Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Night has fallen upon Fort. The skies dark and spotted with the small stars that usually bring Miki and Sohnyu out to stargaze. But not tonight. No, it's far too hot for stargazing. A hot breeze has chased the tiny green with her baby bump indoors and towards the food tables. There's a plate with…nothing on it. Just an empty plate as she stands there staring at the food, a rather disgusted expression on her face. "Maybe bubblies….those should be alright….maybe."

Frumping into the cavern, the loud sound of the boots come as the large bronzer steps through the doors. His eyes looking around the room and the bronzer's deep voice booms through the room. "No one…hits like the R'oc…." One of the drudge girls begins to hum a tune, and right before he continues with his loud exploding voice his eyes fall upon Miki. "The man grabs hold of three plates and basically just runs a line throwing anything and everything into the threep lates. "He stops in front of the girl and looks at the plate. "Better put something on the plate or I'm going to start putting it for you tiny…"

A foreign rider who has increasingly become a common acquaintance to Fort Weyr in the recent sevendays, has yet again returned. The watch dragon has announced A'dmar's reappearance with his black-copper dragon decked out in fanciful streamers and a colorful wash of leather straps. As for the rider, who ducks his head into the living cavern, shuddering the last remains of *between* from his system, comes complete with a yellow scarf, burnished red-brown jacket and dark trousers. While the colors are subdued from the norm, the jacket has leather tassels running from the chest to back (think classic motorcycle leather jacket look). He doesn't look near as intimidating as the Weyrleader, but something about the way his eyes have a sharpness to them should be a warning enough to not let the book be judged by its cover. On the heels of the Weyrleader, A'dmar was in time to hear the other bronzer's booming voice. A brow is arched. For an instant. Lowered rightfully after as A'dmar's dark gaze which was tracking the Weyrleader bounces to the woman whom the other approaches. It goes without saying, that A'dmar is tromping over to the scene, sliding up without the boot thumping to Miki's opposite side, his tone emotionless and dry as he offers: "I'd have to agree."

Miki's eyes can't help but be drawn by the Weyrleader's entrance, a raised eyebrow and slightly amused smile on her face as the tune starts up. When he comes zipping at her with the food trays though, the smile quickly fades into a tiny frown. "But it all looks nasty….hey! I'm not tiny!" She straightens up as much as she can, which falls very short of impressive with her 4'10 figure. And then Miki has another one talking to her about food. As usual, A'dmar's outfit gets appraisal first, a somewhat approving nod for the more subdued colors. "No, you don't /have/ to agree. Besides….I ate this morning." She really isn't her helping her case any. There's a glance between bronzer's then and a shake of her head. "What is this, gang up on Miki day?" With a small sigh, Miki picks up a glass of juice and walks to an empty table. The still empty plate is set down and she slides into a chair while sipping on her juice. Food substitute.

The cold dark eyes of the bronzer looks up at the stranger and then he looks him up and down and then says. "Don't need my words to agree…part of being the weyrleader…." The bronzer looks at the other man and then down at Miki. "Put more than just bubblies this time……that little one is going to need food to keep him strong." But his words are lost as she walks away, but he grabs a plate fills it with some food walking back towards the girl and sets it in front. "I won't have you arguing with me…this is an order….Make sure that baby is healthy….and you as well, can't have you getting sick what would they say…." He pauses a moment to set his food down. "….What more would they say." The bronzer dark eyes glance over at A'dmar. "Who are you and what are you doing in my weyr….I didn't not recieve message that I should be expecting a rider….do you have a message." Clearly he thinks that a messenger A'dmar must be.

A'dmar glances over to R'oc when Miki walks away from the table without any food on her plate. A momentary look that returns to follow where Miki heads off, watching casually as R'oc does not hesitate to grab her a plate. Arms slide over his chest and cross as he decides to linger back at the table, observing for a short time frame. It's when he has arms crossed and a stone-expression on his face that R'oc remembers he exists and barks at him. There is no overt change in the way A'dmar processes the information, letting the man bark away until A'dmar chooses to answer. When there is time to, A'dmar speaks simply, voice matter-of-factly, no disrespect showing or implied: "A'dmar, rider to bronze Yarovith, owner of Quoin Post in Ierne Weyrhold," a beat, "I work for private clientele. I deliver frequently to areas in and around Fort Weyr." Eyes do not remove themselves from R'oc and his arms remain crossed, with an addition of a tweaked brow, as if a subtle challenge.

Miki eyes the plate of food in front of her warily, pushing a few bits around with her fork. And then she pauses, looking up with furrowed eyes. "What /more/? What're they saying now?" As A'dmar is adressed, the greenrider winces a bit, looking between the two. "Hey! Be nice to him! A'dmar isn't a messenger….well maybe in a way he is, but that's not why he's here….is it? Maybe it is." The last question directed at the Irene rider. "A'dmar is the daddy of the baby who I'm suppsed to be eating for." Another disgusted look at the plate and then a quiet glance between the two riders.

A'dmar reiterates, "As I said, I work for private clientele, generally removed from those in privileged positions. The business I do is private. If you need to inquire about my services, I can arrange for a business meeting to discuss the details of what I do. I also offer a fair price." Dark eyes shift unperturbed toward the greenrider yet again, listening to her attempted defense, deflecting with: "Hasn't the private cook arrived yet?"

"What do you mean he's not here….what else could he be here for." The bronzer's eyes move up to the man with crossed arms and the dark cold eyes glance his way. "Well thats a funny joke….you said he was a man…" The weyrleader takes a bite of his food and then watches the man explain himself. "This is my weyr…any business in it is….my business. Doesn't matter who it's for….what it's about… come here…you come to me first." The weyrleader growls and then when Miki says something about the food he says. "The food at fort is the best around….our cooks are Fortian talents the rest of pern only wished they had." Oh but then the private cook comment comes and he says. "I'm sorry….private what….who is coming into my weyr?" The large hands of the bronzer close into giant clubs and he looks towards the man. "Listen Agny….understand one thing here and now….private or from weyr….you will abide by my orders when here…is that understood."

Miki opens her mouth, about to say something, only to beginning opening and shutting it at R'oc's next words. Now she looks like a fish. It's a few seconds before the assistant finds her tongue and frowns. "Yes yes, the food is the best. I normally love it to, but I don't think anything's been yummy lately, would you calm down?" When he looks over at A'dmar, Miki half rises from her seat, a worried expression on her face. "What are you talking about R'oc? HE /is/ a man. And you do /not/ meet every single person that visits this Weyr!" She doesn't bother trying to correct the slaughtered name, instead looking cautiously over at A'dmar in hopes that he's being a bit more reasonable. "Don't uh….you should be calm too. Calm."

A'dmar keeps his head slightly tilted down, arms sliding slowly to his sides after R'oc mocks him for not being a 'man.' Again, there is a cryptic response in expression from the Ierne bronzer, facial reads hinting at nothing. The sharp gaze keeps fixed on R'oc when the man draws the line in his turf. The response drawn with a surprisingly level tone, "I beg to differ. My clients respectfully pay for confidentiality with their items." There seems to be a distinct 'end of arguement' tone associated with that. While he could respond to everything that the tyrant Weyrleader has sputtered off, A'dmar picks one key point to drill in with that flat-level tone, strict and proper like, "I respect your command and authority over the people of Fort Weyr, but sir, I am independent of your livelihood here." A quick glance to Miki, words for her, "You should try to eat something. A personal cook could wait on your taste buds, I told you this."

"I don't really care what you beg….the fact stands that no one does business in Fort or it's holds without me having to know about it. And unless my second or wingleaders know something about it….I suggest you make arrangements with me. I don't care what you bring….but I care about what you are doing in my weyr….' The bronzer looks at the man and then turns to Miki and says. "Your boy better learn some manners….and the ways of the weyr. No weyrleader would want someone coming in and out oftheir weyr as they please….and I amongst all others am the one that will inforce it. If you want go do business in the south where they don't care what trash makes their way into the weyr, but not here….not in my weyr." The bronzer takes a bite of his food and then shakes his head. "And Miki…I don't see everyone….but I know of them….and if I don't I find out why not." The bronzer takes a deep breath his heaving chest swells a moment then his fists seem to relax and loosen up. "I expect you either to stop doing business without my permission….or do not come do business at Fort." he takes a few bites and then keeps his cold gaze on the other bronzer.

Miki looks a bit sheepish as the cook is mentioned again, "He looked tired so I gave him the day off…." She trails off though, wincing at the words exchanged between bronzers. "You're overreacting! It's not like he's sneaking around here! M'lo knows! And shards, it's not like he's selling anything. You know not everyone uses our transport wing." The greenie starts fidgeting with the hem of her shirt now, a slightly pained expression on her face. "And I'm not being disrespectful. I'm stating facts." Miki has to cover her own hide too.

A'dmar's lip twitches as he retorts with a sharper tone of voice, "The Holds are and have always been autonomous. M'lo, your Weyrsecond, did not seem to have an issue with me delivering goods here. He even offered me a position to winglead here," a pause to let that sink into the other's thick skull, "and I am justified in not having taken it by this very instant and frankly I'm not surprised that no one wants to work for you." A glance for Miki as she once again jumps into save him, there a slight frown for her, snapped back toward R'oc at the continued rant. "Do not crafters come in and out of your Weyr as they please? Or do you keep them imprisoned and fearful of their lives?" A sudden bark, "Miki, you -should- reconsider my offer of freedom if -this- is truly the way Fort Weyr is being reined in. You -can't- even have visitors with out this boor approving it." A glance back to R'oc, "I do not -need- your permission to do business that has originated in Ierne Weyrhold, unless sir, you extend your power where it cannot possibly reach. At which point, I should inform Weyrlord X'en immediately." A step forward then as he moves toward the table, almost with a swagger as if he had not been intimidated but -amused- by this all, "Is this how you treat everyone? Or is it just because I'm with Miki?" A hand slowly descends on Miki's shoulder, a gentle hand there, but a possessive gesture nonetheless, obviously meant to get under the other's skin, if his previous words hadn't!

There is a puzzled look on the bronzers face…..but only for a moment when he looks at the mand and stands up moving closer. There is a cocky yet smug look on his face. "Well…I do have to say…yes…it is." The bronzer looks down at Miki and smiles. "Why…would any weyrleader let one of his best and brightest be some delivery boy…." The man looks down at Miki, he smiles. "Don't worry none can control their flights….too bad the dragon did not match the rider." The man then finished with his meal looks to A'dmar. "Know this….if M'lo does not know…know I will be running into you you. And next time you won't have this sweet lass to protect you." The weyrleader shakes his head and laughs out loud, by now most of the caverns have gone quiet, the uneasy laughter from the bronzer seems to warn. "Be you from another weyr….or from mine. Letting the leadership know your dealings is standard practice. Or do you need a lesson on how to act in a proper weyr…..?"

"It was before you became Weyrleader again! It should be in the records." Miki raises her voice in protest as she looks at R'oc. Only now, she's receiving frowns…./and/ smiles. "Wait….wait a second….it's not usually like this around here. I don't know what's up today. It isn't…." A small defense for Fort before she's staring wide-eyed at R'oc once more. "That isn't how it happened. Really." Her hand moves up, briefly clutching at the one on her shoulder briefly before releasing it and trying to squeeze in between the two. "Don't laugh like that. R'oc….pleaseeee don't laugh like that."

A'dmar lets his hand slide off Miki's shoulder, moving back around the other side of the table, around to the side that R'oc was standing on. "I do not hide behind women nor am I just a delivery boy…" his eyes are narrowing at the corners, a finger prying up to his scarf to loosen it, his neck flexing from side to side, "Looks like you have a problem with competition. It is a healthy thing. Maybe I'll even make sure to be around for the next senior flight." A threat that was suggesting he would be, a step closer, "Unlike your position Weyrleader, mine is not so fickle and I completely control it. A thing which you lack." He may not have the bulk behind him but he is a desert-rat, born in the dunes of Igen and in the barren wastelands of the north country, exotic looking and resembling those nomad tribes - known to have skillful fighters in their mix. There is a certain calculation in A'dmar's eyes that suggest he is considering some choice action or ensuring he could react if he prompted the Weyrleader to lose his cool. "I am not protected now Weyrleader. Do it, in front of everyone, attack a visiting rider and see how that goes…" Baiting. Then again, reaffirming, "I deal with my clientele. It is their decision to inform you, not mine. Or do you insist that Craftmasters of Hall tell you every move they make as well? Your trade relations must be pretty tense, especially if -I'm- being hired to transport here." Hands are at his sides, fingers stretched, ready to fist in an instant, "I don't take lessons from canine-faced baggage." Miki, unfortunately the poor lass seems to be a fly on the wall, he does glance at her, noting: "Fort Weyr has been pleasant, until now. At least he is right about one thing, it's a shame about dragon flights, that none can control the outcome." A slight for R'oc's recent promotion to Weyrleader.

"You actually think BOY….you on your best day could best me and Nasheth on our worst…..Were it not for your luck I not in Miki's flight. You and yours would just be another poor pair who couldn't compete." The weyrleader smiles at the offer to hit the other man, the thought dancing in his thoughts the smile on his lips giving way to his amusement. "Little boy….any business that crafters and the like do…comes through me if it is so done here in fort." The bronzer looks to Miki and laughs. "Oh come now Miki…do not worry I will not break your….pretty boy." The bronzer looks up as the canine faced baggage comment comes up. "Oh my dear boy…I did not ask if your mother taught you….so why would I care if you listen to that dog faced baggage?" The bronzer laughs and even a small snort can be heard. Seems that not all are as scared to keep from laughing. "But now if you like….I can have you set up with the best seemstress to help you fit into a dress….though your birthing hips might poke out." The man then looks at Miki. "Hey…I'd not make me mad lass….were it not for Miki…You'd be far more than lying on the ground from one punch…..but seeing as I don't fight children…or in your case ugly women….I'll let it go. But as far as your "Business." Know that I'm going to make it a personal prospect of mine to…how shall I say this…..stop it…unless you ask real nice." The look in his eyes a serious one…then he adds. "And do not think me a politically held leader. I run this weyr the way it must be run, were it so lucky I won flight after flight….anyone would do it. And should you chose to challenge me….know that it will not be good. Miki…do tell your little friend that if he doesn't learn to obey rules and respect the leader of this weyr. Know that there will be more than your baby to visit the infirmary." The bronzer's arms twiching, biceps bulging, the room now goes quiet. They know far too well the volcanous anger that broos…the quiet before the eruption."

A fly. Or perhaps a mouse. Miki can only stare as the situation goes completely out of control. "Oh…oh please don't say tha—" The greenie stops midsentence, shock apparent through her face as the two continue exchanging words. "Guys….c'mon. This really isn't the place….take it outside. Or better yet…just…just stop!" A nervous glance shot at the rest of the caverns and then back at the bronzers. "You guys are making a big deal out of nothing…."

"Yes," A'dmar states flatly but in a loud voice, "You haven't had the privilege of flying -against- us." That is an open challenge, the scarf being pulled from around his neck and tossed onto the table, "I suppose we'll have to see when next Neyuni's Zuhth flies yet again -" he knows the name, he must have met her once before. There are no smiles on this man's face, just a straight laced detached mask, while his hands start to flip back the cuffs on his jacket, like he were slowly preparing for a battle. He does not mark a comment on the Crafters commentary, leaving it be for one reason or another, eyes drifting between R'oc and Miki between all the laughter. The 'pretty boy' comment has A'dmar's brow twitching up then settling in a downward line. He stands in a cold silence, letting the Weyrleader ridicule him, his sharp stare narrowing with every additional snark. Finally, a scoffing sound, "As I figured. You're all bark and no bite. Idle threats and talk. Actions of a cowdard who has to make himself seem bigger than he really is." A beat, "What, did some girl stomp all over your heart? Or did she up and leave your sorry ass?" It's his turn to let his lips curl into a satisfied smirk, nothing -pleasant- or -friendly- about that smirk, it is near meancing with underlying promises of violence. The smack of business is yet again ignored, until A'dmar settles his chin down in a defiant angle, "Respect is earned and not granted just because you ordered it. I will continue to do my business as usual -where- ever I choose. Take your complicated (weyrleader) Knot and shove it up your ass, because in my eyes, it ain't worth more than the shit covering it."

The bronzer looks back towards the man and then shakes his head and laughs at the display from the man. Though the words do little to anger him, the man has has far worse tonge lashings and insults tossed his way. "Well should you want to feel the pain of loss….then by all means…it is an open flight." The man looks down at Miki and smiles. "She is so cute….did you teach her this kind of languange." The bronzer reaches up and pats the other bronzer on the shoulders and then looks at him. "now now…we wouldn't want to ruffle your feathers…" The first few pats are soft but the last was a hard pat that is meant to warn him. "It's not my teeth you should worry about….." The weyrleader moves away and then winks at Miki. "Don't worry I won't rough him up…."

You say "Bad….words….guys! Guys just…leave eachother alone please?" Another helpless look between the two, a hint of color starting to show in the greenie's cheeks as stares continue in the trio's direction. "Shards, this is embarassing…" Those words come out a rather inaudible mumble before she looks between the two again."

"Bad….words….guys! Guys just…leave eachother alone please?" Another helpless look between the two, a hint of color starting to show in the greenie's cheeks as stares continue in the trio's direction. "Shards, this is embarassing…" Those words come out a rather inaudible mumble before she looks between the two again.
"Consider my attendance guaranteed…" even despite his business, in the heat of the moment he has committed to trying for the all mighty Weyrleader post at Fort Weyr. The sudden motion from the other bronzer has A'dmar tense up, shifting just slightly as if ready to bob his head from a swing. When instead it is a pat on the shoulder, he pacifies the Weyrleader by allowing it, unti lthe last tightened grip. Two things happen in a split second: one, his arm is drawn down to chop at R'oc's wrist to weaken the man's grip, two, the other explodes out to push R'oc away to create some distance between them. Slipping into a stance that is clearly one of a marked fighter, A'dmar jerks his head to and fro, like a boxer would as he prepares for the next round. "Touch me again and you'll be missing a few teeth…" a glance to Miki then and then back to R'oc, grunting in a low poisonous voice with the accent of his tribal language, "No you wouldn't, because you'd be curled up in a ball before you knew what happened."

The weyrleader is pushed some distance but stops not too far from the man, his head tilted down looking at his chest where he was pushed. The bronzer slowly lifts his head and looks at the other bronzer, you just made a mistake." The bronzer looks around to everyone, the deep rumble in his chest explodes. "EVERYONE CLEAR OUT!" THe weyrleader looks to the other bronzer, his eyes look over towards miki and he says in a very dark tone. "Miki…leave now…walk out of this room now….and don't look back." The weyrleader's fist closes and he moves forward. No stance at the moment, there is a point where he lifts the arms up. A open palm stance is taken. "I'm going to show you that my power is not just bark." He shoots at the other bronzer dropping to one knee quickly arm extending to hook one of his legs. His huge bulk moving far faster than one would think him to do so.

"Bad words! THose are bad words guys! Why don't you just ca—" Miki quiets again as the tension breaks and the caverns literally empties, some people running others warily backing out of the caverns. There's a distinct frown on her face when she turns back to the bronzers, placing her hands on her hips and cheeks slightly redder with slightly moist eyes. But she's not crying. Not now. "Please…please stop?"

The tensions that had mounted between the two bronzeriders had come to an abrupt culmination of ego and pride. The Weyrleader while he had his hand on the Ierne dragonrider, had been shoved back by the visiting bronzer, the Weyrleader made to stumble back a few paces, effectively widening the distance between both men. For an instant. In the middle of it, was the tiny greenrider, trying her best to plead with the men before it became something beyond just a push-and-shove match.
People were clearing out, some refused to do so, crowding them or staying back enough to not get in the way but have a view. The Weyrleader's direct order was for everyone to clear out. Outside, a black-copper bronze with his streamers of Quoin Post fluttering around his fancy flight straps is likely to bellow and send out a challenge. His rider, A'dmar, dressed in a jacket that had leather tassels running across chest and back (think motorcycle jacket) had already curled up his sleeves and pulled loose his scarf. The intensity with which he stood suggested he was ready for an attack. There was nothing to be said more of it when the Weyrleader was standing with closed fists. Then, in a matter of split seconds, R'oc is making his move … trying to grab at A'dmar's legs. The desert-rat was quick on his feet though, having anticipated the escalation, but not like -THAT- … R'oc looked as if he would come at him with swinging fists and instead, A'dmar is unfortunate enough to have his leg hooked by the other… which is fine, since an elbow drop is coming for R'oc's head.

There is little time in a fight to do much more than think in that moment or a moment ahead. The bulk of the weyrleader grabbing hold of the leg and suddenly feeling the elbow fall on the back of his head grunts. There is a pain that throbs, the thick arms grip the leg and fingers tighten their grasp over the pants of the other bronzer. The anger that begins to surge from the pain that he feels, his other arm grabs hold of the other man's leg. Soon the bronzer whole frame flexes and in one swift movement he has the other in the air.
As some around the room that remain look on and some of the women even gasp as he's lifted, but then it's the moment that R'oc drops the other bronzer onto the floor putting all his weight on top of him. Any blows recieved mostly being ignored until the other is on the ground, with a loud thud as flesh meets stone. The Bulk of the bronzer serving to keep the other man down, he quickly lifts his frame long enough to throw his large soup bones at the other's rib cage.

This hot night at Fort seems to be one of the longest to Miki. Perhaps it's the fact that R'oc and A'dmar are in the middle of a fight and she can't do anything about it. That helplessness is quickly turning into something else, an odd mix of emotions showing on her face. Eyes still moist (though there are no tears) and hands picking at the hem of her shirt, the greenie watches with perhaps a bit of horror as the full-on violence begins. "Idiots! Guys, seriously stop! This fight doesn't even make sense!" While she might previously have tried to get into the middle of the fight, she doesn't. A wrong move and it'd be the baby suffering, not her. "What th—STOP IT!"

The throat punch has the bronzer struggling to breath as he's pushed off but quickly moves to stand. He holds his throat and coughs, his eyes gazing at the other bronzer and he says. "You hit like a girl….and you fight like a coward…" The man coughs and then struggles to breath but watches the other with wary gaze as he recovers from the punch. The bronzer rolls his neck some trying to ease the tightness of the throat as the hit makes the flesh. Deep slow breaths as he takes into account the position of the other bronzer and then his fists close again and he stalkes forward.
Outside the bronze magma that flows from the skies falls into the center bowl, the anger in the dragon's trumpet lets all know in the weyr that something is not right. His giant form moving outside the uneasy form looking at the opening and watching with.

"/STOP/!" comes the barritone bellow of Fort's Weyrsecond. He's got a good half-dozen men with him, other riders, brawny fellows all. M'lo roars out an order, and surges forward, leading his helpers into the fray. Three of them go for A'dmar and the other three plus M'lo go for R'oc, pinning the bronzerider's arms to their sides and bodily dragging them away from one another. "You're a /disgrace/," M'lo hisses into R'oc's ear, where only the Weyrleader can hear him. "I'm /ashamed/ of you. The entire sharding /Weyr/ is ashamed of you." Louder, he announces so that everyone can hear him, "There will be /NO FIGHTING/ IN THE LIVING CAVERNS, ESPECIALLY NOT BETWEEN RIDERS. If you want to punch eachother senseless," he snarls, "You'll do it in a ring with gloves and rules where people can make sure you don't kill each other. AM I CLEAR!?"

Miki is being ignored. Completely ignored, and she's looking almost disgruntled as the fight continues, periodic winces as blows land and grunts make their way into the air. "Guys….really….stop…." The assistant's voice isn't raised anymore but almost a monotone. Another flush works it's way across her cheeks and she picks up her completely clean empty plate from the table, clutching it to her chest as if it were a stress reliever. "Neither of you is allowed to get hurt!"
Outside, a blast of scorching wind seeks out the minnds of both Yarovith and Nasheth, wave after wave directed at the two as Sohnyuoth lets out a loud bugle. Anger on her lifemate's behalf.
As M'lo and the men come into the caverns, Miki goes slightly wide-eyed before her face becomes a tight mask, broken only briefly by a grateful look towards the Weyrsecond. But the expression soon vanishes, and the assistant becomes unreadable once more.

The bronzer watches the man walk into the room, he looks to the voice knowing full well who it is. There is a moment where the man pushes against the men holding him back, his arms push at the restrainers and he looks at M'lo. "Ashamed….who do you speak to….what weyrleader takes disrespect in his own weyr. Release me!" The bronzer yells to the three that hold him, he growls again. "Let me go….last time I checked I was the one that gave you orders….not the other way around." The weyrleader looks at the other men and then watches as they do as he says. "M'lo….did you know about his business….about how it works…?" The bronzer breathing heavily…..he moves out of the grip of the men and his eyes lock on M'lo's. "He says you know of his business….the business that takes from our own…..he insults our weyr….our food…..and does not care for our laws….and you have done nothing!" The bronzer takes a moment and looks at M'lo. "This is over….Send him away back to where he came from…..With you I have much to speak of……in the morning you will be in my chambers to speak." There is a look slow and he eyes the weyrsecond. "Is that understood M'lo…?"

A'dmar has acheived enough of a blow to R'oc that he's able to squirm out from underneath him, rolling off to the side with legs soon gathering himself up. There is anger in his eyes as he brushes his hand down his chest, trying to catch a breath with a slight wince in the corner of his eye to suggest that he didn't get away scott free either. As R'oc is starting in on him again, the interruption of the Weyrsecond does not make him lose sight of the incoming bronzer, he was in fact going to continue defending himself (as he would look at it) until those brawny assistants of M'lo's have him tugged back. By the looks of him, he's allowing himself to be dragged back without much of a fight, regarding the Weyrleader with a narrowing of his gaze, snapping to the Weyrsecond as he tries to roll his shoulders a bit, to fend off those holding him. He keeps his lips tightly together, not letting the anger show as his cool stone-faced mask slides back into place.

"The title means nothing if the man holding it doesn't live up to the responsibility of the position," M'lo growls. "You ask us to respect you, and yet you bring shame to us! Impossible." He shakes his head. "There's no way to stop him from conducting a legal business. We'll take care of our riders, or they're free to deliver for him if they want to. And I don't /care/ if he insulted everything from the food to my hair style! Words are just wind! So sharding /what/, R'oc?" He curls his lip and his voice drops, ice-cold and calmly furious. "I'm doing my /job/ by keeping peace in the Weyr, without giving special dispensation to anyone because of their temporary rank. If /you/ think you're going to chastize me for that, then you can find yourself another Weyrsecond. And good luck, because with you in charge no one else wants the sharding job." It's a good thing that, for the most part, the Living Caverns are empty.

She isn't calm any longer. As soon as R'oc begins laying into M'lo with the questions, Miki's face twists into a scornful grimace. "I'll tell you what. You're both sharding IDIOTS. Do you have to interpret EVERY single thing as an insult? The cook was for ME, because I wouldn't eat NORMAL food. Because the cook could be there when /I/ needed him. And make whatever /I/ wanted. And so I wouldn't bother people here. Not because the food's disgusting!" Another disgusted look and then she's turning to A'dmar, eyes flashing coldly. "And YOU. You just reacting to every freaking thing. Have to keep GOADING him on like that all because of your stupid PRIDE…..why do I even bother with either of you?"

"M'lo….I've done my part…I've done my part to keep the peace….." The bronzer then listens to the reasons about his business and then laughs. "Tell me M'lo…what about his business is legal…bringing anything and anyone into the weyr without us knowing……doing things that the leadership has no clue about." He turns back and has all but ignored the other bronzer. "Since when does any weyr run by me or otherwise accept anyone walking in and walking out as they please?!" The bronzer growls and then looks to Miki. "I am sorry….I may have read too far into that…." The bronzer then turns back to M'lo. "But M'lo….I don't want you to respect me……I want you to see that what I'm doing is something…..because you you don't see whats wrong with his "Business"." The bronzer shakes his head and then says. "Now all of you…everyone…..disperse and go back…this is finished. M'lo…I expect to see you and I will tell you my problems with all this…" The tone of the bronzer more exausted than angry now.

"You've /done your part/?" M'lo repeats that with an incredulous look. "You're insane. How is /this/ doing your part?" Most of the rest of what R'oc says doesn't make much sense to the brownrider, so he just shakes his head, speechless. "You really are crazy," he says slowly. "You just… you make up these rules that don't make any sense and you start fights on the flimsiest of provocations, and you expect people to just go along with things based solely on your say-so." He shakes his head. "Fine. Tomorrow. Whatever. It had better be a sharding good explanation."

By this time A'dmar has wrenched his arms free of those brawny fellows holding him, his arms sliding across his chest with fingers casually and maybe with an attempt to hide it, drawing across the tenderized parts to check if anything is broken. Yarovith was a vibrating mass of grumbling outside the living cavern in the bowl, but he did not seem the type to rip anyone or anything to shreds, a calm-kept threat, as it were. A'dmar might have something to do with that, as he looks rigid and firmly in control. There might be even a bit of a smirk as -the Weyrleader- gets chastized for the altercation. A smirk that fades with Miki rounding on him, muttering in immediate retort to her, "Pride has everything to do with it." -He- wasn't going to go begging a weyrleader to let him fly in Fortian skies, at least not. A glance at Miki, features completely unreadable as he merely watches her disdain of what happened. He settles back into silence, brow lifted as he regards the contestation between Weyrleader and Weyrsecond, soaking in everything that is said between the two.

For the briefest of seconds the anger disappears from her face at the apology, but it is soon back in full force, glares directed at the words of both the Weyrleader and A'dmar. "Oh really. Trying to keep the peace huh? Great job. Get into a freaking fistfight. Aren't you older and more mature or something." And then she's rounding on A'dmar again. "Yeah. Pride. Well you and your pride can go live in a freaking well." Another glare in their direction and she comes around the table, throwing the clutched plate at their feet, the ceramic shattering under the force of the throw. "This is why you two are always alone." And then she walks out, cold words left behind in her wake.

A'dmar rolls his head toward R'oc, "Now look what you've done…" An accusation that trails behind Miki's fit. Yet, the man doesn't move to chase after her. He instead grabs his scarf, hooking it around his neck, a final look to the Weyrleader, "You remind me of someone." An odd time to say it, but there you have it. The man is rolling a shoulder and making his way out, not even an apology given to any of the staff or anyone of rank, he was just -leaving- as the Weyrleader wanting him to, muttering, "This is why I don't get -involved- …"

And with everyone gone their own ways the bronzer moves and steps slowly towards the stairs to go back to his weyr. The bronzer grabbing the back of his neck and shaking his head.