Wiyaneth and Raeyth's Clutching


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Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.
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People: Elara X'y X'an

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Entrance -E-

Public Announcement from Elara: The clutching of Wiyaneth and Raeyth's eggs will commence in 10 minutes. Any and all people are welcome to come watch! @tel #10420.

Wiyaneth lumbers onto the Hatching Sands rumbling quietly to herself thoughtfully. Her eyes sweep the expanse of pristine (now, thanks to the cleaning) sand, and rumbles again with satisfaction. Elara bustles along hastily after her queen, wringing her hands together and fretting. "And you're sure you've drank enough water, love?" she questions, patting Wiyaneth's shoulder. "And you're not hungry? Because I'm sure Raeyth or Izelth would be happy to go hunt for you…" Wiyaneth turns her head to regard her rider with a calm gaze, and Elara swallows the rest of her worry with a blush. "Sorry dear, you know what you're doing." She steps back, looking around for X'an and X'y.

X'an trots onto the sands a little behind the gold and her rider, eyes on his toes infact, rather than where he's going. Hot sands y'know.. even with boots on, they're hot. "Part boiled. You know, if there was a food shortage on Pern, we could use rider's feet and candidates feet as suppliments to the diet.. they get cooked well enough." muttered, he looks up, up at Wiyaneth and gives a chagrined sort of smile. "Sorry, Wiyaneth…"

X'y slowly strides into the hatching sands, Raeyth short on his heels. The young man's eyes are on the ground, and he doesn't really seem to care about being there. The boy is quiet. He nods politely to Elara and to X'an, leaning against Raeyth who has taken his place in the back of the cavern. Raeyth seems happy though.

Galleries> Word seems to have spread like wildfire, as people surge into the galleries at the galleries at the mention of Wiyaneth heading for the sands. Young and old via for the best seats in the house, though some of those that have been around the weyr long enough take seats further from the railing where it's cooler and there's less likely to be a chance of getting showered with sand should the gold fling it galleries-ward.

Now Sianne is one of those people that tends sit closer to the middle of the tears of seats, that way she's not has hot as those at the railing and she's still garunteed a good view of the happenings below. Her eyes seen glued to the sands, her hands fidgeting in her lap as she watches the young bronze and his rider enter the sands below.

Wiyaneth croons fondly at X'an and turns back to selecting the perfect clutching spot. Here? No, too hot. Here? Hmm, too windy. Here? Too much sun…How about here? Right in front of the galleries. Give people a nice look at her eggs. She rumbles with contentment and begins nosing and digging at the sand to create a low furrow for her eggs to rest in. Elara bustles over to X'an and X'y, beaming, "She's clutching!" Duh. "Oh I'm so excited, I can't wait to see how many there are. Aren't you excited?" she asks them both, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She beams up at Raeyth, "And I'll bet you're as proud as I'll get out."

Galleries> I'ven ducks his head as he comes up the stairs, muttering quietly as he eyes the entrance that is a bit too small for his height. "No, don't come in." He murmers, not even casting a glance outside, "They'll be angry…don't tell me it'll be fine, it won't be fine."

X'an folds his arms loosely, closing the distance once he's received a fond draconic 'pat on the head'… (You're a very pretty boy X'an. *chuckle*) so he's close to Elara, smiling at her. He does though, give X'y a quick critical look, somewhat inscrutable. "I think there's going to be seven or eight… she's not /quite/ as large as I've seen her before…" he muses to the weyrwoman, "Oooh, good spot!" a short round of applause for the gold, and he looks to X'y and Raeyth for /their/ particular answer.

Raeyth lowers his head to wuffle Elara affectionately. The bronze is indeed proud, and he lays contentedly on the hot sands, warming himself and watching Wiyaneth clutch -his- eggs. X'y nods, "Sure." His arms are folded across his chest, a defensive gesture if there ever was one.

Elara giggles and offers Raeyth a scritch to work off some of her excess energy while she watches Wiyaneth from afar. She glances then at X'y with a bit of a concerned frown. "Is everything okay?" Wiyaneth finishes digging her little furrow, and once that's done, well, why waste time? She turns around once and with a smug rumble of satisfaction, deposits an egg on the sands.

Galleries> Cerize strides in with a fellow glasscrafting apprentice, the latest in fashion draped around her neck - quite a lazy brown firelizard. "What do you think, Nemarne? How many? I'll put my marks down for ten." Nemarne snorts, "I say thirteen." With that, they make their way down the aisle, trying to get a seat nearer the front. In the process, they bustle quickly by Sianne, Cerize not taking notice at first of the (somewhat) familiar girl.

Murky Bayou Waters Egg
The brown of sludge and mud is what colors the surface of this egg, wetly swathing it in varying shades of darkness underneath all the other colors. Mossy grey-green floats over the surface, an optical illusion of color and depth making it seem almost as though it moves, swirling in glistening textured patterns over much of the visible surface. Then, beneath these readily apparent colors, there's something else. Shadows, mere breaths of some living thing just barely beyond view, even sending just a breath of ripples down one side of the shell as though for an instant, frozen forever, the creature within had broken through its liquid prison.

X'an leans forward to watch draconic motherhood in action, a curious blend of pleasure and disgust on his face. Well, when you think about it, you're getting excited over something rather gloopy and fluid coloured being deposited to dry out on sands… birth of any kind tends to be a combo-mishmash of pride and prudishness. "Gosh that one's…" he tries not to say it, but can't contain it. "A bogie. Lords."

Galleries> Sianne cranes her head downward "Look the first egg." that comment could be pointed to any of the arriving or to the blue that's residing on her shoulder. Chuckling softly "That ones got a lot of Fortian colors on it. Good sized, a good egg to be proud of." A beaming smile is aimed downward before she looks toward Cerize and Nerarne "THere could be thirteen but I'm thinking 10 or so."

X'y nods, "Yes." He watches with Raeyth who creels happilly at the first egg, crooning shortly there after encouraging notes to Wiyaneth. I mean, think about it. Eggs aren't small. That's gotta be mildly uncomfortable. X'y looks over at X'an and frowns, "A what?" His hackles start to raise.

Elara gasps and punches X'an lightly on the arm, "Hush!" she scolds, "Be nice!" She rolls her eyes at X'y, "Just ignore him, he just wants Wiyaneth's attention again." The queen doesn't even look over her shoulder. In fact, she peers up into the galleries. People watching? Oh good. With another happy warble she noses the Murky Bayou Waters Egg tenderly to one side and then gets on with laying another.

Caught In Repose Egg
Seemingly stainless, dazzling white is what greets the eye, as if an invisible hand scrubbed this egg clean before allowing it to be laid. But wait, it seems the mysterious neat-freak missed a spot or two. Low on the shell, spaced unevenly and almost buried in the warm sand are four round edged, cylindrical blots of sooty black. Faint, pencil thin lines of ocher brown trace a form from the darker stains, smudging into a shadow here and there until one can make out long, spindly legs. Two blotches and a faint slash of ebony near its apex become the upright ears and closed eyelid of a sleeping creature, one too young to keep from dozing in the heat. More clearly visible ribbons of chestnut mar its opposite side, painting a bushy strip of mane, thin dorsal stripe and bottle-brush tail on this brilliant ivory canvas. Further down, again practically hidden from view by its bed of sand are two more markings. One, a single thread curling and twirling to form a decidedly geometric knot-like pattern, the other what looks to be a human hand print, both eerily depicted in the crimson hue of drying blood.

Galleries> Cerize turns around, hearing more bets. "Want to put marks on that? If so, I've already got my bet on 10… Er, Sianne, was it?" She jerks her head back to the stablehand, directing Nemarne to go back to the girl with her. "I remember meeting you whenever I brought Elara that last box of vase— Now /that/ one's weird." She points out to the obviously new egg.

Galleries> Sianne pulls her eyes from the second arrival on the sands to the pair of apprentices "Yes, that's me. Sianne the stablehand." don't try to say that one 4times fast "THere's a second one already. Not wasting much time is that one." smiling "I'll agree with you, Cerize right, there'll be about 10 eggs."

Galleries> I'ven turns to look at the others, wrinkling his nose slightly. He rolls his eyes as he moves to sit in one of the seats, sitting down quickly. He watches the gold lazily, "I told you it was boring."

"Well, it does! It's sort of.. swampy hued." X'an mutters when he's punched, scolded mildly and asked to repeat. Sidelong glances get shot to clutchfather's rider and weyrwoman. "Sorry." sniff. Back to watching the clutch. "Ooh…you know, I always wonder how they end up being so colourful. Something like an artists canvas inside her belly. If she ate only chalk-white bones, would they all be shell white?" That last said very quiet, he's musing.

X'y glares at X'an, clearly not amused. At Elara's assurances, the boy turns his gaze away from the Weyrleader, staring back at the clutch that is coming to be. Short temper, growing shorter, X'y has been getting hotter and hotter it would seem since the flight, with lessening tolerance of people in general.

Galleries> Cerize purses her lips and juts her chin out, not wanting to share her "winnings" with anyone. "Right so, we'll just settle for 10 for each. No need to bet, then." Bah. Nemarne snorts, "I still say thirteen." "Okayfine, have your thirteen," Ceri smirks and then takes a glance at I'ven, "They're only boring if you've been to some before - this one's only my third. I like 'em." Especially since, you know, it's Elara and Wiyaneth.

Wiyaneth looks up again to the galleries and snorts. Who said weird? Cerize…hmm. And she used to like that girl. But the Fortian queen seems more amused than upset as she noses some sand onto Caught in Repose Egg to keep it warm. There. It's perfect. Elara just shrugs at X'an, "Whose to say how they end up all those different colors. I don't think it's anything to do with diet, really. I've seen some pink and purple eggs and I don't know what the queen could have eaten to get that." She casts a fond gaze back to Wiyaneth as she settles into the furrow and deposits another sticky and slimy bundle of joy.

Painted Desert Sands Egg
Cracked earth and parched, arid sand forms a panorama across the surface of this egg. Rich, burned sienna meets terracotta earth in a breathtaking, if desolate landscape. In a distinct line, the red meets peach, violet, oranges and washed out blue of a sky at sunset. Here and there, sparse, angular veins of green press up through fractured soil, reaching prickly fingers up to score against this illusory horizon and hazily overlaid with a veil of azure, great red-rock monoliths sit silent sentinel over the deserted shell. But no! For all the inhospitable majesty, tiny signs of the tenacity of life tickle the imagination: perhaps that trick of patterning might be a crawlie, that glint beneath the crevaces a hopper. Life perseveres.

Galleries> I'ven waves his hand in the air, "I've seen my fair share of eggs, I'm quite satisfied with eggs. Khriseth and I wanted to come here for the history, he wants to walk on the sands of the first weyr." He rolls his eyes, "Like they would let him."

Galleries> Sianne turns in her seat to eye I'van "Not boring what so ever, you can learn alot about people by just listening during one of these." sniff or snort, or both "I've been out there, it feels like sand from the beach only better." Eyes sandward again, the stablehand watches the bi-play between riders, the expressions on the younger man "I hope X'ys temper can hold out til the clutching is over, he's been so moody since the flight."

X'an's eyes slide sidelong to X'y once more, pale eyes narrowed. His lips thin into a firm purse afterwards, and he watches the ripples of contraction on Wiyaneth's flank instead of anything else, silently. That is until he realises his arm-folded pose mimics the younger bronzers, and he hastily tucks them both cross-wristed in the small of his back. "I don't suppose you can really test diet on eggs." Well duh.

Galleries> "That one's neat," Cerize states, pointing to the ones that looks like a desert almost. I'ven gets quite a weird look, "Uh, who would come to a Weyr /just/ to walk on the sands? That's kind've like just visiting a mine for a breath of fresh air." Sianne's word click into place and the glasscrafter hmms? "That boy that won the flight? Well, in my opinion, he should've been grounded in the first place. I mean, who lets someone with /that young/ a rider fly in a friggin' leadership flight?" Well, she's got her opinions.

X'y's brow furrows and he turns from watching the clutch to look at X'an with a confused and irritated expression on his features. Jaw clenching, likely a response to his growing urge to say something to X'an, he turns. Raeyth lays his head down, blocking X'y's view of X'an. There. Fixed. Raeyth croons. Ooo. Look.

Galleries> I'ven shakes his head slowly, "Khri likes history, this place is filled with history. Do you know how many dragons have crossed those sands, how many lives were born down there? If it was aloud, we'd like to take a few of the grains to take back home for our history collection. Or something of the equivalent." He smiles at the two, "And anyway, Khri wanted to see how eggs were laid. We just graduated so now we can get out of the weyr."

Elara giggles, "Like any queen would let us. 'Here, we're going to dye all your food pink from now until you clutch, just to see what happens.'" She giggles again, "And I don't think it'd be healthy, either." She looks at X'y, hoping to get a smile out of him. C'mon, she's trying to be funny! Please? Smile?
Wiyaneth glances back at the trio of riders and rumbles softly to Raeyth before her tail twitches and another egg is laid.

Tall Dark Conifer Egg
Amongst the others on the hatching sands, this one is unremarkable. It is not unique in flashy color or exorbitant size. It is taller than wide, its apex pointed skyward. It sits perfectly on a wide base nestled in the sand. Dark pine green melts smoothly over the hardening shell, accented by even darker spots of black. The forest hue is only broken by two or three round, sparkling white spots, speckled with flecks of rust. They stand out in stark contrast to the rest of the dark matte egg.

X'an twitches. That wasn't a jump of surprise, NO! It was just him readjusting on the sands, playing hot potato with his extremities. It wasn't anything to do with having a bronze stick his nose in like a large partition screen! Noone's going to notice the weyrleader inching away with the hop-hopping, are they? "Amusing to imagine…" he offers over to Elara, giving her a smile even.

X'y's mouth tightens into a thin line. That's about as close to a smile as Elara's going to get. The boy does relax noticeably when Raeyth interjects, however, and leans with his full weight against the bronze. He watches the eggs, eyes dull and emotionless. See? He's happy! Heh. Sorta.

Galleries> Sianne wearily rubs a hand across the back of her neck as she mulls over her thoughts and the conversation rolling about "Yes, Fort does have alot of history. I don't have enough time or fingers and toes to count dragons and lives and all that, I'm just happy to know it's been alot." simple really in her mind "I wish I had wine to send down there for them."

Elara sighs a little bit as her view of X'y is blocked, and gives X'an a shrug. Fidgeting nervously with the hem of her vest she casts her gaze back towards her queen and then she smiles again. "Lovely, dear!" she calls out. Wiyaneth turns to regard Raeyth and X'y for a long moment before she returns to the task at hand. Flanks heave and another egg is plopped out, next to the others.

Beneath Thunder's Eye Egg
Roiling storm clouds cover this egg from its apex to its base, swathing and shadowing every curve in nimbus swirls of black, purple and heavy, rain-swept grey. They spiral inward, bleeding together at the crown of the ovoid in the funnel of the storm's eye. Pale blue forks of lightning jag down at intervals across the shell, seeming to illuminate the vaguest notion of mountainous crags. They jut up like the teeth of a stone giant beneath, looming inward, directing the eye over this destructive force of nature, to the hub, where insubstantial shapes upon blackened wings tease the observer to believe that tiny, beady, yellow dots might just be eyes in the darkness.

Galleries> A group of drudges tromp up the stairs bearing trays of freshly made meatrolls and bubblies, as well as flasks of wine, ale, juice and water for those people who have come to watch the clutching. Setting it up on a portable table the drudges then retreat.

Galleries> S'rus meanders into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Galleries> S'rus has arrived.

X'an hops just a little bit further, then occupies his hands with undoing a waterskin by his side, uncorking it with jerks of his wrist to free it from the neck. Holding it up in ofference to Elara, he leans a little outward so he can catch her eye.

Galleries> Cerize hmms at the bronzerider, "I'm sure if you ask Elara, she'll be happy to let you take a handful. Don't see what it would hurt, anyways." She points and squees at the new eggs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Galleries> I'ven shrugs, "That's why we're here, we like looking at history." He says simply, watching the eggs as they're deposited one by one with a rather disinterested look to his eyes.

Elara accepts the water skin with a look of gratefulness to X'an, "I always forget to bring things like that," she confides, "just get so worked up when she says it's time that I run out here all in a tizzy. She actually made me go back to our ledge and put some proper shoes on." She blushes and smiles lovingly at her queen, "She takes such good care of me." Wiyaneth croons softly and noses Beneath Thunder's Eye Egg until it rests almost beneath the galleries. She'll move it again, but right now it needs to be there. She turns circles a few times, pacing for a moment before she lays another egg.

Silent Winter's Night Egg
Peaceful solitude and quiet grace etch the lines across this egg. The rich and loamy soil beneath your feet gives life to the great trees which rise above, their emerald canopies stretching for the infinite, seeking eternity in a moment's time. Darkness occurs in patches, a comparison to the bright white mounds of snow at the bases of the trees. Flickers of light between the trunks, silently moving golden stars winking in and out. Footprints first seen and then unseen, great hunters on the prowl.

Galleries> Sianne stretches, wiggles, sighs, and otherwise can't sit still. "I've got some sand in my room." looking over her shoulder at I'ven "I'd be happy to give you some. I got before I walked off the sands last time I stood." She turns back intime to see the next egg as it hits the sands.

Galleries> Slipping quietly into the galleries, a chubby form dressed in purple, blue and black gives curtsies to several people before finding an out of the way seat. Peering around to the others in the galleries, she offers nods and polite greetings before turning her gaze towards the sands. Leaning first this way then another, she stretches her neck as is tryin to spot Elara briefly before watching the queen deposit her next egg. Jule shuffles her feet out of the way as someone passes to find their own seat.

Galleries> S'rus steps into the galleries and takes a seat near the back. His black eyes gaze out at the sands in quiet reflection as he waits for the clutching to finish. He has mail to deliver and it seems everyone is too busy watching eggs to bother with his errand here. A break from work however is welcome enough for the moment.

Galleries> Cerize ehhhms, but doesn't say anything to the current conversation. She's content to just watch the eggs for the time being. (OOC: Idle for a bit!)

"As you do her." X'an chuckles lightly. "I forget other things…. but water? Nah. I remember thinking distinctly when I was standing for the clutch where Izelth found me, that I was getting dessicated. I've never forgotten water. One time I did forget socks, and to do up my belt, and …" the rest trails off in a blush that might be just the heat. "Anyway."

Galleries> Mysarra meanders into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Galleries> Mysarra has arrived.

Galleries> I'ven shakes his head, "I'd rather collect it ourselves, to make sure it was the real thing, you know? And anyway, I'd like to see what other things they have, so long as I'm not taking up too much of their time."

Elara giggles at X'an, handing him back the water and nodding thoughtfully. Wiyaneth rests for a few moments, her head on her forelegs and spinning eyes regarding her clutch lovingly. Then, heaving herself to her feet she turns around once and crouches to leave another egg on the sands.

Cavernous Darkness Egg
The majority of this egg is the grey of slate, uniform with only the subtlest of striations crossing evenly over its surface. Here a trace of white, here a thin line of brown, every so often a darkening of hue that lends the appearance of depth. It's as though a chip had fallen out of the roughened surface of this apparent stone wall, lost to time. All this around two thirds of the egg and then in the last, magnified, a patch of darkness takes over. A gaping hole that seems to drive into the very stonework of the shell, pure pitch black without a hint of what lies within.

Galleries> Sianne snorts, her nose edging further in the air "Suit yourself, but mines the real stuff. I stood with the clutch fathers rider when they found each other." eyes forward "I wonder if Elara could use some tea, she likes her tea." The new arrivals in the galleries are greeted with welcoming smiles but little else for the time being.

Galleries> I'ven chuckles quietly, "Oh, don't I know how much she adores her tea. She's sooner to press her concotions on someone than to ask what's wrong." He laughs to himself, looking amused. "It'd be nice to catch up with her anyway, it's been a while since I've visited."

X'an sucks a breath in, taking a deep drink of the water himself, a little gets splashed on his hand, and applied to his face and neck with slaps of his palm. "They seem to get so tired with egglaying. It makes me wonder what it was like in the days of 'fall, when they had to clutch up to thirty of them…."

Wiyaneth takes another pause to rest, rumbling a sing-song to her clutch as if that will help them grow stronger. As she's singing she lays another egg, never missing a beat in her croons her her flanks heave and sides ripple before the egg is deposited.

Desert Saguaro Egg
Much the same color of the hatching sands, this large egg glitters a golden white, as though it were a large Herkimer diamond. Smooth saffron waves cradle the hatchling within, and are stopped only as they break upon a solid green cross standing alone in the center. Verdant arms reach skyward towards the apex of the egg, dull and blunt at the ends. In the center of the cactus body, a small black circle in which three lavender orbs sit can be seen.

Galleries> Sianne shrugs at I'ven last comment as she turns her attention fully upon the sands "I wonder if she's getting towards the end of her clutching, resting more now then before." The eggs already on the sands are peered at one by one, "That last one is pretty but that stormy one I'm betting is a bronze, brown at least."

X'an appears to be counting, eyes glancing up to Wiyaneth and across the freshly laid clutch. "Eight." chuckling softly. "Any more and I was wrong… sharding good job I didn't bet on anything…"

Elara shrugs a bit at X'an and shakes her head, "I'm not sure. It must have been exhausting. Though Wiyaneth doesn't seem too tired. She's just pacing herself." Then she giggles, "That's why I never bet. That and people might claim unfair advantage. As if I could count the eggs while she was sleeping." The queen turns once more and with a low warble deposits another egg on the sands. Nuzzling it gently she lays down, curling about her clutch. She is obviously finished.

Watchful Prairie Egg
This oblong egg looks a little lopsided, as if something has occurred within to throw off its balance. A streak of vibrant blue is nearly buried in the sand, barely peeking up to mingle with the waving streaks of tan and dark brown blotches. Ripening wheat brushes against wispy clouds, beckoning all to come and run free. Looking at this egg gives the feeling of vastness. Of countless numbers and infinite spaces. Despite the definite edges to this egg, it is easy to wander around and around it, seeking its nonexistent end.

<OOC> Elara says, "Thanks everyone for coming!"

<OOC> X'an snugs.

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