Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl

The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the weyrleader's complex and junior queens ledges. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag. At ground level on the western wall is the opening to the weyrling barracks, occasional glimpses can be caught of newly paired mates. On the eastern wall of the bowl is the entrance into the living cavern, the heart of the weyr.

There's a scream in the bowl. A couple of screams, actually. They are high-pitched screams, like that of a child. The sounds are loud and piercing, like a child's scream normally is. Then there's a loud, low bugle/bellow from a dragon, and thunderous footsteps. And then…a giggle? Jaharith is chasing young children around the bowl again. Whee! Weyrbrats make the best sports! Until they run under something that a big dragon can't chase them under. Which they do. Jaharith sticks his head under the table that the two little boys ducked under, and whuffles. Ai'an, who had been watching from well out of the way, chuckles. "Eh…well, ya canna catch 'em ev'ry time," he notes. Jaharith pulls his head back, and cranes his neck to look at Ai'an. There's a pause, and the blond former guard blinks. Then it seems to happen all at once. Ai'an suddenly scampers away, with Jaharith in hot pursuit across the bowl. "HEY! I'm no challenge for ya! I canna run as fast!" the blond complains to his the dark bronze pursuer.

Fun and games? Well Meahakumeleth is watching for a full three seconds after coming onto the scene, and then he barrels out, galloping after the bronze. "MEA!" K'oss complains, stumbling out of the barracks and nearly tripping and falling flat on his face. Oof. Well if nothing else, Meahakumeleth is making the former beastcraft journeyman enjoy life a bit more.

Raphaith is…well. He's all about the fun and games. But the brown looks somewhat fidgety at the bronze's antics, perking up every time there's a shriek. "They're /fine/ Raph. Let 'em play." Tyr groans a bit at his dragon, and just sighs, glancing over at Ai'an. ..And the chase is on? Erf! Raphaith lets out a trumpet, and immediately goes, barreling after the former guard…and dragons. He'll save him! …Er…not likely.

Sabrina is walking up from the direction of the lake, her hair looking particularly bright today, apparently she'd just dyed it; if not today, then the day before. The sound of screaming children, followed by laughing, doesn't really phase her much as that's what children do when they play. But romping dragons chasing after the large weyrling, that's another story. She stops in her tracks and laughs at the site. "Don't let them catch you Ai'an!" She calls out to the bronzer.

Ai'an almost stops running at Sabrina's words. 'They'? Ai'an thought only Jaharith was chasing him. So he looks behind him as he continues to jog across the bowl. And almost wishes he hadn't! Oh, of all the luck. First Jaharith. Then Meahakumeleth. Then Raphaith. And now Ai'an has THREE dragons chasing him! "Jaharith! Seriously, now! This isn'ae dignified a'tall!" he calls out, and takes refuge under a table, like the young boys that Jaharith had been chasing. It's a tight fit, but he manages. And as before, Jaharith skids to a stop next to the table and sticks his head under it, to whuffle at Ai'an. "Well, o' COURSE!" Ai'an protests good-naturedly. "When ya 'ave a dragon four times th' size o' ya chasing ya…ya tend ta run." He chuckles.

Meahakumeleth isn't quite able to stop in time after Jaharith skids to a halt. Oh, he tries, putting on the brakes, but he ends up going sprawling due to forward momentum, crashing head over tail into the larger bronze with an undragonly squeal of dismay. Oh well, might as well make the most of it. Therefore, he starts mock biting the bronze and wrestling with him. "Just like a canine." K'oss mutters, then has a thought. "Ai'an! Get out of there! You'll be squashed! MEAHAKUMELETH." panting, the white-haired weyrling arrives at the scene, careful to avoid the frenetically thrashing red-slashed brown tail.

Sabrina covers her mouth as she continues to laugh when Ai'an ducks under a table. "Oh my." She gasps out, finding this quite funny! She eeps though when Mea crashes into Jaharith. "Oh!" But the brown just takes it in stride and starts playing and she just shakes her head lightly. "Yeah, Ai'an, get out of the way."

All of a sudden…something barrels into Jaharith! He tries to avoid bowling over forwards…but Meahakumeleth starts biting and wrestling. Jaharith is unable to keep his balance, especially while flapping his wings quite a bit to get the brown off him! Unfortunately, this causes him to bowl over forwards. Right onto the table. And it's goodbye table. There's an "OOF!" from under the pile of broken wood that was a table a moment ago. All Ai'an really has to say about it is, humorously, "…Ow." Jaharith, however, is worried, and flaps his wings once, hard, to get the weight of the brown off him, so he can help his lifemate out from under the wreckage. Once Meahakumeleth is off him, Jaharith starts pushing pieces of wood out of the way with his nose. Ai'an gets up, rubbing his head. "Ouch…aye, I'm fine…" he notes.

Meahakumeleth backs off immediately when the 'ow' is heard, crooning anxiously. He didn't know Jaharith's was still under there! /HIS/ K'oss would've been long gone by then! Now that they're stationary, K'oss finally arrives, and goes to help Ai'an out from under the table. After all, hands are a lot more useful than a huge conker. "You all right?"
The tumbling forward of dragons has the hairdresser moving quickly to see if Ai'an is alright. No reason to ask if he's alright since it's already been asked and since there's already enough hands getting the table off she stands there, looking worried for a moment. But then it occurs to her that the dragons are probably freaking out a little so she touches Mea on the leg and smiles at him. "Don't worry."

Unfortunately, Ai'an does not move as quickly as K'oss, and he was wedged under the table a little too tightly to have quickly moved away. He nods to K'oss's question. "Aye," he replies. "Bit of a knock on th' head, is all." He smiles, and pats the nose of the bronze, who had leaned down to examine him to see if he was all right. "Don' worry. Me head's hard enough that it didn'ae hurt much." A grin. Sabrina speaks, and Ai'an nods. "No harm done," he notes. "Leastways…not ta me. The table, 'owever…tha's another matter…." He looks at the table, looking chagrined.

Meahakumeleth looks at Sabrina, and his tail snakes in a loose loop around the brightly-feathered girl. "No, you can't have her." K'oss snaps, sounding just a tad aggravated. Well, maybe it's more the stress of the situation. Looking chagrined, the brown moves his tail and slinks off, but not before whuffling at Ai'an as an apology.

Sabrina smiles lightly at Ai'an for his comment on his hard head, you know that look that girls get when they're thinking something like, 'aw, don't say that.' "I'm glad you're alright." She eyes that tail as it loops around her like that and snerks at the answer K'oss gives him, despite the silent question. "Aww, it's alright Meahakumeleth, don't be sad." She looks at the smooshed table and shrugs lightly. "Better the table than you."

Ai'an smirks a little and pats K'oss on the shoulder. "Eh…I'll jus' 'ave ta replace it, is all," he notes. "Might 'ave ta work a li'l extra around Fort. Tha's no problem, I got nothin' against hard work." A smile. Sabrina's words draw a nod from the blond. "Aye. Good thing the support didn'ae break, otherwise we mighta had a diff'rent result…." A chuckle.

K'oss shoves lightly at Ai'an's shoulder. "Well glad you survived." is remarked dryly, and he shakes his head. "Y'know, I somehow imagined dragons, y'know, not so…. immature. I mean, I know they're still babies" he pauses. "BIG babies," is amended with a wry smile, "but… hmm." then he raises an eyebrow at Sabrina. "So what brings you to this part of the bowl?"

Sabrina nods lightly and watches as the big baby moving about the bowl before turning her attention back to the human boys. "Well, the living caverns are just over there." She says pointing to the caverns. "I was heading back over from the lake." She smiles a little slyly at K'oss. Not exactly a rare part of the bowl to be in either way."

Ai'an is standing with K'oss and Sabrina, next to a shattered table. Jaharith is nearby as well, and Meahakumeleth is located a little ways away, pouting slightly. "We both got chewed up by canines," Ai'an points out to K'oss's words of his survival of whatever had shattered the table. "D'ya think the weight of a dragon on top o' me is gonna hurt me." He grins. Truth be told, he does hurt a little. But it's nothing. Really. He silences as Sabrina and K'oss begin to converse.

Ruzel wanders in from the bowl, looking just a touch out of place. The young man's clothes would definitely be more suitable to a warmer climate, and he looks at everything as though it is his first time seeing it. He clutches a sketchpad in one hand and has a pencil tucked back behind his ear. He's wandering across the bowl when he spots the shattered table, which makes him stop in his tracks and do a double take. "Wha… what happened?"

Rhapsody comes in quietly, stifling a gasp at the scene and mess of shattered wood everywhere. She glances at Ruzel, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Well I don't know, some dragons seem to believe they weigh as light as a feather." K'oss jokes right back, and then people arrive and start freaking out. "Ah… just a little dragon mishap." he explains, going over to Meahakumeleth and hugging his leg reassuringly.

Rhapsody sighs exasperatedly, but rolls up her sleeves to begin piling the broken pieces, tsking under her breath.

Sabrina smiles lightly as new people show up and spot the poor broken table. "Yes, the babies were playing and Ai'an here got a little smooshed." She says, gesturing to the hulking ex-guard. She flips some of her green hair behind her shoulder and grins as K'oss goes over to comfort the funny brown. "I'm Sabrina of Landing, nice to meet you both." She says with a little nod of her head.

Ai'an hears the question from Ruzel, and the large blond makes his way over to the man. "Eh…weyrlin's and dragonets at play," he notes. "Can be 'azardous." Clearly, though, he's joking. A chuckle, and he moves to assist Rhapsody in picking up the pieces of the table. "Ah, I c'n get it," he offers gently. "Was Jaharith who fell anyway." Said bronze gives a snort, and Ai'an looks to him sheepishly. "I know," he answers the bronze's unasked question. "But it was ye who fell. I know ya ended up gettin' knocked inta." A smile, and he reaches out to pat Jaharith's neck. "Don' worry, Mea," he notes to K'oss's brown, giving a smile. "I'm sure people realize that growin' dragons are gonna trip an' fall, an' sometimes things'll get in th' way." He nods to Sabrina's words. "Aye…" he agrees. "Jus' a little mishap. Happ'ns from time ta time, I'd think." He stands, and offers a hand to Ruzel and Rhapsody, first to one and then the other, for a handshake. He has a pretty strong grip, but does not crush hands. "Name's Ai'an. Pleased ta meet ya."

"Huh?" Ruzel looks from Sabrina to Ai'an, marveling at how un-squished he seems considering the close encounter. Then he does a double take and peers at Sabrina again. "Do a lot of people from Fort have hair that color? I've never seen it before! People were right to tell me to travel… oh!" He shifts his sketchpad to his other hand to shake Ai'an's, giving the man a friendly smile. "I'm Ruzel, from Xanadu. Handyman and freelance artist. Er, speaking off…" He looks at the shattered table remains. "You need some help?"

Rhapsody extends her arm to shake Ai'an's outstretched hand, her eyes dancing with an admiring sparkle as she takes it in greeting. "Great to meet you, Ai'an. I'm Rhapsody." She waved off the two offers for help, "'Tis my job, dear sirs, I can manage this mess." Standing to fetch some sacks, she winks at Jaharith. "And it's really great to meet you too, Sabrina." She smiles gently before taking a moment's leave, returning with some worn sacks to gather the wood shards in.

"I'm K'oss, and this is Meahakumeleth." the white-haired weyrling introduces, still keeping in contact with the brown. No doubt there's some form of communication between the two, to judge by K'oss' seeming distraction. Sorry if he doesn't come shake your hand too, he's a little busy. "We're both from the last hatching here at Fort, so they're still really young." he adds, gesturing to the dragons.

Sabrina grins at Ruzel and shakes her head. "No, haven't had any takers on this particular color. People have stuck with more tame colors, though there is another weyrling around who's hair I put some blue in it." She says with a small chuckle. "Ah, from Xanadu. Best not to let the weyrwoman see you then. She might get a bit upset." It's not exactly a secret that Fort and Xanadu are not on the best of terms right now. But seeing as she doesn't claim Fort as her actual home, she smiles just the same at Ruzel and Rhapsody.

Waved off or not, Ai'an's one of those hard-headed people. Thus, he's going to try to help anyway. "Aye," he agrees to K'oss's explanation of the dragons. He pats the bronze's neck and notes, "This is Jaharith." The dark bronze in question croons quietly in greeting to Rhapsody. He listens to the conversation about Xanadu and blinks. "Eh…aye, probably a good idea," he agrees.

"Nice to meet all of you." Ruzel says with a friendly smile, giving a little wave to those otherwise occupied. "Oh, uh, don't worry. I'm not here for anything political. A friend of mine just suggested I come up here to do some drawing. Said it was really pretty this time of year. And clearly they were right." He arches an eyebrow at Sabrina. "Hmm? You're all weyrlings? Well, congratulations! I wanted to make it up for the hatching, but transportation was kind of in short supply at the time." He frowns a bit, watching Rhapsody continue to gather the wood. "I wouldn't feel very good about not helping out… here." He heads over to help gather the wood, mindful of splinters.

"What a fine hide!" Rhapsody exclaims upon admiring Jaharith. She stands and offers her hand, asking permission to stroke it. She huffs at the insistent offer for help, but, she reasons, at least the mess is nearly clear. "What's it like to be weyrlings? I love to hear everyone's rendition of their Impression. I hope someday I'll have that chance…", she trailed off slightly. She gazed around at her surroundings, "I suppose it's not a bad time of year for capturing…let's put these sacks over there," she pointed to the eastern wall, "I'll take them away when I go in."

K'oss finally soothes Meahakumeleth (or was it vice versa?) and reluctantly steps away from the brown, walking towards the group. "I should've been the one to clean up that table." he confesses. "If Mea hadn't gotten rambunctious, it wouldn't have broken." a low rumble of mild discontent accompanies the words, and Mea rejoins the group as well, plopping himself down right in the middle, turning towards Jaharith.

Sabrina shakes her head lightly. "I'm not a weyrling. Just a semi-traveling hairstylist." She says, watching the group of people cleaning up the table. They have plenty of help! Besides, as a girl that wasn't exactly involved in anyway in the breaking of the table… she has no intention of helping to clean up unless specifically asked. "But it's always a sort of adventure when I come out here and the boys are all out here." She says to Rhapsody with a grin.

Ai'an nods as the question of if they're weyrlings comes from Ruzel. "Aye, we are," he notes. "Well…K'oss an' I." Jaharith seems quite pleased with the praise from Rhapsody, and stretches his wings a bit, thrumming happily. Ai'an is quick to help in putting the sacks along the eastern wall. "Hmm…it's hard ta explain what it was like fer me," he begins. "Like everythin' just…disappeared. An' I felt somethin' like a big, shinin' shape of some kind, an' I heard rushin' water. Jaharith spoke ta me an' said he was gonna stand up with me." The memory causes him to pause, and give a brief smile. and Sabrina's words cause a smirk. He pauses a gives a grin. "Sabrina's waitin' for a weyrling to graduate…." He's plainly just teasing.

Ruzel grins up at K'oss when he finishes getting the wood into the sacks. "Oh, don't worry about it. I'm a visitor to your lovely weyr and I've enjoyed the hospitality of all you folks all day. This is really the least I could do as thanks… and besides, it was mostly this young lady here. Rhapsody, you said?" He listens to the descriptions about impression with interest. "Everyone describes it a little differently… probably can't really be put in words. Well, congratulations all the same." He looks back at Sabrina. "You're a hairstylist? Huh. Well, your own suggests you certainly do striking work."

Rhapsody blushes pink to the tips of her ears. To Sabrina, she says, "Indeed it's nice. Do you take residence here in the Weyr?" She listens intently to Ai'an's recounting of the Impression, smiling at the first contact between dragon and rider. To Ruzel's comment, she replies, "As I stated before, 'twas my duty. I'm a ser—ack! I'm forgetting myself! Does anyone need anything before I take my leave?" Rhapsody, remembering her place, darted toward the sacks on the eastern wall. She kicked herself for allowing idle conversation with the weyrlings! How dare she? She took the sacks in hand, waiting for the reply of the others so she could take her leave.

"I was blasted by trumpets." K'oss adds, smiling at Mea. "Among other things… uh, what? Now? Augh." the last is said to the dragon, who flicks his tail, appearing apologetic. "Gotta go. Can't wait until they can fly themselves Between." he mutters to Ai'an ruefully, nodding to the other three and then hurrying after the brown to the barracks.

Sabrina purses her lips at Ai'an for his teasing. "Yes, well I'm just glad it's just seeming to fly rather than dragging out." She sys as she blushes just lightly. It's one thing to joke amongst people you count as friends, it's another to do it around people you're not really familiar with. Then to Rhapsody, "I kind of have a room in the residents cavern, but I haven't officially moved here or anything. I'll eventually move on to explore other parts of the world." Ruzel gets a grin for his, compliment. "Well thank you for that. But like I said, most people round here keep to the tame side of thing. Though I dyed Ai'an's hair and it nearly got him killed."

Ai'an smiles at Ruzel's congratulatory statement. "Thank ya," he returns with a smile. And he chuckles at Ruzel's noting of Sabrina's hair. "Ya shoulda seen what she did ta mine. Was red at the tips. She was havin' a free haircolorin' thing, an' I was lookin' for someone, ta apologize. He was there, an' I figured, why not?" Rhapsody's actions cause him to frown a little, though he offers a snicker in reply to K'oss's statement. "Aye," he agrees. And then he turns back to Rhapsody, raising an eyebrow. "No one's gonna be upset wi' ya f'r talkin' a bit," he replies. He seems puzzled. Sabrina's comment draws a smirk, and a reply of, "Aye! Canines! I s'pose they thought I was bleedin'. I was showin' the rest of 'em how ta field dress, an'…well…." A chuckle. "I s'pose I taste good." He turns to Rhapsody as he says this, and winks a little.

Ruzel gives Rhapsody a friendly smile, shaking his head. "No, no, don't worry anything on my account. I'm just a guest, don't wait on anything on my account." He eyes Ai'an's hair for a moment during the story, chuckling. "Well, at least you survived with your scalp intact… still, it sounds like it must've been a very interesting look. What's something like that cost you? Gotta be pricey, I suppose."

Rhapsody curtsey's daintily, "'tis not my place, Kind Ai'an." Truthfully, conversing with a Rider in private is more acceptable, but that she allowed herself to get so comfortable…she scolded herself once more. "Time I take my leave. Enjoy your evening, weyrling," she nodded at Ai'an with a soft smile, "Ruzel, and Sabrina. Well met." She bent a little at the waist and dismissed herself.

Sabrina grins at Ai'an and his recounting of the canine incident. She can only smile about it now because they'd all survived the attack. "It was really scary when they all got back. But yeah, they survived." She nods lightly to Ruzel's questioning on her prices. "Well, I charge four marks for a color and two for a cut. Though I know people who do it for less and for more." She says before nodding her head lightly to Rhapsody. "Good evening Rhapsody." She says, waving.

Since Ai'an has no clue what Sabrina actually charges for dyeing hair, he does not reply to the question; he instead waits for Sabrina to reply. He'd been wondering that himself truth be told! Four marks. As Rhapsody leaves, he notes to her, "Hope ta see ya again. Was a pleasure ta meet ya." He gives her a parting wink. And watches her walk away. "Eh?" He looks up to Jaharith. He gives a grins. "Dunno. Mebbe. If'n I ever see 'er again."

"Four marks?" Ruzel sounds both surprised and a little disappointed, glancing down at his coin pouch with a frown. "Eh… that might have to wait for another visit. Too bad. I imagine it'd make quite an impression if I came back to Xanadu like that." He chuckles a little, then looks back at Ai'an and grins. "Ah. See you're learning to be a proper rider already, making eyes with the drudges."

Sabrina nods lightly to the question from Ruzel. "Yes. Not anymore than if you commission a new skirt or gloves off a weaver." She says, feeling that if people can just go buy a new skirt, then they can come get their hair done. It's her means of living after all. She smiles though. "Well, when you can, I'll gladly do your hair for you." She says with little nod. She eyes Ai'an though at that remark to Jaharith. "You know, saying things like that and making all those little flirts at her, makes you seem just s bad as D'mos and I." She grins mischievously at the bronzer though, only teasing.

Ai'an smirks to Ruzel's comment. "'Ey…pretty lady is a pretty lady, aye?" he remarks with a grin. Sabrina's statement brings a bit of a mock frown though. "Aw…'e jus' asked if I was gonna get 'er any flowers, is all," he notes. "Nothin' untoward 'bout that." He grins. "You an' D'mos are waitin' ta do worse than that."

"Can't disagree with you there, sir." Ruzel says with a grin over at Ai'an. "Just male nature, I think. Dragonriders are just supposed to be better at it, if you believe the stories… and having lived in a weyr all my life, I'd say that I do." He smiles at Sabrina. "Maybe if I save up a bit. People aren't buying a lot of art at the moment, y'know?"

Sabrina rolls her eyes lightly. Ugh, boy talk. She grins lightly when she says Jaharith was just asking if he was going to get her flowers. "Alright, I'll believe that only because it was Jaharith asking. How come you never brought me flowers?" She asks, making a mock pout at him. She nods lightly to Ruzel "Yeah, I would think that is a rough way to make money. That's why you're also a handy man right?"

Ai'an chuckles to Ruzel's statement. "Only time'll tell," he notes, referring to his own fate as a rider. "Jaharith says 'e doesn'ae see the point in chasin' greens, since they don' make clutches." Here he pats the bronze. "'Course…'e may change 'is mind when 'e gets old enough ta chase." Sabrina's comment draws a skeptical raised eyebrow. "Why 'aven'a I brought ya flowers? 'Cause I don' wanna deal wi' D'mos, tha's why." A smirk. "Ya shoulda seen 'im against those canines…." He shakes his head.

Ruzel nods to answer Sabrina's question. "Exactly. Of course, that really only gives me enough to get by… usually I'm just fixing simple things in the weyrs, or helping people move in and out. It's not really fulfilling work, know what I mean?" Ai'an's remarks make Ruzel a bit curious. "How old are your lifemates getting now? Can't be too long, can it?"

Sabrina makes a face at Jaharith for that revelation about his feeling on green dragons. "Now that's just terrible. If I'd been in your clutch and impressed a green, I'd be quite insulted right about now. You're just lucky I don't have a green girly standing here with me." She's a little partial to the color green in general. She can't help the grin that pops up on her face when the giant of a weyrling says he wouldn't want to deal with Demos. "Oh, I wish I had seen that." She says, being just a little stupid for a moment. She nods at Ruzel though. "I know just what you mean. My mother wanted me to go into the weaver craft because she'd taught me how to do basic sewing, but I just find it so boring. I much prefer to change a person's outlook on life by changing their hair." She says happily.

"Jaharith's about six or so months old," Ai'an replies proudly. The bronze stretches his wings once more, as if proudly displaying himself for viewers. "An' very confident." He smiles. Sabrina's outburst causes him to frown slightly. Jaharith snorts a little, and stands. "'Ey…what?" He looks to the bronze, who flicks his tail to one side. "Well, I did say 'e might change 'is mind, didn'ae I?" he offers.

"Ah. Only half a turn. Still plenty of time to go." Ruzel says with a smile and a nod. He glances down at the sketchpad in his hands, then back up at the hairdresser and the weyrling. "Well, it was really nice meeting you both, but I should really get going if I'm going to get any art done at all this trip. Have a really nice day, and good luck with the growing dragon!" With that and a wave, he's off.

Sabrina waves to Ruzel when he leaves to go do his thing. Which she can totally understand. "See ya! It was nice meeting you." She waves as she grins lightly at Ai'an. "I was only half teasing." She says with a flick to the hem off her dress, just now realizing it was turned up a little. "Well, I'm going inside to warmer temperatures. You two have fun." She says with an exaggerated wink and a wave. She's still playing around a little.

Ai'an nods to Ruzel's departure. "Aye, good luck to ye as well," he offers, with a smile. Sabrina makes to go as well, and Ai'an nods. "I'll see ya later." A grin. "I'll be sure ta let D'mos know we was talkin' 'bout 'im." He chuckles, and offers a wave to the departing pair.

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