Fort Weyr - Bathing Caverns
A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Still not entirely comfortable with the rather public bathing that comes from not having any personal true space as a Weyr resident, Hanild chooses odd times to bathe. Like, for instance, right after lunch — which is where she is now, having been lucky enough to find a mostly-empty baths. Hair wet, she is settled in a pool with a foot up against the edge, soaping a leg while managing to conceal most of her appearance with water and creative leaning, attempting to seem calm about the entire thing. Is this really not awkward to Weyr people? Really? Apparently.

Carlyn is in desperate need of a bath. There's hay in her hair, dirt on her skin and - we'll just call it 'stuff' - on her boots. Ew. The stablehand is clearly just getting finished with her shift, and before anything else can be done, a bath is in order. So, odd time or no, here she comes toting her bathing stuff. As for awkward? It's much more unpleasant to be covered in sweat, dirt, and… stuff. And the steam does not help. "Ugh," says Lyn as she pinches at the front of her shirt.

Grungy is a good word to describe X'dis in his current state, dust clinging to his non-riding clothes and his hair, smudges of soot on his face, and all together looking rather disheveled as he wanders into the baths in the wake of Carlyn, pausing as he glances around, the rider not wasting much time before he's out of his clothes and into the water, wasting little time and sparing none of the others there a passing look until he's safely sunk to his chin.

Miki wanders into the caverns, stretching a bit and letting out a small sigh. She isn't there for any special reason it seems, looking quite clean and tidy. Spare clothes are clutched to her chest and she quickly makes her way over to the towel rack. The tiny woman lazily slips out of her clothes, tossing them aside before grabbing a towel and wandering over to the already occupied pool. Once she's in the water, she simply stares at those around and shakes her head. "What in the world happened?"

It is always the perfect picture of Murphy's Law convenience that this happens: one person, in this case Hanild, wishes to not be exposed to crowds or a lot of dirt for various reasons. Therefore, anyone else who has a desire to clean up is going to end up as close to her as is humanly possible just to ruin the otherwise perfect setup. In retrospect, she should not be surprised by this happening. "I," she says to Miki, therefore, "just wanted to take a bath when it wasn't too crowded and they — I'm going to guess went to work. So did I, actually, I was covered in ink." She is no longer, apparently.

Carlyn's clothes are dropped in a heap, and though she does a pretty good job of pretending she doesn't care about the whole naked-ness aspect, she wastes no time slipping into the closest pool and dunking to her chin. She flashes Hanild a small, apologetic smile. "Sorry," she offers, though she makes no move to relocate. Miki and X'dis are spared a glance, but otherwise Lyn's trying to do the polite thing. "Work," answers Lyn with a dry smile.

"I found a couch. And moved it." X'dis offers as an explanation, looking rather pleased with himself as he sinks into the water a little more, letting his hands float up in the water, smirking at Miki as she joins them. "Lots of dust though, in that storage room. Would have been easier too, if Mneoraeth could have gotten in there, but, well.. We know what would happen if he tried." At least he's grinning, and not completely awkward at this point.

Miki shrugs and moves over to the soap before beginning to rub it along her arms. "Mmm, well that's boring. Though I guess it can't be helped." X'dis gets a bit more interest with his explanation and the assistant raises an eyebrow. "A couch? Were you moving it up to your weyr or something?" She pauses for a moment, eyes wandering off and most likely imagining Mneoraeth attempting to enter the storage cavern, which earns a small fit of giggles. "I wonder if Sohnyu could fit….heh, it'd be funny. She'd be all up for it too, even if it meant getting stuck."

"I'd hope that Mneoraeth was the one to move the couch up to your weyr, and you didn't have to — somehow carry it, or something, but now I'm terribly curious how you get a couch on a dragon," Hanild quips, as her leg creeps backward into the water to be rinsed off. The water that is thankfully filtered, or she would be leaving right now as the cleanliness certainly wouldn't stick! Carlyn gets a polite smile back, and a, "I figured, yes. I take it your work isn't moving couches and nearly choking to death in storage dust, though. Animals?"

"I have to imagine that he grabbed it with his front paws… claws… hands?" Carlyn shrugs. "Or they strapped it to his belly. That's how I saw some of the cargo wing strap in big stuff." The soap is obtained, and Lyn spends quite a while lathering up her hair. She grins, bobs her head, and answers, "Yup. Stables. Runners in particular, though I'll do whatever they ask me to." She pauses in the scrubbing to wonder, "Do dragons ever /try/ to get into the Caverns?"
"Well, a couch really isn't that big for a brown. Probably just grabbed it and flew it up there. If that's what it was for…" With a small shrug, Miki places the soap up on the ledge before ducking underwater. When she resurfaces, the woman flips her hair back, combing her fingers through it. "Sohnyu tries to get everywhere. She likes exploring. You should've seen the trouble I had keeping her /out/ of the living caverns when she was tiny."

Hanild is unable to resist giggling at Miki's tales of Sohnyuoth and the living caverns, saying, "Yes, I was going to guess that perhaps it was the weyrling dragons who attempted to go indoors." She then holds up a 'wait just one second' finger, ducks her head under the water to clear the last bits of soap from her hair so it's not stuck up on the top of her head, and resurfaces. Minus the curls, Hanild's hair is a good third longer than it was.

"Just picked it up, of course. He makes it easy, once I got it out of the caverns. Just took a bit of work to get it there." X'dis says almost matter of factly, smirking a bit at Miki as he talks about Sohnyu. "Least she's smaller. Mneo gets half a leg in, and then can't manage to figure out what he's done." A sigh, and he shrugs a little, flicking water in the green rider's direction idly.

Carlyn scrubs her fingers deep through her hair, working up the gunk off her scalp. Aren't animals fun! She giggles and snorts a little about Sohnyuoth, but there's a cheerful twinkle in her eye. "I always imagined little dragons to be something like little children - way too curious for their own darn good." Scrub-scrub-scrub. "Foals, too. Always sticking their noses where they shouldn't go."

Miki grins and splashes some water back at X'dis. "That's true. Course, Sohnyu actively tries to stick her nose in wherever she can. Whether it be somewhere to explore or other people's business." Another splash at the brown rider and then the woman begins scrubbing her hair. The mention of kids earns a chuckle and Miki looks over towards the other girls. "Children. Now THAT I know all about. And it's true."

There is splashing happening. As a direct result of this, Hanild inches a little bit further away from Miki — not because of any personal disagreement with the greenrider or her company so much as not wanting to be in the path of any wayward and incidentally misdirected splashes. (This never rules out the possibility of people splashing Hanild on purpose, which she is not inclined to ever consider as an option — who would dare?) "Yes, children are trouble. That I agree with. Foals, though — I've never met one, actually, always wanted to. They seem curious in a sweet way, not in a masked terror kind of way like, say, little boys," muses She of the Younger Brothers.

"Well, that's what you women do best, isn't it? Stick your nose in other people's business?" X'dis eyes Miki a little, before he's shaking his head and glancin back at Carlyn and Hanild as they compare baby dragons and foals and children, making a face. "Once with young Mneoraeth was enough for me, I think. I'll leave the foals and the children to someone else." And he nods his head in Miki and Carlyn's directions.

"Oh, yes," says Carlyn of 'little boys'. "Masked terror is right. But no. Foals are more… sweet and curious like you said. But they can be a bit tricky. They don't know about things like fingers, and toes, and that stepping on them or biting them is wrong." She finishes soaping her hair, and tips backwards in order to rinse without having to go completely under. "I had little sisters," Lyn remarks about children. "but I imagine little boys are worse. And I've got firelizards, which have to be a little like having a dragon, only smaller and not so… smart." A glance at Miki, which is a bit tricky since she's still bent over backwards. "You have children?" which is send with a bit of trepidation, a tip-toeing sort of question. "And I take offense," decides Lyn with a snort. "I don't stick my nose in anyone's business."

"I do." Hanild is not going to argue the brownrider's accusation as a generality. "But only when I feel there's actually a good reason, which is not, really, all that — frequent. And I have two little brothers. I only really had a hand in raising the younger, but he is still as much trouble as he always has been, I am certain his behavior didn't magically clear up when I departed." She shakes her head a little. "Firelizards are, like runners, something I always wanted more interaction with than I had the opportunity to get."

"Hey!" Now its X'dis's turn to protest the commentary on little boys, shaking his head, and splashing water at both Carlyn and Hanild in turn. "Little boys aren't all bad. Not all of us at least." Or, at least not all of them get -caught- being bad. "Firelizards aren't as bad, at least there's a lot less they can get stuck in."

Miki laughs, "I was ananny until I Impressed and before that, I had 18 siblings. I don't need children to know about them. And they reall yaren't so bad as you keep making them out to be!" There's further splashing now, at all three of them. "Mess with my littles, you mess with me. Be prepared!" A joke, cause no one had in fact messed with the littles, but it was an excuse to splash them.

"They're fun," says Lyn of Firelizards, grinning. "But pesky. Mine are still really young, but I hope to train them eventually. But one's a green, and I've heard they're a little… ah… lacking in the brains department." She finishes rinsing her hair, stands a bit straighter, and begins finger-combing the knots out as she lets the water soak the dirt away. X'dis gets a silly-face before Carlyn is quickly turning away, rendering his splash next to useless. Hahaha, foiled! "I don't mind 'em! I just mind 'em when they do mean things!" protests Lyn. Once it's safe to turn around, she does so, only to /gape/ at Miki. "Eighteen?? Wow. I thought my five were bad."

More splashing! This time actually directed /at/ Hanild — who would do that?! Apparently, both dragonriders present: the girl actually squeals and squeaks as she tries to duck away, in an embarrassingly girlish fashion. People do not splash her. This is very strange and new and while it's amusing, it is also starling! And wet! "Eighteen siblings?" she asks, the picture of naivete as she says, "Your poor mother must have been miserable, all that labor."

"No one with half a brain would mess with you Miki… even if you are tiny." X'dis smirks at the green rider, looking rather proud of himself as he lingers, but then he's getting splashed, Hanild is squealing, and he's ducking beneath the surface of the water to regain his composure for a moment - and avoid the water coming in his direction. Its then that he's able to speak without issue, shaking his head at Miki. "Shards. No thank you."

Miki giggles, "Mhm, eighteen. And she wasn't miserable, otherwise she wouldn't have had that many. Needless to say Mom was pretty prolific. And we all have the same dad, just for the record." There significant snickering at all the squealing and dodging going on, and a failed attempt to avoid being splashed herself. Which all just leads to more giggles. "Exactly! Well not exactly, I'm not /that/ tiny." Denial. "But I shouldn't be messed with!"

Carlyn has strategically turned the splashing to her advantage, as she finally begins soaping up legs and other appendages. "Any twins?" she wonders. Because out of eighteen, there's gotta be a twin or two, right? She scrubs at a particularly stubborn bit of something-or-other stuck to her arm, casting half-glances to her pool-mates so that she can avoid the worst splashes. X'dis is peered at, perhaps warily, but nothing is said.

"Twins or triplets or — that was why I was asking, yes," Hanild pipes up. She, at least, isn't splashing anyone! Though she is getting caught up in the giggles resulting from it. "Because that really must have been torture! I guess there are some people who do actually /like/ giving birth or else just don't have huge problems with it. Never seen that before, myself, nothing but difficulty." She is utterly lost as to why it needs to be pointed out they have the same father — why wouldn't they?

"Two sets of twins and one set of triplets!" Miki declares this quite proudly before looking over to Hanild with a shake of her head. "I mean, it's not like it was torture. And it isn't as if she /likes/ giving birth. They wanted a big family, and we do well. It's not like anyone's lacking anything, so yeah." The green rider shrugs a bit before splashing a bit more water at the girls. "The whole Weyr's gonna be in trouble if I inherited my mom's prolificness. But I think it's safe as far as I can tell."

"Who knows, if you try it once, you might like it too." X'dis quips quickly at Hanild, before the brown rider is blushing darkly, and stuttering a little. "Or, uh, I mean. If.. you haven't." He gives the teen a look, a poor judge of age it seems, as he tries to cover his own self. And then, at the talk of Miki's prolificness, he's wincing a little, giving the green rider a long, testing look to judge her reaction

"I don't think anyone /likes/ labor," says Carlyn, nose wrinkled at the thought. "But my mom always told me that… that it was worth it. And she never seemed to remember how bad it was until she was doing it again." Shrug. Miki is given an astonished look. "Two sets of twins, and one set of triplets," she repeats in awe. "And they all survived, that's fantastic! 'Course, I have heard Healing's a bit more advanced at the Weyr than in the country." But still, she's impressed. X'dis is given a /look/. "Are you talking about labor or…" but the 'or' has her cheeks turning pink, and Lyn's suddenly looking for something to distract her attention. Perfect time to wash her face! Scrub-scrub.

Or nothing! No one is talking about Hanild's sex life! She covers it up smoothly, though, being bold enough in common discussion to be comfortable answering frankly. (She's just not all that comfortable bathing with people, even if nobody can really see all that much. But discussing sex? That's okay. Go figure.) "I don't have any children, no," she replies with a little bit of an amused smile that shows she isn't bothered or particularly taking the line of questioning personally.

Miki is acting perhaps a bit more giddy and a bit more giggly than she normally is. Not normal at all. The long look from the brown rider earns first a blank face, and then another round of laughter and giggles. "Yeah, they all….survived." There's a long pause from the green rider then, the woman practically freezing in place before beginning to laugh again. "I guess it just depends on the person. Some people have kids when they're younger. Others wait till they're older."

X'dis stretches a hand out to Miki as she freezes up, looking a bit worriedly at his clutch mate before he's biting his lip as she laughs, unsure of how to react. Keeping an eye on the green rider, just in case the laughter is about to proceed a massive breakdown, he's glancing back at Hanild and Carlyn. "Never know. The fun of getting there might be worth the labor." Says the guy.

Total opposite of Carlyn, it seems. The stablehand can handle nude bathing, but sex-talk? Nope. She's outta here. "Yeah, uh… I think my break is up…" or something. Hair is wrung out quickly, suds are rinsed off, and Lyn is making a dive for her towel. She's out of the water and wrapped-up in two shakes of a lamb's tail. "Have a good… day," she stutters after X'dis' comment. She'll just go dry off over here…

Hanild is enjoying her soak, and so therefore is not going to get up and leave — actually, just as much she is not going to get up and leave until everyone else is already gone. That nudity thing, again! Once everyone else leaves, she'll head back to her own work and likely be covered in ink a second time. "You might be right," is her response to X'dis, though, with a coyer smile. "I may yet find out, and be sure to let you know."

"I'm uh…I'm gonna go find Sohnyu and Aniki, yeah? Sorry." There's a grateful glance shot over to X'dis and Miki gives his hand a small squeeze. But soon she's forcing that smile on her face and giving the girls nods. There's a pause as she waves goodbye to the brown rider before escaping herself, towels and clothes collected quickly as she disappears.

There's a moment of hesitation as X'dis watches as Miki is excusing herself, before he's glancing at Hanild and with a murmur of apology, is slipping out of the bath as well, taking a moment to get half dressed before he's hurrying after Miki, worried about checking up on his green riding, clutch sibling, friend.

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