'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern

A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

It's been a long day at Fort. A long, hot sticky day, in fact. After chores and classes and egg watching… there's not been a lot of reprieve from the heat. Which means a lot of sweaty stinky candidates. Plus everyone is in need of a little relaxation, right? Well, some people are. After dinner seems as good a time as any to relax and wash off the grime of the day. Hotaru isn't exactly shy about getting into a pool. She's more or less a weyrbrat and used to the public baths. While some might be a little awkward at Hotaru's age, she's starting to fill out a bit, and just really hasn't noticed. So the red-headed candidate finds some towels and her choice of pool and then starts to peel out of her clothes.

Edani's been in here for awhile. The pool he's chosen is one that a family of small children has recently vacated, apparently because it's brimming to overflowing with bubbles. Yeah totally girly, but it was the only empty one at the time. He's currently soaking with his head tilted back against the lip, eyes closed. Ahhh oblivion!

Also unshy: Khyonai. He follows Hotaru, more or less, to the pools; his candidacy gear is stripped with utilitarian motions, and he dips his chin into a gesture of acknowledgement; his voice, somewhat weary, projects to greet. "Hotaru." And thus, the first ringside spectator! He leaves his dirty clothes next to a pair of fluffy towels, gathers his soapstone, and— "Edani?" His voice is a little, uh, surprised. Maybe a little wary. Maybe a little choking-back-laughter. "… /bubbles/?"

Bathing around people is still basically Inyri's least-favorite thing about the Weyr. She's only been there a few minutes, though she made it into a quiet pool in the back without much mishap; she's also been washing her hair and paying little to no attention to those around her. It's only hearing a familiar voice (Khyonai's) calling out other names she knows (Hotaru's and Edani's) that get the young woman to actually pay attention to the rest of the baths. And that's when she spots Edani and his soak. And lets out a loud enough laugh that it's definitely giving away Inyri's presence in the baths to anyone who recognizes her voice.

Haha, suckers. While all the Candidates are off having to work, Zapallie has managed to loaf off again. Well, if by loaf off you mean learning to care for a baby bovine from the eternally patient beastcrafters. The effect is clothing covered in slobber, snot, milk, mud, hay, and well…it's best you just don't even try to identify the rest. Luckily, she has clean clothing in a bag and the messy ones get sent down the chute where all the bad clothes go. Add her to the unshy catagory, having grown up in a Weyr. She'll join the large crowd growing in the pools without batting an eyelash.

Kazulen has been on laundry duty. Yes, again. And so it's odd that he's back in the baths again — hasn't he had enough of hot water and rough soap? This might be why he's in the hottest pool he can find, just soaking, having already long since shed his modesty. His skin has already turned all prune-y; he really, really doesn't care. He's also not paying attention to anyone else at the moment.

Hotaru grins to Khyonai and waves. "Hi Khyonai!" Not exactly a subtle response, but there it is. And then Khy is giving away Edani's position. "Edani!" That comes out more like a squeal. Once Hotaru is out of her clothes, she rushes over to his pool to reach down under the bubbles and… splash the beastcrafter a bunch, giggling. of course water is going everywhere, on Hotaru, Edani, maybe even some over on Kazulen. Hotaru grabs onto Khyonai's arm for a moment to wave to Inyri, like she's afraid she might fall into a pool. Then she's plunking herself into the water right next to Edani. "Edani… Edani, look." She tries to point discretely (as if) over to where Kazulen is becoming a human prune. She whispers, but since Kazulen is over there it's not a very quiet whisper. "Should I go talk to him?" She giggle. "I sent him a note."

Oh damn! Edani has heard the name 'Hotaru' and it's like waking up from a nightmare or something. Maybe he actually fell asleep for a short time there? He's still got enough of his holder upbringing ingrained that this is AWKWARD and thus he sort of sinks down into those bubble - which are pink by the way - and cracks a cautious eyelid at Khyonai. "Yep." That's all he says and the tone is laconic. But those bubbles are now hiding the smirk on his lips when he notes that Kazulen is also in here. Inyri too, when he hears that laugh, but keeps his eyes from wandering that way. In fact, he closes them again. The splashed water and the plop of another entering his pool right next to him erases the smirk instantaneously, replaced with a heavy frown. "Yes, yes you should," he says somberly instead of screaming like a girl as he wants to.

Inyri's laughter prompts Khyonai's neck to crane around, eyebrows furrowing as he finally figures out - oh hey, there she is. His grin soon follows, increasingly less rare with the forced company of non-guards as he's been recently subjected to. He doesn't notice Zapallie yet — yet. Nor Kazulen. "Hota—" His commentary trails off as he's soon used as a prop, and with some little bewilderment, he shakes his head and starts over to Inyri's pool, leaving Edani to fend for himself against the living tornado that is Hotaru. "Why do I have the feeling that this isn't going to end well?" is his murmured comment to the barkeep, arranging himself to eye the trio with some little amusement.

"Color looks great on you," Inyri informs Edani, leaning against the side closest to the others of her currently-private pool in order to carry on a conversation with the others. Or maybe it's an observation. She too has some bubbles, strategically placed; unlike anyone else currently, she /is/ shy and staying that way. Even when her pool gains a Khyonai; she smiles, she waves, she — remains as far toward the other side of the pool as she can, because this is seriously weird. Bathing with strangers is one thing, bathing with your friends is — an even more bizarre thing for her, apparently. At least she has a nice piece of artwork on her head (that being shampoo-filled hair). "Did you hear the leadup?" she asks the guard who's joined her. "About the five marks and all?"

Zapallie drops with all of the grace of a falling log into the pool everybody is in, not even caring if she makes waves. She can only be nice for so long, it would seem, and old habits die hard. There's a grin on her face, too, a little bit too smug for this time of day. "Long day, Candidates?"

"Hmmph," mutters poor oblivious Kazulen, flapping a hand in the water in front of him. It's a pretty weak splash. It's also hard to tell who his response is directed at; he never did open his eyes. He's clinging hard to that obliviousness with everything he's got, even if it isn't going to last for long.

Hotaru is Edani's personal pedobear or something. She strikes fear in the heart of men ten turns older than she is. Of course she is kind of a tornado. As Inyri is finding the experience bizarre, Hotaru is thinking this is the most fun bathtime ever. Bathtime with a whole bunch of people you know! Some might even be friends! Edani is saved soon after, though, as Hotaru is putting on her game face. She takes a few deep breaths. "Whew. Okay. I can do this." She giggles. "What should I say?" Edani's arm is given a squeeze. This is Hotaru, apparently nervous. "Okay, hair dry, or wet?" She dips her head under the water, holding those glasses that are always attached to her face above the surface. Wet hair, apparently. Glasses back on. Hotaru lifts herself out of the water and then pads over to Kazulen's pool sliding into the water near him, but not quite as close as she was to Edani. "Kazulen… Hi!" That's a good start right? "Did you get my letter?"

Thanks Khyoni, man! Deserted and left with a nekkid teenager! Edani could USE some defense right now. His frown grows heavier yet and all he can say to Inyri's compliment is, "Thanks!" Because in addition to pink bubbles, he's now wearing red-flushed cheeks. He's still not looking her way because it's the decent thing to do to his way of thinking. Usually he sneaks in here when it's likely to be deserted. There are more waves in his pool and then Zapallie's voice. Great! Now he's sinking down further, so he might just inhale bubbles when he mutters to himself, "Just when a person thinks things couldn't get any worse…" Then more audibly and with eyes still closed, "Hi ZapallieEEEEEE!" Yeah, that's him squeaking as Hotaru grabs and squeezes his arm. Yanking it out of her hands, he shifts away from the teen post-haste and she's on her own as to what to say to him. Just. Go. Away.

Khyonai is just chill like that. Besides, Inyri is WAY prettier than Edani… just sayin'. He startles at the presence of Zap in the next pool over, but offers her a wary nod as greeting. "Zee." His attention distracts back to Inyri, and he shakes his head; "No, what is it about?" The five marks deal, that is. He watches Hotaru with a sort of morbid fascination - the same way people have to stare at train wrecks in progress. And when Zap's name trails off into an 'eeeeeeEEEEEEE!!1!', the guffaws of laughter are 110% Khyonai's. He's good as a peanut gallery if nothing else? Right? .. Right?

"I can't /perfectly/ recall," Inyri admits, sounding a bit glum and guilty — she does try to remember everything perfectly, after all! "But it was something about how Hotaru needed to get Kazulen to be her boyfriend instead of Edani — who, by the way, isn't her boyfriend, but she's been calling him boyfriend — and he'd give her five marks for it. She may have to kiss him to achieve that." Or something along those lines, anyway; Inyri is, in fact, chewing the edge of her lip now trying to be sure. When she's not giggling at Edani's greetings to Zap. "/Very/ long day," she chimes in, and then ducks underwater a moment. To rinse her hair. That's all.

Zapallie will rescue you, Edani. Or at least sit down on his other side and look way too perky at his discomfort. "Nice bubbles. Are you afraid we'll find out you haven't gone through puberty yet?" Poor boy. "Hello Khy, hi Inyri, hi Kazulen," pause, wary look. "Hi Hotaru."

People are actually saying Kazulen's name, now! Thoroughly! With … someone getting into HIS POOL. Kazulen's eyes crack open at that, all cranky-bear, because he's not altogether certain he wants to know — yeah, no. Crazy stalker-letter girl. Right. "Hi," he answers shortly, wary, and shoots a pleading glance toward — uh, Zapallie, because everyone else is looking somewhere else, underwater, or hidden behind a billowing mound of pink frothy bubbles. Help? SAVE HIM.

Hotaru is rather used to Edani ignoring her the best he can. That doesn't mean she's not going to talk to him! Though she's got other plans, so he's saved for now. She may even pat his arm to "comfort" him after squeezing it. She doesn't even call him a baby! Hotaru doesn't recall any kissing requirements to achieve her goal! Just calling Kazulen her boyfriend instead of Edani was sufficient, right? Wasn't that the point? Kazlen doesn't have to -agree- with it. Zapallie is given a wary squint. "Hi." Before she's turning to talk to Kazulen. She looks up at him expectantly for a moment, waiting for him to answer her question. "Well? I bet you got it." She bats her eyes at him. Then she leans over to whisper in his ear. "If you pretend to be my boyfriend, I get five marks. I'll give you two." She grins and nods. "Just put your arm around me, like this." Cue picking up Kazulen's arm and trying to drape it around herself. Which might be easy or comical depending on how resistant he is.

Khyonai can laugh. Edani doesn't blame him. He'd be laughing too if he weren't so uncomfortable. He'll just leave it to Inyri to explain it to the room in general, sinking down further until only the top of his head is showing through a pink bubble haze. "Yeah, that's it exactly Zap," he says sarcasm rich in there somewhere. Oh he can imagine how perky she is! He can hear it in her voice. Still not looking, though both she and Inyri are, no doubt lovely. Hotaru? Not so. Save you Kazulen? HAH! Not on your life! But then he's probably going to get sucker-punched later for this. Because the stipulation on those marks is Hotaru pesters him for a turn before getting them. Have fun Kazulen?

Amusement follows Inyri's words — and Khyonai settles in for a show. Hopefully nobody will rise to violence here and disrupt his entertainment! The guard-candidate leans back, trying to figure out which pool to pay more attention to: Kaz-Hotaru or Zap-Edani. Decisions, decisions. Better than when there's /nothing/ on TV… er— in the bathing pools. That. Right. Yes.

Zapallie leeeeans over Edani and idly starts scooping up pink bubbles to move on top of his head. If he wants to disappear, she'll bury him in foam. While she does this, she glances over at Khyonai and says, "Aren't you glad it's not you?" Kazulen wouldn't like her help, honestly. She's just as bad as Hotaru…with more chest.

Kazulen is too busy being horrified to properly resist — at least at first — which means his prune-y arm is wrapped around Hotaru's skinny shoulders before he can do or say anything about it. It also means that a moment later, he's snatched it back, clutching it against his own chest like a horrified auntie. "Are you nuts?" he hiss-whispers at Hotaru.

When Hotaru learns that she's got to bother Kazulen for a turn Edani better run away. Far away. Because that won't be worth it, to not bother Edani in favor of someone else. For a whole turn? Yeah right! She could do favors for people and earn five marks in less than a month. Hotaru seems satisfied. For that brief moment that Kazulen's arm is wrapped around her shoulders. Then she's furrowing a brow at him when he takes his back. "Are -you- nuts?" She hiss-whispers right back. "This is five whole marks we're talking about here! And I'm givng you two! Gimme back that arm!" She'll continue to tug for a while at him… then (assuming he refuses) she'll glare at him. "Don't make me kiss you." This last part she forgets to whisper.

That Edani does, thanks Zapallie. There's at least some air to be had down here, even if the occasional bubble zips up his nose. He knows what she's doing, can feel the miniscule weight of bubbles tickling atop his head and so he says evenly to her, "You enjoy that." Even with the bubbles providing an insulating wall of sorts, he can decipher that hiss and so chimes in, "Apparently she is." Or just bratty enough to take the bribe he offered. But oh could Hotaru make the equivalent of $100 Earth dollars in less than a month? Without a craft? Maybe he doesn't want to know.

Have you ever noticed that bubbles tend to pop and deflate over time? Edani better hope Zap gets tired of making him a fizzy beehive hairdo soon, or there's not going to be much left to the imagination over here. "Poor Kazulen is about to get tongued by a wherling, Edani. Don't you want to see this?"

And that looks to be exactly what Kazulen is afraid of, too, because not even the pink-fizz-negligee covering up Zapallie's… assetts… is sufficient to distract him away from the danger in which he presently finds himself. "Because that absolutely sounds lovey-dovey," he tells Hotaru flatly, not keeping his voice low, now, either. "Threatening to kiss me. You're a kid!"

Hotaru has red hair for a reason. Red means danger! At least for Kazulen it does. At least right now. "Who said it had to be lovey-dovey! Hello! Five marks!" Hotaru pokes to poke Kazulen in the middle of the chest. "Also, I am -not- a kid! I'm standing, aren't I? That makes me not a kid." At least in her eyes. "Ugh!" Hotaru flops her arms into the water in a defeated manner. This was not working out like she had planned! She stands up and makes like she's going to climb out of the pool, then turns towards Kazu to waggle a finger and yell at him "You owe me three marks!" Okay, taken out of context that probably looks and sounds horrible. The teen then gets out and drags herself back over to Edani's pool, flopping back in next to the beastcrafter with a pout. "Keep your marks."

Edani is thinking SO very hard about those bubbles, yep. He's pretty sure he hasn't much time left. "Not, uh, really?" He sounds dubious that Hotaru would actually go that far. She's just a kid, after all! And given the chance will second Kazulen audibly on that. Zapallie, on the other hand, might just go that far. Which is why she wasn't offered five marks. As things heat up over in Kazulen's pool, the ex-beastcrafter hoists his pink-bubble-clad self out of the pool he's in, just as Hotaru plops back in it, though he does tsk and chuckle, "Giving up that easily, eh?" He grabs the towel he'd been resting his head on and wraps it firmly about his waist, scooping up his folded stack of clean clothes and shoes shortly thereafter. He heads out then, calling, "Later guys!" back to them without looking back. Yep, it's off to the lake for a cold rinse off.

Zapallie looks faintly disappointed when Edani does no breastcrafting with her. Or leaves, probably. That must be it. Yes, Zapallie would absolutely go that far, and now that Hotaru's done making Kazulen miserable, she takes a turn, floating over to the edge of the pool and folding her arms across the edge to look at him with a big grin. "She might be a child, but I'm not. Fancy a snog, Kaz?"

"Are you going to give me two marks for it?" Kazulen asks laconically, eyebrow raised. His bits aren't covered up by soap fuzz, but at least the water's hot, so he isn't worried about shrinkage. Would that he'd been better-covered when the mid-pubescent had tried to jump him, however.

Hotaru apparently isn't that ballsy. And really, she is just a kid about some things. Snogging men being one of them. Edani gets a glare as he gets out of the pool, but Hotaru doesn't say anything to him. In a few minutes she'll realize that she's free to annoy the beastcrafter again, and that will make her feel much better. However, since her mission has failed, the red-head doesn't seem to be in the mood for any more chatter. So instead she just gets herself scrubbed up, then slides back out to grab a towel. After drying off she'll make her escape, but not without a glare for Kazulen. Seriously, who turns down two free marks!?

Inyri, meanwhile, has finished washing her hair — which conveniently took a long time, let's say she was also carefully cleaning gunk out of all of her nails — and is able to actually offer some kind of commentary. Too bad it's not very good commentary; her normal wit has been completely washed up by everything that's transpired in front of her. "If you are, I'll snog you too, Zee," is all she offers, despite the fact she's never looked at Zapallie like that /before/. Maybe she just wants to see what happens, or maybe she needs money.

Zapallie thinks about it. "I'd say kissing me was a privledge and paying you on top of it would be overkill." And so the curvy ne'er-do-well pushes away from the edge of the pool and goes for the soapsand. "That's 4 marks to kiss two people when I could just go to the bar and have two people pay for my drinks in order to snog me. You two are trying to cut me a bad deal."

"Well, to be fair," Kazulen points out nonchalantly, amused nonetheless, "Hotaru was only offering me two marks to get thrown out of candidacy by being her boyfriend. I'm still not entirely sure how that ended up in her head, for that matter."

Mikal walks in to a conversation of snogging? "Ewww, no kissing where it can be seen!" blurts out the youth.

"Wait." Inyri has to be the captain of logic here; she's sitting in a smaller pool near Zapallie and Kazulen, who are in the larger pool last anyone checked. "You wouldn't get kicked out of candidacy for being someone's boyfriend, would you? Not that I'm trying to be someone's boyfriend, or anything, obviously, I just didn't think that was the rule — I thought you couldn't do anything, you know, physical. But you could be in a celibate relationship. And you could've pretended to be in a celibate relationship! She's just a kid." Which is why you should pretend to be in a relationship with her to make her some money, says the woman who is dating a twelve turn old because she thinks he needs the emotional pick me up. Mikal's entrance just gets a slight brow-lift, and, "Don't worry, we're not," delivered deadpan.

"Why would you get thrown out of candidacy for being her boyfriend?" asks Zapallie curiously. "Borodin hasn't been kicked out." She turns to eye Mikal and arches an eyebrow. "The nannies let you out this late?"

"Well, if Borodin is her boyfriend, I don't see why she's trying to make me be her boyfriend, either," sulks Kazulen, ignoring the 'fake' part of the equation. Maybe he just doesn't believe in false representation! "And Inyri — as the older male in the equation, I promise, there's no way someone can look at that set-up and honestly believe that it's celibate and not skeevy."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Mikal casts a dirty look over to Zapallie. "Oh so funny." is his not so witty retort. He stops his forward momentum towards the bath pools and eyes those here a moment. Uncertainty dances in his expression if he should continue in or turn and depart.

"Borodin is my boyfriend," corrects Zapallie. "Or at least, I think he's my boyfriend." She starts lathering up soapsand between her hands and rubbing it into her hair. "That's me, a barrel of laughs."

Kazulen doesn't appear to be particularly impressed by this stereophonic lecture on Borodin's high points. Maybe it's because it doesn't come complete with a topographical map, so that he can send Hotaru on to the next part of her adventure…? Well, either way. "Nobody's sleeping with anyone," he agrees. "And I'm pretty sure this time through, it's staying that way for everyone."

"I was about to /say/. Borodin's Zee's boyfriend, not Hotaru's —" Of course, Zapallie already got there, so Inyri didn't really need to specify; she just had to point out, apparently, that she had been paying attention and did, in fact, actually know that. "I would hope he's your boyfriend if you think he is. And he's still a candidate, sure. He's not messing around with anyone else, if that's any consolation —" As she turns to combing her hair.

Kazulen doesn't appear to be particularly impressed by this stereophonic lecture on Borodin's high points. Maybe it's because it doesn't come complete with a topographical map, so that he can send Hotaru on to the next part of her adventure…? Well, either way. "Nobody's sleeping with anyone," he agrees. "And I'm pretty sure this time through, it's staying that way for everyone."

Mikal casts the small, chatting group a long speculative look before simply shrugging. With all of them older than he and none of them seeming too interested in including him in the conversation he simply strips down and slides into the main pool quietly.

Zapallie blinks at Inyri and tilts her head. "Wait, how'd you know?" Yah, she's got to figure that one out. To Kaz she quirks an eyebrow, "Was there a go-through where somebody slept with somebody else?" She wants to know that too.

How did Inyri know something? What a question. "I — heard," she says, eyeing her fingernails thoughtfully as if they are still lacking something. "From barracks gossip; couldn't be entirely sure if it was true, but you confirmed it and so that makes it true enough, yeah? I wouldn't otherwise spread it around." You can trust her, Zee, really! Even if she is really picky about her fingernails. "That's what I was going to say, though — /this/ go-through? What happened /last/ time? And did it involve Queska?" Likely not, but Inyri wants all the dirt she can get on that girl. A rivalry has begun. Mikal, at least, gets a welcoming smile from her; she does, after all, like everyone.

Fynnigan is hot on Mikal's heels as the younger candidate entres; perhaps they were just on the same chore duty, or craft visit - take your pick! He's much more shy in following suit, taking off his clothes and keeping a towel wrapped around himself until the /very/ last second - after which he covers up to slip into the water, then sits with a flush on his cheeks that's not caused by the warmth in the caverns. The tail-end of conversation he hears makes his ears burn, and he cants his head to look from one candidate to the other, then at Zapallie - /warily/ at Zapallie.

Kazulen shudders when Inyri brings up That One's name. "There were all sorts of things that involved Queska," he answers testily, "but as far as I know, she wasn't the one who —" He cuts himself off, eyeing the two younger candidates thoughtfully, and then hauls his sodden, prune-wrinkly self out of the hottest pool and splishes primly in between Inyri and Zapallie, the better to gossip on the down-low. "Well," he continues, in a much quieter tone, "someone thought it was a good idea to have wild, loud sex in the Galleries about three nights before the Hatching. I know that much."

Giving a brief smile back to Inyri, Mikal soon notes the appearance of Fynn close behind him. He says nothing about his fellow candidates flush or the reason that he is flushing. "Heya Fynn." greets Mikal. Briefly he looks back to the gossiping three but since Kazulen's moved closer to Inyri and Zapallie he can't make out everything he says.

Zapallie is not quite the scandal-monster she makes out to be. In fact, flirting aside, she's very reserved. So understandably her nose wrinkles at this new information from Kazulen. "That's quite disgusting actually."

It really looks as if Inyri agrees with Zapallie's assessment; her face sort of screws up a little bit, nose wrinkling similarly in distaste. "That's horrid. Don't, actually, tell me who that was. I'm glad it wasn't Queska, though, because who would want to have sex with her /anywhere/ —" That might have been said a little too loudly, and it's possible the incoming boys (the second of whom also gets a wave, even though Inyri seems rather focused on Kazulen and Zapallie and their conversation despite being in the other pool) could hear it perfectly crystal.

A quick dip is all that's needed for Fynn to get cleaned up, and so that's all he takes. The lanky teen has a rapid scrub over himself with the soapsand, ducks underwater to wash his unruly curls, and is then left to figure out how best to get out without flashing that which he doesn't want to flash. Whether he's successful or not he's out, wrapped in a towel, and picking up his clothes to go change in a dryer corner of the caverns.

Mikal ducks under water, popping up after a moment to grab some soap and lather up his hair. Seeming to have no interest in gossiping with the other group he seems to be finished with his bath as well. A quick towel off is all he does before pulling on pants and shirt and padding out barefoot.

"I wonder if it's something I said," Kazulen muses, unapologetically, as the two younger candidates go running away. He blinks, twice, before shrugging a little and turning back to the naked women in the pool with him. "I know that I wouldn't want to have sex with Queska," he allows. "Whether or not anyone else would."

Who didn't get to finish his bath? That would be Khyonai, who — y'know, hasn't been in here pruning. He comes BACK, though, because he hasn't shampoo'd his hair. Haha. Get the joke? Hair? Ye— okay, it was pretty lame. But he's slinking back into a pool, this time with the full intention of scrubbing himself clean.

"She probably has bogies in her bat cave anyway," says Zapallie, deadpan. She notices the boys leaving and also Khyonai returning and very slowly a grin spreads across her face. Inyri can be modest enough for the both of them, since apparently she's not going to be. "Come back to see the sights once more, Khy?"

"She's absolutely appalling. Don't listen to anything that comes out of that girl's mouth, she's wild." That's Inyri's take on Queska; it's succinct and said with feeling. Definitely a rivalry of some sort, though who knows if it goes both ways or if the Trader girl just absolutely gets on Inyri's very last nerve? "Ah, you're back," is provided as a much more personable acknowledgement of Khyonai's presence. He does not inspire any vitriol at all, let alone the distaste given to any conversation about Queska. Inyri, of course, is also moving to move /out/ of the bath, starting to twist her hair up into a towel left within reach before she even leaves the pool.

"KHY! Old buddy, old pal!" Kazulen is grinning. Widely. There is, in fact, something almost shark-like about the grin he turns on Khyonai, as he stands waist-deep and fully naked in a pool that fails to provide him with even a little bit of frilly-foamy-bubble cover. "So glad you could make it back!"

Khyonai is a dude; thus he cannot help it that he glances at non-politically-correct bits of anatomy as Inyri leaves the pool. What? Evolutionary perogative! "Zee," he states with some amount of forced tolerance in his voice, coupled with wariness — he's too well-acquainted with the woman to not expect the unexpected where she's concerned. And much-belatedly: "Inyri." Beat. "Kazulen." He /doesn't/ go looking at un-PC bits on him, notably. "Did Hotaru con you into being her boyfriend?" He's curious, he really is. He scrubs industriously, starting with the soles of his feet. It scrunches him up in hilarious ways.

"Heading out, Inyri?" Zap asks. Kaz's exhuberance in greeting Khy has her shaking her head. "Oh my. No, no she ran away quite thwarted. Poor Hotaru. She'll figure it out."

"Apparently, I owe her three marks," Kazulen confides, unfazed. Shark teeth, Khy. Shark. Teeth. "That's why I told her she should get them from you." Spoilers: He didn't, not really.

Khyonai stares at Kaz, the scrubbing of the sole of his foot slowly drifting into his hand resting on the bottom of his foot, an incredulous look on his face. "You… didn't." That's not a horrified note in his voice at all. No! Seriously!

"Finally clean," is Inyri's conclusion, as she moves /quickly/ to wrap herself up in a towel — curse Khyonai's eyes, faster than her hands. At least she can pretend, to herself, that he didn't see anything, and that will make her feel better while Khyonai is also free to enjoy the view in his memory, as she's certainly making no move to scold. "No need to completely turn into a prune. Unlike some people," is directed at Kazulen, but in a friendly way, at least.

Zapallie lifts her hand to wave to Inyri. "Bye then." And then she turns her attention back to the boys.

At least one of those boys isn't paying much attention to Zapallie at the moment, or her majestic, womanly cleavage. He's busy horrifying his fellow ex-guard. "Why ever wouldn't I?" he asks Khy, demurely innocent as best he can be around that shark-grin. (It's shark week at Fort Weyr, apparently.) "You're closer to her in age, I think your coloring would suit her better… the two of you would look very cute together!"

Khyonai bristles; "You're not even a turn older than me!" And with THAT, he finishes scrubbing his feet (which are the only things that are clean), gives Zap a hairy eyeball, and leaves. Just like that. He leaves his clothes, even, having only the time to slap a towel around his waist as he hauls ass out. Already on Hotaru Auto Avoid? … Maybe.

Meanwhile, Inyri has managed to twist herself into a robe, and pull pants on underneath; putting on a shirt takes a little bit of twisting so as not to flash people any more than she already has, but she has at least achieved the most basic of dressing. And with that, everyone gets another wave — except for the previously departing Khyonai — and she, too, is back out, to go get less damp clothing for dinner, one presumes.

Zapallie looks, for a moment, perplexed, as suddenly everyone is leaving. She quickly rinses soapsand off of her and hoists herself out of the pool. "I…had better take his clothes to him," she volunteers, putting on her own first, at least before she tries to do that. Kaz gets a glance and a grin. "And you…I will catch around, Kazulen."

"Was it something I said?" Kazulen supposes rhetorically, shrugging a little, and pauses just long enough to check his skin integrity before deciding that maybe, just maybe, he actually had spent long enough underwater for the day, and if he spent any more time submerged, he wouldn't even have skin left to him. "If you don't want to, I can," he adds, and then splashes his way up to the dry edge of the pool, to find a dry towel, his clean clothing, and — eventually — figure out which of them was going to restore Khy to his dignity. One would assume, at least.