Fort Weyr - Training Complex

The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Even in winter, there is fog and for Fort Weyr there is no exception. The Weyr is covered in it, though it's hardly a danger and is, in fact, thin and really only viewable at a distance. It lends a sort of eerie sort of beauty though to the bowls, muffling the surroundings that are still laden with snow and ice from the previous days. As the sun begins to rise though, the fog will begin to melt away and likely not to wholly disappear until well into the morning. The training fields remain as they were, part of it still sectioned off for weyrling pairs wishing to practice their bond exercises with their lifemates. But on this day, a small section has been stamped flat and M'icha is busily working on arranging a few last minute bundled sacks, one that looks rather awkward and another that clinks and clanks as he shifts it, huffing a little as he works. Once he's satisfied, the Weyrlingmaster straightens and dusts his hands. "Alright, Aycheth 'ol friend. Wake 'em up and get them out here. If they aren't already." he murmurs to his blue, who remains lounging on a ledge above. Rumbling, Aycheth does just that, the touch of his thoughts reaching out to those sleeping within the barracks. « Come on out, all of you. » The blue calls, his voice firm. « It is time for a new morning and a new lesson. » Oh joy of joys?

Xucieth is asleep on her couch, content in her own little world she shares with her lifemate. She has been a bit problematic when it comes to lessons, either causing disruptions or reluctant to attend at all. It has been a near constant battle for her lifemate, Eirwyn. Today seems to be no exception. There is a faintest stir of her mind at the request, «Let me know how it goes.» She sends in a rumbly response.

Niumdreoth is awake, he had and itch that he just couldn't get too which meant Abigail needed to take care of it for him. The young brown was ever so nice in getting her to wake up, which his version of the wakeup call was knocking his lifemate out from the cot. Abigail is left grumbling and muttering slightly as she gathers herself up, and takes care of at least. "Really, so many other ways to wake me up, and ye pick that way?" At the request to come outside Niumdreoth is bouncing on his paws, large wings flap twice and his tail flicks to smack against Xucieth. « Let's go! » An soon enough he is bounding out from the barracks. Abigail sighs a moment. "Alright alight, don't knock anyone else over understand??" She calls out while finding her clothing and the like which she pulls on. Jacket in hand she glances to Eirwyn. "Meet ye outside." She knows the problems her friend has been having with her dragon, and is not about to question it.

« Your loss. » Aycheth's response to Xucieth is crisp, blunt perhaps and disapproving, but it was never elaborated if the weyrling dragons were to attend alongside their counterparts. « The rest of you, move smartly. » M'icha is a patient man, it seems and he comes to stand and wait by the gathered sacks and odds and ends with an almost detached air as he glances up at the foggy sky with a distant look. Something has him grimacing though and with a half grumbled curse, the Weyrlingmaster is leaning over to grab the cane that is resting against one of the sacks. "Come on now, you lot!" He'll call to the first Weyrlings to finally peek out from the door. "Not that cold out and I ain't going to bite your heads off. So get over here and get settled before the weather turns or /something/ else interrupts us." And he smirks a little at that, leaving it to them to assume what he could mean by /that/ little quip.

After considerable effort on her part, Eirwyn finally gives up on her dragon this morning and comes to join the lesson. She is still putting on her coat as she joins the group to stand near Abigail. The younger candidate seeming closest with this former guard. The green weyrling looks rather distracted as she joins the group and her eyes keep unfocusing as she continues to try to encourage her lifemate to join. Finally a green head peeks out from the barracks, but Xucieth comes no further and settles down to watch the lesson from afar.

Abigail makes her way on out after the others, Niumdreoth warbles out while he moves on out from the barracks once the doors are open, or perhaps he pushed his way right through them, he was rather eager to get outside after all. The young brown makes himself busy exploring a pile of snow, which for the moment holds his attention. Abbey on the other hand is over with the others, looking curiously at the sacks before her gaze turns too M'icha, who she gives a nod and salute to. "Morning sir." Is offered in that polite tone of hers, and once Eirwyn is at her side a smile is offered to her friend.

"Morning!" M'icha returns brightly to Abigail, toothy grin and all. The same is echoed to Eirwyn and if the Weyrlingmaster is aware of her struggles with Xucieth, he does not reflect on it now. Perhaps some other time, if it's brought up, the bluerider will speak privately with the greenriding weyrling. But now is lesson time and once everyone seems to have settled, M'icha claps his hands together, cane still clutched in one hand. "So. Who out of this bunch has /any/ sense or experience with leather? Saddles? Metal work?" He'll pause for a moment, head cocked to the side as he peers at the assembled group. There will be a knowing little smirk when the answers come, the Weyrlingmaster having likely assumed precious few know much on those subjects. "No matter if you do or don't, though those of you who have had experience will have a wee bit of an advantage. Which means you lot will be teaching your peers. Hey now, don't gripe!" And that cane is brandished to one particular Weyrling, likely Py'n the ex-Trader, for her groan. "All a team, remember? Stick together and work together or else you're gonna have a /real/ rough time later on…" he lectures, before clearing his throat. "Now, if that didn't give this mornings lesson away, here's the gist of it. About time we get workin' on your straps. Well… the /first/ set. Get into groups now, two of ya should do." And M'icha gestures for the Weyrlings to go about it, turning to limp towards the sacks and begin untying them while they organize themselves.

At the question, Eirwyn bites her lip a little looking thoughtful, "I was taught how to check my runner saddle to make sure it was safe and sound, but generally someone else did the repairs." The former lady answers to the question before quieting and letting the AWLM continue on. As he mentions the lesson though she gets a smile on her lips and glances over to her green. Xucieth has lifted her own head a little. Straps mean flying which means freedom. Maybe this is interesting to her after all. At the talk of pairing up, Eirwyn looks to Abigail and grins, "Want to pair up?"

Abigail has some idea about working with saddles and packs that are normally used for runners so she can use them on her canines. "A bit of an idea when it comes to dealing with leather." She offers softly once the question is brought up. Straps? A soft oh escapes her and she ponders before glancing around and then looks to Eirwyn, who she gives a smile and nod. "Course, glad ye asked." Which she would have asked the other girl if it wasn't brought up! Niumreoth perks at the bit on straps, a soft warble escapes him and he trots on over towards Xucieth. « Are they talking about straps? »

Just because M'icha is busy undoing a few sacks doesn't mean the bluerider is oblivious and without even so much as looking up, he lifts a hand to briefly point at Eirwyn. "Good start, regardless. Saddle ain't much different, save for size and the overall shape. Similar concept though." And aside to Abigail, he adds, "Good. Then you… oh, see you two have read my mind." he drawls with amusement, having looked up to check on the weyrling's progress. Noting that Abigail and Eirwyn have paired up, he glances to take note of the others, grimacing and shuffling a few of the pairs around and giving those that grumble a lingering look that soon has them silent again. Satisified, M'icha speaks up again, leaning a little on his cane. "Now, you lot aren't going to start actually making your first set quite yet. This is /practice/. You need to understand each piece, it's importance, what is right and wrong before we'll even let you at the scraps to start yer own set. And even then, you'll be a long time before you get your /full/ set. Likely not till they," And he pauses to gesture to the young dragons. "Quit growing so rapidly. Now," And he reaches into his jacket, pulling out a few rolled pieces of paper that are hastily thrown to each group, one for each. "Schematics! And…" Lifting his cane with a bit of a flourish, he knocks over the first sack, sending an array of metal hooks and rings and other bits tumbling out into the snow. Next sack has pieces of leather, already cut and sown, but obviously parts of a dismantled set — or sets. And behind those sacks are a few old looking saddles. Uh oh. "Puzzle time," M'icha quips with a crooked grin.

As the 'puzzle' parts are presented to them, Eirwyn looks at them wideeyed then down to the schematic in hand. "I suppose it is a lot like a regular saddle…" She says as she bites her lip and passes Abigail the schematic as she grabs the core of the project. One of the saddle seats. Everything builds from there right? With that done she looks over the piles of bits and pieces with her hands on her hips. During this time Xucieth has slinked a bit further out to watch the proceedings.

Abigail smiles and nods to M'icha at the bit Eirwyn and her being on the same team it seems. Her gaze is back on the sacks while she listens, a soft ah escaping her once things come tumbling out and are sprawled all over the place. Well this should be rather interesting for sure! A soft him escapes her and she nods while peering over Eirwyn's shoulder to eye the schematic that she has hold of, and then takes hold of it to get a better look at the paper. "Aye, that I do suppose it is. I can't recall the last saddle I looked at though." She ponders this while looking over the bits and pieces that catch her attention on the schematic. "Start finding pieces and go from there then?" While Eirwyn is going about getting the saddle bit she turns to start looking through the bits of metal hooks and rings, checking for the right ones. Niumdreoth settles himself down and seems to sprawl out while watching.

"Give or take." M'icha replies with a lopsided smile to Eirwyn, stepping back with a shuffling gait as the Weyrlings begin to sort out the schematics and then tentatively approach the piles of bits and pieces. One thing they'll quickly notice is that the drawings are rather… crude. Details seem to be missing or poorly implied compared to the pieces strewn about and perhaps done on /purpose/ to make the poor Weyrlings think or use some common sense. Gathering his cane, the Weyrlingmaster then begins to make a slow round of the groups, his gaze missing little even though he seems hardly to focus long on one particular pair over the other. "Now, once you figure you have the pieces you need, you'll start on trying to attach them all." Someone must pipe up, because M'icha laughs softly. "Nope. No instructions on that. Part of learning is by failing first. Plus, I'm kind of curious to see how much you lot can sort out yourselves before we give you the key." Even he needs a laugh? "Ease up, Weyrlings. You ain't being /tested/." And he gives a look for a few who seem a bit too worked up over such a simple thing. "Consider this a… /fun/ pre-start to what's to come. And the easiest." Cue a toothy grin. "I'll have you all cursing my name soon enough, but not this morning." As he turns back to take his place at the head of all the supplies, he rests heavily on his cane and chuckles. "Questions though, feel free to toss those out." he adds with importance.

Eirwyn looks back over the drawing as he explains stuff might be missing and there is a focussed look on her features. She is taking this seriously. She helps grab up some bits and pieces and all said and done she has what she needs for a 'runner' type saddle, not one to secure on to a dragon. Xucieth moves forward a bit more and starts nosing the metal bits, scattering them a bit.

Abigail picks up bits and pieces that seems to are close to the ones on the paper, while the drawing may be crude she is getting a general idea of the idea. Metal bits are gathered, along with leather ones before she is looking to see what Eirwyn has gotten hold of. "So, how would ye start with a runner saddle?" This Is questioned to her partner. "When I worked on the canine packs started at one end and worked on to the other." Sure a runner saddle is different than dragon straps, but she is curious to see how much she knows on the matter, if anything at all really. The conversation of the others is picked up now and then and she sends curious glances to see where about the others may or may not be. At the part on this is supposed to be 'fun' a unsure glance is sent towards M'icha, perhaps a bit worried what else might be coming if working on trying to make flying straps from scraps is suppose to be fun.

The other Weyrlings seem to be having mixed results as well. Some have only got as far as just staring from drawing to their gathered supplies. One pair has just gone pell-mell into the whole affair and are making some odd contraption that has M'icha eyeing them soon enough. "I said 'fun' but at least /try/ for Faranth's sake. Dismantle… whatever that is and try again." he grunts at them, smirking. That earns the Weyrlingmaster a few confused glances, but the pair comply and the bluerider simply sighs, shaking his head. Reaching inside his jacket again, this time he pulls out a small flask but doesn't immediately uncap it and neither does he hide the fact he has it. "Abigail, right?" M'icha asks, his eyes now glancing to the brownriding weyrling and consequently adding Eirwyn in as well. "You got the right of it. Sort of. So I'll give ONE hint, since at least one of you pairs are gettin' it. Start on one end or one piece. Don't try to just hobble it all little by little. Choose, then go from there." he points out dryly, smirking again. "Get to it now. We ain't got /all/ morning. The little ones are gonna get hungry and we've got bigger things to get too." And he chuckles again. Oh yes, do "worry" over what M'icha considers "fun".

"Well I would start with the saddle, then there should be a ring here to attach a strap down each side and another ring and buckle on each end. Some leather for foot loops as well, but I can't remember if the dragon's have those." Eirwyn says just in time to catch Xucieth making a mess of someone's pile of bits. The weyrling sighs and moves over to Xucieth, "Stop that, they are having a lesson…" She glances back to Abigail apologetically, "I need to get her settled again." She gives a salute to the WLM and heads back into the barracks with her lifemate.

Abigail nods slightly while she hears Eirwyn and goes about picking up a few pieces of leather. "I don't think its foot loops. I remember getting strapped in, but nothing like that." Though she could possibly be wrong, not like she actually go the chance to go flying that much. Hearing her name she looks up to M'chia. "Yes sir, that's right." A soft oh escapes her and she smiles before nodding. "Thank ye." Is heard, rather glad she got some idea right on the process! She goes about working on what she has dealing with the leather and the metal pieces that are needed in certain places. Now and then she glances to the picture while attempting to remember what she did see during those few times she /did/ get to ride a dragon. "Don't worry Eirwyn, I'll make sure to show ye later." Even if it is a mess! At least Abbey isn't about to just give up, she'll work on it herself without a problem, and take what hints she can get along the way.

M'icha glances up from helping one pair when the startled exclamations from another tip him off. There's a frown given, when he notes Xucieth being the cause, but it eases a little when Eirwyn steps in so promptly to correct the green's taste for troublemaking. "No matter. See to it that she's settled and then return if you can. We'll be continuing this anyhow and no sense getting her," And he juts his head at the young green. "All ruffled over it." The salute is returned and then the Weyrlingmaster turns back to the task of overseeing the rest of the group. Not that the exercise lasts much longer, with a few of the other Weyrlings running into distractions as their lifemates grow hungry. Eventually M'icha will call and end to the first puzzle exercise and order everyone back inside to tend to the basic needs. As they all file in, the bluerider will go about clearing the straps, picking up the loose pieces and hauling the half finished concoctions to a few storage bins inside, for easier access. Perhaps later in the day, the lesson will resume but for now routine carries on as normal.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.