Fort Weyr - Computer Lab
This large, square room next door to the library has been outfitted as a computer laboratory for fort's residents. The edge of the room is lined with desks on three sides. Upon each desk is a computer. In one corner of the room one can see three printers and three scanners set up for ease of records transcribing.
In the center of the room a screen for projecting pictures on can be pulled down. A large heavy oak table, battered and worn with time, sits in the middle of the room with rather uncomfortable looking wooden chairs. A projector for projecting slides, and even film if some enterprising fortian wanted to, is located on this meeting table and lines up perfectly with the pull down screen.
The final detail is that shelves and metal cabinets with office supplies and a comprehensive library of equipment manuals and books with titles like "Word Processing, a Weyr Archivist's guide" and "how to convert pictures to the large screen" and "Virtual Book Keeping, what every Headwoman and Steward Should Know" and still others with less original titles and still more with simple operating manuals for each of the pieces of equipment therein.

The current time for zone 3 is: 2690.7.21 15:12:11

Outside, today is a gloomy and overwarm. Inside, it's delightfully cool, with the cooling system running excellently - for once! Since everything is working right, Idralia actually has time to do a bit of research, and so has made her way to the computer labs to access the uplink to the Landing computer network. The techie is settled in one of the computers, a notepad laying open beside her. Her firelizards are lounging on the shelves, bored but unwilling to brave the muggy outdoors.

Surprisingly, the mugginess that would make some cringe is a pleasing aspect for one man, though the exotic features of the man suggest that he came from such a climate anyhow. Either way, the rider who had once appeared in a grumpy state of mind hogging his radio to himself after Idralia pressed him, has returned. Dressed with a crisp shirt and trousers, shirt colored a powder blue and trousers an off-white, he looked as he did the first time he came to Fort - rigid and pretentious. Eyebrows lift as he look over the faces of those working in the lab, obviously hunting for something or someone, or maybe expecting someone to come assist him - especially by the stance he takes.

Engaged in her research, Idralia doesn't notice anyone's arrival - she's too busy copying something and making notes on it. The lab technician, however, looks up from his terminal and regards the unfamiliar rider with suspicion. "Welcome to the computer lab. Do you need assistance, sir? I would ask that if you are not familiar with our systems that you allow me to help you settle in. We are very careful of our technology," he says, watching the man carefully.

The lab technician is given a dismissive look, his eyes continuing to wander the heads and faces, moving forward even as the lab tech becomes suspicious of him. A'dmar lifts his hand to the watchful man, saying to him without looking at him, "I am not here to -touch- anything. So if you'll excuse me…I have noticed who I was looking for." A sharp tone in his voice to cut off any protests from the lab technician, striding toward the woman who is too engaged in her computers to notice him, or anyone else. Thus, he is likely able to approach her and not startle her from her work, while he leans up against the table edge that hosts her station, arms crossing, looking down to whatever it is she is working on, eyebrow lifted.

So long as A'dmar stays hands-off regarding the computers, the lab tech doesn't speak, letting A'dmar meander around without comment. And while Idralia remains too involved in her work to notice that someone has approached her, her firelizards are not nearly so involved. Silently, the limber green climbs to a lower shelf, peering this way and that at the man who is regarding her mistress. Why would another person be so interested in the mechanics of radio systems, Sneak cannot fathom. Clearly, this person's time would be better spent paying attention to something else… like her! Sneak launches herself, chirruping repeatedly as she bobs toward the rider.

A'dmar doesn't give the lab tech any more thought, since he had already dismissed the man from his mind and was clearly determined to find the young woman who he shrugged off before. The man continues to consider her research, not interrupting, but rather observing, watching her work habit as much as her process of problem solving - if there is any of that to do in her research. Abruptly his attention is averted toward a green blob bounding toward him, an arm instinctively lifting to block the creature, or invite the firelizard to sit on his forearm - it's unknown which one he intended.

Idralia looks up when Sneak starts chirruping, scowling at the green. "Sneak, stop making noise. Go-" And then she notices that there is someone looming over her and startles, jerking back, while the green drops to the counter with a dispirited droop to her wings. Idra stares at A'dmar for several moments, sorting out who he is before saying, "Hello, A'dmar. Did you need assistance with something?"

The bronzerider looks skeptical at the green when she decides to drop to the counter instead of pouncing on him, a brow arched high for the little 'lizard, drawing his dark eyes down toward the young woman when she startles at the sight of him. Crossing his arms again, he takes on a non-chalant sort of appearance, even if he flips a glance toward the green now and then. There is some surprise showing on his face when Idralia remembers his name, "Idra…" since that is all Miki gave him to work with, "To be frank, I did not believe you would recognize me." A beat as arms uncross and one hand slides into his trouser pocket, "Does Fort Weyr keep you busy?"

"It isn't often that a rider gets miffed with me," Idralia replies with a slight smile. "I tend to remember who I've manage to irritate, so I can try to not do so the next time I meet them." Absently, she reaches over to stroke Sneak, causing the green to churr happily and sprawl on top of the notebook. "Keep me busy? That's debateable. It's really more a matter of whether the cooling system has decided to behave, or the computers not have a meltdown," she replies with a slight shrug.

A'dmar retains a stone expression at the remark from the younger woman, not acknowledging the fact that he did get irritated with her 'giddiness' in regards to his radio that one time. Instead, he waits to hear her answer to his inquiry, noting it with a slight uplifting of his lips, "I figured as much. A young woman so excited over a radio must not have quite enough to keep her occupied, at least not with interesting projects." He looks back over toward the lab tech then down to Idralia, "Those radios of mine, they're connected on a 'frequency' system, whatever that means. I'm not a computer tech, I just work the things when I need to…I'm in need of someone capable of maintaining the system, offering suggestions to operate them better, looking after our computer…purchasing upgrades… or making new ones… generally, things that I cannot do." His words trail off, waiting to see the reaction - just incase he gauged this wrong.

Idralia raises a brow at A'dmar's comments, noting, "I was curious about how well it was performing on our towers, not excited about the unit itself. We don't get many foreign units relayed through our tech, so I'm always interested to know if the end users are getting the service they expect." She contemplates his stated need, glancing at the work she's been researching. "Are you soliciting me for this, or are you looking for suggestions of who can do the job? I keep up with my fellow crafters, so I could probably get you a list of people who know radios."

A'dmar blinks at her first retort, a blink that suggests he doesn't know the difference between her getting excited about the unit and what it did. While he used technology, it didn't mean he completely understood it beyond its function. Instead, as she glances up, he gives a shrug, as if the matter hadn't been important. Instead, he speaks with a tone of indifference, "If I was soliciting you for this, would you be interested?" A soft shake of his head, "No, if I wanted to speak to your fellow crafters I would not be wasting my time here." A beat, "You -did- strike me as a woman who knew about radios… if I'm mistaken, I will withdraw my curiosity."

"Oh, I am very familiar with radios. They are a large part of training for any crafter," Idralia replies, turning away from her firelizard to fully face the bronzerider. "Isn't your system in Ierne? That's why I was thinking you were wanting suggestions. Or even a craftrider, who can transport themselves back and forth." Shrugging again, she finishes with, "If you don't turn out to be a crazy boss, sure, I'd be willing to give it a try. At the least I can help you verify that your system is performing at its best."

Idly drawing of his finger down the sideburn on the left side of his face, the man listens to woman's reply, letting his finger still on his chin while his elbow is hooked on the palm of the other hand, contemplating with silent observation. Finally, he breaks his own silence while shifting away from the table, nodding once to her initial question, "Yes. My base of operation is in Ierne. And while it is possible to hire on a craftrider, hiring you is in my best interest for a few reasons, one which includes an excuse to return to Fort more often than I would otherwise." A little roll of his shoulder, "Besides, I doubt it would be any where near what a full posting can offer and most craft riders need the promise of that." He regards her silently, flicking his attention toward her research, then back to seek out her gaze, "I'm a fair man Idra. All I demand is an equal amount of work for the marks I offer. The only thing is, I might need you at a moments notice, especially to resolve any glitches that occur without notice." By the sounds of it, he might have had a few of those already.

Idralia listens to A'dmar's explanation, fingering the mouse at her station. "Well, I can't argue with wanting to visit Fort more," she says with a faint smile. "Understand, my official posting, by order of my Hall, is to Fort Weyr. As such, the Weyr's needs come first. What that means for you is that if there is an emergency here, I have to be here and take care of it. Otherwise, I have a great deal of flexibility with my work schedule - it helps that I don't have any apprentices to watch over. So if you're good with that, I can't think of anything that would keep me from working with you."

A'dmar mouth curls just a bit, in a smirk that he is careful to settle before it becomes too obvious that it was even there. "It's a decent place," is all that he says about it, bobbing his head once to Idralia when it comes to a matter of her duty to the Weyr, adding in, "I understand completely. I would not intentionally put you into a conflict between your Weyr and your Hall." Arms are let loose to hang at his sides, "I'll be here for another night. If you would like to see our base of operations, I could bring you down tomorrow. If that works with your schedule. Decide from there if the job would suit you."

Idralia notices the brief expression but doesn't react to it beyond a slight shrug. "And there are some decent people to go with it," she replies evenly. "I appreciate your understanding. It's amazing how many people don't. Tomorrow would be fine. I was planning to spend most of the day studying, since everything seems to be working properly for a change. Provided nothing explodes overnight, I should have the day free."

"Some…" he finds himself admitting with a wry pull of his lips, turning his head over his shoulder for a time as if something was calling him. Though his attention snaps back at Idralia, "Good. I will be waiting in the bowl after morning meal." He wanted to enjoy the benefits of the Weyr at least through another meal, by the sounds of it! "Make sure nothing explodes," he intones with a nod, "I will leave you to your work. It looks as though you have plenty of it left to do."

"I'll meet you there," Idralia agrees readily, nodding. "And believe me, I always try. Until tomorrow, A'dmar. Have a good evening." And with that she turns back to her studying.

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