Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

So much for the rain not falling, at the moment it is evening creeping ever closer to night and everywhere is wet around the weyr. The rain is light and at least not one of the more common freezing rains. Abigail is busy pulling in the last basket of laundry that she was working on and grumbles softly as she makes her way on into the cavern passing it off to another girl that takes it the rest of the way at least. Abbey brushes her hands off a few times and pauses to look out over the graying sky, a yawn escaping her. Someone could use a nap!

Ah, rain. Rain rain rain. Etzlix had escaped her chore for the day, swiping her hands over her mini skirt and blouse which is quickly becoming wet with the light rain, it clings to her like a second skin. The girl turns her face upwards, letting the water splash over her cheeks. After a moment, she lowers her face, hazel eyes regarding the bowl until they spot Abigail handing off the basket of clothes. "H'lo Abbey." She greets, moving over beside her friend and fellow candidate. "Laundry duty?" She grins.

Abigail hums and glances up at the voice and offers a smile to Etzlix and waves to her. "Hello there. Yes I suppose ye could say that." This said with an amused tone and slight shrug. "How ye doing Etzlix?"

Etzlix returns Abbey's smile lightly. "I was stuck in th'stores all day." She runs a hand through her hair. "Y'canna b'lieve how stuffy 'tis down there." She chuckles. "I'm a'right, I guess. How're ya? Done fer th'day?"

Eirwyn is finishing up a lap of the bowl, well after some of the others in today's training group when she comes upon the pair. She bends over placing her hands on her knees as she tries to catch her breath from the exercise. "I thought…I was …fit…before…today…" She gasps a word out between breaths. It almost seems a relief for the rain to be falling down and as she straightens she turns her face to the sky.

Abigail nods at this and chuckles. "With the laundry at least. I got some lessons ta go over and the like from yesterday. Was down over at the beatcraft hall. It's rather nice getting out and learning some things instead of doing chores ye know?" She looks over to Eirwyn and chuckles softly while offering the girl a grin. "Ye alright over there?" She questions with an amused tone.

Etzlix nods to Abbey, "Beastcraft, huh? Anythin' fun?" She asks curiously. Eirwyn gets a glance and a smile. "H'lo, y'okay there?" She echoes her friend's question. "Have y'been t'Landin yet?" That's one visit she might be looking forward to. "M'lo thinks I should go t'Harper Hall iff'n I dunna impress, he liked m'sketches." She beams a bit proudly.

"I think the trainer we had today would even give Ma a turn. If I had to do one more lap, I swear I would die." Eirwyn replies as she slowly starts to catch her breath, her cheeks still flushed from the exertion. The talk of beastcraft does seem to get her attention, "I can't wait to go out there…reckon if I had a choice that would be one craft I would want to join." She says, still a little puffed from her run. "Been to landing a time or two with pops, surely pretty fancy stuff. Ma doesn't trust all that technology."

Abigail shakes her head slightly. "Naw, perhaps we can hook up and go the same day?" Well it is an idea! Best to go along with friends after all. A soft oh escapes her and she nods to Lix. "Well good for ye. I'm rather sure I'll just stick ta being a guard should I not impress. Though then I'll have to avoid me parents still." Which is always fun, NOT. She looks over to Wyn and offers her a smile and points to a chair. "Come have a seat?"

Etzlix grins at Eirwyn. "Aye, th'training's pretty intense, tho I think I've finally got th'hang of it. Acourse, I had t'stay fit anyway when I was in th'Seacraft an' all. An' Dmar wouldna've liked it iff'n I'd let m'body go, so I'm used t'th'whole exercise thing." To Abbey she nods with a smile. "That sounds like a good plan, I'd love t'be able t'go t'Landin' with ya."

As the seat is offered, Eirwyn drops down into the seat with a sigh and just turns her face to the sky and lets the light rain wash over her. Well at least she won't be stinky and sweat, right? "Well I at least finished the laps today, so I guess I am getting better." Not a lot of fitness required to be a Lady it seems. "At least he was impressed with the blade work."

Abigail chuckle softly and nods to Wyn. "I can teach ye how to use a bow if yer ever interested." She points out with an amused tone at the idea of the girl being good with a blade. She nods to the whole exercise bit. "Suppose I'm just use to it. Go running and romping through the forest enough hunting and the like." This said with a playful tone.

Etzlix settles along beside her friend, grinning. "Blades? What kinds of blades do you like?" She asks of Eirwyn, well, she tends to enjoy her blades as well. Then she giggles, smoothing her miniskirt as she curls her legs beneath her. "I tried t'use a bow once.. I'm much better with throwin' knives."

"I would love that. Seen some of our men use horsebows, but well while riding was approved of Ma drew the line at her daughter being a warrior. Only learned the blade stuff cause I would sneak into brother's lessons and I had his trainer wrapped around my finger from a young age." She gives a little smile at that before looking up to Etzlix, "Love rapiers and daggers, and ok with a short sword." Lighter weight weopons.

Abigail smiles and nods to Wyn. "Of course. I've shot some when riding not that much though." She offers with a soft tone at the idea. A chuckle escapes her and she grins. "I rather like knives and daggers myself. I'll use a sword but the other weapons I find more use for, an actually enjoy using them."

Etzlix grins, look at all the similarities. "I dunna like th'big weapons. I like m'daggers an' small knives, throwin' knives too acourse. I used t'sneak inta th'lessons back home when I could still pass as a boy." She giggles. "Those were fun times."

As it turns out there is a common interest between the lasses, Eirwyn grins as she stands up again. "Maybe we could get together and train. Never tried throwing knives before..well unless getting disarmed counts." She says with a half smile. "I wanted to use the bigger swords, but the trainer said the rapier would be better for me. That it is better 'to fight your opponent and not your weapon'." She says the last as if imitating a deep voiced man.

Abigail ooos out as she hear Wyn. "Now that is something I would be more than happy to do. Training, or sparing. Getting to show one another different moves." Fun times yes? She looks amused and happy over all this it seems. "I'm not too into using the swords. Suppose I like getting in close to my opponent."

Etzlix grins, "That sounds like fun Abbey. I haven't had anyone to spar with since I got pregnant with the boys, I think I might be a little rusty, so trainin' together or sparring could be useful." She chuckles at the mention of getting close to her opponent. "Aye, 'tis much more int'resting to use close combat rather than long range, though sometimes y'hafta use long range weapons."

"After chores tomorrow?" Eirwyn asks as she smooths back rain slicked hair and looks between the gals. When Etzlix mentions having kids, Eirwyn gives her a double take. "You got kids? You don't look that old! Who is looking after them while you do all this?" She just looks really surprised at this, "I mean…what will happen if you impress and stuff?"

Abigail ponders this and smiles and nods. "True, this is why I use a bow. Nice to have the long rang weapon." A glance is offerd to Etzlix pondering and she smiles. "Then we need to get ye unrusty!" This said with an amused tone and nods. "After chores tomorrow sounds like a plan to me." At the question to Lix about her kids and if she should impress she ponders.

As she waits for the response from Etz, Eirwyn looks to Abigail, "Reckon they will let us borrow weopons for sparring? I didn't exactly have any to bring with me." She asks of her before glancing back to the older candidate.

Abigail ponders it seem and smiles. "Well I have a few things. I know someone that is a smither.” She sends a grin towards Lix. "Fellan can hook us up with some things I'm sure." Oh yes this will be fun! It must be done, and what could possible go wrong?

Eirwyn frowns as Etzlix is called away leaving her with those unanswered questions. "Maybe next time…just well seems…" She starts before giving a shrug, "What do I know, only been in a hold all my life." She says with a half smile at Abigail, "Learning things everyday around here." As she mentions there might be someone to hook them up with weaponry, Eirwyn gives a sigh of relief, "Oh Good. I would love to do at least one thing in a day I am familiar with."

Abigail smiles and nods. "Next time we're bother her for some answers." She offers softly, pondering it seems. "There is plenty to learn I'm finding as well." A glance is offered over to Eirwyn. "Shouldn’t be that much of a problem. I know Fellan will give us a hand for things."

"You know, I never did ask what hold you from? Somewhere local?" Eirwyn says as she gives a glance toward the skies then back to Abigail, "Don't suppose you are up for some food, I am starving!" Giving her age and lankiness, no doubt still growing with the appetite to go with it especially after a workout. "Maybe I can find someone to ask that question to while we are at it."

"I'm from Fort Hold." Abigail offers and points towards where the area could be found waywayway off in the distance. "About a day’s travel when one is on foot." At the talk of food a soft oh escapes her and she chuckles. "Sure, sounds like a plan to be. I'm betting it is around dinner time actually. Want to go look?"

Dinner is the plan and off they go to see if it is ready yet before others can grab all the good bits! An to talk more about the day they had.

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