'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

A second egg-touching
Cast: A'rtomus, Renae, Rheffayl, Sianne, Svandis/Diz, X'an

You step onto the hot Hatching Sands.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

===============================< Room Contents >==============================
People: Diz A'rtomus X'an Renae Rheffayl
Dragons: Wiyaneth Raeyth
Eggs: Cavernous Darkness Egg Murky Bayou Waters Egg Desert Saguaro Egg Tall Dark Conifer Egg Caught In Repose Egg Beneath Thunder's Eye Egg Painted Desert Sands Egg Watchful Prairie Egg Silent Winter's Night Egg

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

Diz's second journey onto the sands is a quiet one. Knowing what to expects means she shows little reaction as the heat begins to sink through the soles of her boots and sweat prickles along brow and spine. But she doesn't wish to appear overeager, in spite of her increasing comfort, so the young woman has adopted a rather haughty posture— chin up, shoulders squared, eyes hooded with a look of nonchalance. She performs the proper bows, murmurs a greeting to the attendant riders and then moves towards the other candidates. Oh, and the eggs. Musn't forget them.

Rheffayl nods a little, "Hmm-Hum. Well. Come now. Poke if you're going to poke. Else I'll trudge along. Or get ushered towards dishes or something." That's right! The eggs just sit here. It's the busy candidates that are the attraction around here!

At first glance, A'rtomus may seem unassuming and unremarkable. This lithe young man's 6 foot tall, caramel skinned frame doesn't quite seem to fill out the clothes he has on, giving many an initial impression of scrawny adolescence. The air of boyish youth is augmented by his clean shaven, round face, full lips and thick mop of rusty brown hair. It's only when the intelligent and mature gleam within his forest green eyes is noticed that one may realize first impressions can be deceiving. Despite his less than perfect physique, the grace with which he moves belies an intimate knowledge of his body and it's capabilities and all appearance aside, he is actually 25 Turns, 1 month, and 22 days old.

Any clothing A'rtomus wears is covered by wherhide flying gear of a uniform tan hue. When not mounted, his jacket collar lies open, the soft, carmel colored fur lining visible along the neckline. Various metal buckles and zippers along its front indicate a plethora of pockets to store small, useful objects. On his left shoulder is a Weyrsecond's distinctive triple loop and silver tassel combination composed of two braided cords, one of brown and one of black indicating his rank at Fort Weyr, and one more in the coppery bronze of his lifemate. Warm looking wherhide gloves dangle from rings on his wide riding belt when not in use. Well-fitting wherhide pants cover his legs ending in knee high, lace-up wherhide boots.

« Screaming Winds of Frenzy scream through your mind, intruding on your thoughts without regard to your comfort. Pressure builds in your head and all sound is drummed out by the thunderous vibrations tearing through your very soul and ripping away whatever tidbits of information it can before retreating to a cool blue yonder with it's prize. Your mind is released. »

X'an barks a short laugh, slapping the waterskin to his mouth to stifle the noise. Wasn't he just making comment about giggling people being a distraction? "You don't need to transfer, or even contemplate the notion of it…" he notes, uncorking the water with his teeth, the man tips his head back and pours a measure over his face, droplets cascading down to be claimed by the hot sands and the laws of physics. "Bfffft… I think he likes you is all…. said Nemmenth was all about duty, and you had the sense of humour.. speaking of minds with a sense of fun."

Rheffayl leans back. Waaaay back, til just her fingertips are on the shell. "Whoa there.. uh.. you. No need to get too nosy. Nothing much worth the trouble in here I think. No adventures. No mysteries. Just plain ol' me. And a lot of drink recipes." Chuckle. She takes on a more normal posture though. Not put off for too long by her first mental assault.

Diz wastes little time in reacting as her fingers curl against dark green. She stiffens and half-lidded eyes narrow even more as she struggles with whatever it is she's sensing. So much for casual! She snatches a breath as she snatches her hand away and takes a moment to regain her composure— glances are stolen at those around her, those calm and apparently unhurt people in that moment— before touching the egg a second time. Her jaw sets, determined. "Not very polite…"

Renae blinks at the sudden intake of her words by the shell, flinching as the chaos comes a little closer in her mind. "One must assume there is more then what they see, for no one is going to reveal the entirety of themselves at first meeting. Even if you do seem to only have two sides, I know there is more hten you will reveal… Understanding does take time." She's certainly intrigued by the egg's ravenous hunger for knowledge, but one can only take so much picking before it becomes tiresome. She caresses the egg one last time and gives her own respectful little nod to it. "And to think there are lessers only admits to a weakness of the need to feel superior. An equal is only an equal if you see them as such, really… So anyone can be of the same stance as you, but you have just convinced yourself that they are weak, which only makes you the fool…" Renae grins a bit and takes her hand away from the shell, "But I must leave young one, I shall come later…" She whispers and steps back, allowing others to claim the egg for their own "inspection"…

Rheffayl plucks her hand off the shell with a slight frown. That lasts all of 5 seconds though. Then it's time to fluff her hair and wander off. "Wasn't any need for that really.. asking gets the same results as prying." Her leisurely swagger takes her to the foot of the Desert Saguaro Egg. She peers at it for a second, shrugs, and lays a hand on it.

« Screaming Winds of Frenzy are distant, toying in the back of your mind as a brief reminder that you are not alone. Intensifying as your touch lingers, the sound grows. Pressure compounds, becoming more aware and impressive. Then, when you least expect it, a burst is followed by searing heat as your mind is gripped in a fiery grasp and then you mind is released without a second thought. »

And that's too much. Diz actually yelps in distress. It was easier to adjust to the heat out here than it is to the sort of assault she seems to be suffering, with that egg. She shuffles backwards a step and then two, the hand that had been touching the shell now pinching the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are close, her brows knitted down. She has all the look of someone struggling with a sudden migraine.

A'rtomus's right hand creeps up the back of his head rubbing it in that mildly self-conscious way of his. "Well, he's right. Nemmenth and I are the original odd couple. I'm…well, I'm flattered."

Rheffayl smiles. Yep. "You're a happy little thing aren't you? Well there are worse things to be. Hmmm.. well I don't know how much you'll get out of that train of thought.. mostly not afraid of anything. Nothing I've run across so far anyway. Then again.. there are probably wild things just waiting to warp my mind. Never can tell after all." A casual shrug and she pats the egg lightly.

« Screaming Winds of Frenzy thrust themselves into your mind at first touch. The breeze turns violent in your mind, taking that pea that you call a brain and bouncing it off the walls of your cranium. As your thoughts break and shatter into dozens of pieces, it quickly gathers them up, devouring them whole. Satisfied that it has gleaned all that it can from you, the mental presence disappears and you are alone again. »

X'an grins slightly. "It's balance." he grins at the W2, drippily. "Hey, since when are /any/ of us exactly -normal- anyway?"

Diz doesn't let a little thing like a blossoming headache stop her though. She reaches out a second time, eyes open and teary but now grim with stubborn determination. It's no use though. That last slap of fingers to shell does it and she retreats with a choked cry of pain. "Faranth… no one touch that one," she advises once enough breath has been caught to do so. "That one -hurts-."

"Now who wouldn't like that? I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors. You've got the right disposition for it." Rheffayl's whole body jiggles just slightly as she gives a bright nod. "But I think I ought to keep with the rounds." Another series of light pats and it's a side step to the next egg. Which egg? Why the egg that seems to plague Diz. The Tall Dark Conifer Egg.

Diz can only shake her head over Rheffayl's foolishness. She's well and truly convinced that -that- egg is a killer, and she's not afraid to mutter as much even with the parents near enough to overhear. She knuckles the last migraine-induced tears from her eyes and remarks, "I'll be kind and not say I told you so," as she passes the other candidate, on her way to the swampy little ovoid off to the side.

« Sly Brackish Patience is slow, deliberate, a wily presence that reveals itself in no more than a ripple. Just that, a smalls splash that forms somewhere in the depths of your mind, sending rings of ripples of subtly cascading outwards as though to give just the merest hint that yes it is here, the true profundity of its being yet hidden under the soft grey-green that forms, circling around you. Its waiting, biding time to find the moment, watching from a distance as your thoughts find shape and meaning. »

"A /very/ good point, Weyrleader," A'rtomus replies, chuckling. "How can /anyone/ of us be called normal when we share our lives and our minds with what equates to giant talking firelizards? Not that I'd ever complain about the partnership. Nemmenth has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined."

Diz is quiet and watchful this time, fingertips only barely grazing the egg's crown. "I see you," she murmurs, head turning as if tracking a flicker of movement at the corner of her eyes. "Not going to just take what you want? You're unique in this group if that's the case." Oh but she's being unkind to the others today, even that silent night-draped egg she's seemed to favor— and honor with more than its share of little looks.

Sianne meanders into the hatching sands, from the main entrance.
Sianne has arrived.

Rheffayl closes one eye, her face contorted in a strange manner that one might interpret as being jabbed severely on the inside of the eye socket. "You wish you could be like your brother.. sister.. other one over there." A thumb jerked towards the Cavernous Darkness Egg. And that's her asessment. Hand removed. She's off again. Not quite so dumb as to sit and try to play nice. Sometimes, one is just a bad egg. Pun intended. Caught in Repose Egg. How are you?

Sianne is late and she knows it but what's a candidate to do when there are pots to scrub and miners to take food to. As one of the AWLMs ushers her out onto the sands the woman drops into a quick bow to the pair of parents before moving towards the eggs, eyes seeking out who is where amongst the clutch.

« Sly Brackish Patience circles in lazy unhurriedness, unseen presence lurking just beyond reach no matter how you seek it. For awhile. Until the right moment, when wily mind determines that you are ready, and with a swell of rushing water the stillness breaks and latches onto your thoughts and it knows you. This mind, brimming with chaos that belies the external placidness, it sinks abruptly into your thoughts, your dreams, your memories, and it /knows/ them. There is understanding, given in a sensation of wisdom that lies beneath the surface, slyly drawing out truths before you yourself can know them. »

Sianne heads for Beneath Thunders Eye Egg first off, regreeting the egg with a reverant touch and a whispered "Hello" as she crouches low beside it, her head close to the shell but not touching it.

X'an guffs at this, flicking a look to the slumbering Raeyth, and the non-slumbering, observing Wiyaneth, grins and takes a swig of his water. "Big overgrown firelizard…. indeed! You know, You've filled me with the image of my little Schatz with a tiny saddle, trying to pick someone up now."

Diz's response to this one is more subtle. She doesn't startle or drag herself away. A tremor passes through her, and her head bows low until her chin is near her chest, but otherwise she remains focused inward. "Sneaky," she might be heard saying with something like strained approval. "Maybe you are like the others. Nngh. Do try to return everything on one piece, please." But she doesn't give it opportunity to do so, forcing the connection's severing. There's a definite tinge of green to her skin as she shoots to her feet. It would appear all of the mind-rummaging has gotten to the guard, as she exits quickly.

Rheffayl absently twirls one of her tightly wound curls on a finger, pulling it out and letting it spring back to her head. "Where have I been.. Well Ista. Big Bay is a nice place. Busy busy. Big holds usually are though.. Hmm. Didn't much care for the boat ride across the sea there to get to Igen. The desert was nice. Dry. But it was interesting. Even pretty in it's own way really.. I think Fort has a pretty nice spread on the terrain though.. if you don't mind the mud. Terribly rainy in the summer. What were we talking about? Oh.. the Weyr's pretty impressive from a 'never been to one before' point of view. I mean it's one thing to see a mountain loom in the distance.. but to be in the middle of it.. well it's something else." Absent rambling. Yeehaw.

You leave the hot sands for the tunnel.