'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

The noon hour has struck and as if by some strange twist of chance, rather then some tolling of bells (are there such a thing on Pern?) to tell the hour it is instead the gradual build of many humming dragons. It's time, at last, it seems for the eggs to Hatch and when most would be settling in for lunch now the Weyr is teeming with people dashing to and fro in a mad rush of preparation. On the sands, where a few of the eggs have begun to twitch and tremble, Zuvaleyuth hovers nearby, her humming voice one of the many now echoing across the caverns. Velokraeth is there as well, close to the gold's side but keeping his own vantage point. The Weyrwoman has stepped to the edge of the platform built for her comfort as she stood vigil with her lifemate for so many sevendays. It's hard to say what emotion exactly Dtirae may be feeling, but she certainly looks a touch cocky or at least acts as such as the Weyrleader makes his hasty arrival.

Th'ero pauses not far from her side, giving her a long sideways look and likely seeing right through her masked behavior to judge by his smirk. "No sense fretting now. It can't be helped. Need to focus on them." he murmurs and he points to the eggs and then again to the entrance way where the Candidates should soon be arriving. Then he's turning his head to glance towards the Galleries, likely now filling as they speak. And so they do, ever proper it would appear and thus the chaos begins.

T'was the morn before the hatching and all through the weyr, not a creature was stirring, there was nothing to hear. And then all the sudden we heard the hum of the dragons washed over Fort's lands. The weyrlingmasters rushed to the barracks with whirlwind and flurry, "Let's go candidates! Put on your robes! Hurry!" And so all the candidates rushed to their beds while visions of dragonets danced in their heads. They threw on their robes and strapped on their sandals, and if you're Edani you locked your trunk's handles. Out the door they trudged keeping single file, that last walk to the sands it seemed more than a mile. As they spot the clutchparents they each bow in turn, as guests arrive from hold and weyrs all over Pern. Into the semicricle all the candidates hobble as the first of the eggs begins just to wobble. Some look nervous some excited and some even hold hands, in hopes that they won't be left standing alone on the sands. (Written by Hotaru)

People start quickly filing in as the dragons start to humm. People who have been waiting for this moment for days. One of those is the blue Rider Laera from Xanadu ushering in Datsun. The rider has a daughter on the sands and she is here to support her in any way she can.

From Rubicon River Hold, come the Lady Holder and Warden of the hold. The Lady looks less then impressed to be here. Ryeira's lips set in a thin line as she is ushered to a seat. Gaerwyn looks more inclined to be here and can be seen trying to molify his lady wife as they sit down. "We promised her. Just this once."

Datsun towers over the tiny bluerider from Xanadu, his ears already red and burning from some friendly 'advice' that the woman has apparently shared with him. The Journeyman Woodcrafter seems at a loss, letting himself be ushering to wherever Laera leads him to. It's clear he's not quite sure what to do, as he's peering around curiously, glancing about at the dragons' humming.

A'di is sitting in the gallries with a piece of paper on his lap. He seems to be hunched over the piece of parchment with a pen in hand. His eyes remain on the eggs, frowning with the pen hovering inches from the sheet of paper.

M'lo is there with his own children and a seat saved for someone else apparently. Upon seeing Datsun, he waves cheerfully. But then he's kind of busy keeping his kids contained and in their seats instead of bouncing all over the place with frantic excitement.

Harmony, once the respect has been given, tugs Inyri back to the back of the bus. Graham-cracker colored sandals mince steps on the heated sands, while marshmallow robe adds brightness to an already pale girl. "This way," she hisses, urging Inyri faster. "They're all right there. Now's our chance." The Plan; it is in execution.

Bring Order to Chaos Egg seems restless where it is safely nestled, faint tremors barely perceptible and noticed only by the disturbance of the sand around it. Just as the ripples grow wider and it gives a good, clear rocking shake or two, it suddenly stills as if to reconsider.

Kale is here, sitting in the stands, watching in amazement! Cuz like, wow. This is what hatchings are probably supposed to look like. Many eggs, not just two. Eager faces, not doubtful ones. All eyes on the sands, for this first time observer.

Sound of Magic Egg begins to shiver, a subtle trembling running along the shell. Then it gives a little hop, and is still.

It's not like Edani is used to wearing a dress, even if he's done this once before. There's just something about appearing in front of a crowd in nothing but a drafty skirt swishing about his calves, that is unnerving - even if he does have nice legs! Add to that the imposing gold and bronze figures facing them over those eggs, the fact he is fresh from the beastpens and smells like dinner and there you have a recipe for the jitters. Normally confident and relaxed, the beastcrafter/candidate's sandal'd stride onto the sands is cautious at best, his bow to the sire and dam, then the Weyrleaders is executed with less grace than he'd like before he finds his place - which happens to be on the other side of Inyri.

Zaala sticks by Eirwyn's side, looping her arm through her friend's arm, trying to keep pace as they're at the back of the pack. Zaala didn't manage to braid her hair completely, but a tie keeps it pinned back out of her face, for the most part. She scans the galleries briefly upon entering the sands and maybe she notices her mother, Laera, because she sends an errant wave to the galleries before turning back to Eirwyn, "Good luck!" Maybe they'll catch up to Abigail in all the chaos once the candidates start to spread out on the sands, Etzlix and Mikal too. Though, for now, Zaala is sticking close near Eirwyn.

Dtirae snorts softly at Th'ero in response to his comment, giving him a little look that certainly has more than one meaning. "Still. She shoulda been here." Lips press stubbornly together and she looks to the eggs. "Better not be a repeat of the last clutch."

Khyonai arrives, doggedly close to Kazulen. Khy, at least, is damp and wide-eyed, despite his weyrly worldiness; he bows as is wanted, and refuses to move from his fellow guard's vicinity, even with That Footprint so obvious.

Borodin has discovered his robe doesn't have pockets to shove his hands in. He hasn't figured out what to do with them instead, and they keep moving around and brushing at the white cloth, even as he bows in his turn. His eyes are just as restless, going between the other candidates, then up to the crowd gathering in at the gallery… Borodin swallows, and quickly looks away, down to… well, the eggs. That's enough to keep his attention for quite some time, going in between one and the next. His fingers twist up the robe, staying toward the back of the group but nevertheless approaching.

Inri is with Harmony on the escape — well. It's not an escape. It's a 'hide behind everyone else' that now has a member of everyone else in it; hello, Edani. "Ack," she blurts out, startled oh-so-momentarily before just grabbing his arm and pulling him along, too, until they've settled with a wall of larger people (including Khyonai and Kazulen) between them and the eggs. "Okay. This is good."

Etzlix follows the others onto the Sands, but for the most part she's hiding herself bhind Alyn. There's a wave over in Zaala's direction before her eyes go straight to the eggs. She shifts nervously, looking from one to the other.

Hotaru meanders onto the sands with the rest of the group and files in. She keeps tugging at the bottom of her robe, every time there's a draft that comes through. The red-head sidles up to Edani, then gives him a look and sniffs at him. "Why do you smell funny?"

Mikal may deny this but he's a bit nervous. After the bow he spreads out with the other candidates. Green eyes dart from the crowds watching in the Gallery to the eggs starting to wobble a bit. Meep! Hastily he shuffles over to shoulder bump into Zaala, taking position next to her. Oh hai there!

Eirwyn follows the group in even as she is still tying the belt of her robe. Her half braided hair slowly unravelling again as she makes her way out on the sands. It is between Zaala and Abigail that she finds herself and once her belt is tied she quickly reaches for hands either side of her. There is a wide eyed nervousness on her face as she looks to the eggs, then gives a quick glance to the stands to see if her parents have arrived. There is a tight nod and weak smile given to them before her focus is back on the shifting eggs again.

Bring Order to Chaos Egg stirs back to life with a constant rocking motion, sweeping slowly side to side like a pendulum swing. Back and forth. Back and forth. And all the while, the once prestine and unmarred patterns of it's shell are now going to ruin. Fine, spider web like fractures appear and gradually grow wider and wider as the occupant within begins to really fight against their confines. Soon! Soon it will have freedom!

Kazulen stubbornly keeps trying to get away from Khyonai, with the end result being a game of follow-the-leader, as Kaz wends his way throughout the cluster of candidates — now nearer the eggs, now further away. At least for now, until someone complains, his belt is keeping a damp towel over his waist-ish area, covering up as much of That Footprint as possible.

The light of the galaxy spread upon the Heart of Eternity Egg seems to slowly dim. A gentle rocking takes hold of the egg, the invisible forces which had once been balanced suddenly not so. It is the trigger of the beginning of the end, where the consuming force at the very heart of the egg has tipped the balance to devour and destroy.

Borodin also discovers, much to his chagrin, that Inyri and Harmony are better at keeping to the back than he is. Probably he's too distracted by watching those eggs rock, his attention so taken he forgets even to twist his fingers nervously before long.

Khyonai also sotto-voices to his fellow guard-candidate; "I do believe they are using us as /flesh shields/. We should outflank them." He eyes backwards, Hotaru catching his attention as well as Edani; he bobs a nod to both. And. Y'know. Inyri too. "Oh shit. I think that one just moved." Yeah, Khy, 'cause eggs — aren't supposed to move as they hatch? He's not leaving Kazulen, either. Poor heifer.

Umber and sepia cliffs have withstood endless eons upon the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg, at least until now. For now the earth trembles. A soft, small tremor at first rattles the egg. Then a second more notable one follow, a few flakes of the cliff-shell drifting to the heated sands below. The ashen hued castle perched upon the cliffs now ever more precarious in its position.

Abigail follows after the others towards the sands, her gaze flicking around for Zaala, Eirwyn and Borodin but seems she got separated at some point. Though soon enough she catches sight of Borodin a bit in front of her. A bow is offered to the dragons, her pale gaze flicking one way then another before she inches on towards her brother, whom happens to be close to Zaala and Eirwyn at least. She looks to her friends and gives them a nervous smile before her gaze is back towards the eggs. Not a word escaping her at the moment.

Kazulen still hasn't given up - yet - but he's willing to take advantage of this plan. "So you go that way," he hisses at Khyonai, gesturing abruptly Away From Him. He's even willing to serve as a meat shield if that will keep the bane of his appearance at bay!

Edani is awkward grace as he's pulled behind the guards, giving Inyri and Harmony a rather confused look. "Butbut, how can you see anything?" He's tall, he's fine but- "If I smell funny, why aren't you laughing?" he shoots back to Hotaru with a touch of sarcasm. There are rocking eggs, which he'll be eyeing as soon as he's not distracted. "Why're we way back here?"

Harmony might give Edani a sharp look, but since he's safe (for a boy), he can stand in with the cool people. The cool duo that has a wall of other Candidates between them and the eggs. "I can't see anything," beat, "This is good. It's a good sign." Because that means they're safe! She dances from foot to foot, a mou of discontent marring her expression. "I forgot how /hot/ this place is." Whine, whine, whine; totally the s'mores dressed Candidate: graham-cracker sandals, melted marshmallow-pure-white robe. All she lacks is the melted chocolate. Is she gripping Inyri's hand? Likely. Maybe.

Bring Order to Chaos Egg reaches its limits and the shell crumbles under the pressure of so many fractures, pieces tumbling away piece by piece before simply giving way with a shuddering, splintering sigh. Out of the destruction tumbles a bright, spring green colored Hatchling, who wastes little time in pushing herself awkwardly to her feet after she untangles them from the rest of her limbs. Wings flare out slightly to dry, but she holds herself with confidence and cunning curiosity as she gains her bearings, head swivelling from side to side to take in the chaos of the sands.

Zaala smiles as Mikal repeats her traditional greeting, bumping him back with a bright eyed smile, "Mikal. We're here! This is it. I'm going to hope for you and you promised, visit us back in Xanadu if it goes right for you." She'll hold him to that. She flips her pony tail over her shoulder, giving Abigail another smile as she joins the group clustering there in the off center part of the sands facing the eggs. "Oh look… did that one just move?" finger points out to the Superstition and the Sword egg, "Ooo would you just listen to that humming! I can almost feel the vibration in my feet!"

No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Hatchling
Borne of the brightest spring greens, the color is both simple and yet unique to her in the sense that it seems to wholly encompass her medium sized frame with no other hue to break its dominance. She is the epitome of sleekness, her body lean yet toned, muscled in a subtle way as to almost hide the power and strength beneath. Not all is as it seems though and as natural light will play across her hide some of the subtle complexities within it will become visible. Hues of sea green and pale green will dance and shift from the darker to lighter of the hues, accentuating rather than overwhelming and lending more illusion of fluidity to the gracefulness of her movements, both gentle and yet belying a sense of cunning and chaotic intelligence beneath a mask of calm. The angular shape of her head bares the beginning of these subtle changes in color, mottled in subdued dark sea greens above the curve of her eye ridges to sweep back over her prominent head knobs and ridges, tumbling down the arc of her slender neck to disappear into the nook of throat and back, lending sway to spring green once more. Her toned sides, powerful hindquarters and lean, nimble forearms also bear the hints of sea green mottling, only they, along with her back and the backside of her wings, have dustings of pale green worked in that show only in the brightest of natural lights. The sails of her long and narrow wings, save for the curve of her talons, are the only part of her to hold the shade of aquamarine, diluted and yet a gentle contrast all the same against the spring greens of the spars and the rest of her sleek form.

Khyonai finally Eyes Kazulen with a dark expression. "Fine," with a huff, and he's tacking off from the other guard to hover over Abigail's shoulder. "Hey Abbey," he greets, before the first color graces the Sands — "A green," he starts, eyes widening yet again.

Borodin takes in a deep breath. …nope, didn't work. He's still nervous. Maybe another, deeper one? Fortunately, he stops before he gets to the hyperventilating point, and glances away from the eggs for long enough to give a slight smile to Abigail. He untwists his fingers from the robe and waves to her. He's looking away there as the first egg cracks, and his head jerks back to stare at the green hatching with wide eyes. "Oh…"

Mikal's head bobs in agreement to Zaala. "Promise." then his attention turns to the first egg as he catches sight of it. "Green." he points out.

A'di makes a quick note on the sheet of paper as the green hatches first. A'di mutters quietly under his breath before turning his gaze back to the sands, watching.

Sound of Magic Egg starts to shake a bit more violently, as if the creature inside is simply spinning in circles as it tries to get itself free.

Inyri doesn't need circulation in that hand. Of course not. Because she wasn't using it; she's pressing back just as hard on both Edani and Harmony. "Somebody /said/ a green hatched!" she chirps, nowhere near tall enough to be able to tell if it was actually true or not.

Kazulen swings his hand up, pointing a finger at the green hatchling that-a-way. "You," he tells her — not that she's actually likely paying attention to him, is she? — "aren't lucky. Didn't you know you weren't supposed to be first?" Oh, look, now he's bumping into Inyri. Flesh shield, here he comes.

Etzlix shifts her gaze to the clutches first arrival. "Already…." She says quietly before clutching at the hems of her robe nervously. "They're so fast."

Abigail hums softly as a few people are grabbing her attention it seems. She glances back to Khyonai, a soft smile seen and she nods to the other guard. "Hey" Is murmured softly before she offers a smile back to Borodin and lets her hand settle against his arm, giving it a slight squeeze. Her gaze turns back to the eggs and a soft ooh escapes her as she watches the newly hatched green.

Hotaru squints at Edani, then moved over to try and squeeze herself in next to Kazulen. "If you want them to stay away, just go stand near Edani. He smells like sweaty rider shorts." Then the first egg is hatching, and Hotaru is latching herself onto Kazu's arm. "Look..!"

Bright cracks invade the Heart of Eternity as if the shell is being sucked inwards. The cracks shatter the timeless illusion etched upon the shell. Its end is clearly soon to be, but what will be left in such destructions wake? Terrifying to ponder that the powerful force which exists at this eggs heart will so soon emerge.

Edani eyes the pile of eggs with mixed emotions. It's an odd combination of excitement and dread that simmers in his expressive brown eyes, while he wipes the sweaty palm that's not being gripped by Inyri's hand off on his robe, fingers grabbing the material and leaving creases before he realizes what he's doing and smoothes it - not that it helps. Hotaru is ignored. Teenagers! Pern's blight.

Kale hmms and figures that shouting from the stands probably is something that'd be frowned upon, soooo he suffices with wavewavewaving from above to Mikal, even though it's likely not to be seen. Go Mikal, go! Get yourself a dragon! Go Xanadu!

Zaala tries not to miss it and it's a hard thing to do, considering it's the first egg to hatch! "Ohhh! Faranth that one is very pretty!" She isn't shy about clutching to Eirwyn's arm with a hopeful candidate gaze keeping with the green, "Imagine being -her- lifemate." She looks at Mikal and smiles for his promise, nodding, as her eyes turn back, smiling as she rocks from foot to foot, waiting to see where the path of the green takes her. "Who do you think she's looking for?" is a quiet question to those around her.

Khyonai does relax in the presence of Abigail, at least, squinting over her shoulder as he does. "So," with the pragmaticism that only a guard can summon, "Any bets?" That bland look crosses over to Borodin, too; he's trying to master his own wide-eyed countenance, and such a blase topic can only help, right? Though it doesn't help that he keeps a permanent eye upon the green currently on the Sands. Paranoia, thy name…

Borodin swallows. So, this is it. Dragons are hatching. He stares at the green for a long moment, and takes a shuffled step sideways and back as he hears Mikal. "Yeah." More to the point, it's a dragon. To Abigail, he gives a little smile. "Good luck," he murmurs softly, not taking his eyes away from the rest of the eggs. Like the spinning Sound of Magic there… he frowns faintly as he stares at it.

Harmony gulps. "A green?" In a lower whisper, to Inyri: "A killer green?" Yes, the girl's still harping on this. Juuuust fine with being too short to see. Khyonai and Kazulen make a good meat wall. So tight is her grip that fingers redden and knuckles pale to white. Who says that strong girls can't cling to one another?

No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green has had her fill it seems of a casual glance of the sands, bearings gained and now a new purpose drives her forwards. Folding her wings loosely, she takes a slow step forwards, then another one, head lowering a little as she spies those white robed candidates. Ahh, so many to chose from! How delightful. Off she goes then, without a heartbeat of pause and begins to seek what she is missing now that she is free from her little prison.

Datsun blinks as he's waved at by the one who came to Xanadu that fateful day. After a moment of cool study for M'lo, there's a nod returned to his greeting. The Crafter finds a seat beside Laera, turning his eyes to watch the ongoings on the Sands, quiet.

Mikal murmurs quietly to Zaala's question. "Suppose she's looking for someone just like her. She's pretty." he breaths softly as if afraid to breath too loud." he continues to shuffle his feet a bit, eyes staying locked to the only moving hatchling on the sands so far.

Kazulen has one arm free, anyway, and he uses it to reach up and scrub at his face, pinch the bridge of his nose, and then start trying to pry Hotaru back off him. "Didn't we talk about this already?" he mutters at her. "If you want to hide behind me, fine, whatever, everyone else is doing that too, but no clinging!"

Inyri stands on her toes, squinting to try to see around people's heads if she can figure out if it is, in fact, a killer green. "Maybe more like a confused one? Or — no, now she's measuring up her prey, I think. It's kind of far away —"
Like An Illusion Egg shivers, the lightest of tremors cascading over it's smooth shell as if rung from within. But it could be a trick of the light, for little else happens afterwards and it rests immobile and untouched in it's wallow of sand.

Eirwyn gasps as the first hatchling breaks free from her shell. "Oh my…" She says breathlessly even as she tightens her grips on the hands on either side of her. She nods to Zaala, "I expected smaller…She is so big. Bigger than a runner…" There is definately a tone of nervousness to her voice as she watches the green move. "She is the one that convinced me to stay Zaala."

Abigail shakes her head as she hears Khyonai. "Naw, I didn't place any bets." This said with a soft murmur while she nods to Borodin upon hearing her. "I know" What else could she possible say as she watches wide eyed as the green is starting to move about. "Look at 'er, she's cute." This murmured to the ones she is close too.

Soriana comes in following an older rider, and after nodding to a few comments, quickly makes her way down to as close as she can get to watch.

"I bet she goes over to Kazulen," Khyonai has to say; he's not pointing and laughing at the other guard over-yonder fending off Hotaru, but he /could/ be. "She /is/ cute," he echoes Abigail, however, his face softening.

Sound of Magic Egg hops twice, a scratching, scrambling noise coming from within. Seems the hatching inside is more than ready to be out in the world, and a moment later cracks begin to spread. Slowly at first, they pick up speed until the entire egg is pushed outward, bulging and then shattering, shards tumbling to the ground to reveal a rather startled looking dragonet.

Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Hatchling
Ripples of azure ebb and flow over the smooth, glassy hide of this plump, squat young hatchling. Chilly sea blue splashes against his belly with hints of sea foam, the color lightening and brightening as it rises over his curved sides towards his spine. Layer upon layer of darkness and light are subtle, giving the suggestion that there is more beneath the surface. Pale sky blue wraps around his long, narrow muzzle, lips recessed just enough to show two little baby dragon teeth. His rounded eyes bulge just enough to be noticeable, sticking out from his face and giving him a slightly startled expression. His neckridges are drenched in more icy blue hues, darker colors overlaid with lighter, as if he were sculpted from the sea ice itself, with all its complications and layers, fractures and imperfections. Wings are broad and short, almost stubby in their youthfulness, the membranes thin enough to see the veins running through them. Green ichor plus his blue hide brings a turquoise depth to his sails, when lifted against the pale Fortian sun. His haunches are powerful and round, and his tail is thick and short and almost stunted, with a subtle banding running through it. This awkward little guy is definitely a son of Velokraeth.

Zaala nods at Mikal's murmur, "Or maybe someone whose handsome enough to match her beauty?" Greens can so totally go for male riders after all. She winks to Mikal before giggling at Eirwyn's response, "Yes. And she'll get all the bigger too!"

A'di wrinkles is nose as he eyes the blue down ont he sands that hatches next. Another note gets jotted down on the paper on his lap and murmurs under his breath.

That's telling her, Kaz! Edani would applaud, but he's only got one hand free so instead he asides to the Inyri and Harmony, "Just a green, she hasn't killed anything yet." He pauses, "There's a blue now too. Are you sure you don't want to step forward?" Otherwise it's going to be a litany of colors-hatched as the ranks in front thin.

A Galaxy Way Over There Egg begins to shake, like a ship beginning count down for flight. But, nothing more than a wiggle and a wobble follows. Oh, lift off! No, it simply falls over. How sad.

Etzlix clings to Alyn's arm as the next hatchling arrives. "They're…really fast. That's in'tresting lookin' blue." The words are quiet mumbles. She looks around with wide eyes, trying to remember everything.

Hotaru looks up at Kazu and bats her eyes. "-I- didn't hear anything about not clinging." It doesn't matter anyways, because as soon as that green gets even a step closer, Hotaru will be slipping behind Kazulen. Apparently her strategy is just to keep moving? That way a dragon didn't pick her out as an easy target. Also she'd be harder to use as a meatshield. She pokes her head form the other side of Kazu. "Blue!"

Borodin tilts his head a little. "I… cute? Really? It- she- is more…" He waves one hand, trying to come up with the right word, but now is neither the time nor place for him to be able to figure that out, and any hope he had of it is shattered entirely as the Sound of Magic egg bursts apart. "Uhm, they, I mean, they're.. uhm… …dragons."

Harmony will let Inyri do the investigation. Or— "Edani," yes she saw the fellow, "Can you figure out if it's a killer green. Wait, what was that?" Did she hear the hatching of another egg? "Maybe we should move back." You know, get further from the wall. Just in case. JUST IN CASE.

Khyonai snickers quietly at Borodin's words. "Yeah, the egg goo is a little — off putting, I guess? But she still /is/ cute." And look; there's a blue! His eyes marvel between the two.

Abigail smiles as she hears Khyonai. "So? He would be lucky. She is beautiful." This said softly, a faint shrug seen as she glances to the guard that is behind her still. "See. Told ye." She says while smiling. Her pale gaze turns back towards another that is hatching and a soft oh escapes her at the blue that is there. Hearing Borodin a soft chuckle escapes her. "Well, what would ye call her Borodin?"

Inyri keeps standing on her toes as long as she can, though eventually she falls back on her heels; just after the hatching of the blue occurs. "There's a blue! He's — looks like his dad. I think. Except, you know, small, I can't see that well!" She may or may not also be considering moving waaaaaay out of the way as fast as possible.

Kazulen rolls his eyes, peering back at Harmony over Hotaru's head. "She's probably going to come up behind you," he informs her, falsely, and somberly, because he's a jerk.

Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Hatchling freezes amidst the chaos and shards of his egg, utterly frozen like a little ice sculpture. And the first thing to twitch is the verrrry end of his nose. Twitch, twitch. Sniff. Sniff, sniff, sniiiiiiif. And then he hops forwards, once, and stops again. Hop. Stop. Ho- OH. What is that?! And he turns sharply, trying to see…who knows what, his tail thumping into another egg with a sound *thunk*. Whoops? Shying away from it, he tries his best to look innocent as he tumbles over, regains his feet, and then freezes again. Um. Wait. What?

Eirwyn looks over as the next egg releases its prisoner. "Oh my…it is happening." She says and looks around to the other candidates cast in the semi circle before her gaze quickly shifts back to the the dragonetts. "Their colours are just so amazing…look how it just …they both remind me of the ocean…the greens and blues and …" She just seems lost for words then, so lost in the beauty of their colours. It is clear this girl has never been to a hatching before.

The laughter is Khyonai's, seeking to redirect Abigail's focus. "Look at that blue! He looks like a treerat!" With the freezing, of course. He doesn't try to counter her previous statement regarding the pretty little green.

Zaala's attention is now split between two dragonlings, her eyes watching the green and then flickering toward the blue. "Dashing…" is all she can say, now lost in the moment, attention undecided, going with the blue long enough to see him tumble over in the sand, eyebrows lifting for the hatchlings struggles. "I love the way his wing sails look-" she compliments the blue, although her attention doubles to the green to check where she's at.

No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green pauses for a moment as she nears the candidates, cocking her head to the side. Not a circle. A web? If a dragon could cackle with amusement, she'd likely be doing that right now. Instead she only makes some weird sneezing cough. Clever, clever, weaving themselves like that and clinging so! But that won't fool her long, she knows what she seeks. And so her steps carry her forwards again and really, now she's likely just toying with them. Eeney, meenie, miney…

Mikal can hardly decide where to look as he spies other eggs moving. "That one moved!" he grabs at Eirwyn's arm. "Lookit that blue. Did you see that egg move?" yes, he's super excited right now. He's still nervous as all get out but he's trying to cover that up by chattering a bit more.

Like An Illusion Egg does move this time and there is no mistaking it now as it all but lurches from it's spot and begins to rock in earnest. The motion pays off and the shell begins to crack and give way, but stubbornly holds on all the same. But the hatchling inside is bound and determined and the movements only grow in strength rather than fade overtime.

A'dmar strides up the galleries and takes a seat in the nearest available spot, arms crossing as he settles forward, hunching around those in front of him to consider the folks on the sands. Namely one in particular. He watches her, hiding behind another, watches her and then watches the hatchlings loose on the sands.

Borodin already said! They're dragons. Okay, so maybe that's not the best answer. He nods to Khyonai, though he adds, "It kinda looks like aspic." As Abigail insists, he looks over to the green again, and bites at his lower lip. "Uhm. Well. …like springtime." Then he's back to the blue again, and back and forth a few times. "They're… really different. Uhm. But sorta the same, too. Only, not, because… yeah."

Harmony's eyes bulge at Kazulen's off-hand comment. "No! No-" turning to Inyri, Edani, "Would she?" Killer green. CSI: Hatching Chaos. It's lucky she's not yet caught a glimpse of the blue. "What's that sniffing?" Nudge, nudge, Inyri's side. "A blue, you say?" Okay, maybe curiosity is gonna get the cat, since Harmony's now standing up on tiptoes to try and peer between the wall of Candidates.

By the forces internal, invisible before now the Heart of Eternity Egg is suddenly no more. The egg shatters, not inward as perhaps expected but the shards go flying outwards in all directions. In place is a large bright blue at the very center of it all.

Timeless Giant Star Blue Hatchling
The bright, radiating blue light of a hot star shines from the puffed chest of this very large blue hatchling. The blue hues fade darker the farther away one looks upon his body until it reaches the near darkness of the surrounding void of space.

Pycian has shown little interest in candidacy, and now that will ever be true. For the blue hatchling makes a straight line dash to claim his rider, and a weyrling Py'n suddenly is. Her quiet demeanor is broken in the emotions of the moment as she cries out "Zetath!"

Abigail attempts to faintly elbow Khyonai. "Treerat?… He doesn't look like one at all." A soft chuckle escapes her, and she is totally eyeing the blue. "I see him." She smiles and nods upon hearing Borodin.

OMG noooo! If she's stepping behind Kazulen, that means Hotaru is moving closer to where Edani is standing. "We're already back," he tells Harmony with a bit of a frown though he might be tempted to step back if the red-haired candidate tries the clingy thing with him. He's not backing up and he's not letting go of Inyri's hand so it might turn into a tug of war?

Kale spies some other familiar Xanadu faces up here in the stands, and he waves to at least one of them. Look, it's Sori! And dragons! and impressings! Impressions? And so much happening at once! He shuffles down rows and such to get closer to where she sits. Or stands. Likely, sits. "Fingers crossed for Mikal."

Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Hatchling doesn't seem to notice people laughing at him, as he takes a few more awkward steps forward. Lifting a paw, he is distracted for a moment by the grains of sand clinging to him, giving it a few good shakes before, again, his attention switches to something else. Oh. Oooooooh! WHITE THINGS. Must…have… And he starts to move forward with a bit more intent, pushing off with hind legs and catching himself on his front ones, his wings unfurled…and maybe smacking into his sister…whoops…

Roads Not Required Egg doesn't wobble, no, it appears as if it may be vibrating in preparation for what is to come. Either it is focusing energy, or it is simply trying a new approach to this whole "Hatching" thing.

Inyri is nodding, trying to /ignore/ anything anyone says that's likely to startle her. Just focus on Harmony, Edani, the hatchlings and the fact that she is apparently /being ripped in two/ by her friends. "I just want to stay in one piece!" she squeaks, attempting to tug them both slightly closer to her. "So we can't both back up and get closer at the same time. Just sayin'. Nice blue, though. I think."

Kazulen stops debating and just acts, now, thrusting Hotaru toward Edani-and-Inyri. "Here, Harmony, I'll protect you, you can come up here and see!" he glibly commands, grabbing at her other hand, now, with a craft, guardsman-inspired pull-and-thrust simultaneous move of art.

Khyonai can't help but chortle at the running-into-the-green behavior that the blue is engaging in. "Do you see that?" In case Borodin and Abigail didn't, y'know. "Holy — was that an /impression/?" he questions, belatedly, to the people in his immediate vicinity.

Time is catching up with perilous velocity as the tans and umbers of one section of the virtual cliffs etched upon the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg are broken in a series of jagged unnatural cracks. Several more dark black cracks appear within the base of the ashen castle image and it looks like the whole illusioned world is about to collapse.

Zaala can't quite keep track of everything going on around her, but enough that she gasps when the blue hatchling collids with his sibling. "Oooo…" a wince there for that, "he's going to be a clumsy one." She notes with a bite of her buttom lip and absently, she draws her hair forward and begins to tug on it, nervously.

Harmony is suddenly being torn in two this time. Startled, Kazulen is able to tear her out of her grasp on Inyri all Poltergeist-2-style. Quite suddenly, she's now Up Front. "Aigeeddd," comes a garbled squeal, her feet scuffling in the sands and getting an even higher-pitched squeal of pain from those hot grains. "What - why - oh - they're gonna /get/ me." Wail.

Hotaru, ever the instigator, moves completely behind Edani after she's shoved and pretends to wave at the green as if her own arms were his. She even fakes a deep voice. "Why, hello little green. Don't you want to take me as your like partner? I'm sure we'd go well together!" Yes, Edani is probably going to end up being the first candidate to ever maul someone on the sands.

Always Seeking and Scampering Blue sits back on his haunches, peering around the sands with his front paws grasping at empty air. Pawing at it, as if he could make the object of his desire simply appear by reaching out for it. Turning his head, his overly long jaw parts a little bit, lips lifting to show off his little baby dragon teeth. His eyes sweep the candidates once more, and then with a sound that's half creel and half squawk, he lunges forward towards them, scampering with all the mindfulness of a bull in a pottery shop. And once he reaches his chosen, he simply /grabs/ her, snatching her right out of the line to /cuddle/ her to his chest with a low, contented croon of ecstasy.

Borodin saw it, he thinks. "Whoa," he says of the Star Blue. "…if that's a blue, what does a bronze…" he murmurs, then shakes his head, looking back to the Scampering blue. Or the bumbling blue, more like, though he frowns at the overheard mention of clumsiness. "Well, he did just… I mean, you were't anything near so good when you were born…"

Inyri starts as Kazulen yanks Harmony away from her — "Hey! Stop that —" but is actually cut off by overhearing Hotaru. That's easy, now, since she's /right there/ and all; now the barmaid-candidate is giggling audibly instead of looking particularly afraid.

A Galaxy Way Over There Egg is the sad egg, lying on its side while desperately trying to right itself. Thats not working too well as it instead cracks begin to form in the effort. Oh no! Wait, thats a good thing. But, it doesnt move again, perhaps it is exhausted.

Eirwyn can't help but smile despite her nervousness at the dragon's antics. "They sorta remind me of new born foals but with more…direction. Then there is an impression and she looks over to where another blue claimed his rider. "Oh my, its happening…" She gasps and looks to the green and blue inspecting the line. Then the next Blue claims its rider and she grins.

No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green doesn't linger for long as her impatience grows but just as she's about to make her move, she's knocked a little off course by her sibling, which earns him a scathing hiss that just as abruptly changes to a sweet croon. Why, hello to you /brother/. But she has no time to return that gesture in kind, so with a slight shake to gather herself again, she finally makes her choice, slipping into the tangle of Candidates with relative ease. Well, what /she/ figures is relative ease. For she is a gangly, awkward Hatchling so it may be up for others to evade her as she slips to the side of her chosen. Hello, dear. So good of you to make it.

Abigail hums and her attention flicks around, did someone just say something? She blinks and smiles while nodding. "I think so Khyonai." Her attention is back on the blue while she takes in a soft breath and half pays attention to the few conversations going on around her. She grins hearing Borodin and leans close to her brother. "I image there /huge/."

Edani narrows his eyes at Kazulen when he shoves Hotaru his way. "Thanks man! I love you too," he mutters, this time the sarcasm is not subtle. He sidesteps towards Inyri, but in a more avoid-the-nutjob sort of way than in a protect-me sort of move. He'll thank you later for that Kaz. The low-voiced call and arm-waving from behind him draws a hefty sigh as patience is strived for. First mauling of the day? You're tempting him Hotaru!

Harmony mphs. Suddenly found squashed against a blue hide. "Mrfffphfflflgng..!!" Her voice is unintelligible as the girl finds herself in the sudden embrace of a different sort, a /mental/ sort. For a weak moment, her hands cling around that odd little body. "…/Love/ me?!" A beaming bright smile suddenly curves her lips, stars in her eyes. "He loves me! LOVES ME!" She declares, and in what seems to be a leftover trait from the newly impressed. "Crosenturath." Beat. "His name!" Blink. "You can let go now." Push, push?

Kazulen wasn't, actually, expecting that. Oops? He looks stunned, to say the least, as he lets go of Harmony when she gets snatched by a dragon right out of his hands. "Wow," he breathes. "Uh." Wide, wiiiiiide eyes, for a moment, and then — well, then his everyday sly/glib demeanor comes back. "You're welcome!" he calls.

Khyonai has to agree with Borodin- "Yeah, they're steadier on their feet than newborn runners are on their hooves, for sure." Needless commentary regarding clumsiness shouldn't apply! "I- a-" He squints and then STARES. "Is that -" He looks like he's going to faint, "Was that -" are you freaking kidding him, "- /Harmony/?" His voice ends in a high-pitched squeak.

Inyri is, again, interrupted from her original plan. She's not yelling at Kazulen, she's not trying to duck away from the tossing of Hotaru, she's — shrieking. Yep. "HARMONY!" she actually yells, and jumps up a little bit, dragging Edani's hand into the air with her when she does so. Then there's a whistle. Sorry if you wanted a quiet Hatching.

Miki watches from the sides as one of the blues chooses his lifemate. After a moment she pushes off from the wall and makes her way over to the new pair. "Congrats Harmony! How about we go get Crosenturath something nice to eat?" And with a wide grin, the AWLM is leading the pair off the Sands.

Borodin nods slowly to Abigail, and looks back to the hatching eggs once more. "None of them seem.. well, not like that. I mean, not like… duck eggs compared to hen eggs…" He frowns a moment, considering, then widens his eyes as the blue leaps for Harmony. That gets a long, open-mouthed stare. Only after a while of staring does he notice that Khyonai said something back there. Well, too late to nod now. "…yeah," he says instead. "It was Harmony." He can totally state the obvious!

Mikal cranes his neck, stepping forward a couple steps to try to see better. "Who is he…oh! Hey, zomgosh congratulations!" he calls out towards Harmony as he hears her calling out a name. "Blue. Awesome." he says a bit more quietly. "Now who did that green go too…?"

Eirwyn watches the little green approach and glances to Zaala and Abigail expectantly before returning her gaze to the green. It is getting closer and closer and then…Eirwyn's eyes widen and her mouth forms an O of surprise. Hands quickly go out to the green that has slipped beside her. "Yes..I am here. I am here because of you Xucieth. I am here because of you." Eirwyn declares and there are tears in her eyes as she wraps her arms around the dragonetts neck. "Yes…yes. Lets get you fed." And then she is looking about to the riders present, "She needs food!"

Zaala has to step back quite suddenly, missing the impression of the blue because there's a green suddenly in front of them! But the green is not for her and instead goes for Eirwyn, which causes Zaala to give a little 'whoop' before she realizes it and hurries to keep clear of the new pair's moment of bonding. Only after she hears the name does Zaala give Eirwyn a cheerful laugh, "Now you won't have to go back after all! See I told you. Nothing to worry about Wyn! I'll miss you!" She happily gives the pair a wave, breathing a sigh of relief, "See Mikal. It totally is possible. I just knew Eirwyn would impress. To a green! To Xucieth!" She can't stop from tearing up just a little bit for her dearest friend!

Like An Illusion Egg is no more and the shell crumbles and cracks into a myriad of shards and it's from those that it's occupant is thrust upon the sands, almost flat on it's stomach and left to simply blink in disorientation as it gains it's bearings and awkwardly, but slowly, rises to it's feet.

One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Hatchling
Large in size and stocky in build, at first glance one would be lead to believe that this brown is bound to slow and lumbering movements but that would be where he would, and does, fool most. Size for him is not a hindrance, instead a strength in and of itself, agile and swift in his own unique, yet strangely graceful manner. Shades of deep, dark russet brown make up the whole of his smooth hide, variation in subtle touches where the play of light and shadow give illusion to darker hues of brown or the faintest glimmers, almost hidden, of reddish tint under bright sunlight. His head is large and broad but proportionate to the rest of his body and though his neck is short, it too is balanced to suit him rather than hinder. Blunt muzzle fades to a darker chocolate hue and sweeps up over tapered and short head knobs, down over his ridges and extending out to cover the entirety of his large, broad wings and accentuate the spars from the sails. Pale fallow browns, ghostly in comparison to the richer hues dominating his hide circle the heavy ridges around his eyes. It adds another illusion to him, but one bearing more truth to it as the lighter shades give his whirling eyes a keen and sharp-witted look to their whirling depths. The lighter fallow brown continues across his forehead but swiftly fades to disappear just above his heavy and powerful jowls. It reappears again along the curve of his throat and neck and down further to his deep, almost barrel set chest only to vanish beneath the sleek curve of his belly. His short, stocky limbs are not overly thick, balanced in lean muscle to lend him a clean look rather than be overbearing. Russet browns remain untouched here and the same is echoed over his sides and to his powerful, wide set haunches and ending all in near-black talons. Just like his wings, his tail is long to match them, but unlike his limbs, chocolate hues sneak in again to cover the topside along the ridges and straight down to the very tip.

A'lin spots impressions! The large assistant weyrlingmaster at least is hard to miss, bounding out from his position at the wall of the sands. "Wyn! This way!" He motions wide with his arm. "Congratulations! Come! It is time for food!" The brownrider marches off, to lead the green and her rider off the sands.

Abigail blinks and hears Harmony's name getting yelled out, she grins. "Yay!" She says happily. At the comment from Borodin she blinks and peers at her brother a moment and chuckles. "I never thought of it anything like that." Hearing Eirwyn she looks to her friend and grins. "Great Eirwyn!"

Khyonai stares. He can't do much either. Belated is his, "Oh, Eirwyn,"- he's too focused on gape-jaw staring at Harmony and her blue. Mind: blown. He even misses the brown!

Girls are crazy, that's what they are! Edani is convinced, don't try to persuade him otherwise. He pulls his arm down, Inyri's with it and can only blink in the wake of the sudden yank-forward-impress that was Harmony's move forward. He brightens then and reaches back to haul Hotaru around to the front and thrust her back towards the ex-guard. "Hey Kazulen! Do that again!"

Roads Not Required Egg has done it! The vibrating has paid off as a singular line forms along the jagged, forked line of white. Almost there. Almost there. However, nothing more happens as the egg continues to vibrate. Gathering more energy, it seems.

Mikal stumbles back a bit upon realizing she was right behind him as he was busy looking at the blue. "Oh!" he squeaks and hastily steps back once more to stand along side Zaala. "That's great. Wow!" he breaths. However there's more to see and he is suddenly speechless as he spies the brown make his appearance.

Harmony is in a daze. Yup. That's why she spares no glance for anyone but, "C'mon, Scrat." Yup. He has a nickname. Off they go!

Kazulen stares at Edani, which at least means he's turned back around now. "Do what again?" he demands. "Throw Hotaru at someone in order to make someone else Impress?" No?

Ryeira and Gaerwyn watch as the green approaches their daughter Eirwyn. When it is clear that impression is made Gaerwyn actually smiles and raises a hand in support to his daughter. Ryeira? She looks as impassive as always, but is that a tear in her eye? Surely not, surely it is just the dust stirred up.

Inyri's free hand is now being used to cover her face - the Kazulen-Edani-Hotaru drama unfolding is actually causing her to miss the hatchlings' actions, which maybe says a lot about how absurd she thinks it is. "The more we all run around and shove one another, the more likely we are to attract hungry little dragons," she points out. "Or claw-y ones. I have no interest in losing limbs either, you know, it wasn't just dying I had a problem with."

Borodin keeps right on staring as the green also finds herself a partner, though before the flurry of it has died down, he's back to looking at the eggs. The hatching eggs, as it turns out! "…so there's the brown," he murmurs, with a thoughtful expression. Well, it's thoughtful right up until he overhears Inyri! Losing limbs? Eep! He shifts awkwardly in place.

"Those silly little geese," M'lo says in irritation. "To look at them you'd think they were afraid of getting /eaten/ or something silly like that." His children giggle. "Dragons don't eat people, Daddy," little Eldann says solemnly. M'lo ruffles his son's hair. "Of course not, little man."

One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown gives himself a good shake, one that goes from muzzle to tail tip and even has him resettling his wings once he's done. Then his head swivels back to that knot of candidates and he seems to consider. Should he? Yes, yes he must. He can do this! And he's off, not quite loping, not quite walking as he's yet to truly find his feet. He'll slow as the sands confuse him, almost tripping but somehow sticking to his feet. But he's getting closer and already one Candidate on the edge of the group is given a cursory glance and then dismissed. No, not there. So where? How far?

Hotaru is apparently being tossed back and forth by men who are bigger than herself. She looks a little scrambled as she settles in next to Kazulen. Again. She gives Edani an angry look, then folds her arms over her chest. "Don't -touch- me. Either of you." Instead she look out at the hatching dragons.

Khyonai squints at Borodin, and gazes over. "Wai— losing limbs? Inyri? What?" Harmony being escorted off the Sands has done absolutely nothing for his ability to think. He does squint at Hotaru, and with a shake of his head brings himself back to the hear-and-now.

Abigail hears Inyri and chuckles. "Naw, yer be fine Inyri. I promise. If anything happens I'll totally drag ye out of the way." She offers with a playful tone, jokes are good! Hearing Borodin her gaze us back towards the eggs and she is eyeing that brown. "Look at him."

Walk the Broken Walls Egg begins to tremble, a very subtle shaking that vibrates the shell, sending shivers of discord through it.

Kazulen casts a disdainful look at Hotaru - as an afterthought, because he's mostly disdaining at Edani, obviously. "I wouldn't dream of it," he bites off, and stalks away - toward the brown. Each step gives him happy serene zen thoughts if it kills him - he's going to find his lifemate out here this time!

Edani can only nod at Kazulen. Yes please? Although he catches sight of Eirwyn stepping away with the brown and has to blink again. "It is happening so fast," he mutters before giving Hotaru a bright look and a chuckle, "My pleasure," he says. "You're not going to lose any limbs, Inyri. Look, Harmony didn't even get nibbled. See?"

The roaring tide of time, inevitable, invisible and yet impacting every last fragment in the universe impales upon the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg in a way that gives no room for anything but the inevitable. Its destiny, its fate… or whatever you would call it. Yet there it a defiance about it in that final moment before it shatters and crumbles completely. A hint of something that transcends into the bronzen figure that emerges from the swirling dust as it settles. Hello!

Immune to the Passage of Time Bronze Hatchling
It is a dark, aged bronze which gives a first impression of evenly coating this dragon's slim body. Buffed to a soft, healthy glow by forces unknown, it brings out some of the more subtle details in his coloring. Rolling waves of copper-tinted bronze flow over the hide of his lithe and powerful frame, casting him in the light of Rukbat's rays, tinted with silvery light from the moons. Finely wrought and elegantly crafted, he is the antithesis of his sire, full of grace and elegance. The timeless light of distant galaxies flow over his slender muzzle and curve along his eyeridges like twin crescent moons, faintly glimmering. Large faceted eyes are indomitably fascinated by the world, absorbing all about him with an eager gaze. Looking back into those eyes however, one looks into the timeless depths of an old soul. His neck is slender but powerful, muscles visible flowing beneath his hide, without bulging out in excess. Most distinctly one finds along his deep barreled chest a very thin, soft pinstriping in ever so slightly a more ambered hue of the aged bronze. It fades as one reaches his haunches where a simple uniformity in hue resumes. Ripples of copper gleam along his sides and down his limbs, ending in pinpoints of starlight captured in each ivory talon. Wings are altogether a different element of this cheeky fellow. Thickly muscled shoulders support elongated spars which carry a great expanse of sail stretched between them. The light filtering through the translucent membrane comes as lighter dusty bronze, which when swathed about his frame appears as though he wears a sort of overcoat. It gives this slender and elegant bronze a bit of a foxy look, so much more like his dam than sire in appearance. Rounded neckridges are formed with the grace of waves washing onto the shore, worn smooth by time and patience. Likewise, his slender and long tail is also smooth, texture an illusion given by ripples of darkness and light that tumble down like sea foam chasing the tide onto the shore.

Etzlix watches as the Impressions are made and the pairs are disappearing. And then more dragons are arriving and Etz continues to look around from one to the other with wide eyes. "Wow…."

Zaala watches as Eirwyn and her new lifemate slip off the sands before she regards the batch of eggs left and the new brown hatchling making his presence known. She smiles in between trying to rub her eyes free of tears, "This is wonderful. Eirwyn is going be so happy with her new life." Her hands fold in front of her as she gently rocks on her heels, waiting with those nerves causing her to pitch and sway.

Borodin nods to Abigail. "I, uhm, am…" he says, turning a little in place to keep an eye on the brown as he heads about and investigates his options for candidates.

Kazulen is caught short, and stares at the bronze hatching. For the moment, at least, the brown is forgotten entirely. "Son of a biscuit eater!" he mutters under his breath, staring enraptured at the handsome fellow. His rapture turns quickly to an aggrieved scowl. "You should have been mine, and you were rude to me!"

Inyri resists the urge to reach out and poke Hotaru, playfully - though she's got her arm extended slightly before she gets a chance to do so. She was the one saying not to do any more physical - well, anything, it's not really roughhousing. "I've definitely heard about lost limbs," she insists, firmly, though the offers of protection are at least appreciated.

Abigail lets her gaze follow after that brown as it moves closer and closer. She hears the others but she is totally lost in a thought of how great that would be if she caught his attention. She peers over at Kazulen and smirks slightly.

Khyonai lifts his eyebrows at the appearance of the bronze, but he's more interested in Kazulen's exclamation - "Well, maybe you should have been /nicer/ to it," he can't help but call, amusement rife in his medium baritone.

Mikal's eyes widen until it's possible they might fall out. Vainly he tries to watch everything at once from the rocking eggs to the hatchlings making their way across the sands. Once the bronze makes his appearance he simply looks awe-struck. "Oh wow, Zaala." he nudges her in the side. "Lookit /him/"

Kazulen twists to scowl at Khyonai, careful to keep the bronze in his eyesight nonetheless. "I wasn't rude to him! He was rude to me! Kind of like you are!" Wait.

One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown keeps his distance from the woven group of candidates, skirting the edges as he paces one way and then the next. He knows this is where he should be, but that constant shuffling about is throwing off his pursuit! At least he does not go still or sit to ponder, always moving and likely making a few of the flightier Candidates nervous. For that reason they are passed over but he does begin to close in. Closer, closer.

Hotaru would probably only service Inyri with a grunt. It wasn't like -she- had done anything. It was the stupid boys! "Yeah, you should have been nicer, Kazulen!" She joins in on Khyonai's jeer, even if she doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. It's just an excuse to pick on Kazu. How can she resist? "I hope -Khy- impresses him instead!"

Edani is used to the heat, having worked out in the pens with the herdbeasts for the past several turns and more recently in the broiling hot kitchens doing candidate chores. But the sand heat - this is overwhelmingly penetrating. He's stifling and his feet are baking. At least that's what it feels like as hot sand filters between his toes. So it is that he's doing the same shuffle-dance that everyone else is now that he's not playing badminton with Hotaru. And he's finally paying attention to the eggs in time to see one of them hatch. He's got nothing to say - he has no voice when he sees the bronze. Dumbstruck, yup.

Immune to the Passage of Time Bronze Hatchling tilts his head just so. Well, /this/ is certainly a new experience, to say the least! Check that one of the list of things to do. He considers, a look to his sire before a look to his dam follows and ever so slightly he pushes to his feet. He certainly looks dignified and considers each Candidate. Which one of /you/ has he seen before? Hm. The search begins.

Khyonai turns, indignant, to Hotaru; "Why, I'—" he shakes his head. "Maybe /Edani/." He jabs a finger over towards the beastcrafter. "He smells appetizing enough, right?" It helps that the older candidate is obviously dumbstruck.

Borodin blinks away from staring at the brown to try and see just what some of the others are talking about. Or not talking about, in the case of Edani. He turns to find… the bronze. "Oh!" is his comment on that.

Inyri can't breathe very effectively. She's laughing too much. This is probably a bad sign. Hatchings were supposed to be there horrible scepters of death, not amusing! "Yep, apparently Edani's a tasty treat. Which is why I have no idea why I am still standing next to him." But, of course, she is, and she's making no sign of moving, either.

Zaala gives a little oof for the nudge in her side, her attention straying away from the brown toward where Mikal indicates the bronze. How could anyone miss that one! She almost did. She takes in a deep breath, "He was from the egg I liked… but I can't impress -him-…" She notes with wry amusement, eyes peeking toward Mikal, giving him an encouraging smile but otherwise leaving it at that.

It takes a little longer for A Galaxy Way Over There Egg to wriggle once again and a hole to form. Very slowly, oh so slowly, a hatchling makes her way from the shell. It looks more like it is trying to preserve her egg more than anything but it promptly falls apart as soon as it exits. Woe. But, it moves shortly after a brief period of mourning. No time to waste!

Drive by Blur Green Hatchling
Bright lime green and neon streaks flow across her deep green hide, appearing almost like the night sky with how dark she is. The streaks play like stars, dancing across the landscape in a blur, giving the illusion of delving deep into the unexplored reaches of space. Her figure, however, is small for a green and thus the feel of falling in is cut short.

Brilwen doesnt notice at first, the green that practically scrambles over to her with no hesitation, until whirling eyes are staring up at her with expectations there. "Oh! Vetizath, of course we can Well, we can try?" The woman shuffles forward with her lifemate that continues to cling to her robe.

Kazulen's grin is a dangerous one. Edani, this is your own fault, you know - you had to go and encourage Kazu to do this in the first place! "You know, you're right," Kazulen admits, saccharine, now that he's up close and personal to Edani again. "Let's see if it works!" And … that's Edani's arm grabbed, and Edani shoved up to the front ranks of rank candidates, ranked by how rank they are. Rank.

Khyonai snickers a little to himself; "You can come stand next to me, Inyri, if you don't want to be bait-by-association!" He'll give the invitation for Abigail and Borodin too, eyeballing that last impression with an eyebrow- "/Kaz/," and now Khyonai's laughing too!

Abigail waves a hand to Khyonai. "Oh come now. Wouldn't he be a good pick?" She questions while eyeing the guard near her before hearing the talks of a bronze being hatched and she is looks back towards the eggs, watching curiously.

Mikal runs a hand through his shortened red hair. "I remember touching that egg." he murmurs to Zaala, eyes flitting between the brown and the bronze. "Two handsome lads. That brown could be looking for you."

Etzlix is looking this way and that way, shifting from foot to foot. Everything seems to be happening so fast, almost too fast for her to remember. But she's trying. There's a smattering of applause as a new pair arrives.

One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown does stop this time and to a complete stand still, body taut and alert. Wait, what was that over there? All the way on the opposite end of the sands that he finds himself of course! With a warble that is both frustration but jubilation, the brown is reversing course and going right into the group now, not seeming to care as his focus is on one and one alone. /There/ you are!

Inyri likes that plan, the more she thinks about it - and since Kazulen has rearranged them /again/, moving Edani away from her by force, she attaches herself to Khyonai instead. "Yes. I think I'll just - yeah. You can beat off anything that tries to eat me, I'm sure! It's really hot out here," she points out, again, as if anyone had forgotten. Possibly she'd gotten distracted from it.

Zaala spies the brown and his progress, shaking her head at him, "I really didn't get a chance to touch the eggs much…" namely, the one the brown came from. And as expected, she watches him go to another, but whom, she waits to find out. Of course that leaves the bronze to everyone's attention, trying to keep from being in that fella's way.

Khyonai thinks that it does help that he's still using Abigail as a human shield. He gallantly offers his elbow to Inyri, classic masculine-escort style… which he then ruins by cracking, deadpan, "You just said 'beat off'."

Hotaru is jumping aside as the brown makes a lunge for them! Whoa! Too close! It's a good thing she's standing over here, by her lonesome. But that pout from earlier is replaced with surprise, and she actually looks a little nervous now. "…whew."

Borodin watches the bronze now - or maybe the brown? Or the green! Really, he's not sure what he's watching. Any of these dragons could take hours of staring at, and they're all there at once. Well, two or three at a time. Same difference.
Inyri side-eyes Khyonai. And she was about to compliment him on his politeness, too! That's been at least temporarily thrown out the window. "I - actually I did, I had to go through and try to remember if that was actually what I said or there were words in between it - are we really having this conversation right now?" She's not even dragonet-watching anymore; now she's more egg-watching than anything else.

Edani is hauled forward and he windmills to keep his balance as he staggers to the fore. It's not like he was hiding on purpose - he was just keeping Harmony (who took no harm despite her name) and Inyri company back there. He turns his head to give Kazulen a browraised look of disdain. "Really? You couldn't have thrown Hotaru at a green and saved us the trou-" Waitwait. It's only less trouble if he doesn't impress too.

Immune to the Passage of Time Bronze Hatchling shakes his head as he approaches one candidate. And then the next. There's a lovely girl, but, no. No. You are not it, either. He seems at a loss. He /knows/ which one is his, surely. The dashing young bronze considers again and then shuffles along. Nope. Nope. Definitely /not/. Such a shame, he begins to look a little disheartened.

"Yes, we are," Khyonai replies, perfectly precise with a glimmer of laughter showing in his dark eyes. "My apologies. Ma'am." But she's not Ma'am, she's Inyri- this is very confusing. "So after this is over," his voice drops a register, "Want to catch a drink?" Is - was that a pick-up line?

Abigail mind totally wanders and she blinks as she peers towards the brown and just peers at it watching him a few moments. A soft squeak escapes her and she looks a little dumbstruck, someone just called her name, really? She swallows hard and soon grins. "Niumdreoth?" A soft nervous chuckle escapes her and she lets her hands rest against the brown's head. "Ok ok…We're go, promise." There is still a chill down her spine and she is quivering at the thought, and hoping this isn't a dream.

M'lo leans forward, frowning as the bronze seems torn in his decision.

Kazulen catches sight of it from the corner of his eye, and thus promptly ignores Edani and his dismay over Hotaru the Problem Child in order to call out, "Hey, congratulations, Abigail!" … Even if he'd thought, at first, that brown was his.

Mikal watches the brown making his trek across the sands and he beams as Abigail calls out the name of the brown. "Oh congrats!" he offers towards her. Now he cranes his neck once more, standing up on tip toe to see if he can see exactly where the bronze is.

Miki grins as another Impression is made and soon she's moving quickly over towards Abigail. "I knew Sohnyuoth was right about you!" She crooks her fingers at the pair. "Now lets get you and Niumdreoth out of the heat!" And with that, the tiny AWLM is leading them away.

Touch The Sky Egg wiggles and jiggles. Nothing, just wiggling and jiggling and the poor people inside the landscape of the egg must be afraid for their lives. The sky must be falling, surely!

Borodin draws in a breath as the bronze draws closer to the group, holding it as he passes near and then letting it out slowly. He turns to Abigail to make some comment to her, but his mouth only just gets to the opening part before he takes a second look and realizes that his sister… well, she has someone new now. "…congratulations," he says, almost under his breath, then quickly turns away again to watch the eggs.

Zaala watches with a soft smile as Abigail now finds her lifemate and her new life as well, "That's fitting," is all that Zaala remarks upon, giving a soft sigh to watch the remaining eggs.

Hotaru is not a problem child! At least not really for Kazu. Maybe Edani could claim that, but seriously, she's only talked to Kazu like twice. Hotaru is actually breathing a sigh of relief as the brown is headed for Abigail. "Ooh, congrats, Abigail!"

Walk the Broken Walls Egg continues to shiver, cracks appearing between the blocks and in the mortar, widening and growing, threatening to crumble this wall which has seemed to have stood for ages upon ages, holding back the darkness within.

Khyonai does have something of shock for Abbey's Impression, falling back a step (and pulling Inyri back with him) to mouth, "Niumdreoth," after her Impression.

Roads Not Required Egg has accomplished the greatest task of all! What once was a vibrating egg is no longer an egg, as the shards crumble down to the sands and reveal an egg wet hatchling. A hatchling that is certainly /not/ vibrating and unlike the egg from (seeing as an egg can only do so much) it begins to consider the sands, clutch parents before it settles on the Candidates. Inquisitive, for a brief moment before attention turns to the wings in which it has. Just for a brief moment, at least, as it wastes no time to rise out of the sand and away from the shards of egg.

Cloaked in Storms Gold Hatchling
Rich colors of burnt orange cascade in thick waves down from angular elongated maw, down along her neck, across massive shoulders stretching out past her wings and down to the very tip of her spindly tail. Rich tenn color the joints of gangly limbs upon the gold's hide, additionally coloring along where wings attach to her body and giving an appearance of age as if worn from constant use. The joints of her tail, in which there are many due to the length, also dabble in shades of rich the tenn, giving it the appearance of constant motion. Gentle, soft tangerines spark at the center of her underbelly in uneven jagged lines that echo the appearance of lightning as it kisses the ground. The soft colors shoot outwards over the deep gold of her hide, stretching along the underside of her wings, dancing in wild undistinguished patterns as they mix with jagged lines of Princeton orange and rich amber hues. They dance along each wingsail as a beautiful, yet raging thunderstorm. These wings, while appearing to be of normal width in wingspan are much longer in length. The ground is their constant companion, even when they are drawn back in rest. Cloak-like in appearance, they are topped off by the singular talon that dons each wing. Colored a bright, metallic gold they look as if they were meant to be clasps that hold her fine cloak in place upon her shoulders. While rich in color, she is certainly not rich in curves as her long figure consists of angles and sharp edges. Lovely in her own way, at times she almost appears to be twisted into herself. Long neck with a very slight bend from the angling of her head, long cloak-like wings, and even longer, visibly kinked tail that must be kept close lest it trail far behind her and, eventually, stepped upon. Her hide certainly gives the appearance of smoothness, it is not the case. Constantly rough to the touch, it is as if her hide has been starved from hydration, constantly craving the relief and replenishment that oil offers but never sated once received.

Edani sees Abigail impress that brown, thanks to Kazulen and his Front Row Seat. Oh and yes, he certainly would claim that Hotaru is a problem child! "Congrats, Abby!" he calls, but his gaze doesn't linger on the pair. He's warily watching the sands for his heart is racing fit to beat the band as he watches the hatchlings lurking nearby. "Be alert, they said. Don't get in the way or you could be mauled, they said." So he's on the balls of his feet, knees flexed and ready to dodge if need be. He looks ridiculous! And he's chattering to himself!

Kazulen ought to be pleased for the sake of his bets, because oh, look, a gold! … But that was his favorite egg! That was going to be his dragon how can it be his dragon when it's a gold? He's not crying, he's just suffering some transient heat-related water expulsion in his face. That's all. "How could you," he whispers at the gold. "I thought you liked me!"

Etzlix lets out a quiet cheer as Abigail finds her lifemate, but soon attention is dragged back to the other dragons looking for theirs. As the next egg hatches however, she lets out a low whistle and her gaze moves immediately over to the gold. "That's…just….wow…."

Inyri had looked away from Khyonai to look at eggs - that was a mistake, apparently, because she's now back to giving him a look again. At least this time, it's one with bright eyes and a little bit of laughter. "Well, I'll be tending the bar, most likely, but I'm always happy to take some time off for a fri—" Okay, that was Abigail Impressing. Stare. "- Nice brown -" And she only got about half a second to speak before another egg hatched, and can't even laugh at Kazulen, because - "That supposedly-a-baby is /huge/."

Dtirae is the first to /swear/ at the sight of the gold. "Sharditall, Zuva. Stop bein' /predictable/!" Weyrwoman is not pleased. Lips press into a thin line and arms fold impatiently across her chest. She's even glaring at /Th'ero/. This is your fault, too, apparently.

Khyonai would die laughing if he could only have heard what Kazulen just said. But instead, his attention is drawn with a vocal sweep of indrawn breath: "/Inyri/." She's close enough for him to point, attention faltering as he questions, "Is the weyrwoman upset?" He stands on his tip-toes to oggle.

Th'ero has been silent for the most part or at least at the start of the Hatching. The start is always the most chaotic to the Weyrleader, when the first eggs hatch and the first pairs made. He never answered Dtirae, likely waiting for another time to discuss that matter with the Weyrwoman. Instead he is focused as best he can be, arms crossed over his chest and his posture rigid straight. Relaxed? Hardly. Trying to fake being calm though and likely failing. There are times when he does react, first to that blue — Crosenturath was it? "Bound to happen that Velokraeth throws his traits into the mix…" he mutters but the pale, misshapen bronze looks hardly ruffled. In fact, he looks downright smug from where he hums to his heart's content by Zuvaleyuth. There's a pointed look for one of the green Impressions and perhaps a muffled curse under his breath, the word "Hold" being the only clear among it. One by one and Th'ero tries to note them all and most with a small smile, only to blink again. He won't state the obvious though and only glances sidelong to Dtirae.

Borodin stares at the eggs, and shakes his head slowly. He doesn't seem to really be seeing them. More just staring. His head shaking stops in mid-motion as the gold hatches. He stares another long moment. His mouth opens. It closes again. It opens again. …no, closed is the best option. He'll just stick with that, and he looks away from the gold to look at the girls, Inyri and Hotaru and Etzlix in turn…

Immune to the Passage of Time Bronze Hatchling freezes and then, turning just /so/. Ah! It seems that he's found what he's looking for, attention focusing entirely on /that/ one candidate. He approaches with a self-assurance that is well beyond his age in Turns. He settles before his rider and waits with what could be considered 'open arms' and extreme patience.

Hotaru -stares- as Kazu. "Don't take it personally, sheesh." Note to self, pick on Kazu later mercilessly about such waterworks. The red-head is keeping a close watch on that gold though. She is large and in charge. But hopefully in in-charging the candidates. "Edani, she's for you, isn't she?" She teases.

Mikal boggles a bit at the gold as she is simply revealed from her egg. "Oooh, I had no idea what one would hold a Gold…" he murmurs, still standing on the very tips of his sandals for a good look. "Lookit her!" but she doesn't keep his attention for too terribly long yet as he looks to see where the bronze is.

Zaala has only Mikal left at her side, so she gives him a hopeful smile, that's the least she can do, for the nerves are starting to wear thin. That gold hatchling makes her twitch, her eyes skimming the remaining candidates, perhaps catching a glimpse of the bronze impressing. "She's amazing yes…" she breathes in a whisper, all that she can manage right now. It's hot out here and her throat has gone dry.

Inyri is also trying to get a good look at Dtirae, apparently, now that Khyonai has asked that question. "She just had one, didn't she? Iavethingy?" Maybe if Inyri Impresses, it'll fix her ability to keep track of dragon names. Then again, maybe not. "So maybe it's getting overcrowded and someone's gonna get kicked out. Wouldn't /that/ be juicy?"

Etzlix begins to look around at the other candidates before eyeing that gold nervously. And then she's clutching tighter to Alyn's robe. The dragon's arrival isn't helping her nervousness, but she's not panicking. Just staring a lot. Her gaze flits to the bronze then, perhaps using him as a way to ease her tension.

Cloaked in Storms Gold Hatchling stumbles, at first, over her own tail! She then halts and carefully tucks the appendage away, silly thing it is. Then long wing seem to get stuck, dragging up too much sand with them. They are carefully lifted and the gold remains perfectly still, unmoving as a stone statue. Is she even breathing? Hard to tell from a distance, but one would imagine that she is.

Khyonai makes a noise deep in his throat at that. "Did she?" He can't keep track of damned dragons. Was he supposed to? He shakes his head, though, with a smirk more to himself than to anyone else, rare; "At this point, they could kick me out. It's shelling /hot/." He's sweating, though his dark skin is dusky enough to prevent him from showing the flush.

Fractured Under Pressure Egg topples over immediately before giving a gentle spasm. For an egg so damaged in appearance, one would think the shell would be easy to break! Such is life, though, and it's not always easy.

Kazulen can at least say it was just sweat when he wipes away those two man-tears, because the entire rest of his face is, after all, drowning in the stuff. Yeah. Good thing he's got that carefully-positioned towel loincloth, because his attempt to have a robe made of a light-enough material to keep from retaining heat mostly means he's suffering from a wet-t-shirt-contest look. Note to self: Bad choice. That's probably the real reason the bronze didn't pick him.

Walk the Broken Walls Egg has finally crumbled, the ancient magic which held it together broken by discord. It falls apart, shards tumbling to the sands to reveal what it has held back for the ages. And at first, it seems there is only darkness within.

Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling
Darkness cloaks the lithe form of this prowling green hatchling like the depths of a wild and untamed forest with many hours until the dawn. Shadows chase each other in a swirling and hazy maelstrom across her slender neck and down to her chest, pursuing each other in a never ending stream from some breach yet unknown to the world, summoned from darkness to flow over her hide, pooling in crevices and begging for light to be cast upon them. Emerald hues curve around her slender muzzle and over her headknobs, twisting with hunter green over her neckridges, giving life to grasping trees pushing skyward in the depths of night, fighting for dominance in this world of darkness. Moonstone's gleam flows along her sides and arches up into the sails of her wings, slender threads of silver following her veins like the edges of reaching branches, their shimmering edges brightened by the night sky's benevolent light. A huntress' wings unfurl from her body, gracefully tapered and powerful, already promising great skill in flight. Golden dapples are faint pinpoints of sunlight across her spine, scattered like so many grains of sand from the broken hourglass, trailing their tale of time lost down her long and whiplike tail until they gather at its fork in a point of gleaming brightness amidst the shadows of her hide. Powerful legs give way to saber-like talons, obsidian hewn from the living earth and sung into shape. Her hide is subtle, twisted and knotted and blurred, a patterning that is only truly visible beneath Pern's twin moons and the stars. The harsh light of the sun robs her of her color, turning her to ash and so many shades of grey. Her true brilliance must be seen in the twilight hours, or within the cloak of the mist or the fog where she is most at home.

Edani doesn't even hear Hotaru nor does he look at the gold, though he'd certainly given her a look when she'd hatched. It takes him a few moments to realize that his world has just been rocked, shaken (AND stirred!), turned inside out and upside down. He stares mutely at the hatchling in front of him for a span of seconds that surely tick by more slowly than they ought before he lifts one hand to his chest, dark brows lifted, "Me? A-are you sure?" That's stunned shock speaking. A shock that turns to delighted wonder as the voice continues in his head. "O-okay, yes. We are one, Dremkoth," Edani, now D’ani manages as he reaches forth that hand and places it gently on the bronzed head. "I will get you something for your stomach," he promises, his voice laced with awe.

A'lin rushes out towards the new bronze pair. "Congrats! Congrats!" The brownrider is holding his arms up like someone's just make a touchdown or something. "D'ani and Dremkoth! Carrier of the children! Come with me, let's get you something to munch on!" At least A'lin is easy to follow, and the exit is large enough he doesn't even have to duck through!

Inyri chews the end of her lip, thinking, trying to place for sure — "No, that was definitely the most recent clutch. Last one had a gold. Caused all sorts of mayhem because there was something weird about her, or some kind of suspicion she was a plant — oh shells Edani," gets exhaled, followed almost immediately by, "And that green. Okay, I'm getting whiplash now. Slow down."

Etzlix bites her lips nervously, "They're so fast…." She eyes newly arriving green and reaches up to wipe some of the sweat from her brow. And then, as the bronze Impresses, she's glancing over in that direction and grinning. "Congrats!"
Mikal rubs his hands together nervously. To him it seems everything's going down so quickly and yet so slowly all at the same time. He casts his fellow Xanadu-napped candidate an easy smile. See? No nervous there…much. Except for sweaty palms. And there is the constantly shifting from foot to foot. With the bronze not too close to him, or at the very least not in front of him he looks to watch the Gold first then the green that emerges. "Oh Edani…D'ani. Way to go man."

Borodin glances over to Zaala as well, then back to the gold. "She's… awfully quiet. I mean… the others were…" He wiggles his fingers to indicate motion, and glances sideways to where Abigail was standing. "..oh. Right." He frowns, and stares down at his feet for a moment before looking up again - just in time to see Edani - D'ani. He nods to that slowly, then turns his gaze back to the eggs, watching the struggles of the Fractured Under Pressure egg. The falling of the broken walls gets a look, a viewing of the dark green within, and then his attention goes back to staring at the other egg. He frowns.

Kazulen's distraction is now rectified, as he stares at what just happened right next to him. "Shells," he mutters. "I didn't really think it would work…" He blinks rapidly several times, shaking his head and clearing it of thoughts, and very earnestly tells Edani - D'ani - "Hey, congratulations, man," sounding ever-so-slightly dazed. "Good luck keeping him in line, yeah?"

Cloaked in Storms Gold Hatchling releases a sudden bugle, breaking the illusion of a statue. Startled? The gold rumbles with delight before she treads carefully forward, lest she trip all over herself /again/. Ever so slowly, she's inching towards the girls. She sees you there. Don't move until she gets /there/. The impatient sound that she makes her demands known.

Khyonai squints over Inyri's head again. "Oh. Oh? - Oh. /Edani/?" His voice lifts incredulously. "Damn, Kaz has some mad skills," he mutters to himself, eyeballing the latest presence to grace the Sands with an uneasy glance askance to the darkling green rising from the dark crumbling remains of the Wall egg.

Kadesh raises a brow and peers over her shoulder for a moment. "No Celi, you can play with them all when they're done with their lessons. Not now." There's a sadfaced gold out there somewhere. All sadfaced without playmates. Sadness.

Zaala tugs on her hair for a time, then takes a deep breath and refocuses her attention on the two remaining, catching a snippet from Borodin, "They're not all the same… just like us." She states, matter of factly, turning her attention back toward the sands to see the green hatch, her attention split between the two female dragonets.

Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling shakes herself free of some clinging egg shards before she lifts her head, eyes spinning as she surveys this new world around her. Calm and collected…well…mostly. She's shaking a /bit/, because wouldn't you be? It /is/ kind of scary after all, this adventure. But. She is determined to do this thing properly, and so she forges ahead, natural grace lending an easy elegance to her movements, as if the spirits of dragons long past carried her across the sands. And towards those Candidates she moves, because that is her duty and her given mission.

Kazulen turns his wide-eyed gaze on Inyri, Hotaru, Etzlix, and for that matter every other girl still on the sands. And his hands go up, fingers spread, palms facing front. "I'm not grabbing any of you for her!" he insists. "No way!"

Inyri can't help but laugh at that, even though she automatically feels bad for Kazulen's fate, here. He looks awfully crushed, or else — he did at first, but now not so much. She moves a couple inches closer to Khyonai and calls back, "Wouldn't want you to!"

Edani turns in almost dazed fashion to A'lin. A little of his humor revives enough that he quips back to the man, "A'lin, man-who-uses-women-for-chin-up-weights." And he follows without further ado. He'll wake up from this dream later?

Hotaru is so startled by the gold's bugle she just about falls onto her rump. She does jump a bit and takes a few steps back out of panic. But since that doesn't seem to be a warhorn, the red-head relaxes a bit. Well, sort of. She relaxes by clutching her chest and silently hoping none of the other dragons do that. "You better not grab any of us! I'll tell the weyrlingmaster!" She informs Kazu.

Touch The Sky Egg cracks in the deep blue sky along with the one of grey, hairline cracks begin to spread through the egg and slowly destroying the landscape. Nothing more comes, however, how boring.

A'dmar leans forward as he watches the gold, his eyes attuned to the woman he came here for, trying to determine if the path the gold is taking is one that heads to her or not. He waits with baited breath much like the rest of those around him. Everyone's putting in their last bets, but he just remains silent, quietly contemplating the way of it.

Khyonai doesn't even put Inyri in front of him, instead chortling over to Kazulen, "You could be famous! Famous!" He tunes out the gold's loud proclamation to the Sands and keeps a wary eye on the duty-bound green.

Borodin nods to Zaala, though he doesn't look her way again. "Yeah. I guess they are," he replies, watching the pressured egg instead of either green or gold. It's something to stare at. Staring is about what he's doing, right now.

Etzlix gives a little jump at hearing the gold's sudden bugle, letting go of Alyn's sleeve and scuttling backwards a fwe feet. She bites her ip nervously, looking between the green and gold, her attention divided.

Cloaked in Storms Gold Hatchling stumbles again in her excitement. And then, she simply does not /care/ as her tail and wings drag along in the sand, getting /quite/ dirty as she goes. But then, she stops and spreads her wings, moving them around /her/ rider with a sound that sounds a little /too/ maniacal to be friendly.

Inyri - wait, that's not right, she's lost a syllable somewhere in there, hasn't she, but she's not quite paying attention to it at the moment - opens her mouth to be startled at the whole 'suddenly inside dragon wings' situation, as absurd as it is the fact not occurring to her right away that that's got something to do with Impression. There's a beat during which she /forces/ herself to remain standing, and then blurts out, "Yep. Agreed. Food sounds like a good plan - can you repeat that?" No, it definitely didn't fix it. "Kouzevelth."

Kazulen is safe, SAFE! Because the gold took care of matters on her own. "Congratulations, even if you aren't going to be making us drinks now!" he calls to Inyri, and relaxes, sauntering over to stand next to Khyonai. Forgiven, forgotten, at least for the moment. Nobody remembers the footprint, right? Khy gets companionably shouldered. How 'bout them dragons, huh?

Khyonai may just drop his jaw as his date is STOLEN right from underneath him. Yeah. Jaw-droppage occurs as the gold is THERE and half-stepping on his feet, and he's stepping back to stare at Inyri with an entirely new light framing his expression.

Miki lets out a small whoop as she watches the gold Impress and trots onto the Sands. "Ohhhhh, you little goldrider you! You guys look amazing together. Let's get her stomach filled, yeah?" And with a wide grin for Inyri, the AWLM begins to lead her away from the heat.

Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling continues to move forward, her steps a bit more steady, her purpose a bit more settled in her mind. Getting used to all her limbs, she spreads her wings and flaps them a few times, before they are folded again and she moves along the line of Candidates, sizing each one up. None of these are right…and she's starting to get annoyed.

Fractured Under Pressure Egg begins to crack, along the cracks that already show on the egg. But, there are no more spasms in the end.

Mikal lets out a soft breath as his gaze tracks the gold hatchling over towards Inryi. "Congratulations!" he calls out quietly. "Just a few left." he murmurs to Zaala beside him. "There…lookit." he points to the Fractured under pressure egg. "It moved." he says simply.

Th'ero only shakes his head when he's glared at by Dtirae, giving her a disapproving frown in return. Not /now/. Then the Weyrleader is glancing back towards the sands, tensed and on edge and yet smiling faintly. He notes the brown going to a former guard and then more eggs hatch and his attention snaps to them. Bronze and green. Both seem to earn a quirk of a brow, for he's quickly tallying the colors so far to have paired off. That thought is scrapped though, once the bronze chooses and then the gold. Now he blinks again, emotions kept in check save for that smile. One has to wonder if it's just not frozen into place, faint as though it is. He coughs a little and Velokraeth's comment is only to hum all the louder, spaced with a few low rumbling chuffs as one may chuckle.

Etzlix watches as another Imprssion is made and grins, "Congrats." She calls out with a tiny wave in Inyri's direction. And then her attention is shifting again, this time towards the green hatchling.

Touch The Sky Egg falls apart with ease, like a sword cutting through a medium that was made for the blade to cut. From the sport where the egg fell is an odd shaped hatchling, still covered mostly in the egg fluids. Lovely.

Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Hatchling
Bulky shoulders are donned upon this brown, awkward looking with a tail that looks far too sharp to actually be a tail. His movements awkward with wings that are oddly shaped as they curl partially into themselves, catching far too much air and making his movements slow. He's the color of rich mahogany, while tinges of soft gold flick along his hide in no particular pattern.

It doesn't take long for Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Hatchling to find his lifemate, a gentle rumble is given in greeting as their eyes meet. Kevi, now K'vi, takes a brief step back, startled. "I dont think Im ready for that, yet, Zlicnith." He pauses then grunts once. Maybe they have reached an agreement?

Khyonai scans an eye belated over the Sands, dawning realization that he's left with .. with .. oh horror of horrors. "I'm /not/ standing next to you," he addresses Kazulen, moving sideways towards Hotaru instead. There's the faintest crease of loss that falls across his face, and then once again his expression is blank, his emotions kept carefully at bay behind a wall of guard-worthy neutrality.

Dtirae lets out a rather loud cheer at the gold's decision. "Well, I'm /pleased/. Yer no longer at fault, Th'ero." And just like that, he's let off the hook before she's watching the rest. No complaints for the other colors, at least. Well, maybe not the blue /very/ early on. Shardin' Traders.

Borodin turns his head for a moment at the sound of congratulations, looking for just long enough to figure out that it's Inyri there heading off with a dragon. He nods again, and looks away to see the under pressure egg fracturing further. "…are you what's left?" he murmurs softly, then glances over to the brown and nods. "Well. That's not so bad."

Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling continues her prowling, searching for the one to complete her, and the one to carry on. Then, she spots someone among the crowd and she moves forward with increasingly long strides down the line. She shies away from someone who reaches out to try and touch her, jerking her head back and lifting a paw much like a runner when startled. And then she hisses at the bold boy, snapping her teeth at him and lashing her tail in irritation before she's passing him by to stop before her chosen, stilling save for the breath that lifts her ribs. This one. She has accepted this one.

Kazulen scowls at Khy. "It's not like I'm cursed!" he spits out, and then sees the brown go to someone else before he's even fully hatched, it seems. "- I'm cursed," he mutters, crestfallen, watching the brown destroy his hopes and dreams.

Zaala considers the remaining eggs and the remaining hatchling, her eyes following Inyri as she moves off with her new lifemate, turning her attention back to the sands. There's a slight glance back at the galleries then down to the green, only to peer at the sudden hatching and impression of the brown. And just as quickly, the green impresses to someone. She idly draws a hand up to wipe her brow, "I need some water… I'm feeling a little too hot under his white sack." Last egg, there is some hope, but only faint.

Hotaru gives a fingery wave towards Inyri. "Congrats Inyri!" At least the scary noisy gold was gone. But Hotaru is starting to look a bit peaked. "Bleh. It's hot… how many dragons are left?" She squints a bit, then fans herself with a hand.

Sands? There are … Sands? and people? Khyonai wouldn't be able to tell anyone, at this precise moment in time; time ceased, time frozen, time eternal in the whirling gaze of his, "Lyrienth," breathed out in the exhalation of the past, this new future dawning in the dark surprise of his eyes. "Lyrienth!" he carols, rising from his startlement to lift his voice for all to hear.

Fractured Under Pressure Egg struggles, the hatchling inside struggling to stick one talon out before a whole hand follows. Its even more of a struggle to break away the rest of the egg to free itself. Which isnt all too surprising, seeing how under developed the muscles in this hatchling seem to be. It wastes no time moving away from the shell, wiggling forward to search.

Etzlix is clutching to Alyn's robe sleeve once more before she's looking out across the Sands once more. "Jus' a few now…." She bites her lips and wipes the side of her face with her robe. Her cheeks are red now, the heat getting to her. And then another Impression. "Congrats Khyonai!"

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Hatchling
Lengthy, stringy, long and quite snake-like is this bronze. Time will build more muscle and strength, but small and rather puny is how he appears despite being on the larger scale of the color. He is deep antique bronze with touches of rust on various parts of his hide as if left out in the rain before someone attempted to clean him with attempted being the key word.

Jamen is shaking like a leaf in the wind, terrified. But then, just like that, he stops and stares at the bronze before him with wide eyes and jaw partially dropped. "Me? J'men? Really Tezeveth? Yeah… We'll do it together." He breaks out into a huge smile and accompanies the bronze off towards where food awaits.

Mikal tugs at the side of his robe. "I hope the stitches hold." is muttered briefly. More Impressions and he offers congratulations to each one before looking quickly to the remaining egg. His favorite though he doesn't say it out loud.

A'lin is just back from the barracks when he spots the next impressing. A green! "Khyonai! Hellooo and congrats! Let's get you out of the heat and get Lyrienth off the sands so she can eat!" Waving them over, A'lin starts the march back off the sands.

And Kazulen is just as quickly twisting back around to stare at Khy. "Are you kidding me?" he demands. It's an open question; anyone is welcome to answer it. And now, with only one egg left on the sands unhatched - or, no, wait, there it goes! He hustles over there as quick as he can, just in time to see that it's his bronze - except - except - except Jamen is there, first. And, completely uncaring of the way he's going to have burns to deal with later, Kazulen's legs buckle, leaving him to drop to the sand like a puppet with cut strings.

Mikal takes a couple steps back, his face crestfallen. Stumbling a bit he barely manages not to fall backwards on his rear but his arms do pinwheel a bit. Blinking his eyes furiously he rubs a hand over his face, feeling quite numbed.

Zaala watches as Jamen the lameo impresses to a bronze, her eyes widening, "Oh…" that was a surprise. Truly. She glances aft toward the area where all the newly impressed went and then back to the empty sands, taking a breath. Her eyes turn to Mikal, "Maybe we'll have a chance to stand for Xanadu?" She says with a hopeful shrug, knowing the truth of the matter looked her in the face. No more eggs, no more dragonets. She notes him stumbling and moves to help him keep up, hand behind Mikal's back, "You ok?"

Borodin watches the bronze burst forth and quickly move away, as the sound of other congratulations fills his ears from Khyonai's choosing. As the bronze goes for Jamen, Borodin smiles. "Good," he says. He casts his gaze across the sands a final time. "So. Uhm…"

Etzlix frowns, biting her lips as she realizes the last of the Impressions has been made. "I think I need a drink…" She mumbles quietly to herself. And then her gaze is shifting up to the galleries, trying to find a familiar face.

Dtirae's jaw drops at that last bronze. "Well, Shells. Good thing he didn't stay kicked out…" The Weyrwoman considers the empty sands and then brushes off her hands. "Welp, guess that's the last of them." The woman clears her throat and steps carefully over towards the Candidates. "Unfortunately, as you can see, your lifemate was not shelled this time. However, that's not ta say that your lifemate will never be present. We welcome all of you to stay in the Weyr for as long as you would desire or if you wish to return home, rides home will be offered as soon as you are ready to depart." And then, she turns to the Galleries. "Seein' as we were about ta start lunch, the Feast is likely finished by now. All of our guests are welcome to partake in the festivities in welcome of our newest Weyrlings." And with that, the woman considers her lifemate and nods once in confirmation.

Hotaru blinks. She just… blinks. "Jamen?" Him? Really? "I uh… er. Congrats!" Blink. Hotaru catches Kazulen fall to his knees and actually feels a little bad for the candidate for a second. Even if he is mean to her. Were there any dragons left out there? Nope. Hotaru takes a deep breath and tries not to let her shoulders sag too much. She'll follow the rest of the line out. Some water would be good right now.

Mikal huhs? at Zaala. "Yes." his voice cracks. "Fine. You?"

Kale sighs a little, eyes on Mikal. His brows furrow together a bit as he vaguely slumps in his chair. Poor kid. But he sits up quickly and stands, putting on a grin and waving his hand from where he is. "S'alright, Mikal! Buck up! There's /food/ to be eaten! Plus, you still have Elsie!" He may or may not heard with all the noise, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Etzlix looks towards the Weyrwoman as the ending speech is given and gives a small nod in her direction before she's moving off the sands with the rest off them. "Yeah…I really need a drink."

Zaala shrugs, "I guess. I'm …" another shrug, a disappointed look to the shells, then she nods at the Weyrwoman, nothing said, making for the exit.

Borodin nods to the weyrwoman's words, and heads slowly off the sands, one step at a time.