Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Another day and another small rotation of Candidates are brought forth onto the sands for a first hand experience in touching the eggs. The day has started relatively calm after the stir caused by the arrival of the Traders some days back and with the hour now nestling near midday, the Weyrlingmasters snag as many available Candidates before they can escape. After a quick briefing on what to do and more importantly /not/ to do, they're ushered on their way. On the sands, Velokraeth has settled himself on a low ledge overlooking the clutch on the back wall. The pale bronze is stretched out on his belly, stunted forelegs crossed and oversized head lifted up and alert as if well aware of the impending visit. Zuvaleyuth is no doubt nearby as well and when one steps out they'll see her alright… backed into a corner and with the Weyrwoman as the tiny "fence" between the gold and the Candidates. Th'ero however is as far away as possible it seems, standing closer to the mouth of the entrance leading onto the sands and looking quite uncomfortable in the heat.

Edani is among those rounded up and brought to the sands, stifling any reluctance and instead adopting a stoic front. He doesn't have much to say in the way of chatter to the others, seeming slightly withdrawn. He listens attentively to the briefing and steps in, giving first the dam, then the sire a respectful bow before striking out towards those eggs. His approach is contemplative, perhaps a touch wary as he approaches Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg and places a light touch to the top of the shell with his fingertips.

If only Harmony had listened to Neyuni's advice to wear sturdier shoes, but alas, the tip was either ignored or forgotten about. So once tiny feet hit the burning hot sands, the former baker first attempts to mask her grimace, but then gives in. "Faranth," she whispers to herself, moving further onto the sands. A curtsy is executed, already regretting the white skirt, light-pink blouse, to both clutch parents before the small, blond-haired Candidate steps towards the egg she's been eyeballing for a while now. Yes. That's right. Fingers choose you, Heart of Eternity Egg.

Following after Edani is one guard candidate, peering over the Beastcrafter's shoulder to take in the landscape of the Sands. Similarly silent, the muscled young man moves past towards a dark curving edge, so appealing — but Harmony's beat him to it, the brat. With a dark look to Miss Xanadu, he skirts about to a sentinel towards the back of the cluster, placing his palms tentatively upon Walk the Broken Walls. They aren't sweaty at all. Oh no. Not at all. Nervous? Him? Pfah.

Abigail was another one of the candidates snagged it seems, wasn't she and Harmony talking about this not all that long ago? Well it is possible. Her gaze flicking over the room and it is a lot bigger when one is down here then she expected. her hair has been pulled back, and she lucky has thick soled boots on so should be good there. She takes in a soft breath while following after the others within. A bow is offerd to Zuvaleuth first, her pale gaze faintly watching the large gold before Velokraeth gets a bow as well. She's quiet though, no words perhaps coming to her at the moment while her gaze drifts over the eggs not that she gets to actually see them up close. Her gaze rests on the fractured egg first but for some reason she doesn't go to that one just yet, even though she really likes it! Instead she turns towards another one, 'Bring Order to Chaos' get's her attention and she moves closer, hand lowering and she lets her fingers slowly slide across it, not all that sure what to expect.

Etzlix is left in the middle of the sands when Alyn pushes her towards the clutch before he sneaks away to go find his own favourite egg to touch. Etzlix blinks, hmm, she's not too sure of this. After amoment's hesitation, she decides to wipe her hands upon her miniskirt and step towards the closest egg to her, tentatively placing fingers, then the palm of her hand against the shell, only to withdraw it almost immediately in surprise. "It.. It zapped me." Blink, blink, and the girl stares at her hand for a moment, odd but curious, she gingerly places her hand upon its surface again just to see what happens.

Edani relaxes as his fingers remain in contact with the shell, tipping his head back to stare sightlessly at the cavern's ceiling, the tight anticipation of the unpleasant eases into a look of wonder. He remains motionless, gripped by emotion strong enough to have his eyes screwed tightly shut. Only a mutter escapes taut lips and it is in the form of an avowal-question, "Aye, I do. And I would, but how does one seek repayment from the rain?" Those fingers slip from the shell, forming a fist that is roughly rubbed over his eyes before he resettles his palm against the shell.

Ha! Harmony's winsome smile is sugary sweet and self-congratulatory for STEALING Khyonai's first egg choice. Until that touch encompasses her mind, her thoughts, her very sense of self (which is large) and leaves her swaying until Edani's voice breaks into the moment. Sweat beads on pale skin, pale hair sticking to rosy cheeks and a flushed neck. "What-the-" Oh, but she's not left this egg, just yet. It's her very first time touching it, and those fingers of hers are going to explore this egg's shell. "Did I feel that?" Baker-girl's gone soft, talking to herself. See what touching eggs will do to a self-absorbed, spoiled girl?! Heart of Eternity Egg is still IT. For now.

Khyonai is quietly considering the backs of his hands when suddenly his posture stiffens as if his spine suddenly jolted in surprise; that upright posture slowly degrades over a moment, his eyes going glassy and far-off. Nostrils flared, it seems as if the young man has forgotten where he is in time; with a brief shake of his head to clear it, he steps back a step, then another one. He eyes the egg for a long moment, not cognizant of Harmony's smug smile or the philosophical slant of Edani's question, before coming to a decision — he replaces his palms on the shell of Walk the Broken Walls once more, a determined clench to his jaw.

Abigail is still unsure what to expect from all this, oh sure people can tell you what they felt, an so forth but it is different for everyone that does a touching. At first there is nothing, her finger slowly slide and then press softly upon that egg that has her attention at the moment. A soft breath escapes her, surprize at something it seems. Her head lowers slightly, rather sure there was movement but nothing can answer what movement is that she 'heard'. She lets her pale gaze settle upon the chaos egg, watching it curiously while she is not moving a inche, and then it dawns on her that perhaps she should breath and she does so. A soft cough escapes her as a result. Her eyes close as the touch goes on, and she can't help but smile and her fingers lower slowly across the egg, her mind wandering for a moment.

Etzlix rubs the arm attached to the hand whose palm rests against the egg's shell, trying to get her muscles to 'wake up' so to speak. The girl tilts her head this way and that, hazel eyes regarding the egg before her. "Hmm..Int'resting." The words are out before she can stop them, and she shoots the briefest glance around, she's not talking to herself or the egg before her, really. Soon the fingers of her other hand are flickering over the shell's markings, experimentally tracing the silvers and blues, lingering over the flame-coloured lines upon the surface. The wild child from the southern continent grows curiouser.. and curiouser.. and curiouser. "I wish I had m'sketch book." She'll have to remember to ask the weyrlingmaster or weyrleaders if she can bring it with her to the next touching.

In the baking heat of the sands, Edani is, amazingly not sweating. In fact he shivers slightly, lips parting to gasp quietly as he steadies himself in what looks like a surfer's stance, knees flexed as he leans slightly forward. Rather than paling, cheeks flush and a low laugh of excitement escapes him, hopefully quiet enough not to bother the watchful clutchparents. He's poised and balanced on the balls of his feet, so his hand is steady on the shell throughout. "I did!" he affirms, opening his eyes to blink down at the egg with a pleased smile touched with regret at the withdrawal. He strokes the egg lightly, one last time.

Very little in this life has phased Harmony up to this point. Even the request to Search was little more than a change of pace in the expected outcome of what she's always felt (whether wrong or right) to be a life full of things handed to her. So with her hands on the egg's shell, her brows draw inward and the once spun-sugar sweetness of her expression folds into one of strained thoughtfulness. "I" she says softly, no longer gloating over being quicker than her guard-foe. Even the other Candidates fade from her thoughts as delicately, she traces the outline of the galaxy with her fingers. "Show me." Harmony is not a fearful girl, nay, she approaches the moment with something else entirely. So unused to this emotion that even her expression cannot do it justice: humility. Once, a final time, fingers do touch.

Khyonai scowls, a silent but rather visible gesture of emotion that isn't often expressed upon the harsh-boned lines of his face. Closing his eyes, he shakes his head once more, hands careful against the egg but no pressure exerted against the delicate shell. The man remains where he is, locked in an eternal, internal battle, shoulders slowly hunching upwards in some kind of futile defense.

Abigail is questioned? yes questioned, which surprizes her and makes her mind clearly wander over the questions. A soft chuckle escapes her, pale blue eyes open to settle on that egg she is touching. "Everyone's answer to that is different. Yer find out one day what sorta feeling it is." This murmured softly Yes she totally just answered a question from a egg, though it could have been a answer to any question. An for a moment she can't help but to think about telling Borodin this. She doesn't comment anymore, her thoughts going to her 'craft' so to speak an as to why she took that path, she felt it was something she could be good at, an so far she has done well. Her fingers slide across the egg moving to another spot once last time it seems.

It takes a long pause before Harmony's senses return to her. The frown etched between her brows only deepens, eyes trained on the egg in front of her. As her hands fall away, she seems lost, unable to fathom what's just occurred. An ending has come, a finite conclusion to a play that's been played out, so the baker Candidate turns, eyes finding the very next egg that catches her attention. So it is that her hands find themselves on the oddly shaped Like An Illusion Egg. Yeah, this one's weird.

Khyonai reacts swiftly, disengaging from the egg to stare at it with no little amount of confusion. He squints upwards, past the viewing ledges, the echo of hoofbeats a tattoo across his mind, the truthseeking still echoing in his blood. The call is strong but he's stronger, shaking out his fingers as if to regain tactile sense to his fingertips. His eyes track Harmony in the meantime, contemplating her against the Illusion egg as if struck by a thought. But he doesn't talk, and instead moves to the egg that she's just vacated, a hesitance to the manner in which he gently brushes his fingers against the darkness.

Edani stiffens, eyes flare wide to gaze past the walls of the hatching cavern. "I know," he mutters with equal intensity. "I'm trying. Not giving up, no. Not ever." Shaking his head, as if attempting to dispel a bad dream, he lifts his head, pushing against an unseen weight. "No it isn't. There It will be al-" The words are choked off mid-sentence as his lids flutter open and the expression of entreaty and longing fade to first confusion and then relief buttressed by determination. He eases his hand off the shell with a final promise, "I'll do my best."

Swipe. Swipe-swipe. Swipe! When Harmony comes to, eyes re-focusing, her hand is brushing invisible things off the top of her head. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Khyonai take up her spot next to the egg just vacated, and Edani's fervent speaking, but her entire attention is on this experience before her. It throttles up into her throat, choking off whatever words may come as fingers slide across the egg's surface. Not done yet, nope.

Etzlix lets her hands linger just a bit longer on the egg, blinking and nodding, then suddenly her gaze widens again and a little secretive smile creeps over her lips. She grins. "I see." are the only words that escape the wild child, then the presence within is withdrawing, and so, too, is Lix, releasing her hands from the shell with a soft shake of her head followed by a little shake of her entire body to dispense the charge that travels through her.

Abigail is a curious type, she isn't one to just back away and leave it how it ended it would seem. Her fingers slide across the egg once more, her mind wandering and then she smiles looking amused at something that was 'said'. She takes in a slight breath nodding a few times while her mind wanders over answers, an all the while in the back of her mind she can't believe how lucky she is to have gotten this chance. For a moment she leans back as if suddenly 'smacked' and eyes the egg blinking at the response and ponders, could it be that simple… An then she answer herself, why not? Her fingers slide back from the egg and she clears he throat smiling. "I'll do my best." Is murmured just before her hand is tucked back to her side.

After a long moment of that shaking to relieve her body of some unknown charge, Etzlix stands on the sands for a bit longer, looking over the eggs but not actually touching any others, her brain is quite full for the moment. Finding Alyn over yonder, she moves over to him, "I need m'sketchbook." And with that, the miniskirted wild child from the southern continent if sprinting off the sands, off to find said sketchbook so she can put to visual the things she saw in her mind.. or try to anyway.

Khyonai sways on his feet, losing his balance with the exposure of self to another world — eyes closed, he sways this time forward, not dangerously, but significantly: a force pulled along, a mass giving way to the imperative of gravity, of eternity, of that which cannot be avoided. His lips curl into something of a smile at the end, and a chuff of almost-laughter emerges from the otherwise silent candidate; with a curious intent stamped across his features, he remains where he is.

Edani shifts, his fingers breaking contact with the surface of the shell and he glowers down at it. "I am!" he assures it shortly, almost curtly. Peeved with an egg? How strange. The beastcrafter's expression settles into a stubborn cast as he firmly places his palm back onto the shell.

One egg down an off to anotehr is seem, though Abigail's mind is clearly lingering on a few things that from the last egg she touched. Though this will have to be pushed aside as she moves on towards the egg that has always held her attention. Her attention lingers on the Fractured Under Presure egg and she moves over to that one letting her hand slowly rest upon it's side. She allows her fingers to slide across it a few moments before pausing and thus waits pondering if it would be anything like the last egg.

Edani flinches, his hand leaving the shell as if to ward off something and shield his eyes at the same time. Shoulders flex, rotating as if to ease a physical strain under a heavy load before, chin jutting, he re-applies his hand to the egg determinedly. "Look all you'd like. I've nothing to hide," he mutters.

An expression of immeasurable joy crosses Harmony's features, lighting them up in a way the girl never displays in person. Following that boundless joy comes a frustration so deep that eyes glitter like hard stones of beryl. Something in the egg's touch does not agree with a girl who's life has come easy. Her hands, with a quick look to the dam and sire, are gentle as she attempts to rub more out of the egg than what she's gotten. Her Future, her Present, her Past. Anything that yields the information she seeks. Her life of —- touch-touch-goose.

Jarred, Khyonai; his eyes flip open and he stares at his hands, just barely holding contact with the egg. A lurching expression on his face remains there only for a moment before a furrowed brow wrinkles in thought, and so he remains for a long moment: does he breathe? Does he still live? He could be frozen stiff as he is, not breathing - surely he's not breathing, so still! - with just his fingertips touching the darkness. And so, his reaction: the stillness of eternity creeping over limbs and thoughts, the only clue to internal workings a marvel of barely-understood comprehension. He doesn't, unsurprisingly, move further. If only his eyes were open to observe Edani's reaction to the egg he just left - or Harmony's strange expression. But his eyes aren't, totally focused /inward/.

Abigail pulls her hand back just slightly, fingers wiggling just a faint half-inch above the 'fractured' egg. Well she was not expeting all that it seems. "I can imagen why ye would.." Is murmured out faintly as her fingers slide down against the egg once more, she seems rather amused and curious by the 'reaction' given from the one inside this egg.

"Gack-" Harmony can't help herself from muttering, disgust laced with a natural aversion to getting dirty. Her hands, they leave the egg's shell, trying to smooth away whatever it is she thinks she has on her clothing. Until she looks up and finds herself standing on the hot sands (owowowow), acting ridiculous. Ahem. Head lifts, hands smooth back her pale hair, and with a straight-back and stiff shoulders, the girl marches towards the 'Sound of Magic' egg. Although, perhaps not without one last glance back to the egg she's just left. That is, until her hands grace the shell of the egg in front of her…

Edani's mouth forms a grim sort of smile as he peers at the egg before him, hand easing back from the shell. "I thought so," he says with a dry chuckle. He steps back then, taking a moment to adjust before he walks in aimless fashion, hands shoved in his pockets while seeking an egg without anyone near it. He finds To Touch the Sky and gently cups his hand to the pale blue shell.

Abigail would have to say she actually feels a bit sorry for the one in this egg if this is what the poor thing is having to deal with all the time. "It's alright…" Is murmured out softly, as if she was attemping to calm the egg. Yes Abbey is a strange one, she'll talk to just about anything it seems, though it is hard not to with everything that is bouncing around in her head at the moment. An yet her fingers stay pressed against the egg for just a bit longer.

After the depth of the experience from the previous two eggs, Harmony's expression starts off braced against what she might feel. Throat working through those first, light touches. As time progresses, whatever it is that's felt, it's light enough that her fingers involuntarily tap-tap-tap (gently) the egg's shell. In cadence to whatever mental play's occurring. "I-wait-what." Jerked back to herself, the sense of self-pride and self-praise are co-mingled with the egg's touch, pinkening her cheeks and bringing a flush up the column of her neck. "Hey-" Don't go! Again, she touches.

Edani's shoulders jerk up to shield his ears and he yanks his hand back as though the shell had burned him, clearly the type of contact from this particular egg is unexpected. "I'm… not… really sure that's what I want," he says while replacing his hand warily.

"Oh." The first statement by Khyonai, since settling upon the Sands; and this, a quiet acknowledgement, a thoughtful contemplation of that which lies beyond his fingertips. He disengages from Heart of Eternity with more thought than he approached it, and moves along his way with a consideration visible in his stance and mien. And he'll even leave Harmony alone — which obviously takes mad skill, since she's so /easy/ to mess with.

Abigail coughs a few times and her head is left spinning for a moment, though she does let her fingers slide off the egg in the process. Her hands move to rub at her temples a few moments. "Oy.." Is murmured out and she blinks a few times while trying to clear her mind and eyes the fracture under pressure egg curiously and shakes her head.

Uneasy now, Edani lifts his hand to study the shell cautiously. "How… strange," is all he can say to the ideas planted in his mind. Reluctantly he touches a third time, even while murmuring, "Not gonna lie. I don't think understanding will help, really. You are one busy mind in there." And he's finding it unsettling.

An egg after a girl's own heart! Harmony's countenance seems to only get happier: flushed cheeks, a small smile that grows into a grin, an expression that seems to light from within. Even the brief flashes of what might be a frown is wiped away by one's own self-praise. "That's right, I did that, didn't i?" she murmurs, eyes closed. "Yeah, I did that too. That was pure genius, right?" A soft, long sigh escapes. "Yes, I /did/ become a /senior/ apprentice so /young/, /didn't/ I?" It seems the self-absorbed girl has found the one egg that continues to rain praise upon her, feeding the ego that clearly does not need to be fed. "Yes, yes, tell me more. Tell me /more/." Her hands caress the egg's shell. Eagerly.

Trailing in, herded by one assistant weyrling master or another, Zaala tip toes into the sands, staying on the fringe as she watches the other candidates move from egg to egg, blinking at some of them who seem to talk to the eggs. Her eyes shift toward the clutch sire and dam, looking to get some approval by them or their riders before attempting the walk across the sands. She inhales and licks her lips, eyes fleeting on a few faces she recognizes, pulling her hair over her shoulder nervously, giving it a good tug or two as is her mannerism to do so when she's uncomfortable. "Nothing to it they say…" she chews on her bottom lips, eyes roaming over the eggs, absorbing what they look like. She makes a good circle around the eggs before she decides on the one, taking cues from everyone else. A finger, a single slim digit, reaches out and sort of poke touches the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword egg.

Abigail takes a moment to get her mind clear, talk about a very busy minded one in that egg! Her gaze flicks over the ones here, seeing where abouts they happen to be it seems, then she is moving. Though she moves onwards, heading on towards yet another egg. This time her attention settles upon Walk the Broken Walls egg. And like he others she lets her hand lower to press upon it. She is only hoping it will be nothing like the last egg as she isn't too sure if she can keep a pounding headache away if two are like that! So here is hoping.

"Yes!" Excitedly said, Harmony keeps her eyes tightly closed, squeezed shut, as if to capture the undulating praise that seems to come from within this, this most precious egg. It feeds the ego and self-praise and self-confidence that this girl has. "Oooh, yes, I could have had /that/. You mean I could have been a /journeyman/ right now? I am that good, yes." Perhaps, some of her own self-story is a misinterpretation, but one thing this baker Candidate is good at is re-writing the past and possibly the future. But it is with flushed cheeks and bright eyes that she comes away from the egg with. "I /like/ that one," she announces, spoiled little-girl whine completely gone from her tone of voice. It is with a MUCH larger head that this small young woman finds herself touching Bring Order to Chaos egg.

Edani's got nothing but a dubious headshake for the egg as he drops his hand from the shell. There's a mixture of perplexity and relief as he moves away, fingers lifting to massage his temples. Passing by the pink-flushed and happy Harmony, he casts a curious glance at the egg she's just left, but he bypasses that one. Another time, maybe. Right now he approaches Like an Illusion Egg gently easing his hand down as if wary of getting burned. Still, it hasn't been all that bad.

Abigail is a bit taken back by the question she is given, she eyes the egg a few moments, chewing on her lip as she wonders it. Yes she is thinking over that quetion, perhaps attemping to come up with a good answer to what was asked. What can she possible say. "I think I am.." I smurmured out faintly. Though perhaps she is not? There is a slight bit of unsureness in her mind for a moment.
Zaala holds her finger against the shell long enough to get some sense of it, drawing back her finger and looking at the tip before she settles back on her heels, "Woah. That was… sort of like Kereth. Just… so different…" Pale green hazel eyes drift toward Abigail, maybe being near her or maybe needing to see a friendly face. She'll try to smile and wave to Abigail, but most of the candidates are all too thoroughly entrenched in their touching. She peers back and debates another finger press, maybe two this time. Touchie touchie.

On such a high from the egg before this one, Harmony is at first - let's face it - really not paying attention (offering Edani, for his perusal, a bright smile of 'yep, I am totally this awesome'). Echoes of joyous thoughts of her own accomplishments ring in her ears, so it takes a moment for her to be struck by the silence. Grey-green eyes open and she stares down at the egg, dumbfounded. "What-" she starts to say, but finally, is caught up in the egg's touch. She sways, her other hand coming down (lightly) to stabilize herself as the wait begins. Something is murmured, but it's too soft to be heard, though hand's contact still remains on the egg's shell. That Edani has come to one of the one's she's left behind, perhaps, there's a squinted glance to see if he, too, ends up brushing invisible things off of his own head.

Abigail humphs softly as she eyes the egg a few moments and tilts her head. Her pale gaze still linger on the egg and she misses the wave from Zaala. Instead in her mind she turns to a answer. "Yes I do think I am." Is murmured out to the egg, still even she knows people change and thus can learn more. Her fingers slide across the egg a moment longer seeming wondering as she looks thoughtfull.

Zaala lurches and jolts as if she's been catapulted into some other space and time, those two fingers keeping peace between the egg and her, joining her to the pitch and ride however. Eyes flutter closed as she smirks in a courageous way, soon giggling with a widening grin showing on her face. To anyone else she'd look absolutely crazy, starting to laugh in a triumphant manner, calming down with a breathy sigh when her fingers part from the shell. She still has a sense of giddiness from something unseen, "Now that was fun. You nearly had me." A faint realization crosses her face that she's talking to an egg, but, double check one way and the next, so is everyone else. Shrug, "You'll be a good flyer when you grow up out of that shell. Someone will be very lucky." Her hand moves to swipe across the top of the shell, as if to pet it goodbye, but feeling it yet again before she departs for other places unseen.

In contrast to the egg before, the one Harmony can't quite get over - for her, it was utopia! Mecca! - this egg confuses and confounds. "What, I, did what now?" A frown mars the pretty-pretty expression, souring it into something familiar. Spun sugar and spice and everything almost-nice, the baker's face screws up in confusion, nose wrinkling, eyes squeezing shut. Voiced in low murmurs, the girl finds it impossible to leave. To break away from the shell's surface, as a lack of understanding adds an almost melancholy twist to murmured words. A sigh.

Abigail smirks slightly and shakes her head, a soft sigh escapes her at the response, or well lack of one that she gets from the egg. Well so be it! Though she doesn't linger on it long, her hand is given a slight rub once it is off the egg and her gaze drifts around pondering. It is now that she sees Zaala and she offers the other a slight smile and nod now. She ses where everyone is and turns her attention over to another egg, this time Roads Not Required, seems to have gotten her attention. An thus she goes over to that one and lets her fingers slowly slide across it once she is sure none of the others are heading that way it seems.

Brown eyes slip back to Harmony and there's a grin tugging at Edani's mouth in response to that so-obvious glee of hers. At least someone is finding this awesomesauce rather than deeply self-searching and heavy. There's something akin to relief on his face as he makes contact with the shell before him. "Water rushing… familiar sound," he murmurs, once again caught up enough that he turns his face to the sky, allowing something to 'fall' on his upturned face. "A… search…" he answers some unspoken question but then the delving goes to the more distant past and the pain etched on his features melds into fleeting expressions of bright joy, happiness, fear, dark disappointment, back to lightheartedness, pride and a range of emotion in between as different memories are evoked. The 'rain' leaks from his eyes, breaking his link with the egg when he lifts his hand to swipe at his cheeks. Gently, he replaces his hand on the shell.

At first, Harmony's expression gives rise to the thought that this egg might not be so awesome after all. Especially when the shift occurs, but it's final thought before it lets her go? Oh yes. Riiiiiiiight up on that alley. "Yes. I /should/ focus more on /me/. I have been remiss!" the girl exclaims, eyes still closed, /fervently/ believing what the egg tells her. No further touch is needed as this girl is not one to balk at self-focus. Eyes open wide, a spoiled curl to her lips and with an air of entitlement, finds her way to the /next/ egg. Edani? If he's looking this time, gets treated with a /very/ wide self-important, self-serving grin. Then, it's onto the A Galaxy Way Over There Egg.

Abigail is for a moment unsure what to expect, after all she has touched three other eggs and each has been different. Hopfully it won't be a busy body like one and perhaps a bit more eager then another. She has to admit this was things she never in her life expected to feel, hear, and see from an egg before. Her eyes close, and she bits against her lip a moment as something is wandering through her mind, be it her own thoughts or well the one that is in the egg checking her out so to speak whom knows. She clears her throat, eyes crack open, fingers sliding to another spot on the egg, if anything she doesn't give up in the least, she is though more curious.

Zaala lets her reminscing get the better of her, tears starting to well up in her eyes as she puts on a brave face, a strong determination tightening her features, sucking back the water that threatens to spill from a soft heart. "I am strong…" she promises as her voice quivars, "So are you." There obviously seems to be something so compelling about the egg that she stands there with her hand attached to it, making some sort of sworn oath to it, muttering underneath the presence of its mind, "I pledge to live my life for the right causes and to keep my families name in good standing." She sighs as her fingers slip from it, "Family is so important. I miss them." She was all alone up here, no family in Fort, at least, none that she was close to. Then she's leaving it for some bugged eyed candidate with messy and chopped black hair to take her place. "Alright… I'm out of the way, sorry," her hands lift up in defense and she pivots to regard the rest of the clutch, trying to take a breather from that one egg alone, eyes drifting back to it, recalling its sensations.

Edani misses Harmony's response to her egg, for he's caught up at the moment. He seems unsure whether he's annoyed or relieved with the fog that seems to engulf his mind, for his expression is so neutral that he either agrees or simply cannot relate to the sentiment shared. Perhaps it is a little of both! "Hard work is certainly my way," he tells it before shifting to pat-pat the shell in a touch as though meant to comfort a small, misguided child. Telling the future indeed!

Huh. This one's not telling her about how awesome she is. Never fear! Harmony's hands linger still on this egg's shell. Excitement, instead of adoration, feeds into her expression, eyelids lightly closed. Her body language says, 'Yes, yes, show me more.' A quick look around, before her head drops, allowing blond hair to obscure her visage. There might be a snort for Edani's 'hard work is my way', but who's to know!

Abigail eyes close and she tenses up slightly, plenty of what feels like to her poking and tapping felt along her head and her mind spin a moment before she is able to focus once more. It wasn't bad pokings, or loud noises like with one certain egg and she is able to get her mind back to what is going on farily quickly. Her head lowers a touch, pale gaze settled against that egg she is touched with a soft breath escapes her. So many rapid questions and she attempts to focus on one maybe two things to not get herself confused. Like flying the first time, it was a great expierence and thus she offers this thoughts back to the egg, perhaps giving it something to look forward too? Well no reason not to offer soemthing back. "It was fun, trust me on that." As the 'question' she was iven wasn't down to a certain thing and she got the pik she is sure the answer will perhaps work. Her fingers slide across to a different part of the egg, checking to see if anything else is sparked it seems. If not, perhaps she'll move on..

Zaala lifts her eyebrows with hands going to her hips, elbows out, "I do -not-…" Complete denial. "Do I? Really? All the time? I've never noticed before….!" she stares in some wonderment and amazement at the egg before her, "I'm very good at it you know. I hear things and talk to everyone that I can. It's like it's my business to know. I mean, why shouldn't I know? People don't -say- things unless they -want- other people to know. Just like how you're getting to know, it's just…part of who we are. But I /don't/ tug my hair when I'm nervous. No way. That's just…" she starts to laugh, "And look, I'm talking to you. Can you hear me?" She puts her ear against the egg as if to hear the sounds of the dragon inside. Another snicker from her, "I do like mud now. That's not strange." Hand pets across the shell, listening for more of the connection she first felt.

Fynnigan has been here all the time. Honest! He's just been typically quiet and mouse-like, keeping himself to himself as he moves gently from egg to egg, touching the warm shell and feeling the dragonet's mind within. Brushing sweat-dampened curls back from his forehead, the coltish teen leaves behind the egg he was touching to seek another - the blue and white of the Bring Order to Chaos Egg. His hands gently press against the pale rounded apex, just to where the colour starts darkening.

Impatient is our Harmony, fingers tapping lightly against the shell as she waits for the egg to bring her what she so desperately wants. It is, in fact, the epitome of the golden spoon mentality that runs her life; always bringing her ever closer to what she desires. "That's right," even she will succumb to coaxing. That's it. Closer. Closer. Yep, the girl moves a little closer to the egg. It totally works.
Edani nnnnrgs. That's right, that's the sound he makes as he flails against the sudden onslaught of weight, one hand reaching out as if to find a way out. "Mira… wait for…" is what he says before other sensations have him swiping at his torso then staring at his hand in confusion. Slimy goo is something he's used to so there's no horror, only bewilderment as he tries to understand - and then he's back to the here and now just in time to hear that snort of Harmony's and his hand leaves the shell to rub the back of his neck while trying to stifle the sheepish tilt to his mouth when he smirks at her. The egg is given an owlish blink. "Okay," he tells it. What? It seems like the thing to say. Then he's moving towards Fractured Under Pressure egg, sidling up to it with an under-his-breath question, "You're gonna mess with me too, aren't you?" One finger this time. That's all he's touching it with.

Zaala seems to respond with such hyperactivity that it might reflect with the dragonet inside the shell, resonating like kindred. Maybe. She seems pretty attached and focused on the egg, not unlike the other, but in a different manner. She's starting to babble to it, telling it things, most personal and intimate things, her words kept low and private for the creature on the inside of the shell to hear. She does lift her tone when she admits, "I am scared. It is difficult to not know where my path will go and what I'll do. Everyone seems to -know- what they want… they all seem to -have- some skill or are training in some craft. It's just… hard. What do I decide to do? Do I have to decide?" Her hand slips away and she stands there in quiet contemplation, tugging on her hair absently and only when she realizes that she's tugging on her hair does she flip it behind her shoulders, rolling her eyes, "Yeah… You would point that out to me." All the eggs fault. So it deserves another touch.

Abigail ees out faintly, well she didn't mean to do that andher other hand covers her mouth ratehr quickly as if forcing herself to be quiet, no more noises! Though she is unable to look away from that egg she is touching, utterly surprized at the feeling she is getting at the moment which is making her arm quiver a few moments. Though soonn enough her hand lowers from her face and she clears her throat softly and smiles while letting her fingers slowly slide down from the egg. That was a very interesting feeling that sweeped through her from the egg and her mind is left wondering. So much to possible learn on both sides here and she really hopes to get to meet this one once it's hatch, it should be interesting! She is stil amazed as she takes a few steps back so another an touch this egg.

Fynnigan gently lifts his hands from the shell of the egg, canting his head thoughtfully to one side as he contemplates the sensations it passed through to him. There's not a word spoken though as he look up and away, to where the other candidates are doing their thing with their choice of egg, sweeping back his wayward curls once more. It after a would seem he's been given a lot to think about, as he doesn't move away from the egg yet - though after several moments of distancing himself, he slowly moves away and takes up a spot beside the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg, touching his hands to its shell.

Impatient is our Harmony, fingers tapping lightly against the shell as she waits for the egg to bring her what she so desperately wants. It is, in fact, the epitome of the golden spoon mentality that runs her life; always bringing her ever closer to what she desires. "That's right," even she will succumb to coaxing. That's it. Closer. Closer. Yep, the girl moves a little closer to the egg. It totally works.

"Huh." Harmony frowns down at the egg, stepping back. "I have not been /eaten/." Gross! She wants the adoration! The acclaim! The praise! But alas, it is not her time (yet) and truly, she's got enough memories of what may have been shown to her that she can last. For now, it's time to get her hot-hot-hot feet off the sands! Jump - eek - jump - yikes - time to fleeeeeeee. Oh, yes, and a remembered bow to the clutch parents. Touching, done!

Zaala seems enlightened, thoughtful, and encouraged all at the same time. There's a lift to her shoulders, a glint in her eye, a stretch of her mouth, a will power that wasn't there before. "Exploration…" she inhales, her eyes wandering up and down the length of the hatching cavern, "Yes. That's… that's the answer. The answer is no answer but to go… to find and seek, to journey. It's the journey that matters, not the destination." Whatever the egg she was touching did, there's a reserve of positive energy now flaring up behind her pale green eyes. They pivot and snap toward another egg, seeing in time someone fleeing, but noticing a few others she hadn't seen before. Fynnigan, so close to where she was, touching the egg she was just at, watching him with rapt attention to see what he does. Only then does she mind herself and her new resolute journey, taking a trip over toward the roads not required egg.

Abigail gaze drifts over the eggs and she moves on over to Lie an Illusion egg. Plenty is on her mind at the moment though her right hand moves to slowly slide her fingers across the egg's surface. She is a bit more careful then she was at the start of this, perhaps a bit more curious, and her mind wanders before it goes blank to wait and see what comes it seems.

"Whoa, slow down." This is Edani laughing helplessly in response to the egg. Oh there's no doubt about it that he'll be searching out the healers for some willowbark tea after this is over! "How on Pern do you sleep? Shh… shhh. Eaaaaasy. You need to calm down." It's a vain attempt. This is an egg. This is an egg on crack. Apparently.

Zaala cannot help but choke back a gasp at the electifying charge that nips at her fingertips, pulling her hand away quickly with a side long glance at the egg. "Really? Was that necessary? I'm not some healer's specimen…" She purses her lips, fingers snaking up to her hair again, eyes bouncing back to the Sound of Magic egg when it does and quickly dropping her hand. "Too stuffy for me," she notes to the egg with a tongue stick, "like some old bitty of a headwoman eyeing me up you are. I get enough of that in a day." There is no second touch here, she's done with that egg tonight. Instead she's meandering around looking for a different egg to touch. And the sky just isn't big enough to touch in the real world, so she might as well touch what's contained on an egg.

Petting the egg has no effect and there's NO WAY Edani is going to kiss it. That… would have the opposite effect if his male ego is healthy and intact. His low, placating laughter takes on a giddy edge, much like one deprived of oxygen and he wobbles before easing his finger off the shell and stepping back. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you relax," he says to it from a safe distance. "If you don't explode before you hatch, I'll be amazed!" Backing up his calf brushes against Bring Order to Chaos Egg. Is it nature's way of compensation or karma?

Zaala shakes her head. "Ahh… too much noise…" Or maybe it's been enough of touching eggs that feelings are all getting mixed up and twisted around. She backs away from the egg and will likely return to it, but, at this moment the ringing in her ears is not appreciated, nor is the clang of metal against metal. "Annoying as my brother clanging pots together…" she snips, rubbing her head and waiting for a bit longer in between touchings. Now, she's tempting her fate with the egg Edani just left.

Fynnigan blinks down at the Sound of Magic Egg, unable to help the lopsided grin that forms as a result of whatever he felt within it. He then bites down on his lip to try and squish the smile a little, before he slips away - and towards A Galaxy Way Over There. Once beside the egg he presses his palms softly to its apex, leaning forward a little as if this might help him to connect with the being within.

Just when he shifts to leave the egg for a dud, Edani is hit. First the ears, then the sense of balance now… the eyes? Both hands clap over his eyes in a vain attempt to shut out what he's seeing at the same moment his leg shifts back, disengaging contact with the shell. "What is up with all of you?" The muttered question is rhetorical and he drops his hand to brush fingers across the shell reluctantly.

Zaala… not a good thing to move from one clanging egg to the next which is just as bad! Crack is right indeed! The ear splitting mind fracturing connection has Zaala whimper a bit and put her hands to her head. "BRIGHT." A bit of a wobble and a bit of a jostle and she's not right in the head as she turns back to the egg and glares at it. "You could match me in talking nonsense you know…" She tells the egg right before she tempts another hand pressing against it, opening herself up for a splitting headache.

Edani's brow wrinkles as the onslaught returns, eyes shut tightly cannot shield him from it. "Too bright - you're hurting my eyes," he manages to interject before his memories are sifted thought too rapidly to even try to answer. There's a moment to get in at least one and all he can say is, "It's the best feeling in the world. It makes life worth living." He lifts his hand, then strokes the egg once more adding, "But you have live it and feel it, not just analyze it."

Fynnigan doesn't look as if he entirely enjoyed the sensations of the egg he's currently touching - though he doesn't look as it he found them wholly unpleasant, either. He simply seems impassive, taking a step back as if he's had enough of it and is in need of something else to soothe whatever he was made to feel. Another step back towards him to the Touch the Sky Egg, and he's more than happy to seek something different within its shell.

Zaala puts a hand up to her head and steps back now from the egg, taking all she can handle and handling all that she can take. There is a definite massage to the way she rubs her fingertips over her temples, her eyes squinted closed as if there was a pain behind her eyes. "Ugh… I feel sick…" but no deary, it's just called a migraine. Pity the soul who gets attached to -that- dragon in -that- shell. She takes some time standing to the side, eventually crouching down, to recover. It's an 'ew' feeling.

Abigail is quiet and still, though hearing the other's she can't help but look up and catches which egg at least Edani was at. She is rather sure that one is high as a kite herself! Though her attention turns back to the egg she is touching. Her eyes slip close once more though they soon flicker open, her gaze turning this way and that in the process and she looks upwards. She touches her free hand to he face a few times and looks to her hand as if checking for something, though nothing is there? Her gaze turns back to the egg before her and a soft err escapes her, did the egg just move? She is /rather/ sure the egg just moved, and yet after a few blinks it seems to be in the same spot. A soft ah escapes her and then she is quiet, there is a question, soft and whispery but it is there. Her fingers slide across the egg and she ponders her answer, though she doesn't actually offer once, letting instead of memories that somethng is poking around be it. Life not of the weyr, elsewhere, fun times, canines, runners, family are all there rolled into one almost.

Shake it off Zaala. She wheels about for a moment, squinting through one eye while the heel of her palm is jabbing in the other, "Shoes! A girl can never find the right shoes." A sad and rather random quip into the foray. She considers the fractured egg with that one-eyed squinty omgsh it's a serious headache, before she's deciding to let it wash away behind the feeling of another egg. Let's see what the wall brings us, huh!

Edani looks definitely discomfitted now. "Not as glorious as you might think. Life ebbs and flows. Only the dead have peace-" Grimacing, not liking the turn his thoughts have taken, he shakes his head, unprepared for the sudden onslaught to total reversal that hits him. Staggered, his hand falls from the shell at the same time he steadies himself with a backstep and says sharply, "No!" It takes him a moment of staring at the shell to clear his mind and then it;s to numbly step to the next egg without really looking at it before laying a hand upon it.

Taken aback, Zaala looks as if someone just told her how horrible she looked or what a failure she was. She simply stares at the Walk the Broken Walls egg. Her answer is a gulp. A big one. The pain of that headache lingers, but through it, there's a bottom lip that sticks out in a slight pout, "I… No. I… I don't know what to do…" Slacker, lazy bones, sassclass, weyrbrat, titles rattling in her head. Hand returning as if to prove to the one inside and to herself that she can be more, if she put her mind to it.

Fynnigan looks curiously down at the Touch the Sky Egg, left pondering when the mind within withdraws into its sanctuary once more. He runs his tongue along his bottom lip then bites down on it gently, looking up and around at the other candidates to see what they're feeling from the eggs they're touching. Once he feels ready for another egg he edges his way around to the one of his choice - the Heart of Eternity Egg.

Abigail ponders the questions that are brought forth from the egg before her, her pale gaze opens, eyes unmoving as she watches it a few moments. She soon smiles and chuckles softly. "That's alright. I rather not know now." This said with a soft murmur. "An I do plan on keeping going with hard work." She lets her fingers slowly slide free from the illusion egg as her mind goes back to blank, or well back to normal at least and she leans back to look overs the eggs one more. An then moves over to touch the Galaxy Way over there egg next.

"NO." A sudden gasp from Zaala's lips as she rips her hand away, a wounded expression on her face, "No… you don't -have- the right…" The right to what? Well evidently whatever bothered the girl, she wasn't going anywhere near the Wall again, eyebrows drawn down in a frown and her lips upturned sadly. There's something about having another judge a person's character that has Zaala staggering back, going to the opposite end of the sands and hoping to find better luck there. She reaches out quickly to try and erase the bad feelings…

If there were words to bounce upon, Edani would be tempted to sing along, but all he can do is chuckle at the particular memories this zippy presence seems to choose. Amusement draws a quirked grin, twisting his lips in a bittersweet way that only grows more so at each touch to his past. "You know how to cut a guy where it hurts, you know. Some of those I'd much rather forget." Still, some of those unburied memories serve to reacquaint him with humility. Dryly, "Thanks for noticing my first kiss," he tells it sardonically, lifting a hand to give a sarcastic salute before settling his hand once more.

Abigail finds herself holding her breath once she touches the galaxy egg, did everything just move? She soon remembers that breathing is a good thing and thus starts again. Seems each egg has a way to make her step back and think, along with her breath catching. It takes her a few moments to relax, her breathing softens and she attempts to pay attention to what she is seeing, and thus enjoy the ride as it where.

The Heart of Eternity Egg leaves Fynnigan scratching at his tummy as he looks down at it, his nose wrinkled in thought and contemplation. There is the need to move on though and so he does just that, meandering through the clutch with a bob of his head at the candidates he passes, until he comes to a halt beside the Walk the Broken Walls Egg. Tentatively, he reaches out to touch it.

Maybe she wasn't ready for this! Maybe there was too much pressure and there was too many mixed feelings to deal with! It could be simply overwhelming after having touched over half of the eggs and trying to keep one's own sanity in check. Zaala isn't sure what she's looking up for and when she takes a step back, she has to blink several times to really truly see the sands. The ache in her temple is still there from the Fractured egg and there's a bit of that weight of judgement having fallen over her from the Wall, and only slivers of encouragement left from the first two she touched. Such a jumble of feelings, sounds, emotions, sensations. She looks a bit pale as she makes her exit, siting some queasiness on her way out.

Abigail tilts her head slightly, her mind seeming to wander along with what things she is being 'given' or 'told' if that is possible as it is a egg, though she would admit after today that just about anything is possible! An so on the images go it seems, her mind wandering just along with what she is given. All seems well and good and then… Is that something there? She leans back suddenly, hand yanking off the egg and blinks while she looks around, looking rather unsure for a few moments before her attention is back upon the galaxy egg and she presses her hand back to it, pondering what the outcome is for what she is seeing now that she recalls it is just that, images.

This time Edani appears to enjoy the contact, for his face softens and brightens at the same time, leaning into the contact as if listening closely to something for the last time. It's really only a matter of moments, but to him it's been a lifetime! "Thank you," he says quietly as he drops his hand, then leans to brush back of his hand against the shell much like a caress to the cheek of a loved one. "She wasn't here to share some of those achievements. I would have liked to have heard what she would have said."

"Oh…" It's the first audible reaction from Fynnigan, and he looks down at the shell of the egg in front of him with his brows knit beneath his forelock of curls. His lips twitch as a reply begins to form, but it remains unspoken - instead, he gently lifts his hands and slips them into his pockets, as this egg has left him with more to think about than any of the others. He rocks back on his heels, then looks about the cavern, before making a beeline to one of the few yet untouched - the Fractured Under Pressure Egg.

Edani couldn't have asked for a better note to end on, the shared impressions leaving his face peaceful, contemplative. He steps back from the egg, gaze sweeping the rest of the clustered clutch thoughtfully. Instead of moving towards them, however, he bows to the gold and bronze, salutes their riders and heads off the sands as quietly as he entered them. His steps turning towards the lake shore rather than the crowded barracks. He needs to reflect! What better place is there?

Fynnigan is /certainly/ getting a headache. The chaos of the egg he steps away from has him rubbing his forehead. It's pretty much enough for him for today, and he backs away from the clutch before bowing to its parents, and, like Edani before him, offering a crisp salute that's a little /too/ forced in an attempt to make it perfect. Once he's given his respectful farewell, the mop-haired youth meanders out into the bowl, and, no doubt, onwards to somewhere quiet and good for thinking.

Abigail shakes her head slightly while she stands back, and gives her hands a slight rubbing off against her pants. Oh yes that was rather interesting and she clears her throat while glancing over the eggs once more. Bows are once more offered to the dragons, and salutes to the riders, along with soft thanks to all that wish to hear it before she follows after the other candidates, her mind filled with plenty of thoughts at the moment, and a slight headache from a certain egg!

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