Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's later in the afternoon, precariously close to dinner time. Some people have started to trickle in early, and one such of these is Kairhys. Under one arm, a tome looking book bound in soft leather, straps wrapped around two buttons sewn on the front holding it closed. It was one of those items that the weaver is rarely without. He shakes off the chill from outside, pausing just off the entryway to remove his gloves and undo his scarf. Gloves shoved into his pocket, he undoes the buttons on the front of his jacket and starts off towards the serving table. Just now fresh dinner items are being carried out, piping hot and straight from the ovens and pots of the kitchens.

Notably, there is a certain hunter at a table alone with her legs stretched out from one seat to another. She is without food and without company, her gloves settled upon the table with the jacket draped beside them. Her head remains tilted partially back as if she were sleeping right there while others are filtering in for dinner. But, suddenly there is movement and the hunter stirs from her seat as food begins to be brought out to the serving table and suddenly Deitra is completely alive again. The familiar face of the weaver does earn her attention and she makes her way over towards him, a slight detour away from the food. "Kairhys." She greets, grinning widely at the young man and inclining her head before she fetches herself a plate and joins those gathering to wait her turn for food. "How're you?" Again, directed towards the weaver as grey eyes again settle upon him and that grin returns as well.

Kairhys is continuing his way towards the food, pausing but a moment to nod his head at Deitra as she says his name. "Hello. Deitra wasn't it?" he asks, offering the woman a pleasant enough smile. The book is hoisted up a bit, resettled even as the weaver falls into line with other people interested in getting their food as fresh as possible. Picking up a bowl, he helps himself to some stew, and grabs a couple rolls that were barely cool enough for someone to touch with their bare hands. "I'm okay. How are you?" It was almost an automatic response to the question, one likely asked and answered several times over during the course of the day.

"Yep. That's right." Deitra nods her head along with this, clearly pleased by the fact that he's remembered. Grey eyes drop down, briefly, to consider the book that he holds with her brows lifting along with her curiosity. Though, nothing is said as she turns attention to making sure she can get some food. The plate is filled and then she's glancing over in his direction for his response. "Good. Lazy day. Ain't got much goin' on for now." Once she gathers her assortment of goods, she gestures to the table she reserved with her things. "Free ta join me if yer wantin'." A mug of klah is also added to her goods before she makes her way to said table, placing her things down before dragging her coat down to the seat beside her rather than taking up table space.

Mug of klah scored, Kairhys waits for Deitra to get her meal before heading off after her to find a seat. "I suppose that's good." he ponders, selecting a seat across from the woman's things, and sets down his bowl and bread. Last to be put down is his mug. He offers the woman another smile for her offer of a seat, even if he was already pulling back a chair and helping himself to one moments afterwards. No delay here. He sets the large leather bound book on the table, off to the side to keep it out of range of being spoiled before he picks up his spoon and dips it inside the bowl of stew, scooping up a mouthful upon it. He takes the time to blow on it a few times before daring to put it inside his mouth. A twitch at his brows easily tells that it was still warmer than expected, hastily chewed and swallowed before he wisely decides to wait before trying again. "That's the problem with getting here too early or too late." he mutters, eying his bowl most greedily.

The mug is what takes Deitra's attention first, sipping at the klah with no added sweetners or any sort of milk — just straight klah. After the initial sip, she downs a bit more before settling the mug back onto the table. "Nn. Depends, really. Decided I'm goin' ta help out the stables more when there ain't much ta do cause of the coming winter. Some of the animals ain't about during the winter months, never the best time ta be huntin'." A wrinkle of her nose and she's reaching for a bit of her food, notably without a fork and simply using her fingers. "Mm. Yeah. Prolly. I ain't a fan of soup." You can't eat hot soup with your fingers. "How've you been resettlin' in? Ain't havin' any issues?" A bit of mashed tubbers are scooped onto one finger and then is placed into her mouth.

There wasn't anything in Kai's klah either, not that the stuff particularly needed it anyway. Though it was also too hot for the weaver, as there is a bit of jealousy to expression when Deitra picks hers up and takes a sip. "I thought there were still animals about during winter." Head tilted off to one side, he works his lips together some before he finally gives in and takes up his mug, blowing on the surface of the liquid before trying a sip. "Mhm." he purrs, eyes hooding before he leans back and palms the mug between his two hands, a smile turning the corners of his lips upwards. "Stew isn't really soup. Soup is like ninety five percent liquid, stew on the other hand is like five percent, unless you take more gravy then the rest." Idly commented, Kairhys looks to the huntress, brows lifting in unison. Though whether it was for her question or lack of table manners is debatable. "I'm dividing my time between the weyr and the hold, can't say I've settled anywhere. I'm definitely missing Ista's weather, seems I'd just gotten used to lack of clothing when suddenly it was time to wear everything I own." he muses, taking another careful sip from his mug. "Mhm, No. No issues really. Everyone has been quite tolerant." A chuckle for this.

Deitra's brow lifts as he has that look of jealousy, a soft chuckle slipping out for the briefest of moments. "Mm. Yeah. There are, but there sometimes ain't much ta get offa 'em if they ain't finding a good amount of food. Scrawny things. And then there's the smaller ones that are good ta hunt with the smaller groups of hunters." There's a click of her tongue before she's scooping up more mashed tubbers with her finger and again placing it in her mouth as she listens to him speak on the difference between stew and soup. "Ahh. Hn. Sounds complicated ta make, but, good ta know there's a difference. Likely won't get me ta change my mind on it, though." Some meat is taken and ripped carefully. "Ah, must be hard ta be between both." A wrinkle of her nose for the mention of Ista's weather and she shakes her head, "I heard that it is way too hot in Ista, ain't my thing. Prefer the cold ta the hot." She smiles and then pops the meat into her mouth, nodding idly. "We tend ta be welcoming sort, gossipy, but welcoming."

Kairhys ah's and nods, taking a few more measured sips of his klah before setting the mug down and stripping himself out of his coat and scarf, setting both on the back of his chair, revealing the bi-colored light and dark gray of his long sleeved shirt beneath. There is another look for the lack of eating utensils, but seems the weaver is too polite to say anything about it. Even if his glance was more curiosity rather than any irritation, but apparently not enough to warrant asking. Instead, he focuses his attention on the woman's gray eyes. "Oh I have no idea how either are made. I'm a terrible cook. I could burn water." he admits with a laugh, stirring his stew up with his spoon and daring another try at eating. This time, he only needs to blow a few times before taking a bite, and chews delightedly. Being patient had paid off. A roll is picked up and torn in half, dipping one into the thick savory juices and then tearing off a bite. He shrugs his shoulders for the hardships of traveling back and forth, not seeming overly concerned about it, still chewing and apparently unwilling to speak unless his mouth was empty. Once it is, he nods again. "Ista had many things to offset the heat. It was a very laid back and easy going place. I was actually surprised that naps weren't mandatory." He might be teasing, considering that glint he had in his eye. "I definitely got the gossipy part. Barely back a sevenday and already someone was supposedly pregnant with my kid." This gets another chuckle.

There's a brief consideration for the man's clothing before attention drifts down to her plate and she's ripping off some more meat to chew on. She lingers in silence, rather oblivious to the looks he gives her for the lack of table manners she shows, and simply resuming her eating with her fingers rather than finding a utensil to use to eat properly. Some greens are plucked from the plate and lifted to her lips before grey eyes lift to meet his gaze. "Mm. I'm better'n that, at least. Should know how ta cook for myself. I just ain't a fan of soup or stew and I ain't bothered to learn. Yer a weaver, you ain't really needin' ta cook for yourself." A grin plays upon her lips and she then draws in her mug with the hand that hasn't been plucking up all that food from her plate. It is brought to her lips and a deep drink is taken from it before it is again settled upon the table. "Mandatory naps'd be nice. Sounds like a fun place, but, I ain't goin' ta brave that heat." Another grin is given to the young man for the teasing. "Maybe yer just that good?"

Kairhys laughs over his bowl of stew, finish the bread off in no time at all, and left with nothing but the veggies and meat that reside in the bottom now that the gravy was all but gone. "I'm not much of a weaver, to be honest. My father wouldn't hear of me going to the harpers, he said it made more sense to use my natural talents in a place where they would have more practical applications." he grins for this, a sort of cock nonchalant half lift of one corner of his mouth. Obviously this statement by his parent was not something the boy lingered on or had any gripes about. "I have zero interest in making fabric or sewing. I prefer to design clothing and tapestries, and let someone else do the rest." The rest of his bowl's contents are yummed up in no time, leaving Kai to lean back in his chair again with his mug of klah and sip idly at it. "The heat wasn't that bad. If difficult to escape without going deep into caverns." This said, he can't help but laugh again, brows knitting. "I'm sixteen, and I prefer boys. Neither of which are very conducive to the making of babies."

"Still a weaver, though. You got the knot." Deitra insists firmly, taking a few more greens between her fingers and lifting them up. "Everyone has a specialty — so it is said — if yer good at just designin' then yer just good at designin' and lettin' others make it. Still a weaver." The greens are placed in her mouth, though they aren't exactly chewed upon yet as she pushes them to the side with her tongue. "Harper's ain't /bad/." A wrinkle of her nose as her sentence comes out rather slurred with the food in her mouth before she sets to chewing. Unlike Kairhys, the hunter is eating slowly savoring the food that she pokes at with her fingers. "Nnn. Heat is still heat. At least the caverns can be cold, mm?" There's a careful look over the younger man and she shrugs, "you can get a girl pregnant at sixteen. And just cause you prefer boys doesn't mean you absolutely don't do women, right? So there's still a possibility. Or, maybe you just do it with your eyes and the woman was just frail." Though with this, she's teasing as she is grinning much more widely at that. The time is around dinner, which has started some time ago but there are people still coming in to fill the tables. Currently, Kairhys and Deitra are sitting alone at a table not too far from the food.

There is a grin from Kairhys as Deitra mentions his knot, freeing up one hand from his mug to lightly touch the tip of fingers to the simple apprentice weave upon his shoulder. "True." he admits, "I don't know about that though. Being a weaver, at least to me, seem to denote some sort of actual weaving involved. I spend as little time at the loom as I possibly can, to a fault I'm afraid. I've no talent for it. I can't sow a straight stitch to save my life." Alas, or so says his expression, though there is truly no regret etched into his features. At least not for this. "I never said harpers were bad. I've a few acquaintances that wear the knot. It just wasn't what my father wanted for me. I didn't even join up until I was fourteen. I was holding onto the shallow hope that my childhood friend Tam, would notice I had a crush on him. Of course, he was oblivious." Though he laughs at this as well, a good ear might hear the note of discord for the statement, as if this fact still stung two turns later. There is a cheerful nod for cold caverns, but no further comment is made. He's chuckling again, between sips of klah though for talk of pregnancy. "I'm well aware, and it wouldn't be surprising if I did have a kid around somewhere or another. I would hope though that if I did get someone pregnant they'd be straight forward enough to come to me and let me know, but as of yet, I haven't heard anything." Another sip of klah and the boy's shoulders slump as he relaxes back against his chair. "What I meant was. I'm sixteen. I've no vested interest in actively starting a family or settling down with anyone just yet. I like to play, and just between you and me, I'm mostly all talk." He winks at Deitra then, after leaning in all conspiringly and lowering the volume of his voice. "I flirt, but most of the time I'm not serious."

Deitra chuckles softly, "I don't know. Seems ta be that there are many different explanations ta what makes you what in yer craft. Everyone has a part, right? So, yer still a weaver even if yer not touching a loom if that's the case, right?" Deitra shrugs and dismisses it as she takes another drink from her mug before then clearing off the rest of her plate as he begins to explain in further detail what he meant and his life. Brows lift as she pins a look upon the younger man, then shrugging. "If yer havin' feelin's for someone, then I think yer better off sayin' it rather than just pussy footin' 'round and hopin' that they notice. Yer not going ta get anywhere at that rate." The plate is cleared and her fingers are then used to scoop up any left overs by running along the edges before popping into her mouth again. "Mm. Well, that'd be good if they were up front. But, women ain't always the best 'bout being straight forward, either." Eyes roll and she leans back in her seat, head tilting back idly. "Ah. I see. Well, probably for the best and it ain't as if the Weyr doesn't allow fostering so you could always do that if yer not wantin' one." A hand waves in sort if dismissal before chuckling along for his final statement. "I ain't much of a flirter, but, good ta know that yer not so serious 'bout getting inta bed."

Shoulders are lifting in a shrug, as Kairhys finishes up his klah and sets the mug down on the table beside his empty bowl. "I guess it all comes down to how you personally feel about it. Weaver says…I weave. That's all I meant." Content it appears to just slump back in his chair and relax, the weaver drops his hands to his thighs, letting them rest there, as he talks quietly with Deitra. "It's different in a hold, Dei. You don't go around announcing your undying love for people of the same gender. Shards, if I had been a Lord Holder's son, I probably would of been disowned without a doubt." he replies, brown eyes dropping to the table between them. "I love my family, and I was fortunate when I told them last turn, that they didn't care who I loved, as long as I was happy." Back up to her face his gaze goes, a soft smile on his lips. "I don't want to ruin my friendship with Tam. I've known him since I was three or four, he was like a big brother to me, and very supportive when I needed a shoulder. Cielyn, I think I mentioned her last time we talked, she's my sister. She's been ill on and off again most of her life. Without Tam I don't think I would of made it through some of the times she was really sick. I couldn't help but fall in love with him." His smile is sadder now, even as he rolls his eyes up towards the ceiling and lets his head come up to rest upon the back of his chair. "He was probably the reason I discovered I liked boys…but I think telling him would just ruin the friendship and that's rather pointless. I'll let him be all gorgeous and clueless. Suppose I'll have to find another shoulder to cry on once he's found that perfect girl and settled down to start his own family." His eyes close then, fingers interlacing in his lap. He nods to most of what else the huntress has to say, smiling ironically there towards the end. "Sex is fun, don't get me wrong and if someone were to ask I probably wouldn't turn them down…provided they were good looking enough. But I don't see the point in trying to screw everything with two legs and a heart beat."

"Right. Yer from a Hold, almost forgot about that." Deitra frowns visibly, leaning forward to rest her elbow upon her table and propping her chin in her hand. "That's still rather… Odd. I thought that was just one of those rumors people told about families disownin' children cause they like the same gender." Her nose wrinkles and her eyes scan the younger man before her, lips pressing into a thin line of frustration as she listens. "'m sorry ta hear that, really. But, friendship is probably better than ruinin' it." Another nod follows as he goes on to explain about his sister and his friend. "Well, shells." She stares at him for a moment longer and shrugs. "If yer wantin' a shoulder, I'd offer one but I don't promise ta be the most understandin' ta yer problems." Fingers tap along her jaw, lips pressing together again before she grins widely. "That's true. Good that you got some standards."

Kairhys nods, "Yep." He was indeed, hold bred. At least the boy doesn't just fall asleep or anything, for after a few moments of his eyes being closed and such, he does stretch his arms upwards over his head and release a deep sigh. He sits up straight then, folding his arms over the table and leaning over them some once they are. "Sadly, no. It happens more often then I would like to admit. Personally I think it looks bad, and I certainly wouldn't associate with a bigot. I'm just one person though." He nods his head in regards to friendship, moistening his lips before speaking again. "No worries. I'm definitely not over it, but how long could a crush really last? Right?" There's that quirky little upturn to one half of his mouth again, putting up a nice front for Deitra, even as he flags down someone going around with klah and gestures to his mug for a refill. Topped off cup in hand, he takes a sip. "Mhm. Thanks for the offer, but I'd have to know you a heck of a lot better before I go getting all weepy and making you my very best girlfriend." He's probably teasing given the smirk and wink he sends the huntress' way across the table. He only laughs softly for that last part, tipping his mug to her before taking a longer drink from it.

Deitra shakes her head a bit, considering the other for a long moment before closing one eye lazily. She stares off into the distance, watching those passing by with a rather lazy smile soon taking hold of her lips. "Hmm." She then opens her other eye to stare at him, brows drawing into another frown and that smile fading. "Well, then there must be a lot that they say about the Holds that are true." Another sigh, "Holds seem so borin', now." Slowly, she shifts position to stretch her legs out and rests both elbows upon the table. "Don't know. I ain't heard much on it. Maybe it'll linger forever. Or, maybe yer goin' ta get over it." An amused little chuckle follows and then slowly she pushes to her feet. "Just offerin', figure we'll get ta know one another at some point or another, hm?" She winks back at him and then gathers her jacket. "You take care. Got ta find Chy and see 'bout prankin' the foster mother."

Kairhys simply drinks his klah, letting Deitra's mind and eyes wander off as he enjoys her company and his beverage. Though he can't help but smile at the woman when she speaks next. "If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I've heard my fair share of stories about weyrs and weyrfolk, not all of it true. Shells, was I disappointed." he grins, chuckling to himself more than to his companion, as if sharing in some private joke only he knew the punch-line to. He even manages to look amused when she says that holds are boring. "That's not necessarily true. You'll have to let me show you around sometime. I think Cielyn would like you, and she could use some cheering up." He sips from his mug about then, smiling and nodding about crushes and their expiration date, but add nothing more. Brows lift though as the huntress finds her feet, gaze following as he sets his mug down before him, fingers still stuck through the handle and resting against the ceramic. "I'm sure we will…and you too." There's a blink for talk of pranking, though Kai doesn't make a move or say a word otherwise.

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