Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

The winter afternoon is damp and chilly, though the absence of snow makes it a day that's at least /possible/ to be outside. Clouds hang thick and looming overhead, but the sun is sometimes able to peek through and warm a single patch of earth with its feeble light. It's gloomy, damp and cold, but that's a Fortian winter for you. Into this walk Kimmila and Varmiroth, the strapless blue gleaming after a fresh oiling, his little belly a bit rounded with a recent meal. Kimmila walks with purpose, dressed in thick clothes and her heavy jacket, a wingrider knot sometimes visible beneath her coat, pinned to her Fortian blue sweater. Walking to the obstacle course she begins to move through it, brushing snow off things with gloved hands (no more cast!) so that no one sprains an ankle on a small little bit of something beneath the snow. Varmiroth settles down nearby, watching his rider while they both wait for the assigned weyrlings to arrive at the activity.

D'ani is already outside, returning from the designated spot to dispose of dragon dung, bucket in hand and shovel over his shoulder, striding back to the barracks with an easy stride. Dremkoth is sitting primly in the one patch of sunshine and dry-ish ground he could find, humming to himself, pleased about something. "You keep doing that; it's not going to change a thing and you know it," says his lifemate as he steps into the barracks and stows the equipment. He's back out a beat or two later, heading over towards the obstacle course and expecting the little bronze to follow. Which of course he does with a snake-like pattering as he wends his way about the others to catch up.

A damp and chilly, gloomy day like this would have some folks still holed up inside and it may explain the absence of a certain blueriding Weyrlingmaster. Aycheth is always nearby though (and currently watching from a high ledge), so M'icha is either within his offices or busy with some other task. Perhaps a short meeting with some of the assistants, while the weyrlings go about their usual duties which should be more or less familiar now. And with an activity looming, it offers a few more hours of respite. So rather than M'icha lurking about to oversee, it's Th'ero instead and perhaps purely by chance. The Weyrleader is dressed in his thickest winter riding gear, the jacket alone looking padded and stitched in a way that one has to wonder if it's design is purely for warmth or a different sort of protection. Heavy boots crunch over what little snow remains on the ground and come to a slow stop as his gaze finds Kimmila already busily at work. "Afternoon, Wingmate" Th'ero calls with a slight smile, taking a few slow steps to the nearest obstacle that the bluerider has unearthed, just as the weyrlings begin to arrive. "Something new?" he asks.

Abigail is one that doesn't actually mind the cool chilly weather, she is rather use to it by this point, still she has on a thick jacket to help try and keep her warm. She is making her way out from the barracks, Niumdreoth is following along after her, there was busy studying time, an oiling time, and feeding time, and for Nium sleeping time. The young brown is moving a bit sluggishly proving he hasn't been awake all that long from the looks. Abbey pauses to look to him, she seems a bit amused and a soft chuckle escapes her. "Come on Niumdreoth, don't make us late." The encouragement does little to speed Noumdreoth up in his slow plodding steps. Once others are caught Abbey offers a smile and nods, salute also offered to both Th'ero and Kimmila. "Hello."

Kimmila straightens from adjusting that infamous wagon wheel, making sure it's cleared of snow before she puts it down again. Green eyes flick to D'ani, and then Abigail, and the bluerider gives a nod for each of them, along with a small smile. But when Th'ero approaches her reaction is a bit more visible. She winces, shaking her head a bit and looking…guilty? "Hi, uh. No, just running the course with them. The blindfolded one." In the slippery mud and snow. Are Healers standing by? Glancing at the Weyrleader once more, she tilts her head a bit at his jacket. "Still not used to this weather?" It's a slight tease, but it falls rather flat. Awkward?

D'ani stops in the general vicinity where they all usually do - that invisible lineup on the side of the field and salutes both Th'ero and Kimmila. He's got a pleasant nod for them both too, but is otherwise preoccupied with something Dremkoth is chattering on about inside his head. "Yeah, it's another planet, no it isn't close enough anymore and no we won't be going there." Someone was listening in on their history lesson today and is full of questions. D'ani does hear the word 'blindfolded' though, and he shoots Abigail a brow-raised look. Under his breath he murmurs, "Who're they blindfolding, us or our dragons?" Either one could get interesting!

Th'ero looks a little baffled at first by Kimmila's reaction to his presence, then a touch suspicious. But with D'ani approaching and Abigail not far behind, the Weyrleader only steps close to the bluerider's side, pretending to help her in arranging another part of the obstacle course while his murmurs for her ears alone. "We'll talk later?" Because she's certainly caught his attention. Straightening as well, he smirks. "The blindfolded one? This should be… interesting." At least the infirmary isn't far? Aycheth rumbles from his ledge far above, though Velokraeth does not seem to be present. "M'icha give his blessing for this, then?" he murmurs next and then gives Kimmila a long look for her slightly teasing remark, ignoring how it awkwardly falls flat. "Patrols." he tells her cryptically and with a tone that speaks of a "well talk of this later" tone. Instead, he's turning on his heels and returning Abigail's wave with a polite nod of his head. "Afternoon, Abigail." Gaze flicks to the next weyrling and Th'ero adds, "And you as well, D'ani." As for the lesson details, that seems to be Kimmila's forte, so the Weyrleader takes a small step to the side and allows her to address her "class".

Abigail hums softly as she catches the word 'blindfold' as well. "I think we are the ones that get to sport them." She offers with a soft murmur back to D'ani. Her pale gaze flicking over the course as she attempts to recall where things may have been to see if stuff has been moved it seems. Niumdreoth settles down with a heavy flop next to his lifemate, and seems to 'melt' as he slides down to the ground, a yawn escaping him. « What'cha talking about Dremkoth? » The brown turns his head just slightly, though in rather slow motion as if that would take too much energy, he is after all still waking up, he does look like a sleepy puppyish sort of dragon at the moment.

Kimmila glances over at Th'ero when he steps near, that guilty look flaring again before she pushes it aside. Opening her mouth she begins to speak, but then snaps it closed. Later, sure. With a sharp exhale, she eyes the course once more and then walks back towards the start line and the assembled Weyrlings, pulling a regular sized strip of cloth from her pocket. Looks like it's the riders. "Hi," she says, and it takes a moment of obvious mental struggle for her to get her smile on. "So, it's been a few months and I think it's time you try the course blindfolded, with your dragons leading the way. It's a…practical application of all the talking and imaging you've been doing back and forth while you strengthen your bond. Now we're going to put it to use. And this, of course, is laying the groundwork for your between lessons, that come much later." When she speaks, she really does seem like a teacher, her words well thought out and concepts clearly presented - even if they are a bit odd at times. "Who'd like to go first, then?" At that question Varmiroth's head snaps up in an unmistakable I WANT TO I WANT TO PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME gesture, but a glance from his rider has his head dropping across his forelegs with a siiiigh. That's right, he doesn't /get/ to do this fun stuff.

It's the cold glitter of far off stars and far distant planets in the singular answer Dremkoth replies with, vibrant with suppressed excitement, « Adventures! » His forepaws beat a tattoo of restless impatience on the soggy ground while he cranes his neck to watch a half wing of dragons circle the bowl, rise higher then wink *Between* D'ani places a soothing hand on the aged bronze neckridge, murmuring something inaudible while he watches Kimmila approach. "Hi Kimmila, afternoon Th'ero." He doesn't ask; this is hardly the place for it, but his brown eyes are concerned regarding that strained smile of hers. His is warm, genuine and he's attentive to her instructions. This… ought to be interesting. Dramkoth is a-wriggle, but D'ani sweeps a hand towards Abigail, "Ladies first," he says firmly, eyeing the bronze sternly. Never too young to learn some manners!

Th'ero follows Kimmila as she walks back towards the start line, stepping back just enough to be still present but more of a spectator than an actual teacher. He does give the bluerider an approving look though for her ability and approach. There is a quick glance given to Varmiroth when the blue reacts to Kimmila's offer and the Weyrleader has to duck his head slightly to hide his amused smile. When he looks up again, he seems almost sympathetic for the blue. Right now though, the obstacle course is for the Weyrlings and Th'ero adds after a brief pause from Kimmila's words, "It's true that these acitivities will help with Between training later on. Regardless though, do not fret too much over perfecting them right off. There is still plenty of time." And did he just hint to them to have fun? Nah. Surely not. His eyes then shift to Dremkoth as the bronze goes a-wriggle in restlessness and in stark contrast to his brown sibling. That earns a slight quirked smile and an almost amused spoken, "Dremkoth and Niumdreoth are doing well, I see." as complement. No, it's never too young to learn some manners and the Weyrleader gives D'ani a long look, but says nothing. Which likely means the bronzerider is amused, approving or perhaps both.

Abigail ponders curiously the reactions between Kimmila and Th'ero, it isn't /that/ hard to pick up after all but she doesn't let her gaze linger for long. "Hello." This said with a polite tone, and friendly smile. At the comment on who goes first, she is about to say something before hearing D'ani, a glance is sent towards him, slight smirk seen. "Why thank ye D'ani." Oh sure, send her out there first, her dragon is still half asleep! Niumdreoth is at least starting to look more awake, perhaps it is the talk of so called 'adventures'. « Adventures Where too, why, can I come? An Abigail? » Well of course he is going to question the idea and if he and Abigail can tag along as well. At the questioning Abigail sends a faint glance to Nium. "Hey, focus here. Have a lesson to do." Perhaps if it is called a lesson he will be more interested in the idea, well it is a thought. A smile is offered to Th'ero. "Thank ye weyr Th'ero." She soon clears her throat and gives her dear brown a soft push. "Come on now, we're first." After a bit more prodding Nium does at least get up onto his paws and moves along to try and get him moving, which works after a few pokes and prods.

Kimmila returns D'ani's smile with one that's at least recognizing his concern, but she gives her head a small shake and waves a hand a bit. "Nothing to be worried about." But she does glance at Th'ero again. "Uh, have you heard from Gold Hill, perhaps?" That was where she went this morning, after all. But then she's walking forward towards Abigail, holding out the blindfold and glancing at Niumdreoth. "Now, I need you to make sure that he's going to be okay with me putting this on you. This is practice reassuring him, if he gets a little skittish." And she'll trust Abigail to do just that as she carefully ties the blindfold on. "Now, your goal is to get from one end of the course to the other, guided only by Niumdreoth's thoughts and mental images. Niumdreoth," she's never been afraid to speak directly to a dragon, until she's told otherwise, "you need to tell Abigail how to get from here," point, "to there," point. "Okay?" Stepping back, she walks to Th'ero's side and stands there a bit awkwardly, arms crossed over her chest. Looking back at D'ani, she gives him a nod and a warmer smile for his handling of his lifemate, and then glances up at Th'ero again, murmuring something that's probably about said bronzeling.

Kimmila mutters to Th'ero, "… still think… got leadership… Probably… he doesn't… it as soon after… still…."

Kimmila whispers "I still think that one's got leadership potential in him, for sure. Probably best he doesn't get it as soon after graduation as /you/ did, but still. Lots of potential."

Stars pulse in a velvet black sky, « EVERYWHERE! and yes, you may come when it's time. » Dremkoth isn't even considering that Abigail might have otherwise to say in the matter. Though D'ani's intent is nothing other than to be courteous, he can't help but bite his lips to keep from smiling at the push needed to get Niumdreoth going. "Call it an adventure," he suggests in an aside to Abigail. That might get the brown going? Merriment dances in the look he shares with Th'ero, then he's back to paying close attention to Kimmila and poking Dremkoth to watch also. That way, hopefully when the time comes, the bronze will not balk at having his lifemate so blindfolded.

Th'ero only nods his head again to Abigail, though he watches as she steps up first with a still groggy Niumdreoth following. To Kimmila, the Weyrleader simply shakes his head. "No word from Gold Hill. They had requested medicine though…" But he lets that sentence drift unfinished, giving his weyrmate a long and lingering look. Is he putting two and two together? Perhaps. His frown certainly looks thoughtful, but he says nothing else on the matter as Kimmila goes about the activity. He observes intently, listening in silent approval and adds nothing to the instructions given. The bluerider has covered all and the Weyrleader seems to hold no concerns. As she returns to his side, he reaches out to gently rest a gloved hand on her shoulder. "Relax. You're doing fine," he says in a low tone, figuring part of her awkwardness is from handling the weyrlings, of all things. At her murmuring, Th'ero's brows lift subtly upwards and answers in one low spoken word. "Perhaps." he muses, all while his gaze drifts back out to the weyrlings.

Abigail glances to the blindfold and nods to Kimmila, she lets her attention turn to Niumdreoth, watching him for a few moments as she goes about explaining to him that this is all for practice and that nothing bad will happen. A hand lowers to softly rub across Nium's head a moment too help with the reassuring, which soon enough has a soft croon escaping him to show his alright with the blindfold. "He did bring that up a moment ago. How about it Niumdreoth? It's an adventure to take me from the starting point to the end?" Niumdreoth wiggles about on his paws, tail lashing out and wings fluttering a few times in the thought, though thanks to a 'different' idea. He gets to go on an adventure to this place called 'Everywhere'. It hasn't dawned on him just what Dremkoth meant it seems, his mind sends clear images of a crystal clear star filled snowy night. « Yay! It shall be such fun! » Though back to the 'adventure' at hand. Niumdreoth looks to Kimmila seemingly taking in what is told to him. With his head cocking to the side a soft warble escaping him before the pair start the course. « There's a yellow square thing, with poky bits in front of you, move to the right. » With the thoughts passed to Abigail she is able to avoid the hay bale and moves to the right as told.

Varmiroth shares his mental presence with the weyrlings as well, the nightscape of his mind fitting in easily with theirs. Swirls of distant, multi colored stars shift and move, constantly in motion as he finds new patterns to place them that please the eye. « Adventures are wonderful, » and the first one that comes to mind is a place in the southern continent, where the lush tropics rest up against warm, shimmering waters. It just cries out to be explored! Kimmila looks a little relieved at Th'ero's first words, and she nods. "I took it to them," she mutters. And then she blinks at his hand on her shoulder and his reassurance. "I know I am," and she gives him a puzzled look. Awkward? Green eyes flick to D'ani next, and she smiles. "Varmiroth says Dremkoth's mind is like his own. Night time, and the like. He's looking for adventure already, huh?" Turning back towards the course, she watches Abigail navigate around the first obstacle, and nods. "Good start!" she calls. Let's see if they can maintain it. The course is about 50 yards long, with at least a hundred obstacles that the bluerider has added since the hatching. Whee?

Rather than chatter - which might be distracting to the pair working through the course, Dremkoth agrees with an audible chuff. It will be fun! The baby bronze sinks down to a crouch to watch their progress, unmoving save for the occasional tail-tip that twitches, though he's sending a comet trail of inquiry whispering towards Varmiroth for that shared picture of the southern tropics. « Oh? » D'ani looks thoughtful when Kimmila speaks of Varmiroth's mind, "Is it? How… interesting." The blue gets a long look as his mental gears shift and he considers this new fact. "Oh he is!" he assures Kimmila, "Everything is an adventure to him. At least he doesn't get bored?" D'ani has no idea what Kimmila and Th'ero are murmuring about over there, only catching a phrase or two and he's too polite to try evesdropping. Instead, he's also tracking Abigail's progress.

Well yes, that is awkward… when Th'ero realizes he misunderstood. For his credit, he doesn't withdraw his hand, but gives her shoulder a firm squeeze first and then lowers his hand to his side. The Weyrleader nods his head, "Good. I'm sure they were appreciative of it at Gold Hill. It would have been some time otherwise…" he replies softly and then adds more in a lower murmured whisper. Then his attention turns back to Abigail and Niumdreoth as they make their way to the obstacle course. Th'ero smiles faintly as the first hay bale is avoided without incident and overall he seems rather… relaxed. Compared to the first few visits he had with the Weyrlings, the Weyrleader seems at ease and… confident. "They are a strong group, this clutch." he remarks and after a short pause, adds in a slightly teasing tone to Kimmila. "You may find yourself rushing to catch up on keeping the course challenging." he muses.

So far so good! Niumdreoth is able to keep Abigail from stumbling into anything for a good many yards into the course. Thoughts and pictures are sent back and forth between the pair while they work through it. « There's something circle like, has wooden bits in the middle What is it? » The elusive wagon wheel is of course what Niumdreoth is speaking on; it seems to have all the young dragons' attention at one time or another. "Ye mean a wagon wheel?" Nium warbles out, his mind having a few images of a forestry area, wide open and the ground covered in snow. « Yes! A wagon wheel, I remember now. » Abigail ponders the question about the wheel, though before she can question she half stumbles over the wheel as Niumdreoth was taking her closer and closer too it. « Oh Yes it was in the way» An while Abigail did stumble over the wheel she at least doesn't get covered in mud at least. "Try, and give me a bit more of a warning next time?" Though she isn't complaining, could have been worse! The pair continues along the course, there are more stumbles and bumps on Abigail's part, though at least she doesn't go about falling face first into the mud. Once at the end she takes off the blindfold, she grins to Nium and gives him soft head rubbings. "Good job! Now let's go watch the others go through it." Someone else needs to do it besides her after all!

Kimmila clears her throat at Th'ero's talk of Gold Hill being appreciative, and there's that fleeting guilty look again. Driven crazy by the avoidance and cryptic replies, yet? "A very strong group," she adds, and then she snorts. "Perhaps…" Or perhaps she has something else in mind for when they outgrow the course? Or maybe she doesn't. Applauding when Abigail and Niumdreoth finish, the bluerider goes to speak with them briefly, and then she returns with the blindfold, approaching D'ani. "Ready?" she asks, ready to put the blindfold on the bronzelet when he's ready for her to do so. "And it's great he's so eager and interested about the world around him. I hope he never loses that."

D'ani is up next, it seems. Dremkoth is attentive as that blindfold is placed on his lifemate's head. He's far from serene though. Instead he's chirpy, nearly dancing with the effort to wait. When D'ani is set, he reaches a hand for the little bronze's neck, perhaps in restraint, pats it and laughingly says, "Okay, yes, this will be an adventure in trust and I'm ready for you to take me on one. Someone-" he says in aside to Kimmila "-is thrilled to be in control for once." He stands facing the way he remembers to go and steps out, Dremkoth sending him pictures of how HE sees the course. There's very little in the way of audible chatter between the pair. D'ani… is not heading directly down the course. No, it's a wandering, wavering oddessy, OVER that hay bale with a pause on top, a nod from D'ani then a hop down to meander over towards that wagon and a crawl INSIDE and through the end to belly-creep UNDER a stack of lumber and then a skirt AROUND a tangled pile of metal tools where he pauses, leaaaaans to reach inside and curl a gloved hand around something then continue towards the end only to trip over an old boot and land on his face. Ouch! D'ani's blindfold is lifted and he shoots Dremkoth a mild look. "You couldn't have kept your focus one more second?" And then he's walking back to offer Harmony what he's picked up. It is a blue stone. "Dremkoth says Crosenturath will want this."

Not driven crazy, persay but Th'ero is certainly curious now and in a suspicious and concerned sort of way. It's not quite how one would want the Weyrleader's attention drawn to them, but of all folk accustomed to it, it would be Kimmila. He frowns a little and tilts his head a little as if to whisper again to her, but thinks better of it. Instead he only murmurs another, "We'll talk later." in his usual low and drawling tone before he takes a steadying breath and adds in a clearer voice. "Perhaps…?" Of course he's going to try and pry /that/ information from her. And just for a little bit of bait, Th'ero adds quietly. "I need to speak to M'icha of the revised self defence lessons." Oh-ho! So he's changed his mind (again)? As Abigail and Niumdreoth manage to clear the course with only one stumble, the Weyrleader gives him a faint smile and nod of approval. "Well done," he says and then he's silent as Kimmila moves forwards to blindfold D'ani next and there's a noticeable change in the bronzerider's attention. Far more focused, for sure. As the weyrling pair move off to take their turn at the course, Th'ero has to stifle back a few snorts of amusement but part way through he just gives up and smiles faintly, but crookedly. "Interesting way of going about it." he muses to Kimmila, "Wouldn't you think?" There's a mild flinch given when D'ani faceplants, but as Dremkoth remains calm, so does the Weyrleader. "How was the experience?" Th'ero will drawl in a low tone to D'ani when the weyrling returns and passes the blue stone on to Harmony. That earns a brief darting glance, but nothing more as his attention drifts back.

Kimmila watches D'ani and Dremkoth move through the course, and she /does/ grin at the way they go about it. "I think that there is a metaphor for their entire life together," she chuckles. "Always going somewhere /else/, other than the straight path. Then she's darting another look at him and nodding. "Yes, after this is done," she murmurs, pushing hair away from her face. "And I might, or I might do something else with them. Who knows, I've never done this before." Then she's smiling, perking up a bit. "Oh really? So you're going to do it then?" When D'ani finishes, she grins and walks forward to get the blindfold, and goes to approach the next Weyrling in line, intending to put the blindfold on them herself, unless their lifemate protests.

Is it sad that for all of Crosenturath's peccadilloes that he's probably more intelligent on some level than the bluerider herself? Harmony is not the smartest crayon in the box, after all! For once, though, her blue is fairly behaving himself. That is, until D'ani comes back with the blue stone. /That/ triggers the blue to wiggle his fleshy haunch and curl up his tail against his back. Turquoise-on-ice wings twitter and twitch. Pulled from her trying-not-to-show-it bored distractions, Harmony turns beryl-on-shadows green eyes to D'ani. "Oooooh." Hey, she's a girl. /She/ loves pretty things. "He does." But will he get it from the bluerider? Because she's quickly darting in to snatch up that rock — or maybe, Crosenturath is having too much influence on the rider. "Hey, this is pretty. You did well." Maybe she was paying attention. Kimmila and Th'ero are glanced at from beneath the fringe of her lashes. Is she eyeballing them or the fact that is' coming up on her time. "So." Well? "I just…" Whoops? Was she not paying attention? "Do I… what do I do again?"

D'ani wipes his face in a vain attempt to clear off bits of dead grass and mud but he's leaving behind dirty streaks and likely knows it, not that he's letting it bother him. Mud and he are fairly well acquainted. "It was," he gropes for the appropriate wording, "oddly segmented looking through Dremkoth's eyes." he closes his eyelids, rubbing them with his fingertips. "I had to consolidate multiple images into one inside my head. It made me a little dizzy, to be honest. And I think? I have a headache." Nevertheless, he smiles at Kimmila and his thanks is genuine when she takes that blindfold. The blue stone is, of course, Harmony's for the taking since he's offering it to her on the flat of his hand much like one would offer an apple to a runner to keep from being nipped. Amused by her enthusiasm for it, he merely says mildly, "Thank Dremkoth; he found it." And well. He has to stay to see Harmony's negotiating of the course. "You… hum. Let Crosenturath do the walking though the pages of your mind while trusting him not to get lost in the story." Which is his way of saying good luck maybe.

"That does not necessarily have to be a fault…" Th'ero points out, both as if to praise and almost thougthfully as his gaze seems to linger on Dremkoth and D'ani in turn while the weyrling pair seem distracted. Wouldn't do to catch the Weyrleader staring? So he turns his head and his eyes focus back onto Kimmila and he smirks, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you have HAD experience doing this. Regardless, M'icha seems to approve of your ideas. Perhaps they should be kept…" he suggests, only to awkwardly trail off. Should that be discussed now? He clears his throat and switches tracks, "Yes. IF I feel it won't result in serious injuries. It may not be until much later into the training…" When it's less likely to have angry young dragons going into a fit if their rider is thrown around a bit. As Kimmila approaches the next weyrling, Th'ero's gaze follows and then settles onto Crosenturath rather than Harmony. The Weyrleader eyes the blue's behavior with a look that is clearly staring, though his features remain difficult to read. It's only when Harmony begins to fumble that his focus shifts and he frowns a little at the bluerider. He goes to say something, even taking a short inhale of breath to do it, only to promptly change his mind and glance sidelong to Kimmila. Seems he's leaving her in charge, as it's her activity. The Weyrleader is truly just a spectator — for now. Though D'ani does a fair job at recapping for his fellow weyrling. "Dizziness is expected," Th'ero tells the bronzerider with a faint smirk and then a low, dry chuckle. "It will fade with time, the more you and Dremkoth practice. Could be worse. Velokraeth's mind is like being drunk. Visualization exercises for me were like trying to navigate while completely and utterly inebriated until I understood how to balance." Literally. "But you two did well." he adds and actually /complements/ for once.

Kimmila holds up the blindfold, eyes darting to Crosenturath. And in the end, she just offers the blindfold to Harmony. "Put that on," she says, giving one direction at a time. Once the blindfold is on, she helps get the blueling to the starting line. "You're going to walk through this obstacle course, led only by Crosenturath's thoughts and pictures. He'll have to talk you through it, telling you where to move. Or he can send you pictures. The goal is to get to the other end without touching anything." Which D'ani /totally/ didn't do, but the way he and Dremkoth achieved the end result was to cute to correct. "Any questions?" she adds, glancing from Harmony to Crosenturath. Is he paying attention? Th'ero is temporarily ignored, Kimmila's focus on getting this pair off on their task…and hopefully without disastrous consequences.

Crosenturath is not to be out done, and is slyer than most would give him credit for. Because when Harmony's attention is turned to the lesson, the little blue darts a look at Dremkoth, then the humans, then his human and scoots his fat little haunches over. Inch-inch. Bulging eyes give these quick looks a startled-sly cast. His nostrils flare with each snorting-sniffing breath. The moment Harmony reaches out to take the blindfold, purposefully not meeting the Weyrleader's growing look of ire, Crosenturath's long little fingers reach out, and pluck that stone off her hand. Then starts off! Toward's the obstacle course — "Scrat! No! That's for — arg — me!" The blue halts, frozen in mid move, bulging eyes rolling in their sockets. FROZEN, k. WE GOT THIS, his eyes seem to say, plump tail held straight out, little hands and arms in mid lunging run. Harmony sighs, and ties on the bandana. "I'm gonna need a healer after this," she mutters. And then proceeds to move like the most awkwardly strung puppet ever. RUNNING straight, only to come to a sudden stop and turn LEFT. Then RIGHT, running like a weyrling on speed. Then left, then right, then — well. The obstacle course … for all of the blue's strange behavior. He actually shows a startling intuition beneath the controlled chaos. No, Harmony does not make it through without knocking stuff over, running into things, but what emerges at the end is the quickest line from point a to point b that's a study in efficiency with the least amount of collateral damage. Hey, it's a start right? And shows the blue's not without deductive knowledge.

Without touching anything? Where's the adventure in that? Dremkoth clearly visualized a very different purpose for this little exercise. Thankfully he didn't make D'ani sniff, lick or eat anything, not that he didn't try! "I… see," D'ani says to Th'ero about experiencing Velkraeth's mindvoice. If the Weyrleader catches a closer scrutiny from this little Weyrling from time to time here on out, that'll be why. "I certainly hope so!" he says of the dizziness passing, but also tacks on a dubious, "Thank you Weyrleader," for the well done. Because he faceplanted, after all. He remains beside Kimmila to watch Harmony and Crosenturath's attempt. And wow, words fail him. To his credit, he does not laugh. No, all he does is call a laconic, "Agile execution you guys." And then he grins.

Growing look of ire? Only a little, though Th'ero is looking a little more on edge as Crosenturath's movements catch his eye again. He has yet to witness much between this pair, but he's likely /heard/ enough. Enough that the Weyrleader is not wholly surprised by the results that follow, though there are many half-restrained flinches and winces for Harmony. Ouch. But at least it did not end in total chaos and destruction? He is at a loss of words though, until D'ani snaps him out of it. "It will," Th'ero replies in an attempt to reassure, though it may fall a little flat and awkward. He's not exactly the best of people for this sort of thing. There's a brisk nod given for the thanks and it was /one/ faceplant, right? At D'ani's choice of words, Th'ero only coughs slightly. Thats… one way of putting it?

Kimmila looks downright relieved that it wasn't worse than it actually was. Giving Th'ero and D'ani a darting glance, the bluerider strides over to try and retrieve the blindfold from Harmony - if Crosenturath lets her give something away, that is. "You okay?" she asks the younger bluerider. "That's all we had for this little lesson, so you're free to go do whatever you guys want, now. Maybe study for that history quiz I heard you're getting tomorrow." Oooh, is she warning them of a pop quiz? How awesome of her.

Hey, Harmony's a teen girl. Anyone's slightly-not-approving-expression equals sudden emo-they're-angry-and-unhappy. Harmony's emergence from the obstacle course is not unlike a wounded soldier, half-bent in a granny-like posture while yanking off the blindfold and hissing out her frustration at the tears that spring to her eyes when she rubs the ache from her shins. "Missed the point," she all-but-whimbers, handing over that bandana to Kimmila with a grateful look. Crosenturath — still frozen, as if he's encased in the ice he resemblers — finally pops out of it and comes hobbling-hopping-and-sniffing straight at his rider. « MINE MINE MINE MINE » Wrong movie, but the sentiment's the same. "Oh, yeah, that." But Harmony gives a grateful (another one! it's a miracle!) look again to the other bluerider. Is that a murmured thanks? Maybe! But see, Crosenturath is /THERE/ and balling himself up a Harmony and SQUISHING her to his warm, soft chest. "Mmmmph!" Yeah, it's snuggle time.

Th'ero should expect no less from his behavior being misinterpreted. It's not like he makes it easy! At least when Harmony is rubbing at her shins and whimpering (or close to it), the Weyrleader does look genuinely concerned. But again, as Crosenturath isn't throwing a fit, the bronzerider assumes all is (reasonably) well. As snuggle time commences, Th'ero visibly flinches in sympathy, though this is a man who gets flustered by a simple gesture like a hand to his shoulder or a hug among friends. When Kimmila mentions the history quiz, he snorts a little. "First of many," he adds with a drawling tone and vague smirk as he takes a few slow steps forwards. Maybe he knows more? Or enough of M'icha to know the Weyrlingmaster's mood after all this damp and cold will likely mean many quizzes.

Kimmila hops back to nimbly (and narrowly) avoid the insane blue, staring at them both before she returns to Th'ero's side. "Want to go talk now?" she asks, darting another slightly disturbed glance back at Harmony and Crosenturath. "I…would have gone mad by now," she mutters under her breath, shuddering a bit at the thought of having a dragon /that/ clingy. "Have a good night, Harmony! Crosenturath…"

"Marumph! Marumph!" This is the sound of a mouth trying to make words while being squished against a warm, blue body. This passes for what one would hope to be an affirmative response given that Crosenturath is as happy as a fish in mud with HIS Harmony in HIS arms! They're gonna stay this way for a good long while, that is until Harmony gets cold. Then little Scrat will make SURE they get to the barracks in the most clumsy, chaotic way possible.

Th'ero nods his head but is clearly distracted, his eyes still focused on Crosenturath as the blue continues to snuggle his poor rider. "Where?" he asks Kimmila after he spares another wince for Harmony's sake. He seems a little reluctant to leave the pair like that, but eventually takes a step away and he slips an arm loosely behind Kimmila to draw her with him. "You and I both," he adds, though the Weyrleader can sort of understand having a dragon's whose quirks are… less than favorable. One learns to adjust though. "Good night," Th'ero adds after his weyrmate and then he's leading them both away at a slow pace. Now it's M'icha's turn and that of the assistants to take over keeping the weyrling's busy for the rest of the day.

Kimmila considers for a moment, and then she answers, "The lookout." Really? Outside? On a windy, cold spire of rock?

Th'ero only hesitates for the barest of seconds before he nods his head and his murmured agreement is almost unnecessary. "The lookout." Apparently it appeals to him as well? But it definitely ensures them privacy. Privacy AND a view. Who could refuse that? So the Weyrleader changes course, moving from the paths leading to the administration complex and heading southward instead.

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