Fort Weyr - Floating Dance Platform

An enormous raft-like structure of wood and plasticraft has been set up at the edge of the weyr lake. It floats just offshore, supporting a raised stage with a dome-shaped back. A wide, flat area, presumably for dancing, sits before the stage. Food tables, sporting banners in Fort's colors, have been set up along the edges, and a large number of curved benches ensure ample seating. Thick ropes secure the structure to stakes driven into the shore, while a number of floating wooden bridges provide easy access.

People: Moydeo Risner A'di B'ky

Obvious exits:
Shore <Sh>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky mumbles, has direction failure XD

Gretta has arrived.

It's a clear, cool afternoon at Fort Weyr, with a gentle breeze blowing off the lake and a crispness to the air that indicates Summer's end, and the beginning of the harvest season. With fruit ripening on vine and tree, it's likely little wonder that the tables around the floating platform are filled with all manner of sliced fruits and juices, alongside wines and Fort's newest delicacy, fruit bowls of sorbets in a number of flavors. Despite the lateness of the turn, the frozen food seems to be rather popular, even now, as those milling about wait for the harpers onstage to begin the music. Word has surely spread about the dance lessons being held at Fort Weyr, which has turned into a semi-casual gather of sorts. The hum of conversation dies down a bit as the harpers begin a soft, easy melody, which drifts over the floating dancefloor and out across the lake and weyr bowl. More than a few dragons are lounging along the shore of the lake, watching the festivities. One of these is Avideth, who croons delightedly at all the people. His rider is soon visible, leaving the living caverns, and probably not difficult to spot in clashing crimson and indigo leathers, with three brightly dyed locks of hair to match, though at the moment it's not braided, but tied back in a loose runnertail. B'ky pauses at the edge of the dance platform, pale grey eyes wandering over the crown, before he sighs quietly and makes his way toward the center of the dance floor, clearing his throat and then smiling. "I'm glad all of you could make it," the man says, his soft voice at least carrying across the platform. "Please, find a partner," and his grey eyes fairly sparkle with cheer, "The first dance will be a formal Fortian gather dance."

Gretta is all business as she walks beside the ladies, her face neither frowning nor smiling for the moment. The older woman rumbles toward B'ky after his announcement and sticks out her hand, palm down, "I'm here for lessons, young man," she says as she pushes right up to him, "And these are my granddaughters.. Eunice and Marice..twelve and sixteen…thy wanted to come watch their old Nan cut a rug.." and she laaaaaughs. Gretta returns the nod to B'ky and finds a spot of wall to occupy, pushing a foot up and back against the wall. The younger girls curtsy then look around for a a snack, sorbet, and a place to sit. Nan… keeps a mustached smile trained on B'ky. "You," she says to him. "I need a professional to off-set my natural grace." Gretta can only wince inwardly..natural grace.. of herdbeast maybe.

Ysa has arrived.

Risner pops a bite of fruit into his mouth just as the grandmother stakes her claim on B'ky. The next few seconds are taken up with him attempting not to choke on said bite of fruit, and to contain a spontaneous bout of laughter. Standing beside the table, attempting to be incognito has been working so far, so Risner will just keep doing that. And making sure the fruit doesn't go to waste.

Moydeo had followed the crowd from the living cavern, her two flits deciding it was a better option to go join the dragons lounging on the beach, might perch on one as well if they don't mind. She makes her way up onto the platform, and looks around as the rest of the group chooses partners.

Kessa has arrived.

B'ky smiles pleasantly to the old woman, saying smoothly and without any hint of mirth, "If you wish a professional, there is none better," and he holds his arm out, but not to her. Instead, he indicates a harper, a master by his knot. Nope, B'ky is /not/ the one who will be giving lessons; he's just a rider after all. Said harper master immediately presents himself, smiling broadly and bows low, "My lady," and while he's doing that, B'ky is moving off from the center of the dancefloor, toward the owl of sorbet. Ahem. Grey eyes scan the crowd, as if looking for someone, although he sighs and stands aside, to watch the dancing begin.

Nan looks positively crestfallen as B'ky steps aside and her nose wrinkles a bit but then she brightens seeing the knot, he must be important. "RIght then," she says and pulls her hand from B'ky's direction, rude boy, and offers it to the harper, "Master Harper," she says with a snooty lift of her chin.

Gretta inhales as things start to shape up and she shifts from one foot to the other, eyes settling on the distance though now and then she looks to the girls to keep track of them. They sit and giggle and talk about old Nan.

Master Farial is up there in years, but he knows his craft, and his way around the dance floor. After bowing low to the old woman, he steps forward to gather attention, in a clear, carrying voice, "Please, if you would, take your partner's hand, like so," and he holds out his hand to the old woman, smiling warmly, "And place the other like so," waiting for permission to place his hand on the woman's waist. "If you would place your hand upon my shoulder, dear lady," and he brings forth his most winning smile.

With Ellamariseth off the sands, it is no surprise that the Istan Senior gold is spotted coming in for a landing on the beach. The smaller gold gives a warble of a greeting to those dragons there even as her lifemate slides down, in orange and black skirts and a black blouse with a thick riding jacket. After the last few turns in warm warm sunny Ista, even the slightest chill gets to the older Weyrwoman. "Istan's duties!" comes out Ysa's pleasant greeting to those nearby that aren't yet on the dance floor, grinning at the set up. Wait, sorbets? Right, first stop, the tables, though she looks like she's already twitching to the music, swinging her hips a little more than necessary as she makes her way first for a little snack. "I heard Fort was having dancing, and there was just no way a woman like me can't come by and pay a visit to good friends," is what she says to those gathered there.

The Weyrwoman of Fort makes her way onto the floating platform, her shoes giving a click as her feet are lifted at the back by a higher heel. She's wearing one of her flowing gowns, the pale yellow one in which she seems to favour. Since it's autumn and the air has a chill to it, a fur coverret sits over her shoulders, clasped together just over her breast with a bright sparkling broach. The fur settles down over her shoulders a ways and seems to give her attire a more eloquent flare. Her hair is also done up behind her in a bun with messy curls left loose around her face. Once she's on the platform, her fingertips curl around a fine wine glass, her eyes drawing low as she scans out the suitors as her red painted lips brush over the top of the glass. The 'shrill' of Istan duties has the younger Senior flipping her chin to the side, eyeing up Ysa with an abrupt wave of her hand, "Welcome Ysa. More brown and black for you I say!" She winks teasingly as she hooks her hip to the side and regards the pairing crowds.

Pick someone? Uh oh. Risner chews and swallows his bite of food, licks his fingers clean, and starts doing the awkward think-I'm-gonna-go-this-way dance around the table, as if it might hide him from view. But as dancers partner-up, Ris seems to think better of his hide-and-eat decision, and casts a curious eye around those remaining, and picks his way over to a short brunette. Poor Moydeo. "Got a partner?" he wonders, half-heartedly.

It's a bit late, but finally just as the party starts to begin, Dalasith makes his appearance in the sky. The powdered blue dragon slowly makes his decent and lands just on the outskirts of the dancing platform. His rider can be seen unbuckling himself and slipping down the blue's side. A'di is wearing a silky white shirt and dark blue pants, his dark green hair is pulled back behind his head. A'di stuffs his hands into his pockets and slowly casts his attention on the gathering crowd. "This was a bad idea," He tells the dragon, Dalasith just croons loudly and pushes his rider in the direction of the people. "All right, I'm going, I'm going. And I better not find you trying to bring your new friends home again." He shakes his head and slowly makes his way towards the crowd.

Moydeo is just off to the side,, watching as people pair up, for the dancing lesson,and take instructions from the Masterharper, well, maybe sshe'll just watch, wasn't like she was all that great at dancing anyway. But then the voice distracts her, and she turns to Risner, and blinks a moment. "No, actually I don't." Not yet anyway. "Do you?" She asks.

B'ky is standing back, pale grey eyes still scanning the crowd, the bluerider sighing quietly. Well, at least there is sorbet. On the shore, Avideth rumblies a welcome to the Ellamariseth, dipping his head respectfully, like the polite dragon he is. There's another gentle rumble for Dalasith, followed by a croon. B'ky, however.. its the weyrwomen he spots first. Both of them. There's a polite nod in their direction, although the man swallows as he glances at Ysa. The last time he saw her on a dance floor, he'd /left/ her there. Eep. Luckily, B'ky spots A'di and, smiling, he raises a hand in greeting, hoping to catch the other bluerider's attention. B'ky almost has a 'save me quick' expression on his face, though he's attempting to hide it.

Nan rests a meaty hand in the old harper's hand then she nods to him, "Oh yes yes of course," she chirps then a hand goes to the man's shoulder. Hopefully they are standing at profile because if she's between him and the other dancers, they won't see anything but silk wrapped girth. She likely used to have a figure, and technically she has one now it's just rather thick and..well.. thick.

Seeing this is going to be a while Gretta rises up off the wall and moves to find a seat, snagging a cup of something to drink while she waits and watches, her head shaking now and again as Nan rocks on her pudgy feet, giddy.

"Nope," answers Risner, exaggerating the sound with a loud pop on the 'p'. He smiles awkwardly and shrugs. "I'm probably gonna step on your toes, but if you don't mind that, wanna partner? Figure, if I don't start now, I'll never learn." He's keeping tabs on that Harper - hands here and there, got it. No biggy.

Ysa swings around for her green eyes to find the younger Weyrwoman. "Wasn't the bet decorate the other /Weyr/? And what dull colors it's made our caverns and all. I thought I should swing by after hearing 'bout dancing to add a little bit more color to your place." And she spins once in her orange and black skirts, stopping back at Kess to wink at the woman. Back to the table, though, she gets herself a little taste of the sorbet, sighing pleasantly. And then her eyes finally spot the bluerider, and they light up in recognition. It was that died bit of hair. She points her spoon at him. "/You/. What're ya doing standing by here all quiet with no one to spin around the floor with? I know for a fact ya can dance. An' dance well."

A'di peeks as he catches the wave out of the corner of his eye, leaning forward to narrow his eyes at the wave, there's only one person who could be dressed in crimsons and blues and have hair like that. A'di grins and makes his way over towards B'ky, a hand running quickly through his hair in an attempt to fix it. A'di pauses, however, as he looks warily at all the people and quickly hurries over to B'ky's side. "Lotta people here." He murmurs quietly to the other other bluerider.

Kessa fluffs some of the fur around her shoulders as she goes to take a seat that gives her a good view of the dance floor. Even if it was dance lessons, it's still an excuse to enjoy munchies and have a glass of wine. The woman crosses her ankles, shoes more apparent now as they are the a very pale yellow, with a few straps buckling the shoes to her ankles. She bobs her one crossed leg idly, smiling at the other Weyrwoman's comments and sharing in a private laugh with the other's twirled show of orange and black.

Farial smiles his most charming smile, stepping aroundto guide Nan, careful of her feet, so they are standing at profile. "Now," he says, for the benefit ofthe other dancers, "step to the side, like so," andhe steps slowly and carefully, "and then back," and he demonstrates, "And then forward and to the side again. The firstfew steps repeat this, three times," and he demonstrates once again.

Uh-oh. The Istan weyrwoman has spotted him! It's not as if B'ky can really /be/ inconspicuous, anyway, not in that crimson and indigo outfit, heh. "Oh Faranth," is what B'ky mumbles very softly under his breath, and likely only A'di would be able to hear it. But the Roc wingleader does manage a smile for Ysa and a tilt of his head, "Fort's duties," quiet voice polite, if hesitant. "Ah, I was about to.." he begins, but there's a certain hesitancy as his grey eyes scan the crowd. There's a very soft sigh, before he's turning to blink at A'di, nodding faintly in agreement, "Mm, I didn't expect this many." But he has to smile, grey eyes warming as he offers an arm to the other bluerider, asking, "Have you met Fort's weyrwoman?" His gaze flickers to Kessa a moment, and then back to A'di, "I think she would probably like to meet the harper responsible for Fort bringing the sorbets to Fort." And is that a faint sparkle of mirth in those light grey eyes? Perhaps. As for dancing, B'ky offers, "I wouldn't mind another dance, as well, if you're willing to give those lessons.. another chance." He remembers the star stones. Although there is no hint of a frown in his expression. Nope, none at all. It's too lovely a day to be thinking of B'miel.

Gretta sips her drink and when Kessa moves to sit down she looks up and smiles, inclining her head, she isn't unfriendly just reserved, after all. When the couples start to move her eyes drift back toward them and perhaps beyond, her gaze unfocused, thoughts elsewhere for a moment. Her head snaps back as Nan passes by her line of vision with her dance steps and she has to grin, eyes flicking to the granddaughters briefly, still accounted for, such nice young ladies.

Moydeo blinks, and giggles a little, shaking her head. "As long as you don't mind me stepping on your toes as well." She admits. "I need to learn to dance at some time as well." She agrees. "Shall we go then, partner." She says, two inexperienced dancers together as partners, oh boy, this should be fun teaching for the harper master.

Ysa takes her time with the sorbet, making sure to give B'ky a look up and then down, and then to the other bluerider. "Ya looked like ya were trying to hide here on the side instead." She glances back to A'di and then there's a slow wry grin spreading across her face. "Ah," is what she says to them two. And then, turning back towards the food table, she makes sure to grab herself a glass of wine as well before swinging back to jerk the glass at B'ky to point a finger at him. "As a visitor, I ask that ya make sure to seek me out for a dance once you're done with your first ones." And with that she heads over to join Kessa to find an empty seat and watch. Drink first, dance later, right?

Farial repeats those dance steps, the old harper's feet having stepped this rhythm a hundred times before, and no matter the dance partner, he smiles charmingly and then instructs the next set of steps, looking over the crowd a moment to ensure everyone's following along before saying in that same clear, carrying voice, "And now, for a simple turn, one step back and to the side while your partner follows, stepping in a quarter-circle the side, like so," and he demonstrates smoothly, all patience and care for the woman he's dancing with.

A'di blushes ever so slightly, letting his eyes flicker to the ground momentarily. He sneaks a quick look over his shoulder, as if trying to see if he can still make a run for it. "The…lessons?" A'di frowns too, he all too well remembers what happened the last time. And yet again he's squirming in his position, and he looks up in horror at Ysa "We're just…friends." Yeah. Just friends. A hand rubs at the back of his head, "Perhaps this wasn't a good idea after all, B'ky? And…I wasn't the one responcible. After all, it was all the other people who found the books in the first place, it would have happened sooner or later."

Kessa smiles toward Gretta as she notices the other's head bob, returning the gesture before she alights her attention back to the dance floor, tapping her fingers in time with the rhythm. Some how in the mass of watching people stride onto the dance floor, she misses the audiance that Ysa seeks out, realizing only where she is when she comes to the table and finds a spot there. Kessa smiles a little, hoisting up the wine glass in a silent toast, sipping from it afterward. A glance is given to Ysa, "Congratulations to you, Weyrwoman, for the hatching you had. Three bronzes and a gold. I can only hope Choth or one of our other golds produces so well."

Risner is a weyrboy - being around girls doesn't phase him. Neither does taking their hand and putting his on their waist bother him. It's the part that comes next that seems to stump the lad. "Right so…" and Risner takes a good look at himself and Moydeo, as if checklisting everything. And now? He squints over at the dancing Harper and gran, bobbing his head as those feet move. "Ready?" he asks Moydeo, flashing a quick grin. And off he goes, attempting those first few steps. Immediately his head goes down, and his eyes latch onto the floor. My, what an interesting floor!

Moydeo nods, and moves with him onto the floor, mimicing what she's seen the other pairs do. She glances at the harper, beforre she goes to do the move with Risner, glancing down at her own feet, thus doesn't see where she's going, and bumps right into another pairing. "Oops! Sorry!" She saays apologetically to them, man it was crowded.

B'ky smiles slightly, inclining his head to Ysa, although the promise of a dance later has him swallowing nervously. Ahem. He can't help looking just faintly relieved when she turns to Kessa, although A'di's blush has B'ky blinking all over again. That look of horror earns a quiet, gentle laugh from the wingleader, "We are. And, honestly, does it matter either way? I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't offer a dance." He still holding out that arm. His head tilts as he says quietly, "Well, I'll introduce you later, then." After all, Ysa is over there by Kessa, but at the moment, B'ky is regarding the other rider, asking softly, "You're here, A'di; you might as well dance?" After all, considering some of the others out on the dance floor.. with people perhaps bumping into others even. That earns a faint smile from B'ky, the man saying warmly, "I think it would be rather fun to learn to dance again." And he'd promised, hadn't he?

Nan is near to giggling as they move, thinking herself graceful, all smiles and tatatalalala, sadly it translates to somewhat awkward jerking and jiggling and toemashing. Poor old man. THe granddaughters giggle as they watch but Nan is oblivious, on stage as it were, the instructors very example of dance!

Gretta's attention is drawn back to those near her at the mention of 'weyrwoman' and 'hatching' and she shifts in her seat, downing her drink. Wishing for another. A smile is directed to Ysa too and she inclines her head as she sets the empty glass down, folding her hands in her lap.

Ysa wiggles some fingers over her shoulder at A'di with a chuckle. "Yeah, yeah. But just is that he'd rather dance with /ya/ than /me/," she calls over to A'di, glancing back briefly with a grin. A little stung? Just a little. Again. Afterall she was left on the dance floor once already. She takes a big gulp of her wine, barely tasting it, as soon as she takes her seat next to the other Weyrwoman. She gives Gretta a nod back before beaming over to Kessa. "Ya were there? Shells, were we surprised! I mean, Kinseth was certain that that gold egg was, well, gold, but ya can never tell with Ella. She'd rather guard the candidates than any one of her eggs. But all those bronzes were really surprising, too."

Ack! And now they are bumping into people, and Risner is stepping on toes from people he's not even dancing with. "Oh, crap- I mean shells- or, er. Oops?" Best to move away quickly before this becomes worse. "Quick, this way!" he hisses in an exaggerated whisper to Moydeo, attempting to run/dance/maneuver over to a spot less crowded.

"Why don't you just teach Dalasith to dance? I'm pretty sure he'd appreciate the dancing lessons a bit more." A'di mumbles half under his breath and peers over at Ysa, "So dance with him? It's not like I'm going to be dancing anytime soon." A hamd waves at the bluerider and he'll sneak into the crowd. Muahaha, how he gets to hide. Flee!

There's barely a twitch from Farial as his toes get stepped on; he's wearing thick boots. He came prepared. Although perhaps not quite prepared for Nan, but his smile is plastered on, and it.. might even be genuine. "And now, we shall repeat the previous steps," the old harper moves again, back and forth, and to the side, three times once more, and then that half-turn, slowly, for the benefit of his feet and for those attempting to keep up.

Kessa doesn't notice the interplay between Ysa and the blueriders, instead, her gaze is casually scanning the crowd, turning back with an aloof expression on her face at Ysa's words. She answers at first with a head bob, "Yes. I was," she listens with a faint smile tracing on her lips for the excitement it seems to bring the other Weyrwoman to speak about their luck. There's a stubborn set of her lips then as she stretches a look over her shoulders. "If you'll excuse me…" she stands from the table, "there's something going on that Choth believes I must handle. Enjoy yourself Ysa," she pats her on the shoulder, smiles briefly at the other riders and scoots herself between them. All dressed up and no dancing! And now back to work. And so it goes.

Are they having fun yet? "Good idea." Moydeo says, and moving quicckly to a less crowded spot, why did they think of this in the first place. "We should of gone to this spot to start with." She agrees sheepishly. Maybe they'd do better now, avoid them people! They're dangerous! She glances over her shoulder as the master tells them to try the steps again, man this guys got alot of patience. She takes up position again with Risner, and moves the way they were told, trying her best not to step on toes, or run into people.

Risner agrees with a grin and a quick nod of his head. "It is my theory that this spot didn't exist before," decides Risner. "Sounds like a good excuse, right?" And now more dancing. Moydeo is given a cursory look-over, Risner doublechecking that everything is where it's supposed to be (hands at ten and two?) and off they go again. This time he's doing a bit better than before, and even manages to glance up every now and then, though he tends to stare at his feet more than his partner or dance instructor.

B'ky gives the other rider a curious look, one thin eyebrow rising. He says nothing in reply, however. The bluerider sighs quietly, watching A'di flee, and just shakes his head. Well, he tried. The wingleader finds a redfruit sorbet and leans back against the table, watching the dancing. There's a quiet smile as he notes the awkwardness on the dance floor, though he doesn't seem as if he himself is going to join them.

Gretta glances to the couples briefly then her head turns to Kessa as she talks about her dragon and the guard draws a slow breath then watches her go. She smiles as she looks back to Ysa, "Sounds like an exciting hatching," she says in a smooth, soft tone. Meanwhile, back at the dancefloor…Nan. She really gets into it now, the master's gracious acceptance of her poor abilities being read as approval, she really lets go, hips asway. And boy do they. Eunice nearly falls off her chair laughing and her old sister grabs her ear to sober her a bit, then both dissolve into giggles, Gretta catches sight of it and has to chortle, head shaking.

Ysa lifts her glass in a farewell toast after the departing Fort Weyrwoman. "And your clutches will be just as grand! Later, Kessa," she calls out before turning towards Gretta and bobbing her head. "It really was. Sadly it'll be all quiet now until the next clutch, which will now either be Ella's or Mira's, depending on if her new daughter takes to the skies faster than her." There's no worry about infertility in the young gold. She glances back towards the dancing, a bit longing, though she glances back to her glass. "I think I better go look for something a little stronger before attacking some Fort man." She gets up again then, nodding to Gretta before heading back to the tables to look for another drink.

"The spots you really need, never seem to appear until you made a fool of yourself." Moydeo grins, and continues to dance with him, getting slightly more confident as she goes, watching feet, and making sure she doesn't run into anybody. Well, till she steps right on poor Risner's toes. "Ack! Sorry!" She says, and quickly tries to reset the foot.

Farial continues to teach the dance steps, back and forth, step and step again. He doesn't fail to notice Nan's swinging hips, and it's taking all /his/ composure from laughing. Perhaps his smile grows a little, but his voice is clear as he instructs, "And now a simple twirl," and he steps back slightly, removing his hand from Nan's waist, he raises the other hand in which he's holding hers, and says, "If you would, kind lady, turn one ina circle beneath my hand," and lifts his hand to do so.

"Yup. Like a right of passage or something." Risner's half paying attention to the conversation, half paying attention to his feet. Too bad he's not paying attention to HER feet. Ouch ouch ouch! Risner manages not to make a sound, though he does wince and bounce a bit. "s'ok," he tells her through gritted teeth, attempting to smile it off. "You're little." Thank Faranth the next move seems to be one that keeps him stationary! Risner plants his feet, solid as a rock in a hurricane, and lifts his arm for Moydeo to duck under. He's braced and ready!

It's a clear, cool afternoon at Fort Weyr, with a gentle breeze blowing off the lake and a crispness to the air that indicates Summer's end, and the beginning of the harvest season. With fruit ripening on vine and tree, it's likely little wonder that the tables around the floating platform are filled with all manner of sliced fruits and juices, alongside wines and Fort's newest delicacy, fruit bowls of sorbets in a number of flavors. Despite the lateness of the turn, the frozen food seems to be rather popular, even now, as those milling about wait for the harpers onstage to begin the music. Word has surely spread about the dance lessons being held at Fort Weyr, which has turned into a semi-casual gather of sorts. The sound of music drifts across the lake as an elderly harper master, Farial, guides Nan in a twirl, instructing the other dancers as he does so. B'ky is sitting back somewhere, the bluerider just watching, while Ysa isapparently attacking the wines. And Gretta is sitting back somewhere too, although Moydeo and Risner are on the dance floor. And along the lake shore, a number of dragons are watching the whole festive gathering with interest.

Gretta nods to Ysa then smiles as she gets up to find more drinks. TWIRL? That word catches her attention as it does with the granddaughters and their hands fly to their mouths in anticipation. Nan beams a smile up at the Master and nods, "Oh, I woullllld.." she says then her eyes close as she starts to turn beneath his hand. The image in her head is likely of a princess-like spin and granted, her skirt is made to swirl outward, sadly, a narrow crease of it is stuck to her ample arse. Gretta's eyes widen for a moment then she glances to Eunice who is struggling from behind her sister's hand to keep from squealing.

Moydeo nods. "Exactly, some kind of weird test of awkwardness or something." She says, and then giggles a bit. "Thanks, guess that is a good upside to it." She says in agreement, and pauses as she listens, before shee ducks under Risners arm to do the twirl, some how missing his and anybody elses toes for once. "I bet the dragons are laughing at us." She glances out at all the lounging dragons on the beach.

Perhaps hoping to not be noticed amongst all the music, food and entertainment, Elyciana is making some attempt to remain somewhat unnoticed as she creeps her way onto the platform from the far end. Here she pauses on the fringe of the celebrations, eyeing the dance floor and the food in turn, as though deciding where might be the best and safest place to go first. Drumming her fingers idly against her thigh, she soon makes a choice and sidles along one of the serving tables with uncharacteristic grace. One step, two step. As she meanders, she keeps an eye on both food and the dancing Moydeo and Risner. She nearly makes it to the end of the table without a mishap, but eventually her penchat for bad luck gets the best of her. As Ely brushes past the very far end of the table, her stealthy entrance is ruined by a small plate of cut fruit deciding to slide to the floor with a noisy CLATTER. The girl winces and freezes in place, as though waiting for some sort of hammer to fall. So much for not being noticed and escaping the actual dancing bit.

Phew, they made it! Risner can't help but sigh a little as Moydeo's twirl proves successful. He grins, and bobs his head in agreement. "Oh, if dragons could laugh, I am sure they would. Of course, I'd like to see /them/ try this!" Twirl accomplished, Risner goes back to the old way of things, moving his feet carefully (and as far from Moydeo's as possible, for her sake and his!) It's stiff, it's awkward, but at least he's not staring down at the floor anymore. "You girls are lucky," he decides.

A'tien has arrived.

Farial merely holds his hand high so Nan can twirl, and it takes quitea bit of will to keep the laugher from bubbling up as he notices her skirt! But he's a harper, trained and true, and he keeps his gaze up and his expression smiling, even if that smile might twitch upward a little. And those eyes of his surely hold a glimmer of amusement, but he only clears his throat, just a little, stepping closer again once she's turned back toward him and moving to return his hand to her waist, continuing with the dance instructions as if it were absolutely normal, "And now we repeat the steps, from the beginning." And he does so, demonstrating slowly, step and then step and to the side, and half-turn..

Yeah, that successful twirl was a surprise to Moydeo too, maybe they were getting the hang of this dancing thing finally. "How do you know they can't laugh? Maybe they do, we just can't hear them." She says as she slips into dancing again, distance is good! "Oh? How is that?" She asks, before she jumps out at the sound of the platter crashing to the floor, and looks up, startled, toward where Elyciana is.

With the weyrlings now infiltrating Ista Weyr, it's nice to get away every now and then. A'tien makes his way into the clearing, tilting his head as his eyes flicker about the weyr. "Huh," He mumbles half to himself as he peers at the dance floor. "Now this is interesting." The bronzerider quietly makes his way towards the crowd, idly watching the dancing pairs curiously.

Surely it is a sign of his intense concentration that Risner completely misses the clattering platter. Surely. Or maybe it is out of a sense of politeness? Either way, he can't ignore it when Moydeo's head turns. Excet he doesn't follow her gaze, oh no; his eyes immediately go to the floor. If she's not watching her feet, someone has to! "Well, you get those big poofy skirts, right? And they cover your feet, which means if you miss a step, no one notices. But not us guys. Our legs are bare and out there for the world to see."

Gretta smiles softly as she watches, amused at the old master's handling of Nan and her ample hips. Once twirled Nan draws back and fans herself a bit, "Dear man, the way you keep looking at me.. you make this old woman blush.." and she smiles broadly, red lipstick offset by her sparse yet visible 'stache, greying black. Her ample, pale cleavage heaves her breaths and she retakes his hand, "Never fear.. I can manage another round.." she assures him.

The guard rises to her feet and strides to the table once more taking a cup of sorbet and a drink, then returns to her seat, sitting quietly as her quarry, Nan, continues her spectacle of dance.

Elyciana remains tense for a long moment, completely rooted to the spot of the miniature disaster. When she's sure that no one is going to reprimand her or no other fruit bits are going to go falling to the ground, her shoulders relax somewhat and her breath visibly releases. That was a close one. Just in case, though, she sends a defiant glare out to those who might be staring at her to just show that she cares little for their opinion. Brushing idly at her tunic, she starts to stride confidently forward again, skirting the fringes of the dancers for some time and snatching up a small piece of cut refruit to nibble on as she passes. It doesn't take her long to get drawn in closer and closer to the dance floor, if only to smirk a little at the outfits and the girly movements. She soon finds herself just on the outside of the dancers, watching them with silence or an occasional snort of laughter.

Moydeo snorts at Elyciana's glare, before she concentrates on dancing, and not walking all over Risner, and back to watching those feet! Back to the beginning they go with the rest of the dancers, Moydeo glancing down occassionly to make sure she doesn't step on his toes, or anybody elses. She blinks a bit "Huh, never thought of that way." She admits. "But that does make sense." She agrees, and manages to ignore Elyciana's snorts of amusement, she probably wasn't the only one after all.

A'tien makes his way through the crowd and somehow winds up near Elyciana, ducking his head slightly to sweep a hand through his hair. "I heard something was going on here." He murmurs quietly, watching the dancing couples. "Would you like to dance? I might end up stepping on your feet though." A little blush touches his cheeks as he watches the people. "Meibhan and I never really were very good at dancing." The man gets a distant look to his face before shaking his head and offering a hand, "C'mon, I could use some dusting off."

"Plus, us guys have to lead. It's double the pressure." Risner grins, half-teasing. "Oh good, we're back to the first steps! I remember those," he decides, and settles into something resembling a rhythm. A choppy, boxy, robotic-like rhythm. At least he hasn't stepped on her toes (yet).

The corners of Elyciana's mouth quirk upwards into a slight grin as she notices Moydeo. It would seem she just can't help her immature side to come out, as she sticks her tongue out at the girl as she passes, just for good measure sohuld her previous glare not have gotten through. Considering the grin on her face, though, it's likely all done in jest. She's interrupted right in the middle of a soft chortle at someone else's near fall when she's cut off mid-laugh at A'tien's invitation. At first, it's almost as tohugh the man has shocked her, considerin the fact she takes an involunatry step backwards. One blink and two blinks. Her mismatched blue and green eyes manage to focus on the rider before she formulates an answer, "Well .. I …" She mouths for a few moments - for once she's ocmpletely speechless. There's a hint of apprehension crossing herf ace for a brief moment as she notes, "Well .. I might cause more than steping on toes, y'know .. but." Another hesitation and she holds her hand out slowly. Well. So much for staying on the fringes. The Bitran doesn't seem as though she can back down from a challenge, as her posture is already starting to straighten a bit as she steels herself for the onslaught of girlish twirls and spins.

A'tien chuckles quietly and shuffles uneasily on his feet, "Well, it can't be worse than having firestone dropped on your feet or having hatchlings knock you over." A'tien says quietly, "I think I can endure a couple steps on my toes. I'll just try not to step on yours." A'tien says softly, letting his eyes flicker to the ground uneasily. "I'm A'tien by the way, sorry if I startled you. I was looking for Kessa, and I stumbled upon this." A hand waves to the dancing. He smiles slightly as he takes her hand and gives it a little tug towards the floor.

Moydeo hears Elyciana say she can't dance either, and she quietly snickers, though she does manage to keep pace with Risner in this boxy choppy, robotic rhythm, that would probably put robots to shame. But atleast they were slightly better then Nan, right? That was a plus! "That's true as well, guys have all the pressure in dancing, how do you stand it?" She asks.

Farial doesn't even bat an eyelid at Nan's words, simply smiling and dipping his head, although he /does/ glance over to where he last saw a certain gaudily-dressed wingleader, in a 'thisis your fault' sort of way. And then he does blink. For it seems B'ky has managed to do the impossible, and actually slipped off elsewhere. Avideth is still people-watching from the lake shore, so the man must be somewhere in the weyr. But apparently, the bluerider has managed to sneak out while Ysa was distracted by wine, and made good his escape. He likely won't return, too afraid to dance with her again, and could anyone really blame him? The harper's smile does not move an inch, but his eyes do peer around looking, although he makes a show of nodding approval at the dancers to cover up for it. Farial is all smiles for Nan, and there's no hint of the likely dismay at her being able to manageanother round, indeed, in that clear voice, all he says is, "Shall we, then?" And to the rest of the dancers, "Now once again, repeat the steps, and then a twirl." And he demonstrates, stepping carefully and still smiling.

Elyciana takes a deep breath and lets it out, trying not to let her obvious nerves break through her solid composure. She does manage a slight half-smile at A'tien, which is a bit of a surprise for her, afterall. Surprises all around. It takes a tug or two to get her feet to move to follow the rider onto the floor, but once she gets going one foot seems t follow the other. "Nah, you didn't startle me. I just wasn't expecting to be asked. I was .. sort of laughing at the others," she admits with little shame, casting another frown at Moydeo as she passes her. THe sight of the other girl makes her attempt to look even more composed, if at all possible. Must make this look good. Glancing back to A'tien, she adds with a small voice, "Elyciana." But she continues further in a louder voice, "But call me Ely. I prefer Ely .. or Elyci. It's nice to meet you. Here's hoping I don't make myself memorable by being the one to dump us both off the floating dance floor into the water." And she says this in all seriousness, as tohgh this is a possibility.

A few turns later Nan has had all she can take. She pants and sweats, yes sweats, beads of it at her hairline, that trapped crack of fabric coming free of her arse but..dampened as well and her upper lip sports beads of it, at least this softens the hairs? She smiles broadly and puts a meaty hand to her chest, "I can't thank you enough sir, for this delightful evening but perhaps this will do.." With that she gives a tug to his hand as her lips pucker up and her eyes close. "Nan!" Enunice squeaks and her sister claps her hand over her mouth, "Shush.. see if he kisses her!" she whispers loudly.

Gretta hears the squeak and as she's about to take bite of her sorbet her eyes flick to the dancing area and she has to clear her throat against a laugh, sounding like she swallowed a fly. Her head just shakes and she stares, suddenly disinterested in her sorbet.

Risner is either ignoring, or totally ignorant, of the minor feud with Elyciana. Maybe it's all the attention he's paying to his attempt at dancing. "Good question," he agrees, chuckling. "Dance in big crowds? Or make sure no one's watching? I mean…" and here he goes all quiet and sneaky-sounding, "Who on Pern would watch us dance, when they can watch that crazy old lady with the Harper? Least we have the excuse of youth." Excuses, excuses. "Oh cra- erm. Darn, another twirl."

A'tien chuckles quietly, looking quietly amused as he starts the movements, letting his eyes focus on the ground moving under his feet. "This isn't that bad." He murmurs quietly as he settles in to the movements, "it's like riding a bike." A'tien can't help but grin at Ely, "It's nice to meet you, Ely." A distant look crosses the rider's face for a moment but then he's watching the others. "Laughing at the others? Why? Dancing's nice to enjoy time with someone you like. It also helps in being a rider when you come to gathers to represent your weyr. I used to have to do that all the time, especially when Cereth and I impressed." A'tien says softly, "If you push us into the water, I'll just have to get something to dry us off, that's all. It's not a big deal, it's just water. I can swim, it'll just be cold."

It's not really a rivalry, as much as Elyciana's done a few things to annoy Moydeo, mainly the other girls attitude. Moydeo is once more ignoring Elyciana though, and concentrating on dancing, because concentrating was good. "Good point, atleast we know we're not the worst here, right?" She asks witth a grin. "Plus, we seem to be getting the hang of this dancing thing." A few bumbleds in the beginning, but they're doing better! Oh crap, the twirl, well, they had beginners luck the first time, lets see how they do this time. She'll wait till Risner is ready, before doing the twirl again, watching the feet!

Farial's smile.. twitches. Juust slightly, but instead he leans down to kiss.. Nan's hand, saying, "I'm afraid, dear lady, my wife would never forgive me, but it had been a delightful evening. Thankyou forthe dance," and smiling still, he turns to the rest of the dancers, "That concludes this lession. There'll be another in a sevenday, forthose of you who'd like more practice," and maybe he does glance at Moydeo and Rosner just then, "Enjoy the evening!" ANd /he/ escapes. Probably going to find that wingleader who skipped out and left him dancing with the scary woman over there.

Being tall certainly has it's advantages, especially when it comes to twirling a dance partner. Once more, Risner plants himself, legs braced, and lifts his arm for Moydeo to duck underneath. "I agree," he decides, grinning. "We're getting better at this crazy ritual. Who the heck made up these crazy moves, anyways?"

Elyciana shuffles her feet rather hesitantly at first as she reaches out to palce one hand on A'tien's shoulder and her other in his free hand, casting a quick glance down at her feet to be sure that she's actually moving them correctly. "Someone I like?" she manages to retort with a little snort of laughter, a grin coming to her face and making her completely forget about the dancing for the moment. "You mean I should dance with some goats?" The mere tohught of it has her chortling a lot, which actually makes her stumble a little during a side step. She makes a move to grip tightly at the rider's shoulder to steady herself, taking a sharp intake of breath and tensing as though expecting the worst to happen through some sort of chain reaction with the stumble. When nothing does happen, she relaxes and sweeps into another side step with a it more confidence. Letting out a sigh, she lets her mismatched eyes focus once more on A'tien's face, a crooked grin pulling at one corner of her lips, "Well. With me, we'll likely end up being eaten by some rabid fish monster the moment we hit the water, or .. land in something that's difficult to clean off. I'm bad luck, you know." Once again, this is said in all seriousness with little inflection to indicate joking.

Nan's laughter is loud and she nods, "Oh goodness yes.." and withdraws her hand then starts for the drinks and food. THe girls rise up and go with her and she says, "We have to get you dumplings into bed.." and her hand lifts to jerk a wave to Gretta. The redheaded guard smiles and rises to her feet once more, depositing her dishes on a tray to be taken care of then moves with the group, shaking her head as Nan does that whole 'buffet-free-food' thing and stacks up a few sorbets to take with her, along with some fruits stuffed into her little purse and gives each girl a glass to carry. With one last look over her shoulder Gretta leads the group out, resuming her emotionless stare.

Moydeo will do the twirl again, man that was easy. "People with good coordination aparrently." She says, also with a grin, as she continues the moves, till, well, the Harper calls an end to the activities, well, so much for that? "Thank you for the lesson Harper." She says, and then looks back to Risner. "Well, think I'll definately be here next Thursday, how about you?" She asks, though she can always find some new partner too.

A'tien arches a eyebrow as he watches the female before him, tilting his head slightly to the side. "I highly doubt there's a fish monster in the lake. A dragon would have probably had it for dinner by now, even if there was something like that. And it doesn't look like this lake is big enough to house something like that." A'tien muses, and as she stumbles, he quickly reaches out to try and help steady her on her feet. "Careful, watch your feet, try not to trip over yourself. It gets easier as you memorize the steps and just let yourself dance." A'tien lets his eyes finally pull off of the ground to settle on Ely. "Goats? Do you take care of goats? I used to be a leatherworker before I impressed." He grins, "I made all sorts of things. I still do, just not as often." He turns his head slightly to peer over his shoulder, "You never know, you might meet someone you like eventually, and you might even dance with them. That's where something like this will come into play."

It's over? Risner's grin comes easier, relief relaxing his stance. "Yeah, well, at least they're not trying to teach us the toss dance! That's probably the second lesson." He gives a chin-jerk to the refreshments, a clear invitation for Moydeo to follow him as he heads that way. "Another lesson? I dunno. Guess it depends on how busy the bar is. Course, if I leave you to the mercy of some other guy, you might get your feet crushed. Or he might get his feet crushed." It's thinking aloud more than anything else.

Time flies when you're having, uh, fun aparently. "Now that could be a disaster waiting to happen!" Moydeo says about the toss dancing. "My smallness would come in handy for that as well though." She admits. "Or…maybe not, less to hold onto, and grab as being caught." She amends, and tilts her head. "Oh, you work in the bar? The on in Shinanigans, or another?" She asks, curious. "Well, true, then I'd just be back to square one, and I'd hate to leave you with some other girl that would turn your toes flat as well. Might just have to see how it goes then." She says.

Elyciana eyes the lake skeptically, her brows furrowing over her mismatched eyes as she watches the ripples. A slight frown pulls at the corners of her lips and her brief lapse in concentration causes her to misstep again, though thankfully not as bad as before - a minor half stumble that she corrects quickly enough with a frustrated grumbling noise. "Knowing my luck, there probably will beo ne magically appearing in the water should I fall in," she notes with some sarcasm in her voice, smirking a little as she glances up at A'tien. A quick glance is given to the harper leaving, though she still continues to side step awkwardly with the rider - he's leading afterall and she seems set on finishing what she's started. "Ah yes .. goats. I won't bore oyu with their names or colors or whatnot. I look after the small herd here with the resident Master. They're quite nice!" Here she pauses, frowning a little as she adds, "Now if only they could talk, then they'd be the perfect friends. Minus the whole penchant for head butting you at inopportune moments." She can't help but crack a smile at that before glancing back up at A'tien, "You .. you're a rider then? Who's your dragon?" She immediately pauses to glance towards the watching dragons scattered around the lake, as tohugh she might pick the man's out at random.

"I've watch some of those crazy dances, and it looks like more of a… grab and throw deal," describes Risner. "Maybe they use momentum, rather than, uh, handholds?" He shrugs nonchalantly and picks up a sorbet, offers it to Moydeo, and then picks one up for himself (hey, if she doesn't want it, he'll just eat both!). "My poor toes," he laments, feigning a look of heartbreak as he peers down and displays his boot. There's not even a scuff mark on it. "Definitely better stick with you, so I know what I'm getting into," he decides with a grin. "And yeah, that one," shenanigans, "And others. Kinda… wherever they let me tend. I used to help my mom, but I'm just now getting paid for my own work."

A'tien blinks a little, "Do you honestly think that Cereth would allow us to fall into any danger? He's quite protective of me, you know?" There's a quick look at the bronze in question, his own lips pulling down into a momentary frown. "I wouldn't mind you boring me on the names of your goats or what color they are. If that is what matters the most to you, it shouldn't matter about what other people think. You take pride in what you do, and that's important." He smiles a little at the thought, "Yes, I'm a rider, I ride bronze Cereth." He nods in the direction of the honey-bronze dragon.

Moydeo ohs. "Huh, maybe they do, I don't know, never tried them, I just assumed that if there was throwing, there had to be catching." She shrugs honestly. "Yes, and sorry again about stepping on them earlier, small or not, it still had to hurt." Of course she takes the sorbet! Good stuff! She listens as she takes a spoon ful of hers, and eats it. "Ah, so at some point they could send you to another location." She nods. "Well, always good to get paid doing what you enjoy." She agrees. "I wish my job was as nice, I work in the stables." She admits.

Elyciana shuts her mouth for a moment in order to concentrate more on a complex step involving a bit of a turn and a backwards movement - not something that someone like her could attempt while talking at the same time. Once safely through that and back to the more regular side stepping motion, she lets her breath out in a puff and adds, "Ah, c'mon. You wouldn't want a woman prattling on about goat udders, the names of the new kids and the essential uses of goat milk, yeah? That's a real date breaker right there." The corners of her mouth twitch a little as she smirks a little at A'tien, "Though I have no idea! Perhaps udders are interesting to talk to with men. I've never tried." One brow lifts over her one blue eye, as though questioning the rider as to whether goat udders would be some sort of proper communication. She spares him the need for an answer right away,t hough, as her eyes imediately search for the bronze on the shores, craning her neck slightly over the man's shoulder to see better, "Oh! Well .. tell him hello, yes? I'll try not to step on his rider's toes too badly." Just as she says this, she stumbles over some natural fault in the dance floor and wobbles ungainly for a moment before catching herself. She gives a quick glance around to make sure no one saw that, especially Moydeo. Thankfully she manages to step back into the dance with relative finesse … for a beginner, "Ah … what winga re you in then?" It sounds rather awkward coming off her lips, as though she's not particularily used to asking these sort of things of a rider.

Oh yeah, catching. Risner looks only a tad sheepish that he seems to have forgotten that part of the dance. "Yeah," he agrees, sticking a heaping spoonful of sorbet in his mouth. "Ah, s'not so bad," he says around his mouthful. He swallows, tempting brainfreeze, and continues on. "Well, Sorta. I live here at Fort, so I can't really get transferred or anything. But I could try and mix drinks at Ista, if they needed a hand. Like for a party or something." He shrugs. "And definitely. It's nice to have a little money to spend." Another spoonful of sorbet. "Stables hm?" he leans in and gives an exaggerated sniff. "Well, you don't smell bad!" he teases.

Well if there's throwing, Moydeo would /hope/ that there was catching, other wise it could get painful right quick. "Oh, I see, Ista had a hatching not that long ago, I didn't stick around for the drinks though, but there was probably plenty of drinking." And other things the way one candidate had been acting, but lets not go there. She blinks, and grins. "Thankss, I use some pretty good soap, and shampoo that's good at removing the dirt." And the smell of course. She mmms as she eats another spoonful of sorbet, this stuff was almost adictive.

A'tien just chuckles, "Well, goats aren't my favorite subject, but maybe you'll find someone you can speak goat to." He grins a little and looks over his shoulder in thought. "I'll let him know you said hi, he's pretty friendly. A bit more outgoing than I am." And then he pauses, looking over his shoulder, "I should be going back home, I have so much to do…" He trails off quietly, "I'm in the Bay Pearl wing. But perhaps I'll be visiting here soon sometime. I still need to speak with the weyrwoman."

For some reason, having a dancepartner go *splat* doesn't sound like a good day to earn brownie points. Risner's bobbing his head in agreement, shoveling sorbet into his mouth fast enough that a brainfreeze is almost guaranteed at this point, and glancing between Moydeo and that crazy Elyciana girl. Goats? What? "Aw, yeah. Didn't make it down to that one," he says of the Ista Hatching. "But, then again, I tend not to. I see the ones here at Fort, but I hardly get to go to other Weyr hatchings." But he doesn't seem too upset about it. "Good soap then," he agrees. "So if you don't like the stable, why did you want to work there?"

Elyciana falters a little in her steps, her feet stumbling a little over some of the more complex steps as she attempts to keep in rhythm. "Well … understandable that you'd have ah .. other things to do," she remarks thoughtfully, casting a glance in the direction the man looked with a slight grin, "Probably more interesting than milking goats, I must say." She executes a small half-step with some finesse, though goes through the next movement a little more stilted, "Don't let me keep you frm your work. It's been a nice … ah .." She pauses, pursing her lips together, " .. well .. dance, I guess. I didn't step on your feet, atleast. And .. we didn't go into the lake." Another doubtful glance is cast at the lake, as though it were about to come up and bite her or something. "Tell your dragon Is aid hello, then, on your way back to your weyr. And .. I guess we'll see eachother again if you're going to possibly be visiting here again."

Moydeo will take runners over goats anyday! Runners don't try to but you with their heads, and send you to the ground, most of them anyway. "Ah, yeah, hatchings are great times, kind of glad I haven't had to stand, it's hot enough in the galleries, I wonder how the candidates can stand it down there. Though, they probably do have other things on their mind besides the heat." She blinks, and shakes her head. "Oh, no no, I love working in the stables, and with the runners. Just not as glamerous, as say, bartending."

Risner laughs through a mouthful of sorbet, a hand quickly lifting to cover his mouth. "I don't know about glamorous," he says after swallowing. "In truth, it can be a bit messy. Especially if you miss. And, really… have you ever been in a bar? Have you seen some of those guys? I have to mix their drinks." He nods his head in an exaggerated manner, and shudders. "And guess who gets to clean it up when they get sick in the corner?" Oh yeah, that's right, yours truly. "Do you ride 'em, or just clean up after 'em?" He's just about finished with that sorbet, but there seems to be plenty on the table.

Elyciana makes a hasty retreat from the dance floor once her dance partner is gone, though tries her best to look like she's NOT trying to run away from the scene. Not looking where she's going, she very nearly runs into Moydeo and has to hastily step backwards a few steps to prevent falling or knocking into anthing. A flurry of emotions flashes across her face until she settles on annoyance. But was there a slight hint of apology in her face breifly? It's hard to tell. "When did you get there?" Straightening up a little, she edges a bit closer to the refreshment table and further away from the other pair, snatching up one of the remaining sorbets from the surface before it has a chance to mysteriously knock over or something that's apt to happen in her presenece, "That was ah … interesting dancing." It's obiously some attempt at a compliment, but it comes out rather flat.

Moydeo blinks. "Oh, I hadn't thought about that part of it, I guess that isn't so glamerous after all." She paused a moment. "I've been in Shenanigans, I trying that game, pool, and the darts as well, I'm decent aat them, but not great." She admits, and eats more of her sorbet. "Oh, mainly cleaning up adfter them, making ssure they got water, and food. I ride them too though, I love going fast on them, if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine that you're flying." She grins, though to somebody that doesn't ride, that could sound down right crazy. She looks up as Elyciana arrives At the table as well. "Oh, a while ago, and, thanks, I think, was my first time danccing actually." She admits, and then blinks, looking to Risner. "Oh shells, where's my manners, we danced together, and I don't even have your name, my names Moydeo."

There's a lift of Risner's eyebrow at Elyciana's abrupt appearance. Ahem. "Oh. Hey," he offers to the goat-girl. He picks up a sorbet, offers it over but is a few seconds too late. Oh well, his now! "Yeah, dancing. Well, gotta start somewhere, and at least we tried!" Tried being the operative word. "Yeah, I didn't think about those things until I was in the bar, a mop in my hand, being shown where to clean up. Not fun." But he's grinning, so it couldn't have been that traumatic. "Aw shells, I can't believe I forgot! I'm Risner. Or any sort of derivative you'd like to use that's not, ya know, offensive or something. Nice to meet you, Moydeo." There's a brief, expectant look at Elyciana.

Elyciana jerks her head once in acknowledgement of Risner's glance, along with a little bit of a thankful grin at the thought of offering her a sorbet. Atleast that's what that little twitching of her lips might be considered. "I think I did alright for my first try, though .. likely the guy had more experience than I did," she remarks loftily, pausing to take a big bite of her sorbet. And that's, unfortunately, when she's apparently expected to supply her name. She hastily swallows, causing a slight wince at the resulting brain freeze, "Ely … Elyciana. Though I prefer Ely. My full name sounds like something out of a romance novel." She rolls her mismatched eyes at the thought of such a thing.

"Nice to meet you as well, Risner, and hey, I got no reason to call you anything else." Moydeo says, and picks up another Sorbet after finishing her first. She looks to Elyciana. "Nice to meet you Ely." She says. "You guys can call me Moy, or Mo." She says. "So, you work with goats?" She asks Ely, trying to be nice, despite their past differences.

"Mo, huh? Nice ring to it," decides Risner, lightly bobbing his head in agreement. "Ely, nice to meet you. It's shorter anyways, and I can be a bit forgetfull with names, so the shorter the better!" A spoonful of sorbet goes into his mouth, allowing him a moment of silent contemplation before he speaks again. And it's spent eyeing Ely like he's not quite sure what to make of her yet (and not really in a good way). "Oh, hey, 'bout what you said a moment ago… flying on runners and all that… s'that mean you like the actual flying?" But, naturally, the mention of goats also has his interest, and he's doing the weird eyebrow-up inspection of Elyciana again.

Elyciana flicks her tongue out briefly to catch a bit of sorbet before it goes dribbling down her chin. Without even a pause, she takes another bite of the tasty slush, savoring it for quite a while before swallowing. As though sensing his gaze, her two-toned eyes go straight to Risner and a slight frown pulls at her lips, "Yes. Goats. They're small, unobtrusive, sturdy and they don't talk back, beyond a few bleats." She twirls her spoon between her thumb and forefinger for am oment before digging deep into the sorbet, glancing appraisingly at Moydeo now, "And you work with runners." She states that flatly, as though right away she rates them slightly below goats in her opinion. "They're not quite as cute." She lifts her sohulders in a slow shrug as she pops the spoon into her mouth. She takes a while to swallow again before adding, "I had to work on them a bit in the Beastcraft, though."

Moydeo nods. "Yes, Mo, I figured, why not, short and sweet, and easy to remember." She chuckles, and then looks to Ely. "Well, goats never seem to like me, they keep trying to butt me with their heads, or eat my clothes." She admits, and shrugs. "I think the runners babies are plenty cute, but. Hey, you like goats, I like runnerbeasts, no fault in a difference of opinion, right?" She asks, she hopes anyway. She then looks to Risner. "Well, not listerally flying of course, that would be absurd, as they ddon't have wings." She laughs. "But when they get going, and you get the wind rushing over you, it can almost seem like flying."

Risner returns Elyciana's look with one of his own, as if he's unaware that he might be behaving rudely. "Goats…" he murmurs, drawing out the word. "Do we eat them?" Otherwise, he doesn't seem to have much to say on the subject. "Well, yeah. I mean, I've galloped a runner before. When they hit that top gait, man," and he whistles through his teeth, "They just smooth out, and it's like sitting on glass. Really, really fast glass." Cause he just had to one-up on the weirdness. "Or something." Right. He clears his throat and pops another bite of sorbet to, effectively, keep his mouth shut.

Elyciana scrapes around the edges of her sorbet glass with her spoon, trying ot get as much of the remaining treat as she can, "Oh, that. They just like to explore things. They don't much like to eat them, really. They just use their mouths to explore." She chortles a little at this, actually bringing a hand to her mouth to muffle the sound, "Thankfully there aren't any humans like that." Taking a deep breath, she manages to calm down enough to give a slight smirk at Moydeo, "Maybe they butt you because they think you look like a fellow goat?" It was obviously meant as a joke, though she seems to just pass it off as nothing insulting, "True. You like runners, I like goats. No harm done. Goats win hands down, anyhow." Her sorbet is momentarily forgotten as she stares fixedly at Risner for a few moments. Blink goes her mismatched eyes once or twice before she snorts once with laughter, "Do you ride on fast glass often, then?"

"I've heard goats make some good milk to drink." Moydeo says to Risner, and then looks to Ely, and nods. "You might be right, I never went through beast craft, I'm just a hold girl who learned how to ride runners." She shrugs, and hehs. "Nah, runners win hands down, atleast you can ride them as transport." She grins, and blinks at Risner as well, raising an eyebrow. "Do…you ride alot of glass in the first place?" She asks, that was the first time she'd heard the reference to riding them.

Risner rolls his eyes in an exaggerated manner, running his hand through his hair. "Oh come on, it was just a metaphor." He even sticks his tongue out briefly. "You guys - girls - are too literal." Elyciana is given another little glance of speculation, but he just shrugs and keeps whatever thought he might have to himself.

Elyciana eyes Risner back speculatively, one eybrow lifting slightly in a silent query. She lets it go, though, and waves a spoon at Moydeo with a slight smirk, "Goats give milk which makes cheese. THey can be trained to pull carts and carry things. They're smart enough to do a lot of things, really. I bet oyu could race them if oyu wanted!" Here she pauses, furrowing her brow as though actually considering this idea. She shrugs, though, and digs the last bit of sorbet out of her glass and pops it into her mouth with a slow sigh. "Well! I must go. Binky is supposed to be kidding today and I promised I'd be there." She turns to go, but then seems to realize the way her words sounded and pauses, "Binky being a goat .. that is going to give birth to a kid." She clears her throat once and offers a grin at the pair, "Nice to meet you both. Even though goats are better." She sticks her tongue out at Moydeo before striding away in her usual confident manner. It doesn't seem to help her when she happens to brush by one of the tables and causes an empty sorbet glass to fall to the platform and shatter. Before anything can be done about it, Ely hurries off without a backward glance with a clearly guilty posture.

"And what? Use Firelizards as their jockeys?" She jokes lightly. "I've not seen goats race, I've just seen runners race." She says, and nods. "I hope there's no problems." She says to the girl, blinking at the glass falling, and shattering. "Is it me, or do accidents seem to follow her, just a little?" She asks Risner.

Risner waves Elyciana off, though he doesn't seem terribly sorry to see her go, just a bit quizical. "Follow her? Yeah. She does seem to be unnaturally clumsy for her size." That addendum is probably necessary, given his own clumsiness. "But more than that, ah… she's a bit rude, don't you think?" He shrugs, and sets his empty sorbet cup (third one!) back down on the table. "'Sides, I don't care what she says, Goats are weird. And kinda creepy."

"Oh, you have no idea of her rudeness." Moydeo admits. "The first time I met her, and a couple times after, I remember one incident in the living caverns, she bumped an old lady, and knocked the ladies plate to the ground. Did she apologize, and offer to help? No, she snapped at the woman, and walked away, all but turning her nose up at the idea." She says. "I can see why she gets along so well with goats." She snorts.
ooc Er knocked the ladies plate

"Oh yeah?" asks Risner with a questioning expression. "It's subtle rudeness, too. Like that crack about you looking like a goat - you don't." As if that makes things better. He frowns, the corners of his mouth just twitching downwards as if he has something more to say on the matter. But he gives up with a shrug.

Moydeo sighs. "Yeah, I noticed, I certainly don't look like a stubby legged goat." She hopes though, but then she smiles. "Thank you." She says, and then looks around. "She seems to have this attitude about her too, like she thinks everybodys below her, and that we should all bow down to her or something."

"Don't mean to be rude," Risner starts, "Cause, well, I don't really know you or anything but, if this is a normal thing… why do you put up with it?" He gives another little shrug of his shoulders, casts a look around the darkening platform, and sticks his hands into the pockets of his pants.

"Oh, I've seen her type before in the Hold, alwayss seems to be a 'I'm better then you' person in the bunch at some point, I just…learned to shrug it off." She admits. "Especially the children of the owner of the hold, not all of them, but sometimes, one gets the idea of thinking that makes him or her better then everybody else."

Risner sucks thoughtfully on his teeth briefly and shakes his head. "Yeah but, see…" and he shakes his head a little, "I dunno. I guess I just see a difference in that. Like, Lord Holders kids have some justification. But her?" and he jerks his thumb towards the direction Elyciana went. "You really shouldn't put up with it cause… she's no better. Shouldn't let her walk over you." He shrugs and looks a bit awkward. "That's just me, though, I guess. I mean, if anyone treated my sister like that…"

Moydeo crosses her arms over her chest a moment. "I don't let her walk all over me, I have argued back at her before, but when it's obvious it's not getting through her head, I don't push it. Besides." She grins. "People like her always gets what's coming to them eventually."

"I guess," says Risner, though it's clear he has doubts. But he doesn't push it, and even offers a timid little smile. "You mentioned Holds… does that mean you're not from Fort?" A seemingly safe topic.

Moydeo shakes her head. "No, I'm from a hold just outside of Fort though." She admits. "I decided to strike out on my own, and came here to find work, mainly because, with visiting for hatchings, I was some what familiar with this place." She says. "It was always to come just to watch, and cheer on friends that got searched though, I haven't been lucky enough to be found worthy so far." Though she does shrug. "But, hey, it'ss not the end of the world, to not stand for a clutch." She then looks curiously at him. "What about you? You been witness to alot of clutches? Been searched?" She asks, rememvbering he said he'd been born here.

Risner cracks a wry grin at the 'worthy' part. "Ya know, I never did get that part of it, but I think it has more to do with my growing up with dragons," he muses to himself. "But nah. Never stood. Never wanted too, actually. I mean… dragons are great and all but… there's no real future in it. I mean… if I start bartending now, in a couple Turns I can really make a name for myself, get to start 'tending parties and Gathers, save up some marks, maybe start my own bar. But a dragon wouldn't let me do that." He blinks once, looks sheepish, and adds on, "Not that, well, there's nothing wrong with dragonriding. I guess I just mean that I don't feel too bad or anything about not getting Searched."

"I've just heard that it's an honor to stand for one." Moydeo shrugs. "I'm just going by what I heard." She admits, and tilts her head as she listens. "Why can't you be a bartender, and a rider?" She wonders, and pauses. "Oh, right, riders have their own duties." She amends a moment, and then waves a hand. "Don't worry, I know what you meant, and I can see your point, though, I'm sure the riders find ways to still fo what they did before, or other things to do."

"Hey, sorry," adds Risner quickly, looking a bit ashamed. "I didn't mean to upset you or anything. Like I said, I guess it's just different since I grew up around them. But, I mean, it is an honor to be chosen - only a few people have the… whatever-it-is they are looking for. S'just different these days, ya know?" He rocks slightly on his toes, tips his head up to the darkening sky,and sighs. "S'getting dark. Wanna walk back to the 'Caverns with me? I don't have to be up early or anything, but I dunno about you stableworkers," he teases, grinning. "Don't they get up with the dawn?"

Moydeo waves a hand. "No no, it's fine, I'm not upset." She said earnestly, she really wasn't, and then she looks around, wow, it got dark fast, and a little cold, she rubs at her arms a moment, before she nods. "Sure, sounds good, and you're right, we do get up pretty early, sometimes while others are still sleeping." She chuckles/ "But lets go." She says, and starts her way off the platform, to start back to the caverns, somebody will be along at some point to clean up after all.

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