Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge

An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

For the better part of the day, clouds have been gathering over Fort's skies, flurries settling in in the late afternoon. The evening meal has come and gone, and snow is threatening once again. Regardless of this, an apprentice weaver has climbed up here for a bit of privacy and solitude. Few would brave the cold on such a day, not that Kairhys isn't bundled up to his eyeballs. Hat, scarf, thick wool coat, sweater, long sleeved shirt, winter weave slacks tucked into a pair of snow boots. A pair of soft doe-skin fur lined gloves have been pulled over his hands, but despite all this prepartion there is still shivering. The tip of his nose, his cheeks and even his chin are red despite the tan he likely got in warmer weather. "This is rediculous." he chatters, pencil in hand, and a thick leather bound sketch pad opened up before him. A particularly nasty wind howls through his clothing, and causes a shudder from head to toe.

For the better part of the day, clouds have been gathering over Fort's skies, flurries settling in in the late afternoon. The evening meal has come and gone, and snow is threatening once again. Regardless of this, an apprentice weaver has climbed up here for a bit of privacy and solitude. Few would brave the cold on such a day, not that Kairhys isn't bundled up to his eyeballs. Hat, scarf, thick wool coat, sweater, long sleeved shirt, winter weave slacks tucked into a pair of snow boots. A pair of soft doe-skin fur lined gloves have been pulled over his hands, but despite all this preparation there is still shivering. The tip of his nose, his cheeks and even his chin are red despite the tan he likely got in warmer weather. "This is ridiculous." he chatters, pencil in hand, and a thick leather bound sketch pad opened up before him. A particularly nasty wind howls through his clothing, and causes a shudder from head to toe.

The overlook seems particularly empty today, and several tables and chairs have a light layer of snow. One corner however, is occupied. A large pile of furs lays on the ground in a covered corner of the shelter. The only indication that there may in fact, be something living underneath there, is the steady rise and fall of the pile, almost as if the furs were breathing.

Why hadn't Kairhys noticed the breathing pile of fur over there in the corner? Well, for the last hour or so he'd been much more interested in the scenery. Though with the sun down now and lack of general lighting, it seemed good a time as any to close his book and tuck away his pencil. It's about then that he notices the fur pile over there and pauses in mid-step staring at it. "What the…" he mutters, narrowing brown eyes at the strange anomaly before he redirects his feet in that direction. Cautiously of course. In case there was teeth to go with all that fur. And claws. Yes, that would be unpleasant as well. "Hello?" he says, edging closer, reaching out and very gently poking at some spot in the middle before backing up several feet and retracting his hand completely. Then he waits, every muscle tightened.

The footsteps towards the pile get no reaction, nor does the spoken greeting. The poke however, does. There's a swift movement, deceptively fast considering the almost coma like state it was in before. Furs are thrown back and a head suddenly pops up. Bright blue eyes stare sharply up at the apprentice weaver, his angular features organized into a rather haughty expression. A hand moves up and Aniki brushes a few of the shoulder length strands of from his face. "Hmmm? My Miki must have sent you to retrieve me. Yes yes, I'll be ready in a second. You may rest yourself while you wait on me." Knot on his shoulder or no, Aniki seems to be under the impression that Kairhys is no more than an errand boy.

Kairhys may have just about jumped out of his skin when those furs are flipped back, but thankfully when a human is revealed and not some hideous creature his imagination had probably thought up, he relaxes all at once. There is a breath of relief before the weaver blinks a few times at the absolute audacity of this guy. Brows crease, "I have no idea who Miki is. I think you have me confused with someone else." he says, and maybe takes a minute to check him out a little bit. No harm in looking after all. He clears his throat soon after and turns on his heel to go. "Maybe best to find a better spot to sleep, or else you might just get snowed in next time." Securing his sketchbook up under one arm, the apprentice weaver heads for the stairs down, being careful of his footing along the way. It was icy after all.

"You don't know my Miki? Well that's rather odd. Mhmmm, yes I see, know that I get a good look at you, you certainly aren't a drudge." Aniki's eyes graze over the younger boy appraisingly, nodding in a rather approving manner once he's finished. This is also when the journeyman notices the bit of checking out, and a self-confident smile plays upon his lips. "I /am/ beautiful am I not? Please feel free to stare for as long as you would like. I was given these features to share with the world!" As he speaks, the mean slowly gets to his feet, wrapping the bundles of fur around him and heading towards the stairs as well. "I AM of course, both generous and noble. I will not hold it against you if you stare!"

Kairhys pauses again in mid-step, this time turning back to flick a look at Aniki. "Nope, sorry. Don't know her. I don't spend much time around the weyr, my family is from the hold. Thought I'd take a chance to…" he starts to explain, blinks and stops. Either he caught himself giving out more information than necessary or being momentarily mistaken for a drudge was enough to cause him to simply stare at the man. He opens his mouth for a second and then closes it immediately after, the stare becoming far more noticable. Another blink and the apprentice bursts out laughing, tries to stop, and then just starts laughing again. This lasts for a little while, before something seems to click there behind the eye and he goes right back to staring. "Faranth. You're /serious/." he says, sounding astonished. "Wow." That said, he shakes his head and once more attempts to head out.

Aniki smiles, almost indulgingly at the laughter before closing his eyes and shaking his head. A hand is brought to his chest and the journeyman lets out a small sigh. "Oh yes, I AM entertaining aren't I? I bring my light to the world. Joy! Happiness! My presence is always a delight." When Aniki looks back up again, bright blue eyes catch the stares, and once more, he interprets them as he sees fit. "Yes, yes. Do continue staring. I really won't take offense. There's no need to restrain yourself." Aniki for one, certainly doesn't know the meaning of restraint. Instead of watching the boy leave, the older weaver moves behind him, following along. Though, there really isn't any way he could not since they were both going down. "Wow. Yes, that would be an apt description of me. Very apt. I am….wow."

Kairhys continues to head down into the cavern, immediately taking off his hat, scarf, and gloves once it starts to get warm, shoving them into the pocket of his coat absently. It was difficult not to notice that Aniki was following, what with all the posturing and self ego-fluffing that was going on behind him. He steps off to the side to that the man can get by, meanwhile dropping onto a bench and shrugging out of his coat, revealing the sweater underneath that is also hoisted up over his head and removed. Beneath the sweater, a thin but long sleeved shirt made out of cotton. The main body is white, the sleeves a deep evergreen color. It looks comfortable at least. "I think you're annoying personally." he says bluntly after there a single moment of silence, folding his sweater and coat and stacking them over the sketchbook.

Even as he walks into the warmer area of the cavern, Aniki doesn't take any of his furs off. The coats remain tightly bundled about his rather skinny frame. He doesn't even notice when Kairhys steps to the side to let him pass, instead continuing as he babbles. "Perhaps there is a better adjective than 'wow' though. It does seem rather crude. Perhaps….fantastic. Ah, fantastic will do quite nicely…" An affirmative nod of his head in self confirmation. The younger boy's words to make him stop mid-step however, and Aniki turns, another indulging smile on my face. "Annoying? I've told everyone else this, but you really don't have to hide your attraction towards me behind those bristly words. It is rather unbecoming."

Kairhys gives Aniki a long suffering look accompanied by a sigh to match, ruffling a hand through his own hair. Brown eyes wander off towards the pillow piles that are strewn about, and without any word of warning collects his things and makes his way over to one, stripping off his wet dripping boots along the way. "I'm not known for being subtle." he says plainly enough dragging his sketch book over and snuggling up on his belly in one particular pile. "You're certainly bedable, but what comes out your mouth ruins it." That said, he starts to unwrap the straps that hold the sketchbook closed and flips about halfway through before his pencil is taken out and he starts to ignore the fur clad man.

"Bedable? Well of couse I'm bedable. With the way I look, how can I not be?" Aniki grins broadly before shedding a few of his coats and dropping down the the pile closest to the weaver. "Ruins it. I believe I've told you this already, but you shouldn't deny what you truly think about me. Of cousre, it may be that you don't actually know how much you…..whoever you are, like me yet. Hmmm, that will have to be worked on." Further eye closing, nodding, and self assured noises continue after this. His narcisstic behavior doesn't seem as if it will stop any time soon.

Kairhys isn't talking to Aniki anymore, releasing a wide loud yawn perhaps not intentionally before he starts moving the pencil over the paper, every once in a while bringing a finger over to shade this or that. It's all rather meticulous and careful, each stroke likely planned before pencil is brought down against page. A hand does drift down to one pocket at some point, and pulls out a triangular looking white eraser. It's passed over points hereand there, and some more smudging and so it goes. On and on.

Aniki doesn't seem to mind not being talked to. In fact, he simply continues babbling to himself about how amazing he is. At some point he lays back on the pillows, looking up at the caverns and pulling a wooden fan out from somewhere in his coats. Instead of letting it unfold, he beings pointing it in random directions. "Really. It's hard to find beautiful people these days. That's why finding models for my clothes is so hard. The Hall has certainly dropped their standards of late. Pity."

As Aniki goes on and on, Kairhys continues to draw, the sketch lines becoming dark and he starts to add details and highlights with the eraser. Though as the topic comes off of the man himself and onto something he's more familiar with, he slides his eyes over. "You're a weaver?" he asks, sounding both surprised and perhaps put off by this. Then again the hall was a big place and not everyone knew everyone else. It was completely possible that the apprentice had never seen the man before today. After that glance and pause in the other guy's direction, Kai returns his attention to the book before him but he doesn't start drawing again right away. "That's just great." he mutters under his breath, turning the page of the book and starting a new drawing, this one with darker and bolder lines at first, and then tapper off to lighter and more organic.

"Of course I'm a weaver. I have a duty to flaunt myself to the world, and only the weavers can faciliatate that." This was apparently Aniki's purpose in life. With a quick flicking movement, he unfolds the fan, waving it about a bit more. "It IS great isn't it? Since I'm a rather wonderful judge of beauty they were keen on taking me. And I decided to be of good to the world and help. I am, of course, generous like that." A self satisfied chuckle and then the journeyman props himself up, looking over at Kairhys. "Are you a weaver too? You must be it seems. An apprentice. By the name of….well, I'm not that brilliant, I don't know your name. But I am Aniki."

Kairhys is shaking his head again, pencil wiggling this way and that, pausing every now and then to cant his head this way or that before continuing. He does flick a look over when the fan is unfurled, but then goes back to what he was doing. "Kairhys." he responds simply enough, rubbing the tip of one finger around the curve of someting there, and then up and down before sliding the tip across. "And yes, apprentice weaver." The pencil is set down, and a distinct pause taken before he offers the other weaver a friendly enough smile before offering a hand over to shake. "Nice to meet you Aniki." Though from his tone, it's less pleasure he's feeling just now than tolerance. He was tolerating Aniki for now but that seems to be the extent. Then again, the boy had been brutally blunt thus far, perhaps he was trying a differant approach.

Aniki sits up fully, reaching over to take the hand and giving it an oddly normal shake. "Kairhys, pleasure to meet you too. I know it's nice for you to meet me too." There's another one of his self satisfied grins before Aniki flops back down again once more. "Are you a designer Kai?" Rude. The first meeting and Aniki had already created a name for the younger weaver. No matter who it was, that seemed to be Aniki's way of doing things. Kairhys was pretty lucky. At least /he/ wasn't being called kitten.

Kairhys shakes the hand for as long as would be deemed polite, and then releases it, picking his pencil back up and then starting to sketch again. He makes no further comment about how nice it may be to have actually met the journeyman, rather more interested in getting back to work. "Yeah, I like to draw, but my family insisted that I use it for something practical. Designing clothes was good enough." he replies, not seeming to mind about the shortening of his name. It might even already be a nickname he's used to, considering he doesn't even blink at it being used so familarly. It's unsure how the apprentice might of reacted to being called kitten, but if the conversation thus far was any indication it's possible he may of just brushed it off.

Aniki nods, "Yes! You must be noble and make great use of your talents. Help the less fortunately endowed with looks and fashion sense with your creations as I do. I approve." Because Kairhys needed Aniki's approval. After a few seconds of further fanning, Aniki finally scoots closer, peering over the younger boy's shoulder. "So what are you designing this time? You can receive the honor of my assistance today. I have no pressing matters at present and my Miki has not yet sent for me."

On the paper is what can only be described as an almost photographic representaion of Aniki, every smooth line and gentle angle in place, hair half shaded and looking particualrly silky. He had even gotten the haughtiness of the expression, there in the eyes, the gentle upturn of lips. "Ah." Kairhys says, lips pursing a moment before he actually looks a little on the sheepish and apologetic side. "I should of asked. I'm sorry." he says, and sounds at least as if he means it. There is a pause, "Who is Miki? Your lover?" he asks, perhaps curiosity getting the better of him at last.

For the briefest of moments, Aniki looks….taken aback, perhaps slightly suprised. The rare moment doesn't last long however, and soon his lips are twisting up into that cocky smile once more. "No, no. You do not need to ask about such things. My features are there for such purposes." A pause then, and Aniki leans down a bit more, studying the drawing carefully. "You are indeed talented. I must say that the drawing has done me well. It looks every bit as handsome as I /am/." At the mention of Miki, the weaver moves away again, fanning himself and smiling with slightly softened features. "Ah, my Miki. My Miki is my Miki. Rider of her lovely green Sohnyuoth….She is also my sister."

Kairhys half smirks at the silence and maybe even revels in it for as long as it lasts, if only to shake his head lightly back and forth when the ego returns in full force. He goes back to shading then, at least for a few seconds, having to pause as the man leans in as close as he does. Distracted or unable to move his arm until Aniki moves away again and he exhales a breath. Shading is resumed, as well as the very careful smudging with the tip of his finger. "Thank you." he says of being complimented on his talent and leaves it at that. At the knews that this Miki person was the Journyman's sister it brings another pause to the focus of his attention, as it wwavers to include a glance in Aniki's direction. "Sister complex huh? You are an odd one." he murmurs, darkening some of of the lines that make certain features on the page really pop. "I've got a little sister myself. She's very sweet."

The smirk is either unnoticed or ignored, though unclear which exactly. As he sits back, continuing his rather pointless fanning, the weaver seems rather relaxed, despite knowing he is now the subject of a drawing. Instead he latches onto the one other subject, besdies him, that he can talk about without much pause. "Sister complex? Of course not! That's a rather crude term. The term for our bond is EVERLASTING SIBLING LOVE." With his last words, the hand holding the fan is flicked into the air, a rather grandiose movement and his tone become louder, more a declaration than a statement. "You have a sister too?" His declaraction done, Aniki comes back down to Pern for a moment. "I am sure you have everlasting sibling love as well. Of course, not as great as ours, but still everlasting."

Kairhys finally finishes the shading of the hair on the the picture of the man, signing the bottom with his name and the date before smoothing the book closed and doing up the leather straps. Crude? "Maybe, but there is only so much love one should have for a sibling." he comments, content now to tuck the sketchbook away beneath his coat and sweater nearby after stowing away his pencil. He takes a moment to fold his arms one over the other and just sort of lets his attention drift Aniki's direction, letting his chin come to rest on top. Relaxing. His brows lift in unison a couple of times through the rest of what Aniki has to say about the undying love for his sister, closing his eyes. "Yes, I do. And yes, I love her, but I wouldn't call it an everylasting love. I don't think I'm capable of such things anymore."

"Ah but you see, there is our sibling love and there is love love. Perhaps if your sister was the oldest of 18 siblings and so taken upong herself the great task of taking care of everyone as best she could while your mother was rather incapactitated you would also have a GREAT EVERLASTING sibling love!" His declaration the second time around is less grandiose than the first, lacking hand movements. There is a pause though, and Aniki raises his brows before shaking his head and clicking his tongue. "Nonsense. Everyone is capable of such things. You have simply not found your great and everlasting love. You are young yet, there is time."

Kairhys doesn't respond to anything for a while, perhaps having slipped off, and this might be the reason why he startles all of a sudden in the middle of all that and pushes himself up to a sitting position before whirling around on his backside and leaning against the wall instead. He takes a second or two before the sleeves of his shirt are pulled down over his hands and curled up against his palms. "You don't know me, so it's not exactly…" he begins to say, but then seems to think better of it and his head comes back against the wall, eyes semi-rolled up towards the ceiling of the cavern. "Let's put it this way, I'm not interested in a great and everlasting love." he says, his expression lacking any sort of emotion one way or the other. Then he smiply lowers his head some, and offers the journeyman a half grin that curls up one hald of his mouth. "Besides, pairing off whenever you like with whoever you like is much more fun. Don't you think?"

The sudden movement earns another pause and Aniki raises one eyebrow. "Of course I know you. You are Kai and I'm Aniki. I don't know /about/ you. But whatever has happened, it certainly does not make you incapable. One way you'll find yourself wound up in a great and everlasting whether you like it or not." There's another haughty smirk as the journeyman dispenses his love advice, the expression contrasting with his somewhat serious words. At the half smile and question, Aniki hits the side of the fan against his palm, effectively snapping it together. "Fun, yes. There is no use in denying those that want to appreciate your body. Especially when it is meant to be displayed as my NOBLE and BEAUTIFUL form is….but that is only until I find my great and everlasting love."

Kairhys is shaking his head again, but at least this time he's chuckling, apparently amused with the constant way that Aniki bent reality around himself to suit his whim. "It's kinda cute in its own way." he says under his breath, meant for himself alone really. He closes his eyes again, and just listens to the other drone on and on, only opening them up once again when the fan is hit against the other's palm. Blinking a few times, he stretches his arms up over his head, before he's scratching at his bare belly before he releases a heavy sigh as he drops his hands into his lap. "I'll take your word for it." This is said louder than before, and the apprentice starts to collect his things, sliding free of the pillow pile and slipping back into his boots. "I'm heading out now. Again, it was nice meeting you." He doesn't bother lingering longer than it takes to find the exit, feet soon carrying him that way.

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