Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Abigail has made her way back into the cavern after helping hang up the clothing in a lower cavern that she was working on during the day. With a new mug of klah in hand she is sitting near the hearth in some attempt to get warm it seems. Her bronze firelizard is curled upon her lap whom is getting a few soft petting’s across his back, while the brown is perched upon the back of her chair.

Etzlix steps into the caverns, she's not wearing her usual miniskirt, instead she wears a pair of tight pants and an ocean blue blouse, her hair is still a bit damp from her duties as dragon washer for the day, which she still had to do despite the hail storm going on. She looks to have 'borrowed' someone's jacket which she has curled tightly about herself to protect against the chill of the outside air. Once inside, she glances around, nodding to a few, looking for a choice few fellow candidates. Not seeing Alyn around to bug, she spots Abigail and moves that way. "H'lo Abbey." She greets with a little wave of chilled fingers.

Abigail glances up at the voice and waves back with a smile. "Hey Etzlix. How ye been?" She questions with a curious tone. A glance is sent over the other curious like a moment and she chuckles. "Didn't bring enough warm clothes with ye I take it?"

Etzlix makes a motion at the clothes she wears, "This is 'bout s'warm of clothes I got. An' I didna 'xactly have a chance t'grab too many changes of clothes when I went t'tell Dmar I was goin' t'stand as a cand'date." She frowns a moment at the mention of her Iernien bronzer. "I stole, err, I mean b'rrowed a jacket from a cute rider." She grins a bit impishly.

Abigail chuckles and nods with a smile. "Yes well… Best look into some warmer clothing just in case ye know?" This questioned with an amused tone at the whole idea and she shakes her head slightly. She looks to other a moment pondering before speaking up. "I take it he didn't handle the news too well?"

Etzlix nods, "I've a few marks t'my name. But gettin' th'shop built took most of 'em. I just have t'find someone willin' t'work fer cheap." As for the second part? She shakes her head, "He didna like th'idea of me standin'. Pretty much kicked me outta th'house." She sighs. "An' I ain't heard hide nor hair from 'im since." She shrugs, it's not something she can help, she had already accepted when she'd told him. "I thought he'd be a lil s'pportive, since he's got his bronze an' all. Boy was I wrong. I think he feels like I'm runnin' out on him and th'boys. And.. I dunna think he trusts me when I'm nay where he kin keep an eye on me."

Abigail blinks while she watches the other curiously. "Sounds to me if that is how he is ye should find someone else that trusts ye better Etzlix." This said with a soft tone and shake of her head. "I an't gona be with someone if they na't trusting me any." She pauses a moment thinking of Fellan whom she hasn't seen hide nor hair of in a while. She should have expected as much. A playful wink is sent towards Etzlix. "Find someone that cares 'bout ye for ye not the other way around if that is how he is gona be."

Etzlix shrugs a little to her friend. "Maybe, but I love 'im, canna help it. Our relationship didna start off with much trust, but I thought he'd have more trust in me now, we been t'gether over a turn." She sighs then. "I jus' hope he takes me back when this is all o'er with. Otherwise, I dunna know where I'll go."

Eirwyn is coming up from cleaning cavern, her hair in a damp braid over one shoulder. She still has a wash cloth in hand and seems to be inspecting her fingers as she walks in, heading toward the food tables. A little extra scrubbing before she sets it on a tray and grabs up some food. Some vegetables, fruit and a fish pie. No other meat. Once filled up she moves over to where the older candidates are sitting, "I am never eating meat again. If I impress, I swear I am going to make it eat fish." She says with a grimace as she sets her platter down, a faint grimace being worn on her face.

Abigail hums softly and nods a moment while she watches her friend a few moments. "Well have you tried to talk to him since then? Maybe… Send him a message or, go visit him? As long ye have a rider it should be alright." At least that is from what she has heard. She glances up hearing Eirwyn and chuckles softly while giving her a grin. "Whatever for?" This questioned with a curious tone.

"I had to go hunting today…fishing..its smelly but they don't scream and they aren't all that bloody. This was horrible…" Eirwyn gives a little shiver at the memory of it and glances down at her hands as if inspecting to make sure she got all the gore off. It is only then she seems to realize she has interrupted a conversation between the two women and goes back to picking at the vegetables on her plate. No doubt this 'never gonna eat meat' again may last a sevenday at best.

Abigail ahs softly and nods to Eirwyn, a soft chuckle escaping her. "I never had a problem with hunting. Suppose I've been around it a bit more than some others." This said with a soft tone at the idea of it all.

Being nearly a teen and a boy means Mikal is nearly always hungry. So this is the purpose of his trip into the Living Caverns on this day. Veering off to the side he looks over the selection of food available.

"I didn't think I would ever get the blood off my hands." Eirwyn says with a grimace and glances down at her hands again as if expecting it to reappear. "I never thought it would be so horrible. There was so much blood and the.." She gives another shiver and just gives up on eating as she grabs her juice and takes a drink. "Hopefully I can persuade them to let me fish instead. I may not be great at it…but it is nowhere near that horrible!"

Abigail chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Oh It's not that bad once ye gotten use to it." She ponders while shrugging. "Well, just ask and see what they say?" It is a thought!

Choosing a bowl of chowder, Mikal claims a piece of Red fruit pie as well before turning to look for an empty seat.

"I don't know if I want to get used to it." Eirwyn replies and starts to pick at her vegetables. She takes a deep breath and glancing to Abigail, "So what did you have to do today?" She asks of Abigail before noticing Mikal looking around for a seat and giving a wave. "Couple over here!" She declares to younger candidate.

Abigail nods to Eirwyn. "It's alright; some don't need to get use to it. Some just don't like it. Nothing wrong if’nn ye don’t enjoy it any." She offers before glancing over to Mikal and waves to him. "Oh I had laundry again. I think they like sticking me there." She makes a face at the thought of it.

"I had dragon washing today!" Mikal chimes in cheerfully as he takes an empty seat near the two girls. "Hiya." he adds in a greeting as well. "I'm not interrupting am I?" is asked hastily. "

It is late afternoon at the weyr and a group of candidates are gathering after finishing up chores for the day. Eirwyn has a selection of vegetables and fruit on her plate and she is sitting next to Abigail and Mikal. "Laundry again? I think they removed my name from the laundry roster after that one day. Maybe that is the ticket, make them not want you." Eirwyn says before looking over to Mikal, "Really? What was that like? I haven't gotten the chance to do that yet."

Abigail takes a sip from her mug and smirks as she hears Eirwyn. "Maybe that is why I keep getting it then. I swear I'm in there more than anything." She shakes her head slightly. Her bronze firelizard stretches and croons out from his spot on her lap; he peers around seeming to finally notice there are other peeps around!

The smell of Chyhi comes well before the woman herself does. It's a rather pungent odor, nose hair curlingly bad. Stomping in her boots, Chyhi finally appears, looking much like she's rolled in manure. "Howdy folks!" She states quite cheerfully, shuffling over to a group of fellow candidates and taking a seat without even waiting to be invited to join. "I was workin' the stables, right? An' this huge herdbeast broke wind all over me. I was chokin' for fresh air and -BAM-!" She smashes her hands together, faking the sound of falling. "I tripped and fell right into some poo." Hands link in front of her and the hunter turned candidate leans towards the other candidates, head tilting to the side. "What are y'all up to, eh?"

Now that's a smell and a half! Mikal turns his head as he smells and /then/ hears Chyhi as she is there. "Oh hey you. I heard about you a bit." he's ever so eloquent isn't he? "Ya do smell like a giant herdbeast's butt." he goes back to his food, appetite still thre!

"Yeah, every time I turn around you are folding laundry." Eirwyn agrees with a nod before there is a sniff at the air and she looks to the approaching Chyhi with a mix of amusement and disgust on her face. "That sounds horrible…have you thought about taking a bath?" She says in a light hearted tone to the fellow candidate, amusement crinkling her eyes even as she covers her mouth.

Abigail chuckles and shrugs before she peers over at Chyhi at the bit on her well, getting gassed on and stepping in things. Amusement crosses her face and she shakes her head. "Stuff happens. Baths can come later." She grins slightly at the thought and sips at her mug.

"Right?" Chyhi states, grinning at Mikal. "I should be runnin' out, tryin' to hunt down some game. Herdbeast fart helps mask my usual scent!" The girl grabs her tunic, pulls it out some and takes a whiff of herself before jerking her head back, "Phew! That's ripe!" Nose is wrinkled at Eirwyn's suggestion, a quick shake of her head. "Hate baths. Seepin' in your own juices, I'll jus' wait for it to rain or somesuch. Maybe hit the lake, if'n I gotta. Dependin' on who all whines and moans 'bout my smell in the barracks."

Mikal gulps down the rest of his food before standing. "Oh I don't mind the smell really but the girls around me were complaining!" he chuckles. "I'll see you guys later I forgot I am in the group headed out to the Smithcrafts today. Bye!" he gives a wave.

There is a grimace at the mention of hunting, "Please don't talk about hunting. Stay and eat, but don't talk about hunting." Eirwyn says as she holds up her hands defensively. She gives a wave to Mikal as he departs before leaning back in her seat picking through a few more bites of vegatables. Apparently we are going vegetarian after today. Will see how long that lasts. When Chyhi leaves though there is a touch of relief on her face, "That was pretty bad…"

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Eirwyn. "Well, what about fishing. Do ye like fishing?" This is questioned while she peers over at the other curiously. "Maybe I can show ye how to fish instead? Not that I tend to do much of it anymore. Though could always pick it up again ta give ye some lessons. Still have to put bait on the hook, and gut a fish if'nn ye plan on cooking it."

"Mostly dealt with netted fish at the hold. Watched more than anything, but I think that seems a lot less gross than hunting animals that bleed and scream. I might even get some points with the fisherman if I can catch a fish myself by time I got back. That would be cool Abigail."

Eirwyn says before scrunching her nose at the rest of her meal, it seems dinner will not be hers tonight. "I think I am going to go study or something. I really need some distraction." She says as she gets up, "See you later on?"

Abigail nods as she hears the girl. "Sure, I can understand that. Done some work with a net and fishing before but I'd rather use the reel for it. More fun I think." She grins. "An well, at least not screaming animals to contend with at least. Whenever yer interested in doing so just let me know?" This questioned with a curious tone while she glances after the others. "Alright, I'll see ye later!"