Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The seasons shift around the lake in a timeless flow. Waters grow choppy as autumn blends the summer calm with winters coming fury. The shoreline soaks in the heat of the day and provides a pleasant strolling area in the evening hours as long as the weather remains tempered, releasing the heat of the day to the cool of the night. In the early morning a layer of frost can sometimes be found dappled over the shoreline though the waters remain liquid.

It's not long past the dinner hour; the skies purple into dusk, steadily making moons and stars that much more visible. Seated near the lake's shore, Mharen's legs are crossed, lanky, sweater-wrapped frame awkwardly supported by her arms pressing to the ground, head tilted vaguely upward. Surely she had an actual purpose in being here, but with her weaponry unbuckled and placed just to the side, and her expression, distant, she's undoubtedly lost it to some other train of thought.

Dinner might of passed, but it hasn't stopped Kairhys from snagging himself a meatroll from the serving table before heading out towards the lake. He nibbles away on it as he wanders, brown eyes darting here and there without any real sense of purpose. His expression is one of passing interest alone, pausing now and then to admire the branch of a tree or merely the beauty of the night sky. He's got on a pair of thick mahogany colored leather pants, several layers beneath a long tweed coat in muted browns that's securely buttoned and belted, a crimson woolen scarf tied and tucked around his neck, and soft fur lined skin gloves over his hands. Feet are dressed in a pair of weather-proof leather boots in black. It's likely the weaponry on the ground that draws his attention first and foremost Mharen's way, noticing the woman herself in turn. Brows lift, breath visible as he exhales, the cold weather having kissed his cheeks and the tip of his nose a rosy color. He hasn't exactly been stealthy upon his approach to the lake, but there is an air of caution now. "You all right over there?" he asks of her, helping himself to another bite of his meatroll and chewing thoughtfully.

The late night hour normally means that many are retreating to bed, there's no work to be done at such late hour especially when one is to be setting out in the morning. Deitra wanders, however, without reason or cause with her hands tucked into her pockets and grey eyes staring at the ground as she makes her way to the lakeshore. Occasionally a rock comes into her view and the worn boots kick it forward, continuing until it veers off course and out of her range. Eventually, her gaze lifts and the figures upon the beach are spotted. Her head tilts in consideration and her hands are shoved deeper into her pockets, making the paints strain against the belt but not quite pulling them free of her hips. And slowly, she approaches peering at Kairhys then to Mharen. "Hey Mharen. Doin' okay? How'd that flower thing go?" At least she remembers the face to the name she so briefly met. Grey eyes flicker back towards Kairhys and she smiles easily at the man. "Hey. Don't think we've met. 'm Deitra."

Mharen visibly starts, rising on her knees to reflexively reach for her belt before she registers the source of the new voice. Blinking, she slowly settles back onto the ground, stretching her legs out before her. "Never better, " she informs Kairhys crisply, slanting a quick look over him. "Haven't you ever heard of someone getting lost in thought?" While refastening her weapon to her waist, she affords Deitra a tiny nod. "Lady's man got the flower and took it to his lady fair, " she relates dryly. "Beyond that, I haven't a clue and don't care to know."

Kairhys is very tall, so being mistaken for a man is likely something the boy is used to at this point. He may of corrected Deitra if she had addressed him aloud as much, or he could very well have just run with it. Though up close his youth is fairly evident, putting him around fifteen or sixteen turns of age. "Kairhys." he returns for the introduction, fixing his gaze to the woman on the ground when her name was mentioned as if binding the two together in his own mind. "Yeah, I've heard that before. Just never seen someone armed drift off like that. Seems better to keep your mind from wandering when you have something sharp laying around." he muses, offering Mharen a grin before popping the last bite of his snack past his lips and chewing away.

Deitra snorts softly in amusement, "I see. I wouldn't want ta know beyond that, either. What they do is their own business." The hunter chuckles idly and tilts her gaze skywards, her gaze lingering there. "Would you been willin' ta work with me on some of my defense moves later? Gotta friend I want ta help out, but need a bit of refreshin' on it if yer free ta at any time?" Grey eyes drop to look to the guard and the woman grins widely, "if not, figure I can wing it some. Got a guy willing ta be our dummy and get thrown 'round some." Mirthful laughter follows with just a bit of a wicked tinge, before she again quiets and shifts grey eyes towards Kairhys once more and she inclines her head. "Well met and all that." Another scanning look for the younger man and she smiles a little wider. "Where you from, Kairhys?"

"Quite sure of that, are you?" Mharen prompts, but gives the lad an approving look. "You'd be right." For Deitra, her look is longer, appraising. "Alright. I hope you're buying him a drink to make up for being roughed up a few times once you've refreshed your skills." After all, her tone implies, who would do such a thing for nothing in return? Her head tilts slightly in Kairhys' direction at the hunter's inquiry, but it's her only outward display of interest in the answer.

At Mharen's question, Kairhys holds up a finger while he chews and only after finishing and clearing his mouth does he respond. "Pretty much, yeah." There's even a short laugh for that, before his grin widens for the approval and confirmation to the powers of his common sense. He is polite enough to go quiet while the women talk about beating up some poor dude in the name of training. From the looks of it though, the weaver looks vaguely amused about the whole thing, even as he finds a boulder to drop himself onto nearby, seemingly unwilling to do so on the ground. It's probably the mirthful laughter of Deitra that brings Kai back into the fold, brows lifting as the question is asked. When she finishes, his smile turns less smirky into something far more genuine and friendly. "Fort Hold. Yourself?" he asks, dropping a hand behind him on the rock he's chosen to perch, leaning back on it. Apparently this is extended to both women, as brown eyes flick from one to the other.

"'Course I am. Told him he could get as drunk as he wants if he lets two girls beat up on him. I ain't /cruel/. Or, that cruel. Man's got his pride and all." She winks at Mharen, laughing freely. "Thanks. Lookin' forward ta the help. Let me know when you're free? I'm usually good for the afternoons or later in the evening, depending on how long we decide ta be out hunting." Her hands come free of her pockets and lift above her head, stretching out before folding and residing there. Her upper-half turns in consideration of the weaver on a boulder, returning the friendly smile with one of her own. "Here. The Weyr. Born and raised like a proper weyrbrate. Y'know, being fostered off and the like." She winks once more, this time directed towards the weaver there. "Got any interestin' stories ta tell about the Hold?"

Mharen flicks a hand briefly in the direction of the Weyr proper. "I'm finishing up my round of being on the night rotation this sevenday, so you're in luck. I'm sure we'll find a suitable time." Reluctantly, she adds, "I grew up just outside of Fort Hold, if it makes a difference." No exciting stories here, apparently, for she, too, looks to Kairhys for those, half-expectantly. "If you were up at the Hold proper, I'm sure you'll have more engaging tales to offer."

Kairhys glances between the woman with some mild interested now in the discussion of training, though it could very well be in passing. Merely something to do other than stare at the starlight reflected on the lake. He nods to both responses for his returned inquiry, though the full on amusement returns as Deitra asks after stories. "Ah, I'm sorry, I'm not blooded or anything like that — sad to say. Anything that might of been even remotely worth mentioning happened so long ago it wouldn't even matter these days." he sighs, doing a good job of at least looking as if he was disappointed that he had no gossip or heroic tales to tell. Whether it was how he really felt, is difficult to say. "My father works at the stables as a groom, and my mother fixes shoes. Not really all that exciting I'm afraid. They're fairly down to earth people and don't believe in gossip, so I haven't even heard anything from them."

"Well, I'm just lucky, then. Maybe I should go bettin' on somethin' soon." Deitra laughs and straightens her spine once more, only to turn in the other direection before against straightening. "Fairly flexible, so whenever. Haven't made the rest of the plans for the training, so any time before then." Grey eyes close as she listens to Kairhys speak, remaining in silence until he finishes and the woman clicks her tongue just so. "Don't matter if it's relative or not, just something interestin'." Her arms drop and shoulders heave a slight shrug before she's turning to settle down upon the ground, legs crossed and hands resting upon her calves. "Mm. Gossip is just good for a laugh or two. Sometimes they're true, sometimes they ain't and either way they're good for a laugh. Sometimes I think 'bout starting some just ta see if people believe it."

Having noted Deitra's schedule and learned of Kairhys' parentage, the tall guard gets to her feet in a series of careful movements, pale gaze neutral. "Deitra, right? I'll be in touch." Mharen's chin jerks briefly toward Kairhys as she checks over her pockets; "Take a leaf out of his parents' book, or you could find yourself on the wrong end of a weapon or a fist. Gossip can hurt." Stuffing her hands back into the warmth of her sweater's sleeves, she doesn't offer the others any farewell, boots scuffing into the ground as she makes tracks for the bowl.

Kairhys falls back into silence again, not having anything to add about the training scheduling, instead letting his attention wander some to the aforementioned stars being reflected on the water of the lake. He barely catches Mharen preparing to leave, only just catching her with a warm smile and wave as she departs. Not that she seems to notice. This doesn't appear to affect the weaver much, merely redirecting that smile to Deitra instead. "I'm going to have to agree with the armed woman, besides, never much been into sitting around and talking about other people when they aren't there to defend themselves, or join in the laughs." he says, shrugging gently. "So you were born in Fort Weyr?" The change of topic is swift and obvious, perhaps intentionally so considering the single beat of pause between his refusal to gossip and the next thing to come out of his mouth. He takes a moment to look Deitra up and down appraisingly, before one side of that smile takes on a rather smirking quality. "Well, between the weyr and the hold that is a lot of area to cover. I definitely would of remembered you if we had met before."

Deitra nods once, "right. Thanks." A pause and the woman shakes her head, "I ain't going ta make it 'bout someone that isn't me. I said I ain't /that/ cruel." A shake of her head and the young woman shifts to lean back on the ground rather than siting up, waving an idle farewell to the departing guard. "I ain't talkin' 'bout gossip about other people, mainly myself. If someone's going 'round saying things 'bout me and I hear about it later, 'm likely to laugh. And if they're saying things about you, you should laugh it off and it'll die soon 'nough unless people are so inclined ta keep passing it on." Her head tilts back, considering the weaver for his question and chuckling softly. "Yeah. I was. Ma's a lower cavern's woman and father is who know what. Maybe the guy that keeps paying her and she likes the marks. Or maybe she makes the marks ta support him." A wink and she slowly stretches her legs out, lifting one boot to rest above the other. "Really? I ain't all that memorable, unless you count not shuttin' up as memorable. I figure I'd remember you, too. Yer the type that stands out."

Both brows shoot upwards when Deitra talks about rumors or gossip that surround her. "Deitra, right?" he asks, as if just making sure he had the woman's name correct before considering. He takes his time as well, at least putting up the front that he was taking her request very seriously. At the end, he tsks softly and shakes his head, now leaning over himself some where he's sat on his rock, interlacing his fingers together over the gap between his legs. "Can't say that I've heard anything. Though I don't pay much attention when people are talking about others unless it's someone I know that they're talking about." he replies, now stretching his arms up over his head and dropping back onto both hands, palm down behind him on the boulder. "Oh I'm well aware of some of the rumors going around about me. It's hilarious, some of the true, but I have no idea how that wherry dung got around so fast. You people are very well informed." Of course he doesn't clarify what is being said nor what about it is true, just chuckles and kicks the tip of one boot at a nearby rock. He also says nothing about Deitra's parents, skipping that topic altogether. Instead he focuses in on the part about the woman herself. There is a blink for what she says to him, "You have seen your own reflection right? You are a very beautiful woman. Trust me when I say that if I had ever seen or met you before, it would of stuck."

"Mhm." It is an easy sort of drawl of response, chuckling softly and filling the silence with her idle laughter while one hand shifts to play with the black locks of her hair, idly pulling out a strand or two as she waits for a response. "Nah. Probably nothin' going 'round as of yet, but, I figure I can get somethin' going ta see how people take it. I don't know, maybe they caught me lickin' rocks." A soft of laughter and she's rolling so to face him right-side up rather than peeking at him from upside-down. Her elbow comes to prop up her chin and she smiles idly, "old aunties like their gossip, passing 'long the tidbits they hear. Ain't always heard right, but, sometimes it is. I ain't heard nothin' 'bout you yet, figure I'll keep an ear out and see? Should be fun ta hear." That smile that plays on her lips grows a little wider, "I have, now and again. I have ta say that's a first I've been called 'beautiful' ta my face and not insulting me at the same time. I like you."

Kairhys tilts his head some off to one side a brow arching at Deitra, "Why would you want something like that going around? I don't particularly care to be honest if that's something that you really want to do, who am I to stand in the way of a dream, I'm just curious is all." Given his expression, that's all it really was. Curiosity. He does shrug dismissively as he leans back further, letting his head drop back some as he gazes up at the stars themselves. "Do as you like." he replies, giving the huntress leave to do as she pleases, sounding rather neutral about having someone purposely putting an ear to ground in the hopes of picking up a juicy tidbit. He does smile, but doesn't join in when Deitra laughs, though from the looks of it the weaver was just relaxed and enjoying the night as well as the company. "I don't know you well enough to be throwing out insults, and I'm not sure I would even if I did. Just doesn't seem like something I would do, unless of course…you happened to get on my bad side." he laughs at this though, scooting back a little and draws a leg up, hs knee bending as he sets his boot onto the boulder as well. Did Kai have a bad side? When he's told he's liked, the boy lowers his head and drops his eyes upon the raven haired woman, "Thank you, that's nice to hear." A soft smile follows.

"Because it'd be funny ta see who believes it, really." Deitra shrugs idly, "ain't more than that, just 'bout having fun. If yer not havin' some enjoyment from what's goin' on 'round you, what's the point?" Lashes lower and she breathes out a soft sigh, blowing some lose strands of hair from her face. "Ain't going ta spread it or ask you 'bout it, just wonderin' what sort've things they got spreading 'round." Her hand drops settling onto the ground while her eyes open to look down to where her hands are, fingers idly playing along and tracing something or another. "Some people just don't watch what they say first off ta someone. I got a bit of a problem with that, myself, but completely different." Her head shakes idly and she grins at him. "Guess I'll try ta avoid that bad side, seein' as it's nice ta hear nice things now and again." At his thanks, she bobs he head before pushing herself into another position, drawing her legs in and resettling upon her rear. "Nah. Ain't nothin' ta thank 'bout. Unless yer going ta tell me you ain't got many people liking you."

Kairhys nods, though if there is any disapproval he does an excellent job of keeping it out of his eyes and his expression. Instead of continuing that par of the conversation, the weaver chooses instead to once again skip it and continue on with something else instead. "You could just ask me." he says with a chuckle, when Deitra says that she wonders what's being said about him. "I've only really sat down and talked with one other person since I got back, and I certainly didn't get into deep personal details. Not that it really matters who knows what and so forth. If I cared what people thought about my behavior I probably wouldn't do whatever I liked." There's a grin for this, a mischievous twinkle to the eye. Whatever he's thinking about clearly wasn't something someone somewhere would approve of. Though this too, he keeps to himself. As for people liking him? "If you want the truth, it usually goes one way or the other. Either they like me cause I'm bluntly honest with them, or they dislike me for it. To each his or her own I say. I have to be me, or else, who would I be?" he chuckles, his smirk spreading a bit wider. "Now if your talking on a purely physical level? Well, I can't complain."

"Hm. I suppose I could, if I'm just out ta sate the desire ta know." Deitra starts, her tone certainly bordering a question and yet it is simply a statement, one in which she stares off into the distance as if debating with herself. After a moment, focus returns and she nods. "Exactly. Exactly, yer the type of guy that I like. Or, general person really. We'll get along just fine." The mischievous hint certainly beckons her curiosity to figure out what exactly he does, but, at a later time for she says nothing on this. "Mm. Well, I like honesty. You ain't got ta be no one but yerself, and, I figure you'll get on just fine. Ain't right ta go changing yerself cause someone don't like you the way you are." A shake of her head, showing her dislike for such a thing but it is short lived as she's laughing with delight once again. "Physical, sure. How you are 's'just a bonus." A wink in his direction before she's leaning forward, attention focused entirely upon him. "What'd you do? Or, what're they sayin', really…"

Brows are lifting again, Kairhys not bothering to hide the amusement on his features. He doesn't prod Deita to ask, nor does he simply go on to add fuel to the fire of her curiosity. He just lets her do and saw whatever she likes, as he had stated as much a few moments before. He's chuckling again though when she claims how well they will get along, "So far so good, but I'm not going to share the sentiment until I get a better idea myself. Hard to base a friendship or what not on a single conversation. I always found people who meet and instantly claim to be friends, really funny. You can't know a person in the span of fifteen minutes." Nodding in agreement, the weaver lets the woman go on about honesty, not adding any more of his own thoughts to hers, instead moving on to talk of physical attractiveness. "Well, thanks." is tact on with another chuckle before shaking his head and letting his amusement linger for the wink sent his way. There is a soft groan though when she asks about what he did, or rather what is being said that he did. "Lets' see…" he considers, rolling his eyes skyward. "I heard one about how I got a girl pregnant and now she's after me to support her and the kid. Not true by the way. Another one that I slept with one of the female journeyman weavers at the craft hall and half the male apprentices which got me kicked out, also not true. At least the part about being kicked out, and it was more like three of the male apprentices not half of them." The smirking was mighty just about then, taking a moment perhaps to remissness on those past events with a moistening of his lips before he clears his throat and at least has the decency of looking somewhat sheepish about it. "Last one is that my sister is sick and I came home to look after her. Which is absolutely true."

"You don't need ta know someone all the way ta be friends, but, just sayin' well get along fine. Friends are only friends if the feelin' is mutual." Deitra chuckles softly, "if one person got the idea in their head that their friends and the other don't care so much, they ain't friends. It'd be like unrequited lover or similar. Not as painful as they say it happens ta be." A hand waves in sort of a dismissal of the notion, beaming a smile in his direction and again nodding for his thanks. Silence lingers so that she may listen to his story, or the stories of others have begun to tell for his reason of arrival. There's an amused chuckle and slowly, she pushes to her feet. "Sounds like they put you through a wild life, hm? But, from the truths, you got one on your own. 'm hopin' that yer sister gets better, Kairhys. I've got ta track mine down and make sure she gets ta sleep t'night before we're out hunting in the morning. Hopin' ta see you 'round." And then, with a rather lazy wave, she takes off back towards the inner parts of the Weyr.

Kairhys nods at that, "Sounds about right to me." Short, sweet, to the point, and he leaves it at that. He goes ahead and slides to his feet though as Deitra readies to leave, pulling his gloves a little to work them back on properly before he offers the huntress another of his warm smiles. "It doesn't matter. They can say what they like, not as if I'm anyone all that important. I'm an apprentice weaver and a non-blooded holder. If they can't find someone more note worthy than that, I guess I should be honored." This said he inclines his head to the woman as she heads off, "A pleasure meeting you Deitra." he calls after her retreating form, waiting until she is out of sight before he himself heads out as well. But in the opposite direction, his expression back to absolute neutrality as he slowly strolls around the lake alone.

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