Fort Weyr - Storage Room

This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

The caverns are no stranger to the weyrbred young woman, who wanders through idly peering at the crates as she passes each one. A face is made for each one before she continues onwards before finally stopping at one and dragging it from the shelving so that she may peek into it. Boots are withdrawn from the crate and a few are set beside her before she looks them each over carefully, more are withdrawn and swapped with some of the pairs from before until finally, there's three that seem suitable and the lid is returned and the crate is resettled on the shelving unit. Rather than leaving after acquiring her target, Deitra instead begins to wander along with her gaze on the ground, watching carefully.

The best way to decide on furniture is to ensure that its given a thorough test before all the work is taken to getting it out of the Store Rooms and up to a ledge. Of course, it seems that X'dis is taking this to the extreme, as the young brown rider is currently sprawled on a couch in one of the more shadowed areas of the storeroom, a hat tipped down over his face, hands folded on his chest, and a soft snore escaping him every now and then as he tests the furniture of choice, completely oblivious to the others doing their own searching in the cavern.

The brownrider doing his testing on the furniture isn't quite spotted, yet, as Deitra continues along her path that leads her through the storage rooms. And then finally, she's there beside the couch, peering down at the ground before grey eyes trail upwards and settle upon X'dis. A single brow lifts and she's reaching for that hat, lifting it partially upwards. "Y'know, tunnelsnakes like crawling into pants and biting into dangly bits they find there." She slowly lowers the hat again and lowers herself into a crouching position to peer at the young brownrider.

Another soft snore, and then the hat on his face is being shifted, and he's stirring, starting to stretch out, rather unaware of the source of his rousing. And then there's a voice, and he's jumping a little bit, blushing as a hand moves to push the hat onto the top of his head as he tries to sit up. "I'd wake up before they got that far!" He declares in a hurry, a bit defensive as he tries to reorientate himself.

There's laughter for the fact that the other is startled, grinning widely as he begins to wake up. The hunter simply shrugs her shoulders, leaning back a bit and peering at him. "Hopefully. Never know. Coulda been havin' a good dream 'bout some girl goin' and slipping her hand down there and then yer not wakin' up until its already gotcha in its mouth." Deitra pushes up to her feet, lifting those boots up with her. "'m Deitra."

"I think I'll tuck my pants into my boots, from now on." X'dis says almost warily, as he glances around him, eyes resting back on Deitra and taking a moment to adjust as he eyes her. "X'dis." He offers in return after a moment, sitting up enough to offer her his hand with a hesitant smile. "Didn't actually mean to fall asleep. Was just testing it out." The only way a -guy- knows how. "You can't have it." He adds after a moment, one hand stretching over the couch arm, to indicate its been claimed.

"May be best if yer not wantin' 'em ta getcha." Deitra muses idly, nonchalant in her way of speaking before rolling her shoulders and then shifting to tie the boot laces together to rest them over her shoulder. "Well met, X'dis." She peers at the man with grey eyes before taking his hand and giving a firm squeeze and a shake. "If you say so, I ain't got nothin' ta say 'bout it. Other than yer askin' ta get tunnelsnakes up yer pants." She draws her hand back and stuffs both into her pockets and shrugging at his declaration about the couch. "I ain't got a room, why would I need a couch? Yer rather possessive, aren't you? 'fraid 'bout people takin' what's yers?"

"Well, if'n there are tunnel snakes here, someone else isn't doing their job, so." X'dis eyes the young woman carefully, narrowing his gaze for a moment as she accuses him of being possessive. "Ain't many things a rider can say is really truly theirs, you know? And I happen to like this couch. Been looking since graduation." The brown rider tilts his head, his arm sliding back to relax on the armrest, before reluctantly motioning for her to sit, if she wants.

"Yep. Ain't seen anyone in here doin' anything, so could assume they're all dead or someone ain't doin' their job." Deitra decides before eying him right back with her gaze narrowed. "You get yer own weyr. But, I hear you. Ain't much anyone can claim as truly theirs in a Weyr, I figure. Why didn't you get it sooner, then?" She inclines her head and then moves to sit when he motions for it, dropping down and then testing the cushions with her rear. "Yeah. I like it. Yer goin' ta have ta take it soon if yer not wantin' other ta take it. Or, write a note sayin' there's a tunnelsnake livin' inside it until yer able to move it up."

"I get my own weyr, true. But with a green rider girlfriend, I mean, that's not really mine. And with Mneoraeth getting in his head to chase anything that goes up, I'm not really hers." He makes a face, sighing a little before he shrugs. "This just showed up. Not sure I want to know why someone got rid of it, but I like it. Didn't want to go through the trouble of getting something I didn't really like."

"You ain't got ta share if you're boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothin' wrong with wantin' yer own space. Especially if you were crowded up with a buncha others for Turns." Deitra notes idly, legs crossing as she leans back. "That's part of bein' a rider, ain't it? Flights an' that shit, so, don't see why yer havin' issues there. 'less yer from a Hold, then, I get it. But, can't say 'm goin' ta be sympathetic ta that mindset." A breath is released and she hums. "I see. Well, maybe they got somethin' made custom and they ain't got room for this one. And if yer worried, look it over and see if there's somethin' wrong with it."

"Ain't nothing wrong with it, and I -know- its going to happen, but, like I said. Ain't nothing that's really totally yours. Not like if you're some holder with your land and your wife and everything." He shrugs a little then, even as he's craning his neck to look over the back. "I didn't see any stains or anything, when I sat down. Doesn't smell either. Sort of wonder if someone died on it." Shudder.

Deitra peers at X'dis, brows furrowing a little more. "Then I don't see the issue? You got things that are yers, like yer clothes and yer lifemate. Other things, y'know… Yer memories and sentimental things like that." She pushes herself from the couch to walk around it, poking at it here and there, trying to find something wrong with it. "Well, yer not going ta know and there's no reason ta freak yerself out about it. You can come up with a buncha stories for it and freak yerself out and talk yerself out of havin' it. Or, you can take it for what it is." She pauses and considers with a tilt of her head. "Or, try and track down who had it and get the story."

"Maybe I should just take it. If I find out something horrible, I can always bring it back." X'dis decides after a moment, turning to glance over the couch again, shifting to watch Deitra as she wanders around the back of the couch, keeping her in his sights. "I guess. Still not the same." He shrugs a little, before lifting his chin at her. "What were you looking for in here anyway?"

"Then you can tell everyone the tale of the cursed couch." Fingers continue to poke about the couch, seeking but not finding and eventually standing at her full height and draping her arms over the back of it. "Perfectly the same. Memories make you who you are, and if you ain't got 'em yer not the same person. Or, is that some mindhealer junk that ain't entirely true?" A laugh and Deitra props her chin up as she peeks at him. "Some boots. Got three potential pairs. Then got lookin' for some tunnelsnakes. Not only do they bite dangly bits, but, they're not half bad ta eat if you cook 'em proper."

"I think I'll stick to wherry and herd beast, thanks." X'dis replies with a face, shaking his head as she mentions chowing down on tunnel snakes. "What would you have done with them, if you found them? Thrown your boots at them?" He teases her a little, curious.

"Yer missing out." Deitra teases in response to the face he makes, chuckling to herself before considering his question. "I suppose yer right. Didn't have anything ta get them with. Foolish thinking on my part. Well, besides the knifes in my pockets, doubt I'd be able ta get it before it got me. Boots work well 'nough if yer throw is good."

"Just consider it this way, its more for you." He counters, shaking his head and giving her a more careful look at the mention of knives - plural - in her pockets. "I, uh… Am going to see about finding Mneoraeth so I can get this up to my weyr." And he's on his feet, inching towards the door with a cautious look to Dei as he goes.

"Also true." Deitra concludes. The look on his face and the way he begins to inch away causes the hunter to laugh freely. "If I were goin' ta knife ya, I'd've done it when you were sleepin'. Not that I'd knife a rider." The hunter continues to laugh loudly and waves a farewell to the departing brownrider as she takes herself deeper into the stores.

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