Fort Weyr - Pebble Beach

On a lonely strip of land jutting out into the ocean, a veritable forest of broken boulders sits, the sides of the massive rocks riddled with cracks and worn down into strange, warped shapes by the tide and the wind. Lichen has painted bright patches on the upper portions of the stone, while below is slicked here and there with layers of a thin, greenish slime. The ground all around is covered by sea-smoothed pebbles, dark and damp from the spray of the waves that beat a steady rhythm against the shore. Some type of rotting seaweed has washed up, long tendrils of the stuff splayed out like limp fingers, the stench from them not quite overpowering the already strong smell of the ocean. Occasional cries of avians and firelizards drift from further along the shore, the water beyond blue-grey and deep.

With winter upon them, there are fewer hunts for the snow and the fact that animals go into hiding or often hard to find. Some winter animals are much easier to find, if you are able to spot them. But, that is not what brings Deitra out in the snow, out to the beach by her lonesome. She is dressed appropriately for the winter weather, fingers kept warm by fitting leather gloves lined with some of the warmest fur of one of her hunts. She is sitting on a rock at the beach, staring out into the distance while tossing pebbles out into the ocean with little care for her surroundings or anyone who may be passing by from the nearby Hold.

From farther up the coast line, two forms begin to approach. A green, her wings flared open and wingsails billowing in the wind, as well as her rider. While Sohnyuoth has no need for protection from the cold, her lifemate looks rather like a waddling pile of furs. Several layers of jackets, undoubtedly covering several more layers of clothes, as well as a scarf, gloves, and even earmuffs are what she wears. The sight might even make others feel uncomfortable, Miki certainly is. There's a slight pause in their steps as they come up to the main beach, clearly surprised to see anyone else there. "Deitra!" Surprised, but not unhappy of course.

The collection of pebbles continues to grow smaller and smaller as they begin to vanish into the water after leaving her hand. The call of her name brings pause and her nose wrinkles slightly before her head turns to stare at Miki as she approaches. Then, she relaxes only for the briefest of moments before examining the other woman; both of her brows lift and surprise takes hold of her features before chuckling softly. "Are you not from the Fort area? The winters ain't that bad, y'know." However, she does not linger with that surprise, turning her attention back to the water and tossing in another pebble. "What're you up ta, Miki?"

Miki giggles, "No need to look so put out. Besdies, Aniki isn't with us so count yourself lucky." At the mention of her clothes, the green rider looks down, sighing a bit and shaking her. "No, I'm not originally. But I've been around here for a while now. Personally I don't think I need all these but Sohnyu and Aniki are a bit….overprotective if you will. /I'm/ her lifemate, but she'll tattle to /him/ if I'm not wearing enough layers and vice versa." Wandering over to a clear section of the beach, Miki seats herself while Sohnyu follows along behind, wrapping her tail around the tiny woman once she's settled. "Just taking a walk. It's nice out here. You?"

"Oh, nah. I ain't put out 'cause of you showin' up, more at what yer wearin'." The hunter notes, shifting a bit on her rock and tossing in the last pebbles before staring at the greenrider as she approaches. "I see. Still, that's a lotta clothes. Are they afraid yer goin' ta get sick? Y'know, getting' sick helps you get over it faster. Soon yer just goin' ta be sick for a day and it won't even slow you down. Or, that's what the boys're always sayin'." The green is considered with a brief look before she's drawing her legs up to her chest and wrapping her arms firmly around them. "It is, ain't it? 'm just hangin' out, was takin' some time alone but company is good, too."

"It's cause….well I guess you can say it's something along those lines….And believe me, sickness isn't an issue. I've had everything you could possibly catch and gotten over it just as fast. That kind of resistance comes with being a nanny." Once she's done with her comment, Miki snickers softly, leaning back against Sohnyu and closing her eyes for a few seconds. A single eye pops open though as Deitra continues to speak and the rider tilts her head a bit. "You cold? Mmmm, gotcha. It's nice to come out here when you want alone time. The Weyr gets pretty stuffy sometimes. Especially when everyone's cooped up inside and hiding from the cold."

"Hn." Deitra answers softly, then shrugs her shoulders and simply dropping the subject. Her chin comes to rest upon her knees and she continues to stare out into the distance before tilting her head and peeking at the rider and her lifemate. "Nah. I ain't cold. Used ta it, y'know. Bein' a hunter we have ta be out in the cold sometimes. I mean, I still get cold but the beginnings of winter ain't nothin'." Grey eyes close and a smile lingers upon her lips while fingers idly tap on the side of her leg. "It is nice. But, yer company is welcome so don't feel like yer intrudin' or nothin'. Just thinkin' 'bout some of the rumors goin' 'round. Zuhth is goin' up again, lookin' forward ta seeing all the people who come in."

Miki grins and nods idly, "Mm, yeah I see what you mean. Aniki and I got my mom's genes. Sharding sensitive to cold. Autumn's the best time. And when it's really windy out. That's the kind of weather I like. We had a swing attached to a tree back at home and if there was some strong winds, I'd be out there." For a few seconds, a rather nonstalgic smile crosses her face, but soon she's snickering. "Yup, Neyuni's mood makes it seem like that's what's going to happen. And this is all great for me. Haven't had any paperwork crap to do for a while. My little break will be over if Zuhth goes up though."

"Hm. I didn't think it ever had anythin' ta do with genes… 'sides, word has it that women are just more sensitive to cold. Or, was it men? I ain't got a clue, not that it matters any." Deitra chuckles softly to herself, "Autumn is nice weather. Not terribly hot, but not horribly cold, either. I like the windy days, too, and bein' out in them." She grins widely to the greenrider before shifting her gaze out towards the water. "I ain't run inta her, no idea what her mood is like. Heard about that no paperwork thing, too bad it ain't going ta last forever? But, some people love doin' it. I ain't ever had ta touch any in my life. I ain't the best of writers, neither. I can read and all, but… I never paid much attention when we were supposed ta be writing." She's a rebel, she is. "Guess it is best ta enjoy it while it lasts?"

Miki laughs, "Well my mom's got the whole sensitive to cold thing going. About a fourth of us inherited it I think. And since Aniki's a guy and I'm a girl, I don't really think the gender thing played a part. And yes he's a guy, if you don't believe me I'm sure he'll be willing to prove it to you." A joke, because Miki had certainly heard about when the two had first met. "Yeah, those people are a bit demented in the head. But hey, an assistant's gotta do what an assistan'ts gotta do."

"Ah. I didn't think it was an actual ailment. Huh." Deitra wrinkles her nose and then slowly stretches her legs out once more, bumping her heels against the rock she is sitting upon. "I know he's a guy, he just acts like a girl and I have no interest of seeing what's in his pants, just so you know. I ain't interested in frail men." Her nose wrinkles a bit, disinterest clearly set upon her face as she stares out towards the water. "Nah. They ain't demented, just weird.. But, less work for those who don't like ta do it? There is good and bad ta it, but it works out. And, always better ta do your job than not, I figure."

Miki snickers, "It's not an ailment really. But like…if your mom has blue eyes and your dad has green eyes. And you have blue eyes, you got your mom's genes. Something like that….I honestly don't know the specifics." There's a roll of her eyes at Aniki. "I don't even think you could call it acting like a girl. He's got his own separate subspecies or something. The Ankiki." Her joke is a fond one though, said in warm tones so that there's really no denying her love for her brother. "No…take it from someone who's been doing paperwork a while, they're demented….and speaking of odd people. I have to get back before Aniki throws a fit. See you later, yeah?" Miki turns a smile on the girl before getting hastily to her feet and scrambling up Sohnyu's back. There's a pause for goodbyes but soon they're in the air. And not long after that, the pair disappears, popping *between* as they head back home.

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