'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~ (#10420RIJ$)
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Cloud cover dims the day, adding a blue-grey wash of shadows to everything, and with the light rain that falls steadily, a hush settles over the weyr. It’s a good day to find oneself a quiet – and dry – spot away from what little hubbub of activity the rain allows. Harmony sits in the warmest place in the weyr, her pretty little white skirt tucked around her legs, and light pink blouse looking none the worse for wear, which probably means she ducked into the galleries long enough ago to be thoroughly dry. Her hair is braided back, tied with a pretty little ribbon. Like a confection of spun sugar but for the slightly spoiled look of her expression. It seems, she might be concentrating a little too hard on the eggs down there. Super-Power Stare?

Neyuni climbs slowly into the galleries, a new arrival to the timeless scene. She shrugs out of her jacket which looks dampened by the weather beyond and checks on two smaller notebooks pulled from an inner pocket before taking about look about the galleries proper. The near empty state seems to suite her just fine as a relieved sort of sigh escapes her. Still it does not appear completely deserted and she politely cleares her throat, murmuring a hello as she settles to an empty seat near Harmony, flipping open one of the books before glancing down to the sands which has the other's so rapt attention.

Abigail has spent the morning working at her chores, though she was able to get a break in and looky where she came! She is slowly moving along heading on down towards where everyone can get a good look of the eggs and peers out over the sands smiling at the sight. Her attention turns over to Harmony and with a smile she moves on that way, a slight wave offered to the other girl. "Hey." Is offered with a soft murmur once near her. Another bit of movement is caught and she looks over towards Neyuni offering her a friendly smile and nod as well. Her pair of firelizards that are normally wish her seem to be scarce at the moment, no reason to cause any trouble with her playful pair after all.

When Neyuni arrives, Harmony gives the goldrider a look askance from beneath honey-colored lashes. Primly, she reaches up to adjust the white knot on her shoulder – or maybe, she’s making sure it’s still there. Sitting in marshmallow perfection. An equally murmured greeting is returned, though it’s not too long before her eyes return to the eggs. Once again, distraction comes in the form of Abigail, and this time, with a more proper greeting the Candidate lifts up one hand and returns the wave. “What chore did you get today?” Almost resigned, her attention moves from the eggs to both Neyuni and her fellow Candidate. Oh look, people interactions! Yay! A vague sort of smile ghosts pretty lips, though the air of the spoiled-child is a hard one for this former baker to shake.

Neyuni stretches her legs, soaking in some of the radiated warmth from the sands to her body as she finds as comfortable a position as she can muster for the moment. Figers flip a few pages but they aren't quite as riveting apparently as the arrival of a second candidate who gets a warm smile in return. Ears perk at the mention of chores, she looks curious to the answer as well and doesn't interrupt as the two open up conversation.

"Was working down in the stores." Abigai offers with a soft murmur while she takes a seat next to the other Candidate, her white knot is clearly seen upon her shoulder once a few red curls of her hair is pushed out of the way. "What about ye?" This is questioned with a faint murmur to Harmony, her pale gaze is dancing across the sands taking everything in and she leans forward slightly now being able to really see the eggs it seems! "Look at 'em.." Is murmured softly. "There beautiful."

Another side-long look is given to Neyuni, but Harmony’s answering Abigail’s question in almost-sweet tones, “I have stables duties today.” Petite nose wrinkles, as brows draw inward. “Luckily, it’s raining enough that very few folk are taking out the runners, so it was quick.” Chest fills as a deep breath is taken, causing the Candidate to sit up straighter. “And I managed not to have to muck,” this last is followed up with a delicate shudder, though the girl seems fine to have the conversation revolve around *her* duties. “Are they? They look a little…,” she cants her head to the side, examining them. “Well. They’re not *doing* anything. My sister,” quick glance is given back to Abigail, but said loudly enough that Neyuni is certainly included, “is a level /three/,” she thinks, “dragonhealer. She knows a lot about—“ A hand’s waved down below, “—eggs.”

Neyuni is clearly listening, mouth opening once or twice as if to add something but she holds back. Well, at least for just a little bit. "I hear the eggs have been cleared for touching by the dragonhealers. If you haven't yet, you'll soon get the close up tour. It's quite unique. All the better to really be able to see the patterning upon the shells." she offers, adding unsolicited "and those chores don't sound so bad… you'll have to handle much worse if ither of you does impress."

Abigail ahs softly and glances over to Harmony and smiles. "I've never had a problem with the stables or anything like that." She offers softly. Though she is use to such things! "I've never seen dragon eggs until being here at the weyr an all." This murmured to Harmony. "Maybe that is why I think there beautiful." At the new voice she sends a glance over to Neyuni and offers her a smile and nods. "Nothing at all wrong with the chores.." At the part that the healers after cleared the eggs for the touchings she ohs at this before looking back towards the sands. "I wonder when they may do that."

“I’ve never done much in the way of,” Harmony gives pause, considering her audience, and continues, “standard chores. Most of my work has involved my studies as a baker, so I do much prefer the kitchens to the.” Again, a pause is given though the nose wrinkle cannot be helped, “Stables, say.” Neyuni’s interjection has Harmony turning wide, slate-beryl eyes upon the older woman. “Really?” Perhaps she never thought that’d actually happen. Either way, her eyes once more stray to the eggs down below, “My sister always talks about this stuff, but,” in typical teenaged fashion, she shrugs. “Never really affected me so I didn’t bother paying attention.” She straightens her spine, that petulance of a spoiled child who got spared the rod once more entering her tones, “Maybe we’ll get to be one of the /first/, Abigail.” Oh look, she can remember her fellows names!

Neyuni leans back a little "Truly" she responds to Harmony, she wouldn't joke about such a thing and to Abigail "and I'd imagine pretty soon. They are hardening quite quickly and we usually want folks comfortable well in advance of the hatching…" but she catches herself "Of course it's up to Dtirae now." her voice drops neutral "just don't forget good footwear when they do occur. Sore feet won't make your chores any more fun the day after if you don't." ah, the life of candidates.

Abigail looks amused as she hears Harmony. "I see.. I suppose it depends on where one comes from? I had plenty of chores to keep me busy." This said with a joking tone to the other girl. "Not hat ye didn't I'm sure." Her pale gaze turns over to Neyuni, a soft ah escapes her and she nods with a smile. "Of course." This said softly as she ponders while eyeing the sand a few moments, they must indeed be very hot! She can feel the heat all the way up here to some degree after all.

“Before,” Harmony says, voice holding a prim nuance, “I went into the baker craft, I didn’t have to do much because I lived with my mother.” And got spoiled rotten, but who’s counting? “Hmmm,” she’s now shooting another glance Neyuni’s way, but soon enough her attention’s out there on the eggs. Dramatically, she points towards the sands, right at the heart of destiny egg, “I want to see that one. Although, I’m not holding out much expectation they’ll get up and dance a jig or anything.” Shoulders straighten before turning back to Abigail. One could almost say there’s curiosity in her self-absorbed gaze when she stares hard at her fellow Candidate, “Do any of them catch your fancy?” As to the caution of hot feet, wellllllll, hopefully she’ll listen!

Neyuni fingers a page in her book "I think the diversity of chores is good. Specializing is fine outside of candidacy but being a rider covers so much more. I hope you would both look at this as an advantage rather than a detraction. Plus you get into the heart of the weyr, rather than just a few common rooms. Much more fun." at least in her opnion, even if its dusting the spinners from said old and not so commonly used rooms. "You might be surprised at what response you get. They may not physically move, but sometimes when you touch them you do get a response which can make it seem like they do. Your favorite, or favorites, may change after such experience."

Abigail nods to Harmony and smiles while pondering. "I see. Me brother is a cook. He rather enjoys it, and yerself?" She questions curiously, yes she did catch how the other did remember her name. "Maybe ye can talk to him Harmony." Ah see, she does knows her name too! A soft chuckle escapes her at the bit on the egg possible doing a jig. "I dan't think so. But hat's not the point." This said with a soft murmur to the other candidate At the question as to which has caught her attention she leans forward slightly, her pale gaze slides across the grouping of eggs and she points towards the 'Fractured Under Pressure one'. "The crackled looking one. It's different. I suppose I like differen then normal things." A wink is sent to Harmony. Her gaze turns over to Neyuni and blinks lsightly. "I do look at it like that. Everything I'm learning I'm thankful for. Beyond what anyone might think." She's learned so much since being here and she plans to learn more if able!

Abigail is a sweet angel of light compared to Harmony, who’s view of the whole experience can be summed up in a word that’s probably not ‘grateful’. “I’m a /senior/ apprentice,” hear the importance she puts to the senior in her title? “Baker.” Spoiled, the girl’s not heartless, so when Abigail winks at her, she does give back an expression built of spun sugar: so sweet it darn near hurts! “So I’ve probably at least encountered your brother,” maybe, “at least once. I love food, but my specialty is in savory delights like chilis, soups, stews, and stuff. Mostly, main course-slash-entrée work.” Something Neyuni’s said actually provokes thought from the spoiled girl, making her words come slow and from a deeper place. “I suppose you’re right,” slowly acknowledged, “It’s like being only good at making desserts rather than having some knowledge everywhere. Hmmm.” Well lookie there, she can be taught. “That one is an interesting one.” Another side-look is shot Neyuni-wards while mouthing to Abigail, ‘response?’, and looking dubious.

Neyuni looks pleased that one seems to embrace the opportunity and the other at least open to listening. "Goodgood, course i'm much better at eating than cooking m'self. Everyone has their own strengths and weakness i suppose." she looks back to the eggs, interested in which ones have caught the candidates attention.

Abigail smiles and gets an idea to what Harmony may be thinking about the whole process. She can totally hear it, even more so not at the way she says 'senior' apprentice. "I see. Ye enjoy being a baker then?" She is more curious then anything it would seem! "My brother Borodin is more into cooking then I am. Over a fire I suppose I could cook something if I really needed to. Had a fwe times when on guard duty that it was needed if'n ye wanted something warm to eat after all." A soft ah escapes her and she nods. "Well, when ever ye make something along them lines let me know. I'd love ta give it a try." At the mouthed word from Harmony she hums softly before shrugging a moment, not seeming to sure on the answer.

Harmony’s back might soften just a smidge, once more facing the eggs with an expression set in concentration. “Cooking is an art,” she murmurs, to both Abigail and Neyuni, though without /too/ much of the loftiness leaking into her tone of voice. “Oh, you would?” Now Abigail has Harmony’s full and undivided attention, being interested in something the girl /makes/. That sweet, sugary smile is back, only this time it lights her eyes, which gives them a sparkle. “I make a *wonderful* chili. It is my specialty and one I work really hard on perfecting…” She pauses, considers, then nods. “I do like being a baker,” slowly said as her brows draw inward, “But I also want to see if,” and this time she gestures to the sands, “well. If.” That should explain it all, right? “That egg,” she points to the ‘Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg’, “also seems… interesting.”

Neyuni looks between the various eggs as they are pointed out. Always seems to be favorites… "Interesting… though I am curious as to which least catches your attention." she looks between the two if they might respond around such delicious talk of food and cooking to which she has nothing more to offer at the moment.

Abigail ahs softly and nods while letting her arms fold losely in front of her while she leans back in her seat just relaxing it seems. "Well sure. It sounds rather good actually." She says with a soft tone to Harmony while she tilts her head and flicks towards the sands and she ohs nodding and smiles before she looks back to the sand. "It would be different… One can only hope it is there change I suppose." Her pale blue eyes rest on the fractured egg, her mind still wondering it seems, though she points towards the 'Bring order to chaos'. "That one is interesting as well." At the question from Neyuni her gaze turns back to the sands and she points to the 'Sound of magic' one. "There are all beautiful, though perhaps that one."

Harmony is about to answer Abigail, but caught off-guard by Neyuni’s question she turns back to the eggs. “The least eye-catching one is probably the one that’s weird,” not the most tactful of girls, one slender arm points down towards the sands at the ‘Like an Illusion’ egg. “So that one. It seems like it’s kind of, um, oddly shaped.” And that’s the /nice/ way to put it! She shrugs, glancing back to her companions, and returns to some of the original conversation. “I’m sure I’ll be different, anyway. Even if I walk off the sands without Impressing, because I’m learning to—“ a hand’s waved, warding off her words almost, “—stand on my own. Without relying on my sister and mother.”

Neyuni looks to respond but spies a couple of traders entering and whether its social or political she excuses herself "Well don't overthink it you two, just enjoy. If you'll excuse me…" she nods and steps away to wher the traders have settled in the far corner.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Harmony. "See, I like that one because of the odd shape." Well Abbey is a special one, she seems to like things that others don't. She is a black sheep of her own family so perhaps this isn't a real surprize. Hearing Harmony she nods to her and looks over to the girl once more. "See? Yer learning and that is key. Don't forget it." Her gaze follows after Neyuni and she waves after her with a nod. "Have a good afternoon."

Slowly, Harmony stands, grimacing when stretching stiffened muscles. “I’d best get going back out into the rain.” Again, the nose wrinkles. “Stayed up here too long as it is.” She gives Abigail a considering look, but shrugs whatever it is that came to mind off. “I suppose so. I do,” eyes flee back towards the eggs out there on the sands, “want to touch them now. I wonder why Circelyn never mentioned that fascinating tidbit about eggs.” Who knows, she probably did and Harmony didn’t listen. “Catch you later, Abigail.” It’s an off-handed good-bye, followed up by the tap-tap-tap of the baker Candidate’s hard-soled shoes as she walks away. And she’s gone!

Abigail hums and ohs before nodding while she glances back to Harmony and chuckles softly. "Of course. An I'm sure will we get the chance soon enough as we're allowed to." This said with an amused tone. She stretches and shifts so she is standing soon herself. "Should most likely get back to me chores as well. I'll see you around Harmony." She waves after the girl before she is gone.