Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The seasons shift around the lake in a timeless flow. Waters grow choppy as autumn blends the summer calm with winters coming fury. The shoreline soaks in the heat of the day and provides a pleasant strolling area in the evening hours as long as the weather remains tempered, releasing the heat of the day to the cool of the night. In the early morning a layer of frost can sometimes be found dappled over the shoreline though the waters remain liquid.

It's after breakfast, though still early enough for the sky to retain some of its pink and pale-blue early-morning colors. Early enough that not many have made it down to the beach yet, and those that have are hard at work washing dragons; almost no one is here to swim. Carlyn is here, though certainly not to swim. She's probably a bit early, having skipped the breakfast routine. She's washed, and clean, though that's not likely to last long, and she sits in the sand staring out at the lake with a deep, contemplative expression.

Busy mornings call for early breakfast, the hunter having already had her meal and then going about prepping for a hunt and then making her way down to the beach for her meeting. Draped over her shoulder is a bag full of things, that she carries with ease even if it looks like it may pack a punch if swung at someone. Carlyn is spotted staring at the water of the lake and Deitra smiles, making her way over to the older woman. "Hey. Thoughts got yer mind wanderin'?" She drops the bag down and opens it, shuffling through it and then pulling out some padded gloves. "These should be your size. Better ta learn with some paddin' to get the muscles used to it rather than tryin' ta beat 'em into it right away. Even with self defense. Better ta be well equipped beforehand an' be used to what it feels like ta hit someone rather than, y'know, bein' shocked right after. And it'll save me from getting' a few bruises." A soft chuckle and she then looks up to the other. "But, best thing ta know about self defense is that you want ta run after you get 'em down. Don't stick 'round none. The point is ta hurt them, inca— somethin' them by doin' a lotta pain they ain't expectin, then run."

"Incapacitate," offers Carlyn with a small smile. She sprang to her feet as soon Deitra was noticed, and now she stands brushing sand from her pants and hands, watching with some curiosity as those items are withdrawn. A small shiver twitches her shoulders. She rolls her previously injured shoulder carefully, but her arm is no longer in a sling, and she doesn't seem to favor it too much. "So I'm going to be hitting you?" she asks, uncomfortable.

"Right. Incapacitate." Deitra wrinkles her nose at the sound of the word coming from her mouth. She shakes her head after a moment then draws some other gloves from the bag - these ones fingerless and not as padded as the others - which she slips onto her hands. "Yeah. Yer going to hit me. I ain't going ta let you hurt me or nothin', so don't be 'fraid of that. And… Crazy weirdo yesterday said that you had a hurt arm. How's that doin'? Can you use it or you still workin' on rebuildin' the muscle and all? This could help. Got some weights that you can use ta help some. Somethin' light for you, start easy as they say."

Carlyn is clearly not entirely comfortable with the idea of hitting Deitra, but she shrugs it off and bobs her head. "Oh, it's alright," she says of her arm, rolling her shoulder almost unconsciously. "It wasn't ever really badly hurt. Just a bad sprain, or strain, or something like that. Bad bruise, but I think I'm alright. I'll stop if it starts to feel sore." She reaches for the padded gloves, hesitating only a moment before seeming to commit fully to this little venture. "Where did you find this stuff?"

"Don't go lookin' like that. Yer not going ta hurt me. I got muscles and know how ta flex 'em at the right time so it ain't going ta hurt as much. And since we're just practicin' it is easier ta do." Dei promises, laughing softly. "Ah. Well, that's good. Know a bit about breaks and strains. I got good at puttin' my shoulder back into place. Foster ma doesn't really like it when I do those sorta things." Well, it is pretty gross, after all. The young woman flexes her hands and then offers the gloves out for Lyn. "You just got ta put 'em on, and I'll tie the strings to that they don't slip off." There's a pause for the question and cheeks color a faint shade. "Turnday presents. Foster father got me a few of 'em an' never told mother, others I got from people who didn't want 'em no more. Ain't like they're broken or nothin'."

"I didn't mean like that," says Carlyn quickly, looking mortified. "I just meant… I was just curious. I didn't know if they were yours, or if you were borrowing them…" She clears her throat and attempts to change the subject. "Nice of them to do so. Your fosterparents, I mean." She fingers the string on the glove briefly, fiddling with it before she pulls the first glove on. The second is a bit more awkward, but she manages to get it over her hand. Once Lyn has made sure they are snug, she holds her hands out toward Deitra, so that the strings may be tied. "It sounds like your foster mother was difficult to live with," she comments absently.

"Like what? I don't think you thought I stole it. I just get odd looks when I say their mine cause it ain't a 'girly' thing, y'know? People get weird." Dei snorts softly, "not that I care none. Didn't think you'd think that, though. Still embarrassin'. Foster father is a little more acceptin' of whatever we want ta do." She chuckles and pushes to her feet so that she may better tie on the strings of the gloves for Lyn. "A little. I ain't a girly girl. Neither is Chyhi, and sometimes it just got ta her. Luckily we ain't the only girls she fostered, but, y'know. She thinks she did somethin' wrong. Or something. I think the woman is just a tad loopy. 'preciate that she raised us."

Carlyn shrugs. "I don't think I'm really girly either," she notes. "I mean, I like girly things, like dresses and such, but I don't ever have an occasion to wear them. And I'm certainly not afraid of dirt." She has to grin a little at that. With her gloves tied, she experimentally taps them together, as if to test their density. "Ok, so what do I do first?" She probably looks a tad silly, standing around on a beach with boxing gloves on her hands.

"Ain't nothing wrong with bein' girly. Just ain't my thing. Inconvenient ta wear a dress every day and I like the way guy's clothes fit more." Dei takes a step back, considering the other. "I like you how you are. Yer not like judgin' or nothin'. Tryin' ta make me prettier." With a laugh, she lifts the bag and sets it out of the way. "First things first. Goin' ta tell you where you're goin' ta want to hit guys. Figure you know 'bout that special spot betwixt their legs. 'nother good spot is the solar plexus, right here in the body." Her hand presses against the spot. "'bout the same area in men an' women. Knocks the wind outta 'em and there's no way to prepare yerself for that. In a real fight, people block that place, but if they just comin' up on ya, they ain't going ta expect you to go after it. They expect betwixt their legs." The young woman considers a moment. "And, when you ain't got the gloves on, don't punch with a closed fist," she demonstrates, "instead you want ta leave a little space in yer palm, otherwise yer goin' ta bruise your fist. Now. 'm goin' ta hold up my hands and I want you ta punch at 'em. Don't matter which hand, just want ta see if you can do it naturally or not, then 'm going to show you how you can put proper flow to it."

Carlyn laughs and rolls her eyes. "I think I'm the last person who could give beauty advice. But I wouldn't, unless asked. I honestly don't think it's important," shrug. "As long as it makes you happy, right?" She reflexively lifts her hand to push some hair from her face, forgetting she's got the glove on. She listens intently, nodding her head now and again, and follows Deitra's movements with her eyes. "OK." She clears her throat and mentally shakes herself, working up her nerves. She shifts her weight on the sand a little, focuses on Deitra's left hand, and then jabs with her own right hand towards it. But her punch is half-hearted and flimsy. She's clearly not putting much strength behind it. The motion makes her giggle nervously.

"It really ain't. Long as yer lookin' decent and don''t smell like last sevenday's lunch, don't see the issue." Deitra shakes her head in amusement. "Exactly. Long as yer happy, all that really matters. Havin' fun and all that." There's a slight snort of laughter for that gloved hand lifting to brush the hair away, grinning a little wider and getting herself in position, hands braced for impact. She's watching the movement of the other, calculating and entirely focused even if that grin lingers on her lips. The punch comes and laughter slips from the woman's lips. "Yer punchin' like a girl who ain't gotta clue how to punch." Which is true. "Right. So, when you start with yer punch, yer hands gotta start like this." The woman lifts her hands, holding them before her in a defensive position with the knuckles facing one another. "You draw back with yer hand still in this position, and as yer going in." The movements follow along with her words, "yer going to twist your fist like you got something ta give 'em. Like a tiny present. But it ain't tiny, cause it is yer fist yer givin' 'em. And a bruise. Then yer goin' ta draw back. Best place ta punch is the nose or the jaw. Nose is easy ta break if you hit hard 'nough. Can teach you other ways ta break their noses, too. Jaw is sensitive and if you hit going up, got a chance ta make 'em bite their tongue and disorient them some."

Carlyn shakes her head to get her hair out of her face, then turns the movement into a small nod of understanding. She mimics Deitra's movements, first in the defensive stance, and then pulling her hand back and moving it forward in a slow, exaggerated punch. She's got the form down, it's clearly the 'connect and hurt someone' part that has her stumped. "Sounds bloody," she says of the broken nose and bitten tongue. She takes a deep breath, picks up her stance again, and nods her head. "OK, I'm ready to try again."

Deitra watches Lyn mimic, nodding her approval of it. "Good. Yer getting' it." She nods twice, thoughtful as she considers the other then lifts her hands once more. "'course it is. You shouldn't care 'bout them if they're tryin' ta hurt you. Yer going ta want to hurt 'em back so they'll leave you alone and you can get somewhere safe. Goin' ta be bloody, but yer not going to be hurt." A laugh and she braces herself for impact.

"Right," about wanting to hurt someone, so they can't hurt her. That was, after all, the purpose of self defense, right? Carlyn's focus is on the task at hand, her jaw set and her eyes pinned on Deitra's hand once more. She takes a breath, holds it, and then jabs out with her hand as she exhales. She does a far better job this time, landing a solid punch against Deitra's hand, the connection of leather to palm making an audible slap.

When the other grows focused, her own is steeled so that she may be able watch and catch any flaws and mistakes in her mentee's form. But, this punch to her hand has Deitra grinning widely. "Perfect. That was much better. Want ta try your other hand? If not, we'll practice with this one for a bit then 'm going ta explain how to break fingers and noses."

Carlyn is clearly pleased with herself, and takes the comment gracefully. "Thanks. It felt better that time." She considers her options and decides, "Maybe once or twice, with this one," meaning her left hand, "But my right hand has always been dominant. I'm not going to be as good," she warns, perhaps more to herself than Deitra. Besides, the subject of breaking things has Lyn looking a little pale. "Alright. Ready?" She is, stance mirrored from her last attempt. When Deitra's prepared, Carlyn swings with her left hand, connecting solidly, but not nearly as strongly or as gracefully, as she had with her right.

"Good. Don't want it ta feel stiff or nothin'. Just got ta let it flow. The more natural, the better, you don't want ta be stiff otherwise yer goin' to get sore after." Deitra notes softly. "Sounds good. Just cause yer dominate in one hand doesn't mean you should neglect the other. What if they're holdin' you by the right? Gotta use the left." She smiles widely, "gotta be prepared for anything that they may throw at you." Her hands are lifted again, braced for impact of the glove and giving a nod with the contact. "We'll work with the left more and then you'll get it natural just like the right, you'll have no worries."

Carlyn makes a face. "Good point," about being held by her right arm. She rolls her left shoulder experimentally, but seems to find nothing wrong with it. "Being sore is nothing new to me," she tells the Hunter, grinning. "And you're going to be plenty sore after your first riding lesson. Let's do one more with the left," she decides, "And then you can tell me how to break things." She grins again, but it's not as easy as the first one. Blood and broken bones are clearly outside of her comfort zone.

"You've got ta think about all situations. Gotta be a quick thinker when you're in trouble." Deitra totally speaks from experience, there. She chuckles softly, "bein' sore lets you know yer doin' it right, huh?" She winks at the other cheerfully before laughing loudly. "Lookin' forward ta it. Am I going ta be unable to sit straight for a week?" She even sounds excited about that. "One more with the left, then." She agrees, lifting her hand and bracing for impact once again.

"Only if you sit in the saddle wrong," says Carlyn, grinning. "It's more here," and she slaps the inside of her thigh with her gloved fist, "and your calves that'll hurt. But it'll pass. Numbweed is great. So are hot bathes." But more about runners later. She pushes her hair out of her face with her wrist and then gets into her stance. She waits long enough to ensure that Deitra is ready, and then lashes out with her left fist. She connects solidly, and it's clear that her hesitancy about hitting something is beginning to wane with practice. She drops her hand to the side, and there's a small wince for the movement in her shoulder, but overall she's looking pretty pleased with herself. "That was great!"

Deitra laughs loudly, "good ta know. I've got pretty strong calves, I work them out, but I'm sure I ain't even used the muscles used for ridin', yet. Lookin' forward ta that. Don't think I'll mind the soreness. Always makes the baths better." She agrees with that part about the baths, there. But then silence as the other gets into stance, hands bracing. The contact earns a soft hiss of surprise. "Much better." A laugh and her hands drop to rub against her legs. "Didn't expect that one. But, good. As long as they ain't expectin' it, yer going ta have the upper hand." She claps her hands together, clearly pleased by the grin on her lips. "That was great. Now, 'm going to show you how ta break a nose." She's turning to the side, to give the other girl a better view as her palm comes to rest at the base of her nose. "Yer goin' ta want ta have yer hand like this. Then you're going to shove upward. Very simple ta do, which is why 'm doin' it to myself an' not moving much. The other way is just havin' your fist hit straight on at this point here." One finger comes to rest on the lower part of the bridge of her nose.

"Let's hope I never need to use it," says Carlyn, talking about having the upper hand. She unties the knot of one glove with her teeth, and pulls it off her hand as she watches Deitra. As soon as the second glove is off, she touches her own nose in the same places, testing their strength and sensitivity. She shudders, and drops her hand. "Seems simple enough," she decides. "And most people are taller than me, so easy to push up."

"Well, better ta know it than not knowin' it and not knowing what ta do." Deitra decides, brows furrowing with thought and then grey eyes are scanning the area before returning to Carlyn. "Real simple. An' since most people are tall, if they're loomin' over you, all you gotta do is pop your hand up." She chuckles softly then moves to her back and is fetching out a few sticks bound together, in the shape of a hand. "Went an' made this the other day. Figured it'd be easier ta show on somethin' you could actually break." She explains, chuckling a little more. "Fingers are easy ta break. If someone's got a grip on ya, try and grasp one of their fingers an just pull all the way back. Finger ain't supposed ta bend that way. Unless yer one of those people who just got weird hands. Ain't likely one'll be grabbin' ya, though." She then demonstrates on the stick, pulling one of the 'fingers' back, and snapping it. "Just like that."

The snap of the "finger" makes Carlyn wince. She immediately averts her eyes, and there's a moment where she's looking a little greener than usual. It passes, and she turns back around. "Simple enough," she repeats from nose-breaking, though she doesn't look keen to try it herself. "You're not gonna make me try, are you?" and she eyes the stick-hand a little suspiciously.

Deitra eyes Carlyn, noting the color in the other's cheeks and then laughing softly. "Sorry. I forget that not everyone is me. Don't really got much of a care for these sort've sights." The agreement of it being simple earns a nod. "Don't watch when you do it, then, if you ever have ta. I ain't going ta make you try if you're uncomfortable. Just know yer not done until they're screamin'. Be quick 'bout it any you won't even notice it." The stick hand is then thrown into the water without a care. "Whenever you want ta do this again, 'm going ta show you how to get out of grabs an' how to use size against 'em. I'll need ta recruit someone ta be tossed so it might take some time."

Carlyn nods her head in agreement. "I've just never had the stomach for… blood and breaking bones. It's not the sight, it's the… the idea of it." She shudders again. "But if I ever need to use it, I have a feeling I won't be thinking about the… details." Ligaments and tendons and bones snapping. She relaxes once the 'hand' is tossed, and collapses on the sand in relief. "Sounds like a good idea. /I/ definitely don't feel like getting tossed around," she decides with a grin. She rubs absently at her left shoulder. "So who taught you all of this?"

"Yeah. Guess I can understand that. Some people just get woozy at the sight. Imagine the thought is just as bad as really seein' it." Shoulders roll in a shrug and Deitra considers her friend. "Exactly. Just don't worry 'bout it now an' when the time comes, you'll be fine as a bubbly pie." She clicks her tongue, eyes focused on her stick creation out in the water idly. "Gettin' tossed ain't so bad. Gettin' a fist to the face, different story." Grey eyes flicker towards her friend and she shrugs. "Few guys taught me. Asked an' they were willin' ta share. Didn't want to be a frail girl. Wanted muscles and the ability ta fight for myself." Her arms lift, hands folding behind her head. "See, I ain't the type ta go 'round ta pick pointless fights. 's stupid. But, sometimes I can't help it. Like with the guy yesterday, can't stand people like that. 'd get myself in trouble that way, or play pranks on someone and they'd find out. Y'know, fun stuff. I ain't about fightin', 'm 'bout fun and well, just gotta stand up for myself."

"Some people just irritate you," adds Carlyn, though it's unclear whether she's speaking broadly or not. "I've never hit anyone. But, you already knew that," she adds with an eyeroll. "But I guess I didn't need to. I guess I just learned to keep my mouth shut and my head down," she muses aloud. "Guess that's why it took me so long to leave." She shrugs.

"Yeah. Guess that's the right way ta say it." Deitra laughs loudly. "I woulda laughed it off, but he just kept goin' and it wasn't funny." She considers her friend, grey eyes searching before she's shrugging her shoulders. "You do what you gotta. Do what feels right. Go where you need ta go. But, Holds tend ta be like that, don't they?" A very broad question, her gaze still lingering on the other before looking out towards the water. "Well, I'm glad you left. I've got a new friend, after all, and I'll learnin' ta ride a runner."

Carlyn takes a deep breath in, holds it, and then lets it out. Contemplating. "Well, yes and no," about Holds. "Some of it is me. I just, I dunno. It was hard, leaving. I'd been taking care of my Aunt. Leaving felt like betrayal. But I sorta woke up one morning and realized… I had no idea what I wanted. And then I got Searched, and got a taste of what it /could/ be like, and when I didn't Impress and went back to the Hold…" Her jaw tightens, and she stares over the lake without really seeing it. "I had to get out of there. Not that Fort Hold is bad, oh no," she's quick to finish, shaking her head. "I just don't want to get to be an old lady, look back on my life and realize I didn't /do/ anything with it. I want to see things. I want to go places, and try new things." Her words die off, and her cheeks flush a little. "Sorry, I didn't mean to go on like that." Shrug. "But I'm glad I came too," she decides, meeting Deitra's eyes and flashing her a smile.

Silence continues as Lyn speaks, listening carefully to each word that the other says as her gaze resettles on the other to watch her expression as she speaks. Bottom lip is taken into her mouth and chewed on thoughtfully. She doesn't pitch in right away, waiting until she finishes speaking entirely and returning that smile before looking out towards the water once more. "Well, don't see why you see it as betrayal. I guess I ain't really used to the familial ties thing outside of Chyhi, but… Can imagine why." She rolls her shoulders in an idle shrug, thoughtful. "But, I get the rest of it. Not wantin' to feel as if you haven't done anything that you wanted ta do. Mainly why I wanted ta work with animals and hunt. I like bein' out there and observing animals." Lashes lower and she smiles a little wider. "And, don't worry so much about talking a lot. It's better ta share what is on your mind sometimes."

"I know it seems silly," says Carlyn about her 'betrayal', "But it is a family thing. My family has always been very close - we had to be. We depended on each other. And even though I wasn't at the cothold anymore… it was the same way. Leaving my aunt meant she has to depend on someone else. Either my family had to let one of my sisters or cousins leave, and sacrifice the extra hand, or my Aunt had to depend on strangers, all so I could go… well. Leave." She shrugs, and though there's clearly an emotional association with her decision, Lyn won't let it affect her just now. "Is it just you and your sister? You mentioned that you weren't the only girls, but I'm guessing Chyhi is your blood-sister?"

"Nah. Just cause I don't understand it doesn't make it silly." Deitra returns, chuckling softly. "Don't think that, either. You feel what you feel, ain't nothing to worry 'bout. If someone cares that you're feelin' different than 'em, don't care." She tucks her hands into the pockets of her pants, brows furrowing as she listens. "I don't entirely understand." Lips press into a thin line, brows furrowing deeper before she shrugs and offers a smile to the other. "Bet it was hard, leavin' what you were used ta." Lashes lower again and she looks out towards the water. "Mhm. Ma's a lower caverns woman. Father's a who knows what. Hardly remember 'em. But, remember when they came back with Chyhi and decided that they didn't want ta care for us. Not an issue, though, lotta people do it. And well, it is sometimes normal."

Carlyn's attention turns to Deitra. For a moment, it looks as though she has something to say, some sort of argument as to why she should feel guilty, but she keeps her mouth shut and lets the topic die. Instead, it's her turn to listen, and her expression changes from curiosity to understanding and perhaps a little sympathy. "I guess they do," agrees Lyn, half-heartedly, looking a little awkward. She seems not to know what to say, and instead turns to look out over the water. She brushes her hands together, knocking the sand off. "What does your sister do?"

Deitra is clearly not the best with words, looking a little awkward as her hands tap along the inside her pants and lingering in silence before grinning at the other. "Ain't a big deal, really. Probably better off and all. And it ain't like the Weyr don't take interest in their children. We'd've been fine either way. We just don't get in their way, the way it went." She shrugs and smiles a little wider. "Chy works with me. She's a hunter an' helps with the learnin' bout animals thing we do."

"It's just different," decides Carlyn, of their separate upbringings. She smiles again and adds, "That's great! That she's working with you. It's clear you two are close." A glance at the sky has Lyn voicing a small sigh and gathering up the gloves. She hands then back to Deitra before climbing to her feet. "Are you going back?" Presumably to the Living Caverns, as that's where Lyn's glance goes. "I've got to get something to eat before I report to the stable."

"That's true. Every place is different though. And I don't think any different of you for it. And doesn't mean that we're less of friends, either." The hunter chuckles and she rolls her shoulders. "We are. She's my sister and she is my friend." As for the heading back, she tilts her head back to consider then nods. "Yeah. Probably. I have to go find Chy." She is then putting things back into the bag. "I'll walk with you, though."

"That sounds great," decides Carlyn, smiling. She waits until Deitra is ready, and then begins heading back to the Weyrbowl and Living Caverns.

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