'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

It's evening at Fort, after dinner but not quite curfew. The recent revocation of privileges has left Hotaru feeling rather antsy, like a grounded rider might feel. And came the rain. Which has left her to only be able to walk around in the caverns during her free time, or go out to get soaked. So she's instead settled in on her cot in the barracks sprawled out and reading something about dragon anatomy. Maybe even studying? No, it can't be that because of her slow breathing and fact that the book is splayed out over her instead of propped up so she can read it. She's asleep! The red-head isn't snoring, but she is mumbling in her sleep. "Nrrmm… Oh Edani… mmm-take it off…."

Ah the restless days of candidancy. Perhaps a bit more so than a normal time frame, Mikal is among those who are antsy. At least he's stopped the restless pacing around and now he's settled calmly onto his cot with a jar of oil and a green firelizard on his lap. He's giving her some close attention that he's not been able to do as much with all his candidate chores. He's murmuring quiet happy things to young Elsie.

Edani is entering the barracks fresh from the baths, hair damp and towel around his neck, bundle of dirty clothing under one arm. He takes a moment to shuck his muddy boots by the door and then he's headed for his cot and press with the intent of stowing those clothes in his hamper. He's just passing Hotaru's cot when that mumble is heard. Normally it being Hotaru he'd try to ignore it, but his name in there halts him in time to hear, 'take it off'. He takes the teen literally, leans and… lifts the book off her face, closes it and thumps it gently on her stomach. "There ya go!" he says cheerfully and continues his sock-footed way to his cot.

Abigail has had a day of stable chore, though she spent the time getting a nice long bath before making her way back to the barracks. A tired yawn escapes her as she slowly moves along heading towards where her cot is. Her bronze firelizard curled up on the pillow while the brown is perched upon the edge a soft warble escaping him upon seeing his person. A curls glance is offered towards the few here and she lifts a brow as the book is plucked free from Hotaru. Chuckling softly she sticks her dirty clothing into a bag under her cot and then flops down onto it. "Hey all." Is offered, once she is settled upon the cot, Huritt the brown firelizard bounces onto her stomach making a faint erk escape her while the lizard curls up and half kneads at her shirt. "Yer not a bloody feline." She grumbles out but doesn't make him move, maybe she is just too tired.

The little gang seemed to have scored the same chore today. Whether that was a good idea or a bad idea is anyone's guess. There was no doubt lots of joking around and chatting in the stables today. Eirwyn and Zaala seem to be the next to return from stable duty and are walking in together. The teens giggling over something as they walk in. Unlike Abigail, they have not yet headed for the baths and still have the smells and dirt of stable duty on them. "That stablehand was rather cute…" Eirwyn is heard saying as she enters. Yes, the topic is boys. What else for teenage girls?

Mikal glances up as more people tromp in. Noting the number either returning from the baths or the stables Mikal is suddenly pleased he merely had lessons today. As the topic of cute boys reaches his head he merely wrinkles his nose and rolls his eyes. As a near teen boy his mind is most certainly not on the cuteness of boys. Nope!

Zaala nudges Eirwyn in the ribs as she hooks her arm in the other girl's arm, to say close to Eirwyn as they put their heads together, "I keep telling you, he's been looking at you -all- day. You should wash up and go back to chat with him a little." She encourages, giving another soft laugh of giddiness for their topic of conversation. "It wouldn't hurt. He is cute, better than some around here," the girl makes her opinion known, as usual, but yes, that lovely runner smell is on her now. "What about that other one? The one with the shaggy hair," she makes a pleased rumble, giggling for the sound, her eyes trailing over some of the faces as they pass by. Nope, the lock down hasn't bothered them. Girls got better things to worry about.

That probably isn't -exactly- what Hotaru meant Edani. Though it does seem to do the trick of ceasing whatever sort of dream the teen is having about him. Hopefully Mikal's cot isn't too close to the red head's because Hotaru is sitting up and screaming. "AAAAAA!!" Followed by her lunging at and grappling Edani. It's a good thing she's small, maybe she bounces right off him? The book falls to the floor, probably in some mud puddle left by another candidate. Volendrug, her bronze who was sleeping peacefully at the foot of her bed is also startled away, and hops to his feet and hisses in whatever random direction he ends up facing. Poor Abigail's cot is for sure near Hotaru's. The only boys Hotaru seems to be interested in are the ones she can annoy the most or somehow exploit a profit from it seems. Though most of the male candidates are either too young or too old.

Edani spent the day training with the guards, so alas. Eirwyn and Zaala aren't talking about him. At least the beastcrafter won't be complaining about their barn-scentedness, since he's used to it. Sparring with the male guards he's been matched with has at least given him enough testosterone to last though the evening in here, hopefully. He was among the few folks that used the baths while the majority were eating dinner, having snagged a few meatrolls on his way out and finished those on the trek back to the barracks. "Hey," he tosses to Abigail casually with a little smirk regarding her firelizard. His own is perched quietly on his shoulder as close to his ear as he can get. Lalala – the young man doesn't want to know what was in your head, Hotaru though the scream does have him back-pedaling several quick steps, peeling her off him and holding her at arm's length like a dirty sock, giving her a little shake even, to make sure she's fully awake. "You okay?" Because, he may think she's a pest, but he isn't mean-spirited.

Abigail pokes at Huritt's side a few times which makes the brown at least stop acting like a feline for the moment. She hears the others from the stables and waves towards the pair. "Was wondering where ye two had gotten too. Waited for ya a bit but finally just went on the grab a bath." At the sudden scream Abbey looks back and blinks as she watches Hotaru and Edani a moment, a soft ah escapes her though she is very unsure what to say, and now there is a firelizard hissing at her? Huritt lifts his head and warbles out at the hissing bronze, unsure what all the hissing is about it seems!

Being a few cots away from Hotaru's cot, Mikal still scrunches his face a bit and the green in his lap protests with a loud screech. "Aiee.." Mikal yelps a bit. The claws got his leg through his pants. "Oy there!" he calls over. "What're you two /doing/?"
"Really? I don't know. He was cute, but he kept treating me like I didn't know what end of the runner from the other. I reckon I have ridden far more than he has." Eirwyn says in a touch of pique. "The shaggy one was sorta cute, but I wanted to brush his hair. Just because you work in a stables doesn't mean you have to look like you were raised in a barn." She responds before nudging Zaala, "What about your boy back at Xanadu?" As she hears the screem from Hotaru, Eirwyn herself jumps and looks over to the screaming candidate and hissing firelizard, "What happened!?" She calls out before she carefully makes her way over to Abigail. "Oh, there was this runner there reminded me of my boy at home and offered to give him a brush down…" So that she can maybe watch cute stablehands a bit longer. Maybe.

Zaala conspires to admit to Abigail, "We were spying on some cute stableboys." She's brazen enough to admit that, eyes turning back to Eirwyn with an insider smile, "Boys like to -think- they know it all. They like to feel as if they're important." She nods her head several times to make her point, laughing about the shaggy haired boy, "I thought it made him look savage." Purr. Bring it on. No matter that she's -younger- than Hotaru, she's a bit more interested in boys than some. "Oh Datsun?" she proudly smiles, "He's so sweet. Except… I got a crazy letter from him-" the scream makes her jolt her head back and watch the antics of the others, rolling her eyes a bit, then continuing on with her story, "He wanted me to send some stuff to him that… I should just show it to you. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to go back down there and smack him in the back of the head." She follows alongside with Eirwyn over to Abi, smirking at Eirwyn's play-by of events.

Since Hotaru only had lessons today, an end of day bath wasn't necessary. She can catch one tomorrow. Plus since she's not a boy she doesn't smell like a gym sock at the end of doing nothing all day. She eyes Edani, realizing who it was that attacked her with a book. After a moment of that she says, "You woke me up." Then to everyone else. "He woke me up." Then back to Edani, "What time is it? Gimme these." Hotaru tries to duck underneath Edani's arm and makes a grab for his clothes. Really she's looking for his undies specifically, and if she's successful, she'll be tossing them to Abigail. "Abi, catch!" If not she'll be wrestling with Edani to get those undies from him, or at least until she's tired of it. Her firelizard looks just as confused as Abigail's, and since he's not in any immediate danger, warbles and settles back down onto Hotaru's cot.

Edani is being tail-choked by his little brown firelizard, who is scrunched back on his person's shoulder, haunches high, head low and wings flared with wide yellow eyes affixed on Hotaru. The beastcrafter releases the girl as soon as she has her balance, lifts one hand to loosen the chokehold that tail has on his neck while turning back towards his own cot. "Oh nothing!" The beastcrafter singsongs reassuringly to Mikal. "Just a nightmare," he then calls casually in response to Eirwyn. He doesn't clarify just who was having it, but he what he really means is Hotaru is HIS nightmare. The girlish chatter is pretty much ignored, though he does snort quietly at Zaala's assumption and correct her with a gentle but forthright honesty, "Not all of them do, Zaala." Back to Hotaru's accusation, he starts, "You're wel- HEY!" His arm clamps down on his clothes, successfully keeping them pinned under his arm while his hand is planted firmly against her forehead, arm locked to keep her at bay. "Will you stop or do I have to tie you up? Because if you don't I swear to Faranth I will." At least the threat is made calmly.

Resuming his oiling of Elsie, Mikal half watches Edani and Hotaru with amusement flickering in his expression. "Anyone dared to go peek at the eggs lately." he pauses then hastily clarifies. "From the galleries. Not the sands." any converations on cute guys is decidedly ignored.

Abigail smirks as she hears Zaala and Eirwyn while she sits up and crosses her legs once she is sure there isn't about to be a firelizard hissing contest here. Huritt hops up onto her shoulder and curls up there, a soft chirrup escaping him as he continues to watch the scene curiously. "I dono, don't mind the messy hair look." That is her added comment upon the talk of the cute stable hands it would seem! She peers back to Hotaru and blinks as the girl is now wrestling with Edani for the beastcrafter's clothing? A soft chuckle escapes her and she shakes her head while just grinning at the sight. "So Zaala, what did he want ye ta send him?" Her attention is back upon the two she worked with all day it seems.

Once Eirwyn realizes it is not a 'major' crisis, she plops down on Abigail's cot. She rolls her eyes at the girl's tastes in shaggy. "I suppose so…" She starts before leaning back on her elbows, feet dangling over an edge. "There is candidate that is sorta cute, and I see him looking at me sometimes." She adds to the gossip boy circle. At Mikal's comments she shakes her head, "I wouldn't dare. I can't even believe Jamen would have. The boy fainted at the smell of an infirmary on our excursion, I couldn't imagine him risking the wrath of a dragon!" She declares before looking back to Zaala, curiosity on her features.

Zaala slips a finger up toward her ear to push some hair back behind it, watching over a rounded shoulder what's going on behind her, the whole underwear-tug-of-war. In that she smirks toward, giggling, totally not responding to Edani's remark because he seems rather busy trying to keep his clothes intact. Instead, Zaala sneaks over toward her trunk and fetches a letter, bouncing back to Eirwyn and Abi, but placing the letter in Eirwyn's hands, "Read that and tell me what to do. Should I send him … you know… those?" She indicates the page with some zeal, nodding at Abi, "Shaggy hair is fun." Maybe she's biased. Then pale green hazel eyes fixing on the ew… yucky SOILED underwear fight. "I hope she knows those are probably -not- clean…" shudder, "Nasty." Her eyes meandering back to Abigail once she's asking her a direction question, flushing a bit and pointing at the letter that Eirwyn holds, "Not far off from what they're fighting over." Head tilt back toward Edani and Hotaru. Then Eirwyn spikes her attention, plopping down dramatically, "OH?" she leans in, "Who is it? Which one do you think is -cute-?" The last about Jamen makes her sigh, "He's gone. So let's just leave it at that."

Hotaru is Edani's worst nightmare! She's like a kid sister he can't get rid of. Not until the hatching at least. And then if they both impress… She struggles against Edani's arm for a bit, pushing it up and trying to get at his clothes unsuccessfully. Finally she sighs and gives up, making like she's going back to her cot. Then she scoots around and runs towards -Edani's- cot instead. "Fine I'll get a fresh pair!" She's heading for his trunk. Maybe he keeps it locked? Or maybe he gets there before her. "I saw the eggs earlier! They looked the same from the galleries. It's hard to tell how hard they are without being on the sands I guess." At least Hotaru can't really. There's no comment on the ex-candidate. She's busy trying to thief some underwear from the beastcrafter.

They're not soiled, Zaala. They're merely a bit sweaty. There is a big difference. "Not I," Edani says absently to Mikal and that is as far as he discusses the eggs since Hotaru is keeping him busy at the moment. Girly chatter, yeaaah, he's not good at, so he doesn't interject himself into the conversation Abigal, Eirwyn and Zaala are having. He drops his arm with no little relief when Hotaru backs off, turns and heads for his area only to have her boomerang back his way… and pass him to attack his press. WHICH, by the way, he keeps locked at all times, so she can paw at those drawers all she wants but she's not going to be successful in getting them open. He skirts her to slide a key in the container he keeps his dirty laundry in, tosses his clothes in, shuts and re-locks it before turning and giving her a longsuffering look. "Really? You have nothing better to do? Right, well, don't say I didn't warn you." And with that he scoops her up, tosses her over his shoulder, snags one of his cattle ropes and stalks back to Hotaru's cot. He makes short work of securing wrists and ankles to the headboard and footboard. He works with calves stronger and more determined than she is, after all. Before he steps away, he makes sure she hasn't got a knife on her or near her. Hah! "Don't make me gag you," he says calmly as he heads back to his cot. Though in truth, the AWLMs will probably be in to check on them soon enough and make him free her.

Borodin had a long day working in the kitchens. An enjoyable one, but nevertheless a long one - the curse of knowing what he's doing and getting the extra skilled chores. At long last, he walks into the barracks. His gaze falls on Hotaru. Hotaru, tied hand and foot to her cot. He blinks. His mouth opens, and he lifts up one hand. "Uhm." He shakes his head, turns, and walks back out. Weren't there some dishes that could use scrubbing still? Must be.

Mikal laughs out loud at that. That was indeed fun to watch. He doesn't make a move to help the tied up girl though. Finished with oiling Elsie she hops down to the foot of his bed and curls up in a sleepy ball. Mikal deems this as a good idea so he slides under covers, pulls them up over his head and goes to sleep as well.

Eirwyn looks over to Edani and Hotaru then back to Zaala and wrinkles her nose, "Really? Thats gross." Oh the innocence. As they notice the tying up of Hotaru she gives a shake of her head, "I would but he is in Beastcraft. I might need his recomendation someday." She says thoughtfully as she glances from the beastcrafter to the other girls, "Well it my dreams anyway. I dare say I will be grounded until I am thirty if I don't impress. I reckon Ma will attend the hatching just so she can take me back as soon as it is over." She gives a little sigh at that and looks down at herself, "I suppose I should wash up.." She says as she rises to her feet. There is a glance towards one of the boy's cots, namely Fynnagin, before she quickly looks away and heads to her own cot to grab up some fresh clothes and heads off to the wash.

"She has a crush on him," Zaala makes that conclusion all on her own with a shrug, maybe knowing exactly how it felt to want to tease a boy to irritation, "Or something." Adding at the end. But it's back to -her- problem, smiling as she notices Huritt chirruping and leaning toward her, her fingers reaching out back, maybe to offer a scritch while she can. "I didn't really -know- Jamen… But I don't think anyone can -force- you out on the sands. They'd all but -have- to push you down the galleries onto the sands or something. Besides, even if someone convinced him to do it, he still did it and obviously didn't say anything to convince the Weyrleader's otherwise." So, with a shrug, she's convinced the matter is resolved, believing in the Weyrleader's decision. As back to her boy issue, well, she smirks, "I don't think he'd appreciate another boy's stinky underwear. Besides, he'd probably get all jealous or something." Then that's when the commotion starts and she lifts her chin to enjoy the view of it, giggling to watch the older candidate manhandle Hotaru, tying her up, leaving the helping out bit to those who better know the other candidate. Then Zaala is shaking her head, "Noo. You can run away to Xanadu with me. My mom will be here to pick me up too, if, well, if it doesn't happen. You can't go back to that hold. You're totally my best friend now." Beg and plead, looking to Abigail for aid, and she -misses- Eirwyn's look to that other cot. Darn.

Hotaru is just weird. Or maybe she was looking to tease Edani about his undies by parading around in them or something. As it is, the red-head is scooped up and tied to the bed. But it's not without screaming and a lot of struggling. Once she's tied up and Edani is walking away, a droll look washes over her face. "Shard it, Edani. Come untie me or I'll make a ruckus." She grunts. "After this, I'll give you -all- Edani's pants." Hotaru spots Borodin come in for a second. "Borodin! Boro—" And he's gone again. And Mikal is pretending to sleep and Eirwyn is leaving to get clean. She turns to Abigail and Zaala. "Would one of you guys please untie me? Or cut me loose or something?" Calling for help from a AWLM isn't exactly something Hotaru would really look to do. But being tied up gets old pretty quick. Her firelizard is smart enough to start chewing through one of the ropes, but it's taking a while.

Abigail ahs softly and chuckles as she hears Zaala on the bit on Hotaru. "Perhaps… Though still strange for her actions." She doesn't remember thinking about stuff like that after all. A glance is offered to Eirwyn and she makes a slight face. "Borodin was talking about families sometimes showing up at the hatching. Don't worry if my parents are here they will be glowering and glaring at me and Borodin as well I'm sure." She shakes her head at the thought. Huritt tilts her head and leans into the scritches, his eyes closing while his tail curls about his person's neck, someone is happy! Her pale gaze rests on Eirwyn and Zaala a moment. "I don't plan on going back to the hold. If I dan't impress I'm staying here at the weyr. Still gona be a guard." Well that is the plan! She chuckles as she hears Hotaru. "Ya I will." She offers while stands up and moves over to look at the ropes and then works about starting to loosen them up. "Why do ye torment him so Hotaru?" Her pale gaze flicking towards the girl, pondering the answer.

Zaala shrugs at the topic of Hotaru, eyes shifting that way but her attention is between the circumstance of the tied up candidate and the happy little firelizard whose endulging in her free scritch-hand outs. Zaala does motion toward Eirwyn, "I'll catch up with you in a bit. I've got to grab my stuff first." Eirwyn is way ahead of her and for now that's ok, responding instead to Abbey, "I think I'd like to try apprenticing but I have to go deal with some stuff at home first." Like, a certain boy. Still, her eyes meander back to Hotaru and she's about to move to rescue the girl but Abigail is already on it. Zaala listens curiously enough to the answer, "He's not bad looking-" since Edani is still there, likely listening but not, so she can add that in, hah.

Hotaru grins to Abigail. "Woo! Thanks!" Once the binds are loose enough she springs free, and rubs her wrists. "Edani?" She asks to Abi's questions, laughing. "I dunno. He's just so easy to irritate. He tries to ignore it, but I can tell inside he's seething." Plus he puts up with it most of the time. Instead of getting angry, or scared. The red-head picks up her book with a grunt, laying it out carefully on her trunk. Then she plops back onto her cot. "Edani?" This time it comes out sounding more like 'really?' She giggles a bit. "He's so old though! He's like, over twenty! Or Borodin? How old is your brother, Abigail?" Curious minds want to know! He didn't seem as old as Edani was, that was for certain.

Abigail chuckles and shakes her head while she brushes hands off once Hotaru is finally free. She grins to the girl and then moves to sit back upon her cot. "I suppose he isn't too bad looking." A slight shrug is seen. "Don't know him that well either." It's not like they spent much time actually ever talking. A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears Hotaru. "Hey, that isn't /too/ old." She wags a finger at the girl and hums. "His 18, same as me. We're twins." They may not look it but not all twins have to look the same after all! "Where would ye go and apprenticing at Zaala?"

Zaala doesn't seem to offer any further comments on Edani, he's right -there- after all. She at least said he wasn't bad looking, but she didn't say cute. Nope. Big difference there. Soon enough though the scritches stop to the firelizard and she's scrambling to get her bathing things together - fancy soaps and a nice fluffy towel. She peeks back up once she's got her arms full of what she needs, fully intending to go bathe up, "Oh. I haven't entirely decided." She admits to the apprenticing thing, "Maybe the harpers, maybe the dolphincraft. I still need to spend more time at the Halls I think before I fully commit. It's a big … choice, you know?"

Hotaru shrugs about whether or not Edani is cute. Too old for her to consider. That or maybe he's not her type. "He's super holdbred," she whispers. Though it's mouthed big so they can understand her even if they can't hear her. As if that explains everything. Maybe it explains enough. She giggles at Abigail. "You're eighteen! I'm only fourteen. Twenty is too old!" Hotaru nods. "Ooh, didn't realize you guys are twins. That's fun." She yawns a bit and stretches. "Well, I'm tired. I think I'll go to sleep early tonight, then try to get up super early for chores. Goodnight!" After changing into her nightclothes, Hotaru climbs into her cot to sleep.

Abigail doesn't comment anymore on Edani either, a soft ah escapes her and she nods to Zaala. "I haven't gotten a chance to go to the dolphincraft area. Would love to see it some point to tell ye the truth." She shrugs a moment. "Well, try a few things out and then see what you might like?" It is a thought! A chuckle escapes her as she hears Hotaru. "Twenty is not too old.. Only a few turns away for me ye know." She pointed out while she eyes the girl before she seems to be asleep.

Zaala looks between the two and then nods, "I plan on doing that before. They don't take too many apprentices who are older though…" so her choice has to be rather soon if she anticipates getting into a hall. A hoist of her bathing goods, "I'm going to go clean up." And that's exactly where she seems to be going.