Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

The Sands are relatively quiet, which isn't all that surprising. Zuvaleyuth has been boxed into the corner of the Sands, distracted by something. It looks as if it could be a really big piece of paper. Perhaps she's reading, either way: The gold is distracted. Dtirae stands at the entrance, beckoning the candidates in. "You know the rules. No running, no laughing, no crying, no spitting, no fighting, no breathing." Of course, her expression is entirely dead pan. For a moment. "No, seriously. No running, no fighting, and be gentle with the eggs." And then, she gestures in a means to set them loose.

"Or, in other words, pretend to be responsible adults, right?" Kazulen asks, deadpan in his own way — faux innocence and outrageous quantities of artificial insincerity, at least. As soon as he's on the sands, though, he bows — to Zuvaleyuth and her newspaper, to Dtirae, to the pile-o'-eggs, and then takes a deep breath to center himself before figuring out where to start.

"No breathing. Got it." Inyri, at this point, has really come to like Dtirae — which engenders in her a sense of comfort around the Weyrwoman, even if she wouldn't call them /friends/; there's a sense of comfortable enough companionship there that she can snark and deadpan right back. When she's not terrified, at least, and right now she is — let's call it anxious. Sticking close to the group, she bows to Zuvaleyuth before taking a slow, circular walk around the sands to hone in on which egg calls to her quickest. And it is, without a doubt, the one with the splashy sense of balance: with the utmost hesitation, palm of her hand almost shaking (because this is weird, right? this is so weird), Inyri makes her introductions to the Sound of Magic Egg.

Okay, so this is it. Okay, not it-it, but definitely a form of it. Borodin's eyes are wide as he steps to the edge of the sands, and as Dtirae speaks, his eyes are on the golden queen in the corner. She's big. Like, really… okay, he's starting to get used to dragons, washing duty helped with that, but she is really, really… uhm. No breathing? He looks back to Dtirae, blinking. Oh. Right. He swallows, and nods. Kazulen's bows draw his attention, and he ohs and awkwardly copies the other candidate. He bows, and then… he steps toward the eggs, onto hot sands. A glance down at his feet, and a deep breath, and he continues on, somehow keeping his hands out of his pockets. Okay so… he glances back briefly to Dtirae, then to Inyri also approaching, and… deep breath… he reaches out to touch the murky surface of Roads Not Required.

As it turns out, there was a wider for Borodin's eyes to get. This egg is far, far more than a warm surface, and he murmurs a quiet 'oh' as his eyes dart across that surface as if he's going to make sense of it that way. If that was his plan, he gives up on it quickly enough, closing his eyes and scrunching them up tight as his hand stays pressed against the surface of the egg.

And after a moment, Kazulen's palm finds its way to A Galaxy Way Over There, or at least the egg of the same name.

As much as Borodin's eyes could get wider, Inyri could get — well, if tremblier were a word, this would be a good place to use that word. Her eyes are wide, her hand still wavering on the surface of the egg, though she seems to find herself unable to resist pressing her palm down a little further, as if to get more out of the egg. Inside her mind the sands are /moving/, there's activity everywhere, and it's all-consuming and exciting; anyone who would try to make eye contact with her would find her lost inside her own thoughts, sharing her ideas and memories with the dragonet inside. "You're really something," she whispers to it, not even stopping to think about the fact she is /talking to an egg/. "Get bored?"

Kazulen's knees are burning, and it takes him a long moment to figure out that it's because his knees have wobbled right out from under him, leaving him kneeling next to the Galaxy Way Over There Egg. Space and time are considerations for other people; right now he's gasping for breath, eyes unfocused and wide, and gasping or not he's also grinning. It's definitely a good thing he's on his knees now, though, because man is that a lot of vertigo.

No. No, the Sounds of Magic egg definitely did not get bored — Inyri sure /thought/ it did, but the second she starts to hesitate again, to think about moving away, the egg is pulling her back — she seems to melt into the sand, a little bit, despite the wild and disconcerting heat. That's a non-issue as she's following the egg's dance around her brain; emotions cross her face from excited to heartbroken and everywhere in between. The shaking, however, has stopped. Inyri's good to stay here a while, as the shifting emotions settle on a contented, personally-intimate kind of smile.

Borodin bites at the inside of his lip, and then his eyes lose a bit of their scrunch while still staying shut. Inyri may be the first to talk, but he's not far behind. "Well-" he mutters. "She- it wasn't - well - " They're fragments, lost without their sentences. Without context, at least for the world that exists outside of his head… and that of the little dragon. At one point, his ears and cheeks turn pink with a blush. "-don't know," is the tidbit on that, softer than the rest, and he bites his lip again as his eyes start to open.

"Oh, shards," Kazulen mutters, joining in the crowd of people who are failing to heed Dtirae's command not to breathe or speak or be alive. Well. He flinches a little, away from the egg — but only a little; this isn't his first trip on the merry-go-round, and he manages not to lose contact with the egg's surface. Not yet.

Oh, right, they weren't supposed to be breathing. Inyri had even agreed to that one! At least she sort of followed those directions — because more than once, the egg's communications, or mental wanderings, or however one chooses to define that — well, it made her breath catch. When it retreats, though, she is saddened momentarily — and then almost /encouraged/, to move on, to see more, even if she can't be doing it with that particular mind probing through her own. So she makes her way across the sands again, and moves to another: this time, it's Bring Order to Chaos.

And a moment after that, Kazulen's frown wins the argument, and he pulls away for good — scrubbing his hand against his pants leg, for good measure. A Galaxy Way Over There Egg gets a dirty look from him. That wasn't nice! Hmmph. He considers, looking for someone who might be a little bit friendlier. Win or lose, he moves over to the Heart of Eternity Egg.

Borodin 's eyes are opened, all right. He's most definitely staring at the egg. Now, whether he's seeing the shell… ah, that's another question entirely. His mouth moves again, but this time it's silent. Well, almost silent. Sometimes he almost gets out entire syllables! Sometimes. Mostly he just flaps his mouth, until at last it's just hanging open and- and- Borodin shuts his mouth, with an awkward look around and a little cough, and takes his hand from the muddy shell. It's just… well. He shuffles aside, and after a glance to his fellow candidates, puts his hand to the Walk the Broken Wall.

Mikal cautiously steps down from the Galleries and makes his way to the Sands nervously. Looking uncertain he approaches Dtirae. "They um…they said I could come down to the Sands, ma'am."

At this new egg, Borodin frowns. Kazulen may have had a long look to provoke his scowl, but for Borodin, apparently a brief glance is enough. He moves his hand away almost as quickly as he put it there, scowling down at his feet. He takes a step, and then finds a small, mostly unassuming egg. Perfect. He kneels down to touch the Sound of Magic Egg instead.

Dtirae looks to Mikal and nods once, gesturing towards the eggs but saying no more, arms folding as she observes. Closely. Making sure no one breathes. Or something.
"No, come back!" Kazulen whispers, the curiosity and — dare he say — joy of this touch shattering into annoyance and crestfallen disappointment. It's safe to say that, at this point, he's downright petting the Heart of Eternity Egg in an attempt to persuade the dragonet within to keep interacting with him. (When he isn't giving Mr Noisyface Mikal a dirty look, that is.)
It's impossible for Inyri to even hear or notice Mikal's entrance, or what anyone else is doing, for that matter — even the fact that Borodin just went to get to know her new best friend. Because instead, she's busy with another new pal; the Bring Order to Chaos Egg is not so much taking her on a trip as it is apparently mirroring how she feels. All. The. Time. "Mm," she whispers, a tacit agreement to whatever the egg is or isn't conveying. "It's okay," she adds, a prompt, in case maybe — it was afraid, or needed a cue.

Mikal sketches a bow to both the Gold and her rider before he shifts attention and footing to the eggs. Eyes widening a bit in wonder as he approaches one smaller egg with what seems to be cracks running along the side. Catching sight of the dirty look cast his way he hmphs a bit and looks quickly away from Kazulen. One hand lays lightly on the egg as if afraid to much too much pressure on it. However suddenly he snatches his hand back with a stifled gasp.

Was the Heart of Eternity Egg expecting Kazulen to give it such a wary, wary look? Yes/no/maybe? Nothing against the mischievous presence lurking behind that oh-so-pretty shell, really, it's just — Kazulen is not so very interested in crash-landing in any more celestial bodies today! At least this one is giving him a much more hopeful end result than the last, right? His fingers trace over the swirling galaxy on the egg's surface, his mouth twisted into a thoughtful, unstudied moue.

Breathing? Nope, Borodin isn't doing any of that. Lucky for him he forgot Inyri had a prior claim here, or he'd be meekly slinking elsewhere. Then again, he wasn't exactly in a position to notice her reaction before… or to notice much of anything, now. His eyes widen for a moment, and then they close once more, but it's a much gentler shutting than before, and the eyeballs flick behind the lids like he's dreaming, his lips pursing up in an expression that seems more thoughtful than anything.

Inyri's head tilts so far to one side at this point that her ear could be on her shoulder. She'll no doubt have a neck cramp later, but at the moment? This candidate is paying no heed to that. This egg has so many /questions/ that it could out-ask her in an interview; she's clearly got to answer it. Make things clear for it. And she's not entirely sure how to do that, so her eyes are almost entirely glazed over, focusing on the egg, taking in what it gives and pushing toward it what it has. It almost seems sad, to her, and she wants to make things better.

Well, well, well. It's with a heavy, thoughtful sort of sigh that Kazulen lets his hand drop away from the Heart of Eternity Egg. This time, he isn't in a hurry to scrape off any remaining emotions or thoughts associated with the touch. This time, he takes a long, solid minute or two to just think and feel and remember and process the dragonet's vibe before moving on, based on Borodin's blush, to the Roads Not Required Egg.

Holding his breath a bit, Mikal's other hand lightly touches the side of his temple as if he is having a hard time process the chaos emitting from the egg. Still though after briefly removing his hand he touches out, palm sliding across the egg a moment, following along the lines.

"— Well aren't you a friendly headache and a half," Kazulen whispers to the Roads Not Required Egg, laughter lurking in his voice. He reaches up to pat at his hair, self-consciously, and is completely surprised when his hand doesn't get zapped by static, and when his hair isn't standing straight up on end. Huh.

Mikal stumbles a bit as he moves away finally from his first egg. With a slight shake of his head to focus his eyes once more he steps lightly across the sands. Uncertain on the next egg to touch he casts a briefly longing looks the egg Inyri is near. Deciding not to hover though he veers suddenly and is right in front of the Like and Illusion egg. Why hello there!

There's one breath. In a brief lull, Borodin breathes - but then the wash of sensation takes him again, and he forgets. Well, not quite sensation. More emotion, at least from what's outwardly visible. There's a smile- no, a laugh, really. Then there's a blush again, gone a moment later to a long sigh… and one where he bites his lip and lowers his head for a long moment, before lifting it again to the glint of moisture on his cheek. With that still there, his face turns back to a smile, and he cracks one eye open to look at that shell once more.

Jostled in and out of her own brain, Inyri actually jumps more than once without contact much breaking from the surface of the egg — for a moment, it's only her fingertips on it, but they don't move away. Once she's resettled with the egg, she lets out a laugh; it's not something she expected to be doing while surrounded by very large dragons and their disconcerting eggs, but there she is. Laughing. Confusing herself. Or it'll confuse her later, anyway — at the moment, she's not thinking, just breaking away from the egg as it breaks away from her, giving it a last smile and moving on — to the curious broken one. Hello, Fractured Under Pressure. How are you?

Having kept his eyes open the first time, Mikal's eyes slip close as he runs his hand along the curve of this new egg. Learning the feel of it he visibly flinches at something felt. A curved 'oh' of surprise is silent as he most likely is forgetting to breath. Ignoring the heat of the sands seeping through his pants he kneels down beside the egg, laying his other hand lightly upon the shell.

Borodin's fingers twitch, ready to move away, but then they stop. His smile broadens, and his fingers stretch out again… but then his head tilts to the side. This time, his eyes don't close; he just keeps regarding the egg through one slitted eye. So. Uhm. He seems perplexed, mouth twitching in one direction, then another. So what's this now that- huh? He moves his other hand in, touching the shell with both and almost cradling it between them. So. "I don't know," he murmurs at last, his voice soft. He takes his hands away and rises to his feet, scrubbing at his face with the back of one hand. There he stands for a long moment before he moves on. On and out, out, all the way to a Galaxy Way Over There.

Wait. No. That thing before that Inyri did? That wasn't jostled. Because /this/ is jostled. Jostled and a little sick-looking, and dizzy, and /wow/, this egg is — well, it's a little bit nuts, is what it is. "Nng," is another one of her distinct little noises, meaning nothing but sheer reaction, as her brows furrow and her eyes press shut. Her turn to get some vertigo now, is it?

Mikal shifts a bit, regaining his feet. His eyes open but don't leave the egg before him right away. Tracing the shell softly he offers a quiet upon quiet whisper. "Surprises…in…future." his head tilts sideways with the most distant, thoughtful, expression on his face.

"Wow," Kazulen murmurs, eyes getting as wide as dinner plates, to go along with the way he's utterly certain his hair is glowing (even if it isn't standing on end!). His thoughtful look is getting downright crafty, as he considers certain thoughts and moments of his history in a new light; he tempts fate by sticking around with the egg just a moment longer. Please? We can be friends, can't we?

Right, that breathing thing. Inyri's still not doing that. This time, it's not because she's in awe — it's because she's overwhelmed, and in /pain/. No glib comments toward the egg for being a complainer are coming forward, merely because Inyri has become one with all of the complaints. Its complaints are her complaints, and Faranth are those ever a lot of complaints.

Vertigo? Yeah, Borodin has more than a passing familiarity with that right now. This is definitely…. his eyes flutter, opening closing opening again, but none of it seems to make a difference and he finally decides on shut just because it seems simpler. Also because otherwise, he'd miss out on the view, and that's enough to make his mouth have a silent 'o'.

Mikal lets out a long whoosh of held in breath. There is the tiniest bit of movement from his head shaking back and forth. "Never forget." he murmurs outloud before clasping hands to his mouth as if to pull back the uttered words. Still a bit dreamy eyed he steps back from the egg and sighs again. It's several long moments before he moves to touch another egg. Passing by a couple he lightly lets his fingers trail across the hardening shell but he doesn't linger. His steps are nearly aimless as if he's simply letting his feet choose the path while his mind works over the thoughts he felt. Suddenly he finds himself at another egg and he stops to look down to see The Sound of Magic Egg before him.

Kazulen might be a little bit in love, in a bromance sort of way, with the Roads Not Required Egg. That's a better reaction than Borodin's, right? That means that the dragonet likes him better, right?? That means he's going to Impress, RIGHT?!? That's what he's going to choose to believe, at any rate! And surely, any other egg is just going to be an anticlimax… which is probably why he follows Borodin's pattern and scoots on over to the Walk the Broken Walls Egg. Hi. What's up with you today? Are we going to be friends, too?

A different egg…a different feeling. Mikal's attention is locked solely on this new egg, therefore missing any reactions of the other candidates around. Absorbing these feelings and committing them to memory is wearing a bit on the lad but this last egg…he's all smiles as his gaze is directed across the sands but turned inwards. His expression fades a bit, turning a bit pleading for a sensation to return. Focusing his eyes downwards he shifts his stance, laying both hands on the egg lightly.

o turns to O as Borodin smiles at what the egg shows him, turning from vertigo to excitement. This is neat! This is actually rather fun! This is… oh shells beneath his fingers, what's that? This might be a problem. This does seem to be a problem. He bites at his lip and tenses his body and somehow, unaccountably, doesn't actually take his hand away from the egg that's presenting this whole scenario.

"Not on your life," Kazulen mutters, a fierce-and-feral grin flashing shark-like across his teeth. It's a very … friendly … smile, this one is! But hey: he's been a guard for turns, now, every time he hasn't been a Candidate. He knows how to cope with rust, he knows how to cope with this added weight, and he knows very well the feel of the hilt in his hand. The eggshell in his hand doesn't feel even a little bit like a sword's hilt, except for how — sort of — it does. Huh. Come on, egg; is this all you've got?

Ow, says Inyri's facial expression again — there are no words, as she pulls away from this egg as if it's pushed her. Or maybe she's escaping the push of stimuli; it's all gotten to be too much for her and it's filling her head. She stumbles away, looking ashen, and finds herself coming across Kazulen's old buddy, the Roads Not Required Egg, as a possible consolation. Maybe it can help her feel better — or maybe she should just go to bed?

A happy sigh once more is uttered by the youthful Mikal. 'Much better' is what his expression seems to say before turning intent with attention. Once more his focus turns inward though his hands are moving across the egg without seeming to be aware they are moving. For several moments he simply nods his head in agreement, a frown sometimes appearing but more often a smile appearing.

With so much whirling through his thoughts currently, Mikal steps back several paces from the eggs and blinks several times. He doesn't go to immediately touch another egg but simply turns attention briefly to the other candidates.

It's, it's… Borodin tenses, poised and ready. …wait, what? His brow furrows, and the tension slowly falls apart. That wasn't. Uhm. Was that? He shakes his head, opening his eyes again, and gives the top of the egg a little pat as he looks around again. He takes a wobbly step, and glances over to Mikal to offer the other candidate a shaky smile before moving on to other eggs and other strange journeys.

Finding another egg catching his eye, Mikal hesitantly moves towards one last egg, the Ruled by Superstition one.

Yes, this egg is much better; Inyri is much improved. Her forehead seems to relax, and her eyes make every motion to open wider — brows up, face muscles back — except to actually /open/. She's keeping them shut for now, but there's so much energy in this egg, shared and bubbling up inside her, taking things in and reaching out and making connections, that it's doing more than its fair share of pushing away the headache from before. The pallor that had fallen over her face begins to fade, color returning ever-slowly as she maintains contact with the egg.

Despite the heat of the sands all around him, Mikal shivers. Barely breathing, one hopes that he took plenty of breaths to stock up on air before he came down to the sands. His gaze doesn't alter though there's a slight twinge in his shoulder as if he was repressing the desire to turn suddenly to one side. Other than that any reaction he has in purely inwardly for several long minutes. Withdrawing his hands he peers down at this unassuming egg and draws in a breath before once more reaching to touch it.

This is a stubborn egg. Kazulen can already tell. On the other hand, he's pretty darn stubborn himself, and while his grin is tempered with a twinge of irritability, he's willing to lean some pressure back all on his own.

Once he's touched the egg again, Mikal lets his hands splay out full as if to compare how small his hands are against the egg. He's staring intently at the egg as if trying to see within the hardening shell to the occupant inside.

Oh, is that how it's going to be? Well. Fine then. Kazulen didn't like you EITHER, egg! "Hmmph," he mutters, sitting back on his heels, and gives the egg a sharp, considering look, dusts off his hands, and then dismisses the egg from his thoughts entirely. Has the dragon gotten tetchy yet, or are they still good to keep going? He glances at Zuvaleyuth, then to Dtirae and Th'ero (where he stands in the shadows, lurking, in a lurky fashion) to judge the wisdom of moving on to another egg.

Slowly, thoughtfully, Mikal withdraws his hand a second time from the egg, a bemused look lingering upon his expression this time as he takes several minutes to simply stand there and absorb the feelings. With an impish grin he reaches a third time to lay a hand on the egg as if to say 'hello, i'm still here. What's next?'

Inyri, now, is back to laughing. This is the second time in one day an egg's made her laugh; to think, she started out meek and uncertain of how to even respond to being on the sands at all! Now she's awake; she's /really/ awake, practically vibrating not with hesitation or uncertainty but with energy and excitement. She opens her eyes; they dart around the sands; she takes everyone in, sort of, as moving beings on the outset of the reality she's sharing with the egg, and then they're closed again, Inyri having moved back into her space. Or the egg's space. Or — what was the question, and what's the answer?

Mikal tenses for several long moments in time as time itself nearly stands still and Mikal feels nothing but the egg beneath his hands. Slowly though he steps back, drawing his hands to his sides. His expression is a bit overwhelmed and indeed he's feeling how he looks. Unconsciously his gaze slips towards Kazulen and watches thoughtfully a moment. Drawing in a good long and deep breath he shows no intentions of moving up close to any more eggs tonight. Indeed 4 is enough to overwhelm his senses tonight. He lingers, unsure if he should wait until the others are done before moving off the sands.

Mikal finds another candidate ready to depart the sands so the pair bow to whom they should bow too and heads off the hot hot sands.

When the egg seems to stop and take a breath, Inyri does the same — with a long, slow inhalation, through the nose, and a deep exhalation out through the mouth, taking in the electric energy and positive vibes exuded by the Roads Not Required. When she moves away from the egg, it's with a solid smile on her face, brushing her hair back and out of her eyes again, ready to face whatever's coming without any lingering tensions from the Fractured egg — though as she steps away from them and over toward where Kazulen is standing, waiting for cues, she does give Sound of Magic another last glance.

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