to prove his point, Zi'on laces his fingers behind his head and leans back a bit on his stool. It's not long before he almost flops backwards off it, and has to grab hold of the bartop to keep himself upright. "You hunt like felines and stuff? For fur?" The bronzer picks up his drink, but doesn't quite get to taking a sip. "I've never really hunted. That's more of Suldith's thing. I bet you stay out in the woods a lot, though. That would be fun."

"Yer not ugly." Well, that's something at least? Deitra snorts with laughter as he almost falls backwards in his seat, "ain't got much ta say 'bout yer intelligence levels, but, yer amusin' at least." She winks in his direction before nodding her thanks to the barkeep for bringing her another drink. The glass is taken into her hand and she simply holds it as she watches the bronzerider beside her. "Nah. I ain't ever hunted a feline before, but, 'm plannin' on it. We do stay out in the woods a lot. I like it a lot, one of the more fun things ta do. Maybe if yer up for it, and if you can get some time off, you can join us."

Zi'on will take a lack of one out of three! Not that big was necessarily bad. He smiles to Deitra a bit, rubbing the back of his neck a bit sheepishly. "Heh. I'm smart with some things. Just… not always coordinated. I guess." He finishes off his drink, then crunches one of the ice cubs left in his glass. "One of my wingmates said she killed a feline that attacked her. She's got a big scar down her leg to prove it. You got any hunting scars? Only scar I got is under my hair. At least only big scar." He raises a brow at her. "Who is us? Anyways, that might be fun, yeah. When's the next time you're going out?"

Deitra grins widely for that sheepish look he gives before laughter slips out. "Well, ain't known you for that long. But, if yer claims to bein' smart can be proven, then I'll agree at a later date." She winks at him before downing some of her drink then settling it on the bar. "Hn. I hear felines are hard ta hunt, 'specially if they ain't alone. Best ta hunt in a group if yer goin' ta go after 'em." As for the mention of scars there's a shrug. "Ain't anywhere 'm wantin' ta show in the middle of a bar." A teasing look is given and then she reaches for her drink. "Don't hunt alone, y'know. There's a lotta us. My sister and I sometimes go on our own for smaller game."

Zi'on mehs a bit. "You probably ain't gonna ever see my smarts. I'm good at like… paperwork and organization and stuff. And fixing electronics." Zi'on wouldn't consider himself clever. He watches her set her drink down as he tries to fish another ice cube out of his drink. It's probably not a good idea for someone who is cold to be eating ice, but Zi'on hasn't considered that. "Mm. I don't think she was alone, but I think the feline was alone. Maybe with cubs or something, who knows." He grins to her. "Maybe someplace other than the bar, then?" He tilts his head down and moves his hair to show her his scar. "Wanna feel?"

"Yer not one of those crazy people who /likes/ paperwork, are you?" Deitra pins him with a careful look, reassessing the man all over again before relaxing. Her finger begins to trace along the rim of her glass idly, thoughtful before tilting another look towards him. "Why're you eatin' ice if yer claimin' ta be cold?" A soft snicker before lashes lower and she tilts her gaze elsewhere. "Well, if she's a rider she probably wasn't alone. Felines are easier ta get alone, I'm hearin'. Been doin' some research on the art of huntin' 'em." The glass is taken and the drink is finished before she turns to him again. "Now yer hittin' on me?" The offer to feel the scar has her lifting her brows, but, curiously a hand reaches before her index finger reaches to make contact on the skin.

"It's not that I -like- it necessarily. But I'm good at it. And I see the need for it, most of the time." Zi'on peers at the hunter, then down into his glass. "I dunno. I like to chew it. It's crunchy." He waves the barkeep over for another drink." He nods a bit about the feline. "She was in the woods though. No dragon. I guess her ma was with her though. You gonna sell some furs?" He grins to her after she asks if he's hitting on her. "Maybe. I dunno. If you're not gonna hurt me I might be." She can probably feel the bumps from the stitches he had from the beer bottle that hit him. He grins to her then. "Now you gotta let me feel yours."

"Well, then yer fine. Seein' the need is good, just likin' it and lovin' it, that's crazy." In other words, the hunter approves. The glass is lifted and again drained of the liquids before placing the glass back down "If you want somethin' crunchy, get somethin' ta eat." Her legs are uncrossed and she peers at the man for his story. "I see. Well, lucky for her. Felines ain't the easiest creatures ta kill." An idle smile plays on her lips and her head shakes firmly, "nah. I ain't intendin' on sellin' 'em right away. I want one for myself." Laughter comes forth for his comment on hitting on her and she cracks a knuckle. "Nah. I ain't goin' ta hurt you. Yer not bein' rude 'bout it." Brows furrow for the feel of the scar and then she draws her hand back. "Yer a sneaky bastard, pullin' that one."

Zi'on is glad the hunter approves. "Hm…" He ponders over something to eat. When the barkeep comes back with his drink he puts an order in for some tuber straws. Extra crunchy. "Mm. Course she may have just sliced her leg some other way and been makin' up the whole story. I dunno." He grins and nods. "You gonna have a big fur coat to walk around in? I never got that. Wearing the fur on the outside." He wasn't being rude about it, sure… at least not yet. Of course she might have changed her mind, now. He chuckles. "I am not. You waled into that one. You at least owe me a look. I'd say we could make it up out on the beach, but not in winter. So your sister hunts with you, hm? She older or younger?"

"Hm. Wouldn't doubt it, people like ta tell stories that ain't true ta make themselves seem braver, stronger, or more interestin'." Deitra waves her hand, dismissing that topic with as well. "Nah. 'm goin' ta use it ta line clothing, or maybe for my beddin' once I get my own room. They're really warm and the best blankets. It's stupid ta wear it on the outside where it can get ruined and offer no warmth." Her shoulders roll and she rests her elbow upon the bar. "I did walk inta it, yeah. Could go ta the bathin' caverns, I figure. And could shove you inta one of the hotter pools. Figure that'll warm you up." Snickering before she grins widely, she nods along. "Yep. She does. She's younger'n me by two Turns."

Zi'on nods. "I'm bad at lying. Well, at making up stories I'm bad. Stories like that about myself. They always end up sounding ridiculous." He grins to her. "I bet you'll have some big cabin someplace out in the woods. With all kinds of stuff animals in it hanging on the walls. All the furniture will have fur blankets draped over everything." When his food comes out he munches a bit, sliding the plate between them so Dietra can munch as well. "Ooh, the bathing caverns. That would be good, yeah." There's a nod about her sister. "How old are you, then? If that's not a rude question. Is your sister as cute as you? Or are you the cute one?"

"Hm. Well, nothin' good comes ta lyin' 'bout yerself and then people comin' ta find out the truth…" Deitra shakes her head, brows furrowing a bit before once again relaxing and laughing along with him. "I like yer plannin'. That sounds like a good place ta have. I'll have ta make that one of my plans for the future." When his food comes over, she's eying it carefully up until he's sliding it between them. Without waiting, she's taking a few of the straws and popping them into her mouth. "Nn. Okay. Then when yer done eatin' we can go that way." Another few straws are grabbed and she grins at him. "'m eighteen Turns. Sister is sixteen. Can't say if she's the cute one or not, I ain't one ta judge my sister. Or any girls. If yer thinkin' 'm cute, then I am."

"No. I guess not. No one likes a liar. Or to be caught up in a web of lies from which there is no escape." Zi'on grins a bit to her. "It would work just as well in a weyrcave, too, I guess. All the animals and the furs." He works on his drink and the straws. Really he's not that hungry, but something other than ice to munch on is good. "Really? I'm eighteen, too!" He shouldn't sound so excited, but Zi'on doesn't know too many people his age. Most of his friends are older or younger, with the exception of Patori. "Well, yeah. But you know if your sister looks like you. And if she does you can extrapolate your cuteness to her." He laughs a bit. "I'm ready to hit the baths if you are."

"Right. Lies ain't the best ta be involved with. I mean, innocent lies like sayin' you weren't the one ta… I don't know, hide all their socks. Entirely different story." Deitra winks cheerfully before reaching over for another straw. "Mm. Guess so. Would prefer one of the weyrcaves, really, ta be closer ta the Weyr." Her brows lift at his surprise, chuckling softly. "There's plenty of people our ages. But, sometimes you ain't lucky enough ta meet 'em, I guess." She shifts from her stool, pulling out a few marks to pay for her drinks. "Well, she looks like me… She's my sister, same mother and father." And with that, the hunter heads out to lead the way to the bath.

Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern

A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Zi'on gets up with the huntress, pulling out his own marks for his drinks and the straws. He follows her to the bathing caverns. He's not too familiar with Fort, so he wouldn't know which way to go. "She your only sibling? I've only got two full blooded siblings. They're twins, younger than me. I got a lot of half siblings, though." Once they're in the bathing caverns Zi'on starts to strip on the way to the pool. He hangs his coat up on a hook by the door, but his clothes are just dropped into a pile. The bronzer has no sense of modesty inside of the bathing caverns. He'll let Deitra select a pool, though. She may want something out of the way.

Deitra's pace is slow enough for the bronzerider to follow without getting lost, at least. "Mhm. Though, there could be more. Mother's a lower cavern's woman and all. But, maybe she settled down with my father. I hardly remember either of them. Sounds like yer one of the many who got a lotta siblings." A shrug and the hunter peers about the bathing caverns before deciding on a spot. Clothing is abandoned and folded into a somewhat neat pile and settled out of the way so not to get wet. She then strides over towards the selected pool, snagging some soapsand on the way and then settling herself upon the edge, feet going into the water first.

Zi'on nods. "My parents are both riders. I have over fifty half siblings and then some." He peers at her. "Your father's name isn't L'ton, right?" Because that would be bad. Very bad." Once they've picked a pool, Zi'on goes all the way in. Then he pops up to sits next to her. "Ah.. The water is nice…" He grins to her then. "Where's this scar you couldn't show me in the bar, then?" Yes, apparently he really is interested in the scar. He wiggles a finger at her. "I hope it's somewhere fun!" Though it's unlikely someone would get a scar in a really fun spot.

"Shells. Yer family sounds crazy. No offense or anythin', but that many kids?" Deitra chuckles softly and peers back at him. "Nope. Can't say I remember the man's name but he ain't a rider, that's for certain." She leans back a bit, peeking as he settles down beside her. "Nn. Yeah. Hot 'nough for you?" The question about the scar is met with a shrug and she gestures towards her inner thigh. "Was stupid an' got too close ta one of the fightin' kills when it wasn't exactly down yet. I got a few others that kind've faded. This one's the biggest. There's a few on my back, but thery're just small stuff. I wasn't the smartest when we first started out."

Zi'on laughs a bit. "It is. I dunno. Ask my da and his… love of women. I guess. I'd rather not have that many siblings. Then they're lurking all over the place. And you don't know who might be one." He nods and watches her lean back. When she points out her scar he leans over to get a better look. Then he runs a finger over it. Unless he gets smacked, of course. He looks into her eyes while he does it though. "Did it take a lot of stitches? Or wasn't it that… deep?" He gives her a sly smile. "Well, we've all got to start someplace. It just stinks you had to learn the hard way, I guess."

"Well, ain't nothin' wrong with appreciatin' the sex yer interested in. That's just a little overboard, don'tcha think?" Teasing, Deitra smiles at him before nodding her agreement. "Must be tricky. Well, safe ta say that I ain't one of yer sisters." Grey eyes fixate on him as he leans in to look at the scar, watching him carefully. "Yeah. Lotta 'em. It was deep, lotta blood and stuff." The hunter laughs brightly. "Nah, it wasn't really a learnin' thing. I was askin' for most of 'em."

Zi'on laughs. "Yeah. I think it is. My worst fear is that I'll somehow -become- him. I have nightmares about hundreds of children chasing me all calling me da." He nods. "Mm. If your da ain't a rider then yeah. It's safe to say that. Though most of my siblings have names that start with 'Z'." As Zi'on feels over the scar his face comes very close to her face. He grins to her. "Sounds pretty gross. And like it hurt a lot." Suddenly he's grabbing her wrist and sliding into the water, hoping to take her with him.

Deitra snorts softly, "long as yer keepin' it in yer pants as much as you can, then you've got nothin' ta be 'fraid of. 'Course you can't control flights, but, still." The hunter huffs softly, "well, 'D' ain't anywhere close to Ze. And, I ain't got a single feature in common with you." The closeness is met with her brows lifting, before her gaze drops to where his fingers are on the scar. "Only gross if yer 'fraid of blood. It hurt a lot, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." There's a sound of surprise as he pulls her in with him, however indulging and not pulling against him and settling into the water.

Zi'on doesn't mention too much of anything about keeping it in his pants. Suldith's won a lot of flights lately. He just shrugs a bit. "Wish there was a tea for men. At the end of the day it's really up to the woman if she wants a baby. We don't have a lot of say." Once they's in the water and both up and not dead Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Anyways… I guess now that I'm warmed up I should be getting back to Western and all. You'll let me know when your next trip out is? Or maybe I'll just come back to Fort. To bug you. And maybe your sister, too." He laughs a bit, then is sliding back out of the pool. Cold feet, maybe Zi'on has.

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