Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

With the weather being rather clear, but the air is rather chilly calling for thicker clothing but not something that someone born in the Weyr would pay much mind to. Deitra's shirt is a little thicker, but nothing beyond what she wears on a regular basis with her hands tucked into the pockets of her baggy pants as she makes her way into the feeding grounds. The beasts there are all given a careful look, watching as if she, herself, were plotting to take one down. Then, a soft breath is released before her head ducks down, with her hair falling around her face as the binding that holds it back has become rather loose. "Too easy. They're already caged." Lips press into a thin line as she approaches the fencing, hands being drawn from her pockets so that her arms may drape across said fencing and resting her chin upon her arms. Bored, that is how the expression of the young woman reads, grey eyes scanning for something or anything that may hold her interest on her day off and while her sister is off doing whatever it is she does when Dei isn't bugging her.

Wrapped in several jackets and a fur coat, a man makes his way towards the animal pens, black hair falling losely to his shoulders and eyes grazing the area appraisingly. "Oho! I do think I see a lost kitten." There is an air of superiority that comes with his words, backed up only by the knot of a Journeyman weaver on his shoulder. Uninvited and obtrusive, Aniki makes his way over to Deitra, leaning on the fence next to her. Eyes are directed to her feet, slowly working their way up to the top of her head before several clicking noises are made with his tongue. "Hmmm, poor thing. Since I am indded generous, I will take you back to my sister's weyr so that we can bathe and clothe you properly. No no….do not thank me. Someone as noble as myself must do these things for the less fortunate."

Aniki's statement is lost entirely with Deitra's attention being elsewhere and clearly not expecting such a statement to be about herself. One hand shifts, pulling away from her perch and brushing some of the stray hair out of her face, tucking it behind one of her pierced ears. When someone is settling beside her, brows lift high upon her forehead and she stares with an indifferent expression written on her face with hints of that boredom still lingering. Straightening, her hands remain on the post as she leans back to consider the man with a singular look. Pink lips press into a thin line for the pitying look given to her, and for the words her brows are only drawn into a deep frown. No longer uninterested, but clearly insulted her lips are drawn into a sneer. "Are you /talkin'/ ta me?" She draws back far enough to release the fence entirely and move to settle in front of him, clenching her hands tightly with those grey eyes focusing on his.

As she moves off, Aniki turns, leaning his back against the fence and crossing one arm over his chest while the other rubs at his chin. The weaver shakes his head ruefully, looking over the girl once more. "Of course I'm talking to you….Oh dear. Such a pretty face, almost as beautiful as mine. But that attitude of yours. Tsk tsk…." The clenched fists are eyed for several seconds before another self-assured grin appears on the man's face. "Taken offense have you? You should be honored, receiving advice from me. It's not everyday I go around taking it upon myself to better other people." Light blue eyes, an exact copy of his sister's, finally move up to meet her's. "It's 'talking' not 'talkin'. And 'to' not 'ta'. It's much more attractive when you ennunciate. Now repeat after me. 'Talk-ing'."

The rueful shake of his head has Deitra staring back at him with grey eyes steeled and cold as she examines him with a longer look. Her chin tilts upwards, lips pressed tightly before she snorts softly in a slight bit of laughter. "Yer crazy. And, if you don't shut it, my fist will meet your mouth and we'll have an issue." Grey eyes roll and her hands relax, with her arms folding across her chest and hands tucking in to lock into position. "Yer really full of yerself, y'know? Really wonder why you ain't got a broken nose yet. Could rectify that. Very… Easily… I am not going to repeat after you. Yer quite idiotic."

What a perfect time for Carlyn to arrive! The stablehand is looking a little grimy (which is to be expected when you're a stablehand) and her arm is still in a sling, but otherwise she seems right enough. There's barely a look up from the ground until she's closer to the fence, and only when she takes a quick, cursory glance around does she notice the pair about to get physical. She pauses, unsure, but then curiosity gets the better of her and she starts heading their way. For now, she'll stay within earshot, but definitely out of fist-range.

The fur-coat wearing Aniki simply smiles at the girl in an indulging manner as threats are thrown towards him. "Oh dear. It is rather cold." Her words are completely ignored then, and he pulls the coat tighter about himself. That seemed to be a habit of his, ignoring other parties. One question however, does grab his attention. "Well of course no one has broken my nose, kitten. My face is far too beautiful to be harmed…..Tsk tsk, such difficulties. 'You are' not 'yer'. I cannot make you repeat after me, but I shall allow you to hear my great wisdom….Oh look!" Aniki's eyes suddenly latch onto Carlyn. "Come come. Come here." Fingers wave the girl towards them, much in the way one would call a pet over.

Carlyn's arrival is quite missed. She's too busy being angry at the man before her, talking as he does or well, now ignoring everything she's said thus far. Grey eyes roll and she steps away to lean against the fence again. "Yer just a girly man who can't take the weather. Not even that cold." Dei mutters under her breath, then leaning back with her hands holding her support on the fence so that she may stare at Aniki again. "I will break yer shardin' nose one day. I swear on Faranth's glowin' arse." And then the calls for another to join draws her attention to Carlyn and then she's turning a look of accusation towards the man. "Do you treat everyone like they're some sort've animal?"

Carlyn is not a dog, and it's clear that she's mildly insulted to be summoned like one. But, perhaps because it was the direction she was going in the first place, or perhaps it's because she's morbid and wants to see blood, Lyn continues her way over. Aniki get's a fleeting once-over, but there's nothing sensual about it. More disbelief than anything. "My name," she says carefully, to ensure it is properly heard, "is Carlyn." A glance to Deitra who, perhaps not surprisingly, inspires more anxiety than Aniki does. She is, afterall, the one who is threatening bloodshed. "Can I help you?" she wonders, the comment for both, though clearly directed towards the one who hailed her.

Aniki claps his hands together twice before shaking his head. "No no. This will not due. I must report you to my sister! We will make you into a fine woman. You may even climb to possess a beauty slightly below mine." Again, he ignores most of the conversation at hand, spouting his own opinions as he sees fit. "I see. You hide yourself behind violence. Come now, denial is unbefitting of a woman. You should throw open the door to your heart! Say what you truly feel!" His voice grows obnoxiously louder and more grandiose, as the weaver holds one hand to his chest. "DO NOT HOLD BACK YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS ME!" Declaration made, Aniki turns to Carlyn, nodding dismissively. "Carlyn, is it? Beautiful name. But you can be of service. I have deigned to teach this girl how to speak properly, you may be my teaching assistant!"

"Deitra. Well met an' all that." The young woman greets, at least she has manners and a pleasant smile in which she graces the other woman with. Aniki is given a firm look, brows drawn into a harsh frown as she stares at the man again. "Seriously. What is yer issue? I am a fine woman as I am an' don't meed ta be /pretty/." Eyes roll and she's leaning against the fence, kicking a boot against a post. "I ain't going to listen ta you anymore. Yer spouting crazy and crazy, and you just keep going and going and going." To Carlyn, she gestures for the woman to join her. "Just ignore this one. He's crazy in the head."

Aniki chooses this moment to continue his rambling, ignoring the girls and continuing his narcissistic behavior.

Carlyn bristles, looking suddenly ferocious. It doesn't last long, however. "What's wrong with…" but then Deitra is speaking, and there's a brief 'Oh' look that crosses Lyn's face. It's clear she's not thrilled with her new job as 'assistant', but when the subject of pretty comes up, Carlyn blatantly looks at her own dusty, grimy ensemble. Now she's both awkward, and uncomfortable. She shifts her weight as she attempts to cover the worst stains with criss-crossed arms, while one hand begins vigorously scrubbing at the dirt on her cheek. When it becomes clear that Aniki is no longer paying them much attention, Carlyn's shoulders relax, and she slips over to rest her arms across the fence, looking inwards towards the unfortunate dragon-fodder within. "What's /he/ doing here?" and it's very clear who she's talking about.

Deitra rolls her eyes once more as Aniki continues on his rambling and insane behavior, simply scooting a little bit away from him to give the them some more space from the crazy. "Really. Don't know what his issue is. Or why he's here. Apparently he's wandering." There's a pause as she peeks over in his direction, grey eyes scanning. "Or, lookin' to make some new coats with the animals in here, or somethin'. Crazy arse man, there. I think he's in love with himself." Though, now that he's paying them no mind, she wears a smile that is a little more relaxed. "Like I said, 'm Deitra. Hunter an' animal expert. Well met. Don't know that crazy man's name, an' don't care to learn it unless 'm writin' it on my fist an' delivering it ta his nose."

Though he's no longer paying attention, Carlyn can't stop the brief, furtive glances in Aniki's direction. At least until it's clear he's forgotten about them entirely. "Doesn't look the type to get his hands dirty. I hope he's not lost," she adds, mixing insult and concern into the same breath. But she won't worry too much. He's a grown man, afterall. Instead, she flashes Deitra a quick smile. "Animal expert, hm?" she wonders aloud, as if not entirely buying it. "Live, or dead, animals?" As for the fist-delivery, that has Lyn looking a little less sure of herself, and maybe, just maybe, putting another inch or two between herself and the Hunter. "You're rather violent," she mentions innocently. "Do you really hit people?"

"Nah. He certainly doesn't seem the type to get his hands dirty. Maybe if you count harrassin' girls that don't fit his standards, then you can say he gets 'em dirty." A glare is shot in that direction, also calculating if he is close to ending his ramble any time soon. Deitra then returns her attention to the other woman, smiling a little wider. "If he's lost, 'm sure I can show him the way back. With my boots." Laughter spills from her lips and she nods, "yeah. My sister an' I observe 'em. Live, dead… Whatever have you. When they're dead, gotta know how to skin 'em and take 'em to the butcher." The next statement earns a loud bout of laughter. "Violent? Naw. He just got on my bad side, first thing he says to me is that I've got to get pretty or some other dung like that. But, I've been known to get in a fight or two. Just lucky I ain't ever really been hit in the face."

"Oh, that kind of expert," says Carlyn, as the subject of skinning comes up. "I've never hunted anything in my life. I left that to my brothers. Biggest thing I've killed is a chicken." Not that she seems to mind missing out on the bloodshed. There's a flicker of her gaze down to Deitra's fists, and then back up to the other woman's gaze, her own expression a mixture of awe and unease. "I've never gotten into a fight before," she admits. "Not with my fists, anyways. I prefer a non-violent approach, if possible."

"Well, not just for killing and such. We observe animals and learn about 'em." Deitra clarifies. "But, I like learning everything about 'em. Interestin' stuff, 'em." She pulls herself in closer, resting her elbow on the railing and then perching her chin in her hand. "Chickens are easy. Tasty. Rather smart birds, at times. Got great survival instinct, they run quick." Laughter slips from amusement, her gaze following the other's to her fists and then she lifts a hand to flex it. "I can teach you ta throw a punch, if you want. Fights aren't meant for fun an', really, should be avoided at times."

Carlyn grins a little. "They are interesting," she agrees. "I spend my life around them, although mine are domesticated. I'm a stablehand," she explains. "Runners, ovines, caprines, porcines, herdbeasts… those are the ones I know a little about. Well, a lot about Runners and herdbeasts. Less about caprines. Chickens are…" and there's definitely a struggle trying to find something flattering to say about them, "Well. Easy to kill at least." That's flattering, right? "I don't really like to eat them, though," she mentions idly. Deitra's offer is seriously considered, Lyn sucking on her bottom lip as she weighs options. "Do I need to know how to throw a punch?" she wonders. "I haven't so far. Are Weyrs more dangerous than Holds?"

"Stablehand. That's a good job, too. Parents wanted me to do that, wanted me to do a lot of things, really. I don't really find the domesticated all that interesting." She clicks her tongue in her mouth, "I love all those animals. The wild runners are harder to come by, but, interestin'. Chicken's ain't, well… They ain't the best of things. But." Deitra laughs loudly again. "Easy to kill, yeah. You don't? Never cooked 'em?" Not that she seems to care much, hand dropping to rest on the railing. "Nah. I don't think so? I'be never been in a Hold. Just don't go pissin' people off and I'm sure you won't need to worry about it. I've got the fists for it. My knuckles are bigger an' bonier."

Carlyn flashes a grin at Deitra. "Stablehand is an acceptable position, though my parents would prefer me home." She has no real emotion on the subject, however. It simply is what it is. "Can't say I've ever seen a non-domesticated animal. Aside from the normal, you know, rodents and things. And dragons. Can't really call them domesticated," and she laughs a little at the thought. "I've cooked them," she insists. "Just don't eat them. Much. Not a big fan. Prefer fish." Shrug. She worries her lip again as she contemplates the whole fist-fighting possibilities. Weighing the options, perhaps. "I certainly don't intend to piss anyone off…" And she can't help another glance at the hunter's hands once again, this time looking for the knuckles before Lyn looks at her own hand for comparison. Small, dirty, but otherwise nondescript. A moment of courage has it decided. "Alright, I'll learn. If your offer was valid."

"Acceptable. Nah. It's great, workin' with animals. If you want, you can come with me and my sister when we're out lookin'. I've got a sketchbook full of animals that we watch an' such." Lashes lower and she leans in towards the fence, stretching her arms out and reaching them towards the ground. "Oh. I see. Fish are good, ain't ever drawn any or anything. Not much of animals, though." A soft chuckle, bottom lip taken into her mouth, chewing on it a bit before sighing and smiling to herself. "Then, I think yer fine in that respect. If you don't /intend/ on pissin' off then you got nothin' ta fear." Her gaze looks to the smaller hand, curious. "Yeah. I'll teach you. Nothin' ta worry 'bout there. Can show you how ta make it hurt more even with small hands."

"It is," agrees Carlyn, a real and genuine smile splitting her face. "The runners are fabulous. I'd sleep in the stable if it wasn't so far from the baths." She grins, and there's just the slightest flash of anticipation before she says, calm and casual-like, "That would be great. I'd love to go." And it certainly looks like she means it. "Fish are just… fish," she decides. "Never really seen any /alive/. Dead is good enough for me. Love to eat them. Don't really want to pet them or anything." Her eyes go wide and she blanches at Deitra's final words. "Hurt more? But, I don't really want to hurt anyone…" nevermind that's what punching usually results in. A breath in, held, and then out. "OK. So… when?"

"Maybe I'll come and help in the stables some time. I don't blame you at all. Sleepin' with the animals would be fun, 'm thinking. Long as you don't go a sevenday without bathin', I don't see much of an issue." The hunter laughs loudly, "unless you like the stank of yourself. 'nother story, that." Leaning back once more, Dei uses the fence as a support so that she doesn't fall straight onto her rear. "Great. I'll let you know when we go on our next excursion. Maybe you'll see Chy do her animal thing if I can talk her inta it." Is that mischief in her eyes? Yes it is! The smile just adds to it. "Right. Fish are great food. Dead are probably less of a problem than living." As for that final question, she rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "You want to hurt 'em to win the fight. The more pain you do, the better, I figure. S'long as you don't break anythin' you shouldn't break." There's silence, head tilting back to consider the sky. "Tomorrow? On the beach?"

Carlyn's smile is genuine, and she nods her head in a slight bob. "That would be nice. Help is always appreciated, especially in the stable. Always something to clean, or feed." As for stinking? Lyn laughs fit to burst, pushing away from the fence a moment to swipe under her eyes and clear away the tears of laughter. "I definitely bathe. At least once a day, if not twice." But she takes a little step away, just in case she's particularly smelly at this moment. "I don't want to /win/," she confides. "I'm thinking more… I dunno. Self defense?" she offers sheepishly. "Tomorrow on the beach sounds perfect. I have chores in the evening so… maybe early? After breakfast?"

"It'll be different dealin' with domestic animals, but, it'll be a fun adventure. I'll be happy ta help!" Dei laughs along with the other and grins widely. "You don't smell. Promise. I met some people who just don't like ta bathe. Ain't one of 'em, myself. I like baths." One girly feature. Look Aniki, she's a woman! "Well, I can teach you self defense. Certainly different than fightin' ta win. We can do that, though. No issue. After breakfast sounds great!"

"Much more hands-on," agrees Lyn. "But rewarding. You ever ride? Runners, I mean. Go riding?" She tilts her head in simple curiosity, free hand brushing stray wisps of hair from her eyes. She giggles, ducks her head, and says, "Thanks," for the comment about not smelling. "I've met them too." She grimaces. "Sometimes, you just want to… hog-tie them and throw them in the bath. Seriously. It can't be /comfortable/." Shudder. As for self defense? Carlyn is looking very relieved. "I think I'm much more comfortable with self defense, definitely. Thank you, in advance."

"Imagine so. Maybe I can get some work in there more than just once." Dei grins wider, "never really rode much. I did once before, but I didn't get ta do it much more than that. Maybe you can teach me that in return?" She winks at the other girl, now considered on the 'friend' list. "Shells yeah. I wonder if they feel slimy? Can't imagine smellin' like that and being that /dirty/. I mean, I like my dirt an' mess but, that ain't the same as never cleanin'!" Her head shakes, disgusted before she snorts softly. "That's fine. Ain't everyone comfortable with fightin' in general. No need for thanks, Carlyn. We're friends. Friends make sure their friends stay safe." She pauses and peeks over towards Aniki. "And make sure that weird crazy men don't bother 'em."

Carlyn's brow furrows. "Don't you like what you do? Not that I meant in the /least/ if you want to work in the stables. More the merrier." And less chores for her! That bright, genuine smile comes out again, and she nods, eagerly agreeing. "It's a deal. I love to teach you to ride. Nothing better than galloping down the road; the wind in your face, the feel of a powerful runner, just waiting for your command…" Sigh. "You'll love it," she promises. Weird, crazy men cause Lyn to look for Aniki as well, if just to make sure he hadn't return to torment them. "At least he bathes," she offers, suppressing a giggle. "You said you'd not really been in a Hold, so I'm guessing you grew up here?" Friends. Lyn can live with that. It even makes her grin a little.

Deitra shakes her head frantically, "no! That's not it. I love my job, I'd love ta do both. More animals, more learnin' and all that. I'll try and find a way ta work it all out. If not, 'm just going ta stick ta huntin'. Love my job." She winks once more and pulls herself in to stand upright. "Great! I'm lookin' forward ta that. Maybe Chy'll be jealous. Do you know how ta ride without a saddle? If that's what it's called? I'd like ta do that. Oh! I'd like ta stand while ridin', too." Silence consumes the young woman for a moment, considering the possibilities and making plans before she's refocusing on Carlyn. "Yeah. That's true. Doesn't stop me from wantin' ta punch him in the face." But, she does laugh along with the other. "I was born here in the Weyr. My sister an' I were fostered. I heard stories about Holds, but, never been there. Imagine I'll have ta go there myself sometime to figure out of the stories are true."

It is this moment in which Aniki decides to make his grand re-entrance, suddenly jutting into the conversation. "My my, the violence. Really ladies, sadism is rather unelegant. One should strive to be an example of beauty and grace! Now riding….that is a worthy past time. I approve of your activites wholeheartedly." Because apparently they needed his opinion. There is a slight furrowing of brows however at the mention of bathing. "Of course I bathe. Bathing is necessary to maintain this level of beauty!"

"Oh yes," says Carlyn, about riding bareback. "I can teach you. Though in all honesty, there's not much difference between the two. If you can ride with a saddle, you can usually ride with out. Well," she corrects, "If you know how to ride /correctly/ with a saddle… it's all about balance, and relaxation, and being in tune with your runner… I'll stop now," she says, blushing scarlet at her rambling. "Maybe I can help there? I grew up in the Hold." Of course, now Aniki is back. Carlyn's relaxation goes out the window. Suddenly, she's standing straighter, looking tense, and a general air of uncertainty has returned. "Thanks…" about approving of her activities.

Lovely. Dei's face falls and her head drops to rest against the rail of the fence, letting out of a soft sound of displeasure. Her head turns then to stare at Aniki, brows drawing into a frown. "Thank you for your approval, oh great one. Ain't guys supposed ta be… Y'know… Handsome? Yer pretty. I don't think yer a guy." Straight faced, she stares at him for a moment before returning her gaze towards Carlyn. "That sounds real excitin''. I look forward ta it, I mean it. I can't wait. Maybe I can save up ta get my own runner one day. Oh! Huntin' on a runner, with a bow…" She grins widely and then nods. "Would love ta hear about the Hold sometime. When we got the time ta talk 'bout it."

"Oh you're welcome of course….Carlyn. Yes that was your name. Though really, you should come with Dei when I drag her off to Miki's weyr and give her a proper set of clothes." Because Aniki has decided one-sidedly in his mind that this is going to happen. Obnoxious as ever. "OHO! Finally you acknowledge me. I knew you wer not a completely lost cause!" Hands move up, the weaver clapping twice and nodding approvingly at Deitra. "And do not be mistaken. I am of course a man! Skilled at riding, skilled at fighting. But a noble man must have a feminine side to him. I am, as you say, THE GREAT ONE!"

"Now there's a dream," agrees Carlyn, on the subject of purchasing a runner. She smiles wistfully, but it's clear she doesn't see herself achieving such a thing. "A bow?" that perks her up, but she won't say anything at the moment. Proper time will come later, perhaps. Aniki is suitably distracting, in more ways than one, but the comment about proper clothes has a flush rising in Carlyn's throat and cheeks, and it's not from embarrassment. That's frustration there. Her own wardrobe is given a glance, but she locks her jaw and says nothing. Until… "Wait, did you say Miki?" a name she knows! She frowns. "What do you want with Miki?" Is that a defensive tone? A glance is spared between Aniki and Deitra, and Lyn is just /waiting/ for the fists to fly.

"If you so much as lay a /finger/ on me, I can promise that I'm going ta break them. I know how ta do that." Dei promises, her tone dropping down into a deeper one, threatening the man with a single look. "And, it is called /sarcasm/, ya crazy arse. Faranth's glowing titties, I swear, yer broken. You ain't a man. A real man's got a dangly bit 'tween his legs. You ain't got that. Shells." Her hand lifts to cover her face, groaning softly. "'m going ta break yer face if you do not /shut/ it." The fact that she hasn't yet may speak well of her patience. "Maybe we can work ta save up for a runner? That'd be wonderful." The other girl perking up at the mention of the bow has her grinning. "Can teach you ta use that as well." Another promise before she's lifting her brows at the other girl's sudden defense.

"Ah Miki, my lovely Miki. You know my Miki? Then you must be of a higher level than I thought. Yes, it is simply a hard day's work that has formed a layer of dirt on you. When it washes a way you shall shine. You must shine. People that know my Miki always shine." The mention of that one name and Aniki's tone changes, slightly, but significant enough to make a difference. As Deitra begins speaking, the weaver simply looks at her blankly, considering her for a few moments before making a fist and hitting it against his palm in an 'a-ha' sort of way. "So THAT is why you have been hostile. You have been hiding your secret desire to see me naked. FRET NOT! My body if wonderful and for all to view! You may all direct your curiosities towards ME!" With a grandiose gesture, Aniki throws his hands up, though there is no sign yet of him unclothing.

Talk of runners and riding and hunting will have to wait, though there's a very quick, subtle look of anticipation at the mention of the bow. Carlyn's attention is quiet solidly on Deitra and Aniki, and whether or not their fists will start flying. "I don't really know her," she admits. "Just know… of her." She licks her lip, clearly anxious. And then things really start to heat up. "I don't think-" and then she just /gapes/. Really. Open mouth and everything. And then she's looking dizzy and backing up until there's a fence in the way. "Please, please, /please/ do not get naked!" she pleads. "She does NOT want to see you naked!" She looks pleadingly at Deitra. Right?

"I really can't figure out which part of you is more broken." Dei muses out loud, frowning at him and then blinking in surprise as he has his little 'aha moment'. Mouth opens, then closes, then opens again total fish-mouthing in response to his declaration. "Yer on fellis. That is it. Explains /everything/." She turns away from him, facing Carlyn. "No. I do not want ta see him naked. I don't think you want ta either. He ain't got anythin' to look at. Bet he ain't even got muscles." And then, if the other allows her to latch onto her arm, she is dragging her /away/ from crazy, fellised up man! Run away! Ruuuun away!

"Ahhh….you! You must be that girl, that one with the arm problem. Yes yes, seeing your arm it must be you. You shall be glad to hear this Lyn, but…." Once again, he uses nicknames where a normal person would not, "I APPROVE of you! You should be quite honored." There's a moment as Aniki seems to congratulate himself on this decision, only to turn to Dei with a shake of the head. "No no, one as noble as myself would not use fellis! You want me to prove that I have muscles now? Why of course! I shall come hunting with you one day!" Self-invitation. As the girls begin moving away however, Aniki does not follow after them, instead leaning against the fence while looking down and shaking his head, a finger idly tapping at his forehead. "My beauty was too much for them. Of course they must steel their nerves before seeing me in all my glory. Of course." A smal sigh escapes his lips then. "It is sinful to be as handsome as me."

"I am," and Carlyn lifts her free hand up to touch her shoulder, self consciously. "I… ah… thanks?" for the approval. But really, she's kind of speechless. Maybe, just maybe, a little bit pleased. But she certainly doesn't object to being dragged away. Really, the whole thing is becoming too much for the poor girl. "I, uh… I should go. Really. There are runners to feed…" She flashes Aniki a quick, emotionless glance before flashing Deitra a sympathetic, and apologetic, look. "Tomorrow, after breakfast, on the beach." And then she's taking off, moving towards the Weyrbowl and the stables beyond.

If Dei was the singing type, she'd be singing 'lalalala' or something to drown out the sound of Aniki talking. "Yes. Right. I have… Stuff to kill." She waves a farewell to her new friend. "Tomorrow." And off she goes!. Running full speed to avoid Aniki following after her.

Aniki doesn't seem to even register the girls leaving, once more lost in his egotistical ramblings. "Yes a sin. It isn't fair that I have this much beauty. It must be so painful for the less fortunate to see me…." And on and on it goes. For how long, nobody knows.

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