'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Training Field

Separated from the guard area by a pocket of caldera, this field is enclosed and devoted to those being trained in emergency response. A noteboard is tacked on the rockwall nearest the entrance into the grounds, where scenarios can be posted up, conditions to be fullfilled and the environmental conditions to be played through described there. Props scatter the wide open area, allowing for the training scenarios to be constructed and staged for greater realism and there is enough space for several dragons to land and take off with ease, allowing for ariel training alongside ground manoevers.

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A day off chores is a good day, a day off chores and getting to do something she was looking forward to…a better day! Eirwyn is quick to arrive to the archery lesson and is nearly bouncing as she joins the group. There is a wave for Abigail before she moves over to the table of equipment. Despite her height, it looks like she will decide on a short bow. The quiver is slung over a shoulder, before she works at getting the arm guard in place. "This on right?" She asks of Abigail of her arm guard as she approaches the guard/candidate. There is definately a brightness to her gaze, but for a different reason than Kimmila…doing something she never HAS done before!

Th'ero's steps aren't as quick as his Weyrmate's, though he's at least following Kimmila and not balking and kicking up a fuss like at the Vintner's awhile ago. The Weyrleader is dressed rather casually or at least in clothes suiting the warmer (and clear!) weather, though lacking much in the way of color. He too has a bow with him and strangely he carries it comfortably but edging towards protectively. No guards either, likely not realizing he may need it. Stepping into the area, Th'ero gives Kimmila a long look for her beaming, her bright and peppy mood giving him brief pause. Barely does he manage to check the chuckle that threatens, masking it through a slight cough and then a low exhale. "Afternoon, Abigail." he says by way of greeting as he comes to rest by the bluerider's side. He's also smiling, though it's small and no where near as bright as Kimmila's. If it was, they'd really have to be afraid. The Weyrleader is likely here to supervise at least, but the bow he has brought along hints that he intends to participate, to show support perhaps? Hard to say, as he says little though his eyes wander the field to take in the targets, then the assembled group.

Abigail smiles while she goes about helping a few pick out the right bow, and then explain to them how to get the guard on there arm, which she would rather not wear but figures she should as she is the one doing this lesson tonight! Hearing Kimmila she looks up and waves to the other. "Hello Kimmila, WeyrLeader. Thank ye both for allowing me to do this lesson." She offers with a polite tone, and swallows slightly, hopfully she won't mess up tonight. Sure she has taught some before but this is a little different! Hearing Eirwyn she turns to look at what her friend is up to. "Oh, just turn it around and it's all good. Did you pick out a bow yet?" This questioned with a curious tone as she looks over the ones on the table she has put out. Soon enough she picks up one and gives the string a slight tug and offers to to Wyn with a wink. "Try that one." It is lesson time! An tonight it is archery. Abigail brought the idea up and then it ran with so to speak. There are targets set up and different distances, marks upon the ground for where the candidates are to stand, along with bows, quivers of arrows and arm guards on the table for people to use if they do not have there own.

Edani's assigned chore and the Crafter Exposure Sessions(tm) do not always align themselves to match so perfectly. But today they do. And so, instead of thrashing around through the underbrush or gutting fish caught down at Fort Sea Hold, he's been pointed to the training field with the rest of the Candidates, so here he is, lingering at the back of the pack and looking totally out of his element as he takes the bow and quiver handed to him. He's not nervous, per se, but awkward, definitely!

Kimmila moves over to one of the marks, her fingers twitching a bit against her pant leg. But she resists the urge to fire off the first shot, instead looking over at Abigail and watching thoughtfully as the girl helps the others get their equipment ready. "Are you going to practice with us?" she asks Th'ero, giving him a little smile before she's watching Abigail pick out a bow for Eirwyn, nodding a bit. "We should get some more bows for the weyr," she murmurs. "Hey, Edani, ever fired a bow before?" she asks, noticing the Candidate standing near the back.

Eirwyn readjusts her armguard at Abigail's suggestion, "Thanks.." She runs her hand over the leather, before looking up as Abigail chooses a better bow for her and takes it in hand. "These are nice looking bows…" Quality she doesn't speak on, but they are pretty and woodsy! She quickly walks over to the line before grinning at Kimmila, "Yeah, I reckon. I want to learn to fire from runner back, suppose it could work for dragon back too?" Well there are wings and wind, but she has not thought of those issues.

Th'ero nods his head in polite return to Abigail, "Pleasure is all ours," he murmurs and with another vague smile. Indeed, the Weyrleader was not about to deny the Guards their chance to set a few lessons or lectures and if a former Guard wanted to step in, he saw no wrong in it. He seems to approve of the setup as well, having no critique or concerns to voice. Though he'll be watching closely to be sure no one foolishly gets near those targets by the time they are ready to practice aiming and firing. /That/ would be one difficult report to explain. "I would suppose I need the practice. Bow's are not my primary weapon," Th'ero drawls back to Kimmila and his smile is a little clearer. Following suit, he takes his place on another mark close to her side. Oh, this ought to be good. At least the Candidates will be comforted to know the Weyrleader can't fire a bow to save his life either? "I'll make note of it," he tells her next, though gives her a bit of a look. The lack of bows or ones available to be given as practice could be explained easily enough. Eirwyn's comments earn her a look too from Th'ero and he leave the answers for Kimmila, turning instead to nod his head towards Edani. Remembering then that there is a lesson at hand, he adjusts his bow and turns his attentions back to Abigail.

Abigail smiles and nods to Eirwyn. "There nice, if ye really like doing this I'd be glad ta show ye how to make yer own." Well she made her's why not? She hears the question sent towards Edani and she ohs softly. "Edani! Come on up, I can go over things with you and explain it to the others as well." Yes she totally piked up on his unsureness and she is going to work with it! She makes her way on over near where the marks have been placed upon the ground, asking if everyone to see once Edani is there, whom get's her full attention for the moment. "If ye haven't used one before it is alright. I'm going to show ye how so ye can at least have an idea on it." This comes after Kimmila's question on if he has never used a bow before. Her own bow is slipped down from her shoulder and she holds it losely within her right hand.

Edani is watching Abigail help others with careful attentiveness but the expression on his face is comical. It's a curious mix of determination and helpless bewilderment that he's working at not letting show on his face. Fail. He's at least got the arm guard on the right way, but the bow he's hanging onto is in one hand, the string in the other as he approaches line at Abigail's behest, a curious little smile on his lips. Okay, no. He's not ready to shoot like this, but it seems best to head towards readiness. Kimmila's question draws a wry look over to her and a grin-grimace that borders on sheepish. "It's that obvious, eh?" The answer, in other words is no. "I did have some training with the sword and knife and how to bait a hook," he offers. Though how that relates to protecting a hold from invaders? Maybe throwing fish at them…

Kimmila turns to Eirwyn, momentarily confused, and then she nods with a low chuckle. "It can be done from dragonback, but it's pretty damn difficult." Flicking her green gaze to Th'ero, she gives a small nod at his look. Oh. Right. "Yes, you do need the practice," she says, and though her tone isn't mean, it's not coddling either. It's fact. "I know they're not. You should give a sword lesson sometime…" And show the Candidates that their Weyrleader can kick ass with a sword. That's important for them to know, too. She flashes a grin at Edani, shaking her head. "No worries, I can't fish to save my life, so." They've all got their own talents or something, and the bluerider turns to Abigail again, fingers itching once more

Eirwyn grins at Abigal, "That would be cool. The guys I have seen doing it had shorter bows when on runners?" She says in a questioning tone, perhaps uncertain of what she had witnessed or if it was normal. The candidate gives a encouraging fingerwave to Edani as he is coaxed to the line, "I haven't done this before either, but surely have wanted to. Can't be much worse than me I reckon." As Kimmila responds to her comments about shooting a dragonback she gives a nod, "I suppose it would be." She grins at Edani again as he mentions sword play, "That I would be into, enjoyed sword fighting back at home myself." She grimaces at the comments of fish, "I think I have seen more fish in my life than I ever want to see. They came in by the netful…oy!"

Th'ero has used a bow before — sort of. His teacher is not far from his side and he gives Kimmila another look and the barest of smiles before he's checking over his bow and the string. He knows enough of the bare basics it seems, to appear comfortable. The Weyrleader darts a look over to Edani then as he mentions swords and knives, but he's distracted in replying by Kimmila's response to Eirwyn and the glance she gives him. "It is on runnerback too. Best to learn on ground and master that first," he adds with a faint smirk before giving the bluerider his full attention. He snorts, frowning and then his features relax and his small smile is almost wry in nature. "And you know how my sword lessons end…" he points out in a low tone. Th'ero doesn't seem too against the idea though, if he can be convinced that even with practice wooden swords none of the Candidates would come to harm.

Abigail can't help herself and looks over to Kimmila at the bit on doing it from dragonback. "I've used a bow on a runner but that must be really different on dragonback." She ponders this for a moment, wondering what it must feel like and soon ohs while she looks back to Edani. "Oh it's alright everyone has to start somewhere." This said with a hopful tone. "First go on and stand on the mark there, then we have to start with how to hold it. Hold it within yer left hand at about the center of the bow, and ye want to work on keeping yer left arm stright and still." There is a pause as something dawns on her. "Well if'n yer right handed. If not then it be the other way." Her attention goes back to Edani once standing on one of the said marks upon the ground and lifts her bow up, hand resting about the center of it. "Once ye feel alright with that we're go from there." No need to hurry, better off letting Edani try it and see if he has any questions on the matter instead of offering up to much information.

If Edani thought about it long enough, he could probably come up with a way to even the odds with rod and reel in combat. If he figures it out, he'll share it with you, Kimmila. For now though, he merely shoots Eirwyn a wink as he tells her, "They're a lot more fun to catch one at a time. Nets are sorta… overkill." Hah! No pun intended! He catches Th'ero's look but in the uncertainty of the moment, the reason is lost on him. He sort of searches himself in a momentary panic to see if his fly is up, shirt buttoned right, he's not pointing an arrow at anyone?! Nope. He checks out. Whew! He gives Abigail his attention then and, since his bow is still not strung, lifts it in his right hand the way she's showing and tries in vain to string it from that position. This… is a fail.

Kimmila laughs, giving Th'ero a wry grin. "Just don't get cocky," she teases, tapping her nose with her free hand and winking. Testing the string on her bow, she nods to Abigail and does what the younger girl does, lifting her bow and fingering the string, hand flexing a little bit. But then she lets it fall, shifting her weight from foot to foot and trying very hard not to look impatient as she waits for the first order to shoot. "Runnerback is hard too. But I think dragon is easier, personally…"

Eirwyn can't help but grin at Th'ero's comment and she lifts a hand to salute, "Yes sir." There is a brightness to her eyes as she turns her gaze back to look at Abigail and her instructions for the day. She moves to the line and puts her bow in hand, fingers wrapping tightly around the grip and holding out the bow as instructed. The fingers of her right hand go to the string and she tugs at it lightly. She can't help but giggle at Edani's comment, "Maybe…it is one of the exports of the hold. You sorta get used to the smell, until you leave and come back …then you have to get used to it all over again."

"Trust me, I learned that lesson well." Th'ero drawls again to Kimmila, smirking a little but his eyes flashing with a brief glimpse of amusement. No, his confidence in handling a bow won't allow him to be cocky or too sure of himself. Lifting the bow, he gives the grip of it a test run, not arming it but at least checking to be sure it won't feel too strange in his hands. Satisfied, the Weyrleader lowers it again and then turns to idly watch the Candidates go through the motions set to them by Abigail. "It is a bit easier on dragonback," he adds in, agreeing with Kimmila but elaborating a little for all. "You're a bit more in tune with your dragon." And he lifts his free hand to tap the side of his head. Mental bond has it's perks. "At least that is how I see it. Overtime with a good runner you could achieve similar… but not quite the same."

Abigail blinks and ohs, how did he get one of the bows wihtout the sting done?.. She clears her throat looking nervously a moment and murmurs. "Sorry.." How did she not notice that? She leans over and is quick to slip the string into it's place for Edani. "Now try?" This questioned with a soft tone. Great, what a way to start the lesson! She also looks over the bow Edani has hold of mkaing sure the rest of it is in order, well she doesn't see anything else wrong! While Edani goes about trying again she pulls a arrow from her quiver, the tip pointed to the ground. She watches Edani a moment longer before looking over the otehrs. "Alright, everyone move on to a mark. An form a line if yer not in front. Don't worry everyone will get a chance." She really is attemping to keep up with the others, though this is a bigger group that she is use to. There is seven targets set up, plenty of space between each so no one is knocking elbows an the like. As for Kimmila and her eager wiggling wanting to fire dance Abbey gives and nods slightly. "Please, go on, do let the rest of us slow ye down none." If Abbey was on her own she would have started way before now!

Edani is just talented like that? Or… he saw a pole and string and thought fishing! Yeahno. No telling how he snagged one of the wrong ones. He allows Abigail to take and string it for him, watching closely as she places one tip at her outstep, steps through and bends it across her thigh. His only comment is a dry, "Thanks! If I do that trick, I'd better not miss." Because that could hurt! He's glancing at the others, noting how they're getting prepped and practices as Abigail has said, arm extended straight, left hand pulling the string back a few times. After he's done it several times, he fumblingly fits the notch of an arrow into the string and pulls back, all four fingers wrapped around the string to the second knuckles and waits for the signal to shoot.

Kimmila shakes her head, nose wrinkled. "I'm not too big of a fan of the sea or fishing," she admits, turning her stance to lift her bow once again, the movement practiced, her body straight, shoulders steady, arms solid. And then she lets it fall again. Apparently she's practicing lifting her bow for the moment, while the others are learning other things. "Exactly," she says, nodding to Th'ero. He's seen her and Varmiroth do it, after all. "It's much easier when you *know* where your dragon is going to go, and you can put your entire focus on the archery and the hunt." Glancing to Abigail, the bluerider flashes her a grin that's slightly…toothy, and reaches for an arrow. Notching it, she takes her stance once more and draws back the bow, holding still for a moment before she lets the arrow fly. And, well. Kimmila does not have many talents, but this is one of them. The arrow flies true, as she corrected for the wind conditions, and strikes the center of the target with a sound thud. Quietly pleased, the bluerider drops her bow for a moment and draws another arrow, letting that one nestle beside the first in the target.

Eirwyn looks over to Th'ero thoughtfully, "I have had my runner a couple turns now and we ride well together. Some of the guards on their runners…well I see them ride and it is like they are just one creature out there. I know they aren't linked like you riders are, but I sometimes wondered given what some of them can do." Ok so she is a bit enamoured of runners it seems and might have a bit of a bias. Any bragging about her holds riders go to the wayside as she watches Kimmila let loose an arrow into the center of the target and grins, "Now that is what I call good shooting." And so of course she decides to try to emulate it, but it seems she has trouble just keeping the arrow knocked and resting on her knuckles at the same time.

Th'ero grimaces a little as well to the mention of fishing and the sea, though he has quite the long reason for his reasons. None of which he voices, of course. Kimmila's nod is returned and the Weyrleader gives a small smile. Yes, he has seen her and Varmiroth, as well as a few other riders too. Then he's glancing to Abigail as she gives the call for them to start shooting and… he stays still. He's content, it seems, to observe for now though he has selected an arrow and notches it, he holds it loosely with the tip pointed down at the ground. He chuckles dryly when Kimmila's arrows strike home and true, shaking his head a little. "Oh, it's possible some of the guards who have been working long enough with a runner might develop their own sort of bond just from practice and drills alone," he agrees to Eirwyn even as he observes her struggling with knocking her arrow. He cannot help here, sadly and his glance shifts to Kimmila and then to Abigail. This is more their territory, after all.

Abigail tilts her head while she watches Edani once her attention is back on him. She moves closer, lifting one arm and then lowering the other, making sure his legs set right. "Just relax, look at the target and think about it." Her words are soft, this part she knows how to explain rather well it seems. She eyes his fingers on the string and makes sure it is held right. "Now, just take in a slight breath. Picture yerself hitting the target and then let the arrow fly." A slight nod seen and she waves a hand showing he can let go! She does catch the bits and pieces about dragon riding, and using a bow, oh how she hopes to be able to do that someday! That would be grand. She hears the *thunk* of an arrow hititng the tager and looks over grinning. "Great shot Kimmila!" This said with a happy tone before she turns to Eirwyn and does the same. She moves the girl back a half step, turns her slightly and makes sure her shoulders are level. "When yer read, fire. Remember, think about hitting the tagert, take in a breath before firing and then let it go when ye fire the arrow." This continues as she helps others with the stance and gives them all a few pointers and tips, using her own bow to show them how one should hold it and the arrow. She'll have to talk to Eirwyn more latter on the whole runner and uing a bow bit, she knows how to do that!

Awkward, they name is Edani. Abigail's adjustments help and his stance is improved, but not only does he have the string gripped incorrectly, he's wrapped a forefinger around the arrow in a misguided attempt to hold it onto the arrow rest after observing Eirwyn's difficulty. His gaze sweeps the others in a perplexed fashion. How can they converse and concentrate both at the same time?! He tamps down his self-frustration and watches Kimmila's smooth execution - she makes it look so easy! He lets out a low whistle of admiration and releases the string. Three things happen at once: the string tawngs uncomfortably in his ear, the fletching catches in his forefinger and the arrow goes awry… and lands a piddly three feet in front of him, weakly stuck in the ground. Into the short silence as he stares at his poor, misfired arrow, he says brightly, "I got the trundlebug!" Let's see you guys do that!

Kimmila draws a third arrow, but this one she doesn't fire quite yet. Instead, she turns to look at Th'ero. Waiting. Expectantly. Go on, then. Her eyes also follow Abigail, watching the Candidate talk and teach, a bit of envy flickering briefly in her eyes. And that's when she loosens the third arrow, this one going just a few inches wide of the other two. Then, at Edani's call, she laughs and leans forward to peer at it. "Nice shot," she says, tone wry and grin crooked.

Once Abigail shows her how to nock her arrow, Eirwyn gives a sigh. "I thought this would be the easy part." She says though there is still that excitement to her. She nods at each of Abi's instructions, pulling up the bow into position, nocking arrow, breathing in and releasing. The arrow hits a target, Th'ero's target. Not remotely what she was aiming for and nowhere near a scoring ring, just the edge of the target. "Woo, I hit it!" She exclaims but laughs at her obvious folly and glances over to the Weyrleader, "Sorry about that…obviously my arrow liked your target more."

Th'ero is quiet and attentive as Abigail works with both Edani and Eirwyn through the lesson, perhaps taking some of it for his own use. The Weyrleader is still in no hurry to take his shot at the targets, though he does give a bit of a wincing grimace at Edani's attempt. That brings back memories alright. "Did you actually hit one? Cause I'd say there should be points for that, at least." he muses along with Kimmila. She'll have to wait a little longer it seems, before he'll be taking aim for his own attempt. Which is probably for the best, as Eirwyn's arrow goes astray enough to strike his target and earning her a rather long, sideways look from Th'ero. "No apologies needed," he drawls with a slight smirk, "Though you may want to pace yourself and be sure of your aim. Good first attempt though." And thankfully did not wind up hitting anything (or anyone!) else! Finally, his position shifts and he lifts his bow, setting himself into the proper stance. He draws the arrow back, aiming and almost taking too much time about it before he fires. Luck doesn't favor him too well either and he strikes the very outer edge of the target and so very close to missing it entirely. That has him grimacing a bit, but Th'ero doesn't look overly disappointed or surprised.

Abigail smiles to Eirwyn and looks towards the target to see where about it hits, there is a pause while she looks for it and then blinks as the girl's arrow hit Th'ero target. A soft oh escapes her and she chuckles hearing Eirwyn and gives her arm a soft pat. "It's alright, try again? Though try to keep yer arm a bit straighter, as ye wanting the arrow to go down the center and not turn." With a wink she is off to check on Edani and ohs at the bit on him getting the trundlebug. "So ye did! An you totally get points for it." She is grinning while offering him one of her arrows. "Ye should try gain to." When and if he takes her arrow she'll pull another for herself and stands there next to Edani. Her bow is lifted and the arrow is knocked to show him which fingers to hold onto the arrow with. Once Edani has seen it, she looks towards the target and lets her arrow fly. It thunks into Edani's target right above the bullseye by what looks like a mere inch.

Of the imaginary trundlebug, Edani flashes a crooked grin back at Kimmila and says, "Thanks!" Th'ero gets a headshake in a 'no, not really' reply, his eyes still twinkling despite his stinging ear and pink-flushed embarrassment. Coughing softly, he sobers up to pay attention to Eirwyn's attempt. Hey - she may have gotten the wrong target, but she got one! In his book, that counts as success! "Nice," he compliments her with unfeigned admiration. The Weyrleader is up next and he watches closely. He'll pick up what he can. It's the method of gripping the string, the release of the arrow and the trajectory of the rather than exactly where it hit that he hones in on. Ah Hah! He's fitted another arrow into the string, drawn back the bow - more correctly gripping the string with just the three fingertips this time - when Abigail speaks. She gets a baffled blink, a grin and then his eyes return to the target. He fires and the arrow arcs nicely… then thuds into the ground beyond the target. Still he's pleased. This is progress!

Kimmila laughs when Eirwyn's arrow hits Th'ero's target. "At least you hit something," she quips, eying her own target with a small wrinkle of her nose. As Th'ero makes his first shot, the bluerider nods with a little smile. "You too. Don't forget the wind," she murmurs, voice soft and for his own ears only as she picks up where they left off on their last lesson. Green eyes move to Abigail, and the bluerider nods a bit, pleased with the girl's prowess with the bow. Though her competitive nature is already starting to creep in…but she holds it tightly in check. This is no time to show off. "Nice," she tells Edani, with another small nod as she rocks back onto her heels.

Eirwyn grins at Abigail.."Yeah, aim for my target, not everyone else's. Check." She giggles and nocks another arrow. She again goes through the measures. Deep breath, aim, release. So focused she was on the shot that she didn't pay attention to her arm and stringed it. There is a yelp from the girl, "Yowch!" She exclaims and looks down at her elbow, "Do they make guards for this high up the arm?" She can't help but ask as she shakes out her arm a bit. The arrow…well at least it went in the right direction this time, but she overshot the target by a good twenty feet. "We got the same target Edani!" She declares with a laugh as she sees Edani's arrow land.

Imaginary or not, it was still an amusing way to take on one's first failed attempt at archery. Th'ero can at least respect that and so he doesn't tease Edani or remark any further on it. The Weyrleader does, at least, compliment his second attempt. "Better!" One word, but it's the solid truth. So that counts, right? Abigail's shot is given an appreciative nod as well, though he never doubted her ability. Kimmila's murmured advice has him pausing in notching another arrow to his bow, head tilting down slightly to catch the bluerider's words. His mouth quirks up though in a brief smile, "I'll remember." he murmurs back and to prove it, he takes his stance again, draws the bow and once certain — fires. This time the arrow hits a little truer, though still within the outer rings of the target but definitely square inside. "Trickier than it looks," he remarks dryly, holding his bow now at his side and turning to glance not only to Kimmila, but to idly observe the three Candidates as well. "Requires so much more finesse then say… a sword. Though if you wish to survive using that weapon, you do need to eventually learn more then the basic hack and slash. But there's no counting for winds or aim…" Distracted again by Eirwyn's next attempt, his gaze follows the arrow as it too soars past the intended targets and likely leaving the Weyrleader thankful no one is standing behind them.

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Edani on the tunndelbug bit still. She looks amused and shakes her head a moment as she lifts her head to peeeer over there as to where the arrow hit the ground, and then Eriwyn's about near the same spot. "They an't bad shoots, truely! An the more you work at it the better ye all will be." She offers with a hopful tone to both Edani and Eirwyn. Her pale gaze turns over to watch Th'ero's shot and she smiles nodding to his hit upon the target. "Yes well… Does require a bit more finesse then a sword indeed. But the sword has other things a bow can't do of course." She has hit a few people with her bow when they was asking for it, and of course you can trip someone if a bow is angled just right! Not that she would know this, no of course not. As for that whole competitve bit that Kimmila is trying to avoid, Abbey is dealing with that herself, and plucks out another arrow. "Ye want to try again?" This questioned to Edani seeing how she is standing next to him still at the moment. As for that arrow she pulled out her bow is lifted and it is knocked, and the arrow goes flying, thunking into the target a bit into the edge of the bullseye now.

Edani knows he has room for improvement - lots of room. Nevertheless, he beams at Kimmila's praise. "Thanks!" Eirwyn shoots and though he flinches at that twanged elbow (he knows the sting of those strings, after all), he offers her a high-five for hitting in the same vicinity. This is a girl undaunted at the idea of shooting arrows from runnerback, after all, so how can he not be pleased? He's not above leeching a little comfort from wherever he can and that includes Thero's honest assessment, which perhaps does more to encourage him than his own attempts of mental 'pep-talking'. Hack and slash. That comment draws a wince. "I uh, never learned how to do that with a sword," he chimes in. Yeaah. He was taught fencing, not hand-to-hand combat. Someone apparently thought the sole son of a (very) minor holder would need to duel to keep others from challenging him over the postage stamp sized-spread. He nods at Abigail and adjusts his aim, pointing the arrow tip a bit lower this time and hits the very outer upper edge of his target and promptly lets out an uninhibited whoop. You'd think he took down a prime buck or something! He remains there, watching and learning until the lesson is finished, probably to seek some sort of salve for sore fingers from the healers when all is said and done.

Kimmila nods at Th'ero, smiling when his next shot is better. But the bluerider isn't one to lavish him with praise, so all he gets is that nod and little smile. "Yeah," she agrees about the sword. "You should teach a swordsmanship class," she adds, her smile widening. "Because you're quite good with that. Be good for the Candidates to see that," she adds, though more softly than the rest of her words. Watching Abigail shoot, the bluerider wonders if they maybe should end this session - whenever that might be - with a little contest. "So, Abigail, do you hunt? Or is your skill purely for guard work?" the bluerider asks, rocking back onto her heels and holding her bow loosely in one hand.

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