The sun is high overhead - well, it would be, but the skies are filled with dark, brooding clouds instead. There's a cool breeze, and so the lakeside is mostly deserted… save for a greenrider on the shore watching as his dragon stretches out her wings in the shallows and is dutifully scrubbed by Borodin. The water is on the cold side, which is doubtless why the candidate is the one doing the majority of the washing in those chilly waves. He's dressed in an undershirt and a pair of shorts, both soaking wet by this point in the chore.

Abigail has been busy with the laundry once more, she seems to be in with that chore more then she wants! Though at the moment she is able to take a break and is off to see how her brother is doing. A glance is offered over the area as she continues onwards, curiously glance towards towards the water once she catches sight of Borodin and the dragon he is washing. A smile is seeh and she waves towards him. "Hey Borodin." She nods to the rider, along with a slight salute in the process.

"Hey," calls back Borodin, lifting a hand. The greenrider calls, "Hip needs another scrub!" Strange sort of greeting… Oh, wait. That was to Borodin. The candidate glances to him, and nods. Right, then. He hefts up some soapsand, and wades deeper into the water to where the green is obligingly wallowing to let him reach. Scrubscrubscrub, until the green finally dives her way underwater with a tailthump that sends water flying, and Borodin stands there dripping until she's picked her way to shore and gone off with her rider.

Abigail looks amused at the 'greeting' from the rider and then ohs, a soft chuckle escaping her as she looks back to her brother. "I think that means she's done with her bath." This said with a grin and shake of her head. "How ye doing with the washing?"

With dragon and rider disappearing down the path, Borodin wades his way back to shore. He glances up and down along it, and discovers no further dragons. "Uhm, okay, I guess." The wind picks up for a moment, and he shivers, splashing his way up the rest of the way and leaving a drippy path to the jacket he left here so it didn't get wet. He puts it on, thus promptly making it wet, and turns back to Abbey. "How're you? With, uhm…"

Abigail follows along and settles down upon a bench. "I had laundry again, it wasn't that bad really." She lifts her head up to peer at the sky curiously. "I wonder if it'll rain." Oh well. Her gaze turns back to him. "Say… Did ye get to touch the eggs yet?"

Borodin nods, and shivers again as he glances again for dragons and then tugs the jacket on better. "Rain?" he says, and looks up at the sky, and those looming clouds. "Oh. Uhm. We might," he acknowledges, and frowns. Hurm, that seems… well, at least he's already wet. How much worse can it get? The final question has him looking away, out over the lake. "No. I heard… about them, some."

Abigail looks amused and shrugs, she chuckles softly. "Well it is Fort." She points out with an amused tone. A nod is seen and she smiles while looking back to the sky. "Well I don't want to ruin it for ye, it's a great thing, never would have thought anything like that would happen with an egg before."

To ruin the rain? Borodin blinks, but then… oh yeah. The eggs. "I, well, I'm looking forward to it." Yes, because this is his looking forward face, not his vaguely terrified but going to do it anyway face. He takes another look along the shoreline. "Uhm, I don't think anyone else needs washing-" brrrrr "-so maybe, uhm, have you had lunch yet?"

Abigail offers him a smile and shakes her head. "Naw. I came to see what ye was up to, an if'nn ye wanted to get get some." She offers while standing up, stretching as she goes. A soft pat is offered to his arm. "Yer be fine, promise." Then she ponders. "Have ye heard anything from mom and dad?"

His arm, much like the rest of him, is wet. Borodin nods at the prospect of lunch, and hops his way into a pair of trousers. Also wet, once he's got them on, and is the wind picking up? It is! Brrrrr. He starts off with remarkable alacrity (for him) across the bowl. "Heard… no." He's looking straight ahead. "I haven't heard."

Abigail nods and follows along with him across the bowl. "I've sent Hurrit with a few messages but havn't gotten anything back." This said with a soft murmur as she ponders the thought of it all. "Ye think their mad at us?" Which is an understatement seeing how it is their parents after all.

Borodin nods to the mention of the firelizard messenger, though it's with a glance up to the fireheights, and then he's quiet for a few moments, or maybe he's just keeping his teeth from chattering. Are they mad? "Well. I, I think… well…" He takes in a breath. "I don't care."

Abigail pauses and peers up at Borodin watching him a moment. "Ye don't?" This is questioned with a soft tone. Well Borodin tends to worry more about what there parents feel then herself so this is a bit of a surprized to her.

That's right. Borodin's calm (hah!) confident (yeahright!) and… chewing on his lip. So much for even acting cool and collected. He's quiet again for a bit as he hustles along through the bowl, either thinking or saving his breath for the hike. Which is why when at last he's ready to speak, he pauses to do it. "I-" A rumble of thunder blots out the rest of what he meant to say, and a moment later, the skies open up with hail. Borodin yelps as the stones begin landing, and his bold conversational stance is utterly forgotten as he flees for the caverns at a huff-puff-puffing run.

Abigail continues to follow along, eyeing her dear brother as they go. She smirks once he goes to talk and is about to question what he said before the hail starts to fall. Great! With a half eeep she follows after him, running on towards the cavern and perhaps enough to catch up with him!

Borodin comes running in, soaking wet and panting. He's lucky he doesn't actually collide with anyone… and lucky to be inside. Outside, the loud cracks and thumps of the hailstorm continue, and the entrance is starting to gather a small crowd of those fleeing the storm and those inside and gossiping about it.

Abigail grumbles as she pauses at the entrance of the cave and gives hrself a good shake which sends water and bits of ice bouncing off of her it seems in the process. "So I didn't hear all of that.. What was ye trying to say agian?" Oh heck no she wouldn't let that slide! She pauses to peer over the ones that are here gossiping about the hailstorm.

Pant, pant, says Borodin as he leans against the wall. Oh, what, you wanted actual words? He pushes himself up after a moment, shaking his head, and goes over to get a mug of hot klah. The hot is the important part, judging from how he wraps his hands around it and clings.

Abigail totally wants words, she slips past the people and moves on to get herself a warm drink as well. With mug of hot klah in hand she moves on pausing next to Borodin and leaning back against a table slightly. Her pale gaze still eyeing him while she takes a sip from her mugl.

"Well," goes Borodin, followed by uhm. She's loooooking at him. He takes a sip of klah, and swallows it down, then slowly lifts his gaze up from his mug. "It's, uhm, well. I don't care." It's much less confident and defiant sounding this time. Seems that got beaten out of him. By hail. "I don't, because… because what can they do? I mean. I'm here. And, and I'm a candidate. So, uhm, well… yeah."

Abigail hums and nods with a smile is seen. "Ya I know.." Is offered with a softly while she peers over at him. "I was just wondering." There is a pause. "If… for some reason ye don't impress are ye gona go back to the hold?" The hail is evil like that, beating things outa people!

If she knew, then why did he have to say it? Borodin looks down again at his mug, and takes another sip. When he lowers it, there's a faint smile. "No. I figure, after this, I'll ask to stay on in the kitchens. If they say no, or the bakers… well, maybe I could go to the vintners. I mean, I don't know much, but… I could learn."

Abigail because she wanted him to say it! It doesn't mean anything unless it is said outloud after all. A nod is seen while she tilts her head to look over at him. "Well good for ye. The vinters would seem like a interesting place. "I had a trip over to the healers. One of 'em said I was really good at it. Not that I would change being a guard." Though perhaps the thought had crossed her mind. "If I don't impress just have to see I suppose."

Borodin nods slightly. "I had seacraft. That was…" Horrible, his face says, but what he says aloud is, "…interesting." He takes a long sip. "Anyways, you've got the guard. If you…" Huh. "Are you going back? I mean, you could get yourself assigned anywhere, probably."

Abigail shakes her head at the bit on going back. "Naw, I'm going back. I'm gona stick it out here unless they want me to trandfer I suppose. Which I dan't think they will." She tilts her head while glancing over to him. "I sorta like it here anyway."

Borodin nods, taking another sip of klah. His fingers have slowly relaxed their grip on the mug, and he's stopped with the shivering. "It's, uhm… yeah. I guess it's kinda nice here." When it isn't hailing, at least. He glances to the entrance. Still with the hail.

Abigail glances back to him. "Well, just look at everything we've gotten to learn since being here." She points out. "I don't think we would have learned half of it if we was still at the hold."

"Uhm," goes Borodin. Learning things? Him? Aww, lookit, he's got a blush! "I, well… you never know…" he manages. Oh look a distraction! Someone's just brought out another basket of rolls. "Hey, better get something to eat!" Off he goes to the table, and starts assembling a plate.

Abigail hums softly and looks up at the talk of food. I guess that is a good thing, seeing how her stomach is grumbling. She moves along after Borodin, plate in-hand and so forth. "I think ye've learned more then ye think. Look at how many places we've gotten to vist. Like the sea hall, the vintage an so forth."

Borodin simply continues to blush and bobs his head a few times as he takes a roll, a baked tuber, some gingered carrots… yep, that's totally a well-balanced lunch, and he takes it over to a table and sits down.

Abigail eyes Borodin curiously. "What for ye blushing for?" This questioned while she sits herself down across for him. Her plate having tubers, ginger carrots, wherry and a couple rolls. "Have ye seen Zapallie, or Fellan around any?" She hasn't seen them for a while it seems.

Borodin shakes his head quickly. Nope, nothing there to be seen. He takes a bite or three of the carrots. "I haven't seen Fellan since… uhm. Well, not for a while, anyways." He bites his lip, then remembers he's supposed to be doing that with food, instead. "Zapallie's around. She has a cow."

Abigail is quiet and nods slightly, a faint rolls of her eyes is seen while she taps her fork against the plate a moment. "Wait… She has a cow?" Her gaze flicks up towards her brother watching him a moment. "Why does she have a cow?"

Borodin nods his head once. "For riding," he answers, then places a forkful of lunch into his mouth.

Abigail is quiet as she just peers at her brother a few moments while she chews on a bite of bread. "Why would one ride a cow? This questioned with an unsure tone."

Borodin takes a while to reply, what with having to chew and swallow and all that business. None of which he particularly rushes. At last, he speaks. "Why not?" A shrug. …and a smile.

Abigail shrugs now and chuckles. "I dono, I don't really care either way truthfully. Just never heard of anyone actually having a cow for riding I guess." She chews on her lip pondering. "Ye interested in one for yerself?"

"Me?" asks Borodin in tones of surprise. "Why?" His fork, loaded once more, is instead set down on the plate. "I mean, what would I do with one?"

Abigail shrugs at this. "I dono, ride it?" Is questioned with a curious, an slightly amused tone. "How does one ride a cow anyway?" She ponders this while chewing on another bite of carrot and tubor.

"I'll stick with carts," says Borodin, candidate to become a dragonrider. "Uhm, well, you sorta sit on the humpybit. I hear it's not very comfortable."

Abigail chuckles softly and nods, amusement clearly seen while she peers over at Borodin. "So, does it have a saddle?" Ya so she is curious about the idea!

Borodin nods. "Yeah, but it's not like a runner saddle. It's, uhm… different." Yes indeed. Borodin takes a sip of klah, then continues with the eating lunch.

Abigail ponders and nods while tapping her fork against the table a few moments. "Well… I hope I get to see it sometimes. I bet it's cute." She ponders that.

Borodin smiles. "Well, I'm sure if you asked. Uhm, if you saw her. Well." Unfortunately for him, he's done with food. No fleeing the awkward questions. Sooo… "You haven't seen Fellan?"

Abigail hums softly and shakes her head. "No. Not for a while not actually." She shrugs while eyeing her plate which still has a bit of food left. "He got searched as well. I'm guessing his just busy with stuff." Though it is sort of strange that she hasn't spoken to him in a while now.

"Ah," says Borodin. His mouth opens. He closes it again. It sneaks- no, no, mouth closed. Right. Mug of klah, and his mouth opens simply to take a sip and keep busy.

Abigail peers over at him ans smirks faintly. "I know ye don't like him Borodin." This said with a soft tone and she shrugs. "I think his nice.."

Down the klah mug comes. "I didn't say anything," says Borodin indignantly, and he stares at his sister for a moment before setting the mug down and standing up. "I'm going out again." He picks up plate and mug, his expression stoney.

Abigail peers over at him and smirks a bit. "Don't have to say anything." She just knows these things! A soft oh escapes her and she is about to ask if she can come along though that stoney look he has makes her think twice it seems. She watches him a few moments and nods while peering at table. "Try not to get to cold. Don't want ye getting sick."

Borodin doesn't say anything; he simply nods, once, at the end. He turns and drops off his plates in the kitchens, then heads outside. At least the hail has stopped. It's just raining, now.

Abigail glances up to curiously watches Borodin leave, a soft sigh escapes her while she picks up her plate and mug and moves over to take care of it. There have to talk at some point! Though it seems Abbey isn't to eager to talk about it.

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