Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The lack of rain has Fynnigan in a good mood as he comes trotting into the living caverns for an evening snack. He fixes himself a glass of juice and piles mostly unsavoury goodies onto a plate, then folds his lanky self down into a seat to start nibbling away. An iced bun is his first morsel of deliciousness, while his two firelizards, one bronze, one green, tuck into a little bowl of scraps beside him.

Abigail has had a hard day back at the stables, they seem to like putting her there or in laundry for chores, not that she has ever complained mind you. She is settled upon one of the comfy chairs near the fire, hair still damp from a bath to help get the smell of the stables off of her. There is a brown firelizard settled upon the back of her chair, and a younger bronze curled up in her lap. As for Abbey she is half dozing with a mug of still hot klah grasped within her hand proving she hasn't been sitting there that long.

It's only when he's past haflway through his meal that Fynnigan happens to notice Abigail sitting on her own. He picks up his plate and replenishes his juice before heading over to join her, clearing his throat with shy softness to catch her attention. "H-hi, Abbey," he says coyly, his dark green gaze flickering up briefly to look at her, before settling back down on his plate. "May I, um, join you?"

Abigail blinks and peers upwards, nope she wasn't asleep just lost in thought it seems. A smile is seen and she nods. "Hey, sure. Help yerself Fynnigan." She offers softly while slowly sitting up, and takes a long sip from her mug. The bronze firelizard warbles out at the movement and eyes his person before curling back up, his head tucking down under a wing. "Oh yer fine, go back to sleep Tadhg."

K'drozen makes his way slowly into the cavern glancing about as he goes. Spotting the candidates he gives a slight nod in greating as he begins to pass.

"Th-thanks," the cautious Istan murmurs in reply, with a smile and a nod of his head. Fynn settles into a seat closer to the fire to better warm his island-accustomed bones, and nibbles his way through another sweet pastry in silence, before offering his plate to Abigail. "W-would you like one? I've, um, picked up too many." The passing rider gets a hello-bob of the curly-haired lad's head.

Abigail watches Flynnigan a moment, a slight smile seen before she glances back to the fire. "Guess it's gotten sort of cold huh?" This questioned with a soft tone. "Suppose I'm more use to it being from Fort Hold then some." A soft hum escapes her while she peers over, a soft oh escapes her and she smiles before leaning over with her free hand to take one of the pastries. "Thanks." Is offered softly before looking to the rider and nods to him as well.

"I'm more used to, um, warm climates," Fynn says softly, smiling at Abigail and shrugging one of his broadening shoulders. Being a teen, he's still in that awkward phase where he's not /quite/ fully grown - but not quite small enough to be boyish, either. "F-Fort's very different to a-anything I've ever seen on, um, Ista. A-and on the We-Western islands, too."

Abigail nods while she breaks off a piece of the pastry and offers it to Tadhg whom has gotten rather interested in her treat. "I bet ye won't like it." She murmurs softly to the firelizard, whom proceeds to chomp and chew on the piece he was given, seeming to be eating it. "Nothing wrong with that. Fellan took me to Western once. It was really nice. I'd never been anywhere before that day. Save from the Hold to here." She glances back towards Fynn. "Just try and keep warm, extra clothing and the like can help with that."

Fynnigan nods in agreement with Abigail's latter suggestion. "I'm glad the, um, the eggs will hatch before it's w-winter." That slightly nervous stutter of his is fading out as he gets more comfortable with talking, just as his shy smile becomes a little more confident. "There'll be… /snow/, won't there? I-I've never seen snow before… not ever. Did you like Western, when you went? It reminds me of home."

Abigail doesn't mind the nervous stutter from the other, she doesn't even hear it as she's use to such things from her brother. Or well she was, lately even his changed. "Aye, should be soon from what everyone keeps saying." A nod is seen at the bit on the snow. "Oh ya, lots and lots of snow. Though it is sort of fun to go and have a snowball fight at least." She grins slightly at the thought and peers over at him. "Really? Well I hope yer around to at least see some snow. Everyone should see it at least once." A soft ah escapes her. "I loved it. I just wish I got to stay longer. Got to spend a night on the beach and everything. Maybe I'll get to go back at some point."

"M-maybe if I don't… don't Impress, um, maybe I can come back some time in winter. With lots of clothing. And a b-big scarf, too - I-I've always wanted one of those really big ones, that're like… like a foot wide, or something. Do you know which I mean?" Fynnigan grins, picking up another piece of something sweet and nibbling at it. "I like Western, because it… it sorta reminds me of home. Sp-spending a night on the beach sounds like f-fun, though… maybe I'll do that wi-with Tahli, when I get home."

"Well, at least once. Just so ye could see it an all." Abigail offers with a soft tone. A slight nod seen. "Ya I know them scarf's. I got a few." She ponders a moment. "What is yer favorite color?" Her pale gaze drifting over towards him curious like. "Ye should do it. It was on the Emerald Islands, got too see some wild firelizards too." She eyes the bronze upon her lap which is stealing another bite of pastry. "Lucky my two wasn't around ta cause a problem."

Fynnigan's eyes shift to the little brown, and he smiles. His own two are still snacking where he left them with their bowl of proper firelizard food. "I like green. And purple, and blue a bit, too. Mostly green and purple, though. K-kinda like Western's colours, I guess? B-but more green than, um, teal. Do you think I could maybe get a scarf from someone while I'm here? But… oh, I don't think I'll get to use it much. Not if I'm not here. Maybe… maybe I'll wait until after the Hatching, then… then we'll know how things will be, right?"

Abigail hums softly and nods. "Alright… Well I don't see why not. Maybe someone will get one for ye even?" Things happens, and Abbey already plans on getting him one for no other reason than Fynn wants one. "Just means ye'd have to come back and visit then. If nothing else would make a good souvenir maybe?" She glances over towards him curious like. "Are ye, well excited over the upcoming hatching and so forth?" Most of the other candidates are after all. She is excited and nervous all rolled into one.

Nodding, Fynnigan grins lopsidedly, looking down into his nearly-empty plate. "Y-yeah, but…" He looks up, checking who's around them before he leans close to Abigail, lowering his voice. "I'm s-scared, too. It's…. it's scary, isn't it? I've h-heard so many things…" The typical horror stories, no doubt. "A-and… I've never had to wear a dress, before." Assumedly, he means a robe. "I-I just want to be there n-now to say I've done it. I d-don't even mind if, um, no dragon picks me… th-that's ok. I just want to have /done/ it."

Abigail peers at him curiously a moment, pondering it seems. A soft oh escapes her and she nods. All the Candidates hear them horror stories, of things that could possible go wrong, and have gone wrong in the past and so forth. "Well, how's this. Stick close to me when it's time. I'll do my best to make sure nothing happens to ya." It's that guard part of her wanting to be all helpful and try to fix a problem perhaps. She chuckles and nods. "Yes well, it's just a robe." Seems she is assuming he means the robe. A hand lifts to run her fingers through her messy of curly hair a few times. "I don't mind either… But it would be neat if it happened I think." Perhaps she has really warmed up to the idea and is perhaps a wee bit more eager at the thought of it all. "Just have ta wait and see." This said with a soft murmur escaping her.

"It's the waiting and seeing that makes it all… all worse, in a way. D-don't you think?" Fynn's lopsided grin is forced past his nerves, and accompanied by a bright-eyed gaze. "I-I'd like to stand by you, if you wouldn't mind? I think you might be l-lucky, I've got a… a feeling." A coy blush creeps upon his cheeks, and he looks down at his plate again, before setting it aside and shifting in his chair so that he's focused more on his fellow candidate. "I found a robe in storage. It f-fits pretty good, so I've not had to do any sewing. W-what about you?"

Abigail nods to the bit on the waiting part. "Aye, the waiting is the worst part of it. An there so many to stand as well." She scratches at her head a moment before peers over at him curiously. "Naw, that's fine with me." A smile is seen. "I hope I bring ye luck then." A slight nod is seen at the bit on the robe. "I found one the other day, and now that I think about it I suppose ye got a point with it looking like a dress." She makes a slight face at the thought. "I don't wear dresses…ever.." She is totally not a girlygirl.

"But I think you'd look pretty in a dress, i-if you wanted to wear one." Fynnigan blushes, biting on his lip to hide his big smile. "I-I…I think I'm ready to go back to Western. H-home, I guess it is now. There's… there's someone there who I m-miss. Wh-who I miss p-pretty bad. I just… um… I hope… hope he's not too angry with me for c-coming here. Since I left I've…we've not…not spoken. Not atall."

Abigail blinks and blushes as she hears Fynnigan. "Thanks…" She offers softly, chewing on her lip a moment. "Just explain to him what all happened. I'm sure he'll understand, and if not then ye should find someone that will." She's quiet for a moment. "I haven't spoken to Fellan in weeks, and he was a Candidate as well. I know the rules and everything but would have been sort of nice if he would at least spoke to me now and then." So much for that thought, an all the talking he did. "I guess it was all talk." Is faintly grumbled out.

Fynnigan cocks his head slightly to one side, looking thoughtful. "Fellan's y' boyfriend? I didn't know that. Maybe he's not talking to you because, um, he finds it hard? I'd… I'd really find it hard now, if I… if Tahli came. W-we didn't… I mean, I don't kn-know wh-what… what we were, b-but… but I…h-he…" The stuttering grows stronger as he ventures into super-shyness territory, and Fynnigan pauses, biting on his lip. A few deep breaths later, and he's ready to continue talking. "D-do you think you'll m-make it through weyrlinghood, if it h-happens for you?"

Abigail is quiet for a moment. "I dono what we are anymore. Just me being hopeful that it would work out I suppose. We hadn't known one another that long before Miki and her green asked me to stand." A faint glance is sent towards the other as she catches the thick stuttering. "Hey… Yer alright, don't think about stuff like that too much. What happens happens, it's meant to be it will happen. All things happen for a reason." She pauses a moment, her mind tinkering over her words and a faint eh escapes her. "Perhaps I should take me own advice." At the question she nods. "Oh yes. I'd make it through one way or another. I don't do well with failure."

Fynnigan grasps at the diversion in topic, happy to move on from something he wasn't too keen on discussing. "M-Miki Searched me, too. I like her - she's real nice for a -" his tone drops, and the next word is says is spoken not only shyly, but with uncertainty and, underneath it all, a hint of shame - "greenrider." His olive-coloured eyes flicker around them once he's said it, to make sure no-one's overheard.

Abigail is rather happy at the change of topic's because she doesn't try to stop it in the least. She chuckle softly and smiles. "Miki is great. I always seem to have fun when she's around." A faint glance is sent towards him. "What's… wrong with that?" This questioned with a curious sounding tone.

Fynnigan looks edgily around again, before leaning in closer to Abigail and dropping his voice even lower. "My grandma, s-she says… she says they're all… a-all… th-that I sh-shouldn't go near them, because they're… /promiscuous/. Only she… she uses a worse word. I-I…I'm not s-sure it's true… b-but… but they make me… um… w-wary…" He bites down hard on his lip, wincing a little at his confession. "Th-there's been… um… a few… few proddy ones… and I've… I've steered clear."

Abigail watches Fynn curiously a few moments while she listens to what he says. A soft oh escapes her, and she scratches at her neck a few times. "Well I'm from a hold so I dono a lot about the e riders like that an all I suppose." She chews on her lip pondering a moment it seems. "I guess the only ones to worry about would be the proody ones though. Any other time and there fine from what I can see." Though she also hasn't dealt with proddy dragon or the rider of one either.

"The p-proddy ones I've seen are… /scary/." To this shy Holder boy, anyway! Fynnigan sighs, downing the last of his juice. "I-I'm going to go back to the barracks, I think… they'll be calling time for us soon, I think." He stands up, picking up his discarded plate and setting his empty glass on it. "M-may I walk you back, Abbey? I-I've just got to… um, put these away…" Which he goes to do, returning to his fellow candidate and doing the gentlemanly thing of offering his arm - albeit shyly. "M-maybe we can, um, fend off proddy r-riders together?" It's an attempted joke, though perhaps made less impactful by his blushing smile.

Abigail nods slightly, a yawn escaping her while she stretches and slowly stands up. "I suppose we should get going back to the barracks." She glances to him once he comes back over and smiles. "Sure, I don't see why not. We're going in the same direction after all." She glances to his arm, blushing slightly once more before letting her arm take hold of his loosely. A slight grin seen and she nods. "Alright, deal. We're keep one another away from them proody riders with one another's help." She winks at him playful like while saying that.

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