Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Two days had passed since Miki's accident, but the green rider had still not been seen leaving the infirmary, save for once when she was taken out Sohnyuoth. This evening had been the second time she had been forced out of bed. The assistant sits in a chair at the division between the central and dragon infirmary, Sohnyuoth's head settled on the ground next to her. From Miki, there are no sounds, the woman simply staring at nothing in particular ahead while Sohnyuoth croons pitifully next to her.

Carlyn has not been here long. Not really. A few hours, perhaps more. Certainly not the whole day. But she's been here long enough to have noticed Miki, and for word of her "condition" to reach the young stablehand. She's been shooting surreptitious glances towards the greenrider for the past hour or so, doing her best to look inconspicuous on her own cot, not far away. There's nothing terribly worrisome about Carlyn's own attendance in the Infirmary. Her arm is in a sling, and perhaps the part that does show, a little towards the shoulder, is slightly more purple than usual. But really, nothing that will keep the girl overnight. With a sigh somewhere between wistful and bored, Lyn throws her legs over the bed, and heads towards the zombie Miki and her watchful Sohnyuoth.

Had Carlyn moved over and begun yelling at her, Miki probably would not have noticed. Sohnyuoth however, does. Tilting her head slightly, the green fixes her eyes on the approaching girl, yellow and red sparks beginning to appear in her whirling eyes. But she is not yet close enough, so the dragon simply watches the stablehand's progress.

She might not have been here long, but Lyn's no idiot. She knows what whirling yellow and red means. A few steps later, and Carlyn comes to a nervous stop, her confidence fading in the twinkling of an eye. What was she doing again? She clears her throat gently, and though she casts a quick glance at Sohnyuoth, it's obviously not Miki that she is trying to address. Instead, it's the assistant who seems to be the focus of the stablehand's attention. "Uh, hello?"

The fact that she's stopped seems to calm Sohnyuoth slightly, the swirls red and yellow dimming slightly. « Hello….» The green's mindvoice, usually reserved for other dragons, makes it's way towards the girl, the intensity dimmed so as not to harm her, but neither is the voice friendly. «What business do you have with mine? I do not see you in her memories…» Perhaps the woman's incapability of response was what had prodded Sohnyu to speak to the girl directly, indeed, Miki still does not respond.

Cue the arrival of a more familiar face, in the form of one very harried looking Idralia, who is carrying a basket that is brimming with oddly colored pieces of paper and who knows what else. The techie enters from the caverns, her gait unbalanced somewhat by her bulky load, and pauses to search the room for her friend. Catching sight of Sohnyuoth, Idra crosses the infirmary after only a brief word with the healer on duty. "Miki?" she calls softly, not noticing the bruised stablehand nearby, her attention all on that small form seated beside the green.

Of average height and sleek physique, Carlyn looks athletic and trim. Her golden-blond hair hangs just below her shoulders. Often pulled back into a ponytail, her short bangs and stray wisps of hair hang free, framing her face and softening her appearance. Her eyes are hazel, her skin naturally light but tanned on her face and arms.

Carlyn wears a hunter-green blouse made of a tough, durable material and dark tan pants rolled up at the cuff. She wears thick soled brown leather boots that have obviously seen better days, crusted with dried mud and covered in scuff marks.

Imagine her surprise when it is a dragon, and not a human, that addresses her. Carlyn goes from slightly awkward to downright freaked. Ridged, her eyes go wide and she looks first at Miki, and then at Sohnyuoth, disbelief, awe, and a little fear, clear on her face. There's a good long moment of Carlyn doing a great impression of a fish; mouth flopping open as if she has words, but can't quite find them. With a click, she snaps her teeth together, mentally shakes herself out of her stupor, and manages to speak without much stuttering. "No, she doesn't know me," she admits. "And I just.. wanted to know if I was clear to go." Which is a lie. And a really lame excuse to walk over to the greenie and her 'mate. With a small deflation of her shoulders, she eyes Miki with something akin to understanding. "My aunt lost her child once."

From the skies the bronze comes from between, crimson atop molten bronze glides down towards the infirmary. As the bronze lands some distance away from the green and the few next to her, R'oc with his crimson cape jumps down from the beast's shoulders. The man's seemingly new black leather boots and tight fitting pants moves towards the group, nearing the girls and the green he looks towards Miki's direction. "Well seems like the tiny one's gotten quite a crowd." The bronzer looks towards Idralia and then towards Carlyn. "Evening ladies….come to see that Miki is alright….." The man looks at Sohnyuoth and then says. "…..Well i'm sure that Sohn's been taking care of her haven't you." The weyrleader says, his voice deep and reassuring. "Has she been doing any better?" The bronze stays back some, crooning some and patting his front claws impatiently wondering if he can come closer. The puppy like qualities still with this bronze to this day.

Her name being called once again ellicits no response from Miki, but Sohnyuoth's attention is quick to turn to Idralia, hissing at the girl as almost a reflex. As recognition dawn upon the green however, she calms once more, giving a slight nod of her . «She does not respod….» A lukewarm and once more simmered down conversation directed at Idralia before Carlyn receives her attention once more. «Mine would not know….that is sad. She would understand mine's pain.» And then, yet more are arriving and Sohnyu hisses once more, only to quiet almost immediately in recognition of the arrivals. Another head dip in agreement to the Weyrleader's question before Sohnyu's attention turns to Nasheth, a lukewarm wind carrying her voice. «You may come closer…I will not stop you.»

Idralia has no idea that the green had spoken to Carlyn, and so she jumps slightly when the stablehand speaks, breaking her focus. After giving her an odd look for seemingly speaking to herself, Idra turns back toward Miki, only to be brought up short by the green hissing at her. Before she can react to the unexpected voice in her mind, she stiffens, noticing R'oc's arrival, and subtly pulling away from the Weyrleader as she moves closer to Miki. "Of course I've come to visit her," she says to the bronzer, voice low but sharp. "She's my friend. I'll always come when she needs help." Squaring her shoulders, she nods to Shonyu and closes the distance to Miki's side, coming to stand beside the chair and surveying the silent woman intently.

"She would," agrees Carlyn, in a voice more whisper than words. With the arrival of others, Carlyn is shaken out of her thoughts, and she jumps just a little. Her eyes widen again, as if she's been caught doing something "bad", though she's done nothing but strike up a conversation with a dragon. She steps away, in deference to those that actually know the woman in the bed. She doesn't go far however, her curiosity too great to inspire her to leave entirely. She bobs her head at R'oc when she is addressed, but not knowing who he is, obviously feels more comfortable remaining silent. As the tension rises, Carlyn looks more and more discomforted.

The weyrleader rolls his neck and then watches her a moment, he moves closer and then crouches down letting his cape fold around him. "Oh….Miki…come on now…I know you are stronger than this…." The man says before standing and looking to Idralia with a quirk on his brow. "Oh so a techie and a healer…you are quite diverse….' The bronzer looks at her knowing she is not a healer, but it's the movement of the girl not far from the group that catches his eye. He turns his head slightly and then says. "If you know her…I'm sure Sohn wouldn't mind you coming to say Hi." The bronzer says looking to the green to get confirmation. The bronze meanwhile has already moved and made himself nice and happy next to them all, laying and putting his head down. The big orange eyes whirl around like fire, his curiosity on all these new people has his tail swishing back and forth.

There is a look between the three who have come to visit, Sohnyuoth inspecting each caerfully. « You may stay….but I do not like this tension….it is not good for her.» It was not hard for the green, more empathic than most dragons, to pick up on the tension in the room. Had it not been any of her business, the green would have still attempted to fear, but since they had come to visit Miki, Sohnyu was even more prone to inteference. Pale, seemingly paper thing wings flick in greeting as the bronze moves closer, a movement somewhat immitated by the green's lifemate. She blinks. Once. A pause, and then once more. Perhaps an acknowledgement of her company. But her mouth does not yet open, nor does she turn her head.

"I never claimed to be a Healer, Weyrleader, as you well know. I would appreciate it if you would save your combative words for a more appropriate time," Idralia says toward R'oc, though her gaze never leaves the greenrider. "I've been told by many Healers that negativity and conflict do not help with healing," she adds, firmly agreeing with Shonyu. That slow blinking catches Idralia's eyes, and she kneels, basket in front of her. "Hey, nanny-girl. I brought you something," she says softly, low enough that only those very close to her, or with the keen hearing of a dragon, are likely to catch her words.

Carlyn shakes her head. "I don't. Know her," she explains, looking more and more uncomfortable. The apparent animosity between Idralia and R'oc is enough to send her over the edge. Lyn's eyes flick to the green, and she gives her a sympathetic look. "My aunt came back," she said softly. "She will too," meaning Miki, of course. "All things in time." She rubs her shoulder, glances between Idralia and R'oc, and mumbles something sounding like, "I should go… feed the runners or something…" and off she goes as quick as her walking feet will take her.

"The weyrleader turns from the girl as she leaves and then he looks towards Idralia and he says. "My my….you seem to think my words were to upset you…I merely teased….I do not want to hinder her health anymore than you do." The weyrleader moves closer to the girl and then looks down. "She is strong….I have no doubt she will come out of it soon." The bronze croons softly towards the girl, his tail swishing and his eyes looking to the two girls. "Don't worry Nash….I'll tell her soon enough." The bronzer chuckles and then looks to Idralia as she speaks to Miki. "Take good care of her while you are here then, I've business to attend to. Just wanted to make sure she was doing better….it's good to see that she is." The bronzer looks at Miki once more and says. "I expect you to get better….else how am I supposed to keep from doing work." He smiles and then moves off in the direction of the bowl. "You can stay if you like Nash…." The bronze stays put but seems to look at his rider, words that only they share are spoken. 'Good day to all of you."

Sohnyuoth rises slightly as word's continue to pass between the techcrafter and Weyrleader, but the man's chuckling soon as her lowering back down once. In the meanwhile, there is another set of blinks, one towards Idralia and another towards the items she carries and the basket. As carlyn leaves, Miki's eyes finally slide towards her, the girl registered but little else. Good-byes are done on her behalf by Sohnyuoth, the green sending a sweet whuffle after the stablehand before turning to eye the bronze and his rider once more. «You are keeping something from us…..?» Finally. Movement. As the bronzer turns to leave, Miki tilts her head to watch him take leave, before turning her gaze back to Idralia. "S…." A word in reaction to her presence perhaps trying to make it's way out but failing still.

Idralia never notices the stablehand leaving, too absorbed in Miki's health and the frustration of the Weyrleader's presence. She opens her mouth to snap at the Weyrleader but stops, taking a long, slow breath to regain her calm. She responds to none of his words save the last, replying, "Good day, Weyrleader," as he departs. Idralia turns her full attention back to Miki, catching sight of her movement, and a brief smile touches her face as the greenrider tries to speak. "Your army of weyrbrats heard you weren't doing well, and they are worried about you," she tells the younger woman, carefully working to keep her voice quiet but upbeat. "I have cards and presents from almost every child in the Weyr old enough to make something." A pause, as she glances at the overful basket. "And some who just filched whatever seemed appropriate, apparently."

The bronze watches the rider move on, though his eyes quickly shift towards Sohn and then his head tilts to one side, there is something that the bronze will not say. But it's when the basket of things is revealed the bronze begins to crawl over slowly, his hind legst barely lifting to push him along until he gets closer and closer. «I do not hide…I just do not say….» The warm heat that comes through comes with a hint of dark smoke and curiosity.

At the mention of her old army, there's another blink and perhaps even a flicker of recognition behind the greenie's eyes, though it is hard to tell with the blank expression she wears. "Ah….ha." The sounds, had they been strung together and said at a normal pace could at one point have been either a sound of understanding, or perhaps even a laugh. It is Sohnyuoth that croons in amusement though at the little basket, After thorough inspection, the green turns back to the bronze once more. «Then what is it that you are not saying?»

Idralia remains largely oblivious to anything but Miki and the occasional input by Shonyu, the latter of whom gets a wink when the basket is examined. "Let's see… Here's a card from one who wants to know when you'll come fingerpaint with them next. And here's a…" sniff, sniff, "redfruit bubbly, I think? I'm not entirely sure. It's a bit smushed." Card and bubbly are set on the nearby cot, where Miki can see and handle them if she wants. "What's this? Oh!" Idra says softly, eyes bright with moisture as she pulls out a worn stuffed blue-gray firelizard doll, clearly recently washed, and just as clearly washed by a child. "It has the name 'Minnie' embroidered on the belly," she says as she holds the doll out toward Miki.

The eyes of the bronze light up as the bubblies are pulled out….and like the stealthy ninja he is begins to crawl slowly forward stopping should anyone look his way. But soon as the danger is passed he moves forward eyes on those tasty smelling food is locked on. «I does not say because I cannot tell you….not allowed.» The bronze speaks when motionless even though clearly he's moving for those tasty bubblies.

It is of course the bubbly that first catches Miki's attention, a pink tongue darting out to lick her lips as she eyes it, but continues to remain mostly silent. That is, until the firelizard doll is pulled out. One hand moves up, trembling slightly as she reaches to touch the stuffed toy on it's head. "Min….nie." Sohnyuoth's head turns suspiciously to the bronze, a wave of warm air flowing out towards him. «Why are you not allowed to tell?….Since when do you eat bubblies rather than meat? You surely are an odd dragon.»

Idralia smiles gently to see Miki reach out for the doll, and she sets it in the greenrider's lap. "You'll have to take good care of it, so you can find which of your crew sent her," she says, all business like as she goes back to rooting through the basket. "You wouldn't believe how crazy the kids went when I asked if any of them had something they wanted me to bring for you. I thought I would never fit it all in one basket, or get out of that nursery of theirs alive, what with all the crazy things they do in there," she tells Miki. She relates a few of the more outlandish adventures around extracting more cards and gifts - pretty rocks, funny bits of cloth and metal, and anything else a child would find interesting. Not to mention other odd bits of food - jerky, rolls, cookies, you name it, a weyrbrat tried to smuggle it to Miki.

The bronze listens in a moment but then as he moves slowly and stealthily towards the sweet aroman he turns to look at the green. «I eat everything…..meat is tasty….bubblies is tasty….basket is tasty.» The bronze slowly creeps forwards the large bronze head now just a few feet away from them. «And I can't because if I don't tell I can eat the tasty….and then I don't ruin the prize.» Surely he meant surprise but what can you expect from a dragon who listens with his belly.

Miki watches as the goodies begin continue emerging from the basket and Idralia tells her survival story from the nursery. A twitch of her eyebrow, perhaps a bit of amusement as she listens, though it seems hard to tell. There is movement of the rest of her body though, Miki's arms coming up and encircling the stuffed toy, clutching it to her chest. "Th….anks…" « Did….you just said basket Nasheth. That is utterly ridiculous. Dragons are not meant to eat baskets. Wherry is what you and I should be eating.» Miki's eyes also seem to be slowly drawn to the approaching dragon, her gaze shifting back and forth between the bubblies and the bronze.

"You're welcome," Idralia says, voice gentle, before she clears her throat. "I'm sure the children will be delighted to hear that you're doing a bit better today, and that their presents helped," she continues more briskly. "Do you feel up to trying some of these, uhm, treats, or should I pack them back in the basket for now?" She's sorted the foodstuffs into edible and lost cause piles, leaving the most demolished and least appetizing looking (to human) items on the floor beside her while the good stuff has joined the collection on the cot. "I think that's everything they pressed on me for today, though I did get told quite firmly that as long as you are here, I have to keep bringing you things from the lot of them," she says with a rueful grimace. "I'm not sure I'll survive many more trips! I barely got the glue out my hair from just one visit."

Long bronze neck streatches out, his long tongue reaching slowly approaching the tasty treats. «there are tasties inside…» The bronze clearly states as he looks over and sees his tongue quickly pick up the tasty treats and they enter his maw. He quickly chops down the food and then his eyes turn once more to the basket. «Wherry taste good…..but basket tastes good too» Yes because as long as there is food somewhere this dragon doesn't care what goes down with it.

Miki gives a small shake of her head to the question of whether to put the treats back into the basket, though she doesn't move to take one in hand quite yet. "Gl….glue?" There is no change in her expression, but Miki's tone of voice has taken on the tiniest bit of concern before she makes a sort of choking sound, an attempt at a chuckle of some sort. As for the green, she watches with a certain amount of bemusement and another bit of disapproval. «You are rather absurd. What is in the basket is fine….but eating the basket is completely distasteful. I am surprised that you do not get thicktail often…if you were given more tasties…then would you tell?»

Idralia nods, saying, "I'll leave them there for you, then, and the basket's here if you need a place to put things. I'll just tidy up these other bits…." Except they are gone! And there is a bronze dragon far closer than he way before. "Oh, well, I guess I won't need to do that," she murmurs dazedly, then looks back to the basket and the greenrider. "I'll just tuck the rest of this over here, out of the way." Of greedy bronze dragons… "Ah, yes. I helped finish off a couple cards, and got hugged and patted with gluey hands for my troubles," she explains, rising slowly and reaching out to pat Miki on the knee, provided the greenrider doesn't flinch away or anything. "I'll be back tomorrow, with whatever new items they've made and stolen for you. For now, get some rest, and take a look at those cards. Some of them are actually quite well made." Nodding to the dragons, the techie heads out, stopping for a moment to speak with the healer before returning to the caverns.

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